49ers cut G Zane Beadles

San Francisco 49ers offensive guard Zane Beadles (68) against the Los Angeles Rams during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

The 49ers just announced they have released veteran guard Zane Beadles.

Here’s a statement from GM John Lynch: “Zane is a consummate professional and has represented our organization with exceptional class. He is an unselfish guy who stepped up in a big way for our team last year and we can’t thank him enough for all his contributions to the organization and our community. Zane is just the kind of player and person we would always be open to welcoming back down the road, but releasing him now provides ample opportunity to find the right situation with his next team. We wish him and his family all the best as he moves forward in his career.”

Beadles, 31, started five games for the 49ers last season. He made one start at left guard, four starts at right tackle, and was a turnstile at both positions. The 49ers might have cut him last year if Joshua Garnett hadn’t injured his knee during training camp.

Here’s how I see the 49ers’ current depth chart on the offensive line:

1. Joe Staley
2. Mike McGlinchey
3. Garry Gilliam
4. Darrell Williams Jr.

1. Laken Tomlinson
2. Jonathan Cooper
3. Joshua Garnett

1. Weston Richburg
2. Erik Magnuson

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  1. You had to put the turnstile snark in there, didn’t ya? Just cannot help yourself…

    He was pretty good coming out of college. Maybe he and the players next to him couldn’t get their signals right.

    “Beadles was considered one of the best offensive linemen available for the 2010 NFL Draft. Analysts projected him as either an offensive tackle or guard.[7] He was compared to former Ute All-American Jordan Gross.[7] He scored 36 on the Wonderlic intelligence test.[8]

    Pre-draft measurables
    Ht Wt Arm length Hand size 40-yard dash 10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss 3-cone Vert jump Broad Wonderlic
    6 ft 4 1⁄2 in
    (1.94 m) 310 lb
    (141 kg) 33 3⁄4 in
    (0.86 m) 9 3⁄4 in
    (0.25 m) 36
    All values from NFL Combine[9]
    Denver Broncos
    The Denver Broncos selected Beadles in the second round (45th overall) of the 2010 NFL Draft.

    Beadles was named to his first Pro Bowl in 2012, replacing New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins due to his appearance in Super Bowl XLVI.[10]

    As a member of the Broncos, Beadles played in all 16 games every one of his four seasons.[11]

    Jacksonville Jaguars
    On March 11, 2014, Beadles signed a five-year, $30 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars, including $13 million guaranteed.

    In Beadles’s first two seasons, he started all 16 games of each of his two seasons with the Jaguars.

    The Jaguars released Beadles on March 3, 2016.[12]”

    Care to compare resumes?

    1. I don’t think the turnstile comment was a snark. Beadles was a turnstile. It’s almost not subjective.

    2. You must be his agent.. Did you see him play? I would not be surprised if his career is over. From Rotoworld.. ” A mega-bust at left guard in 2016, Beadles was no better as he shifted all along the line last season. The former second-rounder turns 32 in November.”

    3. There is such a thing as being a prisoner of the moment… But if you need to go back beyond 4 years to find a positive eval… well what are you really defending?

  2. Erik mag us on can also play tackle and guard, will be interesting if the undrafted frwe agents show something, put me down for Garnett winning a starting position, he is lighter ,more flexiable and smart!more motivated than Trent brown!

  3. “almost not subjective” ???
    — did anybody watch the snaps he played last season??
    — if anybody here thinks he might have helped as “flexible OL backup insurance” this coming season, they really need to replay the games he was in last season and look closely…
    — it’s amazing that anybody here would defend him after seeing his 2017 performance…
    — regardless of his history with other teams…

    1. That was my point tjf. He had zero value as a lineman especially in pass protection. Grant was not being subjective here….

  4. Magnuson showed promising versatility that enabled the 49ers to feel comfortable about releasing Beadlesjuice. Year 2 should see his stock rise, and Lynch won’t find it necessary to utter, “Beadlesjuice”, three times in a row….

  5. Zane a mighty fine effort, you just were not very good for the Niners. Is this a signal that OL depth is finally getting better, could be.

  6. Tbh I am a bit surprised by this move at this juncture. Never know what injuries might be around the corner. He’s not good, but he is versatile. Better hope the guys ahead of him stay healthy and/ or the young guys they have brought in are better.

    1. so versatility outweighs inability?
      hope, unfortunately, is a huge factor for the OL going into this season…

      1. No, but say what you like, he has been good enough to be an NFL starter much of his career. He’s not good, but if he is so terrible why does he keep getting playing time? As bad as he is, it can actually get worse than Beadles.

    2. Perhaps it’s a sign that the other candidates at guard are living up to their expectations……

    3. Scooter
      It’s possible Lynch & Shanahan believe undrafted F/A Center Coleman Shelton can play OG and is better than Beadles. He played all 3 position, OG , OT and C at U Washington.

      1. Wow, Razor do think he is ready for that responsibility? D.J is a good young talent but I thought he was still pretty raw! hope you are right for his potential though!

        1. Dunno, but year 2 is usually where they grow up. I guess it comes down to how badly he wants it. What are your thoughts on the competition for NB between Williams, and Reed? If it’s close, Reed gets the nod if he shows he can play FS too, along with return duties. Williams’ contract looks very trade friendly to me, and Ward can play NB too.

          Mike “Drago” McGlinchey will be baptized in fire; Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Justin Houston and friends….

    1. Sponge Bob

      Just some passing thoughts about your question….Who’s next ?

      DeAndre Carter…a 5’8″ WR
      Raheem Mostert…an ‘extra’ RB /STer
      Garrett Celek…blocking TE
      Jeff Locke…who needs two punters ?
      Victor Boldin…another 5’8″ WR
      Solomon Thomas….Overstocked DT
      Nick Mullins…..QB…depends on TC…

      After these, it’s gonna’ get painful…I really like our roster…

    1. further extending the trail of wreckage, suffering, and hopelessness that are the hallmarks of Baalke’s acquisitions on offense…

    2. Remember George when they signed me that year, he was like “their big free agent splash” . He gave his all, the results weren’t great. At least when he puled his disappearing act last season, Zane beadles did keep Jimmy G from getting killed, so we owe him for that!

  7. I see you list Joshua Garnett behind both Tomlinson and Cooper. Is it because he’s not a good fit or he just sucks?

    1. Garnett has no game experience in Shanny’s system…Tomlinson does, Cooper has film from the ‘boys running some OZ schemes…so Garnett should be 3rd on that list, till TC starts at least…

      1. What does Cooper having film from the boys have to do with it? He’s never played in Kyle’s system either. At least Garnett has Kyle’s tape. Not the “boys” tape.

        1. — film of Cooper blocking for Dallas’ outside zone/stretch run plays are more useful to Benton and Shanny when it comes to pre TC ranking of the OG’s than Garnett’s 2017 TC film prior to his injury…
          — the key takeaway…game film showing Cooper’s OZ blocking, regardless of the uni he wore…
          — film of his play in this scheme in DAL probably factored in his signing with 9ers…
          — Garnett has zero game film in an OZ scheme…

          1. Still, Dallas and us run 2 different zone schemes. Zane Beadles ran an oz as well. Look at him. Problem is, Cooper hasn’t played in Kyle’s system. He’s just as much a virgin as Garnett. Except they know what kind of man Garnett is. Trained his whole body to fit what Kyle is doing in SF.

            1. ZBS concepts, even with the wrinkles KS adds, are still fundamentally similar at their core…
              Garnett still has to prove himself…
              Cooper is not an OZ virgin, Garnett is…
              we’ll revisit this after we see some TC reports… then we’ll see if Garnett’s able to make the blocks…
              he wasn’t able to in 2017 TC before he was injured…

    2. I noticed Garnett behind Tomlinson and Cooper as well. It definitely makes sense though. The Guard position still does not inspire confidence. Tomlinson is average to below average and Cooper is just ok. I know nothing about Richburg other than there are injury concerns and he can’t control his temper at times. The middle of the 49er o-line could be adequate or a colossal failure. If there is one thing to be worried about for the 49ers season is the middle of this line.

      1. The middle of the 49er o-line could be adequate or a colossal failure.

        Or it could gel and the interior becomes the strength of the line. Not sure why people are so quick to dismiss the offensive line when the team specifically targeted guys who fit this scheme. All three additions I believe were 1st round picks, not that it matters but there is talent there, and as we all know, playing in the right system can make the difference. Adequate, or colossal failure sounds pretty pessimistic when the guys have not even played a snap together.

        1. My comment is pessimistic – for sure. The one part of the 49ers offseason in 2017 was that all the moves Lynch and Shanny made on the o-line really didn’t pan out. In 2018, They signed a center who missed 9 games last year. They signed Cooper who was a top 10 pick but is now on his 4th team in 4 years and he’s coming off MCL surgery. Garnett missed the entire year due to a knee injury. My comment was pessimistic because I am pessimistic about the o-line. Good catch.

