49ers Bye week film session

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Shaquil Barrett, left, forces a fumble by Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019, in Los Angeles. The fumble was returned by a touchdown by nose tackle Ndamukong Suh, top. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Check out my film breakdown of the 49ers upcoming opponents — the Cleveland Browns and the Los Angeles Rams.

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  1. tjf says:
    September 28, 2019 at 8:04 pm
    See if this nugget from Wikipedia reminds you of a certain frequent poster here….

    From Wikipedia: The Dunning-Kruger Effect:

    “In the field of Psychology, the Dunning-Kruger Effect is a “Cognitive Bias” in which people of low ability have an “Illusory Superiority” and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

    Without the self awareness of “Meta-cognition” , low ability people cannot objectively evaluate
    their actual competence or incompetence”

    PT says:
    September 28, 2019 at 8:08 pm
    And that’s the post of the year!

    Franklin says:
    September 29, 2019 at 9:15 am
    “ I wonder if you think I had low cognitive ability…….”
    Yes, indubitably. The evidence is overwhelming. Any time you wonder that, count me as a Yes.

    sebnynah says:
    September 29, 2019 at 9:39 am
    Bah, I invite scorn from you. Your football knowledge is sparse, so you try to make up with it by attacking me.

    REPLY: I agree with PT. It was the post of the year. Throwing in some ‘self-deception’ where person S (Seb) believes that he has a high IQ , yet is barraged with facts opposing this, such as, the Dunning-Kruger Effect, or his obvious narcissism and projectionism issues, I would say we have a candidate for Napa’s Sanitarium Intake.

    Maybe we could start a wellness fundraiser for Seb while alerting the Press Democrat of the problem?

    1. STFU,

      You’ve posted this umpteen bazillion times and still, nobody cares. And if anyone did did they could look through the old posts.


    CB Emmanuel Moseley is expected to make his first NFL start under the bright lights on Monday Night Football.

    Richard Sherman has played over 8,000 NFL snaps. There isn’t a route combination he hasn’t seen. He has even followed opposing wide receivers in the slot a few times this season. This is the advice Sherm had for Moseley:

    “Ladies love the long ball. That’s what I’ve picked up on. It really is true. At the end of the day, in this league, if you stop the long ball, you stop the big play, then you can stop a lot of offenses. No matter what, for the history of time, the easiest throw was the longest throws. People like nines (go route) and sevens (corner route) and eights (post route). If you can stay on top of those and get the ball from time…

  3. Grant, you looked all business from the waist up but you weren’t fooling me with the shorts on.

    1. Saleh will stop the run, and confuse Baker. Meanwhile, here comes the new Ford Bosa and the DL wave.
    2. Shanny is smarter than Kitchens.
    3. The 49ers are rested, and the Browns are earning travel miles. 4th quarter advantage goes to the 49ers.

  4. Nice content, I feel like the 49ers D matches up well against the browns. My question is , if Jason Verrett gets into the field, will he be ready?, teams will attack him constantly due to his lack of game experience in the last couple of years, that I am worried about. If everything turns like it is supposed to then:

    49ers 31- Browns 13

  5. Good stuff Grant. You are finally dressing for your next job and not your current job. If a doofus like Nick Wright can get a show I’m sure you can become a host for NFL Countdown.

        1. I like Canada. I like beer. I like wings. Sounds like a blast. I’m screen grabbing this and calling Seth Markman today to lobby for Grant to make an appearance on NFL Countdown. Any of you other guys know Markman? He went to Syracuse and is now the producer of NFL Countdown. Lets crowdsource a new gig for Grant and all take an all expenses paid trip to Canada.

          Just discovered Markman’s Twitter account is @tunasweasel. Get to work guys. Get Grant an appearance on NFL Countdown. I’m super thirsty.

          1. HOU anytime you might be up in my area regardless of Grants appearance on NFL countdown,(don’t hold your breath) I’ll hook you up!

            Go Niners!

        2. PT, I have a good wings recipe 😁 but I think you should consider catering, this is potentially a well attended event. 😏😮

  6. Meanwhile, let’s take a moment to acknowledge something after the week four results were posted:

    The San Francisco Forty Niners are in first place in the NFC West Division; the only undefeated team.

    Go Niners!

