49ers-Broncos live blog

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis warms up before the start of an NFL football game against the against the Denver Broncos Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 14 game against the Denver Broncos. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:20 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  1. WR Pierre Garcon.
  2. RB Matt Breida.
  3. SS Jaquiski Tartt.
  4. CB K’Waun Williams.
  5. OL Erik Magnuson.
  6. OT Shon Coleman.
  7. DL Sheldon Day.

12:21 WR Dante Pettis will start in place of Garcon. SS Marcell Harris will start in place of Tartt. And RB Jeff Wilson Jr. will start in place of Breida.

12:22 Here are the Broncos inactives:

  1. CB Chris Harris Jr.
  2. CB Tramaine Brock.
  3. OLB Shaquil Barrett.
  4. OLB Jeff Holland.
  5. ILB Brandon Marshall.
  6. DE DeMarcus Walker.
  7. OL Nico Falah.

1:04 The Broncos win the toss and defer, so the 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

1:11 On first and 10 from the 49ers 47, Nick Mullens completes a 31-yard pass to George Kittle. But on the next play, Laken Tomlinson commits a false start. Two plays later, on third and 10, Kyle Juszczcyk drops a perfect pass. Robbie Gould makes a 40-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 3-0.

1:17 The Broncos go three and out. Phillip Lindsay carried the ball one time and gained just one yard.

1:17 Richie James fumbles the punt, but recovers at the 49ers 24. He fumbled a punt last week, too.

1:28 On third and 3 from the Broncos 40, Mullens throws a one-yard pass to Kendrick Bourne, who drops the ball. Bradley Pinion’s punt bounces into the end zone.

1:34 On third and 2 from the Broncos 39, middle linebacker Fred Warner blitzes and hits Case Keenum, who throws an incomplete pass. The Broncos punt to Trent Taylor, who returns the punt eight yards to the 49ers 19.

1:45 On third and 2 from the Broncos 4-yard line, Kyle Shanahan calls a slow-developping play-action pass, and Broncos defensive end Bradley Chubb beats 49ers guard Mike Person to sack Mullens. Gould makes a 29-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 6-0.

1:49 The Broncos fumble the kick return, then recover at their 16.

1:56 Ronald Blair sacks Case Keenum for a 10-yard loss on third and 8 from the 49ers 45. The Broncos punt to Taylor, who returns the punt  yards to the 49ers 23. But, the 49ers fun into the Broncos punter — a five-yard penalty. The Broncos re-punt. This time, the 49ers will start from their 15.

1:59 First play of the drive, Mullens throws an 85-yard touchdown pass to Kittle. Wow! Kittle has 179 receiving yards already, and the 49ers lead 13-0.

2:10 Broncos center Connor McGovern snaps the ball over Keenum’s head on second and 11 from the 49ers 44. Keenum recovers the ball, throws it away and commits intentional grounding. The Broncos punt two plays later. The 49ers defense has been terrific so far. It has held Lindsay to just three rushing yards on five carries.

2:21 Von Miller blows by Mike McGlinchey and sack Mullens for a nine-yard loss on third and 6 from the 49ers 49. McGlinchey barely touched Miller. The 49ers punt.

2:25 Keenum throws the ball away on third and three and the Broncos punt. The 49ers defense played a spectacular first half.

2:36 On first and goal from the 3, Dante Pettis draws a pass-interference penalty. Next play, on first and goal from the 1, Pettis beats Broncos third-round pick, rookie cornerback Isaac Yiadom, for the touchdown catch. The 49ers lead 20-0. Mullens’ quarterback rating is 132.5.

2:42 It’s halftime. Mullens has thrown for 653 yards the past five quarters.

2:57 On third and 11 from the Broncos 26, D.J. Reed sacks Keenum, and Keenum fumbles, but he recovers. The Broncos punt.

3:03 On third and 15, Laken Tomlinson gives up a sack to Nick Chubb. The 49ers go three and out.