  8. https://www.fanragsports.com/cowboys/what-can-jonathan-cooper-be-for-the-cowboys/

    “This play is from one of Coopers’ starts in Cleveland in 2016. Down at the eight-yard line, Browns’ head coach Hue Jackson calls an outside zone play to the right side, where Cooper is lined up at right guard. On this play, Cooper is responsible for making a “reach” block on Corey Liuget the Chargers defensive tackle who is aligned to his outside. On the reach block, Cooper has to get his head across Liuget’s face and allow his running back to make his cut and get to the second level.”

    “Cooper not only controls Liuget, he does it without losing ground, and then buries Liuget into the ground, allowing Isaiah Crowell the opportunity to scamper into the end zone.”

    1. They signed Cooper for a very good reason. And Lynch has already outlined what it is. He is an athletic guy on the inside that should be a good fit for what they do.

      1. Agreed. And they based that on his film from Dallas, as Lynch said. They probably also watched his Cleveland film.


        Shanny values C the most, then T, then G. So let’s look at how he addressed these positions.

        C – Shanny’s top priority. Richburg. Proven, big money FA signing.
        T – McGlincey. High 1st round pick.
        G – Least important, not that it isn’t important though. Cooper. Not a big money FA, but should be effective in Shanny’s scheme, could be pretty good if he stays healthy.

        It shouldn’t be a surprise that we didn’t spend a high pick or big money on a G. Assuming we’d try to upgrade the G position by any means necessary is why so many of our mock offseasons were wrong, included mine.

  9. #80,

    Thanks for the OG video. The 49ers have an offensive line threating to sustain blocks this year and give a QB time for downfield throws this year. Withe the new offenssive weapons it’s going to be a big year.

    1. I’m happy to share TomD. I totally agree with your post. We’re in for a big year offensively and it will be the beginning of a very long run. Of course you and I have been pining for a Shanny to save the team for years. We got our wish. We got our WCO. I can’t wait to see McKinnon and Pettis in space.

    1. IF Garnett can make “reach” blocks AND get downfield faster than he was able to in 2017 TC when he’s got an LB or DB assignment, he may just beat Tomlinson, especially when you factor in IZ ability and the few Power schemes we’ll run for short ydg plays…
      he might be better in pass pro too–quicker than he was in 2016 for Chip?

      1. Sure would be nice, but I’m not betting on Garnett. Just like I’m not betting on Harold. Both have crapped out thus far.

        1. yea, my reluctantly placed bet would be on Tomlinson over Garnett too…but it’d be nice if Garnett did outplay him, to the benefit of our run game and Jimmy’s health…

  10. Brutal.
    Which is more brutal the: play on the field, the offseason management decisions, the guaranteed operations and rehabs, or the way it is covered by the press, such as in this article? Brutal.
    My son is a top 100 school graduate, in the army and a police officer. Tough guy who wanted to play football. I told him it is was not worth it. It is easily the most brutal sport when you combine: the play, management decisions, lasting physical effects and much of the press coverage
    Many are likely to be broken in spirit, mind, body and often money after a career. You are one play away from a ruined leg, back, or brain.
    I once saw and ex49er trying to sell his playing cards and autographs in a Modesto Walmart. Pathetic. Brutal. Love to watch the sport. Feel for the guys on the field.
    God bless you Zane. May you keep your health. Grant: “a turnstile.” As in the 1st version of Ben Hur during the betting scene: “Bravely spoken.”

          1. Sure is…….applies to just about every profession, every vocation. Take a look in the mirror.

          2. Players come and go. That’s the nature of the game. Zane will likely latch on with another team and I for one hope he does.
            But the truth is that he was always a band-aide on the O-line with no true future.
            He’ll be fine.

            1. I dunno if he will. He’s been shopped around already and is 31. I think he is right on the border subject to injuries..

              1. We know that he is not starter material, but he can come off the bench for some snaps when needed.
                31 is not significantly old for a player who basically covers a small field radius. I have a feeling that Zane will be on an NFL team come September.

        1. I wonder what every current 31 year old NFL offensive lineman has made in their career–from their initial contract to the time they turn 31? Is Beadles under, over, about the same? Hmmmmmmmm……………………..

  11. The you might like this Terrell McClain NFL profile….We NEED someone who can get into the backfield and disrupt. Not much of that last year:

    “McClain is a very disruptive run defender that should be able to contribute immediately in a defensive line rotation. He gets off the ball quickly and has the foot speed to penetrate gaps on stunts. He also has fast strong hands to engage and disengage in an instant to get in running lanes and after the quarterback. He is not an experienced pass rusher at this point, but he has the potential to improve due to his quick feet and hands. McClain brings it on every down and he should not last past the second round.” Via NFL.com

    1. He threw her dog across the room? Reuben, Reuben, Reuben… that’s scumbag territory in my book. We don’t know what she might have done to instigate or escalate the situation, and we don’t even know what he did or didn’t do to her. But throwing her dog across the room?

      1. What about pulling her out of the house by her hair? It it’s true or the dog thing is true, he’s disgusting. But we’ll never know the truth about that stuff. However, some of what we do know to be true is unsettling. First off, he’s an unreformed pothead. Suspension material. Also, he keeps a 30-round, chambered rifle in his bathroom. This is not good and he might go to jail for that. Even if he get’s off for everything, he appears to be a nightmare waiting to happen.

        1. Pot is basically legal in much of the USA circa 2018. The NFL hasn’t quite figured that out yet, but I imagine a billion-dollar lawsuit by the players union will fix that at some point. He isn’t the only one who keeps a loaded AR-15 in the house, trust me…

          1. JB,
            You bring up a good point, but perhaps the NFL is steering away from the “pot” subject as long as it can for legal purposes.

            Marijuana is a drug that causes mind alteration. If the NFL allows it’s employees to use pot and the employee commits an illegal incident is there a possibility that the employer can face liability since it sanctioned the free use of marijuana?

            I only pose this question because I believe that if the NFL sanctions free use of pot it will want to diligently cover all the legal ramifications that my occur to it’s brand first and foremost.

            1. 2 problems with this… the NFL as an employer can still require their employees to test clean from marijuana.
              As to their being liable for something a player does while on it. If they don’t ban it, they are merely leaving it up to the players to comply with the laws in their state. I cant see them being liable for any legal ramifications, it should be treated just like alcohol.

  12. In context of Beadles stint with the team, we need to remember who he replaced. He was definitely an upgrade over the guys he replaced who were part of what some have stated might have been the worst O-line ever in the NFL.

  13. Hey , Zane gave us his all , the front offices job it to make the team better ,they went and got Cooper . Guess we will see if it improves . Alot of talent there .
    Was Zane the answer , no . But no reason to take a shot at him . We all can remember, or watch the tape . But just a thought ,were would we of been without him .? Or who? If memory serves me, there wasn’t to much to pick from, from the start . Heck I remember a couple of us ,we’re looking into trades ,for improvement on the line . And fusco looked just as bad imo . We really didn’t even have a line that could do what was expected . Guards and center .

    Hey shoup wasn’t it me and you , that thought they were going to trade for one ?( Back in OTAs ,, July I think. ) And Tom D , didn’t we check into what guards would of been available for a trade . Before the trade deadline . We knew than ,we know now .

    Now did things get better? Or worse ?
    Let ye cast the first stone , who has not sin , who has not questioned his own existence .
    Do unto others ,as you would have undone to you .

    Peace everyone . Going to be a good season .

    1. Probably. I don’t recall, but it seems like something along what I would have said.
      The problem with Zane was that he just regressed to far. The niners needed to move on last year.

      And as to whether or not the line has improved… well I’m not sure. McGlinchey should be better than Brown in the long run. In theory he should improve the run game but not be as good in pass pro, but good lines are a cohesive unit and that takes some time to develop. With the limited practice hours I would suspect there would be a slight drop early in the season with them rounding into form by the midseason mark. With all that said I still think its a slightly below average line, and that the guards need to be at least average for it to really become a good unit.

  14. 1. Wish Bradley good luck. Pretty clear he was not going to make the team so they cut him early to give him a better chance to find a new team. Good for player relations and signing free agents.
    2. DA’s DV case against Foster is turning to crud. Can’t prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. They should save face and cut a deal on the gun charge. But I do wonder how much politics plays in this; Santa Clara and Niners are in a dispute, is the DA playing hard ball as a result?

    1. Been my theory for a while now on the DA.
      Further-how can you prosecute this case now?
      This woman has ZERO credibility! ZERO!
      Making up a story like that just screams head case!
      I’m sorry but that’s a joke if they keep going forward. Other motivations for sure.

      1. It appears they also leaked some information about how she claimed he threw her dog across the room during a previous argument. They also finally stated wear that keeping victim from reporting a crime comes from. He broke her cell phone. He also said he broke it previously because he caught her trying to record him. They said there was another person in the house who claims they were in their room but heard nothing.

