49ers decline option in Elvis Dumervil’s contract

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Elvis Dumervil (58) against the Los Angeles Rams during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

The 49ers just announced they have declined the team option in Elvis Dumveril’s contract, making him a free agent next week.

Here’s a statement from General Manager John Lynch: “I want to thank Elvis for everything he contributed to our team last year both on the field and throughout our building. Not only did he bring a great deal of veteran leadership to our locker room at a time of significant change, but he provided a spark to our defense. Although Elvis isn’t in our current plans, we would never close the door on a potential return in the future. As a long-time friend, I wish him and his family well.”

Dumervil, 34, was scheduled to earn $3.75 million in 2018. Last season, he led the 49ers defense with 6.5 sacks. No other player recorded more than three. With Dumervil gone, the 49ers’ best edge rushers are Cassius Marsh and Eli Harold. Look for the 49ers to take an edge rusher in the first three rounds of the upcoming draft.

The 49ers also announced they tendered a one-year contract to running back Raheem Moster, and picked up the 2018 option of linebacker Dekoda Watson. The 49ers presumably kept Watson instead of Dumervil, because Watson plays special teams, and Dumervil doesn’t. Dumervil is good for only 10 to 15 defensive snaps per game.

Mostert is another special-teams standout. I expect he will make the 53-man roster.

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  1. Chances of 49ers drafting a DE in the first round just increased (likely Landry). They will take the pass rush specialist role Dumervil had, so he was expendable.

  2. Looks like we’ll go Edge in the 1st. Doubt we trade up, so Landry has to be the guy, hopefully after a small trade down.

    1. Yep, I don’t think I’d go any further than right above Green Bay, because Clay Matthews is getting long in the tooth.

  3. More you trade down, greater the chance you miss the guy you want. Agree it is likely Landry doesn’t get past the Packers, but if the 49ers really like Landry then just take him at #9.

    1. Absolutely. Always been my philosophy. Doesn’t matter where you draft him, as long as you get your guy.

  4. So Elvis has left the building

    I guess he could always be back after the draft based on need and availability….

  5. The Browns move to trade for Jarvis Landry might be designed to lure FA QBs to Cleveland. Given the bad rap that the Browns have, this actually seems like a good move even if it doesn’t yield the expected benefit this year.

  6. Could be a smokescreen. Niners could still trade down obtain Davenport and Price, but Arden could be the Key, Chubb, ideal.

  7. Grant might be right on this one, he did mock it:

    Pre-Free Agency 1st Round Mock Draft
    5 hours ago • 2 comments
    By Alex Pedregon

    9) San Francisco 49ers – Marcus Davenport, EDGE – UTSA

    The 49ers are likely to address one of their obvious needs by signing a veteran cornerback. However, with teams slapping the franchise tag on the big name free agent pass rushers, Davenport is the obvious choice to address their other glaring need.

    1. When it comes to very good CB’s, who is left in FA other than Johnson? If they don’t sign Johnson they may still draft a CB in the first round.

  8. I was thinking more of a trade for another player in the NFL when I saw this more than trading to in draft as letting go of Elvis gives you more snaps but also frees up money at that position per se. Trade might be released soon before FA?

    Or they’ll be going after someone in FA? Adrian Clayborn? Vinny Curry?

    1. Also traded for Damarious Randall from the Packers according to Schefter. Landry, Taylor and Randall acquired in one day.

      I think this adds credence to the idea the Browns will take Barkley #1.

        1. They will probably still draft a QB – Taylor is more of a bridge. But can now afford to take a premier talent #1, then QB at #4.

          1. I can see Dorsey trading down from #1 position. Broncos or Jets could move up. Browns can still pick up the QB of the future at #4. Barkley as a top-5 pick is terrible value for a talent-depleted team like the Browns.

  9. 49ers could go after Curry:

    Free Agency vs the draft: Predicting the 49ers’ top selections
    Wildcard: Vinny Curry, DE

    Curry is still pretty young at only 29 years old and is good at applying pressure from defensive end. Arik Armstead, a Trent Baalke holdover, has been an oft injured bust so far for San Francisco. On top of it, he’s a poor fit in Robert Saleh’s defense. If Curry is released, the 49ers may kick the tires on him and move on from Armstead.

    1. Curry would be a good addition. He has had a large number of QB pressures and hits. Have to look past just the sack numbers…..

