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San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97) warms up before the first half an NFL football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Francisco 49ers, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 1 road game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from The Cohn Zohn’s War Room.

12:04 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  1. QB C.J. Beathard
  2. WR Trent Taylor
  3. WR Jalen Hurd
  4. FS Jimmie Ward
  5. CB Jason Verrett
  6. OL Daniel Brunskill
  7. TE Kaden Smith

12:05 Nick Bosa, Weston Richburg and K’Waun Williams are active.

12:06 Here are the Buccaneers inactives:

  1. G Zack Bailey
  2. S Justin Evans
  3. QB Blaine Gabbert
  4. OLB Demone Harris
  5. T Jerald Hawkins
  6. TE Tanner Hudson
  7. WR Scotty Miller

1:01 Final score prediction: 49ers 23, Buccaneers 27.

1:27 The Bucs win the toss and choose to receive. On third down, Chris Godwin drops a pass and the Bucs go three and out.

1:28 Mark Nzeocha blocks the punt and the 49ers recover. Great start by the 49ers’ defense and special teams. They came prepared to play.

1:32 Deebo Samuel and Marquise Goodwin are the starting wide receivers.

1:33 Jimmy Garoppolo throws an eight-yard touchdown pass to George Kittle, but it’s doesn’t count, because Kyle Juszczyk committed a blatant offensive pass interference penalty. You would think a veteran would know you can’t set a pick. Poor execution in the red zone. Two plays later, the 49ers kick a field goal, and take a 3-0 lead.

1:47 On third and 12 from the 49ers 48, Kwon Alexander drops an interception. Jameis Winston threw the ball right to him. The Bucs punt, and Richie James Jr. makes a fair catch at the nine-yard line.

1:48 Richard Sherman committed pass interference and a holding penalty during the drive. Ahkello Witherspoon broke up a pass intended for Mike Evans over the middle.

1:53 On third and one, Ndamukong Suh tackles Tevin Coleman for a one-yard loss, and the 49ers go three-and-out. The 49ers ran an inside-zone play, but generated no push at the point of attack.

2:04 The 49ers committed 46 yards of penalties in the first quarter. Sloppy.

2:05 The refs ejected Kwon Alexander for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Winston.

2:13 On third and goal from the 19, Winston checks down to O.J. Howard, and Fred Warner strips the ball from him. The 49ers recover at the SF eight-yard line.

2:14 Buccaneers right tackle Demar Dotson nullified two touchdown passes during that drive with holding penalties. Both teams have been sloppy so far.

2:15 Earlier in the drive, Dee Ford stripped the ball from Winston, and the Bucs recovered. Also, Nick Bosa had a free shot on Winston in the backfield and whiffed.

2:20 On second and 19 from the 49ers 11-yard line, Garoppolo throws a pick six, and the 49ers trail 7-3. Garoppolo floated a pass off his back foot toward the sideline. How many times have we seen him make that mistake? When will he ever learn?

2:36 On third and 13 from the Bucs 17-yard line, Garoppolo throws into double coverage and the pass falls incomplete. Gould kicks a 36-yard field goal, and the 49ers trail 7-6.

2:37 Holding penalties by Mike McGlinchey and Richie James nullified two touchdowns in the red zone. So far, the 49ers have nullified three of their own touchdowns.

2:39 First play of Tampa’s series, Winston throws to Howard who tips the ball to Nzeocha for the interception. Ha ha ha ha ha.

2:46 On third and 17 from the Bucs 27-yard line, Deebo Samuel catches a screen pass and fumbles. The Bucs recover. The 49ers just gave away three points.

2:47 The Bucs take a knee. The 49ers will get the ball first in the third quarter.

3:07 On second and nine from the Bucs 39, Garoppolo throws a touchdown pass to Richie James Jr., and the 49ers lead 13-7. Earlier in the drive, Kendrick Bourne drew a pass interference on third and 10.

3:12. On first down, Winston fumbles the snap and falls on it. On second down, he throws a pick six to Richard Sherman. The 49ers lead 20-7.