        It seems to me that the DA’s office is doing some damage control by leaking information that might be misinterpreted to instigate more speculation. Or at best try to create justification for their attempt to prosecute initially. Reeks of a face saving device leak of partial information to create some justification on their part in order to hide their own unethical behavior in this case.

  15. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/05/07/peter-king-sports-illustrated-nbc-mmqb

    “The Niners were trying to trade right tackle Trent Brown all spring. New England got it done on draft weekend, acquiring a potential starter at a need position. The Niners just didn’t think Brown, a big masher, was a system fit for them in a zone-rushing offense. But until the Patriots stepped up, they couldn’t find a trading partner.”

    “Kentavius Street was a hot name on day three. Street, a North Carolina State defensive end prospect (lesser prospect than Bradley Chubb, obviously), is rehabbing from a torn ACL suffered in a private workout for the Giants a month ago. Amazing little story. The Falcons, Saints and Niners all liked him a lot. His college line coach until last season, Ryan Nielsen, took the Saints’ D-line job last year, and he told the Saints that ACL or no, Street would be a great pro player.

    1. I see you tactfully omitted his dot point regarding McGlinchey ;-)

      Not surprising though. The OTs were bad this year. Talent-wise the 49ers did reach at #9. Of course they also would have missed out on McG if they didn’t take him at #9. So to get their man they had to take him there, for whatever that is worth.

      1. McGlinchey was either going #9 or #10. Thanks to a victorious coin toss, we didn’t have to reach for Miller. I wonder had we lost, would we have traded up for McGlinchey….

        1. Good question razor, but I don’t think they could have, they would have had to jump the raiders, and teams were paying good prices to move up to get qb’s, some team would have tried to charge us the same…

      2. Scooter.. you and me will forever disagree. In my opinion, there is no way that was a reach at number 9. The best tackle in the draft was not a reach. Now if they had drafted the best kicker in the draft, that’s a reach😁

        1. I’m ok with the pick steele. But it was a reach in terms of talent level. In a better OT class he isn’t a top 10 pick.

          1. Better OT class? They don’t make ’em like they used to, and McGlinchey, along with Nelson, are a testament to Coach Hiestand. The NCAA lost one of their best, and because of that; the better class probably gets dismissed….

            1. Yeah, McG stands out because he is far more advanced in his development than most college OTs. Well coached. But there is something of a trade off between well developed vs high upside. McG doesn’t have the upside of a top OT talent imo. He looks like a nice, solid OT for many years to come, but not a consistently dominant OT. Maybe I am wrong, I hope I am. Though to be honest I am quite fine if he never becomes more than just a very good, solid guy. The position is important enough that getting good play without being dominant is still very valuable. However, a top 10 pick is usually expected to be dominant, thus why I say it is a bit of a reach talent-wise.

              1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you were to rate him prospect wise, I would say he rates around 20th.
                However, given He’s a plug and play tackle who needs little development, in a time when the college game doesn’t develop tackles and his value gets a pretty nice bump.

      3. I thought the Brown news was interesting because it shows that we’ve been trying to trade him since late March, not one week before the draft.

        The second part showed that the Street pick wasn’t that much of a reach.

        I left out the McG part because it didn’t need to be said. We know McG wasn’t a Quenton Nelson style “generational” prospect. But he was the OT on the board. Taking the best T at #9 is fine by me.

        1. Wasn’t having a go mate. Just thought it was a little amusing that only the positive side of the article for the 49ers was presented in your post.

          As with you I am fine with taking McG at #9. I do also agree there was a drop in talent level between him and Roquan Smith at #8, and that he was a bit of a reach from a talent perspective.

    2. Peter King (regarding Trent Brown)
      “But until the Patriots stepped up, they couldn’t find a trading partner”

      Maybe Von Miller should have stepped up for T.Brown, he certainly seemed very impressed by him. The Bronc’ made a big investment in signing Casey Keenum and one would think that they would be concerned about keeping Keenum whole.
      I believe that the Patriots/49ers had the Brown trade on the table at the time of the Jimmy G deal but had to wait for the right time to consummate the move.

      1. Maybe Fleener should look into starting a Sumo-Basketball League. Hey, I might watch a couple of games.
        But seriously, the guy was great at Stanford. Too bad he and Luck never got it going in the pros.

  16. Earl Mitchell’s poor grade of 56.8 in 2017 means he’s susceptible to losing his job if Jones or someone else, maybe a F/A, can exploit him.

    1. Poor kids. At least they can grow up saying they got to personally see the world’s largest turd.

        1. George,

          It was a no win situation. That’s the problem with a two party system. If both candidates are terrible you have no alternative.

    2. That’s cool. Regardless of if you like him or not in 40 years it will still be a cool story to tell for the kids.
      Hell, the the hats and shirts might be a collectors items, that is until Kim Kardashian or Kanye West becomes president. As in Monty Python “Always look on the bright side of life.” :D

  17. I was wondering what the backstory was with Grant and Fleener. I think I found it.


    “The Niners swap first round picks with the Bengals, plus they give them their second and fourth rounders this year to draft Fleener, who should be a top-10 pick. Why? Because the NFL is evolving into a passing league and Fleener is the best receiver in the draft. If the Rams were shrewd, they’d draft Fleener over Blackmon with the sixth pick.”

    “If he falls to 17, the Niners should consider themselves lucky and trade up for the future perennial Pro Bowler.”

    1. While Fleener never became more than a role player, I would take Fleener over AJ Jenkins every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

      1. Fleener has been a solid player and producer for most of his career. More than 50 receptions in 4 out of 6 seasons and hadn’t missed a game in 4 years before the concussion last season. Much better player than he’s being portrayed as on here. He was cut for cap space more than performance.

        1. I really don’t think most are bagging on Fleener as much as they are teasing Grant. There’s a slight difference between a solid player and a “perennial Pro Bowler.”

          1. you mean he didn’t get the H.O.F. jacket fit measurements taken down while he was waiting to be picked at the draft?

          2. Yes he was a little over the top with the praise but that was actually one of his better picks. I won a bet with him in that draft because he thought Stephen Hill was a top prospect who’d go top ten. I always give Grant credit for putting himself out there though. At least he gives opinions and picks instead of straddling the fence to guard against the possibility of being wrong. That’s what I try to do as well and have made some major gaffes as a result.

  18. Nice, your prognostication matches my 53 on the O line.
    Sure am glad they are moving on from Beadles, the only FA willing to sign with Baalke 2 years ago.
    I am confident he will find a team. He was versatile, and he had his moments, but generally, he WAS a turnstile. Some team will be desperate enough to sign him, maybe even Seattle.

  19. Cooper is not a lock. There will be a competition, but Lynch signed Cooper because he liked his veteran play. Garnett is almost like a 1 year player.
    Cooper was drafted higher than Garnett, but he might have benefited from the overall O line play of the Cowboys.
    Cooper did sprain his MCL against the Eagles during the last game of last season, so Ganett may have a leg up on him.
    I hope they put Garnett at LG, his natural position, and let Tomlinson and Cooper compete for the RG position.

  20. Like the MC hammer G ,pick cheaper ,younger, less likely to get hurt .( Rt set for 5 plus years )
    The plus is his run blocking .
    Temperament , and study habits

    Sorry gave a nick name that’s kinda old . Guess my age is showing . Lol

  21. I’m still keeping a couple of fingers crossed that Joe Williams pulls his head out of his back side and has himself an NFL career. I think he can be special out there.

    1. I am also hoping and wishing that Joe does what he did at Utah two years ago. I am hoping with counseling and treatment, he is more at ease and is shape because Shannhan was excited to get him and he struggled in training camp., Juice McKinnon and Joe could be a three headed monster at rb and then what you are talking about Coffee’s for Closers that you had kittle corn at TE garcon, Goodwin and Pettis, this O could be something. Still think it may take a couple of years to completely take off but much better than cave man football we saw for awhile!

      1. Grant did like him. About his being into drugs, I’ve not heard that. It’s a motivation thing, is my understanding. Does he want to do what it takes. His problem now, if he cares, is McKinnon, Breida, and McNichols.

  22. Been a really long time since I’ve been this excited about watching our offense. First time since Garcia was under center does if feel like we have a legitimate NFL QB. (Sorry Alex)

    Taking offensive line first was the right thing to do, too bad they couldn’t get the best lineman option but I feel confident that they might have gotten the next best choice. It’s a shame they pissed away most of the others selections though.

    I’m expecting a lot of high scoring games. Both offenses will be able to score pretty freely I imagine. Teams wont have a hard time passing against our secondary and non existent pass rush but I do expect we’ll have a pretty stout run D. So ya know at least they have that going for them, which is nice.

    As long as JG stays healthy and doesn’t implode for some reason this is at the very least a .500 team. Will they have enough defense to be better then that this season remains to be seen but I’m glad we’ll finally have some offense to watch.

    1. I agree. The offense will carry this team and dictate how many wins they ultimately wind up with. I don’t dislike the draft as much as you do but was disappointed they didn’t address the biggest needs on the team with earlier picks or at all in a couple of cases. I do like the potential of some of the prospects though.