  7. Niners’ have outstanding speed on defense. Combine that with some schemes by Saleh to fool an inexperienced QB, and the Browns should have some problems moving the ball consistently. Good linebacker play will be the key to locking down Chubb. As Sherman said, Moseley;s priority would be not to let OBJ or Landry get behind him.

    A couple of interesting things I learned from the KNBR interview with Kyle last week:
    1. He watches Patriots’ game film every Monday.
    2. He’s anxiously waiting for Hurd to get on the field. Not surprisingly, he has plans for him.

    IMO, a couple of things he could learn from Billy B.: Situational football and getting the players to play a clean, penalty-free game.

  8. Jared Goff’s 12 starts since 54-51 vs. KC:
    59.7% completions
    259 passing yards per game
    13 TD
    14 INT
    6.71 YPA
    $110M guaranteed.

    How do the Les Snead fans here feel about these numbers?

  9. Nice periscope, and good analysis.
    I thought the Rams look vulnerable this season. They will not win if they become one dimensional. Their defense lost a lot of talent, and the replacements are not as good.
    The Browns looked good against the Ravens. I thought the Raven’s defense was stout, but the Browns mauled them, and ground them down, so Chubb was able to break his game sealing run in the 4th when the Raven defenders were gassed. The Niners, by rotating the D line, should not have that problem, and I am hoping they keep Chubb under 100 yards.
    Who will cover OBJ? I hope it is not Moseley, because he is so green, and OBJ is such a savvy veteran. Williams seems like the logical choice, but maybe they could assign Moore to shadow him, and let Ward play FS, if he is healthy enough.
    Grant looked sharp in his periscope, but he should not wear shorts. Go all the way. Those white wires were also distracting. Maybe he could run those behind his back, to hide them. I hope these little constructive criticisms will improve his presentation. Actually, I would not mind if he dressed as Hoodie BB, I just like his content so much. His appearance does not matter that much, but I do like how he is looking very professional.
    Personally, I would like to see Grant on GMF.

    1. Sebbie…

      What do you think about Grant’s periscope background–the wall with small novelty map of CA? I’m sure you could conjure up something more appealing to Grant’s audience. Now be careful, Grant may need to be sensitive regarding product placement issues. A huge NSYNC poster might be inappropriate.

  10. I thought the Rams looked vulnerable last year when Gurley’s knee died.
    The Ravens were missing Mr. Stout, Brandon WIlliams and that’s why the Browns were able to “maul” them.
    Ward is a super-sub, and will only enter the game if there’s an injury. Williams is the slot corner, and so he will be tasked with covering OBJr.

    1. Are you confident in Mosley to cover the Browns wideouts?
      I think back to last year. Was it MNF also where Rogers picked on him and we lost a tight one? Was that him?

      1. I haven’t watched Mosley play enough to make that determination. He’s fast, twitchey, hungry, and he’s got an opportunity in front of him that he’s been working uphill for his entire career. I think he’ll play well, but I don’t remember if he was the player Rodgers eviscerated in last years MNF game….

        1. “I don’t remember if he was the player Rodgers eviscerated in last years MNF game….”

          That was Greg Mabin

  11. Very good film session Grant….looking forward to Monday’s game! This game will decide, if we are the Real Deal.

    Agree on Nick Chubb……he is the most dangerous Browns player.

    Nick Chubb is one of my favorite running backs in the league right now. Not just as an athlete, but overall as a person. Pretty long read, but excellent article about him.


  12. Since some posters have researched my archives, they will see that I had been advocating obtaining Shaquil Barrett for the past 2 seasons.
    I wanted the Niners trade for him. I wanted the Niners to do a player swap for him, even bundling players. During the early FA period, I was hoping JL would sign Barrett. Instead, they signed Malcolm Smith.

      1. I was commenting on the lead photo. Grant highlighted Barrett, and I agree with him. Maybe you think Barrett is a scrub. I do not. I thought he was a wasted talent, because he was second string behind Von Miller.
        I am glad that some posters are finally calling you out on your screeds.
        I will tell you again, scroll past my posts, and ignore me, so I can ignore you.

        1. Like a little puppy, starved for attention.
          What I don’t get is you are 60 plus years old. At that point, I’d want to be left alone?

