49ers cut Antoine Bethea

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they’ve released their starting strong safety from the past three seasons — Antoine Bethea.

Here’s a statement from 49ers General Manager John Lynch:  “Antoine is a true professional in every sense and I have a great deal of respect for the way he has gone about his business throughout his career. We would like to thank him for the positive impact he has had on this team both as a player and as a leader, on and off the field. We wish Antoine, and his family, great success in the future.”

I like this move. Bethea turns 33 in July and does not fit the 49ers’ new single-high-safety defensive scheme. He fits a split-safety scheme.

Whom do you think will replace Bethea? I don’t think it will be Eric Reid — he’s a free safety. I don’t think it will be Jaquiski Tartt, either – he’s a project who’s not ready to start in the NFL.

I think Reid’s replacement will be Jamal Adams,  the strong safety from LSU. The 49ers would have to draft Adams with their first-round pick.

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  1. Grant, you didn’t think Bethea would be released. I told you they might and you scoffed about why would they release good players with all the cap room. The 49ers don’t have to draft anybody with their 2nd pick. I love Adams, but between Reid and Tartt, they can hold down the fort. The draft is deep at the position and can wait on a SS to develop. Taking one at #2 is awfully exorbitant. I’d rather spend it on a premier position….

      1. Nope, but I know you remember our conversation. As far as it being a premier position in this defense, only in man coverage. In zone, not so much….

        1. SS is essential in zone coverage. He puts the fear of God in receivers who run over the middle.

          1. Look Grant, I’ve been advocating for an enforcer long before this defense was incubated. I know the value of having one, but you don’t need to force it at 2….

              1. On this one I agree with you, Grant. If we still have the #2 pick when the selection comes, I think that Adams is a highly probable pick for this new defensive system.

    1. He was used exclusively in coverage as a rookie. He was a dime back on passing downs.

  2. The SS will be either Reid or a draft pick. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tartt is retained though for depth, and potentially to play some WILL/ backup the WILL.

  3. Interesting. This likely lessens the chance they move on from Reid, and my guess is he’s the starting SS at this point. That could change obviously and would if they drafted Adams, but this seems to have solidified Reid’s roster spot for the time being.

    1. Reid can back up both safety spots. It will also drop his value for next year, when he becomes a free agent.

      1. Likely we receive a better compensatory pick for him than we ever would have received in a trade too….

  4. Grant do you know how much does this effect the cap …. how much more money this frees up and where does the cap stand at now ?

    1. No, Baalke exercised his 5th year option. Hard to make that trade, and with Bethea’s release, it also makes it illogical….

    2. No, Reid’s not gone. Just because Grant has decided that Reid is the Anti-Christ and he wants a new SS doesn’t mean Reid is a bad safety or not a good fit in this defense or that we’re going to draft his man-crush of the week.

      1. Exactly Moses. Reid has been asked to do too much by both of the last two DC’s.

  5. Aaron Wilson‏Verified account @AaronWilson_NFL 1m1 minute ago

    Among the teams expected to be extremely competitive for A.J. Bouye: Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Colts, 49ers, Browns

    I don’t know much about Bouye. Is he a shutdown corner?

    1. Had a very good year, but it was his only good year. I think he was top 10 for completion % allowed

    2. He had a breakout year, but it might be a bit of a gamble to pay him big bucks. I like him at a fair price over Brock….

      1. With all of the teams interested in Bouye, it’s unlikely that he will come cheap.

      1. The guy had a beast of a pass rush. That helped him immensely. We don’t have that. He will drown in an island. If pass for the money he wants.

    3. It’s just that the Seattle model has a shutdown corner, Sherman. Several years back they gave him a very large contract. I’m just wondering if the 49ers are thinking along those lines at this point in time.

    4. Rotoworld:

      The Houston Chronicle reports six teams are “extremely competitive” for free agent CB A.J. Bouye.
      Per reporter Aaron Wilson, the Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Colts, 49ers and Browns are duking it out for Bouye’s services, and every team’s offer is for at least $12 million per season. With that many clubs fighting, Bouye could pus that number all the way to $14-$15 million. Wilson reports the Eagles are “not a serious player,” but that Houston very much wants to keep its young corner.

      1. and Houston rarely overpays. The fact that they are still in this shows how much they think of him.

    5. No wonder the Lambs are trying to move Johnson. I bet Wade Phillips wants Bouye.

    6. He’s been in the NFL for 4 years. He had one good year out of his four years in the NFL and, frankly, I don’t trust it.

      His one INT last year was a pass Carr threw up for grabs off his back-foot to avoid a sack. It was 5 yards from the WR when picked off. He also had 16 PDs which doubled his career PDs.

      So, like I said, I really don’t trust it.

      1. “He’s been in the NFL for 4 years. He had one good year out of his four years in the NFL and, frankly, I don’t trust it.”

        Are you talking about Eric Reid?

    7. Bouye had a fantastic year. His coverage skills are top tier in the league. 49er fans should be ecstatic if the team can sign him. He was the best db on a very good defense. Only concern with Bouye is he has a thin frame. I would definitely be worried about injuries with him.

  6. I think this strongly supports your theory of a Adams in the first round grant.

      1. Solomon might help the secondary as much as Adams, but Adams skills might be more rare and hard to pass up. I’d be content with either.
        What if they cross everybody up and take Lattimore?
        ; >)

        1. I actually could see that too BT. Lattimore is a stud, albeit with Hamstring issues, but a stud nonetheless. He is a plug and play #1 CB. If they miss out on a FA like Bouye, it could happen.

