49ers draft DT Jullian Taylor and WR Richie James in Round 7

Middle Tennessee State wide receiver Richie James runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine, Saturday, March 3, 2018, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

The 49ers had two seventh-round picks Saturday — pick Nos. 5 and 22.

With the fifth pick in Round 7, the 49ers drafted defensive tackle Jullian Taylor from Temple.

Taylor recorded only one sack in college, and missed time with a torn ACL. But, he played 12 games last season and recorded 11 tackles for loss. And at his Pro Day, he ran a 4.94 40-yard dash weighing 294 lbs. Seems like his knee is OK. Taylor has potential to become a reliable backup. Good seventh-round pick.

GRADE: B-plus.

With the 22nd pick in Round 7, the 49ers drafted yet another slot receiver: Richie James from Middle Tennessee State.

James is athletic and productive — don’t get me wrong. But so is the slot receiver the Niners drafted last year, Trent Taylor. And so is the slot receiver they drafted Friday, Dante Pettis. That’s a lot of slot receivers.


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  1. Pettis can play all three WR positions, and James can play X and Slot. Planting the offensive seeds that Jimmy will cultivate.

      1. Kyle Shanahan said he expects James to play the “X” receiver position, where Marquise Goodwin works. James at the combine ran a 4.48 and is considered a difficult receiver to hang with in space, making him a good fit in Shanahan’s offense.

  2. Theme seems to be speed on offense, length on defense.

    Wondering if multiple slot type receivers on the field at the same time could cause matchup difficulties for teams that don’t have multiple slot DBs.

        1. Seb,
          I was 0 fer once again its been a few years since i’ve hit one in 2011 I had 3 correct and what ever year we drafted Staley i got 4 but i have been ice cold recently.

          1. Old Coach, I hit 3 with Baalke, but he was pretty transparent.
            I got DJ Jones last year, but like you, zippo this year.
            Guess I need to polish my crystal ball. ;p

  3. James is going to be Goodwin’s backup. Not just a slot WR. I think the pick is a little redundant all the same, but I really like the player and think he is good value in the 7th.

    I prefer their 7th round picks to their 6th rounder in fact!

  4. Top undrafted players

    Overall Rank School Position Player
    91 Stanford CB Quenton Meeks
    96 Texas CB Holton Hill
    114 Washington State EDGE Hercules Mata’afa
    119 Auburn EDGE Jeff Holland
    130 Florida State CB Tarvarus McFadden
    140 West Georgia OT Desmond Harrison
    145 Iowa State WR Allen Lazard
    146 Georgia DL Trenton Thompson
    147 Virginia S Quin Blanding
    158 Indiana WR Simmie Cobbs Jr.
    160 Notre Dame RBF Josh Adams
    166 USC WR Deontay Burnett
    167 LSU CB Kevin Toliver II
    168 Alabama CB Tony Brown
    169 Iowa RBF Akrum Wadley
    174 Indiana LB Tegray Scales
    179 Northwestern S Godwin Igwebuike
    181 Texas DL Poona Ford
    182 South Carolina LB Skai Moore
    183 Alabama CB Levi Wallace
    184 San Diego State S Kameron Kelly
    188 Wisconsin LB Leon Jacobs
    189 Southern Mississippi WR Korey Robertson
    191 Michigan LB Mike McCray
    192 Idaho State OG Skyler Phillips
    193 Virginia QB Kurt Benkert
    198 Kansas State WR Byron Pringle
    200 Stony Brook OT Timon Parris
    201 LSU OT Toby Weathersby
    202 Maryland CB J.C. Jackson
    204 Ohio State S Damon Webb
    206 South Alabama S Jeremy Reaves
    207 Oklahoma FB Dimitri Flowers
    208 Central Michigan EDGE Joe Ostman
    212 Florida State LB Matthew Thomas
    213 Army OT Brett Toth
    214 Hawaii S Trayvon Henderson
    216 Georgia LB Davin Bellamy
    217 Toledo EDGE Olasunkanmi Adeniyi
    218 Iowa OG Sean Welsh
    220 Utah DL Lowell Lotulelei
    221 Memphis QB Riley Ferguson
    222 Clemson OG Taylor Hearn
    225 Pittsburgh WR Jester Weah
    227 Utah WR Darren Carrington II
    231 Virginia Tech CB Brandon Facyson
    232 Marshall QB Chase Litton
    233 North Carolina State OG Tony Adams
    234 LSU RBF Darrel Williams
    235 Colorado RBC Phillip Lindsay

    1. Cassie,
      This list proves one thing for me, we have absolutely no idea how much Intell teams have on players.
      Many players on this list were being touted as potential draft picks for the 49ers. Well apparently 31other teams have the same Intell on these players.
      Lesson: Trust the professionals

  5. Our draft class:

    1 (9). Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
    2 Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois
    2 (59). Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
    3 (70). Fred Warner, LB, BYU
    3 (95). Tarvarius Moore, DB, Southern Mississippi
    4 (128). Kentavius Street, DE, N.C. State
    5 (142). D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State
    6 (184). Marcell Harris, S, Florida
    7 (223). Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple
    7 (240). Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee State

  6. Disappointing draft. Too many reaches, but looks like we got 5 useful players in McGlinchey, Pettis, Warner, Moore, and Reed. If one out of Street, Harris, Taylor or James turns into a contributor, consider it a win.

    I feel better about the draft if I think that JimmyG was our 1st, MMcG was our 2nd, Pettis was our 3rd, and Warner was our 4th. That feels better.

    1. I found the draft disappointing, but a couple positives to take away.

      1. They seemed to go after high-character players.
      2. Unlike Baalke, they do seem to have specific qualities in mind that they are looking for. They have a game plan. Now they just need to learn not to pay up too much for those qualities.

  7. My grade-
    McGlinchey- A
    Pettis- B+
    Warner- A-
    Moore- B
    Street- D
    Reed- B
    Harris- C-
    Taylor- B+
    James- C
    Overall, I give this draft class a solid B, because the early rounds carry more weight.

    1. It’s possible DT Jullian Taylor brings more to the 9ers than Grants evaluation indicates. His pro day workout put him on the 9ers radar. 6′ 5″ X 280, Pro day 40 = 4.85s, Benched 31 lifts. Taylor’s durability is a concern, but he plays with good hands and balance at the point of attack and this season’s play could be a sign of what he’s capable of if he stays healthy.
      * Well-muscled, athletic build with good lean muscle mass. Very active as tackler with 41 stops in just 46 percent of defensive snaps. Good initial quickness to take fight to blocker. Disruptive when he has access to a gap. Explodes into opponent with uncoiled hips for optimal leverage strikes. Balanced base through contact with consistent body control. Play strength is adequate. Plays with heavy hands to pry open the blocker’s edge for pursuit.

  8. I’ve decided the immediate reaction should be a C+. True grade will be known in three years.

    April 28, 2018 at 3:49 pm
    I’m not going to pretend just because they didn’t take the players I liked that the draft is a big miss (as others have noted, I am but a mere amateur, who’s knowledge is merely of that of a 35 year fan).

    The main thing you would like to see is a plan on the part of the organization. And as a couple of posters have noted, the plan appears to be to get faster, and create matchup issues at certain positions (4th receiver in four receiver sets against second-string cornerbacks, nickel corners on opposing slot receivers, ability to run with tight ends and running backs out of the backfield, rely on athletic talent in late rounds). The choices do appear to be about developing long-term potential replacements in the next year or two; i.e. put Shanahan and Lynch’s imprint on the team while replacing the previous regime’s players. Obviously, management is secure with the players in the room already as to pass rushing, which means we better see some growth from Cassius Marsh, Pita, and Attachou. Faith that the system in place will draw out their strengths…

    Given that a lot of this draft is going to be a “wait and see” look, the immediate grade is a C, though one can’t tell until 3 years from now.

    Favorite pick: Fred Warner. Immediate help.

    Picks I like: DJ Reed, Kentavious Street. Though for Street, obviously not for this year but for what he can be over the course of the next few years.

    Pick I would like if we hadn’t traded another pick to get him: Dante Pettis. Preferred Anthony Miller, but understand the interest in Pettis. But not sure if a trade up was necessary, especially since both Christian Kirk and Anthony Miller would provide comparable value if you do miss out on Pettis.

    Pick that I am hopeful for: Tarvarious Moore. With his measurables, and the tape showing smooth hips, he should be able to convert to Cornerback and be an intriguing prospect.

    Pick I will reserve judgment on: Mike McGlinchey. He will be a solid 10 year starter at Right Tackle. But I don’t see him being a Pro Bowler, just a steady starter, and at pick 9 you want someone who can be in the Pro Bowl.

    Pick I find redundant: Richie James. Production was great in 2015 and 2016, but do we need another 5’10”, 190 pound receiver after Taylor, Goodwin, and Pettis (who is at least 6’1″)? Understandable selection though given the type of player Shanahan likes, and what he wants out of a receiver (create separation with route running ability, ability to operate in space).

    Indifferent: Marcell Harris and Julian Taylor. Adds depth, but it is unclear as to the quality of the depth they will add.

    1. Nice post Pot…Kettle

      While I’m in the early stages of processing, and digesting this crop of draft prospects, it’s not too early to express my initial thoughts in 3 words …


      This draft was a weird one, bordering on confounding. Don’t get me wrong, I like a number of these picks, but I am am searching for any semblance of a cohesive draft strategy. If I were to give this class an initial grade, I’d be comfortable handing out an overall C grade, subject to change after I get a chance to wrap my head around this entire draft class from top to bottom.

