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  1. The offensive line has to be completely retooled, and will need to be priority one next year. The Cowboys have three number one picks on their offensive line, and we’ve seen the fruits of their labor. We need to copy that model so we can get our own harvest….

      1. Buckner is one of the best as his position. Armstead is well… a waste of of space. Big and tall with no anchor to play the middle, and not enough quickness on the edge. Then Solomon… imho the best we can hope for is a solid, above average player.
        I think the major reason he was drafted was because he had the highest floor and armstead didn’t impress the coaches.
        The safeties would have have cost a ton relative to the position, and most of the experts graded the qbs out as second rounders.
        Kaep screwed the niners even when he won.

  2. Just have to say the end of this video is hilarious. It looks like your girl showed up looking nice and called you inside.

    Yeah, that o-line really needs some work. I’m going to go thru the steps needed to rebuild the line. The 49ers have to…
    {glances inside}…. OH, Hell yeah…. Alright guys, gotta go.

      1. Haha Damn Grant, you bailed out of there real quick.. good for you buddy.
        Hope you can come back on after the coaches film n finish up.

  3. Nice analysis Grant. No argument from me. Hyde was the best player on the field for the Niners yesterday. There were no other good players, period. I have Dallas winning the SB so the score wasn’t surprising to me. I had them losing by 16 and that was being nice. They are 2 to 3 years away from being relevant, so I hope the fan base realizes that and has some patience. It’s tough to watch. They need so many parts that even after next year and two drafts and FA signings under their belt, they are not going to be ready for prime time. They are in essence an expansion team. They need to completely revamp the offensive line, which is the one unit that takes the most time to gel. They could have 5 number one picks on the line and they still wouldn’t be cohesive for probably at least a season. No QB in the league is going to have success behind the current squad. The defense is in shambles. Where do you start there? They are definitely headed for the pathetic 9 loses in a row compiled by Kaep and company last year. In fact, I find it hard to see a win this year with the current state of the team. Maybe Arizona in two weeks? Tennessee? Another 2-14 season is probably on the horizon. The NFL is proving once again that you can’t just throw together a team with 32 new players and 15 rookies. It’s not that easy. This rebuild will be a marathon, not a sprint. I’m ready for it. Are you (fanbase)?

    PS. I’m surprised Hoyer didn’t get the blame for the loss even though he never took his baseball cap off! ;>)

  4. Giants and Bears are our realistic remaining opportunities to win a game.

    This episode reaffirmed what I have been saying for a month . The niners have numerous needs on both sides of the ball. O Line, DL, LB, CB, WR … That is why it is imperative that we sign cousins and then trade our early round first for 2 firsts. In response to some of our more dingy participants from yesterday, this does not mean that Cousins will be playing behind our current Oline. We can use a first for a G or T etc. See how that works.

    We have maybe 12 NFL caliber players right now. The baalke years were a disaster. He did not fill the pipeline with young talent. We need help everywhere.

  5. The only two probable keepers on that O line are Garnett and Brown. The rest will be gone by next season, sorry Joe. A complete rebuild is imperative. Begin again from there, along with the D backfield and a power edge rusher. Until we do the rest is moot.

  6. We could have drafted Deshaun Watson or Trubisky. This has been hard to watch. What makes things worse is our offense seems to be no better than last year. Tomsula was not great with the X and O but the players always fought hard and we accomplished more with less talent. Same with Chip Kelly. His offense was better than Kyles but he had a much worse defense.

  7. Grant, is it talent or coaching. I think the coaching has been really bad this year. Players like Jordan Devey were a bum on our team but is doing better in KC. I think with better coaching the on field performance would be better.

    1. I think the obvious answer is talent. You can see it on the field. Many of these young players will get better with experience. The best way to build a team is through the draft. Patience is required but not always appreciated.

  8. You don’t change out over half your team without growing pains. Some of these young players are going to surprise us in a year or 2. We need a another solid draft next year and I’m not convinced we need to pick a QB with the first pick. We have so many other holes to fill. I’m expecting a lot more losses but excited to see progress as we move forward.

