49ers @ Broncos preseason live blog

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo watches warm ups prior to an NFL preseason football game against the Denver Broncos, Monday, Aug. 19, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ preseason game against the Denver Broncos. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

3:30 The following 49ers will not play.

  • ​​​​TE George Kittle
  • TE Levine Toilolo
  • TE Garrett Celek
  • G Mike Person
  • G Joshua Garnett
  • C Weston Richburg
  • RB Jerick McKinnon
  • WR Trent Taylor
  • DE Dee Ford
  • DE Nick Bosa
  • DE Ronald Blair
  • DT DeForest Buckner
  • DT Jullian Taylor
  • NT D.J. Jones
  • LB Fred Warner
  • LB Kwon Alexander
  • LB Elijah Lee
  • FS Jimmie Ward
  • CB K’Waun Williams
  • CB Jason Verrett

4:53 The 49ers should play Garoppolo for two series, maybe one if it’s a 10 to 12 play drive. Focus on him getting the ball to players he needs to connect with (Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd). Two-thirds or more of the plays should be passes. Why play Garoppolo tonight just to hand off the ball?

5:10 The 49ers will have the ball first.

5:14 On third and six, Isaac Yiadom intercepts Garoppolo. Once again, Garoppolo floats a pass off his backfoot to the sideline while under pressure and gets picked. Seen that before.

5:18 On third and 12 from the 49ers 13, Joe Flacco throws an incomplete pass in the end zone intended for Daesean Hamilton. The Broncos kick a field goal and lead 3-0. During the drive, the 49ers defense gave up a 17-yard catch to Hamilton on third and six, plus a 19-yard gain to Emmanuel Sander, who ran an end around. The Broncos running backs carried the ball twice and lost three yards.

5:22 Richie James Jr. returns the kickoff to the 49ers 49-yard line. He has to make the final roster.

5:22 On third and six, Garoppolo throws a pass to Broncos cornerback De’Vante Bausby, but Bausby drops it. Garoppolo almost threw his second pick. He has completed zero of four pass attempts. He sure doesn’t seem ready for Week 1.

5:30 On third and eight, Flacco scrambles out of the pocket and throws the ball away.

5:31 Dante Pettis makes a fair catch instead of returning the punt.

5:37 On second and 16, Garoppolo completes his first pass — a screen to Matt Breida for no gain. The 49ers punt two plays later. Garoppolo should continue to play until he makes a play or two. His performance has been no good so far.

5:42 On third and 14, D.J. Reed gives up a 41-yard catch to Emmanuel Sanders. But, the catch doesn’t count, because Broncos left tackle Garrett Bolles held 49ers defensive end Damontre Moore. The Broncos punt.

5:51 On third and eight, Justin Skule gives up a sack to Bradley Chubb, who strips the ball from C.J. Beathard. The 49ers recover and punt on the next play.

6:06 On third and eight from the 49ers 15, Broncos backup quarterback Drew Lock throws an incomplete pass. The Broncos kick a field goal and lead 6-0. Jaquiski Tartt got injured during the final play of the drive.

6:14 On third and 11 from the Broncos 24, Beathard throws a short pass over Jalen Hurd’s head.

5:15 Robbie Gould makes a 42-yard field goal, and the 49ers trail 6-3.

6:31 The Broncos make a 52-yard field goal as the first half end. They lead 9-3.

6:48 On second and eight, Marcell Harris blitzes and sacks Drew Lock. The Broncos go three and out.

6:57 On second and 10 from the Broncos 30, Raheem Mostert runs for a touchdown. He’s a good running back when healthy. The 49ers lead 10-9.

7:05 On third and 11 from the Broncos 30, Mark Nzeocha sacks Broncos third-string QB Kevin Hogan, and Denver punts.

7:12 On second and five from the Broncos 46, Deebo Samuel runs an end around and gains 45 yards. Jeff Wilson runs into the end zone on the next play, and the 49ers take a 17-9 lead. Great run by Samuel. Too bad he didn’t get to play with the starters.