      That said, I’ll be honest, I’m going to have a hard time giving this draft an above average overall grade considering what has to be considered an epic failure to find a quality edge rusher capable of contributing in 2018, not to mention a big bodied redzone receiving threat, or a long-physical outside CB (not a converted Safety) capable of stepping in and competing for playing time in 2018.

      Stay tuned.

    1. Very tough situation.
      Matt is 2 years younger than me, and I find myself connecting viscerally and emotionally with type of news more and more…

  9. 1. McGlinchey. Best T in the class. A-
    2. Garoppolo. A++
    2. Pettis. Unnecessary trade (perhaps) lowers the grade. B
    3. Warner. A-
    3. Moore. B-
    4. Street. We’ll see. C+
    5. Reed. Could beat out Williams. B+
    6. Harris. Solid depth pick. B-
    7. Taylor. Solid depth pick. B-
    7. James. Who am I to question Shanny’s judgement on WRs? A

    Overall grade. A+. You could draft 9 cadavers and it would still be an A+ because of Jimmy Garoppolo.

    1. Agree. Although I don’t think most people are taking into consideration what a great weapon a dynamic punt returner can be. I remember the queasyness in the stomach when having to punt to Devin Hester. Let someone else feel queasy for a change.

  10. Overall I give this draft somewhere between a C and B. I understand taking a long term view to the roster, and like that they filled their draft with high character, hard working guys.

    I like that they improved the OL this offseason and added speedy playmakers at the skill positions. This offense should be pretty fun to watch. Though I do still have some concerns about their OG situation and the depth at centre behind Richburg and RB behind McKinnon. Warner was also a good pick at a position of need.

    What I don’t like is that they appear to have actually gotten worse at edge rusher, which was already a big weakness. And they have some real depth concerns at outside CB and safety. If Sherman is no good then it falls on Ward to start at CB. Moore looks like an interesting athletic specimen but needs time to develop. Harris is anybody’s guess as to how he will recover from his achilles injury, so not sure how much depth he provides behind Tartt. At least Reed looks a quality slot guy so they have that spot well covered.

    I also don’t really get drafting both Street and Taylor. That big end/ DT spot is already over stocked, so no immediate need there though obviously Armstead and Blair could and likely will be moving on by 2019. Which makes the Street pick a fine value pick for the future. I think both guys are intriguing, but odd taking both of them.

  11. UDF? Emmanuel Moseley (CB, Tennessee)…

    Moseley has the borderline size to play outside, but the speed and explosion numbers at his pro day could create an opportunity to hear his name called on Day 3. Moseley’s stall in his change of direction may limit his effectiveness if asked to handle bail or even man coverage, but he has enough burst to the ball to keep plays from getting away from him. Moseley has a shot at finding a back-end roster spot if he finds the right scheme fit.

  12. Didn’t like the draft myself, I was good with the 1st pick, hated the move up in the 2nd. I really like our two 3rd rounders. 4th made no sense. The rest was okay. My grade is irrelevant but would probably be around a C to C-.

    However I will say when you take a look at the entire offseason as a whole our offense is really taking shape. Oline is really looking solid, we have depth at WR, and RB fits Shannys system. Looking forward to seeing it this season.

    My biggest concern was defense, however stepping back we’ve gotten a lot deeper at CB, S, and LB, which were real concerns for us last year. Lynch and Co have a plan are taking their time with this rebuild. Aside from legit EDGE players the team overall is looking stronger.

  13. It’s an underwhelming draft for me as I’m looking at it now, but the hope always is that it plays out better than it looks on paper. First 3 picks will contribute right away and are all solid players, but it’s questionable as to how much top tier talent we added and that is something this team really needed. Two injury picks and a conversion project along with not addressing the pass rush and Guard position leaves me disappointed but if some of these guys work out to be better than expected it could turn out alright.

    I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t help thinking they missed out on what was a really special group of defensive players in the first couple of rounds and from their statements and how things played out, were focused on offense after using more picks on defense last year. Not a great mindset or strategy to go into a draft with imo, but we’ll see how it works out.

    Here’s hoping we hit on some UDFA’s.

    1. I can’t believe that the pass rush was not addressed…again!

      To me it seems like they were trying to build depth but this team still needs solid players.

      1. My sense is that KS, Selah andJL believe that a combination of better cover LBs and secondary along with the FAs and existing talent on the DL is all that is needed because in the past our secondary allowed the QB to escape by quickly releasing to receivers that could have been covered earlier but weren’t. Nothing personal to anyone who disagrees, but It’s easy to forget how much football is a team game. If an NFL QB can get the ball out to an uncovered receive quick enough, no pass rusher can make up for it. I’m going to keep an open mind and hope to see better initial coverage which takes away the quick release and gives our pass rushers a chance to improve their game.

    2. Yaa Rocket, seems underwhelming and I agree we left some mighty fine defensive players on the board. If we get three starters out of this it will be a good draft. Add that to last years draft then they got lots of young starters. Three major questions marks on defense, pass rush, Sherman and Foster. I don’t have any problems with this draft – yet.

      1. Good points UC and I agree. I’m not going to overreact and call it a failure, but I was definitely disappointed in the direction it went. We’ll see how it goes.

  14. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/115703-lynch-shanahan-explain-49ers-didnt-address-rusher-position/

    “So, you just keep drafting rushers. You’ve got to be pretty good to beat out [Cassius Marsh]. You’ve got to be pretty good to beat out [Arik Armstead]. You don’t just get guys. If you get them, someone else has got to get cut and we’ve got a pretty good group. We’re going to look to improve at every position all the time but people don’t realize that it’s not just stockpiling people, and hey, we’ve got 20 pass rushers, let’s see which one turns up.”

    1. Which is why I wanted one early. After Harold and Turay went there was nobody I really thought would step in and be better than what they have right away aside from maybe Sweat and his dodgy knee.

    2. I’m not buying that at all. By that logic they didn’t need to draft anybody with all the bodies they already have at every position. If you are counting on Cassius Marsh who is on his 3rd team already and is an average player at best, then you need to draft some guys. Who cares if you wind up having to cut some? It’s about competition and if they get beat out all the better. Really poor explanation here.

    1. NFL Draft analyst Tony Pauline reported last week that the 49ers were expected to head to San Diego to work out tight end Ross Dwelley this week. There has been no follow-up on that, but given that John Lynch is from San Diego and commutes down there when he is not in Santa Clara, maybe the head guy was on hand for the workout.

      Dwelley measured in at 6’4 and a half and 241 pounds. He ran a 4.9 40, although Pauline claims the tight end, “players much faster than he times.” Make of that what you will, but he has scored ten touchdowns each of the last two seasons. This past year he had 50 receptions for 663 yards, and in 2016 he had 70 receptions for 843 yards.

        1. Ore, I do not know JW at all, and just read his weaknesses in his draft bio.
          ‘Ball security has been atrocious in all 4 seasons’.
          ‘ Fumbles once every 33 carries and has 17 fumbles in his career’.

  15. https://www.49ers.com/news/social-recap-national-analysts-evaluate-49ers-day-3-draft-picks

    “The 49ers add secondary help in D.J. Reed. He didn’t allow a reception longer than 30 yards in 2017, and surrendered a passer rating of 55.5 when targeted”

    “At 5-foot-9, D.J. Reed is shorter than the usual profile of a corner in the #49ers system (5-foot-9), but he still has plenty of length with almost 32-inch arms.”

    “Jullian Taylor’s 12.3 run stop percentage ranked third among qualifying DTs in 2017.”

    “Richie James had 100+ catches in both 2015 and 2016 and his 24 missed tackles in 2016 were T-3rd among WRs.”

  16. Not only were there no Edge rushers drafted, we didn’t add to our OL. Gained and loss an OT, but no guards added. Surprising.

  17. I will say we need someone to back up Richburg. Who is our second string center, especially given Richburg’s injury history?

  18. CB Tavarus McFadden, Florida State
    Reported by the Boston Globe

    I think a few here probably mocked him to Niners, but we got him as UDFA. Nice!

  19. “It became clear San Francisco was not enamored with the pass rushing class that saw only two true edge defenders go in Round 1, Bradley Chubb and Marcus Davenport.”

    “That point is debatable given neither Marsh or Armstead have established themselves as sure-fire sack artists. On the other hand, it wouldn’t make sense to draft players the team thought were worse than the incumbents.”


  20. One thing that is becoming abundantly clear to me is that this new regime drafts almost exclusively for need and not best player available. And it is not just a filling holes plan but one that is by design for a design. Further more the design that rules is on the offensive side of the team. Any defense plan is subordinate to the offensive plan and is by design a compliment to this offense.

    From top to bottom this draft was an example of that approach. In the first two rounds and at least the first round most teams choose best player available. The 49ers passed up some game changers on defense for a small reach down for the best offensive tackle available. They passed up S and all around DB, Minca Fitzpatrick! As I understand it, they would have passed up on future 2018 rookie of the year, LB Roquan Smith, had Chicago not taken him and relieved them of that painful image.

