49ers-Cardinals live blog

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman (25) takes the field prior to an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 8 road game against the Arizona Cardinals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

12:50 Here are the 49ers inactives.

  1. WR Pierre Garcon.
  2. C Weston Richburg.
  3. CB Greg Mabin.
  4. DT Jullian Taylor.
  5. OT Shon Coleman.
  6. NT D.J. Jones
  7. QB Tom Savage.

12:51 Richard Sherman is playing today. Shocker!

12:52 Here are the Cardinals inactives.

  1. OL Justin Pugh.
  2. S Tre Boston.
  3. DT Corey Peters.
  4. WR Trent Sherfield.
  5. OL Jeremy Vujnovich.
  6. OL Korey Cunningham.
  7. QB Sam Bradford.

1:25 The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

1:29 On third-and-6, Chandler Jones and Markus Golden sack C.J. Beathard. Both Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey got beat during the play. The 49ers go three-and-out. Terrible start.

1:32 On third-and-10, Josh Rosen completes a pass to his tight end, who loses a yard, and the Cardinals punt. Good start by the defense. Robert Saleh called a blitz on third down which forced the check down. Smart call.

1:42 The 49ers drive to the Cardinals 37, but Kyle Shanahan calls a play-action pass with a deep drop, Beathard takes a sack for a nine-yard loss and the 49ers punt three plays later.

1:48 On third-and-7 from the Cardinals, Cassius Marsh runs a stunt to the inside and hits Rosen, who throws the ball into the ground and gets flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone. That’s a safety. The 49ers lead 2-0 and will get the ball back.

1:55 On third-and-2 from the Cardinals 49, Staley gives up a sack to Zack Moore. Beathard has taken one sack in each of the first three series.

2:09 Phil Dawson makes a 31-yard field, and the Cardinals lead 3-2. Reuben Foster committed a 26-yard pass interference penalty covering wide receiver J.J. Nelson during the drive. Impossible assignment for Foster. Robert Saleh’s scheme got beat on that play.

2:20 On third-and-12, Beathard throws too high for Marquise Goodwin, who was open. Beathard has nine net passing yards. Awful.

2:26 On third-and-6, Jaquiski Tartt intercepts Rosen and returns the ball to the Cardinals 12.

2:29 On third-and-7 from the Cardinals 9, Robert Nkemdiche tips Beathard’s pass and almost picks it off. Beathard got away with one. Gould makes a 27-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 5-3.

2:38 Reuben Foster pulled his hamstring is his return is questionable.

2:39 Jaquiski Tartt is down on the field.

2:41 On third-and-11 from the 49ers 37, Rosen steps up in the pocket and runs into Arik Armstead, who records the sack. The 49ers knocked the Cardinals out of field goal range. Big play.

2:44 The 49ers lead 5-3 at halftime. The defense has played great. The offense has not. It gained 61 net yards, and averaged just 2.3 yards per play.

3:00 On third-and-6, Ronald Blair runs a stunt to the inside, beats right guard John Wetzel and hits Rosen as he throws incomplete. Terrific performance by the 49ers defense.

3:06 On third-and-4 from midfield, Beathard throws over the head of Goodwin running a crossing route. The 49ers punt. Beathard has been dreadful, but he hasn’t committed a turnover, so that’s progress.

3:08 Jaquiski Tartt is out with a shoulder injury. Foster seems ready to return.

3:14 On third-and-7, Rosen completes a five-yard pass to Fitzgerald. New Cardinals offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is calling a terrible a game.

3:15 Dante Pettis fumbles the punt, but Elijah Lee. That’s the second punt Pettis has fumbled this season.

3:22 On third-and-6, Goodwin catches a short pass over the middle and runs through the defense for a 55-yard touchdown. Great play. The 49ers lead 12-3. The 49ers have the game in hand right now if they don’t commit any turnovers.

3:28 On third-and-8, Rosen misses a throw to Fitzgerald, and the Cardinals have to punt again. Let’s see if the 49ers can hold onto the football during this series.

