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  1. The onus is on Jimmy to prove he deserves the contract. He’ll probably have 6 games, and then the situation will ultimately resolve itself….

    1. Great point Razor. If he does not play a snap this year, he will get 30 million guaranteed as a starting point.
      Grant thinks 50? That’s outrageous! Yee and Jimmy G know that based on his body of work, that number is never gonna happen. Maybe for Cousins but not Jimmy G.

      He will probably play the last 4-5 games to show what he is worth.

      But 50, that’s funny!

  2. Um, so the majority of the blog thought Garoppolo would start after the bye, then the majority flipped and said he wouldn’t start at all this season. Are Scooter and I the only ones who said he would start after the bye and never flip-flopped?

      1. putting JG in before the Niners can
        wrangle some quality “beef” to put in front of him
        smells like a disaster waiting to happen !

      1. Ore, Moses, and undercenter,

        I said the majority wanted him to sit for the year, not everyone. Sorry I forgot what you all said. Good call guys.

  3. It would be good if he could have some series in the 4th quarter,and slowly getting him used to the offense , but if he lights up practice he should get his opportunity sooner than later.

    About his extension with us if he has some similarities with Tom Brady he wont ask the moon from us just wants a chance to win.
    I dont believe he will ask much more than 20 millions a year base.

  4. You are freaking killing it today Grant! The Cam-eo was on point.

    And ignore the 49ers love Garoppolo as much as they say they do they would end be saying, “we’ll see how he fits. We are trying to get to know him”. Instead it would be, “Jimmy’s our guy and together we will get it done.” Put it on him a bit.

    Everything these guys do is wishy washy and seemingly a day late.

    1. They do that because fans and the press rip them when things don’t work out exactly as they said because, frankly, best laid plans of mice and men and all that… THere is, literally, no incentive to be definitive.

          1. Exactly Prime. This is a negotiation process. Screw the media and public. Yee probably told Garoppolo what to say. Marathe probably told Lynch and Shanny what to say.

  5. Was anyone else laughing their tail off during the whole Garoppolo conspiracy thing? Like Yee is going to risk his entire career by doing something that would get him decertified by the NFL. Or that Belichick was going to, for a back-up QB who won’t start for four years unless Brady gets injured, risk a year-long suspension, if not out-right ban. That’s just way too much kook-aid for me to drink down.

    Also, for those who think were fleeced because of Myth of Belichick, Belichick is a great coach, but he is not infallible and he doesn’t win all trades. He ‘lost’ the trade to Arizona last year in much of the same circumstance. For those who don’t know the details:

    Chandler Jones was a pro-bowl OLB with excellent pass-rush skills. A better rusher than anyone we’ve had since Aldon Smith went full re****. Jones was in the last year of his contract and the Patriots, like this year and next year and possibly the year after, don’t have a ton of cap space while having to resign their own vets.

    Faced with this situation Belichick traded him for a guard and a 2nd rounder. The guard was a bust in Arizona (despite being drafted #7 over-all) and a bust in New England. The 2nd rounder was traded to the Saints for a 3rd & 4th rounder. With those picks Belichick drafted another guard (who isn’t great shakes) and a WR. Now, the guard is probably better than Beadles and Thomlinson, but he’s not exactly cream-of-the-crop and Brady, despite having the quickest release in the NFL, has been sacked 21 times so far this year (#15 in sacks/pass attempt). The WR is, basically, ‘just a guy’ and hasn’t exactly torn it up even in Belichick’s ‘non-elite athlete’ passing game.

    So, basically, he traded a pro-bowl, top-flight OLB for a second, possibly third tier guard and a WR who anything but special.

  6. There are couple things Grant leaves out when comparing the situations.
    1. Cousins is a proven top 10 qb while Garoppolo isn’t.
    2. Jimmy only lasted 2 games before getting injured.
    3. Washington knows how Cousins fits in their system while SF doesn’t know that.

    I think both sides would like to get a deal done but SF don’t want to pay big bucks for someone who is essentially an unproven rookie and Jimmy would like to get as much money as he can. The franchise tag is ok for a season but in the event that Jimmy gets hurt he is royally screwed as SF can just walk. Last there is the agent situation, the agent will most likely want to get a deal done as Jimmy getting franchised doesn’t really make him look good.

  7. The regulars in here are making good arguments for both sides of the JG issue and the sub issues. I like the trade myself that doesn’t mean I don’t have questions, however the questions would still occur whether we signed Cousins or draft a QB. We shall find out in due time whether this remains a good trade or one of the biggest blunders in NFL football (lack of contract).

  8. They need to use almost every draft pick on O line. This line is an absolute wreck.
    If I’m Jimmy G I’m watching tape of the last few games going -No way in hell I am playing next year without a drastic improvement.
    I don’t think his agent is in any hurry.
    They hold the cards and know they have a desperate rookie GM.
    It’s going to take an over pay for him to consider it.
    I also think the conspiracy theory is quite valid and very very possible. Fans don’t want to hear it but Bill is Ruthless.

    1. It’s possible this whole collusion thing, but the NFL cannot afford these type of shady deals moving forward.
      Ratings are on the decline and owners are under the gun to do business the right way.
      Another black eye like this is not good for the league, especially the Pats who have been known to cheat.

    2. 1st Round Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame
      3rd Round Bradley Bozeman, C, Alabama

      Those two picks should solidify the interior of our offensive line, and give the pocket passer room to step up and deliver the goods….

    3. The O line will probably not be helped a lot by draft for next season. The O linemen coming out of college are mostly not ready to play in pro-style offenses. That’s why it may be better to draft hardworking, quick-learning athletic linemen in mid and later rounds like Brown.

      I expect Shanalynch to plug the gaping O line holes by overpaying for a couple of serviceable (lowest quartile) starter-level FA for the next season. Does anyone have a list of center and guard FAs?

    4. So is Lynch. First thing he did was let Kaepernick know he would be cut if he didn’t quit. He’s ruthlessly pared down roster of aging, marginal vets — Brooks & Bowman — as well as guys who haven’t cut the mustard despite being high draft choices like McDonald whom they traded to Pittsburgh.

      And they’ve been ruthless with their own FAs. Zuttah didn’t make out of training camp. Hoyer was benched then cut. Kerley didn’t make the final cut. They’ve pigeonholed Beathard to back-up despite just two games and a half-season of NFL.

      Even now you can see some of that ruthlessness coming soon to a future near the 49ers. I’m pretty sure he’s letting Reid and Hyde walk though there were some initial indications they were trying to resign them. I’ve heard nothing about them trying to resign Dontae Johnson, Daniel Kilgore, Tank Carradine, and Aaron Lynch (among others). All of whom will be 2018 FAs.

  9. Tim Ryan noted that the first Niners he generally observes going out to the practice field is Witherspoon. The guy seems to have the physical tools and work ethic to be a starter. I will be observing him when he gets a chance to line up against Fitz.

      1. Sure, 80.
        I also noted in his post-game interview that he learned from tape study on Tuesday about the Eagles’ tendency to throw to a receiver running the dig route when they line up in trips. That helped him in his interception of Wentz pass. Seems to be a learner. It’s too early to tell how he’ll do in the long run, but he’s a big change from the headcase he replaced. I like his soccer background that helps with balance in his footwork in changing directions, considering his height.

    1. Witherspoon, despite that one misplay last week that lead to the big TD, has played very well in his last couple of games. I lied him as a draft choice and I’m really kind of liking his prospects as he’s gotten stronger and more in-tune with the NFL game.

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