    QBs consistantly break that first round rule of thumb of taking best player available. With them the rule changes to one of gamble and reach. In my mind offensive tackles, especially left tackles, are not so far behind on snubbing that rule.
    For QBs it is the importance of the position. For OTs it is more often about demand exceeding supply. In this draft there really was a short supply of offensive tackles. Even McGlinchey did not grade that high over all, primarily because he, so far, has not proven to be successful at left tackle. Yet even Oakland with all its needs put him at the top of their list and then flew the coop for extra pickings once Mc G was suddenly gone. That cursed coin – you can hear Gruden saying.

    Another example of the Shana – Lynch scheme first was the move up in the second round using a 3rd rounder plus second to get WR Pettis. Yet they could have traded down, not up, for him. He has to be a scheme fit for that kind of sacrifice based on footsteps perceived.

    Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with this method especially when you have a good plan in mind. But there are coaches plus managers who draft to best available and a rare breed that actually do it in the later rounds. These coaches and managers end up with a lot more blue chip players on the roster. The challenge then comes in building the team and scheme to fit. Belichick is a current best example of this. While everyone else is drafting to need in those later rounds he is mining for the gems and then building the team and designing the scheme around the gems.

    1. This statement from Shanahan backs up your point Bruce:

      “Before the draft starts, seeing the board and who’s available, it’s, ‘Okay, regardless of how good they are, who has a chance to make this team?’ Where are the slots that are open?” Shanahan said. “There wasn’t as many people as there was last year. And there wasn’t as many positions. It makes the draft harder, but that’s the goal.”

      If you don’t select or even go into the draft thinking BPA, that’s a poor strategy imo. There are few starters on this team that are irreplaceable so to start the process thinking you have to fill holes first and not focusing on how good the player is…well let’s just say I like Shanny the Coach better than Shanny the personnel man.

        1. We are still in need of upgrades at Edge and G. We don’t know how good we are going to be at FS and the CB position was in dire need of upgrades. To not select a pass rusher or G at all made no sense.

            1. — gee, the narrative of Garnett’s transmutation from “power-mower-run-blocking-caterpillar” into “ultra- mobile-free-space-OZ-run-blocking-butterfly” seems to have gained added gravitas for 2018…
              — can Tomlinson really be as bad as he appeared to be last season? Have Shanny and Benton pulled the wool over the collective eyes of us and rest of the NFL to now unmask a new and unforeseen outside zone blocking powerhouse, a LB and DB destroying OG, i.e.– Tomlinson ????????
              — and whither Cooper????
              — can’t wait for TC reports on all the new and shiny RB’s in the stable… and to see just what Benton and the gang have up their sleeves…

          1. Am not disagreeing with you on the not picking …maybe for depth or potential…

            But can you honestly say apart from the two DE picked in the first rd you wuld bet any other rookie coming in will take the job of any current player on the dline…..

            We have 3 1st rd picks on the dline….where is the patience for them to develop…..why some of you were going nuts for landry ..i dont get…..

            1. I’m not talking about the Dline. I’m talking about the Edge rushers in Nickel and obvious passing situations. Marsh and Attachou are not high end players and to not even draft somebody to compete is a mistake imo.

        2. If I get your question let me offer an answer with a difference:

          If the 49ers think they are going to loose Foster then the case could be made to trade up just past Chicago for Roquan Smith. It was a good guess that Vic Fangio would grab him knowing that defensive coordinator as 49er fans do.

          If Reid is gone then 49ers really needed a play making replacement and Minka Fitzpatrick was there at nine.

          So these examples are not replacements but potential gaping holes that can only be filled by big shoes found in the first half of the first round.

          But they are potential holes on defense which takes us back to the primary point on priorities.

          1. They were not getting a 1st rd ILB in this draft…..and they just extended tartt would be playing SS……so what the point of having minka….

            1. What’s the point of having Minkah? He’s an elite talent that can play anywhere in the secondary. We don’t have all pros at S and you shouldn’t look at the draft as just filling roles where you don’t currently have starters anyway. Most positions on this team with the exception of QB could stand to be upgraded.

              1. Most positions on this team with the exception of QB could stand to be upgraded.

                Tell me what team doesn’t?

      1. They got the best T available and that’s an important position. We could have took a S at 9. Don’t really need one, except for depth.

        I don’t think any of us would have been mocking Landry at 9 if we knew about his medical red flag. Thankfully, we took a better player in McG rather than reaching for a need by overdrafing Davenport.

        We could have taken Sweat. That would have been a project with a red flag. We don’t know what their board looked like. I have to believe that they went into this draft wanting to upgrade the pass rushing. It just didn’t work out that way.

        1. The took 3 players with injury concerns and a guy they need to convert to a different position. There were chances to address the pass rush.

          1. C’mon dude….address pass rush with 5-7 rd picks…..if we are that desperate we might as well trade out next yr 1st or 2nd for a pass rusher already in the league….

            Have you looked at the depth chart….the chances of a 5-7 rd pick to take a roster spot on this team is very slim to none

            1. They could have taken a pass rusher and G anywhere along the way. You can’t find them if you don’t draft them.

          2. Sure, we had 9 chances. And I wanted an Edge as much as anyone, but look at each selection on its own. I mentioned the 9th pick. The only reasonable pick there would have been Davenport. But neither of us would have took him because we didn’t like him as a prospect that high. Lynch/Shanny probably felt the same way.

            They obviously really liked Pettis. There goes two more chances. I suspect Shanny thinks Pettis is the best WR in the class.

            The mid to late round picks? Yes, if it were me, I would have taken an Edge. An Edge and a SAM. But how high were they on what was considered a weak Edge class? That’s where “who has a chance to make this team” comes in.

            1. Again which of these edge rookies can you guarantee will make the team based on the current roster……i just don’t see it….the players on the team are young and already know the system…..

              Shanny does not think Pettis Is the best WR in the draft…..he thinks Pettis is the best receiver for his scheme and they really needed a PR …..based on pre draft reports they evaluated mostly WR’ s would could add value in the return game

              1. “Again which of these edge rookies can you guarantee will make the team based on the current roster”

                That is the exact point I made. As a lowly fan I would have made sure I got an Edge. That’s why I’m a hack and Lynch/Shanny are professionals.

                “Shanny does not think Pettis Is the best WR in the draft”

                Disagree. They feel he can play X, Z, and Slot (that’s huge). He’s arguably the best route runner in the class with Ridley. He gets separation from his route running and footwork instead of just athleticism which doesn’t always translate. He has great hands.

            2. 80, I think the best strategy is to target a team loaded with pass rush talent and wait until the 53 cuts.
              Grab a player off a playoff team like the Rams, and also get intel from him.
              Seahawks employed that strategy very well against the Niners, at various positions.

            3. #80,

              I’m pretty sure most if not all of us went into this thing expecting them to draft an Edge and a G in the first two days never mind over the course of the entire draft. Those were obvious needs and there were options. I think you are going way to easy on them. There was no reason to miss out on both positions and the explanation Shanahan gave was ridiculous. I’m not saying the draft was a failure, we won’t know how good it is for awhile, but I’m not going to change my viewpoint going into the draft simply because they didn’t wind up addressing it.

              1. I get that. Something else most of us agree on is that our SB window starts in 2019. Maybe there will be a stronger Edge class next year.

                Also, Garnett is going to get a shot ln this offense like Hyde did. He’ll be gone if it doesn’t work out. Laken and Cooper aren’t anything special, but they’re good enough to kick the G problem down the road for a year. I actually think Cooper will be pretty good for us.

              2. “Next year’s draft class looks………”
                Stoppit LOL! Dude it’s waaaayy too early to start that!

          1. Reid might possibly return, but not as a starter (Tartt). Would he sit and play ST? He’s decent and experienced, but Harris is younger, cheaper.

    2. Au contraire.
      The Niners drafted the best OT the draft. He was not a need, because they had Staley and Brown. If they had traded away Brown first, then it would have been a need pick. McGlinchey did not prove himself? Maybe you missed watching him open up huge holes that allowed the RBs to run wild.
      You may contend that Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin Jame were the BPA, but since they just extended Tartt, with Ward and Colbert, there was less need for them. There was a great need to protect JG, and improving the running game will help the play action. Also, Staley is 34, so they were planning for the future.
      If Foster was sitting in jail, then there would have been a huge need. Since she recanted, there was little need, so they did not have to pick Tremaine Edmunds. Smith went one spot ahead of them, so he was not an option.
      Swooping in ahead of Gruden to take MM may have caused him to gnash his teeth, but I just loved it. The full burn for losing a coin toss just made it even more sweet.
      The Niners drafted the best punt returner in the draft. His 9 TDs were impressive. They already had TT, so there was no glaring need.
      Granted, they might have been patient, and let Pettis fall into their laps at 59, but I surmise DP’s agent told the Niners of all the interest he was getting from teams in front of the Niners, so they pulled the trigger on the deal. Sure, the agent probably did not mention specific names, but certainly underscored the interest in his client. Otherwise, with 5 ranked players ahead of DP, moving ahead was wasting a pick.
      Then, unlike last season, when they picked 3 players on defense with their first 3 picks, the third through 8th picks went on defense this year. That was not ignoring the defensive needs.
      It sure sounds to me that they had a plan. They went with the BPA, which provided depth and competition.
      I will not deign to compare JL to BB. I would put BB on a level of Walsh. This is only the second year of JL, and he did not start too well with a 9 game losing streak. However, JL possesses strong character, and he was no small reason why BB let JG fall into his lap. The trade of Trent Brown to the Pats returned the favor, and it helped both teams. I admire JL even more for that gesture. He is helping build that winning culture.