    1. (Perhaps) it reduces the chance the Browns take a quarterback top 4. But it increases the chance the Bills will want to trade up into the top 10.

  10. Too bad even Chubbs is not worth moving up to get him. To expensive. We have needs most everywhere. Hope they go after Robinson or Watkins.

      1. careful there…an ex-poster might pop back to suggest yet another “athletic” QB to add to McCarthy’s “Just Fine” QB room…

  11. come on Grant, let’s see a story tracking the actual and rumored Defensive FA moves the NFC west is doing– or going to do– regarding the JG/KS passing attack threat…

      1. Never heard of him. But I believe the story. I think they want to make sure they get a CB in free agency. I hope they will wait and talk to Johnson before making a decision.

  12. Only thing this release means is the team saving a couple of bucks. It has absolutely 0 to do with the draft. There hasn’t even been free agency yet. It let’s the 49ers save some money to throw at free agents. That’s the bottom line.

    1. But for what purpose?
      He was their only decent edge rusher. However, even he isn’t great at this point in his career, but he is currently better than almost all the other options out there. So if the niners we t to have an edge rusher for this season… they will most certainly have to over pay for one, draft one or go without.

      1. Exactly, Shoup. But B2W pointed out that there might be a trade hanging in the balance for an edge rusher. I postulated that there might be a Jarvis Landry type trade for Ansah coming up. Still, I would have kept Dumervil. His salary cap hit is minimal considering the production.

          1. I guess, but his salary is relatively low. To try and nickle and dime a veteran like Dumervil into a lower salary might be seen as disrespectful by Elvis.

  13. Yeah. I don’t like the situation the niners put themselves in.
    The drop off from Chubb and Landry is pretty big. So they can’t really gamble that much with their trade backs. I hope they make some move to pick up a player to give them flexibility for 1 year. Trent Murphy is young but coming off a major injury… I can’t believe I’m saying this but perhaps even someone like Julius Peppers could provide flexibility for 1 year.

    1. Landry’s first step is better than Chubb’s, and Landry has superior ankle flexion that reduces his angles to the quarterback. Chubb is the better run defender, and knows how to shift through pass rushing moves in one rep, which leads to favorable transitions to keep his opponent off balance, and weaken his sustain. I don’t think there’s as much drop off as might be perceived by the masses. If Landry can add tools to his toolkit, and become more consistent against the run, that drop off will be reduced to a slope. Both players have averaged 10 sacks a year in the last two….

      1. Or maybe we already have the players we need to provide a pass rush.

        The hiring of Kiffen is viewed as a specialist to help with the pass rush. Lynch could be thinking along the lines of Kiffen making players like Armstead and Thomas better pass rushers thereby using their 1st Rd pick to fill a different position other than Edge.

        I believe a player like Hubbard could be a good “get” who might be available in the 2nd Rd.
        I still see the 49ers trading their 9 to garner a late 1st Rd and possibly add a late 2nd Rd.
        This draft class only has about 7-10 elite (considered) players, but has very good talent well into the 4th rd.
        I’m confident that Lynch will get the players (draft and FA) he knows will help the team.

        When Shanahan and Lynch were hired, I felt it would take them 3-4 years to make the 49ers a serious contender. Now that they are nearing that goal in only their 2nd campaign, I’d say that they are well ahead of schedule.
        Good times ahead!

        1. We have no edge pass rusher to threaten the OT arc, but once we do, it will force the QB up into the loving arms of our 3T’s,…

    1. Beckham hasn’t been accused of any wrong doing on this, but it seems like many football players can’t keep their nose (no pun intended) out of trouble.

      I’m not sure if guaranteed contracts have any conditions or clauses but if they don’t it’s time to add that these contracts (monies) will be severely effected when a player can’t stay out of trouble.

      The Aldon Smith saga is quickly becoming a cautionary tale that players should take note of.

    1. Exactly my feeling! I hate what he has done to the 9ers since 2011.

      But if a contract gets done…preferably one year prove it…..then its a good deal.

      Absolutely need to get one CB among Johnson, Sherman or Fuller.

    2. Mid,
      C’mon bro, you’re getting soft on us, lol.

      Hey, I’ll never forget him dinning on our 50 yard line, but FOX is the main culprit on that one.
      Off the top of my head I can’t think of any players that were hated (in football terms only) rivals that we signed.
      We have Malcolm Smith and Cassius Marsh but they certainly don’t carry the same ire as Sherman.
      That said, Lynch and Shanahan will sign players they feel makes us better – and that could include Sherman.
      As they say in some circles, “this is business, not personal.”

