49ers can expect Dallas to turn up heat on QB C.J. Beathard



The 49ers could win. They’ll try to win. They’d sure like to win. But their opponent, the Cowboys, need to win. I’m picking the Cowboys.

The Cowboys are facing the same dilemma the Raiders faced Thursday night. Lose and the season is over. The Cowboys’ record is 2-3 — they can’t afford to fall behind the 5-1 Eagles.

The Cowboys have all the motivation they need, plus they’re rested. They’re coming off a bye week. The Niners are coming off a three-game road trip and they have nothing to play for. They’d take a win, but they’re not expecting one.

The rest of the Niners’ season is about evaluating young players. With that in mind, here’s what to look for during Sunday’s game.

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  1. Beathard has a lot of fan support. Let’s see how he performs and what kind of support his teammates give him tomorrow..

  2. Grant,

    I think the Niners have a good shot are getting a W here. Dallas may be overlooking the team and I believe that Beathard and Foster may be enough of a catalyst to change some of the fortunes for the team. I think they are just as hungry as Dallas and could see a surprise win here, especially at home.

  3. 1. The Skins were intersted in CJ. They didn’t have a pro book on him, but they knew his strengths and weaknesses. Agree that the Cows will blitz early.

    2. How will Kyle Shanahan protect Beathard? Good question. I’m already mad at Fusco. We could see some 3 TE sets with Paulsen in the backfield. CJ will also roll out more than Hoyer has.

    3. Shanny will start with Hyde, mix in Breida, and go with the hot hand.

    4. Foster is a huge upgrade over Coyle and Bow. As long as Foster can communicate and stay healthy, this defense will be greatly improved.

    5. They could move Foster to the interchangable WILL position at times.

    I’m most concerned about Robinson versus Dez. Bad matchup. Witherspoon could be asked to cover Dez if Robinson fails early.

      1. Probably. They may want to see what they have in Witherspoon. I think shutting down Dez 1 on 1 would make him a starter.

          1. Great idea. The SF db with the worst PFF ranking matched up on a Pro Bowler who is the prime focus of the attack.

            1. Witherspoon is a rookie, and Dez eats those for breakfast. Robinson looks toasty. Dontae only shines at times.

            2. With Reid coming back, maybe assign Ward on Dez. Of course, I agree with Grant and think they need to roll the coverage towards Dez

  4. Sure they didn’t game plan against CJ last week but the Niners didn’t game plan for CJ either. Not sure if 2 1/2 quarters of tape is enough material for complex analysis especially when behind by 17 points.

    Self destruction – when does it come to an end? Tomorrow? We shall see.

      1. “PFF grades are worthless.” Absolutely. But these stats aren’t worthless.

        “So far this season, Britt has appeared in four games and recorded eight receptions for 121 yards receiving (15.1 YPC) and one touchdown.”

        Doubt we would sign him.

          1. Here is some more context on his season. He’s been inactivate due to injuries and inconsistency.


            “Even Britt acknowledged that it was more than just the injuries.”

            “He has to go do it – he knows it – on a consistent basis. It’s a one week opportunity.”

            “Britt got off on the wrong foot with a red zone drop in the dress rehearsal game, and had another one against the Steelers. He’s credited with only two drops this season, but had a pass glance off his hands in Indy that was picked off, and Jackson pinned it more on the receiver than the Kizer.”

            “…he’s on pace for only 28 catches for 423 yards and four TDs.”

              1. If we’re playing Madden, yes. KS isn’t going to bring in a new WR to learn his offense unless he has to because of injuries or if an elite WR is available. Also, this isn’t the time to bring in someone that violates team rules.

          2. “Stats lie.”
            Made me grin coming from Mr. Quant. And especially if you ‘throw out’ certain data points and extrapolate from the Mode instead of the Mean.
            : >)
            Zall good; I tend to agree in principle but would re-word it as:
            ‘Stats can tempt you to lead yourself astray with your interpretation of same.’
            Because………actually…….stats never lie; numbers are numbers but analysis is as much of an art as a science.

          3. “stats lie”

            Unless they’re being used to justify a daft opinion that Hoyer is a great QB.

          4. Least we’re 0 and 7 coming up next to the Browns, and Browns could get our QB of the future. Now we can either get Cousins, or maybe we can get Andrew Luck that WANTED to be a 49ers, but I guess with no Harbaugh, might not even happen.