7:21 On third and 10 from the Broncos 35, Kentavius Street sacks Hogan as he tries to scramble out of the pocket.

7:25 On third and six from the 49ers 31, Kendrick Bourne drops an accurate deep pass from C.J. Beathard. Bourne could be playing his way off the roster.

7:36 On third and nine, Street and Jeremiah Valoaga sack Hogan, and the Broncos punt.

7:43 On second-and-12, Dekoda Watson runs through Jeff Wilson Jr. and sacks Nick Mullens. The 49ers punt two plays later.

7:48 Dontae Johnson intercepts a pass that tipped off a receiver’s hands.

7:52 On first and goal from the one-yard line, Mullens throws a touchdown pass to Bourne. Has anyone on the 49ers raised his stock more than Mullens tonight?

7:57 On third and 13, Hogan throws an incomplete pass, and the Broncos punt. Robert Saleh’s defense has performed well through the first two weeks of preseason.

8:01 On second and seven, Wilton Speight drops back and drops the ball. The Broncos recover.

8:02 On first and 10, Hogan scrambles for a 24-yard touchdown.

8:04 The Broncos go for the two-point conversion. They run up the middle and the 49ers stuff them for no gain. The 49ers lead 24-15.

8:18 The 49ers win 24-15. Stay tuned for the good and not so good from this game and my Periscope report.

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  1. Jennifer Lee Chan

    Jimmy Garoppolo has just arrived on the field and started warming up. #49ers

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  2. Grant… To experience in your home what the on-field conditions will be, turn your heat up to the low-mid 90s.

  3. Do we always have to say from “your living room”? Sounds like you’re at your sister’s place or something. How about trying from your war room? Adds a little virility….

    1. You both didn’t miss much.
      Jesus this has been one horrendous half of nonsense.
      Some of Kyle’s spontaneous thought process in game time -it’s head scratching back to the Atl SB meltdown.
      Like-they were backed up on 3rd down-give Jimmy a play-it’s fricking pre season??? You’ll play it safe here but not in the SB??
      Then the challenge on the spot-it’s fricking pre season!!!! I think they denied him just because it pissed everybody off.
      He’s just I don’t know. Smart when he can draw up plays not under pressure-but it’s just his ego and in game decision making is -let’s say suspect.
      Jimmy G though -yikes. Once they found him with that porn star I had a bad feeling once he got his cash he wasn’t committed.
      I think he’s gonna fizzle and run back to LA with his money…..

  4. Ok I’m it buying this injury to Bosa as it could keep him out awhile.
    I think he could play right now.
    Starting to think they are sidelining them for the start of the season. Bosa and ford that is.

  5. so we have a qb that we possibly overpaid for and will set us back 2 or 3 years and we have posters here that are gleeful. i just dont get it why people like to see other people fail

    1. I don’t see anybody cheering his shortcomings.
      That’s a lot of money for someone who can’t put together a solid drive in pre season.

  6. Shanahan had done absolutely no favors for Garoppolo tonight with his play calling.

    Empty sets. Drop back. How about a naked boot to get an easy completion and get the guy going?

    1. Agree with you on this one, Jack. Jimmy starts out shaky and KS does nothing to help him. I hope Grant asks KS why?

      Also it looks like the wide receivers were primarily Goodwin and Pettis – not the toughest. Might have helped to have Samuel and or Hurd out there. But it’s preseason……..

  7. Meh, he looked like a guy with a year off and only 361 NFL throws going up against a Fangio defense with Miller/Chubb.

    1. Agree to a point. He should be throwing those balls away though, and using his feet. Rust comes with throwing, not decision making with fundamentals. Throw that ball away and put it on your linemen.

  8. Why is Beathard out there?I’m really starting to turn towards dislike of Shannahan..His man crush on Beathard is mind boggling..They better be trying to showcase him for a trade

  9. Skule was a wasted choice. Practice squad at most. We need to trade for a credible guard. Garnett is a first round bust.