          1. Sherman and Wilson dined on turkey, feasting like Game Of Thrones conquerors, desecrating our holy grounds….

            1. Ah, Wilson.
              We still have a score to settle with that little munchkin. Wilson’s House of Cards will fall this year.

    3. MWD

      Why hate on Sherman…He was only trying to get back at Harbaugh for letting him go to the Seasquawks…HIS college coach whom he gave everything for…He’s a baller, and a GOOD one…bring him on board if he passes a physical

  14. Razor,
    I think you misunderstood me. My percieved drop off is from Chubb and Landry to everyone else.
    Davenport is a drag racer, big and fast but can’t corner. Key has massive question marks character, effort and discipline.
    Armstrong could be ok…. But why has his production been so meh, in the bug 12?

  15. Is it? He is pretty banged up , I think I would rather have the cb from the rams or get wr Allan Robinson and upgrade the cb position in the draft. Love your comment about viper pit, I felt that rage myself, maybe I am still bitter that on Christmas Eve my 12 year old talked me into buying him a Ruben Foster jersey instead if a jimmy g. Sherman will put more yuck in my mouth

  16. Several observations as well as thoughts .

    1. Mayock has Landry ranked 4th behind Chubb, Davenport and Arden Key
    2. Sherman – My heart says no F- ing way -ever – under any circumstances. I cant stand him. My head says, let’s consider 2 year deal if the price is right and everything is good with Achilles. I hope my heart prevails.
    3. Drafting 9th is a tough position this year but let’s not panic. Someone may fall to us. There will be at least 3 QB drafted in top 6 picks.
    4. There will be several teams who will want to trade up for QB. There might be teams to will want to trade up for WR Calvin Riddley or Minkah.
    5. In Grants recent interview he said the Niners will roll with Breida, Joe Williams and Mostert at RB. Ummm No. I question if Breida is built for 200 + carries and Joe Williams is a fumble factory. This is a RB rich draft. Lynch said as much in his combine interview. Breida and a Rookie can share duties and Joe williams can put into the “growing pain” column.
    6. I finally saw the movie 3 Billboards. Great movie.

  17. I’m surprised our Regional Restaurant Critic didn’t offer an opinion about Shanahan’s dinner with Sherman. C’mon Mr Kawakami, where did they eat? What did they order?
    Food quality? How was the service? And, most importantly….who paid?
    Inquiring minds want to know……

  18. Sherman will be a raider. This is cute talk. Ultimately the money and years will make him walk over to Oakland. They are primed as always to offer a shell multiple years and the money. Johnson is our guy.
    A$$ on the line. Calling it.

  19. Richard Sherman could be seeing Seattle twice a year: Sherman is scheduled to meet today with 49ers’ officials, sources tell ESPN. 49ers want to make sure Sherman healing from injuries, and if both sides pleased with meeting, they will try to get contract done, per sources. – Adam Schefter

    Not saying it will happen
    Not saying I want it to happen
    But it might happen

    It’s been an interesting PLTP (Pre Legal Tampering Period)

    1. “49ers want to make sure Sherman healing from injuries”

      Yup. That’s the biggest question mark by far. I’ll trust Ferg. When teams were questioning if Foster’s shoulder would require another surgery, Ferg said it wouldn’t. He was right.

  20. Sherman is a definite possibility at the right price, if recovered from his injury. I don’t think they will sign Johnson who is going to require 12 million or so per year, and sorry, isn’t worth that. They might well sign Sherman on a let’s-see deal, then sign either Watson or Colvin in FA, and also draft a CB in the first three rounds. They are after a clutch system-fit, not an inflated super-star.

  21. interesting to see the effect KS & JG have had on the NFC west so far…
    CB is the new inflated value FA position this year…
    wonder how “humpty” Carroll and “dumpty” Norton Jr. will glue their D back together…
    will there be a “Legion of Boom” retirement home???
    let’s not forget– Sherman won’t be shy about wanting payback against his former team and coaching staff….
    payback in twice per season installments, that is…

  22. Browns have now traded Danny Shelton to NE for a conditional pick. Dorsey is really shaking things up. I wonder if Dorsey is like Baalke, i.e. he does not care for input from his coaching staff when it comes to putting together the team. To me the right model is a partnership like the one between Lynch and Shanahan.

