49ers – Broncos Live Blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers week three matchup against the Denver Broncos from Empower Field at Mile High in Denver. I will provide updates and analysis from the tool shed throughout the game.

4:22 Inactive for the 49ers: Arik Armstead, Daniel Brunskill, Ty Davis-Price, Tyler Kroft, Kemoko Turay, Nick Zakelj.

Armstead did not practice this week, and Turay was excused earlier today to tend to a personal matter. 

4:25: Inactive for the Broncos: Tyrie Cleveland, Jonathon Cooper, Darius Phillips, Delarrin Turner-Yell, Billy Turner, Jalen Virgil, Eyioma Uwazurike.

The Broncos will be without starting right tackle Billy Turner. Nick Bosa and Samson Ebukam need to take advantage.

4:50 This game sets up very similar to week three last year for the 49ers. Sunday night football against a quarterback who has struggled a bit in the early going. 

San Francisco needs to get off to a fast start like they have the first two weeks. Against Chicago the offense didn’t finish strong early drives off with points. They fixed that last week against Seattle. 

If the 49ers can jump out early, the game will be done before the fourth quarter starts.

5:20 Denver wins the toss and defers. The 49ers will start on offense.

5:27 Garoppolo completes a checkdown to Deebo Samuel for a first down. Patrick Surtain with terrific coverage on Brandon Aiyuk leads to a pass break up and on third down former 49er D.J. Jones bats down a Garoppolo pass at the line of scrimmage. 

It appeared that Garoppolo was trying to hit George Kittle over the middle of the field and the bat down may have prevented an interception.

5:31 The 49ers defense comes out flying around, forcing a quick three and out. The 49ers defensive line had bodies around Wilson on third down, forcing a checkdown to the left flat where Deommodore Lenoir and Fred Warner swarm Jerry Jeudy after a gain of only one.

49ers take over at their own 25.

5:38 Explosive. That’s the best description of the 49ers second possession. Jimmy Garoppolo to Brandon Aiyuk over the middle for 20 on the first play.

On the next play Jeff Wilson Jr. takes a zone handoff and cuts back through the middle of the Broncos defense for a 38-yard gain. 

Garoppolo finishes off the possession with a completion to Brandon Aiyuk from three yards out to give the 49ers a seven point lead.

5:44 Another quick three and out for the 49ers defense. On third and two, Russell Wilson had his tight end open for a first down and threw the ball into the ground. 

5:50 The 49ers offense opened up with a 16 yard from Garoppolo to Aiyuk, but two bad plays by Spencer Burford kill the possession. The rookie jumped offsides on third and four, then was beat for a sack on third and nine.

5:55 Another quick three and out for the 49ers defense. After a pair of runs up the middle, Kerry Hyder Jr. gets his hand on a Wilson pass over the middle and Emmanuel Mosely keeps Jerry Jeudy from making the catch. 

The 49ers offense needs to put a drive together here and take advantage of the hot defensive start.

6:01 Garoppolo hits Deebo Samuel for 18, but then misses him wide open down the right side and throws incomplete to Brandon Aiyuk. Patrick Surtain with his second pass breakup of the first quarter.

6:02 On the first play of the following Broncos possession, Russell Wilson hits Courtland Sutton for a gain of 34. 

The first half comes to a close with the 49ers holding a 7-0 lead. It feels like they may have wasted a chance to blow with game wide open.

6:10 With Nick Bosa and Samson Ebukam on the sideline early in the possession, Denver quickly moves across midfield for the first time in the game.

Jerry Jeudy picked up a first down with a 16-yard reception on a play that looked very similar to the one that beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

San Francisco’s defense stiffened once Bosa came back in, and the Broncos settle for a 55-yard field goal. 

49ers 7 Broncos 3

6:18 You love how Deebo Samuel fights for extra yards, but sometimes the best thing is to go down. He tries to stay up after he is swarmed by Broncos defenders on a quick slant and is now down on the turf injured.

He is up and walked off the field on his own.

6:22 The 49ers punt team downs the ball on the one, but the play is under review.

Smart play by Tarvarius Moore to not touch the ball. Would have been illegal touching if he’d touched it first because he was run out of bounds covering the punt.

6:34 Denver moves the ball into field goal range, but Talanoa Hufanga drops Melvin Gordon for a loss of six and then rookie Drake Jackson takes down Wilson with a sack. Denver is forced to punt, and the 49ers take over at their own three.