      1. Oops, sorry seb. I didn’t see your comment. You pretty much covered everything I said in my above post. Didn’t mean to parrot.

        1. Sorry I did not read your post before I wrote, but it takes me a while to write, so we were just talking at the same time with the same points. All is good.

      2. I actually agree with this Sebnynah. I would have liked to see a running back drafted for durability and short yards.

        1. I think with Joe Williams coming back from IR, there is less need than most suppose. KS likes him, since he traded up to get him.
          Also, there is Jeremy McNichols, who is a stout 5’9″, 215 lbs.

          1. McG and Cooper on the right side sets up nicely for Williams in OZ. I hope he’s committed.

            If Williams can’t go, the short yardage back will be Alfred Morris. Edge will be Elvis again.

      3. Though I agree with much I have a couple of issues:
        Mc G s weakness was not run blocking it was pass protection which turned into a complete break down during two games in 2017 playing on the left side island. This is what effected his rating not his run blocking. So if your primary goal is to protect Jimmy G then this could be a problem.

        I actually think they saw upside to this relatively new offensive tackle since he exhibited fairly consistant improvement – that is – minus two games. Also it is clear with the immediate trade of Trent Brown that they are hoping Staley continues on the island.

        On another point I have to ask how bad did they covet this guy Pettis and for what reasons? In my opinion, the Pettis move was another one of those moments were Shanahan gets overly spooked over a player he really badly wants and reacts accordingly.

        Furthermore going uphill for Pettis or rather carrying Pettis up hill as you run from those (phantom?) footsteps was not about chasing a need due to a gaping hole but a need due to scheme. Where is the hole on this one. Is he going to unseat Trent Taylor? Or is Shanahan dreaming of a hybrid slot simultaneous to a more standard that could get lost in the traffic and confusion for a break wide?

        Spooks and Mystery schemes? Waiting in anticipation for the next chapter.

        1. While I love Staley, he was not infallible. There were more than a couple times when he let pass rushers get by him for a clean shot at the QB.
          Maybe the coaches will extend his career by switching him to RT, since MM is a left tackle. Maybe Staley will regain his stellar form if he does not have to go against the best pass rusher on the defense.
          I also wonder if they maybe will move Garnett to LG, his natural position. Both Tomlinson and Cooper have played RG, at various points of their careers.
          Speaking of Pettis, I hope they put him in motion, and let him do fly sweeps, reverses and flea flickers. Pettis scored 9 TDs on punt returns, so he sounds fearless, and looks like a dangerous weapon.
          I am sure nothing is set in stone, and they will be evaluating all the players and where they best fit in the system.

      4. Seb,
        It occures to me that at this point Shanahan may actually be building this offense more around this new QB than a scheme – now that he has gotten to know him . Oniner brings up JGs quick release and I would also add his ability to check down. The Pettis pick could be in response to analysis of new QB, the possibilities and how to capitalize.

  21. Really crazy how we end up with 5 1st rd picks and 2nd rd pick on the offensive line

    With jimmy’s quick release our o lines troubles should be over

    1. Being a first rd pick doesn’t make then good. Tomlinson has proven to be below average. Garnett was so bad that a team desperate for anyone that could stand between the d tackle and quarterback chose to shut him down rather than play him.

      1. They were all rated high for a good reason. There is faith they are good enough to protect a quick release qb….

  22. The need or BPA argument is tricky. One could say that the BPA at a need means it is solely need. However, if that player sits, and cannot supplant the starter, it was not truly a need. On 2-14 teams, there is a need everywhere, on playoff teams, there may only be needs for depth.
    One could say that they should select the BPA that fulfills a need, but they usually need players at every position. It all depends if there is a glaring need. Maybe they also a need to take into consideration future needs, with aging players. They do not need a LT with Staley, but there may be a big need in 2019. Niners sound like they are thinking ahead.
    This Niner draft, they selected a RT, PR/WR, LB, S/CB, DE, CB, S/ST, DT, WR. They added a C, TE, RB, OL and DB. The only position they did not add was QB. They needed all those players to add depth and provide competition.
    They selected the BPA at each position that filled a need. They did not draft the BPA with no need.

  23. Two positions hard to find in FA – T and pass rush……most teams don’t let these players hit the FA…..

    We got the best T…..and there were no pass rushing players I would put ahead in our current depth chart….

    It’s best they picked players for the scheme and back up players

  24. This draft left alot many feeling blah.

    We passed over rare, athletically unique defensive players at pick 9.
    We didn’t make a blockbuster trade back with a QB desperate team.
    We may have needlessly burned a high 3rd round pick moving up in the 2nd on a receiver. (The price of moving up was way over chart to boot)
    We resurected the Baalke tradition of drafting hurt players

    But it doesn’t matter if the new players pan out. Shanahan seeks players for specific roles and tasks. If they produce, its a good pick.

    1. I beg to differ. The Niners traded 2 picks to get 2 picks. The difference was only 35.5 on the Draftek TVC.
      However, I do think the trade may have been unnecessary. Niners just should have been patient.

      1. Yes, 35 points. Close for exchanges involving 35 point differences are no big deal for first rounders. But day two trades it hurts. 530 points snags pick 37 by chart.

        59+74 is 530 points. Washington’s 44+109 is 536 points. Would have made more sense.

        1. Seems to me there had to be a good reason for the discrepancy. Bidding war. The Redskins either had one or more teams with a better offer, or they were were unwilling to move down unless the price was right….

  25. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/28/grading-the-49ers-9-picks-in-the-2018-nfl-draft-utm_sourcenotifutm_campaignninerswire/

    Biderman’s grades.

    Round 1 (Pick No. 9) | Mike McGlinchey, T, Notre Dame
    Round 2, Pick No. 9 (44) | Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
    Round 3, Pick No. 6 (70) | Fred Warner, LB, BYU
    Round 3, Pick No. 31 (95) | Tarvarius Moore, DB, Southern Miss
    Round 4, Pick No. 28 (128) | Kentavius Street, DE, NC State
    Round 5, Pick No. 5 (142) | D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State
    Round 6, Pick No. 10 (184) | Marcell Harris, S, Florida
    Round 7, Pick No. 5 (223) | Jullian Taylor, DL, Temple
    Round 7, Pick No. 22 (240) | Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee

  26. https://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/49ers-improved-roster-means-less-chance-for-12872532.php

    “Those guys are difficult to find, first and foremost,” Lynch said. “We felt like there were a couple guys who had an opportunity to be special there. Just where we were (in the daft), we didn’t have an opportunity or chose not to take them.”

    Hmm. They only liked a couple of Edge rushers. So which two? Obviously Chubb, but we weren’t trading up. There was a rumor that they were sold on Landry. Did we try to trade up for him? We’ll never know. So this means they didn’t see any of the Edge rushers as special after Landry was gone. And if you ain’t special, you might not make the team.

    The Edge class was weak and Lynch/Shanny should get credit for not taking players they didn’t like just to fill a need. Adding crap to crap just creates a bigger pile.

      1. Could be. Key could be the other one too. But Davenport is a project and Key/Landry had red flags. I can see why we passed on all three.

    1. 80,
      Well, we learned one thing from this draft – Lynch and Shanahan aren’t influenced by the 49ers fan blogs.

      They passed on according to the general consensus around here, Harold Landry and to a lesser extent, Edmunds, Smith, Minkah and Derwin.
      McGlinchey is the prize of the 49ers draft. People are calling it a reach and maybe so, but drafting a player who will be a fixture for the next 10 years will not be looked upon as a reach a couple of years down the road.

      Hey, I missed on my dark horse pick Joe Ostman, but perhaps I can join some of the other people who complain that Lynch didn’t know what he was doing (lol).

      1. Well, we learned one thing from this draft – Lynch and Shanahan aren’t influenced by the 49ers fan 

        …. that boat sailed when they signed Sherman…the one NFL player 49ers fans dispise the most…..argh….

        1. Couldn’t agree more, One. But I felt the same way when we got Neon Deion, and according to almost everyone, he was a big help (I couldn’t really say…I tried to look away when he was on the screen). Maybe we’ll just have to swallow it?

  27. Personally, I think their arguments for Street are specious. It was just an analytics pick with Paraag’s fingerprints all over it. I submit that is much better to draft a fully healthy player who can contribute right away.
    Waiting for a player is a luxury the Niners cannot afford, especially with many many equally qualified candidates available.
    After Street was picked, there was Sweat, John Franklin Meyers, Marquise Haynes and Bilal Nichols who ran a 4.95 forty at 306 lbs.

