49ers @ Cardinals film session

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Check out my video breakdown of the 49ers 28-25 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s a testimonial from 538.com’s Josh Hermsmeyer, one of the top football analysts in the country.

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    1. Looking forward to the return of a dominant run game. Seahawks secondary is not good so they really can’t stack the box with 9 and even 10 players like the Cardinals did last week. If the Seahawks do stack the box like that then I expect Jimmy G and E Sanders to have career days. If Kittle is full speed, he could go off as well. If the Seahawks do not stack the box then I expect either Breida or Coleman to have big days. 49ers are going to have to score points because the Seahawks are going to score. Need > 28 points.

      1. >28? Gawd, I hope not. There’s no way in hell Saleh’s unit should give up that many TD’s with the personnel he has, and the extra prep time he’s been afforded….

        1. Russell Wilson is leading the NFL in Passer Rating and TDs. He has 22 TDs and 1 Int. Seahawks average 28 points per game. Perhaps the 49er defense holds him down some but I’m basing that on the average scoring per game. They’ve scored 30 or more in 4 of their last 5 games so I think they are a dangerous offense at this point.

          1. Agree with you Houston. 28 per on the road. The silver lining is that the last couple years the 49ers have held Seattle to 24 and 23 points. I think we’ll probably see them right around that number this year too.

              1. Wilson has never faced the new Ford Bosa, and Sherman has valuable intel to promulgate. How many years did he practice against Wilson? He should have all his proclivities on memorex….

      2. They’ll be lucky to get two TD’s Monday night. The Niners have stepped up big in these “test” games.
        They will do it again. Wilson will be running for his life and will have a turnover.
        Niners big!

  1. Cardinals gave the game away? What are you smoking? It was the Niners who had the big lead. THEY ALMOST gave the game away.
    Cardinals weren’t winning that game. Psshhh

  2. This is not the same Seattle team that they have had in the past. There defense is porous and their O-line is porous. Wilson is a fine QB elusive as ever but his quickness is not what it use to be. Where Wilson kills teams, especially the Niners is when he breaks containment the DB’s react to that and leave their man wide open. I have seen it time and again. If he breaks containment keep on your man till he crosses the line of scrimmage then converge, give him the first down but no easy TD. Wilson and Locket are going to get theirs.

    Looks like Staley and McG and Juice are practicing today – good deal. Kittle and AW are not practicing.

    1. Give me the absentee list after Thursday’s practice before jumping the shark on Kittle or Spoon not playing. If our defense gets back to championship level, Seattle will be 7-3 and we will remain undefeated….

        1. I know you don’t, but see below. Thursday’s practice will be the first “real” one as far as normality of schedule….

          1. Thursday probably means little in Kittle’s case not sure about AW. Like I said it probably going to be a game time decision with Kittle, I bet he plays. Thursday probably a good test for Staley and McG and Juice. If they are still practicing with no setbacks…that is.

            1. Gotta disagree. I think Hutchinson is spot on in his interpretation:

              The 49ers had a “bonus” practice on Tuesday, which saw key returns and absences on both sides of the ball.

              Joe Staley had been practicing for the week-and-a-half in limited fashion, but clearly wasn’t where he needed to be in order to face the Carolina Panthers or Arizona Cardinals on a short week. He was practicing for the 49ers again on Tuesday, along with Mike McGlinchey and Kyle Juszczyk, who were involved for their first time since being injured back in Week 5 against the Cleveland Browns.

              The long layoff from the Thursday night game against the Cardinals to the Monday night game coming up against the Seattle Seahawks provided the opportunity for this Tuesday practice, which is separate from the regular slate of practices. That schedule will resume on Thursday through Saturday, plus a likely Sunday walkthrough.

              Also joining practice was tight end Garrett Celek, who is beginning his 21-day practice window while remaining on the Physically Unable to Perform list, as the 49ers announced earlier in the day. Linebacker Christian Sam was also involved in practice. He replaced the promoted Elijah Lee on the practice squad following the Lee-for-Kwon Alexander swap this morning, when the 49ers placed Alexander on season-ending injured reserve.

