49ers – Cardinals live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 5 NFC West matchup against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona. I will provide updates and analysis throughout the game.

12:03 49ers inactives – QB Jimmy Garoppolo, WR Jauan Jennings, CB K’Waun Williams, CB Ambry Thomas, CB Buster Skrine OL Aaron Banks, DL Zach Kerr

12:51 Jennings being inactive is the only surprise. There’s a chance we see Travis Benjamin replace Trenton Cannon in handling return duties.

12:54 Cardinals inactives – CB Byron Murphy, QB Chris Streveler, CB Marco Wilson, CB Tay Gowan, DL Victor Dimukeje, DL Michael Dogbe

Arizona will be without their top cornerback. Can Trey Lance take advantage?

1:26 Trey Lance will start his first possession as a starter from the 25 yard line. He scrambles for 14 yards.

1:29 After moving the ball into Arizona territory, Lance misses a wide open Travis Benjamin high and is intercepted by Budda Baker.

1:38 Cardinals make the 49ers pay for the turnover, go 66 yards on 8 plays for a touchdown. The big play was a 26-yard “run” by Rondale Moore on a swing pass. The Arizona offense moves so quick. 

1:52 After moving the ball to the Cardinals 39 yard line, Kyle Shanahan calls back to back runs for Trey Lance and the 49ers turn the ball over on downs. The 49ers need to decide if Lance is a running back or a quarterback. 

1:56 Big sack by D.J. Jones for a loss of 14-yards on first down leads to a quick three and out for Arizona. 49ers will take over at their own 6.

2:02 49ers on the move as Trey Lance finds Deebo Samuel for a gain of 26 on the final play of the first quarter. 49ers averaged 7 yards per play to 6.5 for Arizona in the first. Difference so far is the Lance interception. 

2:12 49ers offense drives down to the Cardinals 1-yard line. On third down the Cardinals do a good job of forcing a throw away from Lance. Instead of kicking a field goal, Kyle Shanahan goes for it on fourth down and Lance is stopped short on a bootleg to the right side. 

2:26 Cardinals move the ball from their own 1 to the 49ers 3 before having to settle for a field goal. Two penalties from Josh Norman helped to get the drive started, and then Rondale Moore made a highlight reel catch along the sideline for a 33-yard gain to put Arizona in scoring position. 

San Francisco needs to find a way to score points on this next drive after giving up an easy 3 on the previous possession. 

2:33 Quick three and out for the 49ers, highlighted by a drop from Mohamed Sanu on a perfect Lance pass over the middle.

2:53 49ers hold Arizona. Halftime. Cardinals 10 49ers 0

3:02 The last time the 49ers were held scoreless in the first half was 10/20/19 in a downpour at Washington.

3:08 49ers defense forces a three and out to start the second half, then Brandon Aiyuk has his helmet ripped off on the punt return to give the 49ers a free 15 yards. 

3:20 The 49ers offense can’t help but shoot themselves in the foot. Three holding penalties stop the possession and force a punt. 

3:27 49ers defense has stepped up over the last few possessions. Hold Arizona to the second three and out to start the second half and give the offense good field possession at their own 41-yard line after the punt. The offense needs to do something now.

3:36 Trey Lance hits Brandon Aiyuk for 26 yards, and a few plays later Deebo Samuel takes and sweeps around the left side for a 12-yard touchdown to get the 49ers onto the scoreboard. Cardinals 10 49ers 7

3:46 49ers defense steps up again. On third and nine from midfield, Talanoa Hufanga gets pressure on Kyler Murray and forces him to throw the ball away. 49ers offense will start from the 20.

The injury to Cardinals center Rodney Hudson has really stymied the Arizona offense. 

3:58 Sometimes Kyle Shanahan is too smart for his own good. Goes for it on fourth and one near midfield, and Kyle Juszczyk is stopped short on the quarterback sneak. Yes. Kyle Juszczyk.

4:04 Dontae Johnson strips the ball and may be the hero if the offense can do anything with the ball. 

4:08 Offense does nothing. Trey Lance has two passes tipped at the line of scrimmage, and is high on a throw to Brandon Aiyuk. Turnover on downs. 

4:11 Cardinals get back to back big plays out of Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins to score a touchdown and go up 17-7.

The 49ers have thrown away a terrific effort by their defense today. 

4:40 49ers lose 17-10. Fall to 2-3 on the season. 

Will be back soon with a wrap up. 

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  1. Mason Crosby has missed 3 FGs today while the Packers struggle against the Bengals in OT. Of course he drilled a 50 yarder against the Niners with no time left. Where is the luck.

  2. You know how you can tell your rookie QB hasn’t been properly prepared, he’s turning the wrong way to hand the ball off on every other snap!

    My god, I am soooooo upset I am shaking! Is Kyle really running his prized rookie QB up the gut of trhe defense?