    1. cubus

      HaH !! What’re Dorsey’s options…He either saves his 1-31 coach…(doubtful) or he sticks his thumb out 50 feet further down the same road…The Browns are a lot like the niners…they fall into a barrel of poop and come up with applesauce in their pockets (Garrapolo) and start sending in for SB tickets the next day. Despite the sum of draft choices between the two franchises, they still have to make good choices in FA and the draft….look at our (9ers) 1st round choices in last years draft….

  23. On Rotoworld:

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Richard Sherman’s first visit is with the 49ers and “there’s a real chance it’s his last.”

    The 49ers reportedly “want to make sure” Sherman is healing from his Achilles’ injury. If his recovery is going well they will try to get a contract done. Sherman has also received “preliminary interest” from the Titans, Lions, Raiders, Texans, Bucs, and Packers. The 49ers are a rapidly improving team with plenty of cap space. They also play a similar defensive scheme to Seattle under DC Robert Saleh and will get to match up against Sherman’s former team twice a year. This seems to be nearly a perfect match.

  24. If the team signs Sherman, I can see parallels with the Deion Sanders signing back in the mid 90s. Sanders was hated by 49er fans but was a great CB with swagger. Adding Sanders helped the team to win that last SB. A difference here though is that Sherman is injured and we don’t know what level he’ll come back to.

    1. I hate the guy only because he haunted the 49ers with his exceptional play.
      If the price and term is short and sweet, he could definitely help our secondary and pass rush by tilting the field.
      Sure there are questions marks about his age, coming off injury, but the X factor is he has always played with a chip on his shoulder, and staying in the NFC West is going to keep that fire burning in him.

    2. I never hated Sanders until he left for the Cowboys. He never disrespected our house by feasting on roast beast down there on our own 50 yard line, plus Sanders was one of the last true shut down corners in the NFL. Dick Charmin is the Graveyard Slot compared to Prime Time. I was so happy when we got Sanders, because I knew he could shut down Irvin and it would allow us to get by them for another SB….

  25. Rotoworld:

    NFL.com’s Tom Pelissero reports free agent Richard Sherman was still meeting with the 49ers on Saturday, but that he has scheduled a visit with the Lions.

    The 49ers seem to be working hard on keeping Sherman in town but visiting Detroit would be an easy way to increase his leverage. Sherman is serving as his own agent during the process. Sherman would be aligning with Matt Patricia in Detroit, who has extensive experience scheming for alpha No. 1 corners.

        1. Nope, he crossed the line by making it personal. He can slither away into obscurity, just like Gollum. I don’t know why anyone would put faith in a 30 year old corner with two bad wheels anyways. Doesn’t make any sense….

            1. “And if Lynch and Shanahan feel different?”

              Looks like they do feel differently. Razor and I will get over it.

              BTW, I remember you telling me Talib wouldn’t want to come here. Good call.

              1. When I see him starting on game day, I’ll believe it. I don’t think he’ll be the same. We’ll see.

  26. Kanoff’s 29 passing touchdowns leads all Ivy League conference passers. Yale’s Kurt Rawlings ranks second with 19 passing touchdowns.

    Kanoff completion percentage is 73.2%. Jesper Horsted leads Princeton, completing 100.0% of his pass attempts.

    Last Friday evening at Harvard, Princeton executed at a very high level, building a 31-10 halftime lead on the way to a 52-17 rout of the Crimson as it improved to 5-1 overall and 2-1 Ivy League.

    It was Princeton’s biggest win over the Crimson since a 45-6 victory over the Harvard on November 11, 1967.

    Senior quarterback and tri-captain Chad Kanoff showed that practice can almost make perfect as he completed his first 21 passes on the way to going 31-for-35 for 421 yards and two touchdowns.

    1. Oh man, please make this happen! That would be a great trade target for the 49ers. Add a CB (Sherman) and it would allow the team to basically focus on adding an offense around JG in the draft.

      1. We got an extra 3rd round pick to get him. Too bad they wouldn’t be interested in a straight up trade, Armstead for Graham.

        1. Maybe not a straight up trade, but shouldn’t stop the 49ers looking for a trade partner for Armstead. If getting Graham effectively costs them Armstead then I am good with that.

          With all these trades happening though, is that an indictment on the FA class, the draft class or both? Because teams don’t seem to be willing to wait to fill spots, even a team like the Browns that has heaps of cap space and draft capital.