              There were notable absences practice, with George Kittle leading the list. Kittle suffered a knee injury against the Cardinals and was not present at the start of practice, while fellow tight end Levine Toilolo was off doing sideline work on the far side of the practice field. Toilolo was joined by Ahkello Witherspoon, who is expected to join Staley, McGlinchey and Juszczyk in returning against the Seahawks, as well as Jalen Hurd.

              The sighting of Hurd could bode well for his potential injured reserve return in Week 13. He’d be eligible to begin practicing for the 49ers next week. If he does practice, it would indicate a IR-return designation.

              Again, this is technically an additional practice, so the seriousness of absences like Kittle and Witherspoon’s are tough to gauge at this point. If they continue on Thursday, there may be more cause for concern.

              1. I have no idea where you are going with this but okay no problem with disagreeing, trouble is I am not sure what we are disagreeing about :)

    2. Under
      Your advice is precisely how Pete coached his Defense to play against Kap:
      stay on your man then rally to the ball (when QB crosses LOS).

  3. Almighty Kittles not practicing today……..i doubt he plays….that leg sprain shld take 2-3 weeks to heal.. .

    But then again we are talking about mighty Kittles….dude is God sent….

  4. Thanks Grant..yes you are underrated…learned a lot from your film breakdowns..thanks..

    Hey the D looked “off” on the film….boneheaded plays…

    Any word on MGoodwin??? is he that far down the depth chart or is it something else??? haven’t heard anything on this

    1. TrollD would you like to come over to my place and plant a nice wet kiss on my a$$?
      Seems you are quite smitten with me lately.

  5. The last time E Sanders faces Seattle he had 1 to and a 100+ yard game with Casey Keenum throwing the ball. I’d think he’d be in for a repeat Monday night.
    The big test will be if Seattle goes hurry up and if they can establish their running game through Wilson.
    I expect a high scoring game. Both teams above 28.

  6. The 49ers returned to the field Tuesday afternoon, and they received a few reinforcements. Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey, and Kyle Juszczyk all returned to practice. McGlinchey said his knee felt good at practice.

    On Kittle: “I know he played through a lot of stuff,” Shanahan said. “It’s going to be tough on him this week, but I feel pretty good that it’s not going to be a longer-term thing, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get him back this week.”

    The 49ers don’t have to file a practice report until Thursday, technically, so this is just getting players out on the field and extra work.

  7. Grant, can you please get an update on Trent Taylor if at all possible. He was supposed to be our best WR, is his season over. Unbelievable that a Jones fracture seems to have taken away his season on a superbowl contender

    1. Taylor has been the #1 slot receiver. I don’t recall him taking snaps lined up outside. He has great rapport with Jimmy G. However, Sanders’ also has had great production as slot receiver, and with Samuel/Goodwin and Pettis/Bourne manning the X and Z positions, Niners will be okay if a slot receiver is needed on 3rd downs with 11 personnel. They would probably have to cut at least one receiver if not two to make room for Taylor and Hurd.

  8. Hey Grant….

    Wishnowsky’s ‘inside the 20’ percentage is tied for 2nd in the league with Brett Kern (TEN). BTW, Kern has 25 more punts than Wishnowsky.

        1. Yeah. What a totally blown pick in the 4th. 🙄

          How many other teams—with rosters as stacked as ours, mind you—have a fourth rounder starting on their team?

            1. Seb hates Special Teams Player of the Week trophies because it’s was given to a 4th round pick…..Draft picks that disrupt Mr. Narcissist’s premise that punters should only be late round picks and come back to slap him silly are marked….Just like JimmyG is for being better than Kaep in his mind.

              I’ve asked Seb to publically admit that JG is a better QB than Kaep, however, Seb’s response steadfastly remains: “I will call Kyle Shanahan less than astute for not resigning Kaep.”