        1. Are you kidding me?

          Holy crap, Kyle’s going to get this kid KILLED!

          Firstly, there’s no deception with these fake handoffs because they clearly don’t have the timing down. Defenders aren’t going to bit on those of Trey is 5 yards away from the running back when he fakes the handoff!

          Secondly, these QB draw straight onto to the teeth of the defense, that’s the best Kyle has? Seriously? My gosh, Trey’s not going to last past week 8 like this!

          Honestly, if the Niners lose this game, and the season continues to go south, Jed needs to think seriously about firing Kyle after this season, IMO!

          1. I’m sorry, I know some of you guys disagree with the way I feel about this, but come on. Can you guys really argue that this is the best way to introduce this kid to the NFL? He’s a big QB, but he’s still a QB for crying out loud!

            I honestly almost cannot believe this, but ….. then again, I complained about this exact thing during training camp!

  3. Lance is getting those lessons on the field that Kyle preferred he learn from the sidelines.
    But when the backup QB is called to duty, gotta go and do the best he can.
    Let’s hope he can string some plays together.

  4. What is the over/under for Lance finishing this game if they keep running him like that? He is not a short yardage back. Does Kyle have a clue?

    1. Don’t go there, Milleneum,

      people will accuse you of being a troll, if you even dare criticize the Chosen One – Kyle Shanahan!

      And you know what’s really sad? Kyle’s rookie Defensive Coordinator is coaching circles around him.

    1. I hear you Jerry …

      I can’t possibly hold a head coach responsible for the repeated mistakes his players make, just like I can’t hold the head coach responsible for not having his QB as well prepared as possible for his first NFL start.

      And I certainly can’t hold the head coach responsible for running his prized rookie QB repeatedly into the teeth of the opposing defense.

      And their overall record? I absolutely shouldn’t hold Kyle responsible for that, even if this is, by far, the most talented 2-2 team in the NFL, and should probably be 4-0, based on that talent.

        1. If you guys would take those rose colored glasses off for just a second, and stop trying to defend the indefensible, I wouldn’t have to sound like a broken record.

          I am all for trying to stay positive, even when things aren’t going particularly well, except when it’s Kyle’s poor decision making that has the team on the verge of falling apart at the seems, for the fourth time in five 5 seasons.

          I drew the line after last season, and I think was fair considering it was Kyle’s 3rd losing season out of 4.

          It’s so obvious how much more talented Lance is than Garoppolo, but talent only gets you so far in this league. Preparation is just as important, and it’s inexcusable to put your prized QB in a situation where he isn’t properly prepared, and thus set up as well as possible for success.

          1. And it’s incredibly frustrating when, as a fan, I could see this coming a mile away! Like I said, my only hope now is that Trey is soo talented, that he can find a way to overcome his head coach!

            But I am holding my breath right now, because he’s taking an absolute beating in the process.

            1. Trey is soo talented, that he can find a way to overcome his head coach!

              No, he’s another rookie QB in his first start, and not ready for the starting role. Because…. Rookie. And his OL is not doing him any favors either.

  5. Bosa sack saved our bacon. Hope his arm injury is minor. We are in this game if we can correct dumb mistakes.

  6. Seams to me they need to run the ball more with Mitchel. The passing game isn’t working. Arizona is teeing off and McGlinchey has to contain Watt. Let him run block which is his game, maybe then the pass game will open up more.

    1. Actually Lance seems to be getting into a rhythm if the o-line will stop destroying things. But yes, more Mitchell and less Lance running.

      And another flag on the line.

  7. Deebo , Aiyuk and Mitchell were key on that drive. Right back in this thing. We should have gotten the Safety call on their last possession. Comon refs

  8. so excited – I shed a tear

    Why do we keep reminding Kshan to run the ball – run the mferkin ball

    The Ravens do it and win – why not us?

  9. Kyle goes to the same short yardage play he called on Sunday Night football?

    WHY? Surely Arizona prepared for that play.

    Is it because they haven’t had enough opportunities to practice these short yardage situations in practice?


  10. you can talk all you want about skill positions the biggest problem on this team is the offensive line. there is not one elite player at any position. yes that includes number 71 . best tackle in football my a**

  11. Shannies coaching Trey to bounce those passes off the Dlinemen’s hands. Also coaching him to throw it hard and high. Oh wait no. He’s not coaching him at all

  12. Game!

    Far too many failed 4th downs at midfield, this was inevitable. Should have taken some points in the 1st half.

  13. OK guys, remember this: When Kyle tries to tell all of you that this is the reason why he’s going to go back to Jimmy Garoppolo after the bye week, just remember this: Trey Lance never really had a chance today, and the reality is, had Kyle used his common sense and done things differently heading into training camp, this division would have been well within the 49ers grasp.