      1. rocket,
        Isn’t potential a big part of the drafting process?
        Sure we want the immediate impact player especially when drafting in the top ten, but how many times have we seen a top 10 draft pick outplayed by a 4-7 rd pick or even an UDFA?

        Teams choose players every year with the hope that they can potentially become contributing and productive employees.
        My thoughts on this draft is simple: If McGlinchey can keep JG clean and help the run-game, I see this draft as a good one.
        Jimmy Garoppolo is much more important to this team than an EDGE, LB, CB or Safety this draft presented. No other position carries the value of JG. Keeping him whole is of utmost importance, period!

        1. AES,

          Potential is a huge part of the process but there has to be something in the game film that shows the player is capable too. Immediate impact should be expected from your first round pick (unless it’s a QB in some cases) but the rest is largely based on projection. I don’t have a problem with the McGlinchey pick. It was a need pick for them and he would have been gone a pick later if they hadn’t. My only issue with the draft was the lack of even one pick directed at the biggest areas of need. The idea that they think it would be hard to find an option better than Cassius Marsh is ludicrous imo. The G group isn’t much better. That was my problem with the draft; not the majority of players they wound up with. There are some talented prospects in there that hopefully develop into contributors.

          1. “The idea that they think it would be hard to find an option better than Cassius Marsh is ludicrous imo.”

            The problem with this line of thought is that the player (Harold Landry) many felt WOULD fill our greatest need was passed over in the 1st rd and only became a top ten pick in the 2nd round.
            The fact many teams passed on Landry and the 49ers not making a trade to pick him in the 2nd rd, clearly validates that Lynch and Shanahan did not view the EDGE position as our greatest need as many here did (and still do).

            I never felt that Landry was our guy, but I was wrong in thinking that Roquan or Edmunds would be.
            At some point, I just need to trust the guys who make the big bucks in making player personnel decisions as well as trusting that they have a much larger lens in seeing a players potential than I do.

            1. AES,

              No disrespect intended but I don’t think that way. Why would I blindly trust someone if I disagree with them? I think many on here used to say something along the lines of: “in Baalke we trust” and now have switched the same blind allegiance to John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. You do realize that John Lynch wasn’t really qualified to run an NFL front office right? He played in the league and was a color commentator. That doesn’t make him the authority on running an NFL team or scouting talent. I’m a big Kyle Shanahan fan and have been lobbying for him to be hired for years both with his father and without. That doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with a decision he makes during a game or on a player acquisition. We hope they are great at what they have been hired to do but we certainly don’t know that yet.

              I disagree with the notion that there was nobody available at any point in the draft that would have been an upgrade on the pass rushers we have. I can pretty much guarantee you a number of the pass rushers taken in this draft will turn out to be a lot better than what we have. I accept the fact they felt the way they do; I just don’t agree with it.

              1. rocket,
                I hear and respect your logic. I guess my thoughts regarding Lynch making decisions is that we don’t have another sitting GM in the front office to negate or quantify those decisions. I have no choice but to trust him.
                My objections, suggestions or agreements on his decisions is not going to matter one iota to him and Shanahan or Jed York.

                Just like Baalke, we can praise or piss on his plans but in the end it’s Jed York who will have the final say.
                Baalke was awarded the Executive of the Year for 2011, and then fell off the cliff on his drafts thereafter.
                In his last 3 years as GM, not one of his 33 drafted players made it to the Pro Bowl.
                I bring this up to say that Lynch (even with no prior GM experience) in no way belongs in the Baalke conversation.

                If John Lynch can have just one of his drafted players over his two drafts become a Pro Bowl player he surpasses Baalke’ last 3 drafts.
                I’ll continue to trust Lynch with my favorite team until he fails, and just like Baalke, I’ll join the chorus of voices who clamor for his firing if he brings the team down.
                Right now, I’m very far from that point

              2. “I can pretty much guarantee you a number of the pass rushers taken in this draft will turn out to be a lot better than what we have.”
                You mean one of them might average at least 4 sacks per year 😁😁 Being better than our current group basically means you have a pulse.

              3. AES,

                I am in no way saying John Lynch is terrible and needs to be fired. I’m simply pointing out that he is new to his job and learning while he does it. There will be mistakes – some have already been made – it’s unavoidable. The idea that we should just trust anybody to the point of not questioning however does not make any sense to me.


                That about sums it up.

              4. I can pretty much guarantee you a number of the pass rushers taken in this draft will turn out to be a lot better than what we have.

                And how do you suppose you can guarantee that?

              5. “There will be mistakes – some have already been made – it’s unavoidable. The idea that we should just trust anybody to the point of not questioning however does not make any sense to me.”

                I understand that Lynch is inexperienced and that he will make mistakes. But mistakes are also made by seasoned GM’s because it’s part of the game.

                But honestly, I don’t see any negative critical decisions made by Lynch.
                He made a deal to get a QB that could be a pro bowl player and a franchise QB for the next 7-10 years.
                He surpassed 2016 record by 4 wins and I believe that he will do better this season.
                Maybe that is the reason why I trust the process.

              6. I understand that Lynch is inexperienced and that he will make mistakes. But mistakes are also made by seasoned GM’s because it’s part of the game.

                I agree but that isn’t relevant to our discussion. You were of the mind to just put your trust in Lynch and I disagreed. Yes every GM will make mistakes and so will Lynch, which is why putting your trust 100% into the decision making process of these individuals doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

                But honestly, I don’t see any negative critical decisions made by Lynch.
                He made a deal to get a QB that could be a pro bowl player and a franchise QB for the next 7-10 years.
                He surpassed 2016 record by 4 wins and I believe that he will do better this season.
                Maybe that is the reason why I trust the process.

                Drafting Foster is a critical decision that isn’t looking very good right now and ignoring the pass rush and interior line positions in the draft is dubious at the very least. The deal for Garoppolo was great; it was also instigated by Belichick who was looking to get something for a player he was going to lose and wanted him as far away from NE as possible. I’m pretty sure Lynch would tell you that one fell into their laps. Still a great deal of course, but not some great example of deal making when they just accepted what Belichick offered.

                As I said earlier, I’m not down on Lynch or Shanahan. I’m simply saying that putting your trust into everything they do and not questioning things you may not agree with makes no sense to me. You said yourself they all make mistakes so what is wrong with disagreeing when you feel they made one?

    2. if Kyle’s run game works this season, your pass D fears will be less severe…if the D only has to play 20-25 mins or so a game it’ll limit the damage other QB’s (Goff, Wilson, etc.) can inflict….fingers crossed for McKinnon, Breida, and Williams to be in 1000+ yds. club — run+rcvng!

    3. I’d feel better about our Offense if we had a redzone target and RB who can carry the ball first at the goal line. There is a reason Robbie Gould lit up fantasy scoreboards last year. Was it the Panthers or Jags game in which he kicked 5 FGs? We did nothing to improve our Redzone proficiency.

        1. We’ll see. Grant says Pettis is timid over the middle during spring touch football. How will he react with Talib covering him and safety help.

          1. “Grant says Pettis is timid over the middle”

            Sure, Pettis isn’t going all out because he’s scared to get hit in non-contact drills. It had nothing to do with Pettis coming off an injury.

            Back to reality. 14.5% of Pettis’ routes were slants. That’s tied with out routes at 14.5%, and only behind nine routes at 19.1%.

            1. The actual reality is that Pettis is undersized and only excels against lower caliber defenses – Fresno St, Oregon St. Let’s see how he does against Talib, Patrick Peterson and Legion of Boom.

              1. “The actual reality is that Pettis is undersized”

                Pettis 6’1″, 195 Lbs.
                Brown 5’10”, 181 Lbs.
                Beckham 5’11”, 198 Lbs.

                “only excels against lower caliber defenses”

                I’m sure Shanny took that under consideration. He obviously didn’t feel too concerned considering he traded up for him.

              2. By this time next year, I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe Pettis will weigh nearly 200 pounds.

              3. He couldn’t have landed in a better spot. Shanny will scheme you open. Shanny is a WR guru, and Garcon is a willing teacher.


                As you enter your 10th year, what’s it like taking a leadership role with younger guys behind you in the receiving core?

                “It’s fun, helping and teaching those guys. I had help when I was young. Going out every day working and keep proving how to get it done in this league, as well as practicing the right way making it all come together on Sundays.”

                Do you have any post-career aspirations once your playing days are over?

                “I know I’ll definitely help high-school football as a coach, just to be in position to keep the competitive spirit going.”

        2. along with Garcon, Kittle, Celek, McKinnon, Juice, Goodwin, Bourne, Taylor, and possibly Williams & Brieda…

          if the run game is working, oppo D’s will need to account for any of these guys inside the 20….

    4. Hard to argue with that assessment. The D struggled on 3rd down all last year and haven’t really done much to change that this year. The team will go as far as Jimmy and the offense take them.