3:12 On fourth and 2 from the 49eers 22, Richard Sherman bites on a play-action fake and gives up a 19-yard catch to Tim Patrick. Next play, Lindsay scores from three yards out, and the Broncos trail 20-7.

3:24 The Broncos drill Mullens on third and 9 and he throws incomplete. Bradley Pinion punts. The 49ers tackle the Broncos punt returner at the Broncos 7. Good play by the 49ers special teams.

3:37 On fourth and 3, Cassius Marsh tackles Lindsay after a gain of two, and the Broncos turn it over on downs. Strange play call by the Broncos. Why run on fourth and 3?

3:41 On third and 9, Mullens throws a good pass to Trent Taylor over the middle, but Taylor bobbles the ball and tips it to Broncos safety Darian Stewart, who makes the interception. This game is not over. The 49ers have just 24 yards of offense in the second half.

3:48 On fourth and 3 from the 49ers 22, Keenum completes a pass to Lindsay, and Marcell Harris tackles him after just a one-yard gain. The Broncos turn the ball over on downs yet again. The 49ers defense has played so well today, particularly the front 7.

3:52 Pettis takes his eyes off a good pass from Mullens and drops it on third and 2. The 49ers go three and out. The Broncos will start from their 32 after the punt. They have 6:55 and three timeouts remaining.

4:04 On fourth and goal from the 1, D.J. Reed gives up a touchdown catch to DaeSean Hamilton, and the Broncos trail 20-14 with 3:53 remaining. Let’s see if Kyle Shanahan can close out this game with a quality four-minute drill.

4:19 On third and three from the Broncos 39, Mullens completes a six-yard pass to Trent Taylor. Huge win for the 49ers, Kyle Shanahan and especially Mullens. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope, grades and game story.

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  1. Frank Gore is a god.


    “Frank Gore moves past LaDainian Tomlinson for fifth all time in yards from scrimmage”

    “Gore entered the day with 18,414 total yards for his career, while Tomlinson had 18,456. Gore gained 40 yards on his first two rushing attempts during the Dolphins first drive, and added nine yards early on the Dolphins second drive.”

          1. “Don’t risk embarrassing His Grace”

            Yeah, easy there Razor. You don’t want to draw Mike’s ire. He might ask you if Gore would be a starter for the Rams.

              1. It’s all good 80…

                I kind of dig it too. One of the funnier spell check errors I have seen on here.

              2. Do you concede he has looked pretty worthless otherwise?

                Oops put in wrong place. Should have looked back!!

              3. “Do you concede he has looked pretty worthless otherwise?”

                No. He’s played much better the last two games, aside from some questionable PI calls. If he was worthless, he would be targeted 10+ times a game, he hasn’t been.

            1. #80 – As I survey the setting today I notice a lot of fans disguised as empty seats. To what can this be attributed? Don’t think today’s temps are too oppressive.

        1. Sorry Cassie but I must vehemently disagree with that last assessment. Our resident pigeon/C goose will be forever be the Knight with no legs.

          Frank gore is/was a beast. Hats off to him to keep playing at a high level.

  2. “Whitner even used a telestrator and slow motion just to show just how worthless Witherspoon is at his profession,” wrote 49ers beat writer Grant Cohn of the Press Democrat, who put a spotlight on Whitner’s Instagram posts.

    David Bonilla: “While Whitner was critical of Witherspoon, it doesn’t mean he believes the second-year cornerback can’t excel in the NFL. He certainly doesn’t view him as worthless. The opposite is actually true, according to Whitner, who joined KNBR earlier this week.”

    “If you watch him, athletically, he can do everything,” Whitner said of Witherspoon on the “Gary & Larry” show. “He can run, he can change direction, he can bend. There’s not too many guys that are six-feet-plus that can do the things that he did.The only thing that I get on him about is he’s not locked in each and every play,” Whitner continued. “He takes plays off. You can’t take a play off. Even if you think the ball is not coming to you, you have to play it like the ball is coming to you and that’s what the great corners in the National Football League do. They have one focus when they step on the football field, and their job is, ‘I’m going to lock you down.’ A lot of times I don’t see that from him. I don’t see a physicality from him. You have to be physical in this league, especially when you’re 6-3.”