6:41 Quick three and out for the 49ers. It looked like they would convert their first third down of the game on a Garoppolo scramble, but Mike McGlinchey was called for holding.

6:47 The 49ers defense forces their fourth three and out of the first half. San Francisco will take over at their own 11 with 1:00 left in the first half. 

6:53 Jimmy Garoppolo misses Brandon Aiyuk on first down. After a short completion to George Kittle, Kyle Shanahan decides to head to the locker room by calling an inside run for Deebo Samuel.

49ers 7 Broncos 3

The 49ers offense has moved the ball, but only gotten into scoring range once. Denver will get the ball to open the second half.

7:10 The 49ers defense opens the second half by forcing their fifth three and out of the game. They caught a break when Nick Bosa wasn’t called for tripping on a sack of Russell Wilson.

After an 18-yard punt return by Ray Ray McCloud, the 49ers offense will start at their own 43, the best opening field position of the night.

7:14 What a waste. Garoppolo drops the snap at midfield and Denver takes over. That entire possession was a cluster.

7:17 Kevin Givens with a sack to open the Broncos possession. Deommodore Lenoir follows that up by tackling Williams for a loss of two on a pass to the left flat, and the 49ers defense forces their sixth three and out.

However, the 49ers offense loses 42 yards on the exchange as Denver downs the punt on the one.

7:22 Jimmy Garoppolo steps out of bounds, giving the 49ers possibly the luckiest safety in NFL history. It’s lucky because it nullifies his interception which was returned for a touchdown. 

7:35 A methodical Denver drive ends with a 53-yard missed field goal attempt. Denver has been able to get their run game going because the 49ers offense hasn’t been able to put points on the board to make them pass. 

The offense needs to make the most of good starting field position at their own 43. Tied for their best of the night.

7:40 Jeff Wilson Jr. rips off an 18 yard gain on the first play of the possession, but that’s it. Jaylon Moore is in at left tackle for Trent Williams, and he gives up a sack on second down. On the next play they keep George Kittle in to help him in pass protection and Jimmy Garoppolo throws incomplete to Brandon Aiyuk.

7:44 The 49ers defense has now forced seven three and outs, matching the point output by the offense.

49ers take over at the Denver 41.

7:50 Jimmy Garoppolo with a floater to Jauan Jennings carries him out of bounds wasting another opportunity. He then checks down to Jeff Wilson Jr. and Robbie Gould hits from 51-yards out to give the 49ers a 10-5 lead.

7:57 The three and out tracker for the 49ers defense is now up to eight.

8:04 Kyle Juszczyk with a tight rope catch along the left sideline for a gain of 24. He then throws behind Deebo Samuel on third and three to end another 49ers possession. 

8:11 The 49ers offense let Denver hang around, and Russell Wilson makes them pay by making plays with his arm and legs to set up a one-yard touchdown run by Melvin Gordon. Broncos now lead 11-10.

8:19 Garoppolo tries to hit Deebo Samuel over the middle, the pass is tipped and intercepted. What a game by the 49ers offense tonight.

8:23 The 49ers defense did its job tonight. Now it’s time for the offense to figure a way out of the mess they’ve created.

They couldn’t and the 49ers lose 11-10.



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  1. Our old buddy Mike McDaniel is 3-0 .
    Mac Jones 3 picks today. Pats lose.
    Seattle loses. This season might be the end of the road for belechick and carroll.

    Go Niners.

  2. I feel like Jimmy has to throw at least one pass a game into a D-lineman’s hand. I hope that is the last one.

    1. Womack isn’t hurt because he made a nice play on Special Teams. The problem is that Kyle has serious TRUST ISSUES with young players, and especially rookies!

  3. Despite Collinsworth’s wrong analysis there Jimmy did in fact look to the right and refused to pull the trigger and throw to a very wide open Deebo. That was a missed touchdown.

  4. Now I remember why it’s hard to watch Garropolo. High passes. Missed TD on a feeble completion to Deebo on the left sideline. Another missed TD on no-throw to Deebo on right sideline. Out of bounds pass downfield to Aiyuk on
    right sideline …. I know he doesn’t stink, but it feels that way.
    Anyway, I don’t enjoy him. Do you?

    1. I take that back — And now he creates a safety and throws an interception on the same play. He stinks

  5. Somebody is going to get hurt running this micky mouse offense. Here we go again, the only difference is that it’s Kittle and Deebo fighting and scratching for every yard between the dang tackles, instead of Trey!

    My dad just sent me a cryptic text from Texas.

