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    1. lol. Stop huffing paint thinner. Yes, he’s fast. No, he’s not an accomplished NFL back (3.6 YPC coming into today vs Hyde’s 4.9). No he can’t receive (56%) better than Hyde (77%). No, he can’t pass-pro better than Hyde having seen him get his 190lb butt knocked down way too much.

  1. I’m calling it now — Niners shock the Skins next week who overlook this team. Foster and Reid provide the boost the D needs while Hoyer tries to convince Shanahan he doesn’t need Cousins…

  2. Grant, I am mad, that the Niner FO went emo, and did not sign Kaep.
    I Concede that Hoyer did OK, but he missed 2 players who were open in the end zone.
    Kaep, being a mobile QB, would allow plays that have rollouts, so he could buy time and allow his receivers to get open.The mobility of the QB would prevent those sacks, and possibly converting the third down plays for first downs.

    1. These games are so close, any better QB play could have won the game.
      I do not want Joe Montana or Steve Young, I want Kaep. Hoyer is OK, but he is still 0-5.

      1. Did you really just say that Kaep would generate less sacks and better 3rd down conversions ? He was attrocious on 3rd downs and was one of the most sacked QBs. Your recollection is heavily skewed.

        1. Buttercup, the O line play the past 2 years was putrid. This season, the O line is doing better. The WR play is much better, and Vance is not here to drop more balls.
          Last season, Kaep used his legs to convert many third downs. Hoyer, not so much.
          Do not worry, I not only have watched every game, but also recorded them, to replay over and over. This game was winnable. Hoyer failed for the 5th time.

          1. They benched Gabbert after a 4 game losing streak, and Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert. Hoyer should have had 4 TD passes, but missed open players.
            These are winnable games, but Hoyer just is not executing.
            Kaep, with decent O line protection, better receivers, and a stout defense, could possibly have won some of those games.
            Maybe you are like Lowell, and intones that Kaep would also be 0-5. I think Kaep is better than Hoyer, and would give the Niners their best chance to win. You will obviously disagree, but Hoyer is still 0-5 this year.

    2. You know what Kaep commands? A loaded box because teams found out if his first read isn’t open he looks to run — passing game is not a threat. Kaep is a limited QB and once teams dissected him he went in a downward trajectory. Him not being signed is no surprise…. He needs a special offense that defenses have shutdown.

      He’s great at taking a knee though.

      1. Kaep would give the Niners a dual threat. His mobility would allow him to elude the pass rush. Hoyer is immobile, so they rush to a spot.
        Every single QB in the league has defenses scheming to shut him down. The coaches job is to devise new wrinkles to counter the counters. Kaep is mobile, so he can either run or pass. Hoyer is immobile, so he can only pass.
        It is great to hear Grant gush about how good Hoyer was against a 1-3 team whose only victory came against the Browns. Their defense was bad, and any decent QB should have carved them up. Hoyer did make some good throws, but he also missed some TD passes.

        1. I stopped reading your response after your first sentence… Yeah, he’s a “dual threat” who could avoid sacks alright… How’d that work out?

          1. Niners are 0-5. They should be looking anywhere to improve their team.
            The hate is so thick, they would rather the Niners lose than play Kaep.

              1. Red, first you say you do not read my comments, then want me to answer yours.
                That is trolling 101, and I did answer your question. Kaep is being blackballed. Unfairly, in my opinion, so he is not getting a fair chance to compete. The hate towards Kaep is preventing him from playing, and some QBs are playing poorly with little or no wins, but those teams are still blackballing Kaep, and are content to lose.

    3. You mentioned Kap and no one else did? Notice that? See how you keep inserting him into the blog unnecessarily? You are such a hypocrite.

      1. I was responding to what Grant was saying on his periscope. He was mentioning several QBs, and totally ignored the possibility of Kaep.
        Inserting him unnecessarily? The team is 0-5, and with better QB play, could be 4-1.

        1. You consistently contend that you only bring him up when others do, but you don’t. You bring him up when the opportunity presents itself. That’s the hypocrisy.

          1. East, the Niners are 0-5, and Grant brought up the fact that Hoyer will be ripped, even though Grant does not think he deserves the criticism. Then he mentioned several QB names, totally ignoring Kaep, even though he is in the prime of his life and raring to go.
            I just think that Kaep would have won some of those games, but according to you, even bringing up his name is forbidden. Eric Reid and many other Niners are continuing the protests, so they probably would like Kaep back.
            Yes, there is an opportunity to bring up Kaep’s name, especially after a 5 game losing streak. Guess you are content to lose. I want the Niners to win a damn game, like JL said.

            1. You are a hypocrite. That is what I contend. I have made my points on that QB quite clear and have moved on. Unlike you I don’t live in the past or some alternate reality where a QB who is mediocre actually wins games when he can’t.