3:24 On first and goal from the 10, Chris Godwin beats Richard Sherman for a touchdown catch in the end zone. The Bucs trail 20-14 with 5:43 left in the third quarter.

3:25 Earlier in the drive, Bosa sacked Winston after Dee Ford hit him. The 49ers defense has played quite well. Even Ahkello Witherspoon has stepped up.

3:35 Gould’s 57-yard field goal attempt bounces off the cross bar. No good. Bucs take over from their 47.

3:41 Questionable decision by Shanahan: Choosing to kick the 57-yard field goal. Gould missed. Gave the Bucs great field goal position for the potential go-ahead score. Why not punt and pin them deep? The 49ers defense is playing well and Winston is struggling.

3:50 On fourth and goal from the two-yard line, Tarvarius Moore breaks up Winston’s pass and the Bucs turn the ball over on downs. Saleh’s defense bailed out Shanahan.

4:01 Mike McGlinchey commits a holding penalty on third and 14 from the 49ers’ 8.

4:01 Mitch Wishnowsky punts the ball 37 yards. The Bucs take over from the 49ers’ 41.

4:05 Arik Armstead sacks Winston on third and 7 from the 49ers’ eight. Once again, the 49ers defense bails out Shanahan.

4:05 The Bucs make a 31-yard field goal. They trail 20-17.

4:15 Gould makes a 47-yard field goal. The 49ers lead 23-17 with 2:17 left. The Bucs have one timeout and the two-minute warning. Gould seems to have a leg cramp.

4:18 First play of the drive, Winston floats a screen pass to Ahkello Witherspoon, who makes the interception and returns it for a touchdown.

4:19 The 49ers go for the two-point conversion. Garoppolo throws a screen pass to Samuel and he scores. The 49ers lead 31-17. The defense has scored 14 points and given up just 10. What a defense.

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  1. We have 5 inactives I think can play NFL ball. Maybe not at the highest level, but they can play nonetheless. I’ll take it as a good sign.

  2. Leftwich’s first game as play-caller. Appreciate Arians and Reid opening the door to young African-American coaches into offense. Walsh would have approved it.

      1. Listening to Kocurek, I’d say let the current ones learn to speak better English before we think about Hindi-speaking ones.

  3. Buccaneers 16
    49ers 9

    Several 49ers go down with leg injuries continuing the trend of past seasons. 🤦🏻‍♂️😞

  4. Well I guess it’s good we invested in punter, Because rather than having a guard that could actually help us convert a 3rd and 1 we got to see our punter boom it. Smh

    1. Ya, cuz you’re making judgment in the first quarter of the first game and ZERO points have been given up. Get over yourself.

      1. I guess only one of us have been watching this game. The Bucs offence has many issues, the QB a glaring one, and the defence has been schemed into plays and has failed to make them. A pick and a sack and a fumble and none were capitilised on. The best LB we have is ejected because he’s dumb.

        You can clutch to your stats if you like, but this is a sloppy unit. And it’s not even Salah’s fault.

        1. 0 points= “stats” Lololol. Damn, some of these f-ing “fans” are just creaming themselves that the Niners aren’t blowing them out, first game, first quarter.

          Go follow another team, loser.

          1. “this unit isn’t a good defensive unit”. We have absolutely no idea at this point. My point is judgment is being made after half of the first quarter of the first game. I never said anything about stats but since you mentioned it, so far 3.7 yards per play and a turnover, and still zero points allowed. I’m not trying to say they’re #1 d in the league by any means, but let the game play out.

        1. Winston was not sliding, sliding means going feet first. His head and body were still erect, which is what caused the helmet to helmet hit. How can you not lead with your head? Are you supposed to run sideways? You have no control where the other guys head is going. I can see helmet to helmet if the player is sort of stationary- like they are standing in the pocket or have just caught a pass. When two objects are in motion, especially when the one getting hit is not only moving sideways but also moving their head downward. I suppose they had to call it but it was still not blatant.

      1. Even int this game they were not. Many helmet to helmet hits that were not called. And in most of those, the player getting hit was relatively stationary with the head at the same level throughout. They made that call on Alex because it was a QB getting hit.

