49ers camp review: Jimmy Garoppolo has looked rusty

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo throws a pass at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers return to training camp Thursday after four straight grueling practices and a day off to catch their breath. Here are the top five takeaways from camp so far.

1. Jimmy Garoppolo has lots of work to do

That’s no condemnation of Garoppolo. He’s coming off a torn ACL and hasn’t played football since October. He’s supposed to be rusty. And, boy, is he.

During 11-on-11 team drills in camp, Garoppolo has completed just 24 of 48 passes – 50%. Not good. His backup, Nick Mullens, has completed 20 of 28 passes — 71%.

Mullens has the advantage because he knows the offense better than Garoppolo and practiced more than him during OTAs and minicamp. Garoppolo was rehabbing his knee. He didn’t participate in team drills.

In addition, Garoppolo’s performance in camp hasn’t been all bad. He threw a beautiful deep touchdown pass that traveled 60 yards in the air. He even ran for a 10-yard gain.

But his passes often have been late and inaccurate. He has missed short, medium and long throws. And when he misses, he usually has missed high and to the right. All clear signs he’s out of practice.

He also has predetermined his throws before the snap — a clear sign he needs to improve reading defenses. On Tuesday, Garoppolo predetermined a throw to Richie James, who was covered by Greg Mabin, a backup cornerback filling in for starter Ahkello Witherspoon.

Garoppolo dropped back, stared down James and threw him the ball, expecting him to beat Mabin. But James didn’t beat Mabin. The pass landed incomplete. Meanwhile, Trent Taylor was wide open over the middle. Garoppolo never looked at him.

Good quarterbacks don’t always decide where to throw before the play starts. Good quarterbacks go through their reads quickly and decisively. Mullens is a speed reader. Garoppolo move his lips when he reads, so to speak.

Perhaps Garoppolo will improve his speed reading with practice.

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    1. Nice article Grant.

      Bottom line, it’s a process. First you knock off the rust, and then you gain confidence as you find your groove. This is what training camp is all about, and keeping it real – Garoppolo’s rusty start should come as no surprise.

      Go Jimmy & Go NINERS!

      1. As for today, Garoppolo was all smiles after a fantastic bounce back session. It would seem that the offense appears to be catching up to the defense, and considering this was the 3rd padded practice of the summer, after a day off, I’d say the offense is right on schedule for what should be expected.

        Dare I say – Bring On The Cowboys? Yes, I just did.

          1. Lol, just trying to get the hype train going Jack. Is “bring on the Cowboys” a little over the top? Being that it is the first game of the preseason, I’d say yes, yes it is. Also, it’s the first game of the preseason, so none of it truly matters much! And to that I say, it’s time to overreact to today’s practice session – so bring em’ on, bring em’ all on!

            And Go NINERS!

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  1. JG is doing fine. They just need to coach him to play like he did in the last 5 games of the 2017 season.
    I think his struggles are affected by the pass rush, DBs playing tighter, unfamiliarity with his receivers, and the lack of pass protection.
    A potent rushing attack will help him, too.

  2. I figured the defense would need to carry Jimmy’s water for the first couple games. The rust should be gone by the home opener against the Steelers….

  3. If the defense is truly playing as good as is being reported it shouldn’t be much surprise that the passing game has been reduced mostly to dink’s and dunks. That’s what this D forces you to do, move the ball methodically because more often than not you probably won’t be able to.

  4. Is it fair to ask that maybe a reason Jimmy G has never been like 2017 was the loss of Trent Brown and Kilgore?
    All signs were Kilgore and him had chemistry and maybe Mike McG not being very good in pass pro and our new center shaky as well has had more of an effect than people think.
    Kilgore going may have been a big mistake.
    We’ll see. I also think they should sign Boston and another guard.

    1. Fly Johnson

      Good comments…I am of the same opinion when it comes to Kilgore…that certainly hasn’t borne fruit…I also agree (to a point) on Trent Brown…He couldn’t move his carcass as a run blocker, but staying within a small box…He could REALLY pass-block well.

      I’m also of the Tre Boston parade, but I think that another Guard would only be another large mouth at the table….I think that we have some good young Oline players from the draft and UFA’s….I want to hear stuff about them….

