49ers coach Kyle Shanahan not ready to commit to quarterback Nick Mullens full-time

El quarterback de los 49ers de San Francisco Nick Mullens lanza un pase en la primera mitad del juego ante los Raiders de Oakland el jueves 1 de noviembre de 2018 en Santa Clara, California. (AP Foto/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — The story was supposed to be about Nick Mullens. That would have been the obvious storyline.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to the media Thursday for the first time since naming Mullens the starting quarterback for Monday night’s game against the New York Giants. This was Shanahan’s opportunity to explain his decision.

Instead, Shanahan seemed more interested in talking about the quarterback he just benched, C.J. Beathard.

“C.J.’s story is not over,” Shanahan insisted. “Someday, I don’t know when, he will get (another) opportunity. He has the ability, the toughness, the mind to be a very successful quarterback in this league.”

In other words, the Mullens Era may not last long.

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  1. Tabloid tier garbage.

    ““C.J.’s story is not over,” Shanahan insisted. “Someday, I don’t know when, he will get (another) opportunity. He has the ability, the toughness, the mind to be a very successful quarterback in this league.”

    Translation: He’s still gonna be good, please somebody trade for him.

    Translating the translation: CJ will never throw another pass for SF, barring injury.

    “To an extent, Shanahan has staked his reputation on Beathard.”

    No dear, he staked his reputation on Garoppolo, passing on Cousins, Beathard, and Mullens.

    “Shanahan was more interested in Beathard than Patrick Mahomes,”

    KS’ master plan was to get Cousins. He didn’t need a QB yet, hence Brian “The Bridge” Hoyer.

    “Shanahan wasn’t particularly interested in Mullens, either.”

    Nobody was, as he went undrafted.

    1. “A.J. is a very talented player. He has never been an issue or a problem as a teammate. He competes. He works very hard and there’s no reason that both these guys can’t end up having a great career.”
      ~Jim Harbaugh on A.J. Jenkins

      Coaches sometimes say things to protect players they are invested in, even when evidence to the contrary is abundant. Having said that, I could see Beathard doing ok if he tightens some of his play. Kind of like the team…

      1. Didn’t you mock Lattimore to SF? Why? Did you think we should have used the pick on a non-QB because we could probably get Cousins? Did you think Mahomes would be this good (props to CFC)? Did you think an Air Raid QB would struggle in this offense?

          1. Retrospect is a curious thing. Wonder how you’ll assess 9er decisions, effectiveness, player performance, etc. (over the period 2017-2022) 30 years from now? Kinda doubt it’ll be a regurgitation of your day-to-day hot takes.

            1. I would have drafted Lattimore, and he’s a great player, but it seems pretty clear Mahomes would have been the best pick.

              1. without reservation, Lattimore could have started from DAY 1. Nobody, including Andy Reid, would have inserted Mahomes as a starter from Day 1, regardless of how well he worked out in the pre-draft exercises.

                don’t understand why KS is so stuck on not admitting the facts. as a youngster, I remember the Raiders cutting LBer Rod Martin, a 12th round draft pick in 1977, not once, but twice, and I believe he also was released in between by the Niners. He had 3 interceptions of Jaworski in the SB vs. the Eagles and had a very good career. Raider front office personnel often referred in retrospect to their gaffs about releasing Martin and were only more adamant in giving players longer looks and multiple opportunities.

                Another player who was not given much of a chance by the team originally drafting him was a guy named Johnny Unitas. After his collegiate career, the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL drafted Unitas in the ninth round. However, Unitas was released before the season began as the odd man out among four quarterbacks trying to fill three spots. Steelers’ head coach Walt Kiesling had made up his mind about Unitas; he thought he was not smart enough to quarterback an NFL team, and Unitas was not given any snaps in practice with the Steelers.

                Out of pro football, Unitas—by this time married—worked in construction in Pittsburgh to support his family. On the weekends, he played quarterback, safety and punter on a local semi-professional team called the Bloomfield Rams for $6 a game.

                In 1956, Unitas joined the Baltimore Colts of the NFL under legendary coach Weeb Ewbank, after being asked at the last minute to join Bloomfield Rams lineman Jim Deglau, a Croatian steel worker with a life much like Unitas’, at the latter’s scheduled Colts tryout. The pair borrowed money from friends to pay for the gas to make the trip. Deglau later told a reporter after Unitas’ death, “[His] uncle told him not to come. [He] was worried that if he came down and the Colts passed on him, it would look bad (to other NFL teams).” The Colts signed Unitas, much to the chagrin of the Cleveland Browns, who had hoped to claim the rejected Steeler quarterback.
                Unitas made his NFL debut with an inauspicious “mop-up” appearance against Detroit, going 0-2 with one interception. Two weeks later, starting quarterback George Shaw suffered a broken leg against the Chicago Bears. In his first serious action, Unitas’ initial pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Then he botched a hand-off on his next play, a fumble recovered by the Bears. Unitas rebounded quickly from that 58–27 loss, leading the Colts to an upset of Green Bay and their first win over Cleveland. He threw nine touchdown passes that year, including one in the season finale that started his record 47-game streak. His 55.6-percent completion mark was a rookie record.
                In 1957, his first season as the Colts full-time starter at quarterback, Unitas finished first in the NFL in passing yards (2,550) and touchdown passes (24) as he helped lead the Colts to a 7–5 record, the first winning record in franchise history. At season’s end, Unitas received the Jim Thorpe Trophy as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player by the Newspaper Enterprise

