49ers-Cardinals postgame report

San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard, left, is sacked by Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker during the second half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA  CLARA — Check out my postgame Periscope report below.

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  1. X-rays are back —- Breida suffered a sprained ankle —
    no broken bones — so I guess you might call that ..
    some “positive” news … that ..you can take from this game … huh ?

    1. I’m sure in Green Bay next Monday, Breida will be going down with another injury. That field in Lambeau is no good. But least it won’t snow just yet. October 9, I predict the 49ers Sunday Night will be FLEXED!

  2. Per Jennifer Lee Chan:

    Adrian Colbert owned up to the 75 yard play being a missed assignment on himself:

    “It was just an undisciplined play by me. I saw Larry [Fitzgerald] flash and it was just a bad play on my part. It is something that I have to correct.”

    No kidding Adrian. Hung Witherspoon out to dry on that one.

          1. While Sherman is playing well, it doesn’t seem like we’re seeing benefits from Sherman the teacher, as most of us including me expected. Not sure why.

        1. Dee Phiant, tell me why in the F do you want that kneel down artist to return? Dwight Clark would turn over in his grave to see Kaepernick that has no respect at all for the league. Even Vince Lombardi would puke his guts out to see how bad the NFL is with Kap and Reid doing the kneel down, and I don’t give a FLYING FEATHER WHY Reid says this is a cause for his people, you play the damn game, you quit disrespecting the country and your ‘hatred of Trump.’ FOr Christ’s sake, the election was over in 2016, focus on your toilet season more then who is the president! I don’t want Kap EVER in the league. I hope somebody takes out Reid’s knee, and I would pay the SOB too! I’m glad you found a new way to lose. Jed York, sell the 49ers! Remember, never mind the coach, backup QB, lack of WR, bad defense, horrible DC in Saleh and the GM in Lynch, Jed York SELL THE DAMN TEAM! Sell the 49ers! I don’t care if you were to relocate in Carson or San Antonio, 49ers DO NOT ever represent the Bay Area. They’re garbage in a garbage stadium that was FLEECED in Santa Clara. Sell the team Jed York!

          1. Darren your medication is supposed to be taken when you get up, not before you go to bed!
            BTW we used to kneel every night before we went to bed, do you think we are condemned to hell because of it?

            1. Dee, how much did you drink today? Did you shot up when CJ threw his pick, when the 49ers turned the ball over, when Breida got hurt? Now Dee, by drinking like you did today, did you know your team was LOSING?

              Now how many times do I have to tell you trolls in my Triple H like authority voice that drug usage, drinking, gay life style, dead family, dead pets, the retar_ed word, attempts to make me mad, sad, drive me off the computer altogether FAILS? I’ve been thrown off of so many 49er forums: Webzone, Paradise, the NFL, the press, the Marin IJ, the SF Gate 4 times. I’m not bother at all to defend myself and call you every name in the book. Hey Dee, how much did it cost you to go see that game in Santa Clara of your team playing pathetic like? See Dee, I would have to pay 30 bucks both ways to take a bus that would take about 3 hours to get down that area and fight the traffic to sit in the row by the hot sun and pay about 50 bucks in water to not croak out there and watch such horrible football. Did you drop the face value price of the ticket just yet?

              Now Dee, I leave you with an education of the pledge of allegiance: When the song is played, you rise up and put a hand on your heart. Now Dee, I hate to think that when they play that song that you’re seated down in your seat chatting it up with the foreigner or you got no respect altogether. As for taking a knee, that’s for prayer dummy. But I suppose you never went to church in your life, schmuck. Yes, Dee, I did pray. I prayed for the 49ers to maybe lose today, just give them another little loss and lo and behold, God heard my prayer and the 49ers laid an egg and so did the Raiders and Judge Kavanaugh is on the SUpreme COurt so yes, Dee, God is good to me and I’m so sorry that he’s not good to your team until Jed York SELLS the team that he STOLE from Eddie D and MOVED THEM illegally to Santa Clara and FLEECED the people into building the golden calf like stadium missing 2 idols on each side of the field in being the sinners that you are when you let Reid, Kap, and the other little schmuck kneel down to RUIN the sport and ruin the INTEGRITY of the league.