  5. It’s just obvious that you don’t understand how Shans offense is ran, and you dont pay attention at the practices. There are plays that take time to develop where multiple reads are part of that play, Jimmy hasn’t connected at a high rate on those, but that to be expected having not played in almost a year. and there are plays that are predetermined to go to a certain receiver based on the matchup and they are predicated on that receiver winning his matchup with these hes been more accurate. But you leave that part out. To say Nick has looked better is pretty easy to say when hes going against the 2’s and 3’s. Youre just a JG hater its already been established. You really need to find a job better suited to your skill set, reporting on football is not in your wheelhouse Grant.

    1. Dude, Grant basically said exactly what you did, except minus all of the vitriol that you included in your comment.

  6. I’m not so sure it’s as simple as just going back to what worked in 2017. You need to evolve, and what worked then won’t necessarily work today. That said, I’m not too concerned. As long as we see improvement over the course of camp that will show he’s heading in the right direction, which is all I need to see here.

    1. Need to evolve? Sounds like he regressed.
      It is the coaches job to allow him to play like he did in 2017. They need to accentuate his strengths, and disguise his weaknesses.

      1. As things get more complex, Sebbie, if you don’t improve you can look worse doing it. That’s why QB’s that aren’t very good at going through reads are given simple offences, after all – because it allows them to reach a level that more complex offences wouldn’t let them. If I were to give a number to it, let’s say you have an offence with a C-rank for complexity. Now let’s say Jimmy, in 2017, on a scale of 1 to 100, was performing at a 80/100 in that offence. Now it has been ranked up to A-rank for complexity. So Jimmy is around a 60/100. He looks worse than when he did in 2017, which gives the impression of regression, because the offence is harder to run.

        The advantages to a more complex offence being it’s harder for a defence to key in to it, and the schemes and concepts are fundamentally harder to stop when they’re executed well. My point being, I don’t think he’s regressed, I think he’s just struggling with the higher degree of difficulty. If they just gave him the 2017 playbook, while he might be able to look closer to that 80/100, the effectiveness of the offence will likely be reduced, thus the end result won’t be the same.

        This all assumes, of course, that 2017 is the best it’s going to get. I think we would all want Jimmy to get better than that, too.

        1. Like One says- Too much of anything is not a good thing. There is a paralysis through analysis. Information overload.
          This defense does not have that problem. they just react. However, in 2016, they had a similar problem. They had to read then react, which slowed them down.
          Back in the 80’s, I believe it was Lawrence Taylor who groused about the Niner offense. He said the plays were pretty simple, but they executed them so well, it was unstoppable. Look at Brent Jones. He was famous for going downfield, past the sticks, catching the ball and getting hammered. He would pop right up and throw the ball behind his back, then get ready for the new set of downs. I think he called it the Y-Stick. It was seemingly unstoppable, and moved the chains, even though they must have known it was coming.
          Yes, KS has a complex offense, and it is unfair to think a QB coming off an ACL injury will be mastering it in TC, without any rust. However, it is also the coach’s job to make adjustments, and put his players in the best positions to succeed.
          Assume the last 5 games in 2017 is the best it’s going to get? I Will take that in a heartbeat, because those were 5 wins in a row. Winning is not everything, it is the only thing. -VL.

  7. Maybe it’s timing. I believe he is good at going through his reads. Seemed to be in the past.
    I don’t see how that can change.
    He’s got a little time to shake it off.
    Some want to jump ship on him already over practice.
    I can hear the calls now…. we want Mullens. 🤣

    1. Watch…. Speight (the UDFA QB) will have a hot streak in preseason and he’ll be the new darling of several on this blog.

      1. Cassie

        He already is…but he should be taking 3rd team snaps behind Jimmy G and Mullens…Speight has the prototypical size, strongest arm in camp, and can run…We would only be doing CJB a favor to trade him to a team who won’t have 3 QB’s ahead of him….

    1. ….Mullens is the best option at this point until they draft a QB….Lynchahan may both be down the road before we see this….

      1. Monty, you sound like a Negative Nancy.
        Typical fair weather fan. Panicking over 4 practices. JG will improve, because I have seen him throw into triple coverage, and complete those passes. His accuracy will improve as he gets more reps.
        I think the major problem that needs to be resolved is- The O line. Once they make the proper adjustments, JG and the running game will improve.