  10. 46 should have had his eyes on the Qb on that second down throw.
    Why are you focused on a covered man. That ball went right over his head.
    The zone coverage is still not this defenses strong-suit

  11. Not a strong start for the offense. Jimmy didn’t look good but Shanahan didn’t do him too many favors. Let’s hope this was the exception, not the rule.

  12. Man weren’t all the practice reports that we dominated practice?I know it’s pre season but looks like same ol Niners

  13. Oline looks very weak, very concerned, they are the foundation for any franchise. Feel like our foundation is quick sand!

  14. Did we put Jimmy G on a pedestal to fast?

    He really has not played a meaningful game in the NFL in his entire career, and tonight he looked terrible after a year away. LIKE REALLY BAD.

    He is the big X factor this season and he showed nothing tonight. He needed to play more reps.

  15. First half takeaways:

    1. Jimmy G needs to play to get his confidence back. He’ll need to play a lot in the 3rd preseason game.
    2. Jacquiski Tartt can make plays in the run game but he gets injured because his tackling form is absolutely atrocious. He got hurt on that QB rollout because he left his feet and dipped his head. Tartt did exactly what youth football coaches teach kids not to do in every practice. That head injury was totally on Tartt. You can never rely on a guy like that so hopefully his backup is ready to play.

  16. Niners still have not allowed a TD, so that is a big positive.
    JG did not look good. CJB, not that much better.
    Mostert may have won a spot on the 53.

  17. Yeah…. there’s nothing like the ‘ love’ of the 49er fans to help an injured QB get back on his feet….Is there another NFL team that has as many futbol ‘experts’ in their fan hood…? We seem to hate the qwners…the Head coach… the General manager…the ENTIRE Front office staff…the veterans… the rookies… the UDFA’s… and the water boy. BOY ! …Aren’t WE an organization to be proud…?

    I really don’t give a poop…I think that we’ll win the game in the 4th QTR…remember that it’s a practice game, goniners

  18. Mostert is a gem. Undrafted rookie. Niners are famous for bad drafting in recent years but somehow we do well with undrafted players.

  19. Mullen’s stock should rise this game if he is given a chance against scrubs and ps players.
    Prepare for the hyperbole

  20. Nice drive by C.J.! Can’t wait for this blog to freak out when he beats Mullen’s our for the #2 job. JG will be fine. He needs to play that is evident. But not having Westburg and Persons is an issue.

  21. We need to sign a good center. I was amazed that Lynch did not do anything at this position during the off-season. Wesburg is not a great center. Average at best

  22. Jimmy needs to play in preseason game 3. Like a lot. Who cares if they are risking injury on a guy who has totally lost his confidence? He needs to either find his swag again or step aside for Mullens.

  23. Unless JG gets hurt or is hurt there is no way Mullen’s plays. For one he hasn’t beat out C.J. yet. Two he ain’t the future at this position. If JG falls on its face it’s time to find another QB but I don’t think that will be the cause.

  24. 2 more things….

    1. Pretty obvious this is a showcase game for CJ Beathard. 49ers trying to find a trade partner.
    2. I was wrong. You guys are right. Wishnowsky with the big hit on the kickoff. That was Bada$$!

  25. Very impressed with what a good teammate Richard Sherman is. Involved in the sidelines in every play, helping an injured teammate of the field ( one who is not going to make the team. A good leader.

    1. So Rebuild, let’s just speculate. Jimmy G doesn’t return to form and turns into Matt Cassell. Mullens is limited. What QB does Kyle want next season?

      1. I think trading for Kurt Cousins is not out of the realm of possibility. Especially if Vikings don’t make the playoffs. I can see it. But JG has finally has experienced adversity. Now we will see if he is the long term guy. I believe this will benefit him.

