49ers @ Cardinals live stream

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo warms up before an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

This is the live stream for the 49ers Week 7 road game against the Washington Redskins. I will announce this game with my dad on HotMic live from The Cohn Zohn. If you have an iPhone, download the app in the App Store and use invite code COHN10. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch a stream of our call on Periscope below.

3:52 Here are the Cardinals inactives:

  1. RB David Johnson
  2. RB Chase Edmonds
  3. RT Justin Murray
  4. WR  Damiere Byrd
  5. DL Zach Allen
  6. DL Michael Dogbe
  7. S Charles Washington

3:55 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  1. WR Marquise Goodwin
  2. QB C.J. Beathard
  3. DT Jullian Taylor
  4. LT Joe Staley
  5. RT Mike McGlinchey
  6. B Kyle Juszczyk
  7. CB Ahkello Witherspoon

This means both Matt Breida (ankle) and Raheem Moster (knee) will play.

Here is the live stream:

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    1. Hey Grant, I enjoyed watching you and Pops on the Hot Mic. You guys make a good commentary team.

      But how about Jimmy G ….. baby? Wow!

  1. Did I miss something on Goodwin? Last a saw was “personal issues” . Have not heard nothing unless I missed it. So hope it’s not like last time.

  2. Hate to lose to the birds🐓….but I just got that feeling we are due for a let down💩…..

    Maybe it’s my mind just try to prep for a loss.😩😩…but my brain can’t see it.🙈🙈🙈

    This defense has been consistent for 7 games straight🚪….its like freaking Madden .

    Halloween night.👻👻👻👻…on the road..✈…short week…..a little bit of over confidence creeping into the young players…..

    I am gonna stay mute 😷on this one. I need a break from celebrating a win every week. 🤒🤒🤒🤕

    Maybe it’s this 🌿🌿😤😤😤 making me paranoid….

    Gluck Niners…..

  3. So we had a few little Saquon Barkleys come to the door tonight. Figures, this is NYC. But that Tyler Lockett? Beat it kid, no treats for you! J/K. But I told him Niners coming after you next week, that’s your trick.

  4. Ok, so here is what I have going tonight.

    $10 on Over on Kyler Murray throwing an Int. (0.5) – He just has to throw 1 Int and I win.
    $10 on Over 43.5

    I never bet on 49er games so this is new for me. I had a parlay last week where if Tampa won it would have paid for the new couch my wife wants for our game room. BUT that blown call on the Fumble recovery by Tampa at the end of the game where the ref blew the whistle totally Fd me. I didn’t risk all that much for a 5 team parlay but the payoff was huge because it had a few dogs in it that covered. But refs hate me and I’m guessing the ref that had blew that whistle had the Titans in that game.

  5. Random thought, but why do so many people dislike Joe Buck? I think he’s a good play-by-play guy. Like Aikman too. Not looking forward to Booger next week.

  6. Not a good start. Team looks like they are moving just a little slow. Hope that stops and the Niners get going full speed.

  7. Is there a better tight end in the NFL?
    I don’t think so.
    Let’s hope this gets the rest of the team playing like their capable.

    1. I guess my language wasn’t appropriate. I’m awaiting moderation. Yeah that was my pick. Had to have that one. Not only a pick but prolly a pick 6.

  8. Man, for an “average” QB this Jimmy guy is pretty good huh? His two incompletions hit Kittle in the hands. Is this “good Jimmy”, Grant? I think it’s “GOAT Jimmy”.

  9. Yep. JG has been on point. He’s going through his progressions, delivering quick accurate passes. He’s been hitting his targets in-stride. And he’s had pressure in his face doing it. Puttin on a clinic, boyo!

    1. How about that falling-down hand off by Jimmy, Wacky Jacky? Could Derek Carr have done that? What do your cherry picked stats say? You would probably be a big PFF fan you know. Stats for everything!

    1. I hate seeing players jump when trying to catch the ball. It’s just one more thing distracting the catch. He was wide open and could have simple caught the ball flat footed.

  10. Love the clock management and aggressiveness shown by Shanahan and this team!

    We receive the 2nd half kick-off, so good chance to be up 3 scores and ice the game. Go Niners!

  11. DOTE!!!! Wish he didn’t call that TO!
    Well they finally woke up.
    Not liking the penalties rearing it’s ugly head again. I’ll put a little on the refs, but they are holding.
    Sit Kittle for goodness sake.
    Don’t need him anymore this game.

  12. I don’t want to call the game over yet. It’s still Halloween Night in the States, and a few more chilling scares are due…

    That said, Niners have shown once again that they’re tough mentally, bounced back from a tough start and are well in control.

