49ers @ Chargers preseason live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter 49ers preseason game against the Chargers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

9:30 Daniels runs into a sack on first down but throws a nice deep pass to Collie on second down. Collie drops it, though. He’s not making the team.

9:31 Daniels gets sacked on third down. It’s safe to say the 49ers’ second-team offensive line is not so good.

9:32 Dawson pushes a 52-yard field goal wide right.

9:38 The Chargers turn the ball over on downs. Their punter is hurt. Cam Johnson brings the heart on fourth down and forces Sorensen to throw incomplete. The 49ers take over at their own 43.

9:44 Lavelle Hawkins just made one of the best plays you’ll ever see. Hawkins ran over the middle, tipped the ball up in the air, caught it, broke two tackles and ran 30 yards for a touchdown. 34-6 Niners. If they keep a sixth receiver on the final roster, Hawkins should be that guy.

9:47 Tim Ryan just said, “This team is peaking at the right time.” I think he’s off by about four months, give or take.

9:56 Great drive for Daniels. He starts out gaining 13 yards on a read-option. He followed that up with a 36-yard scramble. He topped it all off with a perfect 15-yard fade pass to Jacobs for a touchdown. 41-6 49ers.

10:03 Tim Ryan just said the 49ers are in trouble if either Justin Smith or Ray McDonald go down because the 49ers’ don’t have any other rushers inside. Do you agree?

10:06 Chad Hall makes an appearance on defense before the Chargers punt.

10:07 And that’s the ball game. 49ers win 41-6. Stay tuned for my grades.

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