    So what is Witherspoon’s potential ceiling in the NFL, according to the man Grant quoted?

    “If he continues to grow and he continues to focus on the fundamentals, he can be a Pro Bowl, All-Pro cornerback,” Whitner added.

    So … given that Whitner believes Witherspoon can be an All-Pro, based on just how emphatic Grant Cohn came across in that shamefully unprofessional article he posted a few weeks back, you have to ask yourself ….. just who is the one who is worthless at their job, Ahkello Witherspoon or Grant Cohn?

  3. Wow the mausoleum is empty. Breaks my heart when I think of the ‘Stick days. Even during the mid seventies during the Joe Thomas era there wasn’t even close to that many empty seats. Yes, most of the seats are sold, but that is even worse because it gives ownership no reason to spend money. Similar to the Giants at ATT. Why should they try to improve the team when they sell the place out every game? Interesting dilemma.

  4. Nice opening drive, then a false start by one of the worst o lines in the NFL with that and a drop by the FB on a pass that hit him between the numbers.

    Little things…..

  5. James with another fumble. It’s too bad the 49ers don’t have a guy that was one of the best return men in NCAA history on their roster.

    1. You kidding me? 49ers going to have another losing season: no RB, no WR, no 300 yard Qb. Kyle is out the door after 2019.

    1. only 3rd and 2 yards to go after gaining 8 on 2 runs in the RZ and now a sack on a too slow developing pass play. what’s wrong with another run on 3rd and 2 vs. the nickel defense???????

  6. Let the “They should have run instead of pass”, or the “They should have passed instead of run” arguments begin!!!

      1. That’s the mistake the 49ers keep doing in running the ball and not passing it enough. Ever since Singleton, they’ve gone run, run, pass, kick.

  7. That was a late hit, um I mean a late love tap. Still, you can’t expect that to not be called when you touch a QB that late.

    1. Just so you and the rest of you Bosa chuckle heads know, Solomon Thomas averaged more sacks per game in College then Bosa. So yea, go ahead and keep assuming that Bosa is the magical sack savior that everybody is deluding themselves into thinking he is.

      1. It’s even more ironic nobody mentions how injury prone Bosa is. He had a major knee injury in High School, and shut himself down this year because of injury. I think the curtain gets pulled on his health problems once the combine arrives.

  8. I must commend KS for his wise usage of his time outs. Even though his challenge was not upheld, it was legitimate enough, with a good chance to be overturned and worth the risk.
    The defense is stout.
    The field looks good, nobody slipping.
    Denver is the team making the unforced errors.
    Now, KS needs to finish.

  9. Well, now I have seen everything.

    Von miller getting benched….Joe Staley catching passes and Kittle single-handedly destroying defenses.

  10. What a half! Both sides of the ball. Having Goodwin and Pettis on the field at the same time has opened things up for Kittle. Expect Denver to make an adjustment, expect Goodwin and Pettis to be open more in the 2nd half.

  11. Saleh is doing well. I will praise him when he does well. Looks like he had his players well prepared, focused and energized. He has schemed well. Lindsay is stymied.
    I even saw Witherspoon turn his head to track the ball.
    Denver is playing erratic and uninspired.

  12. Mullens has looked good. Must have his rabbit’s foot with him (sorry PETA)–a couple throws could have been INTs. Not complaining.

    Kittle is having a career half, and Pettis continues to cause headaches for the opponent. Good defensive effort too.

    Let’s finish this thing.

  13. Could this be the start of another meaningless streak of wins against playoff hopefuls to close out a season? What say you Hammer?

  14. Here is a summary of Bosa from Charlie Campbell, senior draft analyst at Walterfooball.com. Nobody is calling him a savior. Just another important brick. Brick by brick.

    Skill-Set Summary: When watching Ohio State, there is no doubt that Bosa is a special player. He jumps off the screen with his excellent skill set and his ability to cause havoc in the backfield. For the NFL, he looks like a No. 1 pass-rusher who could be a consistent double-digit-sack producer with Pro Bowl potential early in his NFL career.