              1. I said that comment when KS determined to go with Hoyer and CJB, instead of Kaep.
                Now that the Niners have JG as their franchise QB, and Nick Mulens as the backup, I am resigned to Kaep never coming back, and wish him well wherever he lands, if they stop blackballing him.
                This last game of the Ravens vs the Patriots showed exactly why I like mobile, accurate, dual threat QBs.

          1. Arizona:
            KeeSean Johnson – WR-6th round (This year only they have other players from late rounds).

            George Kittle 5th
            Mike Person 7th
            Kyle Juszczyk 4th
            Matt Breida – undrafted

            And that is just a few that I could name off the top of my head and all on offense.

            That kind of argument is silly and it was made emphatically in the preseason. Plenty of teams have rosters with late round picks. There are plenty of skill positions to be filled with late round gems.

            Those who stated that it was a bad pick stated repeatedly that the value of the pick mattered. It’s great that he is a special team player of the week but there are plenty of players that were picked that contribute more to their teams.

            Now, having said that, it is fortunate that the team has done as well as it has with their personnel this year, but there was no way of knowing this prior to the start of this year.

            1. There really was. They kept all of their top pieces and added to it.

              Did I expect they’d be undefeated? No way, but I was pretty confident they’d have the talent to be better.

              1. I questioned their ability to minimize mistakes and manage the game, yes.

                Quarterback? No. His return was part of why I increased their win total to 11.

        2. Mitch: “With more 3 and outs and more blown coverage needing more of my downfield tacking, I could’ve been a contender for the STPOY”

        3. Oh wow. Thats awesome. Wish is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Guess what all these players have in common:

          Adam Viniateri
          Josh Lambo (twice)
          Justin Tucker (twice)
          Jamie Gillan
          Ty Long

          They’ve all been the NFL Special Teams Player of the Week in 2019. Also, they were all signed as Undrafted Free Agents.

            1. Man, I know. Lynch has been exceptional at finding talent in the later rounds and even as undrafted free agents. Imagine what type of player he could have drafted in the 4th round rather than a guy who plays 3-5 snaps per game and you can easily replace him with an UDFA. Can you tell I’m still salty about drafting an effing punter in the 4th round. SMFH.

          1. Ryan Pace has been working on that premise …. Trying out dozens of kickers until he eventually gets one after a few seasons of blowing several close games…

  9. For those still complaining about the Wishnowsky pick and think they should have drafted a safety like say Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. The 49ers were already set with their starting safety tandem and those guys were backed up by the safeties they just drafted in the 3rd, 5th and 6th rounds last year.

    “But Gardner-Johnson can play Dime back, that’s his role with the Saints”

    Yeah, that’s the role played by DJ Reed, the 5th rounder from last year.

    If that doesn’t ring true, maybe you can take solace in the fact that the 49ers drafted their starting SAM backer in the 5th, and a LT that’s started 6 games in the 6th

      1. It’s not about eating crow. It’s about taking the time to understand what the process and reasoning was behind the moves.

        Was I excited to see them take a punter in the 4th? No way, even though it was very likely that they’d be taking a punter at some point.

        I can see the being frustrated back in April, but it’s halfway through the season. Wishnowsky’s been nothing special but he’s been on the field every week, has a good inside the 20 percentage and has given the team way more than the guy taken in the 3rd round has.

    1. I never could understand the fan obsession with the round in which round a player is picked. Granted, the chance of hitting on a difference maker is much higher in the first two rounds, the chances are still an average of 60% in those two rounds. So if Wish is the BPA in the 4th or 5th rounds that improves the team , it makes complete sense to draft him, since the average chance of hitting on a difference maker in 4th round is almost the same as that in the 5th round, IIRC. A draft should be evaluated three years later (at the earliest) based on the entire draft and UDFA class (since draft and UDFA are from the same pool of players).