              And I hope on October 9, the 49ers DO NOT get featured Sunday Night.

              1. Darren, ask your psychiatrist to double your dose, you need a little extra!
                We don’t want to read about you in the paper…

              2. Dee, the solution to all this is YOU READ what I have to say and you STFU on your end and DON”T RESPOND, OK? NOw, you’re not angering me, you’re not upsetting me. You are motivating me to be the ‘troll’ that you all hate so take the advice of your littlebuddies here that drink the koolaid to a failed season and stop TICKING OFF the poster.

                You need a QB
                You need to sell the team
                You better draft a QB
                You better Dump Jimmy G in 3 years, and I’m being very generous next to don’t fire your coach for 2 years.

                So go on out and get yourself a nice TALL BOY for your Sundays little B, and I hope the Packers BLOW the 49ers. I don’t want no sissy 7 point or 10 point, I hope Aaron Rodgers opens the can of whoop A33 on you sorry sack of crud.

                You lost Dee, and you sound like a liberal. F you.

              3. Oh my Darren, you’re starting off the day drinking your own fizz and thinking it is OJ? You’re right, NOBODY reads your non-sense!

  3. Ha ! … ain’t gonna happen any time soon … Dee …
    ( OTOH … if it does … Sebbie will hafta change his underware !)

    But hey Grant … brutal assessment of KS … although … you didn’t say anything
    that might have drifted too far from the truth … either … but it was still brutal

    1. Naw, nothing will surprise me enough to do that.
      I kinda expected that the Niners would defeat themselves, and JL is not doing enough to find better talent.
      However, if Kaep does return to the Niners, I would jump for joy.
      Then, I would praise JL for overcoming his prejudices, and trying everything in his power to win.
      Right now, by not even giving Kaep a tryout, I can say that JL is content to lose.

          1. Oh my Paul! If I bring up Kaepernike, since we are in dire need of change, almost ANY change at QB, you as the sole possessor of 49er insight call it trolling while on the OTOH you are write up a whole litany of reasons for bringing in Kaepernike.
            You are even more twisted than Darren and you know how hard that is to do! Paul, your split personality is taken over….

            1. Guess I am resigned to Kaep being blackballed. Bringing up Kaep makes the natives restless, and I thought that it might be nice to let things calm down before whipping up a storm. I am more twisted than Troll5K? He hates the Niners with a passion. At least I am a Die Hard Faithful Niner fan who does not rejoice is the Niner’s struggles.

              1. Hey Paul, if the NFL ever wanted to be a real league, you knock off the kneel down, fist pump, whatever else these fOOLS do during the national anthem that is a disgrace. You investigate Jed YOrk in how the 49ers are being run, how the stadium was built, how much money they are stealing from Santa CLara to be rent free and you remove the SOB from being the owner. You take away Jed and his family from EVER owning the 49ers. Paul, did the SF GIants sell to another owner, yes or no? did the GS Warriors sell yes or no. If both teams changed owners, did each team win a championship, yes or no? NOw if you can’t confirm any of this, Paul, you are a DELUSIONAL fan so used to FAILURE and never accept a solution. It’s like house building Paul as you refuse to build your house right, and it winds up burning in the fire. WHy else don’t I like the 49ers? Every QB is a failure, nobody can throw 300. Every WR is a failure. Your ball park is a failure. Your game plan is a failure. Kyle is quickly losing patience. You use all kinds of excuses when you lose from injury to bad refs to the NFL out to get you. Jed York, sell the God forsaken team. I’ll keep chanting that to the day of my death, Jed York, sell the 49ers. Bad ownership SHOULD be FORCED to give up ownership of a team they FAIL each year.

              2. Troll5K, I have been called worse.
                I am just a Die Hard Faithful Niner fan.
                You engage in Schadenfreude. So bitter, so filled with hate. You must hate your life.

              3. Is SebastoPaul coming out again ???
                Sebbie, your name is out there again….
                Did your wife post again?