          1. Hmmm, you still are not ignoring me.
            I think you do not have a scintilla of football knowledge, and I do not suffer fools gladly. Get a clue.

      2. Seb is hopeless. Just when the blog tide was turning in his favor he goes on the self-promotion tour again. He’s just a self-absorbed old man.

            1. Seb and Bay used to live on Drury Lane?

              On a side note, i always wanted to own a muffin shop. We’d sell only the best part of the muffin. The name would be Muffin Tops. Could be a big hit with the ladies.

        1. Bay, I do not need the blog to feel fulfilled. My life is fine, and the Niners are winning.
          I do not come here to win a popularity contest. I just like posting comments about a team I love, with like minded posters. I cannot help it if the lunatic fringe goes bonkers.

          1. But you do need the blog so you can predict over 100 mock drafts, tell professional coaches what to do and the best part, tell everyone how the game should be played when you’ve never played a down in your life!

            Way to go!

            1. You need to tell us what team you played for, and what position you played, before you can diss my lack of NFL experience.
              Imagine, a football fan cannot discuss football, according to you.

              1. Discuss is one thing. You talk like you are the utmost authority and expert on the game.
                You’ve told the blog for years what Shanny should do. Give your head a shake dummy!

              2. I previously mentioned Marcell Harris. I was hoping he would be elevated from the practice squad.
                I called it. They promoted Harris, and waived Exum.
                Maybe you should predict something like that, before bloviating about what an expert you are, and denigrating my prediction accuracy.
                My tone upsets you? I sound learned? Yes, I have repeatedly mentioned what I hope the Niners will do, but attacking me for the temerity to make a suggestion, just shows how little you know. Last game, I predicted the correct winner and was within 3 points of getting the exact score. You were clueless. Why should I even consider you anything but a blowhard? You go on burner accounts and call me a moron. Attack me when I am wrong, not when I am right.
                When I am correct, I get to crow, and when I am wrong, I accept criticism. You, on the other hand, welched on a bet. I distinctly remembered you were taunting me to make a bet, and Razor posted-‘ I’ll take that bet.’ You subsequently put on caveats, but that was not in the original bet that you proposed, and he accepted.
                A poster with class would tell me that I made a good call. Marcell Harris is good against the run, and they want to shut down Chubb. You have no class, and will never give me any recognition for making a good call. You will probably continue blustering, calling me a moron, and get upset that I actually had enough brains to even think of that. Low cognitive ability people are not supposed to do that, so I am making look the fool, and you are opening your mouth, and removing all doubt.

  13. Interesting stat…

    Nick Wagoner

    The #49ers have the most victories on Monday Night Football among all NFL teams. If they beat Cleveland on Monday, they will have… wait for it… 49 wins on MNF all time.

  14. Comment on a Browns blog…

    Miroslav O’Gannon
    49 minutes ago

    I think what we did correctly on Sunday was that the offense was good and scored more than they needed to score. They ran the ball and threw the ball enough on offense, which was key. Need to do this to beat San Francisco. Make sure, on offense, that the ball is passed and run with enough and you will see a victory next Monday night. Also, on defense, containing Garolpolalo would be huge. He is good and has talent.

    1. And you are the Jeff Gillooly of this board to Grant’s Nancy Kerrigan.
      You are the Theon Greyjoy to Grant’s Ramsay Bolton.
      You are Brigitte Fonda to Grant’s Single White Female.
      You are Glenn Close to Grant’s Michael Douglas.

    2. Well that’s one I can agree with, Jack, but you seem to have aroused the angry armadillo. I’m not sure if:
      – he dislikes you (safe bet)?
      – he has a wedgie or heat rash?
      – he’s defending #45 from you?
      – he’s defending #45 from guilt by association with Seb?
      – he’s defending Seb (seems unlikely)?

    3. Moi? Jack, I vehemently disagree.
      I tell the truth. I do not assault women. I did not ask Russia for damaging emails. I do not separate children and babies from their parents. I do not suck up to Putin. I do not want moats and alligators along the border. I do not want to shoot emigrants, even in the leg. I would honor a subpoena. For a refinance, I produced 3 years of past tax returns. I did not tell Kislyak that I was not concerned about Russian interference, and declared that I was going to do nothing to stop further attacks. I am not a con man. I do not have a twitter account.
      Above all, I did not ask a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political opponent.
      I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who wants his team to win multiple more rings, and certainly do not consider myself to be a genius, stable or otherwise.