    1. Which QBs do you like, Jerry? It seems to me that the QB classes for both the 2017 draft class and the upcoming 2018 draft class have been overhyped. Kaaya, for example, was released today by the Lions. I remember when he was considered a top prospect. This year I’ve only seen Rosen, Darnold, Falk a couple of times and Josh Allen once. Of that group Rosen seemed to be the most ready to start but like all rookie QBs he’ll need work. I’ve been disappointed with Falk and I just can’t see him playing behind anything except a stellar OL. Baker Mayfield might be a KS pick because KS likes tough guys and Mayfield is tough and a winner.

      1. I don’t have any thoughts on the next crop. I just don’t think next year is the right time to use a top pick for a QB. I would think we could use a lower round pick for one if Kyle sees one he likes. This team is just not ready to waste on a top QB prospect.

  9. Hi Jerry, do you really see progress? What is their to be excited about at this stage? Defense only has Buckner as a pro bowl caliber player. Offense has Hyde and Garçon. The problem with the rebuild mentality is that things change so much year to year. As you have too many holes to fill. Look how the Rams have turned things around from last year. Offensively they were terrible last year and look now.

    1. Was it an accident that the niners had a highly rated OL when Jim Harbaugh was the coach? The Rams OL was ranked 31st going into 2016. With some acquisitions, they were ranked around 18th going into 2017 and are now through five games actually ranked 12th. Plus the Rams significantly upgraded their receiving corps. I like watching skill players play, but I constantly have to remind myself that the game is mostly won or lost in the trenches. 2018 FA will be very interesting.

      1. Didn’t Harbaugh inherit that oline?
        I also ask who did Harbaugh draft that was so good?

        Whenever I hear people rave about Harbaugh and I’m not saying you are Cubus, the one thing he was brought in to do he never did. That was develop a QB was it not?

        1. Prime: He did inherit the line and my point was that you need a good OL to be successful. Without one, it’s difficult for the skill players to look good. In rereading my post, my wording could have been better.

          Harbaugh is a winner and has been successful wherever he goes. If a team is looking for someone to turn that team around in one or two years, he’s your guy. He does seem to have a short shelf life, but I’ve hoped that his wife could somehow influence him to be less reactive and more thoughtful (he does have a tendency to lose games in the final minutes partially due to his inability to keep his emotions in check). That’s probably wishful thinking though; they say your personality is pretty much set by age thirty.

          I’m not sure if he was brought in to develop a QB. Seems to me that winning is what really matters and he took the team to at least the NFC championship in his first three years. Imagine Harbaugh as the HC, KS as the offensive coordinator and Fangio as the DC. Don’t know if JH could co-exist with KS though.

    2. Wayne. I don’t see progress now but I do expect to see progress going forward. We have a lot of young guys who show some promise. I’m also excited to see how CJ develops. Actually compared to hoyer, Kap and Gabbert i do see some progress.

  10. You kill me man. You make comments like this should never happen, that should never happen and yet every week it does happen to pretty much every player in the league. Getting beat on a slant on 3rd down is certainly not a rarity in the NFL for any CB. Have you been watching how many defenses have been getting trashed so far this season? OL getting to the second level takes most LB’s in the league out of a play not to mention a rookie who just returned from a few weeks of inactivity. The key to good defense is everybody doing their job, staying in position and not freelancing trying to make a play that is intended for somebody else. It’s also about hustle and running to the football when you see it. If the DL isn’t tying up blockers, the LB’s are going to struggle against the run. If the pass rush isn’t getting there, the DB’s aren’t going to hold up in coverage. These are basic football facts. When the 49ers actually get some talent on the roster that can play at a high level we’ll see a change in their production. Right now they have no one who is a difference maker rushing the passer, nobody who can make up for that in one on one coverage, journeyman caliber LB’s with the exception of Foster. What do you expect to happen when they are overmatched against most teams they play?

    1. Realist. I agree. It’s a team sport and it only takes one guy to miss his assignment or make a mistake and the play turns bad. It will take a while to get all 11 guys on the same page so that plays work.