      1. Mood,

        Agree with you conceptually, but I think the success rate for draft picks you quoted is a bit hight. There’s a study that shows only 49% of first round picks were NFL starters and only 39% made the pro bowl at least once over six to nine years (the range is because four draft years were studied). I’m certain the hit rate for the second round is worse.

    2. But drafting depth at S was not the only option available. If they felt like they were in good shape , they could have traded the pick for 2020 3rd. That was Baalke’s forte. He was great at accumulating draft picks. He was not very good at assessing talent and the actual draft process.

      1. “But drafting depth at S was not the only option available.”

        Of course, that’s just the position that keeps getting brought up.

        “If they felt like they were in good shape , they could have traded the pick for 2020 3rd.”

        They drafted a player at a position of need and the roster, active/practice squad/IR, has a ton of depth which makes the additional draft picks not as necessary.

        1. P and K are by and large are commodities. Over expending resources for P/K whether it be draft capital or salary is an unwise use of resources. Dumping Andy Lee and his bloated salary was smart. Drafting Pinion in the 5th was not smart. Drafting the current guy in the 4th was even less smart. There are UDFA coaching high school soccer who could step in and be just as good.

          BTW, S is our weakest position group. Ward and Tart have had some good games but also really bad games and both both are often injured.

          1. It’s really not. Moore, Reed and Harris all have starting experience and the defense played well with Moore starting at FS to start the year while Ward rehabbed. That’s what good depth affords you.

    3. What’s happened has happened and I’m not complaining about the pick. However, it was unusual. Shanahan has said that he was not happy about having to watch film on punters prior to the draft. That “implies” that he was not expecting to use a mid-round draft pick on a punter.

      Two good things about this though:

      1) Wish can shell out a hit, which is appealing if perhaps not smart. Hopefully that means that if he is the last guy to make a tackle he is at least not afraid to do so.
      2) Selecting Wish seems to indicate that Lynch is not kowtowing to KS, which is good. I’m a big believer that the GM and HC should work well together, but that doesn’t mean that the GM should just roll over or vice versa. So far, the partnership seems to be working well.

      1. “Shanahan has said that he was not happy about having to watch film on punters prior to the draft. That “implies” that he was not expecting to use a mid-round draft pick on a punter.”

        Actually, what it implies is that he knew they were going to be drafting a punter so he had to watch film on them and with the pick of Wishnowsky he wouldn’t need to do it for a while, if at all.

        Jake Bailey from Stanford was the guy who most were projecting they’d take.

        1. OK, I should have said he was not happy about picking a punter with a mid round pick. Point is he did not appear to be fully onboard with using a mid-round pick for a punter.

            1. To my knowledge he has not previously voiced displeasure at having to review film for drafting a specific position. So, yeah.

              If he was fully on board, why complain? He has to review film for all the positions selected.

              1. I’m pretty sure that was somewhat said tongue in cheek and was done in a way to portray confidence in the pick because if successful he won’t have to for a very long time.

              2. @Jack:

                If there wasn’t a stigma (for lack of a better word) attached to selecting a punter in the mid rounds, then why say anything at all. In other words, if it wasn’t unusual, there was no reason to say anything. Could you imagine KS voicing his displeasure about a different position (RB, S, DL, etc.) besides kicker. The answer is he wouldn’t.

              3. There’s no stigma. He was asked about the pick and he gave a tongue in cheek response that was meant to portray confidence in the pick. He never said he didn’t want to make the pick. Selecting a punter is different than any position other than place kicker because there’s only 1 of each on the team, and by getting this right he wouldn’t need to look at the film of punters again.

                That is what he was saying. This really isn’t complicated.