  28. Why does everyone assume, John and Kyle could have gotten so and so player “much later” in the draft? They say the draft is a crapshoot. Do you really want to play craps with 31 other teams, on the hope that they don’t take your player and you crap out? Well I honestly don’t know anything about any player we picked without YouTube, but I guarantee that we picked every player we wanted!! There is a plan in place and if 5 years from now that plan Isint producing, then I’m sure this regime will be replaced. But in my opinion, I love this draft. Mainly because Kyle Shannahan is building his offense to his liking and his scheme. This man is building mismatches all day. How do you beat a Rams team with studs up the middle and on the corner? You run outside. You create mismatches with their 3rd, 4th, and 5th cb’and safeties. And you continue to build and teach on defense. Let em grow. I love it, and until proven otherwise, I’m giving it an A…

  29. The Pettis pick is by far the most confusing.
    The first, third and 4th picks all addressed perceived needs. That is not the case with Pettis, he doesn’t address a need and certainly wasn’t the best player available… yet the niners gave up picks to go get him.
    So, where will he play on this team? I don’t see him beating out Garcon or Goodwin, so that leaves Taylor, but they just drafted him last year so it seems like a bit of a wasted investment or a luxury pick. You don’t trade up in the second round to draft a backup/ special teamer. At this point a guard, db, lb, even rb all could have provided someone with the potential to provide a huge upgrade at their respective positions.
    He’s a good player, I just don’t know how much he really helps the team.

    1. He’ll be the starter in the slot and he’ll get reps at X and Z. He’s an OW. He’s the kind or WR that Shanny covets. Separation, route running, hands, and position versatility. Jones and Sanu were both used outside and in the slot. Versatility helps with pre snap movement to get an advantage.

      1. Garcon
      2. Goodwin
      3. Pettis
      4. Taylor
      5. Bourne

      1. Kittle
      2. Hikutini or Dwelley
      1. Mckinnon


      That’s a lot of good targets for Garoppolo. Didn’t we hire Shanahan to fix the offense?

      1. That’s fine, but is the delta between him and Taylor that much? If so, it tells me drafting Taylor was a mistake.
        I know, they say he can play all 3 rolls but he doesn’t give you the physicality needed to replace Garcon or the speed to replace Goodwin( because he can’t take the top off the defense) long term.
        Oliver or Jackson, could have been a starter. Nwosu, could have provided an Edge rusher. Williams could have been developed to replace Staley. Guice could have provided a back to get you the hard yards or milk the clock when you have leads.

        1. Why would drafting Taylor have been a mistake if Pettis better than him?

          I’m not enamoured with the draft, but honestly, once they missed on Landry and Turay in the 2nd round I wasn’t really that keen on any of the remaining pass rushers.

          And while I would have liked an OG to be added, the really good ones were gone early in the 2nd round. I don’t think any of the guys after that were going to be much if any better than Tomlinson, Garnett and Cooper. Maybe Crosby, though the NFL seems to disagree as he slid a fair way.

          I think they reached for Pettis, not so much as in I think he definitely would have been available later, but in that I don’t think he was a guy they needed so bad as to trade up for him nor so good a player as to warrant it (not saying I don’t like him, I just don’t think he is mid 2nd round worthy). But I will say this – they wouldn’t have traded up to grab him mid 2nd round if they didn’t think he will be more than a PR and backup WR. They clearly like him more than I do. Maybe not this year, but definitely in the future they see him as an important starting WR. And not just a slot guy.

          1. “I’m not enamoured with the draft, but honestly, once they missed on Landry and Turay in the 2nd round I wasn’t really that keen on any of the remaining pass rushers.”

            +1. I liked Sweat and Armstrong, but they have question marks.

            ” I don’t think any of the guys after that were going to be much if any better than Tomlinson, Garnett and Cooper. Maybe Crosby, though the NFL seems to disagree as he slid a fair way.”

            “But I will say this – they wouldn’t have traded up to grab him mid 2nd round if they didn’t think he will be more than a PR and backup WR.”

        2. I think he’ll be much better than Taylor, especially after the catch. He’s a more polished route runner with a larger catch radius. He is also willing to come back and fight for the ball (could bail out Jimmy when he throws an occasional bad pass.

          Does that mean Taylor was a mistake? Not necessarily. Shanny could use two slot sets. Taylor can play Z. Taylor could be slot WR full time if there’s an injury. And if we don’t end up extending him, it’s not such a big deal since he was only a 5th round pick.

          “I know, they say he can play all 3 rolls but he doesn’t give you the physicality needed to replace Garcon or the speed to replace Goodwin( because he can’t take the top off the defense) long term.”

          He’ll bulk up and be ready to play X full time when Garcon retires. He’ll be fast enough in the meantime.

          Oliver and Jackson wouldn’t start assuming Sherm is healthy. Guice had a shouting match during an interview and would be part time with Jet. They were only enamored with 2 Edges. Was Nwosu one of them?

          1. Sherman’s recovery is a big if and with the number of 3 wr sets he would be on the field a ton.
            As to the 2 slots that’s not what Shanahan does. He likes balanced formations and uses 4 wr sets fewer than just about any other oc in the league and uses 21 personell a ton.

            1. “He likes balanced formations and uses 4 wr sets fewer than just about any other oc in the league”

              That could change given the current roster. Also, Jimmy likes to throw over the middle. Still, if Taylor is made redundant, it’s not a big deal for a 5th round pick.

              1. Another thing. Taylor would return to starting slot WR when Garcon retires and Pettis becomes the starting X.

              2. Thats all fine… it just means its a pick that gives little return for 2 years.
                Like I said, its not that he is a bad player, he’s not. I just cant see any way he was the best player available and I can’t see how he would have helped as much as a corner, guard, lb or edge rusher would have. Like I said it just smacks of being a luxury pick on a team with a ton of holes that need to be filled.

              3. I hear ya. I just think Pettis will have an immediate and substantial impact on our passing game.

                On the OL, Shanny values C the most, then T, then G. I think Shanny believes we can get by with average to somewhat good G’s. I think we have that with Cooper and Tomlinson. Hopefully, Joe Williams gets right and brings the OZ.

                After that, what did we need on offense? An eventual replacement for Garcon at X. Pettis is that guy, and he can still be a 4 down player in the meantime.

                Shanny had a plan. It wasn’t the same as my plan, but I get it. I actually like it.

              4. Agree again Shoup. Pettis is a very good player and will give us a weapon in the Punt return game, but there is no way he was the BPA or a need, and then to give up a good pick in round 3 to boot? Shanny pretty much came out and said they don’t draft by the BPA philosophy which is fine, but if that’s the case then you better be filling some holes otherwise the strategy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    2. Correction. You wouldn’t trade yup to get him. Doesn’t mean John wouldn’t. Like I stated above, you don’t play craps hoping someone won’t take your pick. And maybe he was the best available on their board. Remember they put their board together, not you.

  30. Needs going into the draft in order of importance
    Edge, OG, Cb, LB, RB, LT (To replace Staley)
    Needs coming out of the draft
    Edge, OG, Cb, RB, LT (To replace Staley)
    1. MM- B – good solid will be an upgrade over Trent in the run Game.
    2. Pettis – D – good player but not the best available and doesn’t fit an immediate need and they gave up draft picks to get him.
    3. Warner- B+ good pick, athletic smart linebacker that can stay on the field on passing downs.
    4. Moore- B+ good pick at this spot, could eventually fill a need at cb but shouldn’t start right away.
    5. Street – F terrible pick, he’s an injured player that plays the teams most stacked position. Adds no value.
    6. Reed – C another late round db. Is Baalke manning the war room again.
    7. Harris – D- injured late round db… I really think Baalke is back.
    8. Taylor – F another injured interior pass rushing lineman. He will be cut.
    9. James – D good player but he or Taylor will be cut.
    Overall grade C-
    Day 3 was an absolute killer, drafting injured or redundant players that most likely won’t be in the team in 2 years.

      1. How do you figure? Lol. The first 5 there are automatics to make the team. So now your 6th spot is a guy they just drafted. Brilliant Stuff Razor. :)

    1. You kinda pulled those needs out of nowhere. Edge is right, OG not to sure about, we have 3 1st rounders competing for that spot, not saying we are set for years, but I think they feel okay. Also not sure why RB would be a top need either when we just signed McKinnon and we still have Breida. KS will probably find another diamond in the UDFAs.

      And then you’re saying we still need a LT to replace Staley, I’m pretty sure we drafted him at 9.

      We got depth in Secondary and LB and WR, which by the way how is WR not a need for you?

      Again I wasnt particularly happy with this draft, but they addressed virtually every need aside from Edge. I gave them about the same grade as you

      1. The guards were 1st rounders rounders, yes, but they were also terrible.
        Tomlinson ìs below average. Cooper is below average. And Garnett was so bad a team desperate for competent guard play decided they were better off without him playing.
        As to the running backs, they are all scat backs, unless Williams grows a heart. Their isn’t a power back on the roster.
        The need at left tackle remains because Mike is the right tackle and given his struggles with speed rushers I would be loathe to move him to the left. But even if you do, the need just shifts to right tackle.
        Wr was not a need because Garcon’s injury shouldnt affect him like Sherman’s, Goodwin showed he can be 1000 yard receiver and is a 2, and Taylor was effective in the slot. Bourne also looked good in his limited time.

        1. All true, not saying guard wasnt a need, just not the bigger needs. Laken grades out ok, so did Cooper at the end of the year. And I gotta believe with Weston at Center we should see that translate to better interior play. And as far as RB, that’s been discussed, Shanny didn’t use any power back in ATL and he seemed to be just fine, he doesn’t seem to place any important on one.