      1. I’ll give it a go. The defense may not struggle in large part due to the addition of Sherman, and Witherspoon will be in year 2. Our defensive front of Thomas will be in year 2 with a full offseason, and Armstead will be healthy. Buckner is already on the brink of Pro Bowl play. Those two working in tandem should give us better results on 3rd downs, as well as the offense possessing the ball longer with Jimmy.

        Here’s one way Pettis can help Jimmy in the red zone:


        1. I appreciate the attempt Razor but as soon as you said Armstead would be healthy your point lost steam. A healthy Sherman will be an upgrade so let’s hope he’s healthy. Other than that, they really didn’t do much to improve the defense. There is always hope that things will improve from one year to the next, but every team we face will be operating under the same circumstances.

            1. GM John Lynch said the organization was going to take a “develop” approach to addressing the pass rush. I think that’s one area that deserves some skepticism.
              Maybe Pita, Harold, and the depth at the DL position can help get to the QB.

              1. It will. Remember the Philly game last year. We had no corners left to play. This game is all about attrition and the Niners did well to improve the defense by adding depth. Look at the division. 4 potential very good, dynamic quarterbacks. We added a lot depth in the secondary and along the line. It will be a top 10 defense. No doubt.

        2. I’ll play.

          Coyle out, Warner in. Warner and Foster will be one of the best ILB tandems in the league.

          Johnson out, Sherman or Moore in. Very low bar here, expect an upgrade.

          Less drama. The malcontents (Bow and Robinson) are gone.

          Garoppolo. The D will be rested and the snap count will be down significantly, this should mean less injuries.

          The unknown. Will Foster be even better with his improved tackling technique? Will Thomas be more consistent? Is DJ Reed a stud NCB in the making? Is Pita ready to get after the QB?

              1. 4 game suspension?
                Maybe, I’d guess 6 to 8 given he had the diluted sample, then the incident where he was kicked out of the combine, then the arrest in Alabama and now this. Even if this turns out to be a minor gun charge that’s a lot of incidents in less than 1 year.

              2. 6 games if Goodell wants to throw the book at him. I’m not counting the combine incident or the diluted sample, that’s over with. I think it was established on here that the weed arrest would be a 1 or 2 game suspension. It looks like the domestic violence stuff will go away. The gun stuff could double the 1 or 2 game suspension. 2 to 4 games IMO. If it is 6, that’s still 10 games he’ll play this year.

      2. Imo the Niners tried to address the 3rd down problem by, to parrot Razor a bit, adding Sherman, Warner, Moore, Reed and Harris. We’ll see how that works. If it does, League, look out. One can argue that most teams we face this year will be playing catch up.

        1. Oh I agree their approach was to improve the pass coverage to assist in this. However, what have they actually done to improve this? Lets see:

          – Added Sherman: If he recovers well, and that is a big if, then that is a very nice upgrade. However, if he doesn’t come back at anywhere near his previous level then how much better does he make the team?
          – Added Warner: If Foster is available, and that is a big if, then this is a nice upgrade over Coyle. However, if Foster is gone or misses a large portion of time, is this even an upgrade from last season? Foster was pretty good.
          – Added a bunch of rookie CBs: Well, hopefully some of these guys end up being pretty good, but it is a big ask to expect a 3rd rounder that hasn’t played CB since HS, a 5th rounder and an UDFA to come in and greatly improve the pass coverage immediately.

          We can expect some young guys to keep improving, like Witherspoon, Colbert and Tartt. And they get back some players from injury (though others will get injured this year – that’s the nature of the game). Atm I think we can only say we hope the pass coverage is improved. But can’t have a great deal of confidence in that being the case.

          1. Scooter, what I said was, we’ll see, and in saying that I’m not dodging your response. It’s well-reasoned, as usual. I’m optimistic, though, based on faith in management. I guess (only guess) that at least some of this will work this year, that being Sherman returning close to old form and Reed starting as slot corner. It’s also possible they’ll decide Moore is a FS and he is good enough to start over Colbert. Re Foster, I wasn’t expecting him to play at all, so your point that without him Warner isn’t an upgrade of the overall group is frankly something I hadn’t considered.

        2. They threw bodies at it that’s for sure… but I’d hardly call it a significant investment in shoring up the issue.

    1. Great piece. Yet another guy who could be electric in Shanahan‘s office. But man, if he’s broken the same collarbone twice, it’s only a matter of time…

      1. I can speak from experience wrt collarbone breaks. First off, it only takes 80 pounds of pressure to break them. Secondly, breaking a bone does not make it susceptible to another break. It will be just as strong as the original….

        1. “First off, it only takes 80 pounds of pressure to break them. “

          And even less to break them twice!

          “Breaking a bone does not make it susceptible to another break. It will be just as strong as the original….”

          Perhaps, but I laypersonally suspect that statement might be more true with bones not named collar. I too have experience with broken collarbones and mine was never the same. (Although in fairness, I’m not certain I let it heal properly). Also have a friend who broke his collarbone snowboarding, and from then on it only took the slightest of falls to break the damn thing again. Always in the same spot.

          1. According to Dr. Amaral, “there may be a brief period in the healing process when the fracture site is stronger than the surrounding bone. But they later reach equal strength, and the fracture site is no more or less likely to break again.” As for your friend and his propensity to break his bone in the same spot; I suspect his age, how much phosphorus, calcium and other trace minerals he has in his bones, whether he drinks or smokes, sodium intake, and many other reasons….

            1. Ok, we’ll thats encouraging. Certainly pulling for the young man. Seems like he could be a late-round gem.

    2. For some reason I have a feeling he will be the better player than Pettis. Let’s just hope both prove to be solid.

  23. 49ers WR Dante Pettis among top 15 in rookie fantasy football ranking
    2 hours ago
    By David Bonilla

    Bucky Brooks isn’t the only one who believes San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis is capable of a big rookie season. The NFL Network analyst named Pettis as a rookie receiver who can achieve a 1,000-yard season in 2018.

    JJ Zachariason of numberFire, one of many analytics sites that attempts to predict fantasy sports production, recently named Pettis among his post-draft fantasy football rookie rankings. The ranking factors in the situation in which each player is placed and not just his talent level. Pettis will be part of an offense that will feature quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo throwing the football. After a glimpse of Garoppolo’s potential within head coach Kyle Shanahan’s system last year, analysts and fans are predicting big things from the quarterback in 2018.

    Pettis ranked at No. 15 within numberFire’s top-20 list.

    “I’m hoping to do a lot of different things,” he said. “Whether that’s taking a deep post, taking the top off of the defense or getting a little screen and breaking a few tackles, making a big play that way or just moving the chains on third down. You know, there’s a lot of different things that I feel I can do that I can translate into the NFL.”

    Zachariason also named 49ers rookie receiver Richie James as a later-round player to target.


    1. When were only talking rookies and you consider the situation he will be in I’d be worried if he wasn’t in the top 15. The situation being that Shanahan is his OC and Jimmy G is his qb and he can also pick up points as a return man.

  24. 49ers DB Tarvarius Moore Could ‘Be an All-Pro One Day’
    Joe Fann

    The buzz surrounding San Francisco 49ers rookie defensive back Tarvarius Moore continues to intensify. Bleacher Report recently called him the team’s best pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

    “He’s a ‘turf eater.’ He’s a guy who flashes on film,” Hopson continued his scouting report of Moore. “He’s a tackler. He’s physical. He’s a kid who can do it all.

    Hopson went on to call Moore a “numbers to numbers guy,” which means to say that the dude has ridiculous range when patrolling the secondary.

    According to Hopson, Moore has great hips and can cover 1-on-1. In zone, he will eat up open space to make a play on balls in front of him and has more than enough speed to cover vertical passes.

    I think ‘T’ is going to be an All-Pro one day, I really do.”


  25. 49ers film room: Breaking down WR Dante Pettis’ offensive fit
    While Pettis isn’t the fastest receiver — he reportedly ran a 4.48 40-yard dash at his pro day — he consistently won deep thanks to his route-running ability. In this film clip, Pettis runs a textbook dino stem in a “Mills concept” play against Arizona State, and an equally impressive route against Oregon:

    However, during his time at Washington, Pettis demonstrated that a receiver doesn’t necessarily need size to be a threat to score near the end zone. Pettis caught 22 touchdown passes in 26 games during his final two college seasons.


  26. 12 Bubble players.
    Nick Mullins, Andrew Lauderdale, Pace Murphy, Victor Boldin, Kendrick Bourne, Aaron Burbridge, Raheem Mostert, Brock Coyle, Elijah Lee, Mark Nzeocha, Greg Mabin and Don Jones.

    1. You basically discarded half the special teams roster with these players. Boldin and Bourne, Lee and Coyle and Mabin and Nzeocha are locks.

      1. Sorry, but the players who replace those 2017 players will assume their ST duties.
        Of course, first, they have to out compete those 2017 players.
        However, the Niners have improved with Free agency and the draft. Roster turnover is just a fact of life.

