49ers-Browns film session

San Francisco 49ers defensive back Emmanuel Moseley, top, breaks up a pass intended fo Cleveland Browns tight end Demetrius Harris during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Oct. 7, 2019. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Check out the best and worst plays from the 49ers’ 31-3 win over the Cleveland Browns.

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    1. A lot of Cleveland Brown hype.

      Oh you mean Grant’s duds? Hey he got a suit for his wedding, you don’t expect the guy to wear it just once, do you? 😁

      1. True. As a young man I had one suit for all occasions. Interviews, weddings, funerals, special events. So obviously it was a dark suit. “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.” And I did.

        1. A friend of my Dad saw me at a funeral when I was about 50 and quipped I’d be needing three dark suits as I aged because friends and family would be dying left and right and I wouldn’t want to have my one suit In the cleaners. That was a bunch of years ago and he was right.

      2. You will watch it online on nfltvnow website , so go on and check it , is good place for you , you also have there very good live Tv with all season games.

      1. You’re going to be holding a lot of hot L’s this year Grant. Jimmy, Bosa, Salah, Sherman, Shanahan – all are going to prove you completely wrong. I hope you follow Sherman’s request, and stick to your 6-10 prediction.

      2. We could always call Gruden for Alec Ingold, but it looks like Shanny has quite the litter to pick from:

        George Aston, Tommy Bohanon, Michael Burton, Derrick Coleman, Tre Madden, Ricky Ortiz and Aaron Ripkowksi.

        Ripkowski/Aston/Ortiz is how I’d rank them.

  1. Grant:
    I like the suit and tie, very MIB look. Not crazy about the shirt. The collar should either be a spread collar orthe points should be a little longer. I do like the white shirt look, wearing one myself today with a dark suit .

    Interesting report on the Niners, thanks.

  2. McGlinchey injured for 4-6 weeks. Niners down both starting tackles. Not going to be an easy run, but hopefully Brunskill can step in and be adequate. I feel like the offence will be shifting more towards Jimmy passing the ball over this stretch.

      1. Niners have lost a lot for the run game. Jimmy is also further removed from tearing his ACL. That’s why I think he’ll get more focus. Of course, I think it’ll largely be the defence that determines how the Niners fare. If they’re an elite group, I think they can weather this storm.

        1. The Redskins aren’t in our division (the Seb patrol has to get the grammar right — the blog demands it!). 😉

        2. Lucky about the Redskins and Cardinals, EXCEPT Cardinals are on a short week and Shanahan hasn’t beaten them yet.

          I figure if the Niners can just go 3-3 over the next 6 weeks (I am guessing losses to Rams, Seahawks, and Panthers), and be 7-3, we should be good to go 10-6 still.

          1. Shanahan hasn’t beaten them yet.

            This is the season for erasing a lot of what Shanny can’t do/hasn’t done. East coast losses? Losses out of the bye? That’s just the first 4 weeks.

      1. PK,
        Worse case scenario, if we lose those 6 games, we still finish at 10-6. That puts us in the playoffs with a healthy full roster.
        Getting our injured players back for the stretch run is not going to fare well for teams playing us. But again, that’s a worse case scenario. Best case scenario is that Shanahan makes all the adjustments needed to keep the team winning – plus getting our injured players back. This one sounds much better for me 😉

    1. Yeah, that’s going to really stretch the unit. Losing both starting OTs is rough. Team now down a few key starters on offense.

      That 4-0 start gives them some breathing room while these guys get healthy again, but they still need to keep winning games during the next month as the back end of the schedule is still looking pretty tough.

      1. Shanny is about to earn every penny of his salary for the next 6 weeks. I have every confidence he’ll figure it out.

  3. McGlinchey has been horrible all season – PFF grade of 58. Solomon, Foster, McGlinchey. That’s 3 misses on 4 first round picks Lynch has had.

    1. Eh, he’s been fine. A part of why the team has created huge running yards before contact and has one of the lowest pressure rates allowed.

      1. McGlinchey has been so-so. That being said, I’d rather have him instead of Brunskill.

        This is another opportunity for a young guy to step up and for the oline coach to step up.

        1. I’m not as excited about Brunskill’s first start as I was with E-Man’s, but I am looking forward to seeing how well he does. I think he’ll play well…provided he gets invited over to Joe’s house for an evening of instruction….

      1. witherspoon also regressed in year 2 after having a slightly promising year 1. hopefully Pettis bounces back too. not that will help this season.

  4. Let’s. Not kid ourselves, No juice, Staley, Mc glinchey, Taylor, etc. it will add up, sooner or later this will effect Jimmy G. , I love the enthusiasm and positive vibes for the team. I am worried Jimmy G. Can last The Whole season, Mc Glinchey has has blood tragpfusion on the knee for awhile, no matter his weaknesses, he is a big man that does slow down the opposition, good talented team but these injuries are piling up! Concerned in the dark! We need juice among other things!

  5. No worries, fellow Niners fans. Niners will be 7-1 or 8-0 by Halloween. With Skill and Skule, and with Kyle’s guile, the O will carve the opposing D’s like my kids will be carving pumpkin….