  4. Other than the beautifully thrown first scripted td play I was not impressed with Josh Rosen.

    We are in year two of a four year rebuild. This team will get better.

    1. Correct… Especially with all these dang injuries. Only problem with this is, last year when injuries forced guys in to play, they played above their paygrade. Which got them starting jobs. Now they are really regressing. Hopefully if someone shines now, in place of an injured player, we don’t kick that injured player to the curb for inexperienced commodities. Because from where I sit, it’s really backfired

    2. Yes they will Leo. Injuries have derailed this season, but it’s impossible to what it means for this team in the long run. Grant has an axe to grind with Shanahan, just like he’s done with all of the previous HC’s and OC’s since I’ve been on this blog. Nothing new or different from him.

      I will admit that I do have a couple problems with this team, and they do reflect poorly on Kyle, but they have nothing to do with him in terms of his play calling. Kyle is an offensive genius. The league knows this.

      However ….. even though it doubt anything would be much different given the unprecedented number of key injuries I do see 2 significant problems:

      1) CJ Beathard. He’s simply a turnover machine. This being his second season hasn’t changed this fact. He has poor pocket awareness, and doesn’t process what he sees quick enough. And, while he’s certainly not the only poor quality backup QB in the league, he was handpicked by Kyle and drafted in the 3rd round, so Kyle does deserve some blame there.

      2) The 49ers defensive personnel does not match Saleh’s scheme. And this oversight falls on all 3 of the top dogs – Kyle, John, and Robert. And, while some of the blown assignments can be attributed to backups filling in for starters, I’ve seen far to many mental mistakes and blown defensive assignments, and Saleh, and by extension, Kyle, should be held accountable for that.

      That said, with this many injuries to key personnel, particularly on the offensive side of the ball, for a team whose identity should be, first and foremost as an offensive juggernaut, I cannot in good conscious lay blame for a 1-4 start on Shanahan or Lynch. I seriously doubt the Genius, Bill Walsh, or any other HOF head coaches could coach this team into more wins through the first 5 weeks of this season considering the circumstances, and I am certain the team would be 0-5 if Grant was calling the offensive plays.

      Therefore, I’ve set my sights on 2019 in hopes that they can acquire the last few key pieces and have a relatively healthy season. With Jimmy back full go by training camp, Nick Bosa could be the answer.

      1. Nothing wrong with being critical, but Grant was obviously pushing an agenda that he set up before the game was even played with his statement that the 49ers have to win this game. Why? To delay the criticism that was alway going to come from Grant at some point in this season.

        Grant if you are going to criticize a player at least be accurate. Sure Beathard had 2 interceptions, but one of those was a tip off the hands of Garcon. But since it fit your agenda your insisted on piling on. Lets see if you can lay that extra interception on Beathard, it would make your story line better and besides many fans would not remember how that first one came about.

        In last weeks analysis you enclude the mitigating circumstances for one of Beathards fumbles ( blindside stripe) and his tipped ball interception, but not this week. Why? Because this week it suites your storyline agenda not too. You need all of Beathards negative numbers to justify your criticism of Shanahans offensive balance. A rational based purely on the after the fact result on many factors that are not really predictable.

  5. That will make me happy if the 49ers can draft a QB, sit him down for 3 years, you can still start your backup Jimmy G.