              2. Dang, you and 49 are giving me a run for my money. ;p
                Good post. Very educational, and thanks for the spaces between the paragraphs. It made it easier to read.

          2. In retrospect, you should have mocked Mahomes to the Niners. You were not able to see that Mahomes would be this good, that is incompetence. You’re on the hot seat now. Just turn in your press pass and sit on your pen, you won’t be needing them anymore.

      2. I completely agree with your earlier article about KS having to decide HC or OC? Jury’s still out on that one, but HERE I think he’s spot on.

        He doesn’t want to lose CJ ’cause he might need him again… SOON. Even if Nick performs well he can get hurt on the next play. KS was sparing (putting it charitably) with praise when CJ was starting. Actually, he threw him under the bus more than once.. NOW he’s laying on the “attaboys” to keep his confidence.. WELL DONE, albeit not necessarily an answer to OC/HC?

      3. QUESTION: What else stands out to you about that interview (pre draft interview with Mullens) and that process?

        Here is the way Grant appears to have conveniently edited out the part where Kyle sayswe watched him (Mullens’ game film) and liked him”

        Grant Cohn’s version –

        KYLE: “Rich really liked him and put in the most time on him,” Shanahan said. “When (Mullens) came in (for an interview), we thought he looked like Rich’s younger son. We gave (Scangarello) a lot of crap for why he liked (Mullens) so much.”

        Here is the actual transcript –

        KYLE: “The first thing that stood out, [quarterbacks coach Rich] Scangarello, our quarterback coach, had told us about him for a while. We watched him and liked him. Rich really liked him and put in the most time on him. The first thing that stood out is when he came in, thought he looked like Rich’s younger son. So, we kind of gave him a lot of crap for it on why he liked him so much. But, that was the main thing. He was dressed nice, looked like he was interviewing for a quality control job. You could tell why he was so successful in college just by how he talked and how he saw the game.

        Grant, as a writer/reporter, do you believe it is proper to present a transcript as if it is verbatim, when in fact you’ve conveniently edited Kyle’s answers, or could this be construed as misleading?

    2. Shanahan went against everyone else in the building to draft CJ and now has to account for his mistake. Does anyone really think that only people on this blog think it was an incredibly foolish move? He stuck his neck out, and others are going to try hold him accountable but he’s not ever going to admit he screwed up. Well, maybe after he delivers his first Super Bowl he might.

      1. If Shanahan stuck his neck out to draft CJ then did Lynch stick his neck out to draft Foster? It cost a lot more to get Foster and he’s had far less impact than CJ.

        1. Shanahan may know how to draw up plays, but not a great judge of talent , Mullens or CJ is a no brainer, this was clear in pre-season Mullens is much better no contest

          1. If that’s the case as you say, clearly the 49ers wouldn’t have been the only team to bring the kid in for a visit….🧠

      2. “Shanahan went against everyone else in the building to draft CJ and now has to account for his mistake. ”
        Source? I haven’t heard this narrative from anyone but you. Ok, maybe Grant when he said Kyle insisted on trading up. However, Lynch stated HE thought it was best to move up and get him when they were only giving up 1 of their 7th rounders.

        1. You should watch the presser after the second day of the draft. JL threw KS a bone, because KS complained all the picks were on defense so far, before they moved up to grab CJB. Many sources have said that KS thought CJB was the best QB in the draft, for his system. Only Dobbs, Peterman, Kayaa and Kelly were QBs chosen after CJB.
          NN and the posters on this site all discounted spread QBs. Mahomes was moving up, but many assigned him a second round or late first round grade. Many panned Reid for drafting a QB, when he had Alex, and there were other big needs. DE, RB, WR and Safety because of Berry being a question mark, were rated bigger needs than QB. Now, with Alex in Washington, Reid is looking like a genius for picking Mahomes.

          1. Multiple sources have reported CJ was the guy Kyle like most. That was not my contention.
            My contention was with the narrative that he “insisted” on taking him or went “against the building” without providing any sources or evidence.