      1. You’re 8:23 comment is very Trumpian of you. The way you try to show how smart you are followed by asking others to give you credit. The way you play victim when someone calls you out. It’s all very similar to #45.

        And with that I bid you adieu.

        1. But, but, Trump tries to show how smart he is, but gives the exact opposite impression.
          I called the Marcell Harris promotion, so I will take full credit, since no other poster on this site had mentioned him this week, before he was promoted. I consider that a smart prediction. Harris is good against the run, and they want to stop Chubb.
          I play the victim? No, I am the victim of vicious attacks, but like many marvel, I have rhinoceros skin. Trump is not a victim, he is guilty as hell, and will soon be impeached.
          Please do not associate me in any way with #45. Associate me more with Kaep, the guy #45 called an SOB.
          I bid you adieu with some lyrics.
          Please don’t dominate the rap Jack,
          if you got nothing new to say.
          if you please, don’t back up the track,
          this train’s got to run today
          I spent a little time on the mountain,
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          Things went down we don’t understand,
          but I think in time we will.
          Now I don’t know, but I been told
          it’s hard to run with the weight of gold.
          Other hand, I have heard it said
          It is just as hard as the weight of lead.
          You can overlook the lack,Jack
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          It’s got no signs or dividing lines
          and very few rules to guide.
          Now I don’t know, but I’ve been told
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          I don’t know whose back’s that strong
          Maybe find out before too long.
          One way or another
          one way or another.
          One way or another
          this darkness got to give.

              1. No, just expect me to post even more.
                Your advice is like the stuff I scrape off the bottom of my shoe.

        2. He cannot see it, Jack. Seb is incapable of the introspection and self-awareness needed to recognize that how he presents himself, and how others perceive him, does not reflect how he constructs himself. Thus, he is doomed never to understand the reaction he receives, which feeds his paranoia and persecution complex. He is not alone in this–many of his more vocal and less subtle detractors suffer from some of the same issues themselves. And because of this, sometimes he is an actual victim, not just playing one.

          Many former posters have cited Seb and his posts as the reason they no longer frequent the board as they once did. And while I can appreciate their point, what has made this blog far less enjoyable for me is the rancor and pettiness displayed by his regular antagonists. They know they can goad him into lengthy and largely nonsensical diatribes, and they do so with a zeal that is unsettling, to say the least. As Seb himself has suggested ad nauseam, people who do not want to read his posts could simply skip them. That is what I do, save in the rare instances when a reply post indicates he might have actually written something original/interesting. It is much more difficult to ignore all the vitriolic responses and references to his posts, as they may crop up in random threads and even on articles to which Seb has not (yet) responded. And yes, his own demeanor and nonsense have brought some of this on himself, but the amount of the negative energy he is reaping exceeds the seeds he has sown.

          1. There is no defense for Seb. He created this reputation by his initial bravado when he first came on the blog pretending he was the utmost authority and expert.
            He was banned from a previous site because of it. Now the PD has tolerated it and he gets the backlash because of it.
            He deserves everything he gets. Tough for him!

            1. JPN has it right. This is a football blog. It is supposed to be entertaining. Of course, I admit I write in a style that gets some poster’s dander up, but they take me WAY too seriously. I write in a style that supposes the Niners dote on every word I write, but some cannot handle that. Fortunately, I can claim they take my suggestions, because I posted that they should promote Marcell Harris, and they did exactly what I wanted. This makes my detractors go ballistic.
              I wrote last season, and was pretty critical, but they were also 4-12, so they deserved the constructive criticism.
              This season, they are undefeated, but my detractors still cannot wait to pee on the parade. They are the problem, not me.
              Like JPN says, they should scroll past, but they cannot help themselves. They try to diss me, but actually expose their own worst traits. Not self aware? Maybe I know exactly what I am doing, and how I am coming across. Grant does the exact same thing, in his own style.
              The Niners are 3-0, and all they can do is attack me, and when I fight back, they say I am playing the victim card. So be it. I will still post about this team I love, and try very hard to ignore my detractors.
              I was banned because I said- ‘Real fans do not want their team to lose’. I was pushing back against the posters who wanted to tank. I did not use expletives or any other ban-able language. They did not like my argumentative style, so they used that as an excuse to ban me. I really do not care, because they like to twitter amongst themselves, saying nothing.
              I did not drive rocket away, Grant did, by calling him out.
              Prime brings nothing to this site. He even wants Grant to lose his job, after he just got married. I do not know why Grant does not give him another time out. This site would be much better for it. We could all get behind the Niners, and root for their success, if Prime were gone.
              GO NINERS !!!!!!

