49ers blew 2017 draft but can score big on defense in 2018

NFL Draft prospect Ohio State’s Denzel Ward reaches to catch a football during a Play Football Clinic Wednesday, April 25, 2018, in Arlington, Texas. The 2018 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 26, 2018, at AT&T Stadium. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

The 49ers are in a great spot.

They own the ninth selection in the NFL draft, which starts Thursday, and can pick from 12 surefire future Pro Bowlers, according to general manager John Lynch. The Niners should get one of those players.

I humbly disagree with Lynch. This amateur scout — me — sees 21 future Pro Bowlers, and none of them is a quarterback. If the 49ers prefer, they can trade down in Round 1 and still find a cornerstone talent.

Here are the 21, in order from best to worst.

1. Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State.

2. Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame.

3. Bradley Chubb, DE, North Carolina State.

4. Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State.

5. Derwin James, S, Florida State.

6. Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama.

7. Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech.

8. Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia.

9. Vita Vea, DT, Washington.

10. Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA.

11. Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama.

12. Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama.

13. Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA.

14. James Daniels, C/G, Iowa.

15. Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa.

16. Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame.

17. Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia.

18. Mike Hughes, CB, UCF.

19. Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado.

20. Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU.

21. Connor Williams, OT, Texas.

Say Lynch picks just one of those players, and tanks the rest of the draft. He still would outdo his performance from last year.

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    1. He has the wrong Miller in his list. The #1 receiver in this draft IMO, Anthony Miller, who may turn out to be the Antonio Brown of this draft. Ridley could also be the next Marvin Harrison.
      Players like Vea, Kolton miller, Sutton, Williams, Davenport, Payne, Wynn could be mere backups or out of the league in 5 years for various reasons including injury, poor scheme fit, inadequate mental makeup, and overachieving against inferior opposition.

  1. I think the tale of Thomas has yet been told. Have to admit he did not have the immediate impact that you would expect from the number three draft selection.

    In a few hours we will find out who and in three years we will find out if your top 21 are Pro Bowlers.

  2. A bit harsh don’t you think? We got reliable players like Akhello, CJ, Kittle, Taylor, Colbert and DJ Jones. The jury is still out on Foster and Thomas.

    To say the 49ers blew the 2017 draft class is like……..raising the bar and holding it over!

    The 2012 draft class….now that was blown and a colossal mistake!

  3. “I humbly disagree with Lynch.”
    It’s good that Grant writes humbly here. He has much to be humble about.

    Happy Draftmas, everyone!
    I’m confident that Shanalynch-Peters-Mayhew-Carthon team will follow up a A-grade draft of 2017 with another A-grade draft this week.

    1. Mood _Indigo

      Perhaps I am just on the wrong track, or maybe the right train…but your claim of an A- grade draft of 2017 hopefully followed with another A-grade draft this week is maybe a bit off…..the draft of ’17, had its ups and downs, but with 2 first round picks, I found that the first rounders were the biggest disappointments….No way in hell did Solomon Thomas deserve the #3 overall pick, or even the first round designation….He was a redundant pick, and was (is ) physically unfit to be taken that high. Reuben’s problem was just too many injuries and, of course a lack of awareness of different laws in different states…..Had it not been for Beathard, Kittles, Akhello, Taylor, Colbert, and DJ Jones, it might have gone down like 2012….Of course, that is IMHO. right track wrong train…?

      1. IMO, no one should care at which position a player was chosen.
        No one expects a 100% hit rate on drafts. 50% hit rate is a solid A.
        By “hit rate”, I mean the player turns out to be a starter in a team that is middling or above-average in wins. If Thomas, Kittles, Taylor and Spoon continue to be starters for 5 years or more, and most of the rest stay on the team as backups, the draft should be a graded an A- or A. A Pro Bowler or two would make it A+.
        Deciding after the rookie year as to who would or would not be a Pro Bowler in the future is just obtuse.

  4. With Scott mclouhen now working for the Browns, real possibility baker mayfield is pick. I like grants top 21 so if the bills dolphins or ravens want to move up for the qb that is left. That move should be made and the team still gets a stud and draft capital for latter. Thank you grant for this new thread .

    1. I distinctly remember Scottie commenting in a KNBR podcast early last fall that Mayfield was a poor man’s Jake Browning. Maybe he has changed his mind since that time?