  27. Welcome home – it’s been too long, we’ve missed you
    Welcome home – we’ve opened up the gates
    Welcome home – to your brothers and sisters
    Welcome home – Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song, and Tony Kim!

      1. Backup centre mainly I expect, but he does provide the versatility to cover any spot on the OL. Funny, I said earlier in the thread I thought it was odd letting Beadles go now because of the versatility and experience he brings, and you never know what injuries might be around the corner. It now makes sense – Shanny had a replacement lined up.

        1. What’s also funny is Persons graded out better than Kilgore last year at center….of course i think he only started 4 games….but still not a bad pick up. Baalke sure knew how to pick those late round gems.

              1. Thanks folks.
                I only brought up the subject of money because I’m curious to know if Person is being paid commensurate to what Zane was making.

          1. From the 2011 combine…


  28. Person is a depth signing at center. He allowed just 3 QB hurries last season, no hits or sacks in 317 snaps in 2017 according to PFF.

    Person played for Shannahan in 2015-16, starting 14 games for the Falcons in 2015.

    Depth is important. Eric Magnuson is a backup at every position on the 49er O-Line. Coming from a Jim Harbaugh program, toughness is a requirement, so it looks like the 49er organization is filling in their depth chart leading up to the regular season….Good signing.

      1. Rollotomasi

        How about Cole Wick, Ross Dewelley, Steven Dunbar, Cole Hikutini, Dante Pettis, and Ricky James…?…And those are just the receivers…now we have a ground game too… The Red Zone is ours….GO NINERS !

  29. We already know 49er LB, Malcolm Smith ran a 4.34 & 4.44/40 yd dash, and Shanny likes his speed.
    So designate one starting LB spot for him. Who are the other starting LB’s ?

  30. One of the things that many on here emphasized and is true of OL is that the Shanahan system is complex and it takes time to learn; with OL needing continuity in general and having a ramp up period of working together. With the changes along the OL one has to wonder if it will take time for this group to gel and whether that will have an impact on games.

    I have mainly agreed with Scooter, Rocket and to some extent Coffee and Shoup. There have been some head scratching moves made by the front office, and while I hope they pan out, not sure what the long term impact will be.

    Additionally, the passing of an EDGE player was, in my opinion, a mistake. This will haunt us. I do not believe that the team has been substantially upgraded in the key areas of need while hoping for the best with the group.

    I remain on the fence regarding the organization as this team was not faring well until JG literally fell from the sky and saved their collective skins. I don’t think it had much to with this front office as much as NE and their internal situation.

    1. I don’t think it had much to with this front office as much as NE and their internal situation.

      The Niners tried to trade for Jimmy Garrapolo well before the Patriots even considered trading him.

    2. JG fell from the sky because Belichick respected Lynch, Shanahan, and Garoppolo. Networking is important for a GM. Lynch deserves some credit for getting JG. He didn’t even have to give up a 1st round pick. It looks like the steal of the century at this point.

      1. The Niners tried to trade for Jimmy Garrapolo well before the Patriots even considered trading him.

        JG fell from the sky because Belichick respected Lynch, Shanahan, and Garoppolo. Networking is important for a GM. Lynch deserves some credit for getting JG.

        So the Niners were one of several teams that sought out JG and the collective influence of the FO was for naught in the pre-end-of-trading deadline. So, how does that influence change once NE’s coach found himself in the pickle of having to keep TB while keeping the team viable. Seems to me B.B. sent JG as far from NE as possible and put him in another division with the only team that really needed/wanted a QB in the vicinity. Sure he tried to do JG a solid but he must have also thought these guys are still very raw. BB probably respects a lot of guys in football and I’m not sure that this love for Lynch and Shanahan has much to do with the final decision.

        1. Belichick could have got a better deal from Cleveland. The Browns aren’t in the AFC East and I doubt BB will ever be worried about Cleveland.

          Lynch acquired Garoppolo, you can’t take that away from him. Lynch trying to get JG at the Combine proves that he was trying to upgrade the QB position, and the QB he had his eye on turned out to be good. He identified talent and eventually got said talent. That’s what a good GM does.

          Some are hating on the Pettis pick. It’s fine if you think they should have taken someone else there. But why hate on the trade? We got the 44th pick for the 2nd and 3rd round picks we got from Chicago and New Orleans last year (thanks Mr. Lynch). We also got Reed out of that deal.

          1. Cleveland is in the AFC and B.B. has a history there. JL picked up the phone and to his credit said heck yeah!

            But it was still a gift from heaven. It would have been the same had Denver and all the other teams wittled away their draft time and Chubb fallen into our laps. JL evaluated and picke him, yeah but he basically fell to them.

            1. You have to have a connection to god (BB) to get a gift from heaven. Lynch has that connection. Lynch is well liked throughout the league The Redskins traded with Lynch! The Skins hate Shanny. Our division rival (Sea.) traded with us last year.

              Lynch can work the phones. He’s good with the media. He’s green in other areas, but he’s aware of that. He brought in Peters and Mayhew to help him.

      2. #80,

        Trading Garoppolo to the 49ers was strategic and not much more. Belichick couldn’t sign him to an extension, didn’t want him with a team that they would see often and likely figured a 2nd round pick from the Niners would be near the top of the round. It’s great that Lynch took the deal, but it fell into his lap and by his own admission only involved about 10 minutes of thinking before they accepted Belichicks offer. Most teams in that situation would have done the same thing. I’m not knocking Lynch at all just stating the obvious. It wasn’t a hard deal to make and he didn’t make it happen; Belichick did.

        1. rocket,

          How often would NE face Cleveland? Once every three years. The Browns were willing to give up a 1st. You can argue that BB didn’t want to deal with them, but he’s done it before.

          You said this somewhere else in the thread.

          “When the games are being played and they aren’t going well we get a lot of the same voices calling for these guys heads.”

          Thanks for saying that. I don’t understand how someone (not you) can say we’re all a bunch of homers.

          1. #80,

            Not sure what Cleveland was truly offering, but the compensation from the Niners was likely among the best they had on the table considering the trade was for roughly half a season with the hope of resigning him.

            My definition of a homer is somebody who doesn’t want to hear anything negative about the team, believes they shouldn’t be questioned or criticized, while residing in the everything is great realm of fan hood. Not many fit into that category around here but there are some like Chris and to a lesser extent Oregon9er. Chris is a waste of time, but Oregon can be interesting when he’s not bitter and angry, although that too can be interesting.

              1. I can’t see Belichick turning down a first round pick, never mind one that high, and then there is the case of the previous Cleveland GM who valued picks to an obsessive degree. I can’t see anyway that report was true but we’ll never know for sure unless the parties involved come out and comment on it. Bottom line is the 9ers were offered JG for what the Patriots believed would be a high second round pick based on how badly they were playing at the time. My guess is that compensation was among the highest offered for JG and the main reason he is now in the Bay area.

              2. If BB turned down better compensation, then Lynch being Lynch was a big reason why we got JG.

                If BB got the best deal he could, then kudos to Lynch for making the best offer for a player he felt could be a franchise QB. Lynch deserves some credit either way.

              3. He does deserve credit, but it wasn’t a hard deal to make considering BB instigated it. It took him 10 minutes to accept from the call to the deal being made. No big negotiating session involved here.

              4. At the time, JG was either going to be the next Brady or the next Cassell. It was a risky trade for Lynch. We also now have confirmation that Shanny really did intend to get Cousins. Lynch didn’t have to make this deal. He swung for the fences and hit it out of the park.

    3. The Niners balled all last year with only a few exceptions EC9. New coach, thin talent and a complex system. I’m optimistic that they will be very entertaining this year and downright scary in 2019…

    4. “I remain on the fence regarding the organization as this team was not faring well until JG”

      They built a team that was a good QB away from playing winning football.


      “They became the first team in NFL history Sunday to drop five straight by 3 points or fewer when they came up short in Washington, 26-24, while inserting their new starting quarterback C.J. Beathard into the fold.”

      Not bad in one offseason. They inherited a two win team. Now going into year two, many pundits see them as a playoff contender. I don’t agree with all their moves either, but they’re doing a good job.

      1. careful….
        you’re showing signs of irrational exuberance, an unwarranted trust in and a blind allegiance to JL and the new regime…
        you must maintain a skeptical stance at all times to be considered intellectually stable on this blog…
        if you are beginning to doubt what I am saying you are probably hallucinating…

        1. I know you’re kinda kidding, but some probably really feel that way. It was (is) the same way with Garoppolo.

          JG played well, ‘but it’s too soon to judge’. Thomas hasn’t lived up to the hype after one year, ‘it’s not too soon to judge’.

          Some choose to be skeptical. But it borders on negativity when you try to omit or downplay the JG deal when evaluating Lynch.