          1. He makes others better with his play, but I’d kinda forgotten the hammie issue. Lovin’ Hooker too, other than his medical

            1. I agree on both. Hooker is one of my favorites in the draft. The surgeries are a bit perplexing, but he looks like a big time playmaker at FS.

              1. Trade down to around 15 and he should be there for you. Keep your fingers crossed that he’s available mid season….

              2. I know your reasoning for not wanting him and it’s valid Razor. I just see a truly elite player in this kid. I’m concerned about the surgeries too, but if he is given a clean bill of health going into the draft (meaning he will be available for most of the season), I think he’s going top 5.

              3. I agree rocket. The injuries are definitely a concern, as is the limited experience, but he’s a talent.

      2. I believe that they will trade down with the #2 pick and get more picks. This draft is deep with defensive players as well as the offensive line. With a strong OL and a strong defense even KP7 can win a game.

      3. IMHO the wildcard here is what the new regime thinks of Arik Armstead. If they think he’ll come back from the injury and be a quality starter then I think that potentially changes their thinking with the 2nd pick. If they think Armstead is a dud then I think Jonathon Allen is the favorite to be the #2 pick – assuming the Browns select Garrett.

    1. You could argue that telling Kaepernick ‘resign or be terminated’ means a QB.
      You could argue that letting Smith go means the top WR.
      You could argue that letting Bethea go (in the deepest position on the team) means Adams.

      But none of that means anything and the 49ers still have three safeties on the roster they like with Ward moving back and Reid almost certainly moving back to his natural position of SS.

    1. Tartt is the guy they want at SS. He is our version of Kam Chancellor.

  7. Casserly’s mock has SF swapping #2 straight up for Cousins and then selecting Allen.

    1. Bro Tuna

      That’s why Charley Casserly should have retired about 6 years ago

  8. Seattle started it’s rise under Carroll with the Legion of Boom. I’m thinking the 49ers might do the same. If they bring in a shutdown corner in FA and then draft Adams……

  9. You are not good at evaluating safeties. Lynch played the position at a very high level for years and openly said that Tartt fits this system at SS in the Kam Chancellor role.

  10. Other Walter Payton man of the year nominees at 4949 Centennial may be feeling nervous…

  11. Reid is a good player and Lynch knows this. He can play SS and I think he will be a pro bowl player at that position too!

  12. Or Maybe he knew they are taking Malik Hooker at number 2? He has been compared to Earl Thomas and could help replicate the SeaChickens D they are trying to install.

    1. A guy with a years worth of experience at the position and who will start the season on PUP at 2? You Hookers are killing me!;>)

    1. RCC told that Cousins to 49ers is all but done.

      Consider it 90% likely, minimum.

      No word on specifics, to be announced later.

      1. I have a hard time believing that we will jump at him this year. Maybe Lynch and Shanahan believe we are a playoff team once a QB is in place? That is the only reason I could see them giving up so much just to get him one year earlier.

        Drunk Scott being absent from WAS makes it interesting that they could panic and dump Cousins for cheap.

        1. All it means is they see a way to fix the QB problem and are trying to get it done. We have no idea what they will have to give up to make it happen.

          1. Any ideas of your own? I’m hoping it’s no more than a 2nd and a player. Say Armstead….

            1. My guess would be our second this year and maybe a 2nd or 3rd next season. I like the swapping of first rounders idea the best, but I think the Skins will want more than that as far as actual picks.

              1. SF gets him on a one year deal. Doesn’t that discount Wash’s value in trade?

              2. The Skins can allow the Niners to negotiate with Cousins if they had a trade worked out.

            2. Redskins have a big bodied DE in Baker that will be hitting FA, so Armstead would make sense for them.

              1. SMH. Parting with Armstead is poor planning. Last season, he was hurt, but when healthy, he is one of the best players on the team.
                Niners need to keep him, like they need to keep all their good players.

              2. No need to shake your head at me, its not my idea. I’d keep both Buckner and Armstead too. Just pointing out Armstead would make sense for the Redskins.

            3. Razor, we are on the same wavelength on this one . . .but it could be a swap of ones and Armstead, with a 4th rounder thrown in.

            4. I think the cart is far out in front of the horse to get to where you are all riding towards. Unless Cousins is willing to eat a reasonable Paraag’d contract it seems unlike they would also unload draft picks plus players. There is no need to rid us of actual talent as we have the cap space. Now if WAS was interested in Drunk Scott’s former draft picks/vets with ties to previous coaches etc and it helped SF get younger than it would be possible. Is Kirk smart enough to play chess already after his bad experience in the death hole of WAS? I could see him positioning himself with prolific coordinator/offensive mind to put up epic numbers all while providing himself the potential to get mega rich on next contract. I’m beginning to believe that most sensible QB’s now believe that Kyle can take each and everyone of them to the promise land. He has proven the plug and play method is reasonable and better than most.

      2. Having Cousins at QB will certainly make watching the 49ers 2017 season more fun than any of the FA options. Hopefully they can work out a deal that doesn’t cost too much in draft capital.

        1. Agree. And I think it could happen. Maybe something like our 2nd and a contingent pick in 2018, or our 2nd and a player.

          I just don’t see Shannylynch sitting back and accepting suckitude even in their first year. It’s my guess that they are going balls-out to be competitive right away. And why not. There may still be some missing pieces but fewer than some think, by the time the season starts.