            1. Watch that presser, and also read what Peter King wrote.
              York said- ‘ We’d all sleep better if we got him instead of waiting ’til tomorrow.’
              That fits the narrative that KS wanted his favorite choice. He jumped at the chance to move up and get CJB, since Trubisky, Watson, Mahomes, Kizer and Webb were off the board.

              1. How does that statement fit the idea that Kyle insisted or went against the room to get his guy?

                I have read and watched the interviews including one in which Peter King stated, he thought Kyle was more willing to wait until the 4th for Beathard. And that he thought Lynch was the one that wanted to make sure Kyle got a QB he liked.

              2. Forgive me for not prefacing my comment with “I think” or “IMO” as it was speculation. Most all realize this because, also IMO, virtually no one has access to accurate information. MM is reputed to be an “insider” but in today’s journalism that means he is a conduit for information released by the 49ers PR department and if he really tries to dig up the truth, his access will be cut off.

                Here’s a link to a draft report on Beathard: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/c.j.-beathard?id=2557922

                Consenses 6-7 th round, Overall grade 5 (Mullens was 4.83 but got dinged mostly for size and stature)
                Read his weaknesses. They read like a review of what we see every game he has played, and there are no signs of improvement. Again, IMO.

                Interesting that in all the reading I have done on this board, I don’t recall you asking others to provide evidence of their position but then I just learned that you are part of a self appointed thought police patrol that monitors other posters.

                Since turnabout is fair play, please post your evidence that someone knowledeable about football “inside the building” agreed that CJ’s record justified trading up in the third round for a consensus 6-7 round career backup. I believe they let Kyle have his way despite their better judgment, but of course I could be wrong.

              3. Doesn’t matter where Beathard was taken. They got the player they wanted. Too early to bury anyone for the pick. It’s all about CJ regaining his confidence right now, and maybe sitting until the next opportunity arises is the best thing for him right now….

      3. Yes, at the very least, they appear to have selected CJ too early in the draft. At best, he’ll develop into a career backup, and at worst, he’s going to end up busting out of the league in relatively short order. However, it’s not as if the 49ers drafted him in the top 10. Personally, think the Solomon Thomas pick was worse, considering his lack of impact for a top 3 overall pick, but the Beathard pick gets more criticism because he’s a QB. 3rd round picks often fail to properly develop into a viable NFL starters, that’s why GM’s and in this case HC’s should be judged on the success or failure of an entire draft class in its totality.

        What’s funny to me is that Kyle and John clearly signaled last season that they felt that Beathard likely wasn’t the long term answer at QB, which is why they traded for garoppolo, and paid him a boatload of money. They’ve hitched their wagons to Jimmy G, and they’ll ultimately be judged on the success or failure of Garoppolo, not their 3rd round pick of a QB. And if Garoppolo is who we think he is, and Mullens ends up being the long term backup, then its ALL GOOD!

  2. Hmmm, one QB is 1-9, with 10 turnovers, the other QB threw 3 TDs with a 151 QBR.
    Tough decision? More like a no brainer.
    KS is in full ‘Coach Speech’ mode. He is doubling down on CJB, because he moved up in the draft to select him. With all the effusive praise of CJB, Mullens is almost an afterthought.
    ‘To an extent, KS has staked his reputation on CJB’. Yup. He did not allow JG to play for 3 games. Then JG overcame the coaching and threw into triple coverage to complete passes. After a 5 game winning streak, JG forced their hand, but once JG went down, KS decided that CJB was the best QB in the building. Mullens must have been relegated to the equipment shed.
    Mullens is like JG, he thinks so fast, the game slows down for him. With CJB, the game is so fast, CJB slows down.

  3. So I’m guessing the superior thinking strength Grant believes he has doesnt see this at another angle.
    Like maybe he’s trying to keep CJB confidence up? Maybe he’s trying to push Mullins into staying focused with a little more heat and competition?

    Naaaa. Let’s go right into tabloid mode and push a narrative on how bad KS as a leader and coach. Next I’ll read KS and CJB have a secret love affair and plan to leave for Mars with their pet dragons in the offseason to solidify this affair.
    I’m time I’m betting you will be the Jim Acosta of 49ers press day.
    Keep it up Grant. At best it’s a good laugh.

    1. Niners have missed on a few players C.J, some running back can’t even remember his name but got every opportunity to make the team but in the end got cut, and possibly the #1 pick from last year. Doesn’t make K.S. a bad coach or even talent scout just more attached to his draft picks. But at some point at 1-9 as a starting QB you got to see what Mullens can do. But Raiders and Giants suck, I might even look good at QB against them.