        1. Seb I just call it as I see it….the team has been in the gutter since Harbs and 2 decades before that- so my advice to you is GET REAL= its a 4 win fkn team bro. The oline is a dumpster fire and so is the safety position. ARE YOU going to fix these issues? No. So you perhaps are the fair weather fan ever so optimistic despite abysmal play and horrific FO decisions….take a pill and get off my back

          1. Monty, I have ripped the team backwards and forwards, but I do that so they can learn from their mistakes. Telling the Yorks to sell the team is a lesson in futility. The team is a cash cow, and they will not sell because some hater tells them to.
            Get real. Accept the fact that Jed is the chief, and hope they win despite him. He almost pulled it off when JH came aboard, but Baalke and Paraag drove him away. I think KS and JL have rebuilt the team, and JL has changed the culture. KS may not be a genius, but he is very smart and innovative. The defense has improved greatly, so that may translate into more wins.
            Go ahead, rip the team all you want. You are entitled to your opinion. However, if you think you can write screeds without any pushback, think again. I do not like the Pollyannas, but I detest the Debbie Downers. We do not need doom and gloom on this site. We need hope and realistic expectations.
            You think they will repeat last season. I think they will double their win total. You think the sun is setting, I think it is a new dawn. Go back to your cave at the edge of the wilderness, and curse the darkness. I will wake up, smell the coffee, smoke a fat one and realize that the Niners are undefeated so far, and hunger for another ring.
            GO NINERS!!!!!!

  8. For those that predicted the 49ers would sign Boston:

    Boston is signing a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers worth up to $3 million, a source told PFT.

    1. Raz

      I say ‘crap’,,,but at the same time, there must have been something about Boston that caused the whole league to ignore him for this long…’rather safe than sorry….

  9. Even if Garoppolo sucks at the start of the season, would Shanahan move on from Garoppolo?
    Shanahan was slow to recognize that Mullins was /is a better QB than Beathard.
    I can only imagine how long it would take to replace Garoppolo…

    1. Yes but KS is not a fan of JimmyG…He wanted Cousins and last year the first couple games (that’s all that Jimmy played) KS was dogging him on interviews so there ya go…..Me thinks he won’t be afraid (the coach not the FO ) to move on from this QB….If the FO had any balls they would get rid of BeatHard and force the hand given to KShanny Grappolo or Mullens…..If JimmyG misses reads gets sacked throws pick sixes which HE DID DO last year, his time (barring injury AGAIN) being the starter may come to a halt.

    2. You guys don’t see practice. If Shanahan had seen Mullens lighting it up in practice do you honestly think he would have kept him out of the lineup? Coaches want to win more than the fans do and he’d be the first one to see who gives him the best chance to do that. I think many of you are also suffering from the backup is always a better option disease. Mullens was better than Beathard, but he was not better than Garoppolo and actually was bottom 3rd of the league in total QBR when it was all said and done.

  10. So, it’s not just the 9ers…

    “Quarterback performance: Tom Brady 5/11 (11-on-11s), 0/5 (7-on-7s); Brian Hoyer 4/9 (11-on-11s), 3/3 (7-on-7s); Jarrett Stidham 3/5 (11-on-11s), 1 of 2 (7-on-7s)”

    To borrow a phrase from one of our posters…[Brady] “better get it together.”

    BTW, the page linked above is pretty cool–well laid out and full of information.

    1. OMG! And this from Packer Land…

      Tuesday was a rough day for the offense. Indeed, head coach Matt LaFleur sounded disappointed with that unit’s work after yesterday’s practice, both in terms of its success and the level of urgency that the players showed. It was sloppy, with turnovers, penalties, and communication issues galore.

    2. Basically all you need to know right here. Too early to be panicking, I doubt think anyone in Pats nation will be clamouring for Hoyer to start kek

    3. Yeah like JimmyG is even in the same league as Brady….WTF has Crappolo achieved ? Nada so the comparison is moot but point well taken…its very early to throw the baby out with the bath water

  11. Free safety could be a major weakness

    Wow! This is totally unpredictable. Safety play may be an issue? Whodathunk? Well at least we got a RB turned WR with 1 year experience in the 3rd round instead of a Safety. Since versatility seems to be Jalen Hurd’s strength, maybe he can go both ways and play Safety, WR, H-Back, TE, and FB.

    1. Is Hurd the one you dislike? I know there was one of the receivers you really didn’t warm to, something about quitting on his team. I feel like if so, I’m coming round to your viewpoint. He looks like a wasted pick.