  5. Here we go-

    1. It is premature to say lynch “blew” last years draft. Solomon and Foster have much to prove this year and based their performance in 18 a more accurate conclusion can be draw.
    2. CJ and joe williams were bad picks
    3. The cornerbacks Grant cites are all talented, but all of them benefit from a stout front 7 and good pass rush.
    4. I have said it before, a cornerbacks best friend is a 240 lb man breathing down the QBs neck.
    5. I hope we draft Edmunds

  6. Like you know what you are talking about. Your condescension towards John Lynch is as embarrassing as your melt down about Foster. I’m frankly amazed that you are still here.

  7. Grant, I beg to differ.
    JL hit a grand slam in the draft last season. The Niners were historically bad in stopping the run, and they made great strides in improving the run defense. You may not like Solomon Thomas, but he did help the Niner run defense, especially after AA went down due to injury. They maneuvered to obtain 2018 second and third round picks, got 2 players in the first round, and selected many later round picks that contributed last season.
    I would fault JL for selecting a red flag player, but since she recanted, it looks like RF dodged a bullet. JW had a red flag, but he is also very talented. Hopefully, he can study hard, get fully healthy, and get stronger so he can hold onto the ball better.
    Niners appeared to struggle mightily, but once JG fell into their laps, they went on a 5 game winning streak. That draft and FA signings vastly improved the team. Now, this year, the Niners have managed to sign several key FAs, so they have filled all the biggest needs. This draft now has the Niners poised to be able to trade back and get foundation blocks for the future, along with a few starters.
    In my last mock, I have the Niners trading back with the Pats. With the additional picks, they would be able to still get an edge rusher like Harold Landry, a player not on your list, but they could also pick up Carlton Davis, CB (43) and Dalton Schultz, TE (82), who is zooming up the draft boards.
    With their second round pick, I had the Niners select James Daniels, a player you ranked 14.
    Granted, the Niners could have avoided the unforced errors by just staying patient, not giving up any draft picks, and still getting both JW and CJB. RF played very well when healthy, and now that she recanted, he should be able to rejoin the team. Still, this team had tripled the win total from the previous season, so there was vast improvement, not in a small part due to the draft. Giving last year’s draft a failing grade is just unfair and a little hyper-critical.
    I will respectfully disagree with your assessment about the number of elite players. Surely, most teams will keep their first round picks because they are good enough to not only make the team, but contribute. Too bad few rookies make the pro bowl. I think the best way to assess the team’s draft is to see if the team did well in the later part of the draft. RF did very well. Kittle and Taylor started and played well. Colbert was a sleeper who panned out, revealing that he is a gold nugget. Just because a player was chosen in the first round is no guarantee of being a pro bowler. Just look at Jamarcus Russell and AJ Jenkins. Even the great BW had some clunkers.
    Drafting is an inexact science, but I contend that the Niners should try to assess where the sweet spot in the draft is, then try to obtain as many players as possible before that spot. This year, I think it is around pick 85, so I believe that those players will not only make the squad, but they should also contend for a starting role.
    Sure, I get that your role is to be the Negative Nancy, but sometimes, you go over the top, which seems to turn off posters. Maybe it generates clicks, but I prefer sound, logical reasoning, with balanced nuances and impartial assessments. Being totally negative and making sweeping pronouncements that degenerate into screeds is counter productive. Being a die hard faithful Niner fan, while I want to be realistic, I hope you will give a smidgen of hope to us long suffering fans. Do not be Pollyannish, we have too many of those. Just keep it real.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

  8. I agree with your premise – there are definitely high caliber players for the Niners to choose from at #9 – but disagree with a lot of the players on your list. I want one of: Landry, Smith, Fitzpatrick, James if possible but I’d be ok with: Ward, Edmunds and even McGlinchey but with a trade down if possible. If by some miracle Nelson or Chubb slides, then I’d be ok with a small trade up, but I doubt the Niners want to give up any picks in a draft that goes almost 4 rounds deep. My gut tells me Fitzpatrick if they stay put.

        1. Well if the pick goes Landry’s way you know will be first with the F grade. Minutes, no make that seconds, after.

  9. Nelson is the only slam dunk. Chubb and Barkley are close.

    Here’s my prediction.

    Fitzpatrick at #9.
    Landry or McGlinchey after a trade down if Fitz is off the board.

  10. Well, Grant, if your goal is to further erode any credibility you had then… BINGO! Great job. Saying the 49ers blew the 2017 draft only 1 year later is absurd.

