49ers defenders praising Trey Lance

Who would know how tough it is to defend Trey Lance than the 49ers defense?

Kyle Shanahan told reporters late in 2021 that December had been Lance’s best consecutive four weeks of practice since joining the 49ers, and the defensive coaches and players would all say the same.

Later that day, Fred Warner was asked about what he’d seen from Lance over the latter part of the 2021 season.

“I think his confidence has continued to grow and grow,” said Warner. “I think early on in the season working on the scout team he was playing things safer, using his legs a lot to run, didn’t want to throw an interception.”

It may have been a conversation with the All-Pro linebacker that helped turn things around for Lance.

“I kind of had to pull him to the side and tell him, ‘This is your opportunity to take chances and develop in that part of your game. Take a chance. See if you can fit the ball into tight spaces. Can you make a big play down the field?’ said Warner.

“After that conversation he started to just grow, and you started to see these crazy plays where he’s just getting the ball right over guy’s fingertips and making great plays downfield. It’s just a confidence thing.”

With all signs pointing to Lance taking over the starting quarterback role for San Francisco this season, the positive comments from the defense have continued to flow.

During the first two weeks of OTA practices, DeMeco Ryans, Talanoa Hufanga, and Jimmie Ward have all spoken highly of Lance’s performance on the practice field.

“I think Trey has done a great job. It’s good to see him with his command and him running the offense,” said Ryans. “He’s zipping it past us a lot, so he’s making it tough on us. Trey has done a great job. It’s good to see him just coming into his own role as a leader and being able to take control of the team. We’re fired up, fired up for Trey and what he can do for us.”

“That dude can sling the rock,” said Talanoa Hufanga. “Trey’s been tremendous. What he can do on the field is just outstanding. You love to go against that competition each and every day.”

According to Jimmy Ward, “Trey’s got that strong arm, so he’s going to zip the ball in. If you give him any space and he trust it, he can zip it in. I like where he’s at right now.”

During an offseason that has seen him take a lot of arrows from some in the national media, Trey Lance has received a great deal of praise from those who have actually seen him play.

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  1. Good health on the offense is the key to this season. Trey Lance will have no problem matching Jimmy Garoppolo’s production or better.

  2. Jack
    While I don’t doubt a big difference with lance, between this year and last year, is his “CONFIDENCE.” But I would also point out that he hurt the index finger on his throwing hand in the last game of the 2021 pre season and that prevented him from gripping the ball.

    “Trey Lance came up holding his index finger following a hit by Max Richardson in the San Francisco 49ers’ final preseason game in 2021. No one really batted an eye at the injury considering the young quarterback stayed in the game and then immediately saw action in Week 1 of the regular season.”
    “Recent reports suggest that there was much more to it, though. Lance explained that a chipped bone in his finger bothered him for the rest of his rookie year and forced him to change how he threw the football. He had to wait for the swelling to go down in order to fully squeeze his hand again.”

    IMO, the biggest factor to both Lance and the 9ers 2022 success, will be how well the IOL plays! Especially if Jake Brendel plays the Center position.
    In fact, there are question for ever O-Line position other than TW at RT.

  3. Geep always has a mature, virile assessment to make. Fetching! I only wonder whether Brunskill won’t get the center job. Clearly, Brendel and he will compete for the valued spot. Brunskill may be Mr. Mediocre but that isn’t all bad given our choices.

    1. allie
      While I don’t necessarily disagree with your “assessment,” I would question your word FETCHING? I would hope
      it to be seen as factual and brutally honest, not attractive or cool.

      ?? “Clearly, Brendel and (( he )) will compete for the valued spot??”

      When assessing the 9ers, I look for the team strengths and weaknesses. (IE The game within the game. or the 9er player against the opposing player “matchups,” that often determine the outcome of the game.
      Jack Brendel, his NFL history: A career back up, who’s had trouble sticking with any team that’s signed him.

  4. It seems to me some are looking for excuses in case Lance doesn’t play well. It’s a team sport but much of his success or failure will be solely on him. Let’s hope it’s a lot of success.

  5. OTA’s and 7 on 7 drills are one thing…they have shown the progress and the promise for the future, that 9er fans were hoping for…but….until we start seeing solid, cohesive play out of the offensive line, young Mr Lance may have a rough go

    Will the 9ers All-Pro WR, Deebo Samuel, attend mandatory minicamp, which starts Tuesday?
    If Deebo does attend, it should put to rest the idea he’ll hold out…….

    1. Yes, Deebo will but will not practice. We need Deebo if for nothing else but fan excitement and hope for the year. Draymond, if he does not get ejected tonight, has some similarities to Deebo in terms of brashness. I shall watch both carefully.
      As for “Fetching,” I have to say you are. Well, to me anyway. :)

      As for Brunskill, he may have to work very hard to be average as a center but he has 8 starts and seems our best option.

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