3:41 The 49ers drive 73 yards and make a 20-yard field goal. They lead 15-3. Good drive. The 49ers didn’t turn the ball over, and Shanahan didn’t take unnecessary risks.

3:50 On first-and-10 from the Cardinals 37, Richard Sherman gives up a 37-yard catch to Fitzgerald, and Arik Armstead gets flagged for roughing the quarterback. That’s a 50-yard play.

3:52 On first and 10 from the 49ers 12, third-string strong safety Tyvis Powell gives up a touchdown catch to Fitzgerald. The Cardinals now trail 15-10 with 11:06 left.

3:53 Very good series from Leftwich. He finally found Fitzgerald’s name in the call sheet.

4:01 On third-and-12, Cardinals inside linebacker Josh Bynes breaks up a pass for Trent Taylor, and the 49ers punt. The Cardinals take over from their 17.

4:09 Cardinals tight end Jermaine Greshan recovers and Fred Warner recovers the ball. The 49ers take over at their 31. Great play by Warner, and Tyvis Powell who forced the fumble.

4:13 On third-and-6, the Cardinals bring an all-out blitz, and Beathard gets sacked. At least he didn’t fumble. The Cardinals will get the ball back with more than two minutes left.

4:27 On third-and-goal from the 9, the 49ers give up a touchdown catch to rookie Christian Kirk. The Cardinals go for two, and Rosen completes a pass to Fitzgerald, who runs over a defender and scores. The Cardinals lead 18-15 with 34 seconds left.

4:36 The 49ers drive to the Arizona 45. They’re eight yards out of field goal range with seven seconds and one timeout left. And backup center Erik Magnuson snaps the ball over Beathard’s head and the 49ers lose 18-15. Fitting way to end this game. Stay tuned for my grades and postgame Periscope report.

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  1. Ok, today is the start of a 9 game winning streak. CJ will become the NFL player of the year. The Niners will roll through the playoffs and beat KC in the SB. Jed will be owner of the year, John GM of the year, and Kyle coach of the year. Sherman will be the SB MVP with two interceptions and Grant will win a Pulitzer for his positive, inspiring coverage of the turnaround.

  2. Another problem we have is our WR corps. Just not good. Goodwin is not a first WR. He is a second. WE need to revamp this entire group next year.

      1. He’s garbage and not even recyclable in my mind.
        Slow in his reads, has no internal play clock and cant consistently hit open receivers.

  3. Wish Grant would mention that Beathard has some responsibility to get rid of the ball instead of taking a sack. Does everything have to be solely the coach’s fault? Now Shanahan for picking Beathard – that’s solely on him for sure.

      1. Beathard is so painful to watch. I keep yelling for him to get rid of the freaken’ ball. Dude is raising my blood pressure.

        1. Same here!! Doesn’t have pocket awareness. Make the guy a defensive back like Scott Frost…or a special teams player.

  4. Man, Beat-hard is really gun shy to start the game. Looked to me he had opportunities to pass on most of the sacks so far. Just not pulling the trigger.

  5. Ahhh….that decision to trade Trent Brown and not get a pass rusher was a real winner guys…
    Along with that brilliant trade up for Beat Hard-oh and that and we picked Thomas over Mahomes…..
    What a train wreck

  6. Grant may be absolutely blind to it (then again, he was blind to Hoyer’s shortcomings last season), Beathard is in way over his head, and weighing this offense down like a 75 lbs anvil!

    I’ve seen a lot of QB’s telegraph their throws in my day, but CJ Beathard takes telegraphing passes to an entirely new level! What a chump!

    If Kyle wants to win a few more meaningless games this year (which seems unnecessary to me), he’ll need to roll with Mullens, and hope for the best, because Beathard is not an NFL caliber QB right now, and likely never will be, IMO!

  7. My wife just poked her head in and said, really? Your watching this garbage? Now that’s says something because she never comments about football!

    1. Gabbert….Cody Picket….Ken Dorsey…even Druckenmiller!! Anyone but CJ Beathard…he has demonstrated really awful QB play these past few games.