        1. Amen from the atheist. This just got weird. Tell me more of your silly thoughts :-)

    2. More details on RCC. According to Fucillo at NN:

      “First, there was this tweet from a former Washington radio host now podcaster, who appears to be based in Australia (cubus note: he’s referring to the RCC tweet). He suggests a deal is “all but done” and “90% likely” to happen.I am trying to figure out how credible this guy is, but someone asked Denver sports talk radio host Benjamin Allbright about this. He is not a major source, but he breaks news, and I at least know who he is, compared to random Australian person (no offense to our Australians!).”

      Scooter: Do you know this guy?

  13. I am totally opposed to drafting Adams on any other CB/S before the 3rd round. Focus on Front Seven, front seven , front seven.

    1. The new defense features an 8-man box and the SS is a critical element of it.

      1. Grant: As I’ve been posting, why isn’t it plausible that they get the shutdown corner in either FA or the draft? That shutdown corner is also a key and I believe the LOB preceded Seattle signing Avril and Bennett.

      2. Our run D was historically bad last year. We’ve addressed the 1t and Adams would handle two gaps. Our Run D would be much improved.

        1. And Reid was an outstanding SS in college. He did well in Fangio’s hybrid role even though he wasn’t really suited for the FS duties Fangio’s defense demanded.

          There is nothing in Adam’s college history, or draft profile, that Reid didn’t have in his. And there is no reason to believe, despite all the whinging and pimping about it, that Adams would be enough of an upgrade over Reid to justify drafting.

          But beyond how similar they were in college, the fact is that it’s a stupid resource misallocation to use the #2 selection on a player who is (a) easy enough to find in later rounds since they can be limited and more one dimensional and (b) is already on your roster and has done a good job for your team despite being miscast the past two years.

          That #2 slot would do a lot more for the 49ers defense in a high-quality (and massive) edge rusher upgrade than marginal upgrade at a run-enforcing SS. (f there’s any actual upgrade,)

          1. You are overrating Reid. He is scared to tackle. That won’t work at all in our scheme.

            You are underrating Adams. He is a top 5 lock.

            Earlier today you were hyping Bethea as a viable option at SS. How does that look now?

      3. Grant, great to have that kind of safety, better to have great pass rusher (Thomas). Next to QB’s pass rushers are the most desired player and they are very difficult to acquire, Thomas is already been mocked into the top five he is a disrupter and disrupters make other D linemen better!

  14. Does anyone else believe A. Brooks will be getting cut in the short term?

    I need to research other potential high cost casualties. I assume a few more will follow. Interesting to here that Bethea wanted out. He knew he would be cut and might as well get a jump on FA.

    1. No, because they’d probably have cut him already. They’re not playing games.

  15. 49ers quietly amassing a US Treasury-like arsenal prior to FA competition !

    San Francisco 49ers 2017 Salary Cap

    A real-time breakdown of the San Francisco 49ers 2017 salary cap, including salaries, bonuses, reserve lists, dead cap, cap space and more.

    An updated look at the San Francisco 49ers 2017 salary cap table, including team cap space, dead cap figures, and complete breakdowns of player cap hits, salaries, and bonuses.


    1. One thing we can thank Balke for – he left a whole pile of cap $ on the table for his more qualified successors to take advantage of.

  16. Thinking about FA and the thrifty Patriots……I wonder if the Seahawks make a pitch to Blount….?…..they miss Beastmode

    Then too, I thought the Pats might protect Hightower

  17. It’s my understanding that talks with the 49ers are really heating up and here’s why that’s intriguing: He’d be reunited with his Houston Texans defensive line coach as well as his former Texans teammate, defensive tackle Earl Mitchell, who recently signed there. So that is interesting.”
    Jeff Zgonina, the 49ers defensive line coach within Kyle Shanahan’s coaching staff, was the defensive line coach for the Texans in 2013, which was McClain’s final season with Houston.

    NFL teams are able to begin negotiations with the agents of soon-to-be free agents. However, contracts cannot be officially signed until Thursday at 1 p.m. Pacific.

  18. The interest in Bouye could indicate that Ward is entrenched at FS and no longer being considered an option at CB. I don’t think we’ll take Hooker.

    1. And reports of a possible Terrell McClain signing, the Niners could be looking at RB, Fournette for Shanahan’s Run game.

      1. I hope so. I always thought he was over-rated and wasn’t worth the money we paid him.

    1. You wanna talk about some open receivers with teams respecting the run of a generational type back ?

    2. I imagined it . The first word that popped in my head was dominant. What could we get on the trade market for Hyde? I think Hyde would be the odd man out if we took Fournette.

    3. Fournette is a great player, but he’s a North and South runner. In the outside zone running game Shanahan incorporates you need patience and the ability to run horizontally until finding the crease. I would imagine Fournette could do this eventually, but it’s not his strength. There is also the fact that many late round RB’s have had success in this system so using a first on one is unnecessary.

      1. Rocket,

        One of his longest runs shows him hitting the edge quite quickly.

        He’s the only running back to run for a TD at 22.9 MPH, college or pro in the last two years.

        Only a Vikes DB came close at 22.4

        1. No argument on his greatness Tom. I’m just not sure he is the best fit for this system and how much more he can do than other RB’s drafted much lower have. I wouldn’t be upset or anything, I just don’t think it presents the best value for them.

          1. Rocket,

            Is this a joke. What do you think ?