    So when you guys open ESPN tomorrow, and you see the 49ers in last place in the NFC West, don’t you dare put the blame on Trey Lance, or this gritty 49ers defense!

    1. Trey Lance never really had a chance today.

      For once I agree with you. He played exactly like the rookie he is, starting his first NFL game as a rookie.

      1. OK Rib, just remember the old saying, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR!

        I hope you enjoy watching highlights of Justin Fields taking down the Raiders today, to put the Bears in contention, and ahead of the 49ers in the conference standings.

        And I hope you enjoy watching Kyle makes excuses while Rome burns, and Jimmy Garoppolo tries to dig this team out of last place, after the bye week.

  14. We played them tough despite all the injuries. We just needed a couple of breaks. 1 for 5 on fourth down didn’t help. I hope we don’t get another emotional tirade by reasons on how it’s all shanhan’s fault.

    1. Jimmy plays, we likely win this game. The rematch next month will be telling. Hopefully the team will be closer to 100%.

      1. Hah, OK Rib, whatever you say. Keep making excuses for Kyle, just don’t surprised if the rest of the fan base isn’t in the same kind of mood to keep making excuses for Kyle. You are about to find out what happens to a franchise when they start losing game they should be winning, while the Head Coach simultaneously allows a genuine QB controversy to take root.

        It’s gonna start getting ugly out at 4900 Marie P. Debartolo Way, Santa Clara … so BUCKLE UP, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

        1. If anyone thinks Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be the guy to come come back and save this season, they are absolutely, positively delusional! That’s all I have to say about that!

          And BTW, they have a rookie defensive coordinator, and the defense isn’t the problem, so ……

          Like I said before, my only hope now is that Kyle doesn’t ruin this young QB before he has a chance to succeed, but I’m starting to get nervous about that!

          1. I’m not talking about KNBR, I’m talking about 49ERS podcasts from all around the country.

            You should tune in, Rib, if you want anything more than this blog, that is very limited, and narrow in scope.

            Right now I am tuned into Haberman & Middlekauf, and Guy Haberman just said: Right now, I see a team that is not able to give a rookie QB the environment that a rookie QB needs.

            I couldn’t have said it any better! This team looks like an expansion team, right now. The offense is especially embarrassing, and sloppy. And they just spent 3 first round picks for a QB who they aren’t even making his development a priority. The 49ers current plan, as an organization right now, is laughable!

            1. And what I really cannot wrap my ahead around is what are the 49ers trying top accomplish?

              We were told that they were a contender, but the only reason they traded way all of those draft resources for a QB was because they couldn’t trust Jimmy to stay healthy, right?

              BUT THEN THEY DRAFTED A QB TO BACK UP JIMMY, WHO ISN”T READY TO PLAY! Isn’t that why they got rid of CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens? Because they couldn’t play, therefore they couldn’t win?

              This doesn’t make any sense, and if you guys would take off your biased, rose colored glasses, you’d see how it doesn’t make any sense.

              And the last thing they can afford to do now is put themselves in a position where they have to spend next season developing Lance, potentially sacrificing two full seasons of his rookie contract! Meanwhile Justin Fields is getting better and better and the Bears are only one game out of first place! The 49ers are looking absolutely foolish on the national stage right now, and I blame Kyle!

        2. Going by the admittedly small fan base sample here, only you are the one spouting overwrought out of control nonsense. But you and the blowhard talk radio cohort will jabber away. Have your fun hyperventilating these next 2 weeks.

          Like I said before, my only hope now is that Kyle doesn’t ruin this young QB before he has a chance to succeed, but I’m starting to get nervous about that!

          Starting to??? Dude, you’ve been spouting nothing but that since the season started. Get a grip.

          1. Remember how emotional he was prior to the draft? I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He even realized that and took a short break but not long enough to get to a realistic thought process.

          2. Oh yah, let me be clear about that …. Kyle is certainly failing his young QB up to this point, but it’s not too late to change course, that’s my point. Of course, Kyle’s in a decision making funk these days, so I fully expect his to put Trey back on the shelf, but I’m holding out hope that Jed will save Kyle from himself, and tell him to go with Trey, and find a way to make it work, after the bye week.

            Kyle is now 31-38, and in need of an intervention at this point, so who knows, maybe Jed will sit him down and straighten him out.

  15. 49ers defense had a hell of a game. Very impressive. That group could be one of the top defenses in the NFL by the end of the year. Cardinals had every bounce go their way and multiple calls go their way and still only managed 17 points. Kind of excited how that Defense looks after the Bye Week.

    The offense is not firing on all cylinders obviously. Really didn’t like the play designs for the Lance runs. Wasn’t my favorite playcalling from Kyle Shanahan in this game. If Jimmy and Kittle play then the 49ers likely win this game. 49ers had 152 rushing yards and Trey Lance had 89 of those. The 49ers will not be in the playoffs if they can’t figure out the running game. It just won’t happen. Hopefully Trey Lance gets the chance to sit for the rest of the year and let Jimmy be QB1. Trey Lance is most definitely not ready for prime time. Really needs to figure out accuracy and throwing a catchable spiral.

