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  1. Hoping for a good game and a win, but I’m starting to focus on the young players who will make up the building blocks for the future.

    Beathard, Breida, Kittle, Thomas, Foster, Witherspoon, Taylor along with other young players are my main interest going forward.
    When Shanahan was hired I mentioned that it would take 2-3 years for this team to become a viable playoff team.
    I believe that they are right on schedule.

  2. I’ve been trash-talking my best-friend all week.

    On Wednesday I told him the early picks had the 49ers beating the Cowboys. He was so worried that he looked up ESPN’s early picks and called me. So I laughed at him because I made him look… I also told him CJ Beathard would hand 45 points on the Cowboys and Hyde would rush for 125 yards and two TDs.

    On Thursday I called his team cupcakes and they’re on the way to a 6-10 season.

    On Friday I told him there were just two days to go before the 49ers crush his hopes and dreams of a Cowboys resurgence.

    Yesterday I told him when he calls me Sunday I promise I’ll try to control myself and not mock him through the tears of being the team to give the 49ers their first win. I told him that I don’t like to mock sniveling man-babies when their football team loses, so, like I said, I’ll try to be nice.

    This morning I said ESPN 101.1 picked the 49ers (they did as an upset) and that I’ll try not laugh when you call me up crying.

    All-in-all, I’ve already had a ton of fun. So win, lose or draw, I’ve gotten something out of it.

  3. News flash…. Brieda is not going to be in our future plans. Not saying it’s going to be Hyde but Brieda will not be in our future plans. I think all of you are being so premature with this guy. Your all in love with preseason snaps..

    1. Hmm… How’d this prediction work out for you last week? Just sayin’…………

      Steelematic says:
      October 15, 2017 at 11:03 am

      Alot of you keep complaining about guys like Hoyer and Hyde. But with the same breath, don’t acknowledge how freaking horrible this o line is. If bethard comes in, he will be the 2nd and 3rd coming of David Carr and Blaine Gabbert.. This Oline sucks, period. Until that gets better, we are doomed

    2. Steel,
      I respect your opinion, but why do you believe Breida is not in our future plans?
      I’ve seen enough of him to believe otherwise.
      He can run with speed and power inside and outside
      He is learning to block
      He can catch.
      Last time I looked, these were positive measurables for a RB, especially a rookie RB who was an UDFA and only 6 games into his rookie season.

      1. Aes, I respect yours as well. But you just named all the attributes that guys like Hyde already have, and dozens of other running backs around the league. But he hasn’t shown anything in the regular season yet. Even in spot duty as a rookie behind Gore, Hyde showed flashes of being good. Brieda still has not shown anything of regular season positives. But he showed plenty of preseason positives. .

  4. One goal for today, a 3:00 game, these 3:30 games really drag on. It would also be a sign that they didn’t get 15 penalties.

  5. Red.. Like I said above. This offensive line is horrible. I didn’t bite my tongue, and I’m being proven correct. Cj looks horrible. But it’s not his fault. We can’t block anyone..

  6. Perfect storm bad football weekend. Niners blown out. Teams we have draft picks (Saints 2nd, Bears 3rd, Steelers 4th) all won.

  7. Sigh, I will admit my prediction should have been- If the Niners could win, they would need Buckner and Thomas to each get a sack. The Dallas O line was dominant.
    Interesting, I saw Joe Looney at RG. Baalke cut him 2 years ago, but he is good enough to make the Dallas roster.

  8. Lynch and Shanahan should have held out for 10 year contracts… It’s going to take at least that long for this mess of a team to get competitive. SF might have to refund seat licenses to get anyone to go watch this team.

    What would the line be for Alabama or Penn State vs 49ers?

    1. What stands out Cubus? To me it was effort and lack of leadership.
      As soon as TT coughed it up, it was over and then when EE ran 72 yards for a TD, you could tell the players wanted no part of fighting.

      Shanny can say whatever he wants about the effort, it wasn’t there today.

      Young team with no identity, lacking talent and such a long way to go.

      No comment on CJB, he had nothing to work with.

      1. See my post in the next thread. Pretty much agree with what you are saying, but Saleh needs to go like I’ve been saying for weeks.

        1. Problem is when your HC is on a 6 year contract, no one gets fired the first year. At least I don’t think so when you have not had a full year to bring in the talent you require.

          I agree on Saleh but what is more disturbing is the d line which is suppose to be a strength, got it handed to them today!
          Solo Thomas once again took the week off. I’m sure he will have a good week next week, this is what he does.

    1. Breida is not the future. How many fumbles this year? He is a change of pace back, not a work horse.
      Top 4 areas to address this offseason:
      1. QB
      3. OLB
      4. Corner

  9. Takeaway? Injuries decimated this team starting in training camp/pre-season. Lack of talent at many positions and lack of depth at other positions.

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