  8. And the sad thing about it is, in 2018, an NFL team is only as good as it’s starting QB.

    All I can say is, thank goodness we have Jimmy G, which means the 49ers are right back in the thick of it when he returns next season, otherwise I’d truly be depressed!

  9. This has got to be the worst team in Niner history. They are even more sorry than the Steve DeBerg and Cody Pickett teams. And…CJ Beathard is an awful QB that needs to go. What a joke!

  10. armstead- what a fool. Does that type of display because the QB was forced into his arms fr a sack. Hey learn from Sherm how to act. Man I sure miss that from players. They wouldn’t lose focus celebrating. They would focus on the next play like professionals

  11. is it just me, or do NFL players seem a lot more fragile than they were back in the 80s or 90s (and forget the 70’s, those guys smoked butts on the sidelines, played for peanuts, and suited up for every game)

      1. I believe it was the pacifist 60’s that changed younger boys into wimps. Today doing just common acts of courtesy or doing things that were expected from a decent people now are worthy of the label hero.

        1. I hear you on that. hero used to mean “he took out an entire enemy patrol by himself” or “she discovered radioactivity”…now it might mean…well, almost anything…

  12. Well, it hasn’t looked pretty, as CJ is truly out of his depth, but make no mistake about it guys, there is a DIRECT correlation between the 49ers having a halftime lead, and winning the turnover battle during the first half.

    In fact, if anyone wanted to break this season down in the simplest of terms, it all comes down the 49ers losing the turnover battle by a large, large margin this season. In fact, studies have shown that there is no better barometer for wins and losses in the NFL, than turnover margin. NONE!

    And no other game was more indicative of this than the 49ers week 5 loss to the Cardinals in which they outgained arizona by 23 first downs, and 227 yards of offense, yet lost the turnover battle 0-5!

    1. This is very true. What people forgot is that the 2011 team set a new plus to minus NFL turn over record. That along with great special teams play gave them great field position which allowed them to play ball control football.

  13. Yes, muscles have gotten twice as big, adding weight and size to players while tendons and cartilage remain the same size. Result? More injuries. It only makes sense. The average weight of an NFL linebacker in the 60’s was around 190 lb’s. What’s it today? 250?

  14. First time I ever remember being outside broadcast market, only bay and ari get the game. I’m in the valley, 1.5 hours from sf and get shafted…..watching this crap on my phone, at least put in Mullen and make it interesting……

  15. allie, I think Kerr is a fantastic coach, but I could coach that Warriors team to at least 60 wins this regular season. You honestly don’t think it has more to do with talent, than anything else? Really?

    The Warriors have more talent, by far, than any other team. Especially the starting lineup. They better be beating the Brooklyn fricken Nets! Right?


    1. He has the talent to work with but he is also a top level coach. Ky;e has little talent but is also not an innovative coach as Grant points out.

  16. BTW, it’s been a while since I’ve felt as secure with a sure handed kick returner, as I am with Richie James. He’s really won me over, which is hard to do for a rookie. I’d like to see him more involved in this offense though, because I’d really like to see what he can do on offense with the ball in his hands at some point this season.

  17. Beathard is shell shocked. Only cure for that is sitting on the bench for a few games. While he is not a great QB he certainly is better than he has shown the last few games. I think the beating he took his first start this year messed him up.

  18. Anybody who is still hitching their wagon to CJ Beathard needs some serious help because they are drowning in a river called De-Nial!

  19. Seriously guys, CJB is playing horrendous football right now. What a shame.
    And BTW Grant, or anyone else wants to criticize Kyle for moving up to draft CJB in the 3rd round, then you’ve got yourself a fantastic argument. It’s not a fireable offense, but it was obviously a questionable pick.

    I’d love to see you get off this Kyle Shanahan is a glorified OC tangent, because he’s operating with one arm tied behind his back right now, and do your due diligence breaking this roster down, because that needs to be Kyle’s focus for the rest of 2018!

