49ers blow their first round pick, draft A.J Jenkins

SANTA CLARA — I give the Niners an F for their A.J. Jenkins pick at No. 30 in the first round, and here’s why. We all know the Niners’ biggest weaknesses are third down and red zone offense. They will not win the Super Bowl this season unless they improve those two areas. So, they needed to spend a first round pick on a player who would help the cause.

So, what did they do? They drafted a 6-0, 190 lb. slot receiver who will be the fourth-string wideout and backup punt returner this season, most likely. In other words, he’ll replace Kyle Williams.

The Niners are sending a message, and it’s this: “We’re the best team in the NFL even if we’re the worst on third down. We were the best team last year, too. If it weren’t for Kyle Williams fumbles, we’d be champions. Now that we’ve replaced him, the Super Bowl is ours.”

They’re wrong. You have to be respectable on third down to win playoff games, and the Niners will not be respectable on third down this season because Michael Crabtree is still their possession receiver and Alex Smith is still their quarterback.

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