    In the pass rush, Bosa is a beast. He has an excellent get-off that sees him fire off the snap. He is also fast off the edge with the ability to quickly get leverage by using his speed to get an angle to the quarterback. Bosa supplies a lot of quick pressure because tackles struggle to keep him from getting upfield. Along with his quick feet, Bosa has the agility to cut back to the inside thanks to his athleticism to bend and get underneath blockers.
    Aside from his speed and athleticism, Bosa possesses excellent hands with functional strength to fight off blocks, a burst to close, and can put quarterbacks down hard. Bosa has developed technique and obviously has been working at his craft for years with his older brother. They are very similar with the relentless presence alongside speed, power and physicality as pass-rushers.
    Nick Bosa has the potential to be a good run defender. He has developed natural strength and can hold his ground. With Hubbard, Lewis and Holmes in the NFL, Bosa should play more snaps as a junior, and that will be interesting to see how he holds up as a run defender with a bigger work load. Bosa has enough length, strength and weight, but he is not overly big, so it will be good to gauge how he holds up while logging more snaps.
    For the NFL, Bosa possesses the versatility to fit a 4-3 or 3-4 defense. He has enough size and length to be a base end in a 4-3 defense, and he will probably get heavier with more weight on his frame as he ages. Bosa also has enough athleticism and agility to stand up as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

    I guess we’ll find out because if they have a good probability of taking him. I would.

    1. Boo-yah!!! What is even better is that the Raiders are fixing to upset the Steelers, so the 49ers could still be in the lead for the top pick.

  15. Kittle has regressed to the mean just as I predicted.
    Shanny needs to go.
    Lynch should have listened to me in training camp.

  16. Lynch may have found a stud in Harris… Both he and Reed are playing great today. About time they got DJ Jones some action too.

  17. $h!t Saleh. How many times do you need to see it before you know they’re going to attack your right side on 4th down?

  18. Two huge catches by Pettis and Taylor to make up for those drops. Thanks to the Joseph challenge that’s the ballgame.

    1. Meaningless win.
      Meaningless for guys who don’t get much game experience and get to see what it tastes like winning in the NFL.
      Meaningless for the coaches who preach and preach their plan all week and see it come to fruition to the ears of those being coached.

      Winning games is meaningless!

        1. Winning is overrated unless it’s for a championship. I mean what’s the point of winning?
          It’s meaningless for a 3 win team. Niners should have not even tried today. What’s the point!
          Shanny is a terrible coach!

          1. LOL. It was a nice win. Good to finally get the 3rd win of the year. It won’t matter come next September just like those 5 at the end of last year didn’t matter this year.

            Go abead though and be the little bitch that you are.

            1. Wins no matter when they happen, mean nothing.
              I mean what’s the point of playing sports ?You don’t really need a winner or a loser because as you say winning is meaningless.
              Especially for guys like T.Moore,DJ Reed, Fred Warner,Dante Pettis and all the other rookies that are learning about this league and what it takes. What does it matter right when winning late in the year is meaningless?

  19. Damn. Second week in a row I won the spread bet but lost the O/U!! Oh well, great game. Lot’s of work to do. Brick by brick. Winning feels good, doesn’t it? Hopefully not too much negative from Coach. :)

  20. Geez…..almost screwed that one up! Denver did not have their best CB (Chris Harris) and best WR (Sanders) but still a very good game from Defense…..have a long way to go though as a Team overall.

    Harris, DJ Reed, Blair showed up well. Nice to see these guys stepping up.

    1. Denver also has no QB or a coach IDIOT. You won for nothing. You just about screwed up the draft but thank the raiders for beating the Steelers today. you were lucky, now lose the last 3 games. You beat a no Qb team. Denver needs to fire the coach.

  21. Raidas won! Raidas won! Raidas WON! You won for NOTHING 49ers, won for F*ing NOTHING! You still got the number 1 pick IDIOTS! Hope you get your butt kicked by Seattle next week. You beat a NO QB team in the Broncos, Bronco coach should be FIRED by Elway.