      2. Britt parlayed his one good contract year into a nice contract. Just like he wanted. Now he’s back to usual Britt. I wouldn’t bother with him. If they want another big bodied WR I would rather they bring up someone like Smelter or Bourne, see what they have.

  5. I am excited to watch our Rookie Qb. He has a lot to learn and for sure will make mistakes but at least we will get a chance to find out if he can become a true option for the future. Regardless of the score, Go Ninersssssss

  6. They need to pull it together get win an upset. All week taking more snaps and working with the starters should help CJ, hard to tell he’s so new. I think CJ gives the O a bump in playing harder, more than they did with Hoyer. Foster does the same with the D. Paulsen will be back there more on passing plays to help blocking the guy Fusco misses. CJ will need to roll out more hopefully with more zip on the ball. I do think our DB’s are the key and they need to tighten up because the DL won’t help them much. They need to keep Eziekiel under 60 yards, commit less penalties and the OL block better. But I won’t be surprised if they lose by 3.

  7. Not expecting CJ to turn the league on its collective A$$.
    All I want to see is some intangibles from Beathard and his reaction and growth when facing defenses going forward.
    This year is all about watching our young players develop and defining areas of need for next season.
    By season’s end Shanahan and Lynch will have a clear picture of those needs will be.

  8. The Cowboy’s Defense is pretty Vanilla and they don’t have a good pass rush. This is why they are 2-3. I think CJ will have a shot at having another good game. Dez will be doubled like he is by every other team and force Dak to throw to another receiver. Dak is very conservative and their o-line has been very shaky. I still think Elliot will get 100+ yards on the ground because they will feed him enough. With all the being said, I think we have a real shot at losing this game by 3 pts or less ; )

  9. The Cowboys are struggling in their defensive base personnel, giving up over 20 yards a shot every 9 plays, with a 68% completion rate. If I were Shanny, I’d try and get my first downs early, staying away from 3rd and long, and run hurry up to try and keep that base defense on the field. When the Cowboys are in that Cover 3 zone, the 49ers need to hit those deep curl or come back routes along the sidelines, and make them pay. I like the Cowboys in another nail biter, 24-21….

  10. The Niners are coming off a three-game road trip and they have nothing to play for.

    Only duffers say that. You play for pride. You play to win. You play to stick it to the other guy.

      1. Don’t worry Moses, .22s are among the deadliest shooters out there. I’d take a .22 any day. Lol.

  11. When all is said and done CJB will be more enjoyable to watch , he’s young , should be fun .

    Want to see more improvement from the rookies . Some are showing up quite well .

    Waiting to see Foster ,hit EE . That’s the match up . Watch me written All over it ,
    When he plays,they won’t run the ball .

    I only hope it’s competitive .

  12. Soooooooo……. I keep reading and hearing that Darnell is an accurate passer……….
    Buuhh-uht I keep seeing Picks in his Stats Line. Idk. I hates me some Picks.

  13. Mayfield looked decent today and I could see him moving up the draft boards by early January.

      1. It’s probably fair to say CBJ is competing against all those college football QB prospects.

  14. Saquon Barkley is a man among toddlers right now! The FBS is Saquon’s world! He has no equal!

      1. He sure isn’t. His Wolverines are on the verge of dropping out of the top 20, and his offense is a snoozefest!

        1. or rather the QB is “hard ‘o hearing” or listening selectively???
          and JH still has that “insane-crazy-eyes” thing going on…

          1. I said it when Harbaugh was first hired by the 49ers and I’ll say it again…. Harbaugh has the Billy Martin syndrome: His shelf life is 3-5 years. Martin seemed to have immediate success and then he would flame out after 3-5 years. Harbaugh may not be around Ann Arbor if the embarrassing losses continue.

            1. I bet Harbaugh might be the Browns next hC as there are rumblings about Hue Jackson’s future.

  15. Who’s got it better than us?!
    Well, if you’re Micigan, and it’s Harbs that’s asking…..

    I’m thinking after this weekend at least 19 other teams.

  16. Another week, another set of PeeWee suggestions on how the game will go. Liddle Grant is 0-6 so far.


    But a wonderful illustration on how a little learning is a dangerous thing.

  17. Hi everybody, same old 49ers as last year?
    See, the problem is they KNEEL at the anthem. You don’t do that. You stand, you put the hand to the heart. Long as York continues to act like a doofus on politics because of hatred to the man in charge for no legit reason, you will reap what you sow and continue to lose. you motivate the other teams to kick your can, literally, and that’s what Dallas is doing, a team that DOES NOT KNEEL to the anthem.

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