  11. What if the 49ers have the 2nd pick again, and the phone rings. It’s Mike Maccagnan on line one, Mr. Lynch. He’s offering a 1st, pick 10, two 2nd’s, picks 10 and 19, and a 3rd, pick 10…

    10) EDGE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Oklahoma
    34) OT Orlando Brown, Oklahoma
    42) C/G Billy Price, Ohio State
    51) LB Roquon Smith, Georgia
    52) S Marcus Allen, Penn State
    66)RB Bryce Love, Stanford
    70)QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma
    74)CB Carlton Davis, Auburn

    This is an avenue of opportunity I could see the 49ers taking, to perhaps expedite their journey back to the promise land….

    1. 49ers would be crazy to turn that trade down. They hv too many needs to pass that up. Only way you reject that trade is if you think Rosen or Darnold is the next Rodgers or Brady.

      1. Who do you like out of the college QBs? I’ve been somewhat disappointed given all the hype these guys have gotten (although I’ve only seen Josh Allen play one game). Rosen seems most pro-ready. Haven’t really watched Mayfield, but I could see KS liking him because he’s tough and a winner. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think OK plays a pro style offense.

        1. Cubus / Prime
          I’ll defer to the last GM (Scot McCloughan) that made some great draft picks for the 49ers.
          He said of all the QB’s coming out next year he would take Baker Mayfield.
          I also like Mayfield. Not only for his obvious skills but also for his leadership and competitive passion for the game. This guy’s will to win is off the charts.

              1. Of the scouts polled, Breer could only find one evaluator who believed that Mayfield had a legitimate shot at going in the first round. Most think he’ll go in what one scout referred to as “Dak Prescott territory,” which is to say somewhere in the middle rounds.

    2. OK, so let’s see what can be done for 2018– IF Beathard: 1) finishes 2017 as starter, 2) plays respectably given the remaining 6-8 losses to come, 3) shows improvement in pressure detection/evasion….

      B. Love definitely looks like a KS kind o’ back…
      Mayfield vs CJ for starter vs. backup?
      I’d hope for as many round 1-3 picks as possible for: OG, C, LB, CB, T — in that order–

      TOP $$ go to: OG, C, T, WR, LB, Edge, CB

      Players to trade for more rds. 2-5 picks or deals for FA help: Garnett, Armstead, Reid, Lynch, RayRay,

  12. Only saw the first half of the Cowboys game, but that was enough to see the team making exactly the same mistakes and having exactly the same issues they have had all season, except this time they were against a good team that played well. The Eagles game probably won’t be pretty either.

    I completely agree the OL, in particular the interior OL, is a disaster and is simply too much for the nothing special skill players to overcome, especially with a rookie in at QB now. Some of the skill players on offense aren’t terrible and with a better OL this offense could probably look ok. OL needs to be a priority in the off season.

    Beathard is no better than Hoyer right now, but that isn’t an indictment on Beathard as he is a rookie making his first start. He isn’t horrible. He looks better than Kizer so far. But I highly doubt we will ever be able to tell whether he is actually any good this season given the OL in front of him. So QB is also a massive priority this off season.

    After that, the secondary is dreadful. Not helped by the pass rush admittedly, or the LBs giving up easy completions in the middle of the field, but still dreadful. A good edge pass rusher is a need, but not as much as a good CB is needed. Or two. Robinson may develop into a decent #2 CB, but he is way too handsy for my liking. Maybe Witherspoon develops into a decent CB, but so far he hasn’t done much to encourage me.

    The DL was disappointing against the Cowboys, and Thomas did nothing to dispel the growing number of dissatisfied 49er fans with his display. But I still think he has shown signs of promise for the future. Buckner was also pretty ordinary at this point of his rookie season. And he is now in my opinion the only truly elite level player on the team. Foster might get there too if he stays healthy, but so far not so good on that front.

    1. I assume he will play the big end role. Funnily enough, I recall discussing Jones ahead of the 2013 draft and I think CfC and I were in agreement his best role would be as the strong side DE in a 4-3.