    Solomon Thomas contributed last year as a rookie.
    Reuben Foster contributed last year as a rookie.
    Ahkello Witherspoon contributed last year as a rookie.
    CJ Beathard contributed last year as a rookie.
    Trent Taylor contributed last year as a rookie.
    George Kittle contributed last year as a rookie.
    Adrian Colbert contributed last year as a rookie.
    Matt Breida contributed last year as a rookie UFA.

    These players were major parts of the team. Their contributions were not insignificant last year. Thomas needs to improve and who knows what’s going to happen with Foster but to say Lynch blew the 2017 draft is asinine. It’s almost like you can’t help from poking yourself in the eye with a stick. Why not just cover this years draft without making yourself look like an imbecile? You try too hard to criticize Lynch and I’m not sure why you do it. It’s baffling to me that you would write something so silly and expect people to take you seriously.

      1. I don’t see one future Pro Bowler on that list.

        That’s a dumb argument, Grant.
        Name one team that has 50 probowlers on their roster, make it 25!
        There will always be players on a team that contribute but don’t make the ProBowl.
        That doesn’t mean they are a bust draft pick.

      2. You still need to address your response(s) regarding Reuben Foster. It might take you more than 10 words, but thats ok, you are actually paid to write…

        In yesterday’s post regarding developments in the Foster case (which only happened shortly after you were called out in your final mock draft post…) you continued to insinuate Foster’s guilt without really responding to any reader comments regarding your position up to that point.

        In your first response in the comments you wrote the following:

        April 25, 2018 at 7:03 pm
        None of this is new information to the team or the D.A.

        Do you have some information you aren’t sharing, or are you simply restating your opinion?

        This seems like the only story that could get Foster off the hook.

        This is not an accurate statement. Any story that removes Foster from the alleged incident gets him off the hook. This particular story seems like it might actually have verifiable details.

      3. “I don’t see one future Pro Bowler on that list.”

        Foster if he can play a full season.
        Witherspoon this season. Book it.
        Kittle? Maybe, maybe not. I thought you were high on him.

        Do you expect multiple Pro Bowl picks after the first three rounds? It would be nice, but come on bro, that’s not realistic.

  11. Grant, to call the 2017 draft a failure is insane. It’s only been one year. You point out Solomon Thomas and Rubin Foster, Thomas was considered a top prospect by everyone and has played only one year, with no training camp and out of position. Rubin had an outstanding year and rated as a top linebacker his first year. Based on his girlfriends recent testimony he very well may be innocent and a top backer for the Niners for years to come. I know you like writing these provocative headlines but you need to try and back them up. In this case you failed.

  12. Mike Miller is predicting McGlinchey:

    San Francisco 49ers: Some in the front office would love to trade back to Buffalo’s pick at No. 12 overall and let them come up for a quarterback. Others see Mike McGlinchey as the answer to life after Joe Staley. There isn’t a consensus coming out of San Francisco, but I still think it’ll be McGlinchey, Roquan Smith or Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds.

    McGlinchey is pretty high on the list of a lot of teams in this draft it seems which makes sense considering he can come in and start from day one. You don’t see many like that anymore. It would be interesting to see what happens with Brown if they do take him.

    1. That’s the thing with McGlinchey. I don’t see a guy with a huge amount of upside. But looks a solid starter right off the bat.

      Personally I prefer Connor Williams due to upside. At his best I think he is more dominant. But he has some technical flaws he needs to iron out, so will take some time to reach that level consistently.

      1. Good point. I think McGlinchey’s value is in the fact he’s already been Coached well in pro style blocking systems which doesn’t happen a lot these days. I think his upside is good, but the best thing is he’s already a very good player. Williams is tough to project and it remains to be seen if he’ll wind up as an OG or OT, but he’s got the athleticism to be really good at either in time.

        1. I think McGlinchey is being a bit overrated specifically because he is an easy projection, thanks to the system he played in.

    2. IMO this would be my ideal scenario. Trade back to 12, pick up another 2nd, draft McGlinchey, then trade Brown. Not sure his worth at this point. He he has a fairly high ceiling but a very low floor. I would hope for a 5th or 6th, but may have to settle for a draft position swap.


  13. Well if your calling a draft bad, when 6 of your nine picks contribute rather vividly, then I’ll blow drafts like that every year. Sign me up!!