      1. Yah, handpicked in the 3rd round. Big deal. IF anyone thought he was a sure fire starter in this league, he’d have gone earlier than round 3.

        But yah, it’s looking like a bad pick. Of course, it’s hard to hit on QB’s, especially in the mid-rounds. Some guys just cannot adjust to the speed and complexity of the NFL, which looks to be the case with Beathard. But, that’s a tough thing to evaluate, so it’s not like Kyle felt like Beathard would be his starting QB worth building a team around. Kyle deserves some criticism for that one, no doubt. That said, it happens all the time, and who knows, maybe they don’t land Kittle if they don’t draft Beathard?

        At least he didn’t take Trubisky 3rd overall, because they wouldn’t have Garoppolo if they had drafted Trubisky.

        The fact of the matter is, with Garoppolo behind center, it’s impossible to know exactly what the 49ers have for an offense. Eliminate the turnovers this year, and they are, at worst, 3-3, even without their star QB and featured RB.

  20. I predict that whatever the score ends up in this game will be the same score Boston wins by today to win the World Series. 9-8? 6-5? 5-3?

  21. Mid 3rd quarter of the Futility Bowl…

    Brought to you by Cocoa Puffs, and American Motors–makers of the Gremlin…

  22. I had family obligations the past few hours… am I hearing this right only 67 yards of offense and 5 completions…in the third qtr???!!!!

  23. Now….stupid Pettis trying to play soccer??? Yah, gonna make me lose my mind!! This is team is very offensive alright……they are a disgrace to the game. I am now conceding that we are determined for the first overall pick in the draft.

  24. Pettis, another stellar draft pick by 9ers. The tradition continues. The 9ers “got their guy” yet again. Wahoo!!!

  25. It’s a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. “Beathard has been dreadful, but he hasn’t committed a turnover, so that’s progress.”

    Honestly, as sad as it is, that is progress. Its the only reason they are in this game. They haven’t turned the ball over. Against another bad team that is often enough. Its exactly why the Cards won the last game.

  27. I mean, having watched these 2 teams play 7 QTRS this season, it’s glaringly obvious the 49ers are far more talented, and that’s even without their star QB. IF Garoppolo had been playing VS Arizona, it would be blowout city VS the Cards for two games in a row.

    The downside? The Cardinals have probably moved ahead of the 49ers for the Joey Bosa sweepstakes.

      1. No, I meant if these teams were at even strength, the 49ers are far more talented.

        But they are a walking mash unit now, and as it stands, with the injuries, and CJ “the choke artist” Beathard, The cards have the edge, with their franchise QB behind center.

    1. In today’s NFL it’s make a no different where you pick….if they want Bosa they can trade for him ….like all the other teams do

  28. Word is Ronnie Lott just pulled a hamstring running to the privy after the score. His return to the couch is questionable.

  29. Pressure is on now. We know what this means. Faithful keep something soft in your hands at all times from here on out. This is more than likely going to get ugly.

  30. You guys are too tough on CJ. You are so fixated on the average arm, slow reads and release, and overlook the fact he is incredibly tough. He can handle getting walloped as he continues to demonstrate. You can’t say the same about Garopps.

  31. ref F’d the game as usual. Gave it to the 49ers. Ward did so touch the ball. Officiating is GARBAGE in the NFL. 1 and 6 teams SHOULD NEVER EVER be on TV, PERIOD> NFL needs to change the rules, BLACK OUT the 49ers!

  32. Instant replay needs to be abolished from the NFL. Ref makes the call, that’s it, no more reversing it. Baseball is F’d up so is the NFL. Instant replay is EVIL in the sport.

          1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cassie, how about that td AND 2 POINT CONVERSATION FROM A REAL QB BABY? Ow! Ow! ow! ha ha! I feel like the Tazz master baby!

  33. I bet the Raiders are going to lie down this Thursday vs. the 49ers. Just give them that game. Rip off city, NFL is a disgrace. Crying shame you got to CHEAT to win, 49ers. Jimmie Ward, disgrace, very childish on the sideline. Fire Saleh!