            Cousin’s to 49ers all but done.
            Consider it 90% minimum…No words on specifics, to be announced later…

            By Chad Ryan, Washington DC Radio Host

    4. He’s my pick. Fournette and Hyde, wow, what a combo! They’d clobber the West.

  19. Lynch and Shanahan are known for thinking outside the box.

    Sometimes you have to do things backwards.

    If Jerry Rice is in running back form, draft him—-go to your receivers later.

  20. Leonard Fournette Ran 22.90 MPH During a Game Last Season
    Updated: March 01, 2017

    ie., only player to hit 22.9 on a TD run:
    A big bruising back with sprinter speed, Fournette has been timed at 4.42, despite weighing close to 230 pounds. His top-end burst also figures to drop some jaws. Tigers strength coach Tommy Moffitt told me that Fournette was clocked on their GPS system at 22.9 mph in one game

    . Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs was clocked at 23.24 mph during a play last season. But other than Hill, no one’s run faster than Fournette. Not DeSean Jackson. Not Brandin Cooks. Not Tedd Ginn Jr.


  21. Niners Nation‏Verified account @NinersNation 3m3 minutes ago
    Rumor circulating 49ers close to deal for Kirk Cousins. If it’s gonna happen, 49ers better leverage like crazy

  22. Getting Bouye could allow Ward to shade to Robinson’s side against some formations. It would also likely rule out Lattimore at #2.

    1. Getting Bouye would be a big time signing, and definitely would take CB off the list of priorities for the draft.

      1. Disagree because Shanahan and Lynch could be wanting two big CBs.

          1. Robinson is an injury prone toothpick that looked good against no – name WRs, and Johnson seems to be a better backup.

              1. Yep. As Barrows pointed out, the CB group is probably one of the strongest position groups on the 49ers roster right now.

              2. Who looked good against non-American WRs and was injury prone.

      1. As much as I know how much more about the game you know than me, I still maintain that they’ll settle for something like our 3rd this year and a player like Armstead plus our 2nd next year if we make the playoffs this year, otherwise our 3rd next year. (Just a wild guess about the specifics.) When you consider he won’t take them to the SB this year and they’ll lose him next year and get nothing in return, that would be a good deal for them. In fact I think it’s too much for us to give up, because we hold the cards. Your thoughts?

    1. San Francis 49er new‏ @SanFran49ersnew · 4h4 hours ago

       More

      San Francisco 49ers Reportedly Showing Interest In Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor – Forbes

  23. With Cousins I keep asking myself the same question; why would a team trade it’s starting QB?

      1. Because most bought into the idea RG3 was worth trading up for.

        1. My veiled point is that Washington is a dysfunctional team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Snyder is calling the shots on this, which is one of the reasons Scot M. is away. I would think Scot would fight hard to keep Cousins.

          1. I agree the front office for the Redskins is dysfunctional, but that still doesn’t come even close to explaining the rationale. The Redskins were a team that was close to the playoffs last season and are appearing to be committed to a young WRs core, so why sabotage all of that by trading your QB?

    1. Some of the talking heads were mentioning the strangeness around Washington’s FO and org.
      Mystery on cold shoulder to Cousins. McCoy?
      Mystery on Scot Mc
      Mystery with Bruce Allen

    2. Because he doesn’t want to be there.
      If they didn’t slap him with two consecutive FT’s I’d see your point.

      1. Right. They I don’t think they’d trade him because they don’t think he is worth the money or he sucks. You don’t franchise a player twice if that’s what you think. You trade him because he’s worn his welcome out, or he doesn’t want to be there and you must get what you can. Because either way he will more than likely be a Niner this season or next.
        Not sure I’m a fan of it, but I’d grade him on Ryan’s level before shanahan.

          1. I was thinking its a terrible time for him to not be around with the Cousins situation and FA starting.

  24. PENDING PHYSICAL: Kirk Cousins to #sanfrancisco for 2nd overall pick in 2017 and 2018 first rounder

        1. Ian Rapoport‏ @88Snizzy88

          PENDING PHYSICAL: Kirk Cousins to #sanfrancisco for 2nd overall pick in 2017 and 2018 first rounder.

          Rapoport is @Rapsheet

  25. Good move to cut AB
    I don’t like any of these safety’s especially tartt
    He was so posed to be a hard hitter but he constantly got run over last year, he’s garbage
    I wouldn’t mind if the Adams kid from LSU replaces
    AB… I also like Hooker from Ohio state but he’s a free safety

  26. This is sobering:

    Eric Branch‏ @Eric_Branch 1h1 hour ago

    Stunning stat: The #49ers leading passer has thrown for fewer than 2,900 yards in 11 of the past 14 seasons.

    1. And no QB has had 500 attempts since Jeff Garcia. Low passing numbers are to be expected when you have defense/old-fashion ‘run game’ head coaches – Nolan, SIngletary, Harbaugh, Tomsula and even Kelly who was a heavy-run coach.

      OTOH, we’ve tended to be one of the top rushing teams. But he’s tweeting that because, right now, he wants to ‘find negatives’ so he plays the ‘cut-off game’ with the stats. It’s kind of dishonest, but you see it a lot in football discussions.

    2. No kidding/-that’s why I can’t believe some Niner fans don’t want Cousins who almost threw for 5000 yards. I know in modern football it’s not as impressive as Marino in 84, but the last 12years or so we have been 50s style at QB. Cousins would at least be modern and fun to watch throw the ball around.