      1. Prime Time, seeing fans like you that are such SUCKERS to spend all that money in Santa Clara to sit in the hot blazing sun with a north wind blowing at 25mph is GLORIOUS to me to see such a FOOL and his MONEY soon departed as I sit in my nice house in the North Bay and I laugh at you and your team when you go out there and you masquerade as a team, but you play like a high school team that gets his a## kicked, see Novato High, see San Rafael High, read what they did in Saturday’s day. They both got schlacked. I don’t care how the sell out Raiders do or the can’t win 49ers do. You tell your loser owner Jed York to be big like the SF GIants and be big like the GS Warriors and SELL THE DAMN TEAM! Remember, Prime Time, you’ll be seeing the Warriors win more then the SF 49ers, but I dont’ like the Warriors due to the sorry political stance they got on Trump and our beloved country. Personally Prime, I don’t even need sports. I find sports BORING and fans like you STUPID with your fAKE CLOWN participation and your cheerleader like noise. Jimmy G is a backup NEVER a legend and you got no WR out there, NONE! Seeing you lose to the Cards, you know what I’m going to do Prime? After I go to work, I’m taking the old bike up to pick up an Old CHicago pizza and bringing it home 16 miles to celebrate the 49ers losing and Justice Kavanaugh, yes Prime, there is a God and he loved me today baby. Coochy Koo as Kojak would say and I’m pick the Pack by 21, they are going to be TICKED OFF at the 49ers and Clay Matthews going to lay out CJ. Whoo!

            1. Hey Razoreater old buddy, how’d you like that loss? Better give your wife some extra love tonight, she’s probably at the get rid of Kavanaugh and impeach Trump protest. I’m having an Old Chicago pizza tomorrow night. Want any loser?

          1. Yeah? 49reasons, I can 10 reasons why you need a kick in the butt, but right now, I’m enjoying seeing you FAIL to win. Look, bottom line is, you were going to go 6 and 10, now you’ll be lucky to get to 4 wins the way you lsot to the new Cleveland Browns in Arizona! JimmY G was NOT going to be Kurt Warner and lead you to the Superbowl. To even get there, Warner had Faulk, 4 capable WRS and a fine coach. The 49ers got NONE of it: 3rd string RB now with Breida soon to join McKinnon, Jimmy G was backup material and always will be, and you got 0 WRs. Goodwin? You’re lucky if he’s healthy, but I wouldn’t rely on him. You were NOT going to go 9 and 7. OK, here is how I saw the season:

            Division, you lose to the Rams 2X, Seattle 2X, maybe beat Arizona as I was generous, so overall, I saw 2 and 4 in the division.

            NFC East game vs. Giants, you might win, 3 and 4 so far.
            NFC North, I got you down for losses to the Pack and to Chicago for they are road games, you would beat Det and maybe Minn (you lost that) so…you are 5 and 6
            AFC West, I saw you losing to KC, check, Denver, San Diego, check, Raiders, loss to gruden so you just might go 0 and 4 in the AFC West, so there is 5 and 10.
            Before the Khali trade, you would beat Chicago.

            Division 2-4
            NFC North 2-2
            AFC West 0-4
            Vs. NY Giants win
            Vs. Chi Bears win

            See? I was very generous in that predication of your 6 and 10 season. The way you just lost to Arizona, you might be going 0 and 6 in the division!

            The pleasure was YOURS!

  6. Grant, I love you brother and I know you need to encore anger to keep your hits up, but you “jumped the shark” on the Kyle hate. Without Kyle they’d be 0-5. Kyle is polishing this turd. Making the most depleted roster in the NFL competitive. 9ers could just as easily be 4-1, but drumming up hate creates hits so I get it. You took a page from FOX news.

  7. Whoa, Grant is NOW saying that Kyle should be fired? Hmm, well, well, even fake news journalists are into the act now.

    1. Yeah MWNiner? Back in the old days, a 49ers loss would’ve ticked me off all week. Today, a 49ers loss means I hope they draft in the top 10 and get a flipping Qb and stop the backup QB experiments. Again, draft a QB, start Jimmy G for 3 years, dump him and start the drafted QB. Get WRs and a Oline in the next 3 years. I stayed at home. I got a TV. And I can FLIP the channel anytime. I got Sirus so I can listen to a 1pm game if I wanted to.