            2. wow, i dont miss this blather at all……my role has always been to talk you ignorant pessimists off the ledge……but i just cant keep it up, id rather ENJOY this magical season!
              Pinion and wish were drafted due to the fact that they are large athletic guys who could actually make a tackle if needed! anyone whos ever actually PLAYED the game…..knows that the place kicker and the punter become the safety after the ball is kicked!! Most K/P’s are usually little pencil neck pipsqueaks that could never lay a hit on, or tackle a real football player!!! if you ever come across one that actually can…….well thats a special player, an asset instead of a liability! i saw pinion lay some hits as well as the new kid……but Wish is a better punter! Hes clearly top 5, so i dont get the whining about it. unlike jack said, he is something special! how many kick/punt returns have we given up since the Pinion/Wish era began???
              How many other 4th rounders came into the league and rose to top 5 at their position this year…..or ever??!
              Jack is right in saying that a 4th rounder DB wasnt gonna come in here and bump all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round DB’s though…….i been saying that for 6 months! i was saying it in defense of drafting Hurd….wr was the position that needed help after getting Ford and Bosa……and you cant argue that ……since we had to trade for one.
              Rollo arguing that kickers and punters are meaningless …..and any warm body URFA will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! JUST WOW!!!! must not watch a lot of football….A good K is what led to the Patriots dynasty……you know…needing and getting a last second fg in firs 3 SBs…….or the Bills missing one to win it all……or the Bears season ending due to an easy kick being missed….etc. etc.

          1. I agree with Jack on this. The fact he spent so much time watching film on punters really shows they felt they needed to get one and were happy to spend the draft capital to avoid needing to do it again in the near future.

            1. As I said I don’t think all were “happy” otherwise why would KS have publicly voiced his displeasure at having to review film on punters?

    4. Given how the team has performed there is really no reason to be complaining about the players the team brought in… or who they didn’t.

  10. I, like many of you, read different sources from different areas. The thing that seems the most common theme is the strength of schedule. Prior to the season the experts and some in here picked the team from anywhere from 3 to 8 wins using the strength of schedule as a basis for their picks. Now they say didn’t play anyone – ok.

    1. Two east coast games to open the season with. Regardless of the opponent winning is always difficult.
    2. There have been a total of five road trips in this eight game streak. Only three home games. (I can still do math)
    3. They beat down the NFC champs of last year in their house.
    4. They beat down a potential playoff team – the Panthers.
    5. They won in the pouring rain, also on the east coast.
    6. They played a bad game against the Steelers and still won.
    7. They went on the road on a four day rest and won.

    They have done a lot of their winning without their starting tackles, their starting fullback, starting long snapper, and their starting CB.

    That’s a pretty remarkable resume for a team who has sucked for many years.

    1. I think it’s only fair that we get our 1’s back in time for this “tough” stretch of games, since we’ve essentially been playing with one arm tied behind our backs….

      1. Going to be fun down the stretch. I am relishing the thought of the Niners playing Wilson, Brees, and Rodgers. You’re not the best till you beat the best.

    2. Yes, they have definitely shown that they can win in many ways in many adverse conditions. To me, there are two tests left:
      (1) Beating an upstart team that just beat the defending chaps convincingly, on the road in cold weather.
      (2) Beating the next best NFC team on the road faced with a hostile dome crowd, in the game following Test 1.
      If they can squeak out wins with both, they should be Super Bowl favorites.

        1. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear — I meant to write that Niners will be playing Baltimore on the road in cold weather for the first time this year,

      1. Super Bowl favourites? If they go through those two games and are still unbeaten by that point, we’ll be looking at a genuine shot at 16-0.

      1. Yep.

        Apparently, Grant really holds a grudge.
        Let’s see if a different email address slips me by.

        If not, I hope everyone enjoys this season. The team thus far has demonstrated great promise.

        1. Having access to website administration utilities, Grant has quick access to everyone’s unique IP address–a rather easy way to track where web-based participants, etc. are located, as well as the internet service provider used by the IP address.

        2. How they hanging Mr Balls?
          Been awhile.
          Hope you’re enjoying the season. It’s no longer disagreements on A Smith.
          It’s about the back foot of Jimmy and the punter.
          It wouldn’t be the press democrat without some disagreements.
          Go Niners!