  13. A couple of things that are different than Grant’s periscope. The Cardinals are using TE’s more than Grant said and they’re throwing at Peterson.

    1. Grant said Sherman was the worst corner on the Niners (clearly untrue – just look at that beautiful pass breakup), that Jimmy was an average game manager who didn’t trust his knee (but trusted it enough to run) and many many other outdated, stale takes. Only stands to reason his schematic breakdown is a mess too.

      1. He wasn’t all wrong. He was right about the 49ers committing to the run on defense and making Murray beat them which he has failed to do

  14. That was quite verbose. Time for Shanny to break out the receiver fake fall down and then get back up play. Then maybe a bubble screen, and a flea flicker to boot.

  15. I don’t know why the Cardinals haven’t been doing uptempo all game; it tires out the DLine and prevents substitutions on the line, impacting the strength of the Niners D.

  16. Looked like that TD pass to Pettis was off Jimmy’s back foot. Grant will have to downgrade him for that for sure.

  17. Defence having imo its worst game of the season, and Jimmy showing he can win the game for the Niners on his arm. Like we all knew already. I want to see the defence bounce back and close this.

      1. D backs with bad games all night. Well, it is good that if one aspect of the game sucks a different group compensates. Tonight it was the passing game. Can’t wait to get Staley and Glinch back.

    1. Of course you try to take the credit away from Jimmy, who made a great play. Your tricks are well-used and predictable, Wacky Jacky.

      1. I do not wish to promote that type of male chauvinist behavior.
        Jimmy should receive a talking to by John Lynch and understand where he is playing.

        1. While I decry this catfish, in this case, he is right. Erin Andrews was startled to have JG call her baby, but she has been victimized too often. JG may have been patronizing towards her, but he should know her past history, and could have been more professional.
          Yes, Andrews is a pro, and she probably expects inappropriate remarks, but I hope JG is also a pro, and will apologize to her in private for his insensitive remark.

  18. God bless the “game manager”. Throw off your right foot. Throw off your left foot. Throw with both feet tied together. Underhand it. Date a porn star while your at it. Who friggin cares. Jimmy just wins. And he’s still basically a rookie. Rookie “game manager” I mean. :)

  19. I think Jimmy just put himself into the MVP conversation as a late blooming dark horse. He was as good as I’ve seen any Niners QB play personally, and he was the reason we won this game. I don’t want to hear any talking head, especially Grant, imply that this guy is anything less than special.

        1. I thought Greenlaw was the starting SAM. So, if he replaced Alexander, who replaced Greenlaw when there were three LBs on the field.

      1. she asked him how it felt to be 8-0 and he said “it feels great baby”…I’m sure he was just caught up in the excitement of the moment, but she looked a little startled.

          1. Yep. “Baby” is a common word used by football players and fans. Probably just slipped out, but wasn’t, imo, directed at Erin.

            Look for Grant to make an issue of it, since there is nothing else for him to find fault with.

        1. I’m not sure that the term “baby” carries the same connotation that it did 25-30 years ago.
          Athletes from high school to the pros use this term all the time. The PC police are going to bring us to a point where we don’t say a single word and only use our smart phones – oh wait 🤬

    1. Ice Cream Cohn, Jack “The Stat Provocateur” Hammer, and friends get an extra heaping of crow this week for all their chirping about our quarterback….🤷‍♂️

  20. People forget that division games are always tough. Hard fought and a great game by Jimmy.

    After next week we will be half way through our division schedule and it would be wonderful to have beaten all the teams in our division.

  21. Eight wins with five on the road plus a road victory with four days rest. This team is tough and can beat you so many ways.

  22. Kingsbury schemed up a good game against our defense. Exposed a few issues. I’m gonna guess that the Wide 9 was part of the problem – but I’m not sure. It kind of looked to me like at the end the defense was in more of a wide 6.

      1. Dude, they had a nice game plan throwing short passes right over our aggressive D line. Tackling was relatively poor and when their speedy backs and receivers got into the secondary, our secondary looked slow.

        Offense played well. Defense not so much for what was supposed to be a blowout.

  23. The question can Jimmy G Win a game when the running game and defense is playing poorly has been answered.
    He can. 4 TDS and 0 interceptions.
    Need to get healthy and rested and ready for the Seahawks.

      1. Yeah we watched it. And the comeback from the usual places was one TD pass isn’t the same as putting a game on your shoulders.

  24. It wasn’t pretty but considering everything, I’ll take it. The RPO was killing us. Good warm up for Wilson. Rest up, get your players back and let’s go!! Jimmy was winking at Aaron Andrews, 8-0 baby!