        2. tjf,

          There is nothing wrong with optimism and exuberance and I don’t see anyone saying otherwise. The disagreement above centered on whether it made sense to trust in the FO 100% and not question their decision making. The strange thing is this line of thinking only seems to happen in the offseason. When the games are being played and they aren’t going well we get a lot of the same voices calling for these guys heads. Shanahan especially was getting ripped daily until he actually got a QB, then all of a sudden he was viewed as a good Coach again. I just maintain a grounded view on both sides is all.

          1. rocket,
            Not sure if you are indirectly pointing at me since I brought up the “trust the process” term.
            But if so, I would like to see where I ripped Shanahan last year.
            If you were not including me in your narrative I sincerely apologize.

            Am I in 100% agreement with every decision? No. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t trust the process and the vision for the team.

            I will wait until the end of the season before making a yea or nay critique based on facts rather opinion and a draft class that had yet to play.
            I guess at the moment you could say I’m blindly hopeful.

      2. They also were close to setting franchise records with loses with that good team that was balling. I seem to remember way to many people posting about an evaluation year. Funny how things change…

        1. And then they went 6-2. They lost five straight by 3 or less. That’s being competitive and it’s pretty good considering the team they inherited. Then they hit a rough patch, this tends to happen with young teams.

          Funny how this was about wins and losses, “They also were close to setting franchise records with loses”, until we started winning.

          1. Is there a different way to evaluate competitive football I’m unaw of other than wins and losses? Close is also saying not close enough to win. Would you have rather won those games? I know I would have. The only thing that matters in football is winning. I believe a great coach said something to that regard. I don’t think Bilichick is considered a great coach for all those close games he lost.

            You homers make me laugh. You will throw others under the bus to justify your current infatuation! Harbaugh inheriting a great team, Bowman becoming a malcontent…

            Let’s not talk about contenders until the games are actually played. A lot can happen between now and September and after.

            Last year at this time there was lots of talk about how Cousins was Shanahan’s guy (for sure). How Williams would take the starting job and how Kilgore was done because of that awesome move by JL. Best to see how things shake out. Most everyone here believed that the team would lose the games that were won when things were looking poor (there was lots of talk about evaluation year at that time). No one (Prime excluded) thought that JG would have the impact he had.

            I certainly hope for the best, but know that many players hit plateaus, sophomore walls, are injured, lose focus, get in trouble. Many more than become all pros and long term franchise players.

            So far the efficacy of the FO has yet to be determined. Of you remember Baalke won Executive of the year prior to plummeting faster than Icarus circling the sun.

            1. “Is there a different way to evaluate competitive football I’m unaw of other than wins and losses?”

              I’m evaluating wins and losses. You’re just evaluating the losses.

              “Close is also saying not close enough to win. Would you have rather won those games?”

              Of course. Would you have rather got blown out?

              “Harbaugh inheriting a great team, Bowman becoming a malcontent”

              Harbauagh inherited a better team than Lynch, that’s a fact. And Bow was disgruntled.

              “Let’s not talk about contenders until”

              Predicting the 49ers will contend for a playoff berth makes me a homer. What about those in the national media that say the same thing?

              “A lot can happen between now and September and after.”

              To us and every other team, so that’s a wash.

              “Last year at this time there was lots of talk about how Cousins was Shanahan’s guy (for sure).”

              He’d be here now if we didn’t get JG.

              1. Hater, lol. If i don’t praise Shanny or Lynch incessantly, then I’m a hater. I simply state the efficacy of the FO is yet to be determined and I’m a hater. Ok! And you wonder why someone might think you’re a homer?

                Sorry, should have posted under next post.

                Harbaugh took a team of underachievers and made them competitive. I think that’s something. Bowman is a competitor, don’t fault him for that. Also don’t fault the FO for cutting him because he wasn’t effective anymore. I don’t think he was a cancer in the locker room or a malcontent though either. My challenge was they got rid of him when they didn’t have someone better to come in and play. See the difference?

              2. “Hater”

                That was a play on this comment you made where you called me a homer.

                “You homers make me laugh. You will throw others under the bus to justify your current infatuation!”

                Why did you even bring up Harbaugh? Nobody else mentioned him before you.

                “Also don’t fault the FO for cutting him because he wasn’t effective anymore.”

                Then you say.

                “My challenge was they got rid of him when they didn’t have someone better to come in and play.”

                That’s finding fault with the move. Btw, Foster was better and replaced Foster.

            2. You call me a homer? Was I a homer when I ripped Thomas so much that even I got sick of hearing it? Was I a homer when I ripped Arik? Was I a homer when I mistakenly said Foster should be cut? Was I a homer when I ripped Shanny for going for it against Carolina?

              “How Williams would take the starting job”

              That was mostly Grant and those that think Grant’s words are gospel. The rest of us were hopeful.

              “and how Kilgore was done”

              Kilgore wasn’t good and the position was upgraded this year.

              “Of you remember Baalke won Executive of the year prior to plummeting faster than Icarus circling the sun.”

              You haters make me laugh. You will throw others under the bus to justify your current smear campaign!

            3. “Is there a different way to evaluate competitive football I’m unaw of other than wins and losses? ”
              To be fair, I think that is a bit simplistic. While Winning is the ultimate goal,
              when you have one of the 2 worst rosters in the NFL, you have to evaluate with some perspective.
              ie Is the team defeated or do they make it competitive most games? What players can you build upon? Did the defense finally determine how to stop the run? Did the offense show signs of improvement with the new system?

              After last year I think we can say the following.
              1. The Jury is still out on Lynch as a talent evaluator but he has to get credit for the Jimmy G deal even if he fell in his lap, no one new how good he would be.
              2. Jimmy G. is legit.
              3. Yes, Kyle can run the offense and coach, he just needs a qb that can execute his calls.
              4. Yes, The receivers we have are good enough to win with.
              5. Yes, it appears that Saleh can coach a defense that can stop the run.

              The problem is many of the same questions from last year remain.
              1. Will Thomas prove to be more than just a run base end?
              2. Will the line be able adequately run the zone blocking scheme?
              3. Can they develop a pass Rush?
              4. Do they have corners that can be relied upon to maintain coverage for at least a few seconds?

              1. You are right on wins and losse but to be fair all this talk of losing close also loses a bit of perspective as well. I may have gone overboard on the push back.

                And I also agree with your subsequent points with some caveats.

                1. Lynch does deserve credit but it is still too early to tell how good he really is or just got very lucky.

                2. Yes he does appear so. Let’s see how this year goes though. I seem to remember a certain QB that was said to be a Hall of Famer in the making that later became a QB with issues. Not saying it will happen here but let’s wait some before counting playoffs and SBs.

                3. He is a good OC no question. Is he a great one or a great coach? Remains to be seen.

                4. They are ok. Have some good points and some questions too.

                5. Saleh’s grew into his role over the course of the year last year but some of the criticism of him was still valid.

                I think your subsequent points echo my concerns from last year and continue this year.

              2. Let’s keep things in perspective here. This is year 2 of a complete rebuild. Even though we have the franchise QB, this regime is still in rebuild mode.

              3. Well said Gaso. Lynch has had 2 drafts and both are with mixed reviews. I don’t think you can judge any draft till 3 years later.
                A lot of NFL experts are predicting the 49ers to be in a wildcard/playoff position this year. That’s somewhat of a high expectation considering this will be a team with an additional 10-12 new players.
                Like you said, it’s still a rebuild in that it’s only been 2 years since they took over. 9 wins this year would be a huge accomplishment.

              4. “but he has to get credit for the Jimmy G deal even if he fell in his lap, no one new how good he would be.”

                Good point. While myself, Prime, Scooter, and a few others were always high on JG, many were saying he would be Cassell 2.0 or warning that he could be the next Cassell. Had JG became the next Cassell, Lynch would have been unanimously ripped on here. Lynch rolled the dice and it worked.

            4. EC9,
              I’m not to sure what the definition of a “homer” is, but I have followed the 49ers since the days of Kezar Stadium. It was brutal losing to the cowboys during the 70’s in the Dick Nolan era. But the 80’s were golden!
              Point, if this makes me a homer then I’m more than proud to wear the title.

              Here’s some homerism: I’m a little surprised by some of the flak Lynch is getting simply because he did not draft an EDGE and other players that were on many mocks on this platform.
              If the defense by committee can yield 35-45 sacks this year that would more than validate Lynch’ decision not to pick an EDGE who could possibly get 8-10 sacks. I would venture to say that had Lynch picked an EDGE many here would have considered this a great draft and Lynch would be getting a high grade.

              I can respect those here who question Lynch’ drafting process, but I don’t quite understand some of the criticism he receives in only his 1st season when I consider what our team looked like two years ago.
              Lynch’ deal for garnering JG was a complete game-changer (even though some want to give credit to B.B.).
              Moving up to draft Reuben Foster in the 1st rd was a great deal.
              Having 2017 draft picks getting significant playing time and vital experience is a big part of the building process.
              Finding UDFA Matt Breida could become the best story of the 2017 season.

              I guess I’m a homer since I can see the team trending upward rather than down.