              1. Makes sense. Make inquiries about players you’d most want before F/A, where you are more likely to have to settle for inferior players with inflated salaries….

              2. Yet most years teams are happy to use FA. It seems either teams aren’t thrilled by the options available this year, or they have decided the Patriots and Eagles active trading last season should be the new blueprint for success.

              3. He tweets “Hearing that the 49ers are indeed interested in Brandon Graham”

                All good, but no scuttlebutt from the Eagles. I’d like to see Graham on the 49ers, but I’ll start hoping if leaks from the Eagles indicate equal interest in a trade.

              4. I think you hit the nail on the head there, Big Scootie. Roseman copied the Patriots blueprint for success, and it worked out. Since it’s a copy cat league, it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing an increase in active trading. Good for the league as well, because it stimulates more interest….

          1. I think it’s partly an indictment of the FA class as well as two many dollars chasing two few FAs. It’s amazing how many teams have a lot of money to spend. The 49ers are currently ranked fifth at around $70 million in cap space. Even the number 10 team (Bengals) has $40 million in cap space available. So teams that really want a guy are looking to lock him up via trade.

            1. Good point cubus. That is likely playing into it a fair bit. E.g., which FA in their right mind would go to the Browns if cap space isn’t an issue for most teams?

              1. And it may in fact be the Browns that are driving this phenomenon this year. As you say, their reputation has been so poor, they have to use trades in order to get FAs. That would tend to suggest that next year the trades might taper off – it’ll be interesting to watch.

              2. Actually, the franchise that started the trade frenzy was the Chiefs, followed closely by the Rams and now the Browns.

              3. Yeah, I’m not sure why I forgot about the Rams and Chiefs. Maybe it will become a trend simply because of the supply of capital and dearth of good free agents.

          2. Scooter_McG

            Well thank you very much for that 100% unsolicited opinion….Razoreater…Congratulations for being nominated for the Trent Baalke GM vote…

            1. You’re welcome…? Is that opposed to the unsolicited opinions provided by every single person on this blog, including yours?

      2. “Add a CB (Sherman) and it would allow the team to basically focus on adding an offense around JG in the draft.”

        Yup. It would also allow us to trade down and recoup the pick we gave up in the Graham trade.

  27. Parting ways with Graham would be a colossal mistake for the Eagles. He was one of their most disruptive players last season. Graham led the team with 9.5 sacks and made perhaps the most clutch defensive play in franchise history, a strip-sack of Tom Brady in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LII.

    Graham is continuously harassing quarterbacks. He is capable of making plays off the edge or as a bull-rushing defensive tackle.

    Graham is continuously harassing quarterbacks. He is capable of making plays off the edge or as a bull-rushing defensive tackle.


  28. If the 49ers sign Graham and Sherman, now that Reids hitting the free agent market my 1st Rd choice for the 49ers would be FLA St’s Derwin James.

    James dominated the combine, putting up a 4.47 40 at 215 pounds and great numbers across the board, including an 11-foot broad jump and 40-inch vertical. He also shined during the on-field drills.

    Before free agency our mocks are just guesses. Post FA mocks are a little more accurate

      1. Didn’t Grant say he had a bad reputation? I think that was Johnson, not sure. That could be a factor along with the money.

        1. Yep, he did. If true then yes, that would be a good reason to avoid him.

          In saying that, Sherman is my first choice CB pickup in FA followed by Johnson. Johnson will cost a lot, but he’s better than the rest of the guys available and the 49ers really need a starting CB. If they miss out on either of those guys then guys like Melvin, Patrick Robinson, Ross Cockrell and EJ Gaines come into consideration (though Robinson, Cockrell and Gaines don’t fit the size profile), and the 49ers will likely be forced to spend a high pick on a CB.

          I also think the 49ers will sign a lower tier CB as well. They need not only a starter, but depth also. Phillip Gaines I think could be a lowish cost backup that may be better suited in a system like the 49ers.

          1. Tweets from Josina Anderson

            “No date for a Lions visit has been scheduled, at this time, per Sherman.”
            “Doesn’t mean a visit won’t happen. We’ll see. Plenty of interest out there.”

        2. I’d be concerned that Johnson would be to close to many of his friends in Stockton. I’ve worked in Stockton the last 10 years – it’s no picnic in them streets!

