49ers-Cardinals Week 11 film breakdown

San Francisco 49ers tight end Ross Dwelley (82) scores against the Arizona Cardinals during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

Check out Grant’s YouTube Live film breakdown of the 49ers’ 36-26 win over the Arizona Cardinals. To watch the breakdown in full-screen mode, click the square at the bottom-right corner of the video.

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    1. Can you also when you edit, get around the time-out part of the piece of video, that would be great. Also if you could, try to have your video clips “in order” so you don’t have to constantly keep scrolling up and down every single time. I’m not sure if that’s possible… but thanks for the 49er vs Ari breakdown, it was great!!

      Side note, my 2 cents…is it possible you shrink down your picture in the corner by 25%, also can you turn up the lighting in your room a bit. And last, I suggest you go buy a few new dress shirts so you can starch the collars and give it a good iron to look more professional. Sorry Grant, that shirt collar and your others look ‘real bad’. Maybe something other than white too, like grey shirts and get a few new nice ties….Thanks!

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  1. Another good film session. Looks like you are getting the hang of it. Your new computer is light years better than your old system.
    I really like the end zone view, and the slow motion analysis.
    One small quibble. I wish you had shown Jeff Wilson and his TD, and described what the assignments were. Guess JG was throwing to a spot, because he got knocked down by the blitzer, right after he got the ball away. It almost seemed like they invited the blitz, then attacked the area the blitzer left. I could watch that play all day.

  2. I feel like the 49ers are in a downward trend at the right time. When they get their 2nd wind and a few players back they will be playing much better for a playoff run. Next few weeks might be tough but I think the 49ers will return to playing at an elite level by the end of the year. I’d like to see Saleh figure out a way to get Bosa a little rest for the end of year and playoff run.

    2nd random thought. Who is the worst coach in the NFL? Brian Flores, Zac Taylor, Kliff Kingsbury, and Matt Patricia are too new so they get an exemption from the discussion. I’m going to have to go with 1. Bill O’Brien 2. Adam Gase 3. Freddie Kitchens 4. Jason Garrett

    I gave the winner of the worst to Bill O’Brien. He has a Ferrari at QB and a Maserati at WR but he drives that offense at 35 mph on the autobahn. He is the new Jeff Fisher of NFL coaches. He’s absolutely awful.

    1. Yes losing Kittle was HUGE>>>>huge……but the teams now have a book on how to play them….teams have studied up and are now mincing the defense and running against them…game plan etc…they have found the weaknesses

      The Offense will look a lot better with Kittle and Breida

      Not trying to beat a dead horse but JimmyP must stop making boneheaded plays….he does it every friggin game

    2. Sorry, but if you’re going to give exceptions, you can’t just not count Freddie Kitchens. He’s as new as they come.

      1. You right. I was giving him time served as the OC last year. If the other guys get pass then Kitchens does as well.

        1. I have to agree with Pot Kettle and say Gase, bit you make an excellent point with regards to O’Brien. He’s got so much to work with and yet he’s straight up garbage.

  3. Hey Grant, u and your family have seen a few 9er games over the years. That td pass to Wilson reminded me of Roger Craig and Earl Cooper and Wendell Tyler and Tom Rathman and Garrison Hearst and especially Ricky Watters. Against a certain defensive look, the RB looks like he is going to block and then cuts off of the defender. I just thought it looked kind of familiar.

  4. Cant ask for a better script for the last six games of the season. The team gets to play three first place teams, Packers, Ravens, Saints, then Shanny’s old team the Falcons, last years NFC champions and fighting for their playoff life’s the Rams, and to end the season the Seahawks on the road. That’s a pretty incredible lineup to finish a story book season up to this point. This season isn’t nearly done and I am already looking forward to next season.

    To be the best you have to beat the best, starting Sunday….

      1. 49ers will be playing their 3rd game in 13 days against a Packers team coming off a bye. 49ers likely won’t have Kittle or Breida and Sanders likely won’t be 100% from his rib injury. On defense Dee Ford will likely miss the game. On the plus side, the 49ers won’t be playing a qb who can run the read option so they will be able to tee off a little bit more on the pass rush. I don’t expect this to be a 49er win at this point. However, I do expect the 49ers to be able to beat the Packers in the playoffs if the 9ers can get their playmakers healthy. This game is just really bad timing for the 49ers from a scheduling and an injury perspective.

        1. KS will razzle dazzle the Packers with some exotic blitzes.
          Expect Aaron to be supine instead of super.
          Sherwin will have an interception and a TD.
          JG will fake pump and run one in for a TD
          42-9 for the 49ers!
          GO NINERS!!!