        3. Well, maybe it’s time for others from Grant’s List of The Banned (Rocket?) to make cameo appearances while Grant’s busy with his Hawt Takes on the Hot Mic?

            1. He was or he wasn’t? There were disagreements, Grant publicly declared his insider knowledge that rocket was a “fraud” (or something to that effect ), it looked like he was banned, but then Grant also said “he’ll be back”. Like there isn’t plenty of other Niners commentary sites out there. So who knows?

    1. Balls! Just to let you know, while some of the names from the old times are gone, neither Dunning nor Kruger have left the blog.

      1. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, and, yes, I am enjoying this season. The defense is nasty, and I really like what Shanahan is doing with the offense.

  11. Monday night should be a good game, and a close scoring game. The 49ers now have the talent to beat the seahags as well as any strong team for that matter.

    But as much as I dislike the seahawks, they still have one of the elite QB’s in the league with Russell Wilson. RW has been responsible for most of the wins against the 49ers over the years.
    Wilson is not a great scrambler like Kyler, Jackson and even Watson, but he is much more dangerous in that he knows when to run and is more dangerous when he is throwing on the run.

    Last year Wilson was responsible for a large percentage of Seattle’ scoring and he is even better this year.
    Wilson is the snakes head. If the defense can nullify his play we come away with a win. If we have trouble containing him it could be a tough game.

      1. What the Saints defensive coordinator told his defense in the days running up to a 9ers game years ago–go for the head (Frank Gore at the time).

        1. I think a better analogy would be a chicken, because even though you cut of his head, he still manages to hop around. Cut off his feet first, and then he can’t go anywhere….

    1. I just don’t see this game being close.
      It seems that the bigger the team the bigger the score difference is.
      I said this two seasons ago, when Jimmy G came in late and threw a meaningless touchdown. The days of that team beating our team was over.
      The time has come to string a nice winning streak against these scrubs.
      They’re lucky to be 6-2. They won’t be so lucky Monday night. Niners by at least three scores.

  12. We have been waiting quite a while for this 9er team to show up.
    This season , this team, these coaches , the players all have the feel of a Championship season.
    We know what works, one game at a time… Go 9ers.

  13. A small prediction for Mon. night. Look for Wishnowsky to take off and run the ball for a very important 1st down in a very close win for the 9ers.

    1. I like that thought — can visualize Wish in the RB room getting tips from Bobby Turner on ball security and running lane vision…

  14. Matchups: 41
    Series Record: Seahawks lead series 25-16
    49ers Home Record vs. Seahawks: Seahawks lead series 10-9
    49ers Away Record vs. Seahawks: Seahawks lead series 15-7
    First Meeting: 9/26/76, 49ers win 37-21, at Sea.
    Last Meeting: 12/16/18, 49ers win 26-23 (OT), at SF
    Current Streak: Won 1
    Longest 49ers Win Streak: 4 (12/12/10 – 10/18/12)
    Longest Seahawks Win Streak: 10 (1/19/14 – 12/2/18)
    Most 49ers Points: 40 (12/12/10): 49ers win 40-21, at SF
    Most Seahawks Points: 43 (12/2/18): Seahawks win 43-16, at Sea.
    49ers Shutouts: None
    Seahawks Shutouts: 2 (Last 11/12/07), Seahawks win 24-0, at Sea.

    1. UC,
      I believe that the seahawks come into this game with a psychological advantage because they have owned us over the years.
      It’s going to be important for us to score first and let the defense establish their dominance right away.

      1. I’m gonna say the psychological edge is towards the Niners because this game like all the previous 8, will give the Niners the respect they deserve. What I mean is the Niners want this game more than the Hawks.
        As a young team that finally is getting some notoriety, this one has so much meaning in terms of one, being the best team in the division. It also gives them the division lead and it’s a Monday night game to show the world who is the best in the NFC West or maybe, the best in the NFC entirely.
        I’m taking the Niners!
        49ers 36
        Hawks 28

      2. Seahawks have played 5 games against the 49ers at Levi’s.

        Over that span the average is 22.2, with an average of 24 over the last 3.