    1. Exactly what I saw. And the guy he hit’s head wasn’t moving like Winstons was. When a players head is not only moving laterally but also horizontally it is difficult to avoid helmet to helmet unless you are leading with your feet first. aka. water boy.

  5. Throwing off his back foot in the face of blitzes. Don’t know if he is jittery with the ACL, or not having faith in his offensive line to hold back the blitz long enough.

  6. I’m sure all these penalties would hold up in a court of law but Jesus Christ the NFL is doing everything possible to get fans to turn off these games. This is unwatchable.

  7. My wife just walked through the man cave and said “How can you watch this s..t?!! I said, “What, you want me to watch the Giants”?

  8. Defense and Special Teams gives the ball to the offense on the 33 and 29 yard lines.

    The offense scores 3 points.

    On top of that they throw a pick 6 for the only points against.

    This is awful. Exactly what we’ve seen the past 2 years from this team.

    At least they get the ball to start the second half.

    1. Unfortunately, true. And as long as this team plays like this, it will be on the outside looking in.

      We are playing a poor TB team too. One riddled with sickness and we cannot take advantage of the opportunities given the team.

      1. Jimmy G is the reason the Niners are losing the game. His error accounts for 100% of the Bucs points. You can’t damage control this. You just can’t. He looks terrible. Again, early season, but he needs to be better. Much, MUCH better.

  9. This game makes me want to puke! Niner defense can’t get off the field on 3rd down. Niner offense can’t get a good play off unless they make a penalty. Stupidity is the hallmark of the way the Niners are playing overall. So many of the red flags of preseason are coming true. It seems that Kyle Shanahan may be completely incapable of coaching a mediocre disciplined team, much less a well disciplined one. The league wants to get rid of at least one preseason game? This is like a fifth preseason game. This could be a very, very long season. Let’s hope that they clean this pile of manure off the field. Shanahan should be in the locker room right now SCREAMING at these idiots. This is so unacceptable.

  10. Over the years I have seen varying degrees of poor coaching, lack of talent, and occasional player ineptitude as underpinnings of bad football teams. I have to say that this team isn’t bereft of talent (far from it), but man oh man, are they long on poor fundamentals and attention to detail. I wonder if Shanahan gets so wrapped up in nuance and complexity that he forgets to stress what’s so obvious to the rest of us. He’s kind of the polar opposite of Harbaugh (simple schemes/sound fundamentals). It’s frustrating to watch these games.

  11. McGlinchey bonehead play, not lining up correctly. The O-line is not doing its job. Defense looks good I think with time this could be a top unit. Special teams looking good.

    1. Greenlaw should not be starting. The guy takes himself out of plays by running into other players. He is terrible i don’t know why people like him. I didn’t see anything special out of him in preseason.

  12. Rib- I’m with you on being patient and acknowledge that the sky isn’t falling. I’m equally annoyed by the constant whining of fair weather fans. All that said, WTF? I do expect more, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We need to start playing to our potential. We also need some glasses for the refs…two out of three of those touchdown killing penalties were complete BS.

    1. My pregame prediction

      September 8, 2019 at 12:01 pm
      Early season offenses. Niners 17, bucs 10

      While disappointed so far, not surprised.

  13. I hate this organization from top to bottom. They can do nothing right no matter how much time they are given. As long as Yorks own there is no hope. At all.

  14. Its just a poor roster (bad draft picks and trade’s) filled with mediocre players….fans love for the team puts on the rose tinted glasses doesn’t it?…and Kyle wanted less preseason..looks like this team can’t play themselves out of preseason

  15. The bright side is good teams win games like this. If Niners find a way to get it done this would be a good start. Losing it really hurts as it’s a very winnable game, and you can’t lose those and reach the post season.

  16. Penalties are what I feared — been a hallmark of Kyle’s coaching for the past two seasons.
    This team does not yet know how to win.
    And the weather seems to have made the players sluggish both physically and mentally.

  17. No Rib, Jimmy is not suddenly an elite player now because he hit one of two open players. He missed Kittle earlier in the drive with a terrible throw. It’s getting real hard to keep hoping on him. Maybe he just needs to work through it, but as he is right now, he’s not good enough. The Niners need better.