          1. Tomlinson was only able to hit the PFF average grade of 70.7 because of the final game where the rams benched all of their starters. Throughout the season he was less than impressive… keep in mind he was a first rd. pick that was traded to the 49ers for a 5th round pick after 2 years.
            Cooper was below average as well. He was also a first round pick who was traded by his team with a 2nd rounder for Chandler Jones to the pats who cut him 4 weeks later, then he played for the browns and was cut, then he played for Dallas and was cut.
            As to the ATL rb comparison, Tevin is not huge but he’s 6’1″ 210 that’s a lot bigger and more importantly Freeman was a proven back that could handle the workload. That is not the case with McKinnon or Brieda… even though I am a big fan of Brieda’s. So that is why I see this as a bigger need area than wr.

  31. The UDFA additions (and workout invitees) appear to be a mixed bag–with a few rather intriguing players to watch. Wonder if we pick up another camp QB…

    With the roster returning from last year (including those on IR), the FA additions, the draft, and the UDFAs, I think we’re in for a strong spring and preseason. There’s stability in the offensive and defensive ‘systems’, and the coaching staff appears to be cohesive and pulling in the same direction. Lynch may be new to being a GM, but he’s certainly doing a better job than many on this board are capable of. Too, Lynch has a seasoned personnel staff with considerable NFL experience–more than most on this board. For those who know better and have the experience to back it up, please submit your resume. Soon. We need you.

    If we’re entering the last week of the 2018 season at 0 and 15 (and ranked last or near last in offense and defense), and the locker room is badly fractured and ‘lost’, then we have some real issues. If that last week has us coming in at 9 and 6 and players are focused and fighting hard in every game–that’s not a bad thing.

    Most of us prefer to be mindlessly ecstatic with the outcome of the draft; high-fiving (no head slapping), swapping incredible videos showing Herculean play by each and every pick–most players destined for the Hall of Fame, everyone having over-the-top measurables and pristine ACLs and Achilles. When the draft doesn’t match our perceptions of ‘rightness’, some of us become quite grumpy, some unglued.

    I think we’re in for an entertaining year.

  32. Grading drafts before 3 years have passed is fun, but meaningless.
    If you graded the Niners QB draft after the 1979 season you would wonder why the Niners didn’t pick Phil Simms or Steve Fuller because they started most of the games that year while the Niners choice threw a total of 23 passes. We all know how that worked out in the long run.
    I have no idea if this draft will turn out good, horrible or great. The reality is no one does including the Niners or so called experts.
    So for no reason what so ever I will give this draft a C+ B-

    1. Under.. you know they can still do that after they retire. These guys retire at 30-40. Not 90. It’s all good. Lol.

    2. Fortunately for me, it says snow skiing but not snowboarding. So, I’d be fine.

      Do people really get hurt scuba diving?

  33. Ask the Giants if they wish they had a similar contract with MadBum.
    NFL teams are paying a lot of money for players to be healthy enough to play football. Don’t blame them for trying to protect their investments.
    They might want to add provisions about staying out of bars and nightclubs and away from Women not approved by the team and a requirement to be home and in bed by Midnight.😁

  34. Sitting with a cup of joe, laughing at the meltdown at NN, marveling at Pablo Sandoval, and enjoying the Warrior win that was so dominant, I turned it off to comment on the draft, I am content.
    Some are complaining about not drafting an Edge. They are overlooking the fact that the Niners signed Jerry Attaochu. Signing free agents that fill holes, means that the Niners have the luxury to address other positions.
    Who is Attaochu? He is 6’3″, 253. He ran a 4.58 forty at his pro day. He was the 50th player chosen in the 2014 draft.
    Some will say that he lacks production. They overlook the fact that he was playing behind Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. Not too many other players would bench those players. Niners took advantage of of the Charger depth, to get a talented player who has a quick burst and was compared to Ahmad Brooks.
    So, when the Niners were drafting, they compared every Edge player to Attaochu. Other than Chubb, Davenport and Landry, no one measured up. Only Key could, but he was draped in red flags. At their draft position, they missed out on Chubb early, and missed out on Landry by 3 spots in the second round. They could have taken Kemoko Turay, who ran a 4.68 forty, but he is pretty raw, and had 2 shoulder injuries in 2016.
    None of the other Edge players could measure up to Attaochu in the third round on. Niners were content with Attaochu, so they filled other needs at the spot they drafted.
    I commend the Niners for signing free agents, and with JG, players wanted to come to a team that finished with a 5 game winning streak. Decent FAs did not avoid the Niners like the plague, because Baalke was gone. JL treated every player with respect, not as a piece of meat. They opened up the purse strings, and maybe overspent, but they needed to do that to out bid other teams. Thankfully, they had over 100 mil in cap space, and still have 40 mil , so they can still spend for more talent.
    None of the complainers factored in the acquisition of JG. They quibbled that he was a 2014 pick. However, the Niners used their 2018 second round pick to acquire JG. It does not matter if they leaped ahead of the trade deadline, that future pick corralled their franchise QB. That is huge, and it shaped their plans in the draft.
    I am content, and with hindsight, I will trust in the football acumen of the FO, coaches and scouts. The Niners have improved, with depth and competition throughout the team.
    Like #80 said, they could have drafted 9 cadavers, and I still would have given this draft an A+. However, since they drafted an ACL player, I will give them an A-.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

    1. Sebber, the quarterback draft class in 2019 is average to be kind, but one thing is certain; if your team needs a pass rusher(ding! ding!), this is the draft for you(us):

      Nick Bosa
      Eddie Oliver
      Clelin Ferrell(my personal favorite atm)
      Dexter Lawerence
      Christian Wilkins
      Joe Jackson
      Zack Allen
      Austin Bryant

      I feel the 49ers were content to see what they could get out of their group, given the weak draft class at the position, and add a premier player from next years strong class….

    2. Nice write-up! Like you I’m excited about Attaochu. A good sign is that they didn’t resign Dumervil.

      Also excited about McKinnon, Richburg, McGlinchey and Pettis. The other FA guard signings look promising. The offense is going to be better, maybe by a lot. The secondary is going to be better, and our defense lives or dies with the secondary.

      1. Thanks George, I hope is all is well with you.
        This team is making me so happy, it is like just before the 2012 season, and the run to the SB.
        I really like how JL shared the accomplishments by praising the scouts. Class act.

    3. “So, when the Niners were drafting, they compared every Edge player to Attaochu.”

      Yes. But some may ask, why not take an Edge to develop for the future? I would counter with, we did, his name is Pita.

  35. I said throughout the draft that the Saints killed themselves in this draft, while at the same time aborting their 2019 draft. After reflection, my mind is unchanged….

    1. 2 teams who had a very good draft are the Pats and GB. Gutekunst hit a grand slam obtaining a 2019 first round pick while also moving up in the draft to obtain good DB talent.
      Pats made some very shrewd moves. They got good O line talent to protect Brady, and even managed to get a 2019 second and third round pick.

      1. Packers needed a pass rusher as bad as we did, and waited until it was almost over before selecting one. It seems they agreed with our assessment. The Packers have armed themselves with Fi-yah Po-wah to get a pass rusher from next years strong class….

  36. The 2 teams who lost out on this draft were Oakland and Seattle.
    Gruden was gobsmacked when the Niners grabbed McGlinchey, and the burn was worse because he lost the coin toss. They picked up red flagged Key and question mark Hurst, and the other picks were meh.
    Seattle waited until until the 5th round to take an O lineman. What made it worse was that they drafted a punter before him. Penny was a big reach, and had many scratching their heads.
    Both Oakland and Seattle had the worst grades according to the pundits, and I could not be happier. They both might have cemented their place in the divisional cellars.

        1. A changed man, what a relief!
          Anybody taking bets that he will fall of the wagon again?
          I’ll give him till training camp 2:1

        2. I have always tried to be respectful, and have tried to have calm, civil discourse.
          I have endured insults, expletives, taunts, bullying, hate and death threats to me and my family.
          Some may whine that I am being mean to them, but I usually just match the vitriol. Sure, I may have a sharp tongue, but some may like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.
          I realize now that if I leave forever, it will give the haters a victory. I cannot go through life afraid that some stalker will attack me just for being a faithful 49er fan. That is like thinking of going to a Waffle house will bring out the naked nutjobs. We cannot live in fear, even with being confronted with hate.
          I plan on sticking to football, and will not let the trolls get to me. I hope to keep talking with fellow 49er fans who love this team as much as I do. I am impressed with the football acumen of many of the long time posters, and have learned many things from them.
          Why do I like posting here? Despite his detractors, I appreciate good writing. Grant is a chip off the old block, and I like that edginess.
          I have taken a hiatus, but the draft season is one of my favorite times of the year. We all get to play GM. This season, they surprised us all.
          Thank you AES, for your kind words. I hope to see more of your posts, you bring a lot to this site. I enjoy reading your insights.
          GO NINERS !!!!!!

          1. LOL, Seb! You’re always good for a laugh. I won the bet!

            I love it when you say that you always have tried to be respectful, but in the next sentence you slid into admitting “that I am being mean to them, but I usually just match the vitriol”
            That’s very Trumpian of you! or does it mean that you have threatened people yourself?

            Does Shanny know you are available again?

            BTW, you might rethink what an educated man like AES is really trying to say when he uses double negatives…….

            Welcome back!

            1. Dee, I TRIED to be respectful. not that I was always respectful. Reading is fundamental.
              I then went on to say that I plan on sticking to football, and ignoring the trolls, so my negativity is in the past tense.
              Please bring up a post where I have threatened anybody. I do not think you can do it.