  34. Hmmmmm, does the D have it in them? They’re only playing the worst O in the league with a rookie OC calling his first game… No pressure D.

    1. There, there, Cassie,t he 49er lost again, and I’m happy. I am so HAPPY like Tom the cat baby, yeeah! Give us the Ram and Packers now IDIOTS!

  35. Shanahan is in trouble now.
    He has proven he can lose to lessor teams. That puts him on the same page as Chip Kelly and Jim Tomsula.

  36. In the words of Triple H and Shawn Michaels:
    Ajhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahaahah!
    AQhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahaahahah!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahahaahahahaha!
    I knew CJB would do something to LOSE the game. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahaah!

  37. Dancing all night doing the curly shuffle, whoo whoo whoo.
    Thanks 49ers! Once again, God loves me and God hates you liberals.

  38. Do heads roll like that football on that last snap? Does the Little Napoleon Jed start handing out pink slips tomorrow? Even winning the turnover battle this team finds a way to lose.

    1. Hah, the Rams have been stockpiling high draft picks for years. ShanaLynch are stuck cleaning up Baalke’s filth.

      You think this is a team McVay built? That’s laughable.

  39. I’m not at all upset about losing another close game. It’s all about draft position for me at this point, but l will say this …. It’s time to roll with Mullens, and see what you’ve got in him because I’d be shocked if Beathard is still in the league come 2020.

    1. Absolutely true………Mullens should start next wk–how has G-tard earned it in any way.

      Cards QB HAD to make plays near the end, and he did. Same with B-tard, he did not. That speaks volumes…….

    1. If Shanahan gets a pass on the injury to the QB/RB, shouldn’t Saleh get a pass for having to play his 3rd string SS?

        1. The 3rd string SS is the guy who got beat on both TD’s today.

          How about Sherman today? A team finally threw at him. Helped set up that go ahead score too.

      1. You know what that’s a result of right? Taking over a 2 win roster where the previous GM never added quality depth.
        Instead bozo fans think Shanny should have replenished a roster that had quality depth and starters in a 2 year span.

        1. Prime, Just a heads up ….. we aren’t dealing with the sharpest football fans on this blog. Logic is lost on the majority of these BOZOS! That’s why I’m here once a week these days, sometimes less!

          Never thought I’d root for the Raiders over my Niners, but I am on Thursday. A healthy Garoppolo and the dynamic NICK BOSA are the keys to getting this team over the top!

          1. Yeah I don’t think it can be any clearer. People want to blame coaching. Well when the starters go out like today, look what happens.
            Hammer says when Foster went out the defense will be fine. Really?
            There were breakdowns all over the field. The secondary was at best high school caliber and we don’t have a WR who can run away from a tortoise! Goodwin but he gets one ball thrown to him a half because CJB is so gun shy now a fart startles him!

            But hey, let’s blame the coach and GM for not having a roster repaired in 2 short years!

        2. “You know what that’s a result of right?”

          Yeah. It’s the result of the 1st and 2nd string guys getting hurt during the game and having to play the 3rd string guy.

          Has zero to do with a rebuild or where the roster is. If you’re down to a 3rd stringer you’re in trouble.

          1. Well if they had not missed on the previous drafts we might have some 3rd stringers that could come on and do the job. Instead we have ROOKIES out there playing in spots they should not be playin in.

            1. Shanahan and Lynch have drafted 5 DB’s. The guy who might have been best suited to be the 3rd SS is actually being converted to CB and almost never gets on the field except for special teams.

              1. Shanahan and Lynch have drafted 5 DB’s

                Yeah and so in a year and a half they are expected to know the NFL game? They are suppose to be ready to play in 4th quarter situations like today? Come on man.

                Instead if the previous regime had drafted some quality players they would have the experience to play in situations like today. Instead this roster is still trying to figure out who goes where.
                2 drafts, 5 CB’s taken and you think they should all be starting caliber or able to play when 1 and 2 string goes down?