    1. Denver SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…can’t even beat the worst team in the NFL..when they need wins bad. NO excuses, they’re going down in flames..HAHAHA!!!….Loser.

  22. Hmmm, I wonder what Grant’s grades will be.
    A for Mullens.
    A+ for Kittle.
    B- for the coaching. They gotta coach Pettis to stay in bounds. Then they gave the Broncos one more play.

  23. I bet Grant hands out some pretty good grades this time .. like
    Kittle deserves an A+ .. !!
    ( Mullins should get at least an A … but I bet Grant gives him a B+ )

      1. MW, Seb, and the other Match Game for FOOLS care a whole lot so they pat Mullens on the back and the 4th string RB Wilson on the back and the WR/TE Kittle on the back with Goodwin and Pettis. Nothing but amateur NEVER going to do jack on the 49ers, NEVER! Kittle needs to block. Goodwin/Pettis need to be doubled.

    1. Aaaannnnddd you just proved how ignorant you are when it comes to football. Murray is planning on joining the Athletics next year since he was drafted by them.

      1. Your buddy Cassie wanted a name and he/she/it/gender whoever the person is got it. 3 and 10, wow, that’s great expectations next to the FIVE win Cleveland Browns, but I suppose Browns still suck to you and 49ers are such a great team. We’ll see how great it is next year when you play AFC North.

          1. Hey, I dont’ care what QB this team gets, get me one that doesn’t cost 137 million dollars and can throw 300 flipping yards IDIOT!

            1. The one that you claim did nothing threw for over three hundred yards today. And you better get used to paying a QB $137 million because that is most likely going to look like a bargain in two or three years.

              1. Oh yeah, Midwest? You get AFC North and NFC South next year, guaranteed 0 and 8. You’ll have to try and beat the division and the last place North and East losers. So far you’re getting Detroit and NY Giants, or maybe you might get Redskins! You’re 6 and 10 at least next year. This team will never win 10 games or go to a playoff. They’d only get their butt kicked.

              1. Hey again Darren. Denver is bad, but you were toting that the Broncos were going to win by how many points?

      1. Yeah, Prime Time, Seb is the same troll calling for Kaepernick to come back on the 49ers. Least I know vs. Denver, Kap would’ve done his job and LOST the game. Goooooooooo Seahawks!

          1. Hey, you need to get back on Seb as he’s your doubting 49er troll. I’m the I don’t give a flying feather about the 49ers until Jed York sells the team.

        1. Im not trying to piss anyone off, im really not–but Darren is a hoot! He says whatever he feels at that…….moment. OK, the moments gone, now lets see what the next emotional moment will bring!

          Lots of fun………….Darren, give me some hell!!!

  24. Whew….a win…..Go Niners

    We are building something good here…

    …i say we keep everyone but have to fire the special teams coach……

  25. I am so happy the Raiders won so that SPOILS your HOPE that we don’t have the number 1 pick. Don’t you 49ers fans feel just TERRIBLE about this? Raiders won, YOU Keep the number 1 pick IDIOTS! No wonder NFL sucks. You 49er fans feel a 3 and 10 team is really improving on a 3rd string Qb, on a 4th string RB on your 3 and 4 WR. If Denver had any BRAINS and ANY COACHING on 3rd down, you double Kittle, you make him block, you double Goodwin, and you BLITZ like Titans, EVERY SINGLE TIME on 3rd time, I want to see FULL BLITZ on the 49ers. I dont’ care if the Qb breaks his leg either! I am sick of this BS from the NFL! I am sick of the Bay Area and you JACK OFFS for fans. Being a troll as you call me is far better then being in fantasy land that YOU ALL are in as Jed York keeps making your team what it is, PATHETIC!