      1. You know me, I want Kaep back, but even I will concede that Cousins is a superior choice at the moment. Not by much, but every other QB is inferior to Cousins , so I could see the logic of KS wanting him.

        What I object to is the high price tag. Niners should parlay that second overall pick into several picks, so they can fix the defense, and get some weapons on offense.

        If the Niners overpay for Cousins, they will be letting Washington off the hook. The Niners should wait a year and have no obligations to Washington.

        Washington has gotten themselves in this mess, so the Niners should not go out of their way to bail them out.

            1. I have heard a bunch, and all of them are tilted in favor of Washington.

              Niners should not be giving away first round picks for a QB the team does not want. Obviously, if they wanted him, they would have offered a long term contract. Since they just franchise tagged him, they do not like him very much.

    1. What I just posted in reply to CfC:

      … I still maintain that they’ll settle for something like our 3rd this year and a player like Armstead plus our 2nd next year if we make the playoffs this year, otherwise our 3rd next year. (Just a wild guess about the specifics.) When you consider he won’t take them to the SB this year and they’ll lose him next year and get nothing in return, that would be a good deal for them. In fact I think it’s too much for us to give up, because we hold the cards.

      1. Like what he said about Peterman at the end. He may be the best fit after the first round. Also more pro ready.
        He nailed all pro drills at the combine.

        1. Peterman, Kaaya and Kelly are three quarterbacks Shanny might target day three.

              1. Jim Kelly is kinda a legend in Buffalo. The Bills may give his nephew a chance, especially since it looks like they are passing on Taylor.

    1. Has a good quote on Mahomes: “he’s a very frustrating player to evaluate Ross, the talent is there but its buried under an alarming lack of any refinement to his game at all.” Lol. I don’t necessarily disagree with that statement I just find it funny.

      1. That’s a pretty good description. He’s unorthodox, but he’s got something to work with that could lead to a pretty high level of play if he’s given the proper Coaching and time.

  27. I’ll bet anyone the Niners trade the #2 to Washington for Cousins. KS wants his QB. In the “win now” NFL, it all starts with the QB. I’ve beat that horse to death. He’s not going to be happy with some “bridge QB”. That’s laughable. Bridge to what? 12-14 loses because we have some crappy has been. We’ve done that since our last decent QB, Jeff Garcia. I think it’s a great move. Get the guy here. We’ll be fine. Sign a Shaub, or a Hoyer as a backup (you have to have a half way decent backup in the injury prone NFL) and draft a young QB such as a Mahones or Webb. Sign a perennial clip board holder as the fourth in case of disaster.

  28. According to our friend out in Sebpotstoseed, Cosell is nothing but a “hack”. Of course he is highly critical of Kraeps abilities. That might have something to do with it. ;)

    1. Gnomo, Cosell is the master of the obvious, just like you are the master of the odious.

      1. Juan-I love that Sebpotstoseed..bit of genius there………

        Seb-Its good to see your comebacks are vintage Seb. sharp and quick.

        Ya know, Seb, your actually quite funny………..

  29. Oh Wally, go back to your “football for dummies” book and your blunt. You of all people calling someone the master of the obvious is the equivalent of Charles Manson calling someone a murderer. Smoke on! LOL! You ARE the master of “Duh”!

    1. Gnomo, I read books like Building a Champion, Finding the Winning Edge and The Score Takes Care of Itself.

      Cosell is the master of the obvious because he has to watch things over and over again before he can elicit some thought.

      While repetitious on some points, I have been assailed for coming up with ideas and scenarios that boggle the mind for their improbability and no one has ever topped me in my imagination. That is not stating the obvious.

      But getting back to you, you are the master of the odious, because you continue to hurl insults and name call. Snark seems to be your calling card, and it is insidious, because the hate oozes from it.

        1. Seb-

          you’ve never called me odious! But you have told me i’m filled with hate many times, so I guess that will have to suffice……………

          1. Saw, while you seem to be a gadfly, you do seem to be respectful. I try to be civil with you, because you are not outwardly offensive, while still objecting to my posts.

  30. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 23m23 minutes ago

    #Bama LB Reuben Foster met with 20 team people as a group today before his Pro Day, then most individually as he would have at the Combine.

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 22m22 minutes ago

    Reuben Foster told the group of teams he was sorry for the Combine situation, taking ownership of what went wrong. Teams came away impressed

  31. If we got Cousins would you rather Peterman or Kelly as prodigy? Then what vetcas backup? Ponder

        1. Yea, even if we give up a 3rd and Armstead, we still have two 4th round picks. I think there’s a chance we could get Kelly in the 5th, possibly even 6th. Peterman should be there at the top of the 4th….

  32. In case you were wondering:


    “PFT’s Mike Florio reports “the current thinking” among those associated with free agent Darrelle Revis is that he’d want $8 million-plus to consider playing in 2017.
    Revis is guaranteed $6 million this year from the Jets no matter what, so playing for anything less would mean he’d be playing for free due to offset language. An $8 million salary would essentially be $2 million in Revis’ eyes. He hasn’t drawn an ounce of interest since being cut a week ago. There’s a very real possibility the 32-year-old (in July) sit out 2017, and possibly for good. “

        1. I think people have lost their minds in regards to Reid #80. Lets see what Lynch does here. He’s a safety by trade. I trust him on this area over anyone here.

          1. “Lets see what Lynch does here. He’s a safety by trade. I trust him on this area over anyone here.”

            Totally agree with that part. I just don’t see Reid getting an extension.