  13. With the 0-5 mnf record and continuous mediocre play…..anyone on here hoping we sign cousins for that crazy $$ amount really hates the 49ers……

    The thought alone is a crime

  14. Agree Realist, and you’ve only covered the defense. The offense is in the same situation, with inferior players competing against superior opponents. Down the line. It’s really that simple. I don’t think anything anybody says around here including myself is news to the coaching staff. They know. They know they are working with a team that is inadequate talent wise to truly compete and win in the league. Unfortunately, they, along with us, live in a “what have you done for me lately” world where patience is indeed a virtue. It’s rare. We want to win, and we want to win NOW! I say blame everything that’s happened so far on Baalke and give these guys (KS and JL) a friggin chance! It was important for them to get a 6 year deal. That number is not a coincidence. They know how long it will take. Give them the chance! PATIENCE!

    1. Juan 6 years is a long time. In just short of a year, I don’t like their first ever draft or free agency acquisitions.
      Do you?

  15. It’s obvious we’re playing to see what we have for 2018, not this year. I like how KS is playing the rooks to get them much needed experience but hopefully it doesn’t come at the cost of breaking their spirits and establishing a factory of sadness, ala the Browns.

    I’m good with letting bow go, but wouldn’t that have been just as easy to do at the end of the season, after he could have provided some tutelage to Foster?

    And how is Tartt better than Reid? Reid is still only 25 (younger than Ward) and has a mountain of experience compared to Tartt and definitely knows how to play bigger and play better angles. Reid should be re-signed.

    Let Hyde walk. Yeah, he’s our best offensive player right now but backs are a dime a dozen, especially with this coaching staff.

    Here’s the big question: what to do at QB? It’ll be interesting to see how CJ finishes out. All this talk about drafting Darnold, et al., or dropping big money on Cousins or Jimmy G makes no sense to me. This team would suck with Brady or Rodgers behind that line.

    The draft capital and free agency dollars need to go to building up the OL first and foremost. Then the pass rush and corners need to be completely retooled.

  16. The interior Offense line is horrible. All 3 positions need upgrading.
    Need a #1 wide receiver.
    We don’t know about CJB and probably won’t until next year or the following year.
    For the next year and a half the only untouchable players on defense are Buckner, Foster and Thomas. I am not saying all the other players will go, I just see them as vulnerable to being replaced by an upgrade.
    The next two years drafts and free agent pickups will determine how successful the Niners will be under the current administration.

  17. Niners need to poach an O lineman from a potential playoff team’s practice squad.
    Look at the Cowboys. Kadeem Edwards or Jarron Jones may be upgrades
    Look at the Steelers. Kyle friend or Jake Rodgers may help the team.
    Look at the Eagles. Josh Andrews or Gordon Dillon could give good intel.
    Look at the Titans. Cody Wichman and Brad Seaton back up the best line in the league.

  18. It’s not all talent.
    I personally think coaching is a bigger part of this 0-7 start than people are willing to admit.
    Saleh is not a good D.C. PERIOD. I think part of Bowmans release may have had to do with him questioning or challenging him. He knows Saleh isn’t that good.
    Shanahan man-he’s got a stubborn ego. He has some great concepts but I don’t think he’s a great leader. Hope he gets better at that part-or it’s gonna be a looooong 6 years.
    Lynch I’m on the fence. I’m not very impressed with his first draft. Thomas and Witherspoon were BAD picks. Again hope he gets better or ….
    I think this is a .500 roster talent wise in its current form. I think the coaches lost some of these close games being out coached.

    1. You may be right. In college, the superior teams usually win.
      However, in the pros, all the players are talented, They all are strong and can run fast. Sure, there are some talent differences, but most are pretty similar. That means, coaching is the main difference.Continuity plays a big part. It is no wonder why the Patriots do so well when they have a coach like BB for 17 years. Teams like the Niners have high turnover in the coaching, and it shows.
      I wondered before the season if KS will be rigid or flexible. We have the answer.

    2. I agree with you on Saleh. I’m not surprised he’s been a dud thus far. Hopefully he’s a place holder similar to Hoyer.

  19. I am so disappointed . . . . what else can one person say?
    This, “wait until next year is really getting old.”
    The only thing that has remained the same is the ownership.
    At what point does that need changing . . . . sorry but as they say, “The Buck Stops Here!”

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