  4. Thankfull good to be alive ,Santa Rosa I get it now, nov.8 lost my house lost my town. Wife kids mother, mother in law step dad,brother,sister inlaw, nephews, sister in law all alive. Staying in Chico with sister in law brother in law . Schools, businesses, football stadium, houses gone, fatlaties have happened but not released ,yet. Wife nd older son saved some pictures nd other belongings,I only have the clothes I put on in the morning need to go get the family couple of outfits, still smell like Smokey the bear, Leo , no football champion ship game for us on Saturday , Wednesday night watched him practice t wraith field at paradise high, Thursday night walked round Chico in a Daze as that stadium and school no longer exists. Not sure I care bout nick Mullen’s right now, sorry nick it is not personal to you, told my cousin no way could I go to the game Monday which we planned for weeks. Still, thankful and great full to be alive, Santrosa, I trully know your pain

    1. Rebelscum,
      Sorry for your loss, this puts this Bog into precpective what ever the games outcome it’s pale in comperason

    2. Thinking of you and your family and all the good folks around Paradise. Friends put up horrific videos of car evacs at night with fire all around. Too much like Calistoga and Santa Rosa. Long road to full recovery, but manageable with family and friends safe.

      1. Thank you all for your good thoughts, hope to go find milk supplies and some clothes for my family wife getting pizza box and other stuff started very hopefull that some survivors of Santa Rosa fire posted a check list to get going round, thankful but feeling sad.

    3. Reb,

      So sorry to hear about your predicament. The main thing as you said is everybody is alive. Everything else can be replaced. All the best to you and your family.

    4. Rebel, we all think you do not deserve to have endured this horrible tragedy, but you put it all in perspective when you say your family is safe. Hope the death toll is small due to proper evacuation plans. Maybe the past October fires may have helped teach what to do.
      Football should be the last thing on your mind, but I hope your son gets to play that championship game, in the near future. Chico has a nice stadium.
      Godspeed, and I hope you rebuild, better than ever.

    5. Hang in there. Being a Santa Rosan it’s a horrible experience and yesterday/today it feels very much like 10/8/17 again due to the heavy smoke and ash blanketing the area… I was very fortunate my house was spared last year but many of my friends just a mile away were not near as lucky. Glad to hear you and your family are in good health and sorry you had to go through this… I certainly don’t wish it on anyone.

    6. I feel your pain Rebel – lost my home in the Tubbs Fire last year…it might not feel like it now, but it does get better…

    7. Leo , no football champion ship game for us on Saturday , Wednesday night watched him practice t wraith field at paradise high, Thursday night walked round Chico in a Daze as that stadium and school no longer exists.

      Aw man :'( my heart goes out to you and your family brother. My family and I will be praying for you man. I can’t even imagine your loss and your pain. If you guys set up a gofundme account please let us know.

      1. Thank you Coach Leo! Hope you and your team tear it up! Go get some! The Paradise Junior Midget Bob Cat teamis with you in spirit!

  5. The Mahomes thing is low hanging fruit that really doesn’t add anything to the piece. They weren’t going QB in round 1 last year.

    Shanahan is definitely more invested in Beathard. Is there a guy he pushed for in either draft that’s producing?

    1. damn am i tired of the passive aggressive criticisms of shannahan from some people on this blog. they know more about football than a head coach in the nfl.just come out and say it. you don’t like him and think you could do better.delusional

      1. Stating that he’s more invested in a guy he pushed for that was drafted in the 3rd round over an UDFA is pretty much just fact.

        I asked the question because I don’t know the answer.

      2. KS had a 9 game losing streak last season, and was 1-7 this year. He is not above reproach.
        Some of us just want him to learn from his mistakes so he does not repeat them.
        KS will get praise for winning, and criticism for losing. That is part of his job description.

        1. KS will get praise for winning, and criticism for losing. That is part of his job description”

          From a degenerate wanna be who knows nothing about football!

            1. Thank you Calistoga Red , seb, brotha tuna,razor, red, sponge bob, undercenter, and all, high school still standing most everything gone,wandered Costco in Chico with others, trying to grab clothes, hugging crying others, friends strangers. Glad to hear it gets better Calistoga red. Condolences for your loss, saved pets but lost all belongings, sad for my wife and kids that lost jewelry bikes, niner and all sports gear, but we are eternally greatdull to be alive, last I will speak of this as it is a sports blog, but all that have expressed concerns and condolences are my friends and niner compadres! Thank you! Godspeed is well said!

              1. Rebel, I will root hard for the Niners to win, because maybe that will put a smile on your face.
                I know you have so much to do, but keep us apprised of your situation, and for my part, all you need to do is ask, and I will try to help you out.
                Good health and good luck. We all want your son to win his championship.

  6. What HC in pro football is going to commit to an undrafted free agent QB after one game against a defense that might of been worst then our 2016 defense. Come on that’s just pure nonsense……….