    2. Actually he played well last season against starting defenses. Hate to break it to you but he is developing into a legit starter if he gets an opportunity…

  26. A week ago I said that the Niners will never start Mullen’s week 1, that JimmyG has to fail a couple games first. After tonight, I will say this, if JimmyG plays the next two pre season games like this, he may lose his job to Mullens….and he will play the next two preseason games. They need to know whether he is fully recovered. Mentally and physically. You can’t play someone who is not ready and has no confidence. It’s not that he isn’t capable of being great, just may take more time.

  27. No JimmyG is a vet he is 28years old…..remember he was a backup before coming here…he looked worse than the backups on this roster YIKES….I predicted (still stand by this and NO I am not a hater just a realist) he won’t make it through the season yet again……he may get benched after 2-3 games of laying eggs….the schedule is brutal with 8 Ecoast games …

  28. Mullens made plays. Took a sack when he had to. Didn’t make a bad throw, unlike Jimmy G who didn’t make a good throw.

    Beathard was alright. The running game was the steam behind his drives.

    But that pass to Bourne from Mullens was a beauty.

    He’s the guy–not Garappolo. Sorry. Pretty clear to see.

    1. agree….beat Brett Favre’s records in College….think we will see him before the season is out..JimmyG looks dead in the water sorry guys

    2. I said that I was content for JG to be the starter over Kaep, because he was accurate. Now, I will say that Mullens should be the starter over JG because Mullens is accurate.
      JG just pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself. Playing QB is hard, and the passes of JG were tentative and late. He was not accurate, or throwing with anticipation. Do the repercussions of his injury mean that he has regressed? Without a doubt. His injury made him sit in the pocket, and the Fangio defense schemed well. The pass rusher moved to a spot and got his hand in the air, for 2 batted down passes.
      This is the NFL, and no player should be handed the starting position. if there was a competition between JG and Mullens, Mullens is winning. Maybe this next game, JG will start and do well. But if he throws another pick, JG should do the right thing, and insist on the Niners playing the best QB that will give them the best chance to win.
      JG could show high character by allowing himself to be demoted, because according to QBR, Mullens is superior. This will give JG more time to recover and rehab from his injury. JG can find his accuracy, and restore his confidence, if allowed to sit and practice more.

  29. God your an idiot. Let’s just release him outright. Start Nick Mullen’s so you and grant look like morons. Just stop man. It’s not even a regular season game and we got to hear this none sense. You also keep mentioning that he is 28… He is 27 . He turns 28 in November. Was he bad tonight no doubt. Looked terrible! But his offense line was so bad. Joe Staley looked like he should retire after tonight. The center and the RG without Person were awful. If the O line doesn’t get better Joe Montana would help this team. Let’s see what happens in week 3 where the game is actually game planned for before we start making moronic claims that Mullen’s should start.

    1. I pretty much agree with you. The WRs did not help Jimmy and Kaden Smith should have caught that pass even though it wasn’t a perfect throw.

      One thing that puzzles me though is why didn’t KS help Jimmy out. It was obvious that he was struggling, yet KS didn’t do much to give him easy passes. Maybe I’m making too much out of it, but it does seem odd. It seems like it should be a natural almost knee jerk response for the OC (HC in this case) to call plays to help settle down his QB. Still, Jimmy looked loose on the sidelines afterward so probably no big deal. KS has made it clear that he doesn’t value preseason games and apparently Jimmy did pretty well in the practices.

      1. « The WRs did not help Jimmy and Kaden Smith should have caught that pass even though it wasn’t a perfect throw. »

        Holy smokes! Are you for real with this?

        2 of his first 4 passes were batted at the LOS. 1 was picked because he threw it up for grabs off his back foot, as he often does, instead of taking a sack. The other should have been picked.

        The throw to Smith was high and wide.

        EVERYTHING we saw from Garoppolo tonight has been reported on this blog, but swept away because it wasn’t in the public eye. Even Papa touched on all of this today during his radio show, lightly of course since he’s employed by the team.

        The good news is that this game means zilch with regards to the season standings. The bad news is in less than 3 weeks this team plays for real on the road and the QB looked nowhere close to being ready.