      1. It’s making the plays they were whiffing on. Looks like they’re better without Kwon. Maybe Kwon shouldn’t be a starting player. Believe me, I’m glad.

          1. Sebbie must really live in your head rent free. I want Jimmy to do well. I even have said in this very post repeatedly how it’s still early. But fact is Jimmy has, thus far, not been up to scratch.

    1. Hate to say it but neither interception had anything to do with pressure. One ball hit the receiver in the hands and the other was a horrible pass. Neither had anything to do with pressure

        1. On the second interception, Blair was in Winston’s face. Greenlaw blitzed on the inside and got blocked, but Blair came in untouched. Just watched the replay to confirm.

          1. Dude, don’t believe your lying eyes! Just follow along with The Legion Of Gloom that resides in this blog.
            Lots of room for (needed) improvement in all phases and they don’t look like a playoff team yet, but the Miserableness Madness reigns.

      1. Haha, It’ll probably get old soon. More fun when there’s some back and forth and the kid doesn’t really bring anything to the adult table.

    1. If it hits the receivers hands it should be caught. Yes it would be nice to have it out infront for the YAC but that’s a drop.

  18. Jimmy please. Goodwin could have caught it but those are easy throws to make. It’s going to lose the Niners this game if these sloppy errors keep on coming.

  19. lousy call by shanny..go for it on 4th or punt it away..Gould is not likely to hit at 57 years out. Get Mullens in..Jimmy is too inaccurate

        1. It’s 58 for his longest. The probability of success goes down quite a bit. Need to play the percentages. Need to do the smart play.

          1. That was my point. The conditions didn’t warrant the risk. Fortunately TB didn’t get points on that drive, but it was risky.

      1. All the haters crying about an impressive win. Our defense sucks. Boo hoo. Jimmy G is trash. Boo hoo Bosa a wasted pick. boo hoo. Poor play calling. Boo f-ing hoo. Beat it.

  20. Moore has now done more as a FS than Colbert in his career. I know it’s hyperbole, but it sure seems like it given the 4th down stop.

  21. Defensive line was supposed to be a strength, right? Because they are getting blocked easily on running plays.

    But way to come up with the sack.

  22. Watching the game and it shows we have no WR or RB to lead the team. Kittle is a beast but he cant carry the team by himself. The defense is playing very well better than i thought would

  23. What a stupid play call in 3rd down. Even if he catches it they’re short of the 1st.

    Now TB has the timeout and 2 minute warning.

  24. JG is trash. He cant lead a team. People will say its rust or lack of playing time but the way people talk about him hes the next Joe but really next Elvis Garbac or Steve Bono

  25. That, my fellow Forty Niner Faithful, is the difference a dynamic pass rush makes for a defensive backfield!

    Nick Bosa. THE SMALLER BEAR, with a hand in Winston’s face, while other pass rusher are baring down, and the result is the 2nd pick six of the afternoon , and a likely road win to open the season!

    1. That’s right Crab. 🙂🙂 And funny how the secondary looked much better because of it. I thought this front office and staff didn’t know what they were doing?

    1. Yup. But it’ll be crickets. He was in the backfield a lot. You could tell he was gassed and his stamina wasn’t there and his ankle isn’t a 100%. He’s going to get better as long as he stays healthy.

  26. It ain’t a penalty if the flag ain’t thrown, especially after review :)

    The D saved Kyle’s and Jimmy G’s rears. The overall team indiscipline is inexcusable.

    1. Evens could also have been called for O pass interference. there was a lot of hand slapping on both him and Sherman.even before the interference by Sherman.

        1. That’s a big difference. Team did not play well but got the win. On the road, in the heat! Kudos to the team. Long time sinc that has happened. Would like to see it as the beginning of a good run.

    1. The rookie Bosa had one sack, should of had two and could have had 3—all on a wimpy ankle………………

      Ha! Sebs reachin for the Kaopectate and chasin it with some Peppermint Schnapps!

  27. Game ball goes to Dee Ford. He wrecked havoc all game. The team had a good mush rush today.

    Witherspoon had an encouraging game.