    1. With a 2-7 team you have to feel bad for the sportswriters in the area. They have to manufacture discord or pretend like Shanahan is on the Hot Seat just to get a few clicks. At this point, what difference does it make who keeps Richburg’s butt warm while we wait for Jimmy G to recover?

  7. There is no reason he should commit to Mullens long term. He has to keep Beathard invested and has no idea what Mullens can do on a long term basis. Saying it’s week to week is exactly what he should say.

    I also don’t get all the angst over the Beathard pick in the first place. It was a late 3rd round pick where you don’t expect to get a starter anyway. He was drafted as a developmental guy who unfortunately had to play too early due to injury. Mahomes wasn’t an option because the plan was to sign Cousins the following offseason. They did get the Thomas pick wrong for sure, but that was driven by Lynch, at least it seemed that way.

    1. “I also don’t get all the angst over the Beathard pick in the first place.”

      The pick was ok. Where I disagree is that if the plan was to have him sit and develop you need to have him be #3 on the depth chart.

        1. It’s the NFL. Players get hurt.

          If you think a guy will take time to develop then you don’t put him in a position where he’s the next guy up. That’s just playing with fire, and it’s burned them twice.

          1. Not too many teams carry 3 QB’s and when you take over a roster vanished with talent, a 3rd string QB is the last of your priorities. CJB had to be both. That’s a salary cap world.

            I’m not sure why this concept of this regime trying to plug so many holes is not registering with you. You act like Shanny and Lynch walked into a situation where 2 years was going to be good enough to replenish a roster no one could win with.

            This isn’t the Carmen Policy /Eddie DeBartolo days where a turn around could happen quick. For the millionth time, its a draft and develop league now.

            1. “Not too many teams carry 3 QB’s”

              It’s about a 50-50 mix and those that are carrying only 2 have vets or high draft picks as the backup.

              If someone is going to say “He was drafted as a developmental guy” there really isn’t a good excuse for having him a play away from needing to start. That was the point.

              “That’s a salary cap world.”

              Which might be valid if they weren’t one of the most cap rich teams in the league.

              “You act like Shanny and Lynch walked into a situation where 2 years was going to be good enough to replenish a roster no one could win with.”

              When they took over they had 2 QB’s in the building that could have been competent enough to battle with Hoyer to start. One of them would have cost roughly $2 mil per year and is 4-3 as a backup the last year and this year.

              “its a draft and develop league now.”

              This is nothing new, it’s always been that way.

              The 49ers teams that won Super Bowls in the 80’s were filled with guys they drafted with a few guys from trades or FA’s.

              1. “When they took over they had 2 QB’s in the building that could have been competent enough to battle with Hoyer to start”

                Still with this Kaepernick crap? How many more times do we have to debate this? The guy is junk!

                ““its a draft and develop league now.”
                This is nothing new, it’s always been that way.

                So why are you expecting this team to be contending after the fact?

              2. “Still with this Kaepernick crap?”


                “So why are you expecting this team to be contending after the fact?”

                I wasn’t expecting this team to contend.

              3. Speaking of Kaep, the Niners held QB tryouts the other day.
                They tried out Jack Heneghan, Nic Shimonek and Logan Woodside. If you think they are better than Kaep, I will question your football knowledge. None of those players have played in the NFL. None of them are SB QBs who have set playoff rushing records, has a 4-2 road playoff record, or have a 16-4 TD to pick ratio with a 90,7 QBR during his last season. Kaep was 5 yards from wining it all, and one pass from returning.
                Sure wish JL had the guts to defy the ban, and at least give Kaep a tryout. Kaep is better than CJB, and way better than Savage.

              4. “I wasn’t expecting this team to contend”

                The way you speak about this team and what they should and should not be doing you would think they are underachieving.

                Considering the injuries and the schedule and the point loss deficit, Id say they are doing not bad all things considering. My point is they are fighting and playing hard for each other.

              5. “Speaking of Kaep, the Niners held QB tryouts the other day”

                Shut up moron! No one cares about that has been!

              6. Prime, you mentioned Kaep by name. I have tried to keep the Kaep posts down, but you gave me a golden opportunity.
                Did you know, that even you admitted that Kaep took the league by storm? I just want him to do it, AGAIN, even if I am happy with Mullens, and JG.

              7. For some reason people think losing your franchise QB for the season in week 3 means business as usual!

        2. I predicted that Hoyer would pull a Gabbert, and bench himself. Guess what? I was right.
          Prime, you could not imagine a thing like that because you do not have an iota of common sense, much less football knowledge.
          JG did not go down in the second game of the season. It was the third game.

          1. You are right Seb, it was the 3rd game. You finally broke the cherry with being right about something. Congrats! Be proud!

