49ers coach Kyle Shanahan says C.J. Beathard improving as QB

San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard warms up prior to an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018, in Carson, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Sanchez)

SANTA CLARA — On Wednesday, Kyle Shanahan said he sees definite improvement in C.J. Beathard. One play in particular showed Beathard’s growth from last season to now.

It wasn’t the 82-yard touchdown pass to tight end George Kittle Beathard threw against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. Beathard threw an 83-yard touchdown pass last season. And it wasn’t the heroic four-and-a-half-yard scramble on third-and-five. That’s when Beathard got the wind knocked out of him and almost left the game. He made tough runs last season, too.

Beathard’s most impressive play was a modest 13-yard pass over the middle. But the degree of difficulty was off the charts. Beathard threw the pass while taking a vicious hit. “I don’t know if I would have been able to get that (pass) out last year,” Beathard said.

Here’s what happened on Sunday.

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  1. The sooner Beathard commands respect through the air, the sooner our ground pounders will see one less defender in the trenches….

  2. Joe Fann : Funny moment during Kyle Shanahan’s presser today. He was discussing George Kittle’s lack of big receiving numbers at Iowa. Shanahan blamed the QB who “couldn’t get him the ball.” That QB, obviously, was C.J. Beathard.

  3. Beathard still getting beat hard! Face it the season is a epic disaster! The fans that bought season tickets are pissed.You can sprinkle Holy water in the Red Zone & pray that C.J. & the offense cross into the Holy Land/end zone.

    1. It’s true CJ is gonna get killed out there, don’t know how much more his body can take with 300lb bulldozers hitting you all day. Hopefully he can last and the passing game improves and they spread more recievers wide. The box should shrink then to 7-8 defenders to open up the running game?

        1. So far….12 games to go. Yikes, he’s not made of iron.

          They have needs in many areas but the foundation like a house is the QB, so the bricks up front need to be solid. The 49ers need to go all in ..in a way on the OL this year or thru the draft in ’19 and FA’s.

    1. That makes sense.
      I had heard either on the radio or on a TV broadcast that Shanahan will call plays he has never run in practice. Which, while not a big deal in terms of knowing your responsibility at any particular position, would be quite taxing on a qb. Every other position can just listen to the number/word/letter and it will explain the the block or route to be run but the qb has to marry all that together.
      This might also explain why his offense takes longer to master than others, and could also mean that Beatherd is slightly further along in terms of his knowledge of the offense than even Jimmy. *Note* the last part may not be true just due to the shear number of reps Jimmy should have had as the starter.

  4. Gosh, is Grant trolling me? Here is another picture of CJB with his tongue sticking out.
    Some day, a DE will blindside him. He will bite off his tongue if he continues to do that. Believe me, sticking out the tongue does nothing to help with accuracy.
    Does Rich Scangarello coach CJB that it is no big deal? A QB coach should be looking out for the health and safety of his QBs. Grant just detailed a hard hit CJB took as he delivered the ball.

    1. It’s definately strange and not ideal but it’s also not something you can easily coach out of a player. Instinctive traits like this or throwing motion etc take thousands of reps to change. Even then players often revert to form in game situations. I imagine he has been warned about this at almost every level but still does it.

    2. So what’s the big deal? Lonnie Lott loses a finger tip and he’s hailed as an all-time 9er–a deserving Hall of Famer. Ronnie and his truncated finger. The ultimate symbol of 9er toughness….until….

      Okay, CJ looses the tip of his tongue as he’s blindsided (roughly of course). The resultant 15 yard penalty comes on a 4th and 8 play late in the game. CJ gathers up his tongue tip and trots off the field. The appendage is put in a cup of ice. Two plays later CJ comes back in and tosses the winning TD in dramatic fashion. After the game a team doc reattaches the tip and the rest is 9er history. 9ers win out the remainder of the season–clearly a watershed moment for the franchise. With tears in his eyes Sebbie will be telling his great grand kids about that game–of course he saw it in person.

      1. Okay, CJ looses the tip of his tongue as he’s blindsided (roughly of course). The resultant 15 yard penalty comes on a 4th and 8 play late in the game. CJ gathers up his tongue tip and trots off the field.

        That CJ post-game presser would be one for the ages!

    3. As usual, Seb posts before he thinks. The photo caption:

      “San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard warms up prior to an NFL football game”

      A pox on Scangarello for not coaching CJB to wear his mouthpiece while playing catch during warmups.

      1. Haha! Back in the day Ken Stabler used to have his tongue part way out while heaving the ball–not every time, but many times.