  14. “I would draft Roquan Smith without even giving it a second thought because I did not love Tramaine Edmunds on tape,” Greg Cosell said on KNBR 680. “Roquan Smith is a great prospect. In some ways, he’s very similar to Foster, and who knows what’s gonna happen there but it’s not likely to be good.

    “But Roquan Smith, to me, there’s not a lot of mystery to his game. He’s a great athlete, he’s got the speed and range you look for — he plays sideline to sideline. He sees things quickly and clearly, so he’s got the kind of key and diagnosis that we love to see in linebackers. I love him as a prospect.”

    So what’s wrong with Edmunds?

    “You’re drafting on what you think he could become,” Cosell explained. “He’s obviously a great athlete, but he’s not anywhere near a really good football player at this point in time. So you’re hoping you can take that athleticism and you can cultivate it and develop it. But he’s got a ways to go.

    “He doesn’t see the game real well. He’s a splash player, who has great size and great athleticism. But a long way to go to be a really good football player.”

    Another player I put in the same category as Edmunds is Davenport.

    1. The exact same points about Edmunds have been made here. I think Edmunds will be a better pro than Davenport though.

        1. So is Allen and neither one has great tape to fall back on. NFL Coaches feel they can get the best out of talent which is why we see athletes drafted too high every year.

          1. Hearing some of the overwhelming flaws in Edmunds game makes it sound as if he didn’t do anything in 2017.
            I can understand the “project” label placed on the kid if he was the worse player on his college team, but his college awards and draft position say otherwise.

            My take is if he is being considered as a top 10 pick it’s clear that he showed and played well enough to earn that position. Whether we pick him or not should not have any bearing on his football accomplishments.

            1. Gotta watch the tape AES. I get the feeling you are basing most of your opinions on where players are ranked on different draft sites and it’s not a great way to form a conclusion. Edmunds shows flashes where his athleticism stands out and he looks like a future star, but there is more evidence of a guy who doesn’t know what he’s seeing and is slow to react. Surprisingly, he also has trouble bringing guys down from time to time which you wouldn’t expect with his physical ability.

              As I’ve already said, I would be ok with him as the pick, but you better be damn sure you believe he can learn how to play with better instincts because if he can’t he’ll be a bust.

              1. Just to clarify, I don’t mean to imply you haven’t watched these guys at all. The point was putting too much emphasis on where a player ranks on different draft boards. A lot of sites just rehash what they’ve read and heard elsewhere so always believe your own eyes first.

              2. Well, I have watched film on TE, and as you may have seen by now I’m not swayed by the popular leanings on here or football talking heads.

                I’m just saying that if the general consensus see TE as a top 10 pick than there must be a reason for them to reach that conclusion.
                This kid has some work ahead of him to get to where he needs to be, but that timeline may take a season or two, but by no means should it be assumed that he will not contribute from day one.

                Even if he makes his living solely on athleticism in his first year he will still be better than most of the player’s being chosen in the 1st

  15. Let’s do this.

    We’ll be back next year at this time and Grant will have issues with the 2018 draft. Where are all the Pro Bowlers??!!

    “Where have all the Pro Bowlers gone
    Long time passing…”

  16. Reposting my final mock.

    49ers trade picks #9 and #74 to GB for picks #14, #45, and #133.

    Rd.1 #14 Edge Harold Landry
    Rd.2 #45 T Brian O’Neil
    Rd.2 #59 G Austin Corbett
    Rd.3 #70 CB Quenton Meeks
    Rd.4 #128 WR/TE Allen Lazard
    Rd.4 #133 CB/S Kameron Kelly
    Rd.5 #143 ILB/OLB Genard Avery
    Rd.6 #184 HB Justin Jackson
    Rd.7 #223 C/G Evan Brown 
    Rd.7 #240 WR/TE Marquez Valdez-Scantling

    GB trades up for a DB or LB.

    1. #80

      You’re about as close as anyone on your final mock….I’d just like to see Davenport in round 1 instead of Landry…. Good hunting…!

  17. Grant, last year at this time, you were super sure that the 49ers would draft QB Kiser from Notre Dame. Luckily, the 49ers didn’t select him, let alone at #2 overall. Instead, the Browns drafted him in the 2nd round, where he was famously a huge bust even worse than Johnny Manzel had been the year before. My question is, have you learned from your mistakes?

  18. #80, you seem a bit confused. We have one lowly 2nd rond pick, followed by two 3rd round picks. The choices seem good, however.