            1. I said I hoped Mullens would throw 3 TDs before last game. Did you?
              I said that the Niners should roll out the QB and attack the edges. Mullens rolled out 4 times and threw 2 TDs. I said they should run counters and misdirections. Brieda broke off a long run doing a counter, and Mullens did a misdirection, then pitched right to Mostert, who ran down the right side for a TD. They even spread them out wide, then gashed them up the middle.
              Prime, you must have amnesia, poor reading comprehension, or are clueless. Maybe all 3.
              Glad you grudgingly admitted I was right. Bet you were grinding your teeth.

              1. Prime, I also said that KS should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. In the last 2 minutes of the second quarter, KS had all 3 time outs, so they were able to wisely use them to score just before the half time.
                Yes, I tend to repeat myself, but when KS took my advice, I get to crow. Too bad you think hurling insults makes you look smart. It does the exact opposite.

          2. I predict……………………..the sun will rise in the East and set in the West…..MY prediction!!!!

            Lets see tomorrow morning…………………..

            1. Sebs…….

              You have a tendency to “crow” about any of your successes, or your childrens. or anything affiliated with you!


          1. Some of us actually remember things as they truly were.


            “When you go in and you have some guys that you’re excited with at the one and two spot and then you draft a guy who’s coming in penciled as the three… people call that a project,” Shanahan said”

            CJ was “penciled as the three” by Kyle himself. There was competition, and CJ won that comp, but cubus’ comment was absolutely correct.

              1. Cubus said, “But wasn’t that the strategy initially. Hoyer was #1 and Barkley was the perceived #2.”

                Your reply, “Barkley was the perceived #2.”

                Matt Barkley LOL!!! That was a joke.”

                You specifically qouted “Barkley was the perceived #2.”, and said that quote was a joke. You said ‘That was a joke (the initial depth chart, referring to a situation), not he was a joke (Barkley, referring to a person).

              2. That Barkley was looked at as potentially being the backup WAS a joke.

                If you think I was saying that Cubus was wrong, be my guest. I wasn’t.

              3. Not wanting to sound like an apologist for Jack (and not that he needs one), but this really wasn’t that hard to interpret what he meant. The idea that Barkley could be a suitable backup was a joke. Not that Cubus was wrong in saying Shanahan’s plan was for Barkley to be the backup.

  8. Grant, thank you for another salient post. You nailed it.
    Why do I think Mullens deserves to be the starter?
    He was cool, calm, collected in the game. He kept them loose in the huddle. He did not make any glaring errors. He displayed good leadership skills.He was smart and efficient.
    Mullens was accurate, threw with anticipation, and hit his receivers in stride. I loved the tight spin on the football. Mullens invited the blitz, then countered the blitz. His roll outs produced ridiculously easy TDs.
    Most importantly, he was everything I wanted CJB to be, but was not.
    CJB should sit, study hard, and help Mullens in every way he can. He should heal fully, clear the cobwebs out of his head from all the bludgeoning he took, and learn from his mistakes. I hope he takes his demotion with class and dignity, and prepares hard because he is one play from starting.
    I hope Mullens can beat the Giants with a repeat performance, so KS will have to name him the starter for the rest of the season. Then I hope he pulls a Garoppolo, and wins out.

  9. The team seemed energized when Jimmy Garoppolo came in last year and the team seemed energized also when Nick Mullins played the raider game. Makes me wonder do the players not like CJ?

    1. I would not say they don’t like him. He just doesn’t make anyone else’s job easier. He is just too slow physically and mentally in processing plays.

    1. Yes, for all the posters and pundits who declare KS’s scheme is totally different than Bill Walsh’s, he takes a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and utilizes a FB.
      Classic West Coast offense, with Juice being utilized like Roger Craig and Tom Rathman.

        1. I think even KS has discounted the similarities between his and Bill’s system, because he wants his system to be unique.
          When he had it humming with Ryan in Atlanta, he claimed full credit for his system. It certainly was effective.
          Sure, every offense has moved on from the WCO, but principles and strategies are recognizable in every team. Brady is master of the short pass, ball control, stick moving WCO, but with a Belichick twist.

          1. Believe Grant. I am old school, and think the classic WCO is timeless.
            Of course, it would help to have Joe or Steve executing the system, and Jerry catching footballs.

        2. How can you say this offense under Little Shanny is Bill Walsh’s offense. Where is Dino, Razor, Scissors, Seattle, Denver, Hank, Winston, Sprint Right Option, 26/27 Bob Trey O; 95/94; 40 Draw; 22/23 Z In, Dancer; Chatter Dancer, etc.,etc., etc.???????? I could go on with all of the Buzz words to tagg the plays, but I hope you get the idea of the non-Walsh playbook!!!!!!!

          The run and screen game are not anything close to Bill’s offense, lest you kid yourself or a dreaming.