  8. 4 things
    1. KS should fire himself as OC, and hire an OC. Maybe the best scenario would be to promote Bobby Turner who has been coaching for 46 years and has been OC/Asst HC before. Then, maybe they will run the ball more.
    Why does KS need to hire an OC? Just watch last game.
    2. KS should not blame the players for this loss. He should man up and accept all blame. His scheme was a failure, and he did not put his players into positions for success. He did not accentuate their strengths and disguise their weaknesses. When a team plays unfocused and undisciplined, it is the coaches fault for not preparing them properly and thoroughly.
    3. CJB is a nice guy. He is tough and very competitive. However, he is like Hoyer. Good , but not good enough to win. He was inaccurate, held onto the ball too long and was a turnover machine. His ball security was lax, and he made poor decisions. I sure wanted him to succeed, but his play is hurting the team. I think he will pull a Gabbert, and bench himself.
    4. The Niners were competitive, just like the Viking, Lion and Charger games. However, they lost those winnable games, so they dug themselves a deep hole to climb out of. With 4 games against the Rams and Seahawks, and another one against the Cards, they could lose 5 more games. The Niners should be as desperate as the Cards, and do something drastic. Otherwise, this season is lost, and the speculation about tanking will grow strong.

  9. Grant I just almost died laughing when you described Shanahan as some one who comes across has a know it all and you can not tell him anything, and he has all the answers. who does that remind us of? You work hard and I enjoy you but you do not know more than these coaches. The ole you can not see the trees in the middle of the Forrest syndrome!

  10. For the first time I saw Kyle Shanahan struck dumb on the field. He looked worn and clueless as to why the team was performing as bad as it was.

    How many games can this team realistically win this season? Looks like my prediction of 6 wins may be a tad generous given the challenges facing this team.

    Are injuries solely to blame for what is ailing this team? I don’t think so. No one can underestimate the loss of Garoppolo this season. He has been an offensive bonanza. Still he was a gift and not really a shrewd acquisition by the front office. They get marks for getting him in the same way Baalke got marks for bringing Anquan Boldin. But both were basically gifts.

    Much has been made of losing McKerrick but his impact is largely unknown as he was an unknown commodity (in terms of impact as a starter). What is known is the rest of the team.

    The DBs are not very good and some of the losses of personnel are deeply felt. The impact of some first rounders has been deeply underwhelming. That could also be said of some of the second day players.

    Kyle’s love for certain players has proven to be less than what many thought, including myself. Beathard and Williams were players that the team moved up to select. One is no longer in the NFL. The other, while serviceable, still doesn’t seem completely NFL ready (and I like the kid a lot).

    Pass rush has gotten worse than last year and losing some players in favor of some currently starting seems like folly.

    Yes, the team could have won many games it lost, but Cleveland has also been in many of the games it lost too. The fact is this team is not good and I hope th FO and coach learn a bit of humility and reassess their approach.

    1. McKerrick? Maybe you should not expose your lightweight mental capacity and intellectual mediocrity. ;p
      * McKinnon.

    1. Exactly right. Glad the Lions won for now they just helped the Packers get really mad now and the 49ers are in bIG TROUBLE in Lambeau Field. Better get your popcorn ready.

    2. I am just happy that EH made it through 4 games on the active roster, so the Niners get that draft pick.
      I also agree with your point.

    3. Faith– With the present roster as depleted as it is, if the Niners used the policy of benching players that made mistakes they could not field a team. To bench a player you have to have a replacement. After Mosterts fumble, who could they replace him with, other than just running Morris more.

      1. I understand your point too….but come on How many excuses do these guys get? :)
        We have to start somewhere. This team has been playing like this for the past one and half seasons now and I don’t see any improvement, which is on the coaches.

        Here are some things that we can do when Mostert fumbled:

        1) Bench Mostert and play him only on Special Teams.
        2) Run with Juice and block with Morris. Juice had 1 run for 12 yards and no carries after that.
        3) Next game promote Jeff Wilson Jr. You know what we have with Morris. Why not give him reps to see how he develops? So that at least you know if running back is a position that you need to pay attention to in 2019 Draft/FA.

        I’m not presumptuous enough to offer advice to coaches here. I’m just an exasperated fan who gets his heart broken repeatedly week after week :)

  11. Grant– This is your worst evaluation of a game this season. But it was predictable. You need to learn to adapt and adjust to the mitigating factors of each game rather than sticking with your predisposed agenda. Oh wait that sounds sort of to similar to your criticism of Shanahan, doesn’t it?

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