    The D didn’t crumble at the end like they often did last year.

    Jimmy still looked rusty but wasn’t bad, he just had 1 terrible throw/decision.

    The guards still look bad and the team was still undisciplined.

    1. Garoppolo needs to be better, and I suspect he will be!

      But I’ll be a hot da_n, if this pass rush doesn’t have a chance to be special! Hot and suffocatingly humid, the closers on the DL showed up in the 4th QTR, and that was the difference in the ball game!

    2. Actually Jimmy had a few off-target passes. Most of them behind the receiver. The one to Bourne was high and behind him. More of his passes were off than were on target.

  28. Nick Bosa’s rookie debut:
    3 tackles
    1 sack
    2 quarterback hits
    1 tackle for loss

    Dee Ford’s #49ers debut:
    1 tackle
    1 sack
    1 forced fumble

    1. And their aint nothin Sebs can do about it……………..Should have given ShannyLynch the benefit of the doubt on their draft picks, Seb–wait to see how it plays out.
      Instead you besmirched our 9ers, kicked them in the teeth when they were trying their best……………and now, the chickens have come home to roost!………..right in your 2.5……………and with axe in hand, you still cant catch them!

      Here’s one for Prime……………BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The 49ers defense has 4 takeaways today (2 INT return TD). They had 7 total takeways in all of 2018 (fewest in a season in NFL history).

  30. This is cool…

    Tennessee took advantage of a reckless Browns roster that committed 18 penalties for 182 yards and turned the ball over thrice, all three times on the arm of Baker Mayfield

  31. I have a question about helmet to helmet contact. Why did the Niners guy get ejected and the guy on the Buck’s didn’t. This makes me so mad!

    1. Because the guy he hit was a QB. Stewart had a previous helmet to helmet hit that wasn’t even called. On that one, the guy who got hit wasn’t even moving which should be a major criterion for that sort of call.

  32. Great win. Checked so may boxes :

    Bosa /Dee Ford up to task – Check
    Bosa health – Check
    Secondary – Check
    E Coast road win – Check

    We definitely have some issues and need to be more disciplined. Way too many Oline penalties. D Line looked tired in the 4th. Deebo will be a good player but must focus and concentrate ….and hang onto the ball.

    More in grades.

  33. Gonna get destroyed against good teams. Oline is trash and so is kyle’s play calling. Jimmy inaccurate and only throws to kittle. 6-10. maybe.

  34. Great to see the win. Lots to clean up….. but road win is big, especially for our team.

    1) Kittle, Mostert good on Offense. Jimmy G was average….Rest, including play calling was bad not.
    2) Fred Warner and Dee Ford were excellent on Defense. Moore, Bosa and Spoon made some nice plays. Sherman is declining.

    Kyle’s play-calling was average, but Saleh bailed him out this game. Overall, good team win and hope Kyle can clean up the penalties.

  35. And more silly Cleveland stuff…

    Add in the fact that officials ejected Browns left tackle Greg Robinson in the first half (after he kicked Titans safety Kenny Vaccaro in the head in the second quarter), and it was as miserable a debut as Cleveland ever could’ have imagined on a day when 67,431 fans giddily anticipated a new era.

  36. 49ers D showed up big time on the road. Yes, I know it was Winston, but even so it was very impressive to see the D step up in a road game and make some crucial plays. I thought the LBs were really good – Warner in particular but Kwon also looked really good before getting ejected. Pass rush was pretty good, and Ford and Bosa made their presence felt on numerous occasions. Secondary obviously made some plays too, which was good to see.

    The offense struggled most of the day. Really struggled converting 3rd and short. JG was shaky all day, but I expect he will get better as he gets more games under him. Main concern for me was the injuries at RB, again.

    1. Good summary! Agree on all points. Thought the JG game play and the overall offense need a lot of clean up! And that is some concern along with the continued penalties. Good to get the win.

      Huge step to get road win and pull out tight win.

  37. WTF ….does …..”49ers defense bails out Shanahan”…….mean?……

    sounds like Grant is really trying hard…….someone please remind him ….this is shanahan defense…duh….

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