49ers’ competition at right guard off to slow start

San Francisco 49ers offensive guard Joshua Garnett (65) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams, Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers’ top competition for a starting job in training camp involves two competitors who haven’t competed.

Every position on offense and defense is set except right guard. The 49ers want to have a right guard competition. But Joshua Garnett and Jonathan Cooper, the main competitors, are injured. Neither practiced with the team on Wednesday.

Garnett missed his third practice in a row with a vague knee injury he suffered Saturday, the first day players wore pads and hit each other. The 49ers say Garnett “banged” his knee. He spent Wednesday morning rehabilitating on a side field, where he sat on a box, stood up, then sat back down on the box again. He did this all morning.

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  1. It’s quite disturbing, especially since I’ve seen the pass-rush-drills’ videos you posted , and that McGlinchey is not comfortable against.
    we knew he was better for the running game, but right now he’s getting wind too often.
    So, if the RG’ spot is deficient either, it is not even certain that the Oline will be better than last year

  2. What the OLine needs now is continuity. It’s synergy and it comes from reps. The injuries are frustratingly hard to decipher and timed as a direct hit at development.

  3. Perhaps Joshua ” Weak to Weak” Garnett doesn’t want to be bullied? LOL. He has looked so bad so far perhaps he believes the only way to keep himself from being cut is to stay off the field. This way he might get a buy out.

    I just don’t understand how a player who has a history of being steamrolled by the defense could expect to get stronger or even maintain what little strength they had through dropping weight?

  4. Okay, the O-line seems to be having its hands full pass protecting. Have not heard how they are doing when the line is moving left or right during run plays. The Niners were winning with Fusco and Beadles on the right side. I have to believe the right side will be at least as good as those two and should have room for growth. Running the ball is imperative for the pass game to develop especially for play action. Play action should help with pass protection, is why the running game is so important. For a fair analysis of the O-line need to know how they are holding up in the run game.

    1. “The Niners were winning with Fusco and Beadles on the right side.”

      The only two decent teams they went up against in that run were home games. They’ll face 3 of 4 on the road to start this year, and Joey Bosa is ready to feast on the rook.

      1. Jack Hammer says:
        August 2, 2018 at 9:44 am
        “The Niners were winning with Fusco and Beadles on the right side.”

        The only two decent teams they went up against in that run were home games. They’ll face 3 of 4 on the road to start this year, and Joey Bosa is ready to feast on the rook.

        Michael McGlinchey, “Joey Bosa is nothing. He’s a small-time enforcer. He bluffs, threats, but nothing. You can see him coming a mile away.”


      2. Beadles was getting killed at RT and yet they still won. Beadles didn’t block anyone regardless of talent level or location of the game. The Jags were chewing him up. He was terrible at RT even worst then his guard play. I don’t mean to bad mouth the guy as he was a gamer but he just was not very good. Scheme will take apart the likes of Bosa and others. IMO.

        1. McGlinchey is getting beat like a drum by a guy who has 6 sacks in 52 career games and a fellow rookie taken in the 7th round.

          He’s barely even able to get a hand on Marsh at times.

          Yes they won games last year with Beadles and Fusco. That really means nothing for this season.

          1. “That really means nothing for this season.” That is very true, I was just using that as a comparison which shows that they can win with inferior lineman. And yes, boy oh boy McGlinchey is getting his butt kicked right now in pass protection. How is he doing in the run game? Its kind of like DB’s and the pass rush need each other (not quite like it use to be tho), the O-line needs both the running game and the pass game to determine their overall effectiveness. I am more concerned that McGlinchey is a 9th overall pick and I am comparing him to Beadles….not good. We shall see how it all shakes out in the next few weeks.

            1. Exactly, Undercenter. Let’s cool our jets and give the rookie a chance. He was brought here to get the run game going. Something Brown could not do. To act like it’s a big shock that there’s a drop off in pass pro is overly dramatic. We expected it, but the run game sets the table for Shanny’s offense. You can diminish McGlinchey’s weakness with it, and with a quarterback like Jimmy….