      1. I hated the Hurd pick and I still do. He quit on his team at TN with 4 games remaining on the schedule because he had a disagreement with coaches on a position switch. I’m fine if he transfers to Baylor to pursue WR because that’s a better long term position for him in the NFL. BUT you transfer after you finish the season with your teammates at TN. IMO quitting during the season is a betrayal of everything it means to play a team sport. Other’s here disagree with me which is fine. My other point is there were better options when the 49ers selected Hurd. Hakeem Butler was still on the board. He’s bigger and just as fast as Hurd and h’es actually, you know, played WR before. There were also multiple legitimate safety’s still on the board like Will Harris and Mike Edwards.

        What’s the over/under on Hurd’s catches this year? 17 catches for 200 yards and 1 TD maybe? And how many TD’s is Colbert or Moore going to give up due to poor angles or busted coverages? 5? 8? I just hate the Hurd pick all the way around.

          1. Show me a team that doesn’t have iffy picks. It’s part of the business. The key to the draft is to find starters and hopefully pro bowl caliber starters at a couple of spots if you’re lucky. We are only two years from Lynch and Shanahan’s first draft so it’s way too soon to soon to grade them, but they have drafted a lot of starters and one is already a pro bowler. I know it sounds crazy but how about you actually give the young players a chance to show what they can do before declaring them busts.

        1. HEY… GEEZ GUYS…Give the guy a break

          Hurd is going to be our next all-Pro ‘Black hat’ WR/TE…The guy’s a stud, and you’re pissed because he’s not an alter-boy…How ’bout that break…? The Tennessee coach just wanted to show him who’s boss. He didn’t quit on his team…he quit on his coach, who wasn’t surprised….He’s tough…He’ll fight for the reception…and he’ll block downfield as we have seen. I think that too many opinions on this blog are just trying to be negative…and BTW, I just think that Jimmy G need more reps…nothing else IMHO

          1. “He didn’t quit on his team…he quit on his coach”

            Hey Sargent, I didn’t go AWOL on you or the rest of the Army. I went AWOL on the General. Just don’t like that guy.

            Gee, you’re a genius.

            1. Houston, you’re totally allowed to hate the Hurd pick and have an opinion. We pretty much know what you are going to say about him. He’s on the team let’s see if he makes any thing of his opportunity

    2. They already had a number of young S’s on the roster. A couple of which (Reed, Harris) actually looked pretty good once they had a chance to play a few games. Reed and Moore have now switched positions so Moore is a candidate for the FS of the future, but the point is they already had mid round picks at the position on the team and drafting another one just for the sake of drafting one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You have to see what you have and give them a chance to develop. Hurd may wind up being a bad pick who knows, but how do you know at this point?

      1. I know this was the 49ers strategy at Safety. I just don’t agree with it. They basically said we’ve drafted a few guys so lets let them develop and see what we have. IMO, the bench strength at Safety is exceptionally weak. Tartt and Ward are injury prone players so it’s very likely the 49ers 2nd or 3rd string safety’s will see significant playing time. Behind Ward and Tartt you have a bunch of UDFA’s, 5th, and 6th rounders who really haven’t proven they can play. Moore is the highest drafted bench player at Safety. He wasn’t even invited to the NFL Combine and only was drafted in the 3rd round because he ran fast at his pro day. Safety is a weakness for the 49ers and they could have improved at that spot if they drafted a 3rd round safety instead of Jalen Hurd who will likely contribute very little this year.

        1. You are entitled to your opinion no problem. I just don’t think the team saw drafting another Safety in the mid rounds as a necessity when they already had comparable young players on the roster. It’s not always the case but in the draft you aren’t or shouldn’t be looking at position when you take a player. It’s got to be who you think is the best player at that spot in the draft. I don’t think – just my opinion – that there were any Safeties who were obvious best player available picks at that point. I think they looked at the talent and possibilities with Hurd and saw a much higher upside.

  12. Start Mullens bench Garoppolo. I said last season Mullens is the best QB on this roster. Save that crap about JG being rusty. He still has the same issues of poor throwing mechanics and not reading defenses since he been with the Niners. Unfortunately, Shanahan and Lynch is a couple of arrogant pricks that’s too blind to see that JG is deeply flawed at QB. Predicting now that before another lost season is up, JG will get benched in favor of Mullens. #fire shanalynch.

    1. Won’t have to bench JimmyG…he will be forcing the issue and get hurt again….another hit to that knee and its over rover…..lets just hope the FO disposes of BeatHard before this happens

      1. Predicting our starting franchise QB becomes injured, is low class.
        Go root for the Seahawks. You do not sound like a Niner fan.