              1. East, you seem happy the Niners are 0-5. I am not. Hoyer is 0-5, even with his decent stats this last game. Kaep, with his mobility, would have been able to possibly avoid those sacks and convert more third downs.
                I am sure Kaep could not do worse than 0-5. I contend that with the better O line play, better WRs and a stout defense, Kaep may even be 4-1 if he was allowed to compete.
                I did not bring up Kaep when they were talking about the defense, but when Grant is talking about bringing back Joe or Steve, it is relevant to consider Kaep, who is healthy, only 28, so in the prime of his life, and available.
                Any team that is 0-5, should have questions about every player and every position. Kaep is not out of bounds for discussion, except for the haters. He is still unfairly being blackballed, and the putrid QB play around the league is just demonstrating that teams would rather lose without Kaep than possibly win with him.
                If I were a hypocrite, I would agree that Hoyer is the best option, and Kaep should not be able to play. However, I am consistent, and still think Kaep gives the Niners their best chance to win. The Colts defense was bad, and Hoyer should have scored 4 TDs.
                On other posts, I did not bring up Kaep until some one else did. Here, Grant was ignoring the elephant in the room. Kaep could easily have won this game, with his arm or his legs. It was a winnable game, but Hoyer failed in the end.

              2. You seem to try to redirect the argument. I am no more happy losing than anyone else. But your solution is ludicrous! It is already a failure!

                I don’t wish to argue stupid points with you and your hypocrisy.

              3. East, calling me a hypocrite for being a fan of the last QB to lead the Niners to the SB is illogical. I did not bring up Kaep on many other posts because other posters were begging me not to.
                However, this last game, while statistically good for Hoyer, is just confirming that he is a journeyman QB with superior alternatives.
                Grant brought up many other QBs, so I feel perfectly comfortable bringing up another QB, who can lead the Niners to victory. So far, Hoyer has been incapable of doing that, and the next 3 games will be even more difficult to win.
                KS has many plays that call for a QB to be able to roll out and throw on the run. Kaep could do that in his sleep. Kaep made that 2 point conversion that won the Rams game last season. Obviously, they did not think Hoyer could do that this last game.

              4. That’s where you are a hypocrite because you bring up Kap every chance you get. Whether someone brings him up or not. You excuse it after the fact as you just have.

  3. Cut Reid. His remarks after the game were discusting. I’m so sick and tired of this. I watch football because I love the game and instead I have to watch and listen to a bunch of crap. Let’s get back to football.

  4. Man Grant. I thought you were kind of overblowing the penalty issue the 49ers were having.

    But if they reduced their penalties by like %50 they could a lot more Ws right now. And that doesn’t seem like an unreasonable thing to do.

    But you nailed it on the head man. This team is shooting itself in the foot! Week in week out its maddening to watch.

    GRANT!! What do the 49ers need to do to fix these penalties? Do they need to bring in refs and enforce every penalty possible in practice? What the heck man this is worse then the Harbaugh era of delay of game penaltys. It s maddening.

    1. Better preparations. That is a coaching failure to not prepare the players enough, so they keep making mistakes.
      I would have Zgonina sight along the line of scrimmage to keep players from lining up offsides. I saw several plays where the defender’s hand was over the line. Aaron Lynch is playing undisciplined football, they need to stop him from jumping offsides.
      These unforced errors are costing the Niners, wins.

  5. I’m discusted with CSN also for spending so much time one this, broadcasting Reids hateful comments and then discussing those comments on air.

    1. Reid called Pence’s stunt pandering for his master?
      Hmmm, sounds like Pence was trying to inject politics into the game. If he truly did not want to dishonor the troops, he would have told his boss to stop playing games and joking around about coming storms, and nuclear threats.
      Pence left? Good riddance. Hope he never comes back, and the election results are voided due to cheating and foreign meddling.

    2. Jerry,
      Although I’m not a big fan of kneeling during the NA, I believe that Reid is correct in his remarks about VP Pence.
      This was a scripted act by the VP and the fact that Pence was quick to invoke Trump’ name after leaving the game only makes his actions more suspect.

      Both Trump and Pence are aware that the original kneeling protest began with the 49ers and also knew that Reid and other players would continue to take a knee during the NA.
      Trump no doubt is hoping that Pence’ scripted walk out will leave a black-eye on the owners and the NFL. Nice try by Trump, but he honestly has more important issues than having his VP walk out of a football game.

      Oh, and when is Ra”Chard” Robin”Wins” going to be benched? Total liability, period!