  29. If the 49ers are able to add a good CB and pass rusher before the draft, my top 3 choices for the first round pick for the 49ers would be Nelson, Wynn or Williams.

    1. Of note. The article says the Eagles probably wouldn’t be able to get a 2nd or 3rd for Graham. So it would likely be a 4th for a good Edge rusher that is solid against the run. This makes a ton of sense for us. Got my fingers crossed.

  30. “I’m told free agent CB Richard Sherman is discussing a potential 3-year deal with the #49ers, per Sherman” -Josina Anderson

    1. I guess the physical went well. Sherman can teach Witherspoon how to get away with holding and other tricks of the trade.

  31. Same except I’ve got Sweat ahead of Turay. I know Sweat’s medicals came back flag free, but I haven’t heard on Turay’s yet.

    1. Sherman signs without meeting other teams. Kudos to Lynch for getting a deal done. Lynch and Shanny appear to be good at recruiting.

    2. I have a mixed feeling about this. I can’t f#$%ing stand the guy! But if he helps the team win, especially up North, then so be it. Can’t wait for the details of the contract.

    1. I cannot believe I’ve got to root for Dick Charmin. Told the wife and she was like, “Why in the hell would you get his ass?” I said, “I know, right?”

  32. Sounds like the Sherman deal is just about done. Ironing out the details on a reported 3 year deal.

    My Thoughts:

    The devil is in the details about the numbers and contract structure. My best guess is that they are going to front load Sherman’s deal with options and a hefty roster bonus in year one. If that’s the case, I am 100% in favor of the deal for Sherman, even though I have a love/hate relationship that that dude.

    I firmly believe that managing the cap is vital these days if you’re going to able to sign some of these veterans to front loaded deals. And when I say front loaded, I mean there such an advantage to having the ability to HEAVILY front load these deals for both parties involved, which should only enhance are chances at landing qualities players who are in their twilight, but have one 1-3 good years left. In fact, the best teams over the years do just that.

    Say what you will about Sherman, who can be abrasive to say the least. He’s one of these extra competitive people who also happens to have be one of the more talented players at his position, for Saleh’s type of scheme. He brings veteran leadership and some must needed swagger to the secondary. It’s a perfect fit in a number of ways, yet there are some draw backs. He’s up in age and coming off multiple serious injures. You never know hoe a guy’s ultimately going to come back at that age. Hopefully this deal is predicated with Sherman fully recovering from his injuries in time to contribute early this season. Also, I have some hard feelings for Sherman as a Niner opponent, so it’s going to take getting used to.

    Anyhow, I thinks a great situation, and expect the 49ers to draft a couple corners, whom Sherman can, if he hasn’t lost it (which he probably has lost some but not too much), lead by example and show how it’s done if you want to be a feared secondary. All and all, I give the move a solid thumbs up, and look forward to who’s next.

          1. I suspect that the 49ers negotiated a pretty good deal despite what the “headline” numbers say. I say that because Sherman represented himself. This is no knock on Sherman because he is a smart guy, but the truth is that in virtually every field experience is very important and there are things that can’t be learned from a book. I’d be very surprised if the niners haven’t negotiated a “team friendly” deal in terms of letting Sherman go if needed at minimal cap hit.

    1. Be patient until details come out Prime. And every time we hear a deal, it sounds like more than it is in reality, once the details emerge, like the recent Gilliam deal. It’s probably a short term risk, structured heavily front loaded, with options, after the first year, and likely roster with bonuses requiring him to make the final 53 in year 2 and 3.

      If Sherman is even just close to the same guy, this is a fantastic counter to the Rams. Fantastic.

  33. Does this mean Seattle picks up one of our players now?

    I always liked/hated Sherman. I like his capabilities and his confidence. Hated what he did to us and his antics against the 49ers.

    Hope he is healthy and can do more than hold on to WRs. Rashard Robinson did that quite well himself! Sherman wasn’t always called for his.

    Still need pass rusher. Would like Chubb (go Wolfpack!!!), but will settle for Landry if it comes to that.

    Both these individuals can make a big difference next year if everything goes well.

  34. Welcome to the 49ers Richard Sherman. I absolutely hate your guts but also cannot deny what you bring to the 49ers secondary. May your time with the team be fruitful for the 49ers and you as well.

    1. Closer to home, also an ascending team! Plus he gets to stick it to those who turned their backs on him, something he relished when Harbaugh was at the helm!

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