    1. This is a good article that’s got me rethinking what the team should be willing to give up for Cousins.

      1. Me too

        I like starting with a 3rd round pick too. Niners hold all the cards because Cousins could tell any other team that would try trade for him that all long term deals are happening unless it’s with Shanny. The Skins are kind of stuck-wow.

    2. Biderman’s been stealing my material. Except for the part about shipping out Armstead. What’s all the love for trading Armstead? Is his shoulder permanently screwed up?

      Last summer’s training camp he was being talked about as a monster. Best player on the team. I saw lots of “Armstead > Buckner.” Now he’s a lousy pot sweetener?

      If there’s a pot sweetener for Trades. I’d think it would be Reid or Tartt if 49ers choose Adams. Reid+34 to move into the mid 20s. Something like that.

      1. True, Brodie, he has been. I was kind of miffed about your position regarding Cousins and gave you a bit of a hard time. But I’m starting to understand what you’ve been saying.

      2. B2W

        That disturbed me also, but I think it’s just a couple of know-it-alls sounding off …grain of salt…Reid’ s the sweetner…too cautious

    3. Fully agree. It’s the teams that overplay (overpay – Cleveland who continue to be bottom feeders).

  33. I think the article assumes there will not be any changes in the next 12 months. The thought process for the Niners is probably to try to get the deal done now and avoid any intervening events; KC changing his mind or a serious injury.
    I could see them giving up a 1st round pick to get him now, maybe more. The Niners might trade their 1st this year and a 2nd next year for Captain Kirk.

    1. I agree. While the article has me rethinking what the team should give up to get Cousins, the big unknown for me has always been that anything can happen in a year. For that reason, I was willing to add a “premium” to get him now. Still, Biderman makes some good points. I think he’s right that the team should start lower.

  34. Cubist
    I agree; start lower and see what they will do. Maybe they can do a combination of draft picks and a player.

  35. Bah. I’d like Lynch to play gentlemanly hardball. Niners are the only deal in town for Snyder. Allow him miles and miles of public face-saving, but it’s a contingent sale, so capped value. Swap around some 7ths and minor futures for smoke and mirrors if he needs it, but cut a Scottish deal, and add the icing later for posturing.

    1. BrothaTuna I hear you brother. Value and Market value are not the same thing. 49ers are the only team Cousins wants to play for. Offer them slightly more draft capital that a 3rd round compensatory pick. Dress it up with some late junk picks or trade a bubble player.

      For example, if the 49ers draft Adams, offer Washington Tartt or Reid + 6th rounder + 2018 conditional 4th.

      Its a mess there right now. The guy with final roster say in his contract (including cuts) is awol. A face saving trade for Allen and Snyder should work.

  36. I know this is PFF and it’s only one week, but it sums up what Reid would look like in our new scheme.


    Safety: Eric Reid, San Francisco 49ers, 37.0

    “Most of Eric Reid’s problems came in the run game, where he failed to provide really any help in the box, and was frequently blocked out of plays and off of contain.”

    Failed to provide really any help in the box. I ask that we leave our feelings on drafting Adams at #2 out of equation for this question. Does anybody think Reid should get an extension?

  37. Brother
    I would love it if they traded Cousins for a 3th rounder butIdon’t see that happening.
    I would go as high as a 1 this year, a 2 next year plus Armstead or Reid for Cousins and D. C.’s 2 this year and 4 next year. Otherwise, we all wait a year and see what happens.
    I also think it is important that Cousins sees the Niners value him. Makes him want to come here even more. Don’t forget the Niners flew Cowboy around the Area in a helicopter when they were trying to sign him. These things matter some times.

  38. MBH………..”You know me, I want Kraep back, but even I will concede that Cousins is a superior choice at the moment. Not by much, but every other QB is inferior to Cousins , so I could see the logic of KS wanting him”.

    Not by much? So by your talent evaluation, the rankings among possible available QB’s is as follows. Cousins, Kraep close behind, and then all the rest. Comical. Delusional. Sad.

    Cousins could blind fold himself and throw left handed and he’d be the superior choice.

    1. More twisted hate. Cannot respect another human being enough to not refer to him as an expletive. Such low class. Such low intellectual thinking.

      Name another FA QB so I can laugh. Romo? Tinsel. Hoyer? Look at the KC/Texans playoff game. It is not pretty. Glennon? Bears may be looking at a 5-13 QB. None of the others were starters. Only Cousins has a better stat sheet.

      Kaep, with his 16-4 ratio and 90.7 qbr, is actually a decent QB, which makes the haters furious, and now that he is standing, they are apoplectic.

      I am resigned to him being blackballed by the other teams, so he will probably have to return to the Niners, which will make Prime catatonic with agony.

  39. Sure is nice to know that the Niners are turning things around, and that there is a franchise that is more dysfunctional in the league.

    Snyder makes Jed look like a choir boy, and Bruce Allen is the very definition of cretin. McCloughan drinks beer and claims he does not have a drinking problem, while missing the Combine, while Lynch is so busy he wolfs down oatmeal.

    Washington is delusional if they think Colt McCoy is a viable alternative.

    If they think Colt is better than Cousins, they must think very little good about him, and are just driving down his trade value.

    Gruden is contemplating losing his starting QB over money, with a scrub as a replacement. He is probably hopping up and down, demanding they offer a long term contract.

  40. I have a radical idea that might be the ultimate solution. You’re all going to hate it when you hear it, sleep on it, and it’ll grow on you.