    All the text reads is two foreign sounding words – “DE JAVU” … what do you guys think it means?

  6. I mean, do you guys enjoy this style of offense? Denver stacks the box, and Kyle keeps running into a stacked box, because Jimmy can’t make a team pay for stacking the box. That’s the whole reason why Kyle wanted to move on from Jimmy. This isn’t rocket science. I get it, Jimmy is a little rusty, but you have to be honest with yourselves …. this is the same QB we’ve been watching for years now, more or less!

    1. In what way are they crap? They are averaging 4.6 yards per carry against a strong defense who’s game plan is to stop the run. Jimmy has been sacked 3 times but that’s not bad considering Trent is out.

  7. Sad to be happy to see Colton McKititz. But Moore looked like a man who didn’t know how to play football.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if it’s Kyle who is boring.

      He’s so risk-averse. I’m reminded of the old days when Giants head coach Bill Parcels would go make a play in games like this. Fake punt, go on fourth, block a kick, or something.

      When you don’t have the horses, you gotta go make a play. Where’s the creativity?

      1. There is a reason Kyle’s teams have been in the bottom half of the league in scoring the majority of his OC/HC career.

        1. Kyle is conservative and plays not to lose. giving that field goal to Denver after the holding penalty in the first half shows this. He reminds me of old win it 6 to3 Dick Nolan. run run miss the pass punt.no wonder the defense ran out of gas in the 4th quarter

  8. Wilson owns this team and tonight is going to be no different.

    But this one isn’t on the defense. It’s on Kyle for being such a pu$$y and playing it so risk averse all the time.

    Now watch him finally open it all up when they don’t have any choice, late in the game. This is so annoying to watch.

    He had his opportunities when Trent was still in the game.

  9. And there it is, a terrible decision to try and force that pass. Hope all those Jimmy lovers loved that. Not saying Trey was anything special, but this game is exactly why it is time to move on from Jimmy.

  10. Jimmy is good for at least one of those a game. We all know this. It’s not if but when. And he may STILL leading a game winning drive. Who knows How this season will turn out

  11. Lady’s and Gentleman, I present to you … the one and only – JIMMY GAROPPOLO!

    Take a bow, Jimmy!

    And Lady’s and Gentleman, I present to you … the one and only – KYLE SHANAHAN!

    Take a bow, Kyle!

    1. Yes, listening to the hero worship of Jimmy by NBC was revolting. I just don’t understand what the national media is smoking.

  12. My 49ers gear is going into to storage for a little while. Why? Winter is approaching folks, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long winter!

      1. Yeah, sad isn’t it. Purdy is more mobile and that is needed with this offensive offensive line. Rookie mistakes by a rookie or rookie mistakes by a veteran – what’s the difference.

  13. Felix earlier you commented on my statement that the O line was crap. You wrote that the RB”s were avg 4.6 yards per carry. At that time Wilson had a 51 yard carry and another carry of around 20. Take those 2 carries out of the equation and the RB’s were Avg. about 1 yard per carry. This O line with Williams is terrible I can’t find an adjective to describe how bad they are without Williams. Lance may be lucky he got hurt when he did, O lines like this are what ruins young QB’s. JG was bad tonight but like the old cliche says football games are won in the trenches. It is going to be a long long long season. I think Jim Brown would have looked bad behind this O line. I think the goat himself J. Montana would have looked bad behind this O line. Finally please don’t quote any of those ridiculous PFF O line grades to me tomorrow, they are meaning less. God I wish I had not quit drinking.

    1. Of course I wouldn’t quote any PFF Oline grades by experts when I have you. As for running stats, you can take any game and remove the best runs and of course the reminder doesn’t look good. I’m not saying that they are great but I think you over the top on your criticism. Crap? Really? Please don’t start drinking. There is always next week and it is just a game.

    2. i agree. where was Kittle over the middle for 10 catches. wasn’t going to happen cause he had to stay in and help this horrific o line. to have a team as talented as this and not address an awful o line year after year is criminal.

  14. 49ers offense has scored 47 points through 3 games. That’s bottom 3 in the league. The Defense has given up 1 TD in the past 8 quarters. They’ve given up 4 total TDs in 3 games. And the 49ers are 1-2. This offense is putrid. And who let Jaylon Moore on the field? Was that a Chris Foerster move because that was bad.

  15. 3 turnovers did it. You can’t when games with that many. We can nite pick all kinds of things in this game just like every other game but it was turnovers and that last one was just egregious. No excuse.

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