  19. Its too early to write off last years draft. I know a lot of people like to write Thomas off already, but I think he is a guy that will show a lot of improvement year 2 and then again year 3. And obviously Foster has his issues, but if he gets past this current problem he has a chance to be very good. And you are basing the *whiff* on the 1st round picks. Looks like they got good value in a lot of their mid and late round picks.

    With this years draft, I agree they cpuld probably trade back and still get a very good prospect. But I disagree with your list of top players. No surprise there. Will be a lot of fun seeing how the draft plays out, and then how these guys careers pan out.

      1. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now, but he looks like a guy that can be a solid career backup. Solid backup QBs are valuable. So hardly a big whiff.

          1. So could every single team. 32 teams whiffed on him. Even the Bengals. Heck, the Bengals took a different DE before him.

            As you likely recall, I was a huge Lawson fan. Thought he was the 2nd best edge prospect in the draft after Garrett. But using the whole “could have had X player instead” approach is really pointless as there are always guys that outplay their draft slot. In a draft do over Lawson doesn’t last until where the 49ers took Beathard anyway.

            All you can do is look at the players that were drafted and whether they were worth taking, not whether there was a guy that played better at a later pick.

              1. Thanks Leo, but I think that is a case of only remembering the hits! I have had plenty of misses too… too many.

            1. Beathard wasn’t worth taking in the third round, because there were still starting-quality players available, such as Carl Lawson, who got taken 12 picks later.

              1. I didn’t like the Beathard pick either, but at that time there was very little on the QB depth chart and there weren’t a lot of options at the position by that point in the draft. Knowing what they know now, it would have been nice to get another player that would be contributing more, but you know what they say about hindsight.

          2. Yep, If someone would have shaken JL and indicated Foster just might have some of the same risk issues as Aldon Smith, then last years 111th pick from Chicago could have been the choice of high potential but injury history studs (no ACLs) like Lawson from Clemson and Eddie Jackson from Alabama right there for the picking. Then MS still would get “his” quarterback at 109 (or 104) and the 49ers could have added another building block for the future.

            Just be happy that as JL was looking to trade up for Foster earlier in round 1 in 2017, some of the GMs were “nice” enough to turn down the additional draft capital the 49ers were offering.

      2. Joe Williams has to get that honor. He wasn’t even good enough to hold a roster spot. Oh wait, he was “hurt with an injury he wasn’t aware he had.

        1. Williams was Cohn’s man crush in 2017. Shows how much he knows. Guy might be great but he didn’t do squat last year.

  20. My top 4 guys for the 49ers pick are Landry, Smith, Fitzpatrick and Ward. Plenty of other guys I would also be happy with, but those are my top 4.

    I have Ward 4th as if Sherman is recovered I think the outside starters at CB are set. Though he would probably get on the field as the slot CB. He is very good.

    1. Obviously this excludes guys that have no chance of being there at #9. Nelson and Chubb would otherwise be on the list.

  21. Grant Cohn is a complete idiot and per few other beat writers the laughingstock of all “bloggers”. Nothing he says should be given any weight as he knows literally less than nothing and has zero inside info or sources.

    He’s an absolute joke.

        1. Tartt is irrelevant. James is a stud who can play either safety position. Probably can play a little corner, too.

              1. Uh, ok — I misunderstood.

                Who do you think Niners will actually draft — as opposed to who you think they should draft?

  22. Juan’s Final Mock (3.0) NO TRADEBACK

    RD. 1 #9 Minkah Fitzpatrick S Alabama
    RD. 2 #27 (59) Connor Williams OT Texas
    RD. 3 #6 (70) D J Clark WR LSU
    RD. 3 #10 (74) Kerryon Johnson RB Auburn
    RD. 4 #28 (128) Marcell Frazier EDGE Missouri
    RD. 5 #6 (143) Mike McCray ILB Michigan
    RD. 6 #10 (184) Du’Vonta Lampkin DL Oklahoma
    RD. 7 #9 (227) Peter Kalambayi OLB/EDGE Stanford
    RD. 7 #22 (240) Will Clapp OG/OC LSU

    That’s only 597 mocks less than Seb created last year. Boy I miss those days. :-)

    Have fun! Enjoy the draft. Drink beer.