              1. AES, to expect our current crop of players to garner as many sacks as you state is a bit pollyannish. I think not taking an Edge player will certainly have a defensive impact.

                The criticism of Lynch stems from taking redshirt players (Street, who I like very much btw) but the team needs players who can contribute and have impact – some posters have pointed out that the team is a rebuilding mode and I agree but then it does call into question some moves by the FO. Additionally, taking Pettis versus another player available stems from the question of whether the WR group and the offense was upgraded significantly. We will see.

                What I guess I would state is that homer sees constant upside while myself and others (curmudgeons if you wish, hater is wrong because I disagree or question but don’t hate) highlight other opportunities while still hoping for favorable outcomes.

                No one has called for Shanahan or Lynch to be fired or anything remotely like that. We simply wonder about the wisdom of certain moves. We may be wrong (JG comes to mind for myself) or right but all of us want the team to be successful.

                Btw, have you seen the series on Michigan football yet. It’s interesting.

              2. AES,

                If the defense by committee can yield 35-45 sacks this year that would more than validate Lynch’ decision not to pick an EDGE who could possibly get 8-10 sacks. I would venture to say that had Lynch picked an EDGE many here would have considered this a great draft and Lynch would be getting a high grade.

                There’s the problem. You are answering a valid question with a possibility that has a low probability of coming true. The 49ers were tied for 26th in the league in sacks. That is not a ranking in which you just go with what you have, or at least shouldn’t be. They added Attachou in FA which is great but his injury history suggested you can’t rely on him, so for that to be the only addition to the pass rush didn’t make a lot of sense. Where is this uptick in sacks coming from exactly? We have a journeyman with 6 career sacks as our number one edge guy right now.

                I agree that the team is trending upward. The offense in year two of Jimmy G should be very potent, but to practically ignore the biggest weakness on the team doesn’t make much sense, at least to me.

              3. EC9,
                Regarding Pettis, I can see the logic behind his being drafted.
                1. Garcon is not a guarantee to play with the same physical fervor because of the neck injury.

                2. Goodwin is one hard hit away from concussion #4.

                3. Taylor plays like a big receiver (which I love) but his style is an invitation to the hard hit that his small stature will eventually not be able to withstand.

                Now don’t get me wrong, I’m hopeful that no one gets injured this season, but with starting receivers who may be physically suspect it makes perfect sense (for me) to draft Pettis.

                In viewing some comments lately, it looks as if posters want to see an immediate playoff team this season and are riffing Lynch as some one who doesn’t know what he’s doing which is ridiculous since his new drafted/UDFA players have yet to play.

                Also, Street is a player who can be tucked away this year because we still have high draft picks on the D-line that Lynch feels need to prove themselves.

                It may not be popular, but I’m trusting Lynch and Shanahan’ 3-4 year building plan.

  31. This place is so much better when you-know-who is gone. The intelligence quotient goes up dramatically when trollnik is out of the picture and the conversations are much more enjoyable… hey, anyone else get up early enough to start your day with Good Morning Football on the NFL channel? That crew gets better every show.

  32. http://www.weei.com/blogs/weei/ian-rapoport-not-sunday-podcast-patriots-100-percent-made-right-decision-trading-jimmy

    “That is just the market. [Belichick] sought out the Niners, wanted to make sure [Garoppolo] was in a great situation, which obviously he is and sacrificed a little bit on draft picks to make sure he was in a good situation.”

    “Here is the thing about Bill Belichick. He trades a lot, obviously. He talks to everyone, and I am not sure there’s a team he won’t do business with.”

    “One thing I always understood about Belichick trading is he does not want to win every trade. If you win every trade you start to become like the Atlanta Braves used to be in the early 2000s and the late 1990s. If the Braves wanted to trade you a pitcher, you would run for the hills because you knew something was wrong with him.”

    “I would imagine he’s happy Garoppolo is doing well and that it is a win-win.”

    1. I remember when BB traded away Chandler Jones to the Cards. He received Jonathan Cooper, who the Niners now have, and a second round pick. That pick was leveraged into 2 more picks, and BB drafted Joe Thuney and Malcolm Mitchell. That was a big win for the Pats.
      BB traded away Chandler Jones because he was on the last year of his rookie contract, so he got something for him, instead of losing him to free agency the next season. Hmmm, the JG trade was for the same reason.
      Interestingly, BB traded away CJ, a 2 time pro bowler, yet still won the Super Bowl.
      BB is very shrewd, and leveraged his 2018 picks into selecting many players to put under rookie contracts, but still managed to obtain 2019 second and third round picks.
      I would not say that BB loses on many trades. He makes fair trades, that benefit both teams. He certainly won by trading away Devey, who was accused of being a QB killer. He also traded away Jacoby Brissett, for a first round WR.
      Yes. when Bill Walsh had his ’86 draft, and wheeled and dealed into building a SB team, many teams would not trade with him for years. Baalke tried to emulate him, but many said his trades took advantage of the other teams, so they stopped trading with him. BB has managed to trade away players before they become free agents, and this past draft, managed to obtain a first round pick for Brandin Cooks, who moved onto his third team in 3 years.
      I think that BB is just taking a page from the Bill Walsh bible. He, too, has built a dynasty. I hope JL can follow in his footsteps.

  33. Off the subject but it falls into the category of its never to early….. Did the 9ers pick up any extra picks for the 19 draft during this years draft?

    1. Not that I believe , they turned down some draft packages for the 9th pick because they were determined to take mcglintchy.

    2. Old coach, they have not picked up any extra picks for 2019. But they have lost the their 2019 5th rounder to Lions, in exchange for Laken Tomlinson.

    1. I posted it over a week ago in an earlier blog post by Grant but it probably garnered scant attention in the storm of post-draft analysis that raged….

    1. Nah, they’re no better than what we’ve got on the roster already. Besides that, your character has to be squeaky clean for Lynch to sign you in F/A, which leaves Fowler floundering, plus neither one is very good. Fowler(53.2), Ray(50.7), according to PFF grades….

      1. Fans may be having a hard time believing the FO that the Niners pass rush will be much improved through coaching up the players they now have….

        1. If Kiffin is the pass rushing specialist he’s purported to be, then yes the unit as a whole should be improved. Thomas with a full off season in year 2, along with a healthy Armstead and by the addition of Attaochu….

          1. Thomas, Armstead, Attachu, Elvis, Eli harold, and Marsh all have the potential to be above average or even good pass rushers. Maybe Kiffin will be the difference. We shall see

        2. History is an indicator of future results for Harold, Marsh and Attaochu.

          Thomas’ and Armstead’s production may be better but lots of questions here.

    2. They should be exploring ways to improve the pass rush. Shane Ray and Dante Fowler have had more sacks in one season than all but one of our current options have had in their careers to date.

      1. Agreed, but there are ifs.

        If Saleh vouches for Fowler as a player and a person, then yes.
        If Ferg gives a thumbs up on Ray’s medicals, then yes.

        1. I don’t think the health requirement is all that high when considering they signed Attaochu and drafted Foster. They seem ok with taking health risks and in Foster’s case, they didn’t seem too bothered by character issues either.

          1. Yea, there’s no way in hell they’ll pay for a F/A that comes with character concerns. Shanny, “If you bring in the wrong type of guys in free agency, I think it’s one of the most underrated things in how much that can hurt your team,” Kyle Shanahan said Thursday. “You want to bring in the best players possible, but they have to be the right type of person.”

            I also noticed in this draft that the players selected were character clean, and super smart. I think this is a portent for future drafts….

          2. rocket,
            This is a reply to your 10:51 comment.
            “I agree that the team is trending upward. The offense in year two of Jimmy G should be very potent, but to practically ignore the biggest weakness on the team doesn’t make much sense, at least to me.”

            Of course this is my opinion (which you may treat as having no merit) but I’m old with no apparent filter.
            To say that Lynch practically ignored the biggest weakness on the team seems to suggest that Lynch does know what he’s doing.

            Or to put it more mildly, the fact that Lynch’ drafting philosophy doesn’t match ours does not make him incompetent imo.
            As I mentioned to EC9, how can we weigh this year’s draft picks without seeing them on the field yet?

            As far as providing sacks, we have 3 number 1 D-line draft picks that have yet to play a full season together. It’s not far-fetched (for me) to believe that their QB sack numbers will greatly improve this year. And I also see Attoucho giving us some sacks as well.

            It comes down to Lynch’s philosophy vs those here who felt he failed for not drafting an EDGE.
            Hey, I wanted either Roquan or Edmunds, but I’m not denigrating Lynch because he didn’t pick them.

            He and Shanahan are in building mode which I see as a 3-4 year process.
            Right or wrong, I’m trusting the process.

    3. The time to add pass rushers was the draft. I doubt they will now trade for someone. I only see them potentially picking up a vet like Dumervil or someone that gets cut. Much like the OGs, I think we just have to accept the team isn’t as down on the guys they have as we are.

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