              1. Per The Doobie Brothers….

                Well, I built me a raft and she’s ready for floatin’
                Ol’ Mississippi, she’s callin’ my name
                Catfish are jumpin’, that paddle wheel thumpin’
                Black water keeps rollin’ on past just the same

    1. I said that the Seahawks game is here the rubber meets the road and what happened?? they lost =Jimmy in particular was kinda bad..

      Jimmy needs to step up and stop making dumb throws and dumb plays period … otherwise they may drop the next few games…..its time for him to man up

  5. Grant,
    I didnt get a chance to see the whole of it before you edited it. At 30:08 you cut from a bad jimmy interception to a good catch…. Leave in the unedited stuff. I like it. Also, when Jimmy was looking the left on first pick you said left several times…. all 3 receivers are to the left and no one breaks away on the right or center. Maybe he would have fooled someone but it looks like the ball is released poorly and that is why it went to the LB.
    P.S. I really really really like your breakdowns and tell everyone that is a 49er fan about your site. You are legit and will be sad when you leave for national tv. Good work, you keep getting better and better every year and I love you bringing us along with you.

      1. Again, I only watched the first 23 minutes when it was an hour long and when I came back it was 48 mins. At about 30.08 it cuts from bad jimmy to stock up. From reading the other post maybe those 11 minutes were technical issues but watching 30:08 to 30:15 would imply some good stuff was left out. Can you fix that? We can skip technical issues on our own. Leave it in until you have your syndicated prime time national TV show. I don’t want to miss any of your analysis. As a pure fan, you have brought me back into liking football. Football is really technical and I use to just watch it like a child back in the 80s, they either win or they don’t, they either have success in a play or they don’t. Because I was a child and that gets old as an adult. I feel I am finally seeing the intellectual aspect of football, the strategy that techmo bowl and madden don’t teach. If the NFL wants to gain viewership they need “you” doing this for all 32 teams, to bring all fan bases that want to grow up in their understanding of the game. Lots of people want to understand it more and don’t have the years of experience playing it to grasp it. Most talk shows make superficial statements, even if they have former coaches and players, to “dumb” down the game. It is too fast of a game to understand these issues from just watching it. Instant reply on TV doesn’t do it justice because of the need to “dumb” down the game. Romo got rave reviews because he could predict the game so well, because he understood it. People wanted to know how he could do it. The people are hungry for this. You break it down like a legit teacher. Again, thank you for bridging that gap.

        1. Thanks so much, Snake. I believe this is the future of football journalism and every NFL beat reporter will do these breakdowns in five years. NFL fans are much hungrier for knowledge than the league gives them credit for.

          1. “NFL fans are much hungrier for knowledge than the league gives them credit for.”
            Very good point. But video breakdown has been “the future” for over two years now. I got hooked on Ted Nguyen’s breakdowns on Inside the Pylon before he moved to The Athletic.

        2. Romo > Collingworth AMichaels….not even close….CC is horrible never talks about the play, the clock, who makes the tackle, time left etc etc etc…..Grant does a great job of breaking things down….

          1. Actually I like how Grant calls the game better than CC. His partner is good too and they both do a great job. It’s more real, less commercialized and less PC. Plus you can chime in for a comment or question.

            Also a new thing on his periscopes is he lets a few fans get on the air with him for a few minutes.

  6. I think a lot of people are overreacting to the defensive performance. After a poor start, the defence only gave up ten for the rest of the game, and 3 of those points were spotted due to an offensive turnover being returned inside the Niners half. They had one really poor drive after that start, a start in which they were not exactly helped by the offence going 3 and out.

    They came from 16 down and won. That’s impressive.

  7. You have to know something about football to do a film study dude. ‘Bosa’s job, I mean this guy’s job is to get the running back, and this guy here’s job is to..’. Yea champ, that’s a solid defensive scheme if you’re playing flag football in the yard. Organized football works a bit differently. Warner has gap assignments, Arizona ran a read option and Murray read Armstead, who overplayed the handoff and lost containment. Pull it together.

  8. The last 4 posts were from my catfish, so I guess I will have to refrain from engaging other posters.
    I still will make comments, and most will know whether it is my catfish or me. This catfish will post after me, so take those comments with a boulder of salt.
    Will the Niners succeed in these upcoming games? The Niners should not be worried about those teams, those teams should be afraid of the Niners. Why? Because of the Niner defense. Defense wins championships. The defense will get the ball back to the offense, and JG will lead the offense on long scoring drives.
    The Packers do have an elite QB, but he cannot win the game by himself. Lately, the Packer defense has been exposed, so the Niners just need to stay focused and composed, and reduce the number of unforced errors. This still will be a dogfight, but the Niners should prevail.
    Niners 24-23.