  23. I’m hoping we take Tremaine Edmunds if we stay at #9.
    My pre-draft party starts at 3 p.m.

    On the music menu from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m:
    Very loud rock/grunge mix consisting of Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Stones, Motley Crue, The Who, Aerosmith, Soundgarden & STP.
    Beverage menu:
    Stone Delicious IPA’s & 2 Fireball shots (if we select Tremaine Edmunds).
    Food menu:
    Carne asada tacos.
    Miscellaneous menu:
    Vicodin 😛👌……Let’s F’n go!!!!….GQ Jimmy!!!!….Quest for six!!!!!!

    1. I’m in the hospital recovering from a re-rupture of my Achilles.
      Great grub for a hospital
      Strong coffee

      Alas, I can’t raid my humidor like I usually do. But it is what it is.

      1. Wow sorry to hear that Brodie2Washington. Get well soon. Don’t overdo it on the Percocets if you want to have any idea as to what is going on in the draft… though you won’t care at the time :P

  24. Ward buys the most 2018 wins of players pegged around 9.

    Position Importance … Check
    Need … Check
    Talent … Check
    High Floor … Check
    System Fit … Mostly Check. He’s not “prototypical” tall corner at “only” 5’11” but he can get it done with his athleticism, closing speed and well placed swat/int radius.

    1. Yes I agree, I like Ward, but also think Fitz and James arguably get us just as many wins as Ward. I think it needs to be secondary. This is just not the year to take a pass rusher in the 1st.

      Get well soon B2W….if Navarro can do it so can you.

  25. 1. Grant has mocked Davenport to the 49ers. In the last few days others have too:

    2. Nick Wagoner
    ESPN Staff Writer

    I’ll hedge just a bit and say they land either Davenport or Landry.

    3. Matt Barrows, Sac Bee: Which is to say, there aren’t many avenues to find edge rushers, and when you have a chance to land an elite one, you take it. That pass rusher this year is my 2018 Draft Crush … Marcus Davenport.

    4. TomD: Marcus Davenport

    When you buck this trend, your dodging the 3rd rail, messing with elite company.

      1. Yes, it would. I posted this only because rumors are fun. Hard to believe they would get a second in this year’s draft at least.

  26. Chance Dickman

    A source close to the #49ers tells me that they’re working out a deal to trade OT Trent Brown to the #Broncos for a 2nd round pick. #NFLDraft

    I do not know who Dickman is, but this does not seem like something you just tweet out to tweet out.

  27. Sorry for the delay.  Here is my reworked first round mock draft that is sure to 100% wrong.

    1.  QB Sam Darnold

    The Browns decide to go with the QB that has the most upside.

    2.  RB Saquon Barkley

    Gettleman skips over needs on the OL and DL in order to draft what has been a big hole in the offense for the past few seasons.

    3.  QB Baker Mayfield

    The Jets take a chance on a boom – or – bust prospect with the belief that he can sit until he is ready.

    4.  (Browns trade 4th pick to Bills for picks 12 and 22)  QB Josh Allen

    The Bills take a chance on the big armed QB and hope he is closer to Ben Rothelisburger and not Blake Bortles.

    5.  DB Denzel Ward

    The Broncos pull off the first shocker of the draft by passing over Chubb and addressing the hole in their secondary.

    6.  (Colts trade the 6th pick to Cardinals for picks 15, 47, and 79)  QB Josh Rosen

    Bradford is just stand ins that could wind being a backup to a QB with an injury history of his own.

    7.  SS Derwin James

    The Buccaneers are more than willing to settle for the best safety prospect in the draft.

    8.  DE Bradley Chubb

    The Bears redeem themselves by staying put and are rewarded with the top defensive prospect falling into their lap.

    9.  (49ers trade 9th pick to Cowboys for picks 19, 50, and 81)  WR Calvin Ridley

    The team that thinks they are America’s team pull off the second shocker of the draft by adding a deep threat to stretch the offense in ways that Dez Bryant could no longer do.

    10.  ILB Roquan Smith

    Gruden and company add some needed thump in the middle for their defense.

    11.  DT Vita Vea

    Vea addressed the hole left by the release of Suh.

    12.  CB Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Browns draft the most versatile secondary prospect.

    13.  LB Tremaine Edwards

    Edwards has the chance to be the next Urlacher, or the next raw and physically gifted prospect to never figure it out.

    14.  DE Harold Landry

    The Packers add a much needed pass rusher.

    15.  OG Quenton Nelson

    The surprising fall of Nelson is stopped by a Colts team who may need him the most.