  6. Fck….McG is down….its ok I have faith in the genius kshanny…..

    Really want us to beat the rams…..

    Defense will come through on Sunday….

  7. This is a playoff team if they could just stay healthy for once , but they lose a starter or two every game…Don’t know what it is with this team with injuries, but it’s been setting them back ever since KS took over

    1. And I forgot to add the change in the strength and training staff has made no difference , you coy argue it’s worse

  8. While I want to be optimistic, the reality is the loss of three starters on the offense for at least the next six weeks is really going to test the offense and team. The games against the Rams, Panthers, and Seahawks will reveal how good the depth is.

    1. Mid,
      Those teams should be very concerned about what our defense is about to do their QB’s. At this point, I believe that our offense only needs to average 20 pts per game and let the defense take care of the rest.

      Shanahan’ scheme is proving to be successful and even our young fill-in OT’s will have success playing in it.
      The year of “the turn around” is in full bloom my friends.

  9. To those who’ve called Sherman out on this handshake thing with Mayfield…..maybe you’re too young to remember when Jim Burt told a little lie to Ronnie Lott prior to a game and it almost resulted in Lott clocking Phil Simms after a Monday night game back in 1990.

    Get over it.

  10. So much for the new training staff and strength/fitness processes. .Sit Garappolo until NFL quality OT’s are protecting him. He’s going to get crushed. NFL God’s wreaking havoc on SF for releasing Gore and Hyde.

      1. Man, that’s a low blow. Let’s not get too serious here! :-)

        Should have added :-) I’m a casual poster, sarcastic, not like super intense group of insider posters. :-) I find Grant’s style interesting, fun to read, and sometimes easy to disagree with – I’m a fan boy.

        Life long 49er fan since 1950’s (RB Dad (Cal) drafted by SF in 1952, before I was born and played a couple seasons before being traded). Lived and died with 48ers ever since. Highlights: Watching SF vs Vikes in Minn from 49er Radio Station press box -outside ‘snow white out’ game in ’68(?) and watching SF Super Bowl win vs Bengals in Pontiac from seats originally given to Tom Flores (yes, that Tom Flores). Go Niners.

  11. I disagree …i think the new training staff with the strength / fitness staff are good for the team.

    All injuries are from game play….except Verret who is a special case…

    The approach in being careful to allow players to heal is a good long term plan…..see Bosa and Ward….playing at full strength…

  12. Good news for the 49ers in this rams game is their best sack guy is out, and their second best (statically) lines up in the middle and not the end

  13. Losing Juice and McG is going to have an impact, how much is anyone’s guess. The defense will keep us in games the offense need to keep penalties and turnovers to a minimum, the Niners should be able to weather the storm.

  14. “Although the Rams have an ultra-talented offense, QB Jared Goff has not been immune to pressure. He has been sacked eight times, hit 18 and hurried 83 times in five games. He also has thrown an equal number of interceptions and touchdowns (seven).”

    By Jennifer Lee Chan

  15. Grant, I will start with your wardrobe. I like the black suit, but you need to diversify. Maybe blue, or something with a pin stripe. Black seems like you are going to a funeral, like some other posters mentioned. I do like that you are more professional in a suit, but one suit is not enough.
    I am glad you ditched the white cords, they were distracting. You are lucky to have a good bro, to give you that lapel mike.
    Once again, you gave a good analysis of that beat down. While it was nice to re-live the highlights, I am glad you showed the clunkers. Another Richie James blunder was when he took the kick off, and ran out of bounds after 2 yards, He should have let it go out of bounds, and the Niners would have had the ball on the 40.
    I really like the slo mo, and the end zone perspective. It really helps with the assignments and analysis.
    I am glad you brought up the fact that Dwelley is a better pass catcher than a blocker. I have been touting Kittle as a short term substitute for Juice, but some have said that he is too important as a pass catching TE. I counter by saying that Juice lined up on the line, at times, and has caught the ball on many plays.
    One player that should be mentioned, is Ward. The Niners were bold to sit Moore, and start Ward. He took the right angle to stop Chubb from scoring on his long run.

  16. I think the niners can still win this game but it’s going to be tough. It’s a short week away game but at least it’s only a few hour trip.

    That said, the outcome will most likely be determined by how well our defensive front does against their oline and turnovers.

    I guess I believe the niners still have a good shot in this game because I believe more in Kyle’s ability to scheme up plays vs their D than I do in McVays ability to do so, absent a healthy Gurley.

  17. I am not panicking about McGlinchey.
    Attrition is part of the game, the Niners have been dealing with adversity, and have an undefeated season, still.
    Guess I am counting on JL to pull a rabbit out of his hat. So far, he has assembled a team with good depth. Glad they did their due diligence, and tried out 7 FBs.
    Maybe they should look to poach a player from a playoff team’s practice squad, if Brunskill struggles.

  18. Interesting to see Grant’s analysis of Sherman. He just does not have cornerback speed anymore, so he is relying on veteran savvy, so he does not get beat deep.
    It was disconcerting to see the Browns ignore the raw green rookie, and attack Sherman. The Rams will probably do the same thing.

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