              1. Oh Sebby,

                I do remember you coming on this board with guns blazing, trying to make a name for yourself, attacking anybody and everybody who opposed what you wrote. After you were kicked of another site for being a troll, you started to use that term loosely here and calling people trolls randomly for not agreeing with you.

                Your indignation is very shallow. You’re not as innocent as you like to think you are.
                You still call people trolls……

                Please bring up a post where I said that you have threatened anybody.
                I KNOW you can not do it.

              2. One more thing, Seby

                I took your advise (reading is fundamental) and took a look at your last 2 sentences.
                Please bring up a post where I have threatened anybody. I do not think you can do it.

                I think it was a Freudian slip.

                You’re taunting me to find a post of yours where you have threatened someone. (as if you did it) followed by another taunt that I can’t do it (as if I’m not good enough).
                That is a very interesting juxtaposition and confession!
                Similar to what the Golden State Killer used to do.

                I have no interest in digging through your old posts (don’t even know where to look for them)
                But I’m sure your nemesis TomD can find something that’ll pass your criteria.

              3. Dee, not to go over past history, but my posts to TrollD had me questioning his football acumen, which to him (and many others), was the biggest burn.
                I also pointed out his gun nut references, and since I am totally against guns in general, I would say that I am a peace loving person, not a hate filled troll spewing venom and threats.
                Maybe you have overlooked the troll- Freddy Kreuger, who have stalked and threatened not only me, but my wife, in no uncertain terms.
                ‘Does that mean you have threatened people yourself?’ Typical troll tactic, just like asking when you have stopped beating your wife. Your post and calumny defines you.
                This ain’t my first rodeo. Saying you cannot find the time to dredge up threats just means there are none, but that did not stop your inference.
                BTW, I like to get in the last word. Your screed deserved a response.
                OK, back to football.

              4. Well, well Seb. Where to begin to untangle the mess you keep making.

                As usual, you are contradicting your self. Your admittance that you like to match people ‘vitriol’ is in itself an indication that you might have threatened someone. The fact that you say that you THINK I can not find a post where you do just that, makes it clear that you don’t KNOW whether you did or not. Of course you want me to do the research, so you can pretend it didn’t happen.

                Very innovative of you to spin your predicament and try turn YOUR words against me!
                No banana for you!

                What is very revealing though about your peaceful nature is the fact that you call TomD a troll because he lacks ‘football acumen’!
                Bravo Sebby, you now have officially lowered yourself to name-calling based on your standards of what constitutes ‘football acumen’. Of course this means that you are on the top of ‘football acumen’, completely ignoring the fact that people make fun of you on this site because of YOUR ‘football acumen’.

                Since troll is one of your favorite slander attacks, let’s look at what makes a person a troll
                =someone who posts excessively
                =someone who attacks people
                =someone who calls people names
                =someone who thinks it’s all about him/herself
                =someone who gets off on getting attention
                =someone who uses big words to give the appearance of importance
                =someone who needs to have the last word….
                only one person fits the bill on this blog, and no it’s not Grant, it’s YOU Seb!

                I have no idea what this means; Maybe you have overlooked the troll- Freddy Kreuger, who have stalked and threatened not only me, but my wife, in no uncertain terms.
                Are you saying that there is someone outside your door watching you and your wife? It sounds more like the ultimate delusion of self importance.

                And finally something we can agree on;
                “Your post and calumny defines you.”
                It does indeed Seb, you are what you write including the name calling you are so fond of!

              5. Well Sebby, looks like you pooped in your pants after seeing the truth about you in B&W!

              6. Dee, you are trying too hard.
                A real troll will not leave the site for months.
                A real troll will act like Freddy Kreuger.
                If you scroll back, you will see that you were the one who first brought up threats. When I mentioned matching vitriol, I was referring to the meanness in the tone. That does not mean it escalated into threats, like some have done to me.
                Trolling is an art form. Heck, it won the presidency. This is not my first rodeo. I can recognize when posters are trolling. If you think I am trolling, that is your opinion. I just want to calmly and civilly discuss the team I love with like minded fans.
                Please notice that recently, I do not try to engage posters, unless I am addressed. I do not engage posters like Prime, Scooter or BT, because I know they do not want to repeat another war of words. That is fine with me, and everyone is happy.
                This is a blog site. Posters are encouraged to post. I started back posting because I am interested in the Draft. It is one of my favorite times of the year, and it is extremely important to the make up of the team. It could be the difference between winning and losing.
                Football acumen? Considering most everyone whiffed on this draft, many posters cannot crow about their football prognostications. However, while I did miss out on the players, I did predict in my last mock that the the Niners would make a trade with the Pats and the Niners would get the 95th pick from them. The Niners even bundled a player and draft picks to facilitate the trade. Of course, BB would not deign to read my posts, but he did one thing exactly like I proposed. He managed to trade back, and get 2019 second and third round picks. Seattle managed to trade back multiple times, and the wheeling and dealing of the entire league was surprising, with 15 trades in the first round. That was a rare occurrence in many past drafts.
                I do not claim to be an expert. I claim to be an ardent fan of the San Francisco 49ers. I have many ideas that could help them improve, but do not assert that my ideas are the only ones, or that no other better ideas exist.
                Sure, I like to get in the last word, who doesn’t?
                Hopefully, back to football. Since you seem to be determined to engage me, you might want to learn from many other posters. Try sticking to football, and we will all avoid the headaches.
                So, let’s see who you would predict for your final 53.

              7. As usual, you sidestep your real personality issues. You want to be the judge, jury and executioner of people’s opinions. Calling TomD names doesn’t make you look smarter, it does the opposite.

                As far as FK is concerned, Freddy is a character in a movie and the guy is acting like FK to get a rise out of you. Just like you have taunted MANY people on this site. Apparently it is working and you aren’t getting the joke . If he really has threatened you, Grant would have removed him from from this blog. If he he really is stalking you, the cops would have taken care of him.

                If you scroll back, you will see that you were the one who first brought up threats. I scrolled back and I have no idea why you printed this LIE!!! A very revealing Trumpian lie!

                Trolling is an art form. This is not my first rodeo.
                This is a very candid admission from someone who admires himself!

                I just want to calmly and civilly discuss the team I love with like minded fans.

                This most certainly must have gotten you a lot of laughs on this site! Good one, Seb!

                I do not claim to be an expert. but do not assert that my ideas are the only ones, or that no other better ideas exist.
                If that were true, you wouldn’t call people names if they have a different POV…..

                Finally, I do not predict rosters or draft picks for the simple reason that I don’t have all the information that the coaches have. I don’t follow college football, and find the conflicting reports about players misleading and crystal ball gazing. I do think the coaches know more than me an know what they are looking for. (Grant has shifted his predictions now more to be based more on what he thinks the coaches are looking for, I like that ). Having said all that, I do not like the Pettis Pick that high, but if it is a mistake like AJ, only time will tell.

              8. Dee, do us all a favor. Ignore this loser. Bringing him back into the conversation only clouds and pollutes the blog. He went away and it was nice. Now he comes back with his tail between his legs after pleading that his life and his family was in danger. Like any one cares about him, his family, his ridiculous mock drafts and predictions!

              9. One more thing Seb.

                A real troll will not leave the site for months.

                Actually they do, but only after they have been exposed!!! Trolls want to stay anonymous in order to insult and attack people without consequences.
                And you (to no fault of your own but your wife’s at least that is what you want us to believe) were EXPOSED and OUTED!!!

  37. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/115720-mel-kiper-other-experts-hand-draft-grades-49ers/

    Mel Kiper, ESPN: B-
    Andy Benoit, The MMQB: B
    Chad Reuter, NFL.com: B
    Pro Football Focus: Above Average
    Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: B-
    Luke Easterling, USA Today/Draft Wire: B+
    Nate Davis, USA Today: C+
    Walter Cherepinsky, WalterFootball.com: C
    “John Lynch made three mistakes in the 2018 NFL Draft … The first was picking Mike McGlinchey.”

    Disagree. McG will eventually play the second most important position on O.

    “The second was trading up for Dante Pettis”

    They felt they had to. It’s not a coincidence that they got the pick right before GB, who liked Pettis. GB says they liked Jackson better, but that could be after the fact GM speak.

    1. I think we did well…B or B-. Taken within the larger context, we’ll see good things this season.

      Pettis is no slouch. On the record, Shanahan feels the 9er pass rush is quite solid and getting better. Until Shanahan tanks, I’ll take him at his word.

    2. The question is which ones were including the Jimmy G. trade in their draft evaluation. Mel Kiper said he was.
      I gave it a low grade because I disagreed with the strategy and the amount of talent left on the table but if we get 3 solid starters and A role player or 2 this becomes a great draft regardless of the talent left on the table.

      1. “but if we get 3 solid starters and A role player or 2 this becomes a great draft regardless of the talent left on the table.”

        Agreed. I think we got the 3 solid starters.
        McG. Immediately.
        Pettis and Warner will be solid starters by year 2, possibly this year.

        Moore could be a solid role player at CB and or FS. Who knows what Street will be. DJ Reed could take Williams’ spot. And a lot of our day 3 picks are ST aces.

        1. I’m not a huge fan of the Pettis or Street selections, but if either he or James becomes a guy solid number 2 and Warner can play next to Foster then along with McGlinchey they will have had a fine draft. That is what I am hoping for here. Not a great draft with probowl players found but a draft will provide solid starters to shore up position groups for a few years.
          This year it would appear the team was swinging for doubles rather than home runs… but enough hits, still adds up on the score board.