    16.  WR Courtland Sutton

    The Ravens get over the foolish snub from Dez Bryant by drafting someone with a similar skill set.

    17.  QB Lamar Jackson

    The Chargers hold off on addressing the run defense or OL in favor of preparing for life after Phillip Rivers.

    18.  SS Justin Reid

    The Seahawks decide that finding a replacement for Chancellor is more important than protecting Russell Wilson.

    19.  OT Mike McGlinchey

    Shanahan and Lynch appear to not be committed to Brown for the long haul. 

    20.  RB Ronald Jones

    Stafford finally breathes a sigh of relief after the Lions give him some run support for the offense.

    21.  C James Daniels

    The Bengals organization is praying the addressing of the hole on the OL will make Dalton a better QB.

    22.  OT Connor Williams

    The Browns reach for a prospect in the hopes that he can replace the retired Joe Thomas (he can’t).

    23.  WR Christian Kirk
    The Patriots shock the world by not trading down.  Really, that is all that needs to be said with this pick.

    24.  OG Will Hernandez

    The Panthers address the void left by the departure of Norwell by taking the tough as nails Hernandez.

    25.  ILB Leighton Vander Esch

    The Titans brass decide to gamble on the fastest riser in the draft.

    26.  DT Da’Ron Payne

    The Falcons add the Payne to complement Garrett.

    27.  TE Dallas Goedert

    Drew Brees gets another toy.

    28.  RB Sony Michel

    The Steelers set up Plan B at RB if Bell leaves town in 2019.

    29.  ILB Rashaan Evans

    A hole in the defense is plugged.

    30.  OG Isaiah Wynn

    Cousins gets some extra protection.

    31.  CB Mike Hughes

    The Patriots draft the replacement for Butler.

    32.  CB Jaire Alexander

    Alexander gives the Eagles a CB that can play outside or in the slot.

  28. Final tally.


    LB Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech19 Mock Drafts
    LB Roquan Smith, Georgia19 Mock Drafts
    DB Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama13 Mock Drafts
    DE Harold Landry, Boston College11 Mock Drafts
    CB Denzel Ward, Ohio State7 Mock Drafts
    DE Marcus Davenport, UTSA3 Mock Drafts
    WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama2 Mock Drafts
    S Derwin James, Florida State2 Mock Drafts
    WR Courtland Sutton, SMU2 Mock Drafts
    G Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame2 Mock Drafts
    T Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame2 Mock Drafts
    CB Donte Jackson, LSU (via trade)1 Mock Draft
    CB Joshua Jackson, Iowa1 Mock Draft
    RB Saquon Barkley, Penn State1 Mock Draft
    LB Leighton Vander Esch, Boise State1 Mock Draft

  29. Watching the NFL Network ‘Red Carpet’ segment. So different from coverage of the 1972 draft by transistor radio–updates every 30 minutes on KGO.

  30. Here is my fifth and final seven round mock draft for the 49ers.  Look at my first round mock I posted if you want to know how some of the picks for the first two days were acquired.  It should also be noted that I am not a fan of every pick, but it is who I think the 49ers will draft.

    PICK 19:  OT Mike McGlinchey

    PICK 50:  OLB Lorenzo Carter
    PICK 59:  DE Arden Key

    PICK 70:  OLB Shaquem Griffin
    PICK 74:  DT Nathan Shepard
    PICK 81:  ILB Oren Burks

    PICK 124:  WR Daurice Fountain

    PICK 134:  CB/S Kameron Kelly

    PICK 170:  RB Kyle Hicks

    PICK 197:  WR Byron Pringle
    PICK 214:  OT Bentley Spain

  31. Who was that guy who was talking up Baker Mayfield back in October, you know the QB that’s about to be taken #1?

  32. In order of who I’d like to walk away from tonight with:

    1. Nelson
    2. Smith
    3. James
    4. Fitzpatrick

  33. I’d be happy with Fitzpatrick, Smith, Landry, or Ward at 9. I think James, Chubb, and Nelson will be gone at 9. I am not a McGlinchey, Davenport, or Edmunds fan for #9.

    I have a feeling, given the Niners have spent so much time with him, that the Niners will address the LEO position with Arden Key in the 3rd or 4th round. Hope they keep him motivated….

  34. 3 of our first 5 picks from last draft have some pretty serious questions about them. Not what you’re supposed to be dealing with only one season out from their selection. Was a piss poor draft to be sure.

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