              1. Speedbird 206 [British Airways]: “Frankfurt, Speedbird 206 clear of active runway.”

                Ground: “Speedbird 206. Taxi to gate Alpha One-Seven.”

                The BA 747 pulled onto the main taxiway and slowed to a stop.

                Ground: “Speedbird, do you not know where you are going?”

                Speedbird 206: “Stand by, Ground, I’m looking up our gate location now.”

                Ground (with quite arrogant impatience): “Speedbird 206, have you not been to Frankfurt before?”

                Speedbird 206 (coolly): “Yes, twice in 1944 — but I didn’t land.”

              2. “Maybe I know exactly what I am doing, and how I am coming across. Grant does the exact same thing, in his own style“

                Yeah 2 guys that are looking to draw attention in a negative way.

                Ask yourself Seb you little coward. Would you talk the way you do on this blog if some of your “detractors” were staring you right in the face? I highly doubt it.

              3. The real coward is you, Prime, turtling over a bet.
                Welchers always sound tough, but when called on to make good, hide like a coward.

          2. I agree a lot of what you wrote save two points:

            1) You can scroll past Seb’s lengthy and self serving posts. I have observed, over the years, Seb harangues and belligerence second hand to the point of making many a reasonable poster respond (and regret it). He certainly invites responses even when they aren’t directed at him.

            2) The responses are disproportionate. I’d say some are (troll accounts and the Re-doxxing) but not all. As a favorite poster of mine dubbed him the “human piñata” who sadly does not post anymore (to the detriment of the entire board). Unfortunately, Seb wants to continue to make it his show and maybe one day he will succeed in making it largely a one man show.

            I know I spend a lot of time trying to avoid engagement with him and because of his frequent and many postings, I avoid threads that I might have engaged in solely because he posts and it therefore kills the thread discussion in many instances.

            I don’t see Seb as a victim but a protagonist in his own Drama.

          3. That’s how I’ve seen it since day one, and I tried to explain that to Brotha Tuna, albeit not as eloquently as JPN….

  15. Grant:

    I’m certainly no expert on film review or even fully understanding offensive and defensive strategy. You fault the Browns defense on a number of plays and suggest that the 49ers should take advantage. But isn’t it likely that the Browns had a different strategy against the Ravens because of Jackson’s ability to improvise and run. Isn’t it likely they had a “spy” on him. Do you think they will try to run the same defensive scheme against a QB coming off of an ACL injury, and even if he wasn’t, doesn’t pose nearly the threat of running that Jackson does?

    It doesn’t seem likely to me that the Browns are going to be worried about JG running, hence, I think that will effect their defensive strategy come Monday night (it won’t be the only thing).

  16. 1. Baker is a little bit of a one-read quarterback; take away quick passes that Baker doesn’t have to think and read. Gives line time to get to the quarterback, make him move his feet, and forces him to either stare down his read, or become wild in trying to find someone open.
    2. This also requires Warner and Alexander to “be ready” for Mayfield to scramble when he breaks contain. I don’t think we need a spy on him, but it’s something to worry about.
    3. Offensively, I worry not just about Skule in pass protection, but also McGlinchey still (he did not do well against the Steelers). Need to ensure pocket doesn’t become enveloped from outside rush; that means scheming screen game and Coleman out of the backfield in a receiving role, with Garoppolo ensuring he is aware of his safety net should nothing develop downfield.
    4. Schobert is a workman-like middle linebacker for the Browns, so need to account for him in running game. I think the outside zone will neutralize him.

    Niners 27, Browns 17. However, not a game I would bet on, as I would not be surprised by a Browns win.