      2. The usual suspects in the peanut gallery, just cannot refrain.
        BTW, I have seen pictures of CJB sticking out his tongue in a game.
        The coaching is incompetent if they keep allowing this. If they cannot coach up a player to avoid injury, I guess they do not care.
        Still have not seen Scangarello explain how sticking out the tongue will help CJB throw the ball accurately.

        1. The usual suspects in the peanut gallery, just cannot refrain.

          Dude, you put that kick me sign on your backside all by yourself.

          BTW, I have seen pictures of CJB sticking out his tongue in a game. The coaching is incompetent if they keep allowing this

          This season? Has it occurred to you maybe that habit has been coached out of him? (nah, nothing ever occurs to you)

          1. That photo caption was for September 30, 2018. Still sticking out his tongue. Old habits die hard.
            I want CJB to keep his tongue intact so he can speak after games.

        2. Sebbie….

          Do a Google search on NFL QB tongue…. Blake Bortles and Derek Carr show well…

          “Derek Carr! Please stop sticking your tongue out like that while you are playing quarterback. This is very dangerous!”

        3. Sebs-

          There is a very convincing theory on how sticking out the tongue helps the trajectory of the ball. Read it on “aerodynamicsengineering.com”. Fascinating stuff, will explain it all-clear up a lot of misconception.

  5. Obviously, CJ has improved. That was pretty easy to tell. My question is: are some of the hits because Beathard isn’t changing protections to pick up the extra rusher? I honestly don’t know if he’s struggling there but it seems like he’s getting hit by free rushers and that really shouldn’t be happening.

  6. What should the Niners expect on Sunday.
    The Cards are winless, so they will be desperate. The Niners should expect to see more than a few blitzes. The Niners should invite the blitz, then either roll away from the blitz, or attack away from the blitz. Mahomes defeated the blitz by throwing screens to the other side. Rivers defeated the blitz by getting rid of the ball quickly.
    The Niners need to expect more stacked boxes, so they should run more bubble screens, fly sweeps, quick slants and swing passes. They should spread them out wide to shape the defense, and attack the edges.
    The Niners need to take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and put a man in motion. Putting a man in motion could achieve many things. Putting a man in motion will allow that player to be at full speed at the snap of the ball. CJB could read the defense’s reaction to see if the defense is in man or zone. The TE could be in motion, and pinch in the DE so CJB could roll out. The man in motion will be better able to avoid the jam at the line of scrimmage. The man in motion could set up mismatches or over load a side. Putting a man in motion, then having him stop, just defeats the whole purpose of having a man in motion. It could also lead to a false start like Taylor did last game.
    The Niners should get to Rosen early, to rattle the rookie. They should do delayed blitzes up the middle, and blitz different players from different angles. Those tall D linemen need to get a hand in the air to obstruct the sight lines and hopefully tip the ball in the air for a pick.
    The defense needs to play Niner defense, not pretender defense. They need to wrap up.
    Yes, the Niners may be expected to win, but I expect a dog fight. The Niners should go bold, and go for it. They should not settle for field goals inside the red zone. The team that wants this win the most, will win.
    Lastly, the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for LEGITIMATE challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Hopefully, KS has learned his lesson from the last game. If not, I will continue to say he wasted time outs like a drunken sailor. Wisely saving time outs might be the difference between winning or losing.

      1. Yup, KS will counter the stacked box with bunched sets. He will waste more time outs. He will force CJB to deliver from the pocket, and CJB will be crushed. In the end, he will start looking like Singletary, with a bludgeoned look on his face after another self inflicted wound, and loss.
        Saleh will keep expecting the 4 man rush to get to the QB. He will play favorites, and play players out of position. His defenders will spend more time painting their faces with eye black, instead of studying the playbook. If they lose, it will just turn into clown paint. Saleh will continue to play Ward and Witherspoon, who will continue to be torched.
        The defense will become pinball wizards, bouncing off RBs.

    1. “The Niners should expect to see more than a few blitzes.”

      You think? Especially given that the Cardinals have the second highest blitz percentage in the league.

      1. I expect the Cards to do something unexpected, like play tight man on man and collapse the pocket like Patricia did in the Lions game.
        Maybe they have learned their lesson. Blitz like crazy, and have an 0-4 record.

  7. CJB is playing better than most expected I’m sure. Unfortunately the defense is still a disaster and I get the feeling Josh Rosen is going to put on his best Patrick Mahomes impersonation on Sunday……. Prove me wrong Saleh!