    1. Darren what drugs are you smoking? If anything it hurts the raiders to win.
      And what sucks more for you raider clowns is the Niners whopped your arses and STILL have a better pick!
      Typical raider soy boy. One big win and the “big man” comes out.
      Thank you Raiders Bosa would have looked worse in silver and black anyways. 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Ninermd, every time the 49ers are on the cusp of getting a great draft pick, they pull these stunts like this and it HURTS the team at the end on draft day. That top pick is called a BARGAINING chip to tell teams to trade us picks for it. DOn’t you want a bargaining chip? 49ers got like 5 picks anyway, don’t you want to add additional picks? NOt my doing that the NY Giants don’t know what to do with their QB and the Raiders and then the Browns as well. This team needs a top 5 pick in all rounds and a QB. I don’t want Garapolo on the team.

        1. Darren I’d actually like for them to have control of the very best player coming out for once. I personally feel Bosa is a cant miss. And it just so happens he’s exactly what they need on this team.
          My motto is if you’re going to suck then be the best at it. 😆

  26. I think this was a combination of good coaching and good play execution.
    Those drops were maddening, but Pettis redeemed himself.
    Hope this win will give the York family something to smile about.

    1. Oh now it’s good coaching?
      Kyle Shanahan called the exact same game plan and plays for the last month. The only difference today was that the players executed. That’s the only difference.

  27. There is and should NEVER BE NFL football in the Bay Area for BOTH TEAMS are garbage and FOX is garbage for not letting fans watch the Dallas/Phil game.

      1. Wow Prime Time, you better change your name there if you just said you don’t want prime time players on the 49ers, which means that the 49ers CAN”T be seen on Sunday Night, Monday Night, Thursday Night, or even Saturday Night. You actually don’t want your team on prime time and to have prime players, holy mother of GOD, what kind of a dipstick are you? You and Grant both lack BRAINS to even KNOW the 49ers. So I guess we never should’ve had a Montana, a Rice, a Owens, Solomon, Russ, and hey, the 49ers are so bad along with the Raiders, Channel 2 and 5 don’t want to have a 5th quarter anymore with either team. Kyle Shanahan will NEVER EVER lead this team to the playoffs or a Superbowl. You got NOTHING on the 49ers, BIG FAT ZERO! You won for NOTHING and you should thank Gruden for bailing you out, Prime. Can’t lose that number 1 pick now for we need a QUARTERBACK!

        1. Yeah blah blah, we need this we need that, the Niners stink and we should fold the team.
          Trade everyone and get footballs and mouth guards in return right Darren?

          1. Tell me this, Prime Time, what if anything do you personally like about the Yorks owning the 49ers and do you support everything that they have done to the 49ers: from removing Bill Walsh legacies, playbook, and the move to Santa Clara? Do you support every move they have done to the player personnel and to all the coaching that they have hired, like every replacement to Jim Harbaugh? If an owner of a team shows contempt to the fan and has no purpose to making that professional team acceptable to the community it is at, would you want the owner removed, or as a 49er fan, you still support it? Remember Prime Time, I am of the 1980s era until the Yorks illegally took this team.

  28. Kittle is without question a great player.
    Mullen’s is an excellent backup and maybe a good starter.
    The defense is playing better, tackling better.

  29. I’m getting an Old Chicago pizza to celebrate the great Raider win. I am so happy it ruined the 49ers. I hope Seattle scores another 40 points on the 49ers. You beat an injury team, a no Qb team, a no coach team, and Elway is an idiot GM for keeping that bum coach.

    1. Bi-Polar Much???

      Darren5000 says:
      December 9, 2018 at 4:45 pm

      There is and should NEVER BE NFL football in the Bay Area for BOTH TEAMS are garbage and FOX is garbage for not letting fans watch the Dallas/Phil game.

      1. Yeah, but what NFL team did I say I rooted for? I may talk Raiders, but does it mean I’m a fan? Can you find a post that proved I’m a fan? Ever since Jed York took this team, he has ruined and for you fans to feed off him is a disgrace that you buy into what he’s done for the team: HC is bad, DC is bad, all the coaching is bad, Qb is bad, RB is bad, you got no WR, your TE is your Wr, your defense can’t pass rush, Witherspoon is easy to target. I don’t like the NFL. I think the entire league is rigged, garbage, and contempt and disrespect for the country and for Trump.