    1. Wow, that surprises me given the game he had against the Steelers. Looked to me like Tuitt beat him a number of times.

        1. Based on a percentage of 98%, and the team having only thrown less than 100 passes, that means McG has only been beaten faster than 2.5 seconds twice as a pass blocker. Seems generous based on the Steelers game. But then it should be remembered that quite a few of McG’s whiffs were actually in the run game, so that may be why it feels like his win rate should be lower.

            1. Yeah, that’s why I think his 98% “win rate” in pass blocking by this metric is generous. What I saw against the Steelers alone should have seen his pass blocking “win rate” come down more than that, even if he was flawless the two games prior (admittedly I didn’t watch him closely those games so not sure how he fared, but I do know JG had a lot of time to throw so he probably was very good the first two games).

              1. Maybe. He’s had some ugly snaps here and there. I should also say that I’m not trying to suggest he isn’t good – he’s a good RT and has, for the most part, played well. But I think his ranking of #1 with only 2 pass blocking snaps getting beat within 2.5 seconds is a bit generous. He’s not been that good.

  17. The 49ers will do well if they can generate a pass rush with only 4 players. Baker is small, so the pass rushers need to get a hand in the air, to disrupt his line of sight. Tipping a pass could lead to a pick.
    The defense must shut down Chubb, and make Baker throw. Then the DBs will hopefully disrupt the WRs, and jump routes for picks.
    Saleh should confuse Baker by dialing up some exotic blitzes, so he does not know where the pressure will be coming from.
    Hopefully, the defense can stymie the Browns and get some 3 and outs. I hope Bosa can get a sack.
    The Browns are talented, but the Niners can win if they have good ball security.

  18. Interesting statistics :

    1. Baker Mayfield leads the NFL with 6 INT.
    2. Browns Oline have given up the 5 most sacks.
    3. Niners are the only team who has not given up a rushing TD

    If the Niners focus on stopping Chubb and pressuring Mayfield , things should go their way.

  19. On a Browns blog site…

    Neil Smith • 18 hours ago • edited

    I think Calloway deep and Seals-Jones opens up CHUBB and OBJ. Browns 34 to 17. Garrapolo gets picked off 3 times including one by Whitehead. This is a 3 sack game by Myles.

  20. Austin Gayle
    First-round edge defenders pass-rush win rates on passes thrown 2.6+ seconds after the snap (Min. 20 snaps) through Week 3, per @PFF.

    – Nick Bosa (36.1%)
    – Josh Allen (26.1%)
    – Brian Burns (23.7%)

    – Clelin Ferrell (11.8%)
    – Montez Sweat (11.4%)

    The Bosa Constrictor has a pass-rush productivity rate of 14.0, which means he’s recording either a hit, hurry, sack, or pressure, on 14% of his pass-rush snaps, good enough for third in the NFL ahead of legendary names like Miles Garrett, Cameron Wake, Danielle Hunter, and Khalil Mack. He leads the 49ers in total pressures with 17, good enough for ninth in the NFL, and he’s done it in less pass-rushing snaps than everyone in the top ten of total pressures.

    1. I hope this bye week has let his ankle totally heal.
      I am glad they are judiciously using him, so he is so effective.
      One takeaway from this stat is that the Niner D line is playing very well as a unit, helping Bosa.
      I am hoping DJ Jones will have a good game, too.

    2. Niners have 4 among the top-50 most efficient pass rushers, thanks to its D-line depth (courtesy of Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic using Sportradar data):
      Rank Player Team Sack/QBH %
      T-21 DeForest Buckner San Francisco 49ers 9.6%
      T-29 Solomon Thomas San Francisco 49ers 8.6%
      T-32 Nick Bosa San Francisco 49ers 8.3%
      T-42 Dee Ford San Francisco 49ers 7.8%

  21. I sense the 9er punt team will be a little more active Monday night…meaning the 9er offense will be stopped on occasion. Good ball placement well inside the 20 (with excellent coverage) will create issues for Cleveland.

    1. We win the toss, and defer. The Browns offense turns the ball over on offense. We attack the end zone on the first play, and draw first blood….