    1. the Packer defence has been exposed

      Just like I told you it would be. It is not the first year they have started hot and everyone proclaimed they finally had a legit defence and then later in the year cooled down sharply. I expect your concession, as you defended them to me when I said this.

    2. The catfish is getting really good at imitating me. Please look for the tell tale signs!
      I will never stop defending myself.
      Like I said yesterday, many have assailed me, and make fun of me, but they do not realize what they are really doing. They are making me relevant enough to be considered a foe. Sure, I say unconventional things, but I like to think outside the box.
      I have a right to defend myself.
      Like Grant said before; I am abused.
      I am the victim here.
      GO NINERS!!!

    3. I can tell when the catfish bites; )….but this game is too close and with those unforced errors always happening now and the injuries..ie: Kittle and the bunch..I see 27-24 GB. I “really” hope it’s the 49ers 27-24.

  9. 49ers’ Ahkello Witherspoon expected back in starting lineup vs. Packers

    Another dumb idea….why not let E-man continue playing at a high level and bring ahkello in gently…whatz the rush?

    I would have thought the lessons learned from the Sea loss was “there should be no rush to replace players playing at a high level with players coming from injury”

    Dumb move and I see him getting beat up by Rogers….just plain dumb.

    1. You never should lose your job because of injury. The Niners learnt that lesson by giving old wind up the job over Alex Smith.
      Look how that turned out.

      1. I am not saying lose your job…
        But get eased back….a couple of drives before starting full time.

        I also recall Staley getting hurt again and talk about Mcg…rusty?

        If there is no current need to change…Why change?….or why not take it slowly.

          1. C’mon….like they had been taking slow with the Tackles….didnt you see how rusty they looked…..

            Really no need to bring him to start……dumb move

            1. Not the same.

              The tackles started as soon as they could be active. Witherspoon was up 2 weeks ago and got snaps last week on defense.

              1. Not the same….actually worse…we are talking a CB against AR….who will be running all over the field.

                What is the benefit of this change?

                Jack are you willing to say right now with all u know about NFL players …you are 100% confident spoon will play better than Eman

                Didn’t we just go through a similar situation with Varret….who had waaay more time to heal whatever was holding him back….

              2. Varrett hasn’t played in nearly 2 years. You’re mixing apples and oranges.

                Do I know that Witherspoon will be better? I think they’re pretty similar, but that’s not why I responded in the first place.

      2. If you should never lose your job because of injury, then Brady will never have happened. Neither would have Dak. Though I think Romo > Dak.

      3. The decision whether to stay with the replacement player or return to the original starter is not based on any principle other than choosing the player who gives the team the best chance to win, and that decision is based on relative performance of the two players in practice sessions during the week.

        1. B.S….i don’t need to see Spoon play to know E-man is playing at a pro bowl level

          C’mon…guys…do you really think Spoon is going to play better than E-man?

          I am not falling that B.S….the crazy thing is I never thought E-man would be half this good….i say stay with him for now….both players are cheap on the cap….no financial incentive or play advantage…..this is 100% based on feelings and it could cost us the game against A R……

          I still believe if we had left the Tackles and eased the starters in against Sea …we would have won that game in the 2nd quarter…

  10. Grant…

    Given your less-than-enthusiastic assessment of McGlinchey (over time…), does Mike’s assessment of Dwelley hold much water?

    Grant Cohn

    Mike McGlinchey on Ross Dwelley: “He is a great player. He would be a starter on other teams.”

  11. The Packer defense has improved, especially considering the last couple years. The Smith bros have been playing at a high level, and Darnell Savage has justified is first round status.
    Their defense has helped defeat the Vikings, Cowboys and Chiefs.
    The Chargers game exposed some weaknesses, but the Packer offense was anemic, too. I think the Niner defense can stymie Rodgers, too.
    I really do not need to concede anything about them, since they are helping the team produce an 8-2 record, which is leading their division. Their overall stats may be down because they have played against some high powered offenses.
    Rodgers, coupled with that defense, will be a daunting challenge. JG is going to have to play mistake free, in order to defeat them. The Niners need to establish a running game, so I hope we see Wilson get more snaps.

    1. Please ignore the catfish. I have to give him credit though. He really starts to sound like me.
      KS and Saleh are clever enough to outsmart an old coot like Rodgers!
      GO NINERS!

  12. “Three incompletions in 10 series following an interception…”

    Maybe Jimmy G needs to throw an interception on his very first play and get it over with.

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