          1. Shanny’s terminology originated from the West Coast, but the term; West Coast offense is vague and has splintered into many different variations….

          2. I kinda like the- Y stick.
            Short and simple. Its Brent Jone’s favorite.
            Over complicated terminology may have led to them defeating themselves, with the false starts and running the wrong routes.

            1. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, I think every team used to run the WCO, or a variation of it. It is a copycat league.
              Now, there is more shotgun, with a wide open passing game. They are evolving from the WCO, just like they moved on from the read option. They definitely have moved on from the Bo Schembechler, 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense.

            2. Shanahan’s history studying Walsh also extends to X’s and O’s. He runs what many consider a “modernized” version of Walsh’s West Coast offense. It’s a scheme derived from many of the same principles as Walsh’s original concept and includes a lot of the same language, but in execution, it has evolved along with the game. So while Shanahan is studying tape of how Walsh interacted with his teams, he’s not necessarily looking back at how he ran his offense.

              “You don’t go back and study that anymore; that’s what we’ve done every year, building as time has gone,” Shanahan said. “Bill Walsh is as good as it gets. They talk about the West Coast offense and what it is, but it’s really just more terminology now. The terminology we use originated from the West Coast, so I’d say if you label us something, then maybe we are a West Coast offense, but what that is now is very vague. Everyone’s offense has gone in different ways, but we do use that terminology, and [he] was definitely a pioneer of this sport.”

            3. Maybe Grant could ‘School’ us on what kind of system KS runs, but I think he is way more like Bill Walsh than a JH or Bill Parcell’s system.
              Even Mike Shanahan had WC roots but with more of a wrinkle in the running game.
              Andy Reid, a BW disciple, ran a form of the WCO, but now, he added the deep ball element.
              Mike McCarthy learned from Paul Hackett, another BW disciple.
              Sean McVay runs a form of the WCO, but on steroids.

              1. Both Kyle and his Father’s offensive systems have a lot of Bill Walsh concepts and terminology, much like many other offensive Coaches in the league right now. They all have their own variations and have incorporated some of the College staples, but almost all of these offenses have WCO principles at their core.

          3. Mike, there is where I think the KS scheme has its drawbacks. The terminology is too wordy. Sure, after a couple years, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman had mastered the terminology, but with a rebuilding team, coming off a 2 win season, it was like calculus to a high schooler. KS needed to simplify the system.
            When players have to process the terminology, it makes them think too much, which leads to hesitations, overloading the thought processes. Instead, the players should get the call, then instinctually react quickly, without over thinking. That was also the problem with the defense with Mangenius and O’Neal. Too much reading, and too little reacting.
            So, yeah, the KS scheme is clever, and if run correctly, can be very productive. Provided there are good players at the skill positions, and the O line is stout. However, with Hoyer and CJB, the system could not function properly, because the first thing Bill Walsh emphasized, was finding an accurate QB. KS and the Niners floundered to an nine game losing streak.
            Then a miracle happened, and JG was dropped in JL’s lap. The KS system was so complicated and wordy, KS would not let JG play for 3 games. Thankfully, KS got smart and allowed JG to take a page out of the BB playbook. Plays that JG was comfortable with and competent at.
            Then came the Seahawk game. CJB stumbled along, but became injured. In came JG with little time and low expectations.JG was clutch. He was an instant leader, gained a first down, then rolled out and threw a strike for a TD. I could hardly wait until next week.
            When JG started, it was like a revelation. So THIS is what a good QB looks like. He was accurate and threw with anticipation. JG threw a catchable ball and he hit his receivers in stride, He avoided sacks with a quick release. He overcame the coaching by throwing into triple coverage, completing passes. The previous coaches would never allow a QB to throw into triple coverage, nor double coverage. JG did it, and made it look easy. JG made everyone better, and that 5 game winning streak gave me hope.
            This season, JG had time to study the terminology, so he had better command of the playbook. He lost the first game, won the second, but even with winning the game, KS was dissatisfied, because JG held onto the ball too long, and allowed the pocket to collapse upon him.
            Then disaster struck, and JG tore his ACL. CJB came in. He had command of the playbook, but still found ways to lose. CJB held onto the ball too long, and took a beating in the pocket. CJB became injured, and Mullens started this last game. He, too had 2 years to assimilate the system, so he had command of the playbook. However, he was accurate, was allowed to roll out of the pocket, and they kicked Oakland’s rear end. It was a good win, but it was against a downtrodden dysfunctional dumpster fire. NY, even with one win, will be a much sterner test.
            So how could they simplify the terminology? By scripting plays, a Bill Walsh staple. Instead of Dino, Razor, Scissors, Seattle, Denver, Hank, Winston, Sprint right option, it could be play 1. Instead of 7 words, it could be play 2. There could be a progression through the list of the first 15 plays, but they could go back and do an earlier number, if the defense is weak against it. Option plays could be called, and the decision to run or throw could be determined by what Mullens reads about the defense or a player.
            By simplifying things, they could be more efficient and play faster. By mastering the play calling, the players could know automatically what the first down play will be. By determining ahead of time, and being thoroughly prepared, they would automatically know what play will be called when confronted with second and 6. If confronted with second and short, they could go deep, because even if they do not make it, it will still be third and short.
            If prepared well enough, on second or third down,they could run up to the line of scrimmage and fire off a play, hopefully catching the defense substituting, for a free play. That play could be morphed into a long strike down field.
            So all the wordy play calling may impress you, but for me, I hope KS simplifies things. Then Mullens will not be telling KS to shut up in the huddle. Walsh and Seiffert won 5 rings with the WCO and their terminology. KS lost a SB with his scheme. Maybe once the team is complete and is past the rebuilding stage, should they make things more complicated.
            Football is pretty elemental, it is not rocket science, unless you let it be.