      1. Or on their 1st snap (at the Browns 4 yard line) Baker fumbles and the ball rolls of the back of the endzone…

        1. ‘ Rolls of the back of the end zone.’
          Try again. Maybe you meant- rolls out of the back of the end zone, but that would not be optimal.
          A better scenario would be if Baker fumbles, and the Niners recover the ball in the end zone.

    2. With a victory on Monday night, that will give the Niners ’49’ Monday night wins. With that being said Niners 49 Browns 13.

  22. Should be an entertaining game tonight. Kinda hoping it ends in a very ugly tie, with one or two star players demanding a trade.

    1. It’s a very good write up and a deep dive into what I was writing about why the 49ers shouldn’t/wouldn’t trade for Ramsey.

      1. Although it might be heresy to suggest this – will Buckner be worth $20 million per year on average? Obviously he is very good and I would hate to lose him, but is he $20 million per year good?

        1. If that’s the market price — then the Niners will pay it, no question about it. Niners’ defense for the next 6-7 years will be built around the core group of DeFo, Bosa, Warner and Spoon (if the latter continues to develop in accordance with the promise he has shown).

          1. I do not know if Buckner is worth $20 million, but his stats indicate he is worth what Jarrett and Cox are.

            1. Yeah, thanks for posting that. It was Hurley who suggested the $20 million per year average. With the cap going up, it could be right around there.

        2. Buckner is never injured, he shows up game after game that’s a big plus. He may of missed one game, not sure on that. He has 50 games and his career spans 51 games.

          1. Yea, Buckner is a rock of durability. Gotta have one of those on the roster, especially with the amount of players we have that are part timers….

          2. Thanks, guys.

            I doubt they will be able to keep Armstead despite his play this year. They have no choice but to keep Thomas. I mean. it’s possible, but probably not practical to keep Armstead.

            1. Armstead is a keeper but the market price will prevent us from any serious counter offer, and I highly doubt he’s taking a home town discount. It’ll be One Tower instead of the Twin Towers in San Francisco….

      2. When Chris Spielman was asked on KNBR whether Lynch should trade for Trent Williams, he said he’d slice off Lynch’s Achilles so that the latter would not be able to walk to the phone to make the trade. Pretty extreme approach, but a good point.

    1. Well, that explains what has been going on regarding personnel moves.

      Varrett had a very brief season. Hurd has less.

        1. Sad but true. Verrett is one heck of a player when healthy, but health has always been a major issue for him.

    2. Let’s see, how does this work again. They can designate one player to return from IR after week 8 or somewhere around there. Is that right?

  23. The 49ers must have a crush on Johnson but not good enough to keep him. David Emerson would of been the better player to bring in but of course they will say its due to knowing the system and such. lets hope Jarvis does not play cause then that will help with the defense. The Browns TE is also out, so really its just OBJ and Chubbs to deal with. So now we have castoffs Johnson and PS Harris on the 53 roster. I wonder who will be active.

    Jordan should be an upgrade at WR if he really did show promise during training camp but I was really hoping to see Hurd play.

  24. Wow…. A curiously Sebbie-like post from Cleveland…


    Dear Mr. Beckham,
    I know the coaches (and maybe you from time to time) read the comments posted here.
    Let me respectfully help a brother out.

    First, I know you are a professional athlete because you are the best at what you do. May I make a simple suggestion (chances are you have already be advised to stop this school yard twitch by the coaches). This was advice given to me by my coach who I later learned was in the Bowling Green State University Hall of Fame as one of the best defensive corner backs.

    When you begin your route you have this tendency to do this “studder step” fake before taking off. Look, in high school I ran a 4.6 second 40 yard dash. A 9.8 100 yard dash. Hey, and I was the slowest track runner in Cleveland at that time too. If, at your age now, you can still crank out a 4.4 to a 4.7 40 yard dash then your a top athlete. Recognizing that, when the ball is snapped, with a sustained block by the offensive line, you as a wide receiver have only 2.5 to the full 3 seconds to be at full stride and in your designated route to be effective.

    My point is if you tippy toe at the line of scrimmage (not faking out anyone who is a pro like yourself) you waist at least 2 seconds doing nothing. With this in mind, one of the two best wide receivers on the field (the other being Mr. Landry) becomes nothing more than a decoy allowing the other to get open.