  6. So, how is our GENIUS doing? 0-5! The play calling is PEDESTRIAN. EX: Big play by RAY RAY Armstrong and what does good old GENIUS BOY DO? He runs the ball! Any coach with a set of NADS would’ve chucked that thing down field. PLAY ACTION! Don’t you just love how coaches make the same errors over and over. EX: Falling in love with Brain Hoyer and Hyde! Yeah they both must just kiss his A!! Welcome folks to our nightmare. Think of it like this. We need a QB. Cousins? if we don’t we go draft and that means more cellar dwelling next year as these A HATS bring him along, so why isn’t BETHARD in the game? As Hillary says WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!! I’m afraid we have gotten a brain dead coach!

  7. Why won’t anyone listen time? I said the niners should sign kap as he would put his foot down in ot and run for 102 yrds and score ever time

  8. self shooting in foot didn’t help today
    Kap would solve all problems. They should listen to me more often and go in motion and roll out kap to not run in defenses teeth

  9. This lynch and Kyle duet needs to call kap now and sign him.
    timeouts are a luxury and should not be wasted.
    Elwin I ate the unforced errors and sign kap now.
    Avbram tanks not needed here

  10. Well plenty of disappointing things…Think we should cut ties with anyone drafted by Baalke..I hated the Armstead pick and Thomas pick day of those drafts..Add Garnett and that’s three wasted 1st round picks..You can’t keep wasting first round picks like that.. Robinson looks horrible so does Johnson…I actually like our safeties,would be happy to see Reid walk and let Tartt grow in to the strong safety role…While I get frustrated with Hoyer we all know he is not the future and anyone arguing for Kap really needs their eyes examined..That’s laughable…Don’t see why we don’t see what CJ brings so if he is the answer we can draft at other positions of need…Were 0-5 this season is lost..I also wouldn’t mind seeing Hyde get traded,Breita is a way better back I’m..
    Navarro Bowman ..sorry to say he was a loyal soldier and a leader but man he looks horrible..They should be starting Foster and Armstrong next year..

    1. So we should cut Reid, Tartt, Ward, Buckner, Bowman, Hyde, Brown and maybe a few others?

      And Breida’s better how? He’s not nearly as good a receiver. He’s too light to stop blitzing linebackers. He’s got no power and goes down easy. He’s had one good game out of five and came into this game with a YPC average 1.3 yards/carry less than Hyde.

  11. Where is Razoreator?Covering his crow in mustard! asked for it bud..Talking aaaaaalllll that crap now he’s hiding like a mouse..

    1. Robinson, Johnson and Armstead are all liabilities…. Sadly, this is probably Bowman’s last year and Ward needs to improve. I’ll give Saleh a pass this year but next year should be telling.

    1. Not really. I’ve seen worse. Terry Donahue for example. He was the GM from 2001 through 2005. You might remember him.

      Do you realize the best player he drafted was Andy Lee, the punter? And, except for Lee, I don’t believe a single one of his players even made a pro-bowl. Baalke was far superior to Donahue.

        1. Let’s see, Reid is pretty good as is Tartt and Ward. Armstead was better in his old position too. Lynch isn’t too shabby when he is playing. Hate to stoke Seb but His favorite hero was drafted under him too!

    2. If you take out him whiffing on an entire draft class, and all the ACL picks, he is OK, but still has not selected many pro bowl players.
      Many of his picks that were cut from the 49ers, have ended up on many other teams.

  12. I read this tripe from you clowns is amazing. You all KNOW SHEEET about football. Look the fact is SHANAHAN BLOWS. Go back to the SUPER BOWL and how he gave that gave away with his play calling. He’s doing the same here. He’s in love with HYDE. BREIDA is far better. CJ Bethard should start next week but won’t because SHANAHAN is just to MUCH of a GENIUS to realize that he’s actually STUPID! The people talking KAP on here are fools. Learn some football you clowns!

  13. Bottom line, Hoyer was an A- performance. I was very much against trading Garcia and Alex Smith. Joe Montana is not walking in those doors, probably ever. Blaming the QB is “rookie fan” behavior. Stop chasing good QB’s out of town!!! “We want Carr.” How’d that work out for ya. Kap. How’s that work out for ya. Hoyer is not the solution, but he’s usually NOT the problem. 358 yards passing?

  14. Fair grades all around.
    But let’s be clear that there’s a strong possibility that neither Hoyer, NBow and other marginal players will be back next year regardless of your grading analysis.
    I also believe that Hyde, Robinson and Armstead may be gone as well.
    There are some players like Buckner, Trent Taylor, Kittle and Breida who will be our future, but we are still a couple of drafts away from completing the rebuild process.

  15. This whole debate about kap is ridiculous. The worst possible outcome in a season is to win 4-7 games. Let’s get a top 3 pick and nab a franchise qb, not to mention higher picks om every round. Take advantage of the fact that real drafts arent serpentine.


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