  30. “Von Miller blows by Mike McGlinchey and sack Mullens for a nine-yard loss on third and 6 from the 49ers 49. McGlinchey barely touched Miller. The 49ers punt.”

    So, McGlinchey gets no love for neutralizing Miller the rest of the time?
    And if you look at the play again you’ll see Miller’ teammate grabbing McGlinchey so he couldn’t step back to block Miller.
    Also, maybe you missed it but there was a reason why Miller was flagged three times in the game – he needed the extra start to try to get around McGlinchey.

    I said it at the beginning of the season and I’ll say again, Mt. Mac will get some pro-bowl attention this season.
    Even if you are in denial.

    1. Yup. Grant needs to watch the video on the Miller sack. Number 95 on the Broncos defense had a hand full of McGlinchey jersey as Miller rounds the corner–defensive lineman holding an offensive tackle.

      Of course, Grant will minimize it.

      1. Yep. Cowboys were really lambasted for making that trade. It’s amazing how adding one or two pieces can really change a season. I was just thinking about how our team might be different had the Browns not thrown the 2016 season. If you believe that an edge rusher is vital to this team, then with Garrett things might have been a lot different.

        1. Great point Cubus but it’s also important to have your back ups be able to step in and play a role when your starters are down.
          That’s why this rebuild is going to take awhile.

          But wins like this give these backups vital experience against what are possible playoff teams.

          Point is in a lost season there are so many things that can carry over and help this organization in the future years.

          1. With all of the experience these young guys are getting, it would seem that we should have good depth next year and competition in TC.

            1. I sure hope so and maybe some of them can become starters.
              Winning cures a lot of things but also masks a lot of things.
              Today there was growth from a few guys.

  31. Well, no more Bosa. Not that it means much since there may be opportunities if they do well. Couldn’t see much of the game, will later, but kudos to the team starting off well and holding off till the end (and for those near the Gulf of Mexico, that includes the HC).

        1. Oh man, I hope the 49ers still got a chance for the #1 pick as every time we have opportunity, we F it up each time.

          Really sad Chicago has an idiot impersonating Ditka, pathetic.

  32. As this season closes out and we move into the combine, draft, and OTA phase, I’m looking forward to the animated argument we’ll have over meaningful/meaningless. Take a look at today’s gritty win–how will it be judged this coming spring? Meaningful? Meaningless?

    1. Honestly, it will most likely be meaningless Cassie. The Broncos lost a big part of their offense before this game when Sanders tore his Achilles and have a banged up secondary. I believe the 49ers would lost if Sanders had been able to suit up or the Broncos secondary had been more solid. It also cannot be ignored that the Broncos could look very different by spring if they miss the playoffs again. So for me, it was a great win for today and this season, but it will mean nothing by spring.

          1. Yes I agree but maybe more competition in the offseason and training camp will determine who is the best at that position.
            Example, the safety spots between Tartt, Moore, Harris, Reed and Colbert should be fierce.
            No more anointing. Play it out and the best guys play.

    2. What win? you beat a no Qb, no WR, no RB, no defense, no coach team in the Broncos that should’ve won by 10, they flat out gave up, I would fire their coach right now. I would get rid of that joke QB they got. He did nothing out there.

  33. Yup, Cooper has been ball’n but who’s to say that he won’t shut down after a few good games like he did in Oaktown.
    Also, the real weight of the trade for the raiders won’t be determined until they get the draft pick from the trade deal.
    But yeah, Coop is a good trade for the boy’s.

  34. Grant,
    Can you please tell me who won the match up between Miller vs McGlinchey?
    Mullens passed 33 times and was “cheap sacked” by Miller only one time.
    Maybe it’s just me, but one cheap sack and three off side penalties has me thinking that McGlinchey was the clear winner.

  35. Exhibition, get rid of the SF vs. SD matchups and make the matchup against Denver. Waiting 4 years for a rematch is an insult.

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