    Check Mr. Landry’s stats. Look how #44 was your shadow in the Ravens game. Watch the replay it’s all there. If you run your butt off and get into the route one of two things will happen. The defensive halfback will foul you or you will leave him in the dust once you make your move into the predetermined assignment.

    This team needs you to make plays not be a totally covered decoy. (Love ya bro.)

  25. I know injuries will happen but what is it with the 49ers. They are always having injuries. I remember during the JH era we did not have any injuries only players being suspended. Now its like every other player gets hurt. man I miss those years.

  26. what they are probably doing is thinking their current WR are too good to let go like trade or release them and thats why they are placing Hurd on the IR just like Taylor to protect them from going else where. I would hope thats not their thinking because their current WR group is below average. Bourne is not that good, James appears to be getting better but hes also the PR man. Goodwin will probably be gone next year. Pettis is in between. Deebo is probably the best WR out the bunch but his a rookie. jordan will be an upgrade if he suits up on game day.

  27. On the Hurd matter…

    A fun Retweet by Grant…

    Sport Analysis

    MoreSport Analysis Retweeted Mike Garafolo
    49ers need to stop gambling in Round 3 of the draft, take chances from the 5/6th. Hopefully they’ve learnt from this.

    Mike Garafolo

    The #49ers are planning to re-sign veteran WR Jordan Matthews, league sources say. Matthews is expected to take Jalen Hurd’s roster spot, as the rookie receiver is headed to IR. Sounds like the Niners want to give Hurd’s back fracture time to heal.

    Chance Ackerman

    Replying to @DataNiner @grantcohn
    Just a poor quality tweet all around…

    Joe Ruckus

    Replying to @DataNiner @grantcohn
    They didn’t gamble on Hurd

  28. Chris Simms on Monday night’s game:

    1) After the bye, the 9ers will probably not be in “battle mode” and will take some time to get back into that mode.
    2) Browns are currently “full fledged in battle mode”.
    3) When Steve Wilks was DC with the Cardinals, they slowed down the KS attack and were a “pain in the butt”. Arizona won both games last year.

    Simms says it hurts him to go against his friend, Kyle Shanahan, but he’s picking the Browns. I did like it when Simms told Florio that “he’s an idiot in a lot of ways” before complimenting him on his gut feel about the outcome of games.

    I definitely share concern 1. After two weeks, it can take some time to get back into “battle mode”. This will be a good opportunity to see if KS can get his team up and prepared to play at full force immediately.

    1. I think that in most areas the SF squad is better, but there are some intangibles that make this game a challenge to call.

      I think SF wins 24-17

      Anyone know who the CB that was signed is?

    2. I get the battle mode idea–on paper. The 9ers are coming off three games (post bye) where many had the 9ers at 1 and 2, or 0 and 3 at best. The 9ers have a bit of a chip on their shoulders coming into Monday–at home. They’ve suffered for a few years now–few believe in them. The vibe is different at this point in the young season. If they were playing in a crazed stadium in Cleveland after the bye, they could be more vulnerable. I suspect the 9ers will not be flat and sluggish. Cleveland travels to the West Coast, and they’re in a ‘battle/let’s not blow this or we’re really gonna take heat‘ mode.

    1. I think this means Jimmie Ward will be playing CB, not FS. Or at least be the first man up at CB if there is an injury.

  29. Hurd and Verrett may return….

    The San Francisco 49ers on Thursday shelved two players for at least eight weeks. The team placed rookie wide receiver Jalen Hurd and cornerback Jason Verrett on injured reserve. Both are eligible to return after Week 12, and head coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t want to dismiss the possibility of either coming back and helping the 49ers down the stretch.

    1. But there’s this.

      Wide receiver Trent Taylor, defensive lineman Kentavius Street, Hurd and Verrett are eligible to return this season, but the team can activate no more than two players off IR during the course of the season.


        1. Yes, curious sub-genius game plan/ play calls so far. Though Rams seem to have panicked from their Gurley moderation of “keeping him fresh down the stretch” to “we need to win now”. Perhaps it’s the idea of that 3rd contender in the NFCW that caused them to rethink things.

          1. They certainly don’t look the same this year! Not sure if they are quite scared of us yet. We will see.

            I do think that the FB will likely make a comeback in offenses. It is interesting the coaches that have employed them in the last 10 years.

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