              2. They spent a 3rd round pick on a safety this year. He’s not better than a guy who was a UDFA that they plucked off a practice squad?

                If that’s the case this will be a rebuild that goes on for eternity.

              3. Moore is converting to corner and wasn’t he injured? And has he even played.
                I don’t get that you think every draft pick should be a hit?

              4. Moore has been playing. Went in for Witherspoon today for a couple of plays.

                Regardless, the point of my original comment was that Shanahan gets a pass from fans like yourself because of the “rebuild” or injuries, yet Saleh doesn’t even though it was his 3rd string SS that was best for the touchdowns.

                Personally I don’t give anyone a break, but I find the double standard from many interesting.

              5. I called for Saleh to be fired weeks ago.
                This was Moore’s first game action of the season and you are expecting him to be NFL ready? Because he was a 3rd round pick you assume he’s got to be good? And because he played safety in college he should be a NFL safety?

              6. “I called for Saleh to be fired weeks ago.”

                That’s fine. I disagree and my original comment on this was a question. The responses are predictable.

                You’d like a 3rd round day 2 draft pick to be better than an UDFA, so yes. He should be able to play.

              7. I think your expectations are a little jaded as you’ll find just about anything and relate it to a failure of Shanahans.
                There is no reasoning with you as your bias forms your opinion.
                Same with Grant and the little mouth piece Seb.

                Enjoy the rebuild Hammer!

      2. No Jack, Saleh shouldn’t get a pass. Does it make a difference? Yes.

        But let me clue you in on the worst kept secret in pro sports JACK HAMMER, just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the last several years …. THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION IN ALL OF PRO SPORTS IS QB, making THE MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER AND TOUGHEST TO WIN WITHOUT, YOUR FRANCHISE QB LIKE GAROPPOLO.

        And I’ll say this. The Rams Super Bowl aspirations, as good as they are, would be up in smoke if Sean Mannion was forced to take over at this point, and certainly if he was forced to take over during the 3rd week of the season.

        All of the other injuries … and yes, the 49ers have suffered more key injuries than any other team, only add insult to injury.

        The season was lost the moment Garoppolo tore his ACL. That’s a fact Jack, and everything else is nothing more than window dressing.

        Now let’s get this thing right Kyle, and lose another heartbreaker on Thursday Night!

        The 49ers land Bosa, and get healthy, they make a deep playoff run next season! Guaranteed!

        1. And despite all of that they were in position to win the game because the defense basically scored 5 points today.

          Too bad they got stuck with their 3rd string SS in the 4th quarter.

  40. Yes, I think it makes sense to change directions at DC this offseason.

    I hope to god they continue to lose, and land in the number 1 spot in next years draft. This loss today, and a loss to the Raiders on Thursday, puts SF in prime position to take that next step in 2019. There is nothing that will help put this team over the top next season with garoppolo back, than a bonafide, game changing edge rusher!

  41. So who is Grant going to be MAD at today: Shanahan, Saleh, CJB, when do we put in Mullens already? You got the NYG actually contemplating NOT playing Eli after their bye week, which is the game vs. the 49ers.

  42. 4:36 The 49ers drive to the Arizona 45. They’re eight yards out of field goal range with seven seconds and one timeout left. And backup center Erik Magnuson snaps the ball over Beathard’s head and the 49ers lose 18-15. Fitting way to end this game. Stay tuned for my grades and postgame Periscope report.

    And Grant just tweeted:
    Grant Cohn
    Kyle Shanahan officially is on the hot seat.

  43. So genuine question here…

    This time the 49ers won the turnover battle and their talent is supposedly better than the cardinals, as mentioned by many posters and Grant.

    So what was the reason for the loss..?

  44. Faith+9er,

    That’s an easy one. It comes down to Beathard’s pathetic display of quarterbacking. Plain and simple. It’s the most important position in all of professional sports, especially the way the rules are written in today’s NFL. CJ Beathard is not NFL material, and you can certainly place blame on Kyle for that, while everyone knew Josh Rosen certainly was.