              1. It seems to me that Shanny needs a run game to set up his play action which in turn should help with pass protection. If McGlinchey is flailing at the run game then all I got to say about drafting him……..wouldn’t be good. I expect/hope his pass protection picks up down the road.

                So far the only thing I am taking from camp is:
                Armstead hurt again
                Ward hurt again – slightly but still with his history….
                Garnett hurt again – toughness not his forte?

              2. That was the expectation all along. Upgrade the run game, and project McGlinchey to improve against speed rushers down the road….

  5. Ok. so what JL and KS are going to do? if the OL can protect JG its going to be a long season, we all know that… just saying,

  6. Garnett is MIA again today according to, Grant. I doubt he’ll play another down if we are to believe Shanny’s criticism of him yesterday….

  7. I don’t see this marking the end of Garnett just yet for two reasons. First, Grant made a great point about how some of us expected Zuttah to take Kilgore’s starting position but instead ended up being released. The second reason is Cooper’s injury history, which is fairly extensive. My guess is that Cooper and Garnett make the team, but one of them will suffer an injury during the season and will lead to the player being released.

  8. Will McGlinchey’s story be one of those where next year in training camp–after an up and down, somewhat humiliating rookie season–he remarks “The difference between 2018 and 2019 is like night and day. Now I find myself thinking less and reacting much more instinctively.”

    You know, one of those crappy rookie draft busts who becomes reasonably good after a full season of garbage–and gets better and better.

    Anyone know how Keith Fahnhorst’s first training camp and season went?

    1. He told the story of a disasterous 1st start he had against Fred Dryer. Camp wasn’t covered back then in the detailed minutiae that it is today.
      This year I’m questioning how much I like these shoot-from-the-hip, random drive-by-evals. Darren Woodson panned filming and posting 1 vs 1 drills because laymen keep trying to draw conclusions from them. He mentioned the Goodwin v Sherman clip as an example. In that discussion it was pointed out that B.B. doesn’t allow any filming of practices that the media attends. It’s not about ‘Intel’, it’s about avoiding player distractions from outside sources.
      So now we have the Chicken Little faction muttering about BigMac being a bust……

  9. Seems like this quote from Andy Reid on Rotoworld kind of covers why one shouldn’t get too concerned about Jimmy G interceptions or seemingly poor throws during TC:

    “Chiefs coach Andy Reid isn’t concerned that Patrick Mahomes has thrown eight interceptions across seven training camp sessions.

    Mahomes’ picks have become a topic of Twitter discussion. “I told you at the beginning of camp I don’t care about all that stuff,” Reid said. “I want him to test the offense. … If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to go test it you’re going to be one of those quarterbacks who checks it down every time. That’s not what it’s all about.” Reid might as well be subtweeting former quarterback Alex Smith. Mahomes threw 29 interceptions across 32 college starts.”

    1. “If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to go test it you’re going to be one of those quarterbacks who checks it down every time. ”
      Low blow, Andy….

  10. Not surprised by all the good things I’m hearing about Warner…I may be jumping the gun way to soon, but could we possibly have a Willis/Bowman Combo 2.0 in the making with Foster/Warner???

  11. Jeff Deeney
    Another interesting Mike Person stat: he’s had 833 pass blocking snaps in his career and has never allowed a sack. #49ers

  12. But, but, Jimmy can’t go deep.

    “Marquise Goodwin caught two more deep passes in practice today from Jimmy Garoppolo.”

    Jimmy is hitting deep passes every day now. Big overreaction last year. Some of us said it would get better with more reps. Still waiting for an update on Jimmy’s footwork.

      1. So, how has CJ ‘Freaking’ Beathard done the last 2-3 days (before heading off to Canton)?

        How are the other camp QBs doing?

          1. “Yippee. Hopefully Garoppolo can be as good as Hoyer.”

            On deep balls, that would be a big improvement. For context, Brady went 3 of 12 on passes that were 41 Yds or more.

            Go ahead and twist what I said like you always do.

            1. Yippee. Stop being so damn sensitive. Wasn’t twisting anything you wrote.

              Throws over 40 yards are rare. If he can hit a few more while keeping his average air yards per completion around where he was last season he’ll be fine.

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