    Because there is no way to be consistently great without a franchise QB, the 49ers…

    Pick #1 Draft Trubisky
    Pick #2 Trade back into the 1st round to draft Deshaun Watson

    Between the two of them, we nearly assure ourselves of a franchise QB for the future. The other becomes a backup or trade bait. Sure, we delay the rebuilding everywhere else, but since you’re nowhere without a QB, this to me is worth investing heavily in. Next year, we really fill out this roster.

    1. Sorry, but neither are rated very high with many draft pundits. 2018 is when the QB class will shine, with 5 solid QBs available.

      Niners best strategy would be to trade back to get additional picks and fix the defense. Add a WR and select a later round QB. Last season, a 4th round QB did better than the first rounders, and a 6th round QB won the SB.

    2. Build outside in first.

      And by the way, who will these guys throw the ball to?

  41. Is Washington a rational actor right now? Are they even capable of making a trade until their front office settles down?

    I keep hearing what a mess it is over there.
    – Their GM is awol from the combine and the first day of legal tampering. Unheard of. I also heard roster control (including player cuts) is in McCloughan’s contract.
    – Its reported today their office was strangle quite… on the first day of legal tampering?
    – Also reported free agents know what a mess it is and are avoiding dealing with them.
    – They extended the coach as a face saving PR gesture to distract an upset fan base from how how dysfunctional it is over there.

    No wonder Cousins hasn’t signed his franchise tender.

    They are not behaving as rational actors. Anger and resentment seems to be the driving force behind their decisions. The 2nd franchise tag is punitive towards the team that applies it. They are “slapping” themselves with the FT, not Cousins.

    1. Brodie,
      Are you describing the Redskins front office or the Trump White House?

  42. Sorry to see Bethea go, but I was trying to trade him away, so I knew they would be moving on from him.

    Guess like Torrey, he had too big a salary, so it was unlikely a team would trade for him, so the best way was just to release him. They may take less, but I think both will still play in the NFL.

    Wish him well


    CB Dre Kirkpatrick
    SS John Cyprien
    DT Terrell McClain
    WR Terrelle Pryor
    C Brian Schwenke

    74TH PICKS


    PICK 14: CB Sidney Jones
    PICK 18: ILB T.J. Watt


    PICK 34: RB Christian McCaffrey
    PICK 43: WR Zay Jones


    PICK 66: OLB Jordan Willis
    PICK 74: QB Deshone Kizer


    PICK 109: OT Antonio Garcia


    PICK 146: DE Tarell Basham
    PICK 161: WR Robert Davis


    PICK 186: OLB Jalen Reeves-Maybin
    PICK 202: RB Donnell Pumphrey


    PICK 219: TE Pharaoh Brown


    SS Nate Gerry
    OG Sean Harlow
    QB Sefo Liufau
    RB Joe Williams
    CB Jalen Myrick

      1. Seriously? ? It is my post Combine mock draft. I only included Armstead and Dial because Tomsula is the new DL coach for Washington.

        1. I never thought of the Tomsula connection. Good call Mid. Do you think a trade will be announced Thursday like one of the rumors suggested?

          1. It is possible, but I do not think one will come about. It is more likely that Cousins will hold out, forcing the Redskins to rescind the tag. That will allow the the 49ers and Cousins to come together if they truly are wanting to.

        2. Also did the deal for Cousins like that to show how ridiculous it is to think the 49ers can trade for him.

          1. Mid

            I like your logic….really. I’ll open myself up to the laughter and derision here by claiming that a totally unreliable source (me) says that Shannahan AND Lynch are only spoofing about Cousins knowing that no one in thrir right mind would trade their starting QB to a needy team (niners) who would have to give up their treasure $$ and their trove of draft picks for a QB who hasn’t shown the value. The Lynch mob have been sharpening their teeth, and are ready to pounce and Rocket is coming with an armload of charts and analytics and statistics to prove his point….Meanwhile, off in the corner sit JL and KS plotting and planning how to work a tradedown and get Trubiskey in the process…hide and watch…Good Morning y’all…!

          2. Not getting Cousins in a trade is more like reality, or making a satire out of some of the GM actions you listed.

        3. There is a similar dream like state that descends onto GM fans this time of year.

      2. I am here, and see that my trade back proposals are generating some interesting speculation by others.

    1. When you consider all the feces thrown by the howling monkeys that are the press and huge swaths of the fan base since 1999, there are more ironies in that story than you can shake a stick at…

  44. “With the WR market still settling, 49ers set their sights on signing Pierre Garcon, sources say. He’s familiar with Kyle Shanahan’s system” – Ian Rapoport

    1. It will be interesting to see if they choose to forgot the draft by signing Garcón and Pryor.

      1. I think Lynch wants to have as little roster holes as possible by draft day. Solid, steady-Eddie signings. If he lands a big fish, all the better.

        So far he has one 1-tech signed, another in heavy negotiations.

        Jags seem to be front runners got OG Kevin Zeitler.

        I’m hoping Lynch signs a fullback.

      2. Have you seen the 49ers depth chart? They’ll sign a couple more receivers and likely draft at least 1 more.

        Right now they have Jeremy Kerley and ……..

      3. Mid

        If you’re correct and we can sign Pryor as well as Garcon…we’re 2/3’s of the way to playoffs in ’17….sounds like we’re halfway there now (Garcon)…

  45. Rotoworld Football‏Verified account @Rotoworld_FB 9m9 minutes ago
    Report: 49ers zeroing in on FA Pierre Garcon

    1. Good one, George !

      Ya think Shanny / Linch can acore both
      Cousins .. and Garcon ?