    All in all I was actually very happy with how hard the team played in this game. The 49ers will get their act together and win quite a few games this year. Still unknown if they will make the playoffs but they definitely have a chance.

  16. Def played great! Too many unsuccessful 4th down… I wonder if we convert some of those if Kittle played???
    I like how Trey fought in a tough condition eapecially after that early interception.
    I DID NOT LIKE that many run designed plays Kyle called. The kid is not going to last long!
    IMHO, I have seen enough from Trey today to start him the rest of the year.

    1. Agree, the “Trey” game plan was not impressive. Did Kyle have to deviate *that far* from his usual stuff? If Trey starts going forward, Shannie needs come up with plans based around what a capable QB can do, rookie or not. And not forget, the team has other RBs

      1. Agree. The whole game I was telling my buddy I didn’t understand why KS felt the need to go for it on four 4th downs or was it five. On the first one, just put three points on the board and let the defense stop KM. Of course, the other thing was all of the TL runs (I think he ran it sixteen times which was more than Mitchell and Sermon combined); if that’s the gameplan going forward, better get Sudfield ready to go. Why the need to call such a drastically different game. Frankly, I hope the press castrates him for his play calling.

        I don’t know what to think about Lance. His wobbly throws concern me. I guess Josh Allen improved his mechanics, but on the other hand, many will say that Jimmy G. has not been able to do it.

        Defense did great, though. I really like how they contained Murray. I wasn’t too sure about Demeco at first, but he and the defense have done a really nice job these last two games. To bad, the brilliant HC/OC can’t hold up his end of the bargain.

        1. Kyle sees him every day. If he thought a plan based on Trey’s passing acumen was in order I’m sure he would have developed one instead of this Kaepernick 2.0 thing. That is so last decade.

          The last time I saw so many passes batted down at the LOS was when Mullens was playing. And Mullens is like a foot shorter than Trey. Not to mention the ones that sailed. The good news is that this is hopefully the worst we’ve seen from Trey. And hopefully the worst we’ve seen of Shannies concept of an “athletic” QB.

          1. Someone need to grilled Kyle on the reason why the plan was to have Trey ran more than our RBs????
            WTH they were doing in the training camp knowimg Trey could play anytime because of JG’s injury history?!
            And he is supposed to be the best play-caller in the game especially in run game.
            WTF happened to our run game? If our OL will perform in run blocking the way they pass block then what is the point?
            Feel terrible for our Def. Kyle has been outplayed by our rookie Def coordinator.

    1. What scares me is that these are the same ppl that have drafted Banks in the 2nd rd. Who is yet to see the field! A 2nd rd pick!!!

  17. We should have won.

    1. We should have won the last 3 weeks.
    2. Offense sputtered the entire game -zero consistency or rhythm. Trey had several non precise throws. The receivers did him no favors. Our Oline did even fewer favors. Trey with at least 3 balls tipped at LOS.
    3. Why did Kyle give up on the running game. Mitchell 9-43 , Sermon 1-7 ???
    4. Our D played lights out. They can’t be expected to bail us out every week.
    5. Slye comes in off the street and drills a 47 yard FG. Is he making the league min ?
    6. We need to reevaluate how we evaluate players. Much more to come tomorrow.

  18. Todays grade
    QB C+/B-
    WR C some great plays but too many drops
    TE F a drop and a holding penalty
    RB’s B/B+
    OL F (pass blocking)
    OL B (run blocking)
    DL A Armstead was incredible today
    LB’s B
    DB’s B
    ST A Wishnowski is rapidly becoming the best punter in football
    Ryan A
    Shanahan F

      1. Personally, I think it is fair, Jerry. Why did Kyle completely throw out his typical strategy and be ultra aggressive on fourth down. During the game, the only reason I could come up with was the new kicker must be marginal; then he comes in and kicks one right down the middle.

        And really, running Lance 16 times. His trick plays the last couple of games have been awful. He’s supposed to be this offensive genius, but as I said last week, the Shanahan shine is beginning to wear off for me. I am no longer impressed by his “pedigree” but want to see results on the field.

        1. I was surprised also about how aggressive Shanahan was but I didn’t view it as a bad thing. I kind of liked it. The problem was execution. If they had made a couple of those, I suppose his rating would have been higher. As for Trey running 16 times, how many of those were Trey’s decision? I think quite a few. I don’t think he had that many designed runs. Typical of a rookie QB with running skills. Hopefully the game will slow down for him and he’ll make quicker reads and throw more and run less. I was disappointed that the RBs didn’t get more snaps.

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