            1. The WCO play calling was not that complex…for example…Blue Right; Z Short; 2 Jet; Flanker Drive.

              There is the formation, the movement, the protection and the pattern (the Jerry Rice pass)

              Walsh was not a fan of the Shotgun because he believed that each pattern was tied to a distinct drop by the QB; hence, the timing of the play.

              He had QB drops – Quick 3; a Big 3; a 1 and a quick 2; a fast 5; a 3 and 2; a big 5; a fast 7; a 5 and 2, etc…..impossible to have that kind of timing in the gun.

              Timing is something you create with the pattern and the progressions tied to the QB’s drop and reset.

              1. The gun is part of the zone read which Shanny employed 30% of the time as well as out of the smaller caliber pistol formation. This scared defenses enough to be prepared for it at all times and instead of 10 vs. 11, it’s 11 vs. 11. It’s used as a constraint, and it expands the playbook. The game has evolved and the quarterbacks mostly play their college careers outta the gun….

              2. I agree, and Steve did not like the shotgun because he had to take his eyes off the defense to catch the snap.
                All I am saying is that a rebuilding team needs to master the fundamentals before graduating to more complex tactics.
                I will agree with Razor and Rocket that the WCO is the basis for KS’s system, but I will also agree with you that KS’s scheme has evolved from and is more complex than the classic WCO. KS is very smart, but I will not call him a genius quite yet. Maybe after he wins a SB.
                I am just glad I see a lot of the WCO in KS’s playcalling, unlike Chip and JH’s system.

  10. CJ lost some confidence, and Mullens is brimming with it. Scangarello & Professor Moody proved their worth by identifying him. The lack of arm strength on the out throws is the one weakness the Giants might expose. Big stage, big opportunity and big challenge for Big Dick Nick. Can he rise to the occasion?

  11. Lets see how Mullen does in a few games. Not much to lose. I’ve watched both CJ and Nick. My perception is that Nick is the much better player than CJ because Mullen in much more precision, accurate and quick than CJ.

  12. I agree with Grant. They blew it on Mahomes. I’m a relative newcomer here but on a previous message board, I banged the drum for Mahomes consistently. I watched a lot of him in college and there was one game that really sold me on the kid and it wasn’t his 700 yard game. It was against TCU and their tough defense. Mahomes didn’t force anything. He took what the TCU defense was giving him and even used his legs a bit more. His restraint was admirable. That game sold me on the kid.

    I knew he was going to be lights out and I knew the Niners would never draft him, because Kyle still has PTSD from RGIII and Manziel. He HATES improvisers and RPO guys. He likes programmable units. Did you catch his offhanded hyperbole for Mullens? He called him a “machine out there” and that is ultimately what Kyle is looking for. A machine to run his system. Well, if that’s the case, then Mullens is the best machine on the team right now, because CJB ain’t no machine.

    Hats off to Scangarello. I wonder what else he does well? Maybe one day, we’ll find that one out too.

          1. I like it, but it would mean either trading Joe, retirement or slotting Williams in at guard for a year. I still like the idea of grabbing our FS with the first pick. Deionte Thompson is similar to Hooker without the durability concerns, and would seem to give this defense what it needs to take it to the next level….

  13. Someone should run a DNA test of CJ to see if he is perhaps not a love child of Shanahans. That might account for the love he has been getting from Shanny.

    1. That could happen with any player and that is why teams should never put all there eggs into one basket ( with the possible exception of QB) One injury and all that cap space goes into the toilet.

  14. This is the first week in a while that there is no question Breida will be available.

    I just can’t explain this guy……

    Breida leads the 49ers with 531 yards and two touchdowns on 96 rushing attempts. He ranks ninth in the NFL, and nobody with more rushing yards can top his 5.5-yard average

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