      1. “With the WR market still settling, 49ers set their sights on signing Pierre Garcon, sources say. He’s familiar with Kyle Shanahan’s system” – Ian Rapoport

        And then there’s stuff about Cousins.

        All rumors and “source” reports.

  46. Hoyer getting strong interest from Niners and Jets. I don’t think Niners get Cousins this year. They don’t want to give up high picks for him and I don’t blame them. Be patient and build the roster first.

    1. Hoyer is not a bad mover. He is a serviceable QB who played well. Better to wait a year and either develop a QB or not overpay.

  47. Let me save y’all some time. Every big free agent is going to be reported as drawing interest from the 49ers. They have a ton of cap space and only 57 players under contract. That means they’ll be signing 33 guys between now and the start of training camp.

  48. Someone is going to draft Joe Mixon, and they’re going to get a heck of a football player.

    1. I’ve had him as my #3 running back from day one. I’d be somewhat surprised if he’s drafted in the 3rd round due to the video. I’m thinking 4th at the earliest. Remember Collins slid from the 1st to UFA just for the inference of involvement with a murder investigation….

    2. Mixon is excellent. He is absolutely going to be a steal for whatever team takes a chance on him.

  49. Kirk Cousins played six games without DeSean Jackson in 2015. Cousins’ passer rating in those games was 87.2.

    Pierre Garcon is a No. 2 receiver.

    1. Which “big name” FA WRs will be interested in signing with the 49ers if they don’t know who the QB will be?

      1. cubus

        ALL OF THEM…WHO LIKE EATING STEAK! It’s a chicken or egg thing…which came first the WR or the QB …?

  50. Chris Mortensen‏Verified account @mortreport 3m3 minutes ago

    When Pierre Garcon finalizes deal with 49ers, as expected, league sources believe he will make $16 million in first year.

      1. Yep and if true, it’s what I’ve been worried about. Without a good throwing QB on the team, the team will have to significantly overpay for quality FA WRs. Their career is heavily dependent upon who is throwing them the ball.

        1. On the other hand:

          1) KS’s offense can still provide Garcon with a lot of receiving yards as long as the QB is decent.

          2) Mortensen said $16 million the first year, which might include a large signing bonus. The 49ers have the cap space now, so probably better to front-load these deals now which also entices FAs.

      2. Someone made the point that front-loading these contracts make sense since we have so much cap space this year. I’ll wait to see the average annually and the guaranteed $ before I make any judgments. Good signing for now.

    1. That’s money you offer Donteri Poe…. A true game changer. Seems weird. Hope the new QB can use him right. Because lord knows our last free agent WR was a wasted of money

    2. I guess the good thing is, it’s only in the 1st year. I bet that number drops drastically in the following years. We have the money, put it to use.

  51. Breaking News: Pierre Garcon, 49ers have agreed to terms, Garcon will be a 49er!

    When Pierre Garcon finalizes deal with 49ers, as expected, league sources believe he will make $16 million in first year.

    1. Garcon is 30 years old, so it makes sense the 49ers have front loaded his deal.

      I’m excited.

    1. That would be nice for three years. Anquan provided most of my “good” moments.

  52. Report: The 49ers view Garcon as a more reliable, cost effective option compared to Jeffery, and therefore, Pierre became the 49ers #1 FA target. The RAMS and REDSKINS were both in on the Garcon sweepstakes, but Shanahan “wooed” Garcon as the 49ers flexed there salary cap muscles, and outbid the competition.

    My take? The new regime is running like a well oiled machine!

    1. Shanahan loves Garcon’s “toughness”, as he hasn’t missed a game in four seasons. In 2013 under Shanahan, Pierre amassed 113 receptions and 1,346 yards.

  53. “Garcon didn’t come cheap, we knew the 49ers were going to have to overpay for free agents this season, especially without a quarterback in place. Shanahan is confident he can get 1,000 yards or more next season from Garcon. At the early stages of this rebuild, it’s hard to put a price on reliability and productivity from an incoming veteran player with options, especially at the WR position”


  54. In all honesty, this team is swimming in money to spend right now. I don’t care if they overpay a bit at the early stages of this roster overhaul, as long as it’s for proven, dependable talent. Everyone knows this team desperately needed a veteran leader at the WR position, and Torrey Smith, although he is a good guy, wasn’t that player.

    ShanaLynch seem bound and determined to infuse thos roster with players they believe are “gamers”, tough, durable players who work hard, and have proven dependability. Gracon fits that mold to a T!

  55. It also illustrates to other FA’s that the 49ers are serious about making a quick turnaround- I thought Garcon would be worth $8/yr, so we’ll have to wait and see the details, but he will also be a coach on Shanny’s system is huge- and this will get the fan base back immediately/quickly, vs thoughts of a “rebuild”.

    1. NoCoast …

      THAT .. news .. tickles me pink !!

      “The Turnstile” … is gone !!

  56. 49ers interested in Bill’s Goodwin–here’s his 40 time

    West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin and Texas wideout Marquise Goodwin put on a show Sunday morning in the 40-yard dash, coming within striking distance of breaking Johnson’s record time from 2008.

    Goodwin posted an official time of 4.27 seconds…Goodwin’s time fell a hair short of the 4.24 Johnson posted

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