        1. Sorry dude but the QB is already injured and has been injured 2 other times…You think in all reality he won’t get injured again?……stop being a dreamer and wake up. How long have you been posting on here 10 years? you must know by now most fans are sick of homers like you

          1. Sports can be cruel, even when rusty.

            Shanny will start the best player based on performance. If JG is rusty and Mullens is the better player, he starts. Case closed!

          2. Hmm, I have been called a hater, now you call me a Homer?
            No, JG is now healthy, and I hope he stays that way.
            You are a hater, and exult when they lose because you cannot stand Jed. What a Debbie Downer.

            1. Speaking of Debbie, has she called you to open that jar of mustard, camp cupcake,
              SEBRAIDAH ?

              10 Signs YOU ARE a Whimp:

              1Trying To Open A Jar
              Men and women are equal in every regard. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get asked to open a jar for your girlfriend once in a while. That is, if you can. With so many guys stuck behind a computer all day, some of the easiest tasks are slipping out of our ability. Don’t be that guy who has to get out a pipe wrench to open your jar of jam, or worse, get your girlfriend to open it for you.


  13. We’ve talked about the potential star power the San Francisco 49ers have, and how that could propel them to the playoffs in 2019. What has burned the team in recent years is the lack of talent at the bottom of their roster. Every organization has good players. The difference between teams that are annually in the playoffs, and the ones that are at home watching TV in January, is that the players that are filling in for injured players are competent.

    August is a great time to improve your roster. The front office will have an excellent opportunity to sign a few veterans that are on the wrong side of the salary cap or talented young players that are in a numbers game with their current teams.

    As John Middlekauff of The Athletic pointed out, the waiver wire will be the 49ers friend until Week 4 of the regular season. They’ll have the second priority on the waiver wire, so they should be very active when it comes to making claims.


  14. Jalen Hurd may have taken Trent Taylor a bit too literally

    So, Jalen Hurd’s physical blocking got him into some fights. Kyle Shanahan wasn’t pleased with his team fighting, but also praised Hurd’s physicality. It turns out that there was a mastermind to it all: fellow San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Trent Taylor.

    “Man,” Taylor told Hurd, via NBC Sports Bay Area’s Jennifer Lee Chan. “you only get a couple of reps so go make the most of it, go hit somebody.”

    Hurd did just that.


  15. With Tre Boston signing a one year deal with the Panthers, I can see Eric Berry signing soon.
    I wish I believed in Colbert, I just don’t.
    And if Saleh means what he says about Moore, and is not just trying to motivate him, then they need to address the need at FS.
    Why take a flyer on so many oft-injured players and not take a swing with Berry?
    He’ll come on the cheap, and if he pans out, amazing. If he doesn’t they’ve lost nothing except some of the York’s money. Of which, they have plenty.

  16. Comments on this site…. sell the Niners! Bench Garoppolo! Hate Hurd (never seen him play a snap) lol. You guys are too much.

  17. Check this…

    Jennifer Lee Chan

    #49ers rookie punter @mitchwish has been consistently putting ball in the air with at least 4.5 seconds of hangtime. He also has been pinning it into each corner near the end zone.

    I think Grant is witholding his take until Wishnowsky screws something up…even a little…then ‘WHAM!”

  18. Wonder how this will be rationalized…

    Chris Biderman

    Kendrick Bourne with a strong showing during 1-1 red-zone drills making contested catches. Best throw during the session: Jimmy Garoppolo to Dante Pettis, dropping one at the back pylon for a TD with Richard Sherman in coverage.

      1. Was pretty clear the first time. It’s fantastic that he’s throwing dimes in 1-on-1 drills with no rush or defense to read.

        1. Just imagine the explosive outrage if: 1) Pettis had dropped the ball, 2) Sherman had intercepted it, or 3) the ball sailed well over Dante’s head.

          Just imagine…

          1. I can only imagine….

            That most people wouldn’t have heard about it is any of those things occurred other than probably the Sherman interception option. Then we’d be hearing about how he’s back.

            1. And…. Grant would have more evidence to conclude Pettis and Garoppolo are inadequate. Can’t wait for Grant’s summary later today.

              1. Why do people get so worked up over this stuff and get so twisted over what Grant might or might not say?

              2. The entertainment value…Grant being Grant…they underlying hypocrisy, the theater, etc.

                Bottom line, every bit of this is meaningless. Scaling up, this planet is just a speck of dust, hurtling through the universe. Billions of years in the rear view mirror, billions ahead.