  8. Who cares how tough he is. He can take a hit wow. How is that going to help us. Even with jimmy we were going to do what 8-8? Maybe 9-7? With no weapons on offense or a remotely functional defense we’re gonna be 2-14 or 3-13. Hopefully we get a top 3 pick and trade down to get more picks and draft players that actually help us instead of drafting potential and depth for a team that needs playmakers. Maybe even using some of that cap space to supplement with instead of being cheap yet again. Baalke, I mean Lynch needs to get it together.

  9. Next year we should look into pairing a vet like Graham or Clowney with a 1st round rookie edge rusher, like Bosa, Ferrell or even Tillery….

    1. A d-line with Buckner, Clowney, and Bosa or Ferrell would be a top 5 d-line in the league. That would be awesome. I suspect Bosa and Ferrell will go in the top 5 so the 9ers would have to have no more than 4 wins to get those guys.

    2. Sure am glad there are several good pass rushers in this upcoming draft.
      Maybe Kentavius Street will emerge next season.

    3. Given the amount of capable edge rushers in this year’s draft, and given our secondary, I also wouldn’t mind taking Greedy Williams at CB, signing a free agent rusher, and pairing with an edge rusher taken in the 2nd round.

      1. Should be able to get a blue chip edge rusher in the top 10, but not in the 2nd round. It’s a deep OT class as well, and they’d be better served drafting one in the 2nd round to groom as Staley’s replacement imho. Williams or Baker are premier CB’s, but we’ve got a lot of young guys in Witherspoon, Moore, Reed….

  10. Well, Hammer are you ready to admit McGlinchey has been a solid pass pro, while at the same time a fantastic run blocker, especially on the move? He’s gonna be a cornerstone for us. Maybe we should take another offensive lineman outta Notre Dame next year….

    1. Im hoping we draft another DL with our first pick next Spring. Especially one from either Oregon or Stanford.

          1. Nice one, Rocket. Yea, there’s two freshman that have really stood out to me. Book and Xavier Thomas outta Clemson….

    2. Razor,

      He’s been good. Definitely caught a bit of a break with Bosa not playing last week.

      Never said he wasn’t good on the move. He still struggles with sealing off the edge when he has a man lined up over him in an outside shade. His best game was against Detroit, which makes sense because he was either free or the man was mostly lined up inside making for easy angles.

      1. At the end of his 2018 journey, he’ll get to prove just how far he’s traveled when he faces the Miller and Mack show.

    1. I think the 49ers need to get their edge rusher(s) and a free safety in free agency, then focus on CB, WR, RG, and another DE during the draft.

      1. Yeah I’d like to see that too. I’m not as high on this class of edge rushers as everyone else is though. I think Bosa and maybe Ferrell are worthy of top prospect status, but after that it really falls off for me. It’s a much better class for DT’s than it is PR’s imo.

      2. If one of the top 2 DEs in this class are available when they pick they really need to take him. Even if they sign a good FA DE.

        1. Agreed, but I don’t think that Bosa or Ferrell will fall past the fifth pick. It will also depend on whether a CB fitting of the system is still on the board.

              1. The Athletic did an article on him recently if anyone that has a subscription cares to post it. His arrow is pointing up, but I understand your sentiment. You’re not alone….

          1. If we’re drafting anywhere but #1, Bosa would need to have a medical setback to have an opportunity to trade up for him….

    2. Cassie, that is way too early to have concrete rankings. Midseason should be the earliest, but everything will change during the Bowl games, and the Combine will cause major reassessments.
      Right now, it is just wild speculation. But then again, you are an expert at that.

  11. This is becoming a bad episode of groundhog day….
    Hopes for new season..
    Utter disappointment
    Draft another d lineman and corner…
    The insanity!…..haha

  12. Seriously Prime😲…why would you do the one like that……..👊me your silent supporter……

    I am starting to get worried, you’ve just gone 180 on the blog……this is worse than ur nemesis Seb…….

    C’mon dude….i know the game sucks right now and we are all in pain but you don’t want to be lower than Seb…..or ninermd the 💩

    1. No disrespect One, never! Don’t believe these fakes. Just cause Junior reporter said it, doesn’t make it true.
      They don’t like my take cause I call out the BS. I hit a nerve and he flipped. Trust me, we are good!

        1. What I can’t figure out is who scrubs who first in the shower? You or Grant? Maybe you could put together five burning questions to help me figure that out!

    2. ‘Ur nemesis seb’.
      Naw, Prime is such a lightweight, I do not consider him a worthy opponent.
      Interesting. Both you and md throw snark at me. I guess you and md are in agreement about SOMETHING. ;p

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