        1. Holy Garappolos!

          Yes I am for real. I only heard a very small portion of Grant’s periscope (will watch it tomorrow), but in the portion I heard he agreed with that statement.

          Like I’ve been saying, it’s preseason. The time to start worrying is during the regular season. Again, the bigger questions for now is: why didn’t KS help Jimmy out with his play calling?

          1. It’s not really the bigger question. We see Shanahan do that type of thing from time to time.

            There isn’t a throw much easier than a quick slant.

            The batted balls don’t worry me yet. For me it’s the back foot, up for grabs throws. They were great in 2017 when they worked, but as I wrote prior to last year that type of stuff doesn’t usually end up well.

            1. “It’s not really the bigger question. We see Shanahan do that type of thing from time to time.”

              Maybe, but today was not the time since he had a rusty QB coming back from an injury and as I said in the game blog was clearly struggling. IMO he needed to keep Jimmy’s confidence up.

              Yes, the back foot throws are a concern. Since he steps forward with the injured leg, one wonders if this is still an issue. Let’s hope it’s just some initial fear, although this is an area he needs to work on.

              Lynch has proclaimed a number of times that the recovery was “flawless”. He’s going to look foolish if it comes out that that is not the case.

              I didn’t think Mullens played well tonight. He was under a big rush similar to what Jimmy experienced. Makes me think that after a couple of practices, Fangio knew exactly how to rattle the SF offense.

              Finally, I expect Deebo and Hurd to get the starts or at least a lot of playing time fairly quickly. The first team WRs are questionable.

              1. « I didn’t think Mullens played well tonight. »

                LOL. Based on what? He dropped back a total of 4 times, and on the 3 passes he was able to release he completed 2.

                You remind me of Hofer back when Kaepernick was putting heat on Smith in the 2012 preseason. Keep carrying that water.

  30. No major injuries is always good.
    Three (virtually unknown) players that I have been impressed with:
    Al Shaair (46)
    Jeremiah “the prophet” Valoaga (78)
    And Austin “power’s” Walter (33).
    They have earned a hard look from the coaches imo.

    Some veterans better step up because these players are making some noise.

  31. Guys, sorry to burst your bubble, but Garapalo will be the starter and will remain the starter, if he stays healthy. Yes, he was horrible tonight. He has ability that Mullins will never have. I am very glad Nick is on our team, he will make a very good back up for us.

    It was nice to see a game in which we were not flagged every other play.

    Kentavius Street is a keeper.

    1. It’s “Mullens” and you better learn to spell his name, because you’ll be writing it for a while.

      “He has ability that Mullins will never have.”

      What ability is that? To bang porn stars?

    2. ‘If he stays healthy’. Maybe he is not fully recovered from his injury. Maybe his injury is making him tentative and late on his throws. Maybe his injury has made him lose his confidence and accuracy. Maybe he needs to sit, and work on recovering fully, and regaining his 2017 form.

  32. The Niners still have 2 preseason games to make more assessments, but right now, JG is pulling a Gabbert, and benching himself.
    Those 5 picks in practice are not an anomaly, but a harbinger of the future. JG lost his accuracy, and was painful to watch tonight. Can one have a negative QBR? Can JG regain his confidence that led to his 5 game winning streak? Maybe. Can JG stop throwing interceptions? Maybe.
    The coaches need to make some honest assessments, and sober decisions.

  33. It still early in the preseason, but people have a reason to be concerned about Jimmy. I was on full bandwagon after his first season here but began to have doubts because of his play last season. He did not seem like the same player, rather seemed more concerned with not getting in the midst of throwing a pass. Thus he held on to the ball to prepare himself for getting hit, rather than throwing the ball at the last second. Some players change once the get a big contract and a big contract is what he was playing for that first season. It is still early but he has yet to show even a glimmer of the Jimmy that played that first season. And he certainly wasn’t coming off an injury last season.

    Well anyway, we should soon know if my fears are justified or not. We shall see if it is football he loves or just the fame and money that comes with it.

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