  25. Hope Kittle, Armstead, and Alexander are all going to be well enough to play maybe the most important game of the season thus far against the Seahags next week. We’re gonna need ‘em.

    1. Let’s just say he, “managed” the game, Scooter. And if I may, we’ve got a name for people running around the city saying Jimmy Polo is a game manger. He’s a Eucking dog. And one more thing, anyone that asks another stupid @ss question about who’s better, Carr or Polo or posts more stupidity on crack stats to demean him, they can all kiss my @ss@!🤷‍♂️

      1. Razor,
        “And one more thing, anyone that asks another stupid @ss question about who’s better, Carr or Polo or posts more stupidity on crack stats to demean him, they can all kiss my @ss@!🤷‍♂️”

        You forgot to add Mullens to the theme. Btw, has anyone seen Captain?

      2. His game tonight was pretty similar to week 3 against Pittsburgh. Difference was that tonight they couldn’t pound the ball in.

        1. Well Jack, the real difference for this win was Jimmy Garoppolo. We definitely saw the good Jimmy tonight.
          But I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find some flaws. And sure that you’ll also find stats to back up your claim.
          That’s what stat masters do.

          1. Art,

            Garoppolo played very good against Pittsburgh, but they were able to plow in from up close twice, and when the game was on the line he made the throw to Pettis to win it. Tonight they took that away so he threw it in, and when the game was on the line he made the throw to Dwelley to seal the deal. It’s called complimentary football. You know, that thing you always bring up.

            Of course we saw the good Jimmy tonight. Where did I write otherwise?

  26. Did Jimmy G. actually just hit on the post game interviewer?? Feelin’ his oats clearly, and well deserved!! I hope this will FINALLY SHUT UP ALL THE WHINERS & DOUBTERS.
    “Game Manager” my A**! JG absolutely has IT and that’s one thing you cannot teach. I trust KS to bring him along as he sees fit, even as it means “holding him back” at times. Every Rep he gets is valuable moving forward. We’ll just have to live with “Bad Jimmy” sometimes, but the longer he plays the less he will rear his ugly head.
    Actually having a real, genuine WR might have a little something to do with tonight’s performance, I daresay. I LOVE Deebo, but he ain’t there yet and neither are the other guys. Finally being around a real one is bound to have a salutary effect on the other guys too.

  27. Nice win….the Sanders trade already paying dividends. Kudos to Lynch & Shanahan.

    JG was clutch and this game should silence most of his critics….Petersen was successfully targeted so many times, that he might finally be traded next season! :)

    Saleh and co need to run a tighter ship….good scheme by the cardinals and they played us tough.

  28. I want YOU SEATLE!!! I want YOU!!!
    We’re taking you down!…we’re taking you down to Chinatown!!!
    I want Sneaky Pete, I want the 12th man!!! Be afraid Seattle, be very afraid…things are different now!
    Expect a swift ass kicking!!

  29. The #49ers have some level of optimism concerning LB Kwon Alexander’s chest injury. It was not diagnosed immediately as a torn pec, which would be a season-ending injury. He will undergo MRI on Friday to determine the extent of the damage. He appears to have good range of motion.

    — Matt Maiocco (@MaioccoNBCS) November 1, 2019

  30. Kingsbury used his time outs like a drunken sailor, but KS burned all of his, also.
    The Niners were fortunate to win this game, but a win is a win.
    It was nice to see JG throw past the sticks, and he was clutch.
    I was concerned about all the runs into the teeth of the defense. KS needs to get more innovative.
    Towards the end, KM had no pass rush pressure, so he delivered that perfect throw to Isabella.
    Thankfully, the Niners have 10 days to heal up. Kittle is such a warrior.

  31. 1. Buckner Press Conference: Two years ago we found a way to lose. This year we find a way to win.
    2. That is important.
    3. JG dominated. He carried the team. He stands in the pocket and takes hits while completing passes.
    4. I’m glad they kept Deebo involved after the dropped TD pass.
    5. Weird coverage on the Isabella TD.
    6. The much anticipated Mini Bye is here – 11 days off. Looking forward to our guys getting healthy.
    7. As Jimmy would say, Big game coming up BABY.

    1. They should play Buckner behind the line of scrimmage.
      Kwon Alexander is out with a torn pectoral and he may not return by the end of the season.
      Buckner has the size and speed to play an instrumental role in the LB space as a drop back defender.
      Hoping Lynch can coax Shanahan to listen to me in time for the Seattle game.

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