    That’s why it’s so easy to be optimistic when the 49ers have a healthy Garoppolo behind center.

    1. As 49ers Webzone’s Peter Panacy said: “Quarterback C.J. Beathard looked nothing like a signal-caller moderately capable of putting his team in a position to win.”

      Well, that’s an insurmountable problem in today’s NFL! and I suspect Beathard will be fighting to remain in the league in very short order.

  45. 4.2 yards per play today for the 49ers.

    1 Target for Juice in the passing game.

    Almost no screen calls after killing Arizona with it the first game and the QB getting sacked multiple times.

    Get a late turnover from the D and can’t get a first down other than an illegal hands to the face.


    1. Jack Hammer, if only you and Grant understood how to attack the kind of defensive sets the Cardinals were using today, maybe the two of you would be relevant analysts.

      Instead, you’re stuck on this dead end blog of which hardly anyone even reads. Just saying!

      1. “Instead, you’re stuck on this dead end blog of which hardly anyone even reads.”

        It’s so bad that you keep coming around despite saying you were leaving multiple times.

    2. Actually, the Niners tried a couple screens including one to juice and they got blown up… The Cards dared CJ to beat them with his receivers and he mostly failed. As bad as he was it was the Saleh-led Niners’ D that gave up 15 points and the win at the end of the game….. UGLY.

      1. The Saleh led defense also scored 2 points, got a pick that the offense could only manage a FG on despite getting the ball on the 12, and then got another turnover late and the offense couldn’t get a first down.

        Without the defense making plays the 49ers score 10 points today.

  46. I don’t have any doubt that we will also lose to the Giants to solidify our spot as the worst team in the league.

    Nice job John and Kyle. Strong team you’re building here.

    I’m certain that they’ll also blow the first pick on Bosa if they get it. Trading down is the best move this Spring.

    1. “Trading down is the best move this Spring.”

      Yep. They need to get multiple picks in 2019 and one or two in 2020.

      1. NOPE, not if they are in position to land Bosa! They better not.

        This team gets their Super Star QB back, and remains relatively healthy, this is a playoff team, without question, with the possible exception of Robert Saleh!

        I’m out. Enjoy the rest of this week posting on this obscure blog Jack! Peace out!

          1. Grant is ranting about Kaep. He agrees with me that Kaep is a superior option.
            Grant even advocates giving Kaep a 2 year contract. I think they should give Kaep a one year- prove it- contract. He would not cost them any draft picks.
            Grant states that at least they would be trying, if they signed Kaep.
            Grant flatly states that Kaep would have won this last game.

  47. Tracy Sandler

    Verified account

    35m35 minutes ago
    Asked if he had the rest of the season to solidify himself at free safety, Jimmie Ward said, “Yeah. If I don’t get traded by Tuesday.” #49ers

    1. I don’t see a team offering the compensation the 49ers are likely to be asking if you believe their praise for Ward.

  48. I stated before the game that the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half.
    Maybe I should amend that to include not wasting a time out so it helps the opposition. That time out at 50 seconds was obtuse.
    They wasted time outs like a drunken sailor, so they did not have 2 time outs to stop the clock on their last drive.
    This is not poor judgement, it is rank incompetence.

  49. Q: How many San Francisco 49ers fans does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: None. Lava lamps don’t burn out man!

  50. Cassie so kindly reminded the blog that I advocate that the Niners should go bold.
    I retorted that it could be the difference between winning and losing.
    When confronted with 4th and 3 to a TD, the Niners turtled, and kicked a field goal. They did not have the confidence to be able to make 3 yards. Instead, they settled for a field goal, and lost.
    Even if they did not make it, they would have pinned them by the 3 yard line. If they had scored from 3 yards, it would have put the Cards 2 TDs down.

    1. It’s funny how all week you pretend to be a fan then after every game you sit there and play the hindsight card.
      You are the biggest, fake d bag on this blog!

          1. They keep wasting time outs like drunken sailors, but are so conceited that they will not accept good advice.
            No wonder they are 1-7.

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