        Their highest point total in those 5 games is 25, lowest 19.

        If the 49ers get to 26 they win.

    1. Just as one set of Niners get healthy and make their return to active status, another one joins the rehab lines…. :(

      1. Late vs. Seahawks a running play will surge out of bounds on the 9ers sideline. A Seattle LB will roll up on Shanahan’s left leg, shredding Kyle’s ACL…

        1. Except that at the last millisecond, The Big Wish will spring into action and knock the errant Seahawks RB back into the field …

    2. I’m not what I would call an NFL conspiracy theorists. But if I were to write a script having the 49ers lose to the seahawks in a close game on the last play of the game it would likely be Gould missing a field goal.

      Then again, if the game ended exactly like this I’m going to look for my tin foil cap 😉

  15. From Dave Lombardi’s column in the Athletic:
    “Juszczyk said that Shanahan actually drew up some new routes for the fullback position while he was hurt, so Dwelley had a chance to run them first. “I was like, ‘dang, I’m looking forward to coming back to that,’” Juszczyk said, laughing as he added that he’s lobbied his coach for some immediate involvement in the pass game. “Believe me, I’ve already been to Kyle’s office.” ”

  16. Some on this blog site argue my worth….I have quietly sat back and observed the more arrogant types on this site require credentials before entering.

    First I would like to establish my bona fides.

    I recently made several tackles as a punter;
    although my net yardage is down; I am top 3 in gross yardage;
    I am #1 in punts landing inside the 10 yard line;
    I am top 10 in punts landing inside the 20;
    I recently won an NFL award—Special Teams Player of The Week.

    I am only a rookie.

  17. College career
    McLaughlin played college football at Illinois. During his time with the Fighting Illini, McLaughlin went 79 for 79 on extra point attempts, and his senior year was 4 for 6 on field goals beyond 50 yards.

    McLaughlin ended his college career as the 2019 Bakken-Anderson Big Ten Kicker of the Year award winner and a First-Team All-Big Ten selection.[2] During a 2018 game against USF, McLaughlin became the first Illinois kicker to score field goals of 50 plus yards in three consecutive games.[3] McLaughlin later achieved a school record five 50-plus yard field goals.[4]…Wiki

  18. It has been stated before that the Illini have found little success in the NFL Draft in years prior. In 2018, the Illini went draftless.

    To say it has been a drought for the Illini is an understatement. Now, in 2019, Illinois has a few guys looking to make the jump to the NFL. One of those that should get plenty of looks is Big Ten Kicker of the Year Chase McLaughlin.

    In fact, over the past two seasons, Chase has been perfect from inside 30 yards (13-for-13) and nearly perfect from 30-39 yards out (7-for-8). The numbers would have been even better by my estimation had the Illini been better at moving the ball. McLaughlin scored 96 of the Illini’s 312 points in 2018, good for just under 31%. The impact will be felt in 2019 with a new kicker under center in Champaign, but it should benefit some team in the NFL.


  19. I think I might be done with Witherspoon. Going into this year, he was horrible. He played a couple good games, and has been injured ever since. Might not come back this season the way he’s going. I feel like this offseason it might be time to cut losses, trade him for something and rebolster that cornerback slot with something. Given how important this year was for him, what he’s done so far is not good enough. Time to go.

      1. Where did I say cut? Are you so cognitively impaired you can’t read even that much? For that matter, what makes you think I’m basing the entirety of my conclusion on him being injured?

  20. Looks like Kittle may be out for monday..didn’t practice again….bad knee and ankle..yikes……the offense may be offensive without Kittle….

    so Spoon out Kittle out Gould out Alexander out….anything else I am missing?

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