        2. Doesn’t sound like it was just one on ones.

          #49ersCamp 11-on-11 red zone session:
          -Garoppolo 5 of 6 with four TDs
          -Pettis caught three total TDs, two from Jimmy
          -Pettis x3, Breida x2, Dwelley, Taylor and Kittle scored
          -Day with two sacks, big run stop
          -Kittle’s TD drew a PI call on Greenlaw
          -Bourne had a rare drop #49ers

          1. No it wasn’t, but the single play that I responded to was. He was 10-14 during team period today I believe.

            1. I suspect some of that improvement was DeFo sidelined and Ford limited. It would be nice to get a feel for just how dominating the D has been or have a lot of the issues on offense been due primarily to poor play.

              1. I don’t imagine he will change his philosophy any. Simple, sound football on D. With the edge rushers he has I’m sure that D will be pretty good this year.

  19. How’s this?

    Matt Barrows

    Jimmy Garoppolo had a better practice than he did Tuesday, finishing the session 10-14. Of course, there was no DeForest Buckner (toe) and Dee Ford (quad, finger) was restricted.

  20. And this?

    Chris Biderman

    Jimmy Garoppolo throws back-to-back TD passes to Dante Pettis and George Kittle during the #49ers first full-team red zone period. Pettis just caught another from CJ Beathard.

    Chris Biderman

    Hang time alert: Mitch Wishnowski’s punts today were generally within the 4.4 to 4.7 range. Had a couple at the 5-second mark. A couple returners had a hard time handling them. #49ers

  21. Good to hear the offense put a good day of practice together. Sounds like both JG and Pettis had strong days.

    1. Scooter: Grant keeps mentioning how Jimmy G seems to get locked in and is not going through his progressions as much as Grant thinks he should. But isn’t it true that QBs will at times predetermine, based on the pre-snap read, where they are going to go with the ball. An example would be a mismatch between a WR and DB. I’ve heard many ex QB broadcasters mention this, especially Romo.

      1. Yes, it is my understanding that they do, but if post snap that pre-snap read is covered I would like to think the QB would (and is instructed to) go through his progressions.

        1. I wonder how much KS coaches the QBs to take the pre-snap read mismatch, especially if it is a WR/DB mismatch (KS was a receiver). I would think the QB would take a quick look at the safety just prior to the snap to see if the safety is leaning that way before making the downfield throw.

          1. One very important thing to keep in mind is that practices are scripted to allow both sides to get snaps against different looks in different situations. Sometimes it will favor the offense, other times the defense, but when you read about completions and overall efficiency in practice – or lack there of – keep in mind the odds are often stacked against one side to see how they respond. These are not game situations where the OC doesn’t know what the DC is going to call and vice versa. Take what you read from guys like Grant with a grain of salt because he has no idea what the Coaches are trying to accomplish on a given day. The practices with the Broncos and preseason games will be the only true indicator of how well the team is coming together.

            1. Agree. Still, I’m interested in some of KS’s coaching tendencies and philosophies, such as does he favor taking the pre-snap read if it indicates a potentially favorable play (and how favorable does it have to be such as the WR wide open down the line). Or does he prefer having QBs go through their reads. I suspect it’s some of both; I’m curious about the strategy and philosophy.

              1. Shanahan calls a lot of play action so going through progressions is a big part of his system. I would imagine he’s all for his QB taking advantage of a mismatch if it’s there but the problem with the pre-snap read is that it often changes at the snap, so unless you are audibling due to a pressure you can’t handle, my guess is most of the time an OC would prefer the QB go with the play call and go through his progressions.

  22. Sebberwocky:

    ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.

    “Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!”

  23. Glad to hear that Pettis had 3 TDs today.

    The fact that DeFo and DeeFord were not there might have something to do with the Offense bouncing back. Still encouraging…..baby steps :)

  24. An excerpt from Shanahan’s pressser…

    Do you have any early takeaways from your new punter?

    “It looks like it’s going pretty high. I don’t really have a clock out there, but it looked like the hangtime was pretty good and he’s been doing a good job. We like the guy, he’s fitting in great. Even being an Aussie, guys are getting used to it. He’s a funny dude and he’s done a good job at practice.”

    I had two punts that were five seconds.

    “That’s pretty good then. Alright, that’s what I thought.”

    1. OK, now lets freak out over the defense.
      JG was 5 for 6, with 4 TDs in the red zone, so sign him up for Canton. ;p

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