  38. I didnt like the picks. Like I mentioned before they over pay free agents and over reach on their draft picks. Their was more value and talent when they picked but they over reached. I would give D- maybe C grade. People say you have to factor JG but he was not a draft day deal. He was traded last year and cant judge that trade just yet.

    They needed talent and they said no player was better than what they had when they did not draft a pass rusher really. We could of revamped the defense big time. Drafted Minkah at 9 to replace Mr. Glass Ward or traded down and Josh the CB from Iowa in the second round with getting LB in third round. The secondary would of been upgraded big time and they still could of drafted the BYU LB in the 5 round.

    Yes they traded Brown and needed a OT but MM was a reach. Then drafted a WR in second who wasnt even the best. Thats a player the Packers can draft not 49ers at this point and time. Now of course Shanny might be able to get use from him. No RB drafted or pass rush drafted. I was excited for the draft but was very disappointed.

    Then drafted injuired players.

  39. I see a few people are now justifying not taking an edge… and unsurprisingly the reasoning being trotted out is the one Shanahan gave.

    I agree that by round 3 they weren’t going to be getting guys that would really be much of an improvement (if any) on the guys they already have. But that is why they needed to take one early. Since they didn’t I have no problems then taking guys at other positions, but not getting one early leaves a big hole at edge this year.

    The reason I am not overly upset about it is I can accept a philosophy of continuing to build the roster for another year. They were a long way off being competitive before they traded for JG. Realistically they are still a ways off being really competitive. So using the draft to fill immediate holes probably isn’t the best plan long term. I can accept that.

    1. The reason they gave was crap. The “you have to be pretty good to beat out Marsh” line was terrible. The guy has 6 sacks in 5 years. Based on that statement I guess anyone that can get you 2 sacks a year is a “pretty good, pass rusher.”
      This team was in bottom 3rd of the league in sacks and lost their best pass rusher off the edge… they needed help there.

      1. Okay, it appears a given that Shanahan (and Lynch) are quite flawed. Guess we’re doomed for a few more years of 5-11 to 7-9 football. Wonder if Saleh is complicit (equally clueless), or is being ignored/kicked aside?

        Let’s check in on this topic in January.

        1. Lol why do people get sarcastic and change the topic when anyone criticizes decisions made by the team? It doesn’t mean I think the team is going to stink or that Shanahan is inept; it means I disagree with something they did. I don’t see the problem with that. I happen to believe this team can make the playoffs next year thanks to the addition of Garoppolo but that doesn’t mean everything they do is beyond reproach.

          1. Rocket… If you have the time, check my posts over the last few years. I’m not an apologist for the team, nor do I believe every thing they do is above reproach.

            I’m always amused with the range of posturing by some who feel they know every nuance of professional football, and have ‘the perfect’ prescription for what ales the 9ers. I have some concerns too, but I’m willing to see what happens through the spring, and on through the season. I’m not ready to call BS on Lunch and Shanahan. Have a 2 and 14 season with embarrassing failures and I’ll be there.

            I say we agree to revisit all this in January and see what happened.

            1. There’s no need to revisit in January. As I mentioned, I think the team is going to be in contention for the playoffs this season. I’m criticizing one thing I disagree with at this point in time. That’s all it is. Not a prediction of doom going forward.

          2. Lol why do people get sarcastic and change the topic when anyone criticizes decisions made by the team?
            Because you have zero inclination as to why the team made or came to those decisions. You are a nobody trying to criticize decisions by professional football people employed in the business for numerous years who have been hired to carry forth their vision. Wether you agree, disagree that’s one thing. Criticizing however,you’ve got no game.

            1. Why are you even here if you feel this way? Go and hang out on a fan club site if you believe they can do no wrong and are above criticism. This obviously isn’t the place for you homer.

            2. Because you have zero inclination as to why the team made or came to those decisions.
              I’m pretty sure we do. Given that Lynch just said what their reasoning was.
              I’m not criticising their every move I’m disagreeing with a few moves they made.

  40. Scooter, they also have to see what they got on there roster. Attatou was over shadowed by Bosa and Ingram. Has plenty of potential. Harold has been disappointing to this point in his career but now will be tried out in a different spot. Marsh played well for a guy picked of Waviers. The point I’m trying to make is that if they would of drafted Harold, Davenport etc doesn’t mean it would of panned out. They could of been out played by what they already got. It’s obvious that several teams viewed Harold Landry as not a first rnd talent. Someone will surprise this year from the Edge. I have a feeling Attaachou will play well. I believe they will be very challenging for several teams. They lost 7 games by 3 points or less with Hoyer and CJ. They have upgraded several spots. This team can win 10 games if they remain healthy.

    1. I am one of the biggest fans of Attaochu out there, but reasoning of “we have to see what they have” is not a good enough reason for ignoring the position. Regardless of what I think of Attaochu, to this point in his career he is nought but promise. Marsh and Harold are workman-like guys but neither are guys that generate a lot of pressure. Pita T is a complete unknown. The plan according to Lynch is for Solomon Thomas to be play Leo on base downs only, which based on what we saw of him off the edge last year is a good idea.

      It is of course possible that the guys they have put it together and become a decent pass rush group. But that is based very much on hope to this point, not expectation.

    1. Here’s the unoriginal stuff I found. It says he lacks long speed, but the video shows it to be the kind of good-enough speed that Rice had, which was always good enough.

      Worked his tail off in the offseason to improve his hands and it worked
      Hands looked much more natural plucking it away from his frame
      Good vertical leaper with ability to snare throws way outside his frame
      Likes to get a big first leap to control the catch space
      Coaches rave about his commitment to the game
      Has hand-eye coordination and focus to catch it in traffic
      Able to win with quick feet and sharp, crisp routes
      Has ability to handle complex routes and throw cornerbacks off his scent
      Works back to the ball and attacks it
      Has some experience on special teams

      Lacks long speed to separate down the field
      May have a tough time driving NFL cornerbacks into an aggressive pedal
      Acceleration out of his breaks is average
      Hands improved, but he still needs to improve at securing through contested catch points
      Allows cornerbacks to crowd his vertical routes rather than stacking them on his hip
      Needs to finish when touchdowns are in his reach

  41. https://www.ndtscouting.com/ledyard-did-ballard-do-enough-for-the-colts/

    “Darius Leonard was a massive reach at no. 36”

    “Nabbing Braden Smith with the 37th pick is a surprise. It’s easy to look and say “oh, he addressed the offensive line, that’s good”, but why Smith? He’s a guard without much obvious positional flexibility, and the Colts really needed a right tackle.”

    “Kemoko Turay and Tyquan Lewis in the late second round was interesting. If pass rusher was that much of a priority for you, could you, how could Landry not have been the pick earlier?”

    “Lewis does his best work as an interior pass rusher and was way overdrafted here.”

    “I think Jordan Wilkins definitely contributes, but John Kelly would have been a MUCH better choice.”

    “The Colts are still one of the worst rosters in the NFL, probably the worst.”

    1. Maybe an option will be to target a team like Indy that drafted 3 pass rushers in the second. One is bound to be cut because of the numbers game. The Niners should wait until the 53 cuts and poach a player if they see an upgrade.
      Another strategy would be to target a team like Philly or the Rams, and poach a 53 cut player.
      Maybe trade Jimmie Ward while he has high value, to a team looking for a DB, to get an edge.
      Above all, I think JL is constantly looking for ways to improve.
      Well, the scouts have had their say. Now it is time to take the players, and mold them into a cohesive unit. KS has a lot of options. This team will benefit from being together for a year. Instead of turnover and turmoil, there is long range planning and continuity.
      The coaches will have benefited from coaching the same players for a year. They will have a better idea how best to utilize the existing players. It is a daunting task to accept a whole new crop of FAs and draftees, and get them all on the same page. KS is finally getting the players he wants. They moved on from Hyde to Mckinnon. They went from Kilgore to Richberg. The went from Brown to McGlinchey. He drafted Pettis. Obviously, he is happy with Juice and Kittle. Now with JG as QB, KS is looking at a myriad of options.
      Saleh has tried various players at various positions, I like how he rotates constantly to keep them fresh. I hope Armstead is fully healthy and has a breakout year. I just remember him putting blockers on roller skates. I hope Cassius Marsh and Jerry Attaochu both can prove their worth and gain extensions.
      I am not really counting on Sherman, and since the Niners drafted a bunch of DBs, maybe they are hedging their bets. A healthy Sherman should be a bonus, not a given.
      I think DJ Reed has quick hips. I think Taylor will contribute.
      Since I am defending this draft, am I a homer? No, I have constantly criticized them for making the unforced error. Maybe they should have waited for Pettis. Patience would have rewarded them with either Sam Hubbard, Malik Jefferson, or Rasheem Green who all were picked just after 74. It may have been a gamble, but even if he was chosen before, there were several good fallback options like Washington, Chark, Miller or Gallup. In fact, all of those players were ranked higher than Pettis.
      I have constantly panned Paraag, since the Street pick had his analytics fingerprints all over it. JL needs to use him, but not allow Paraag to dictate policy. ACL players are bad news, and make it look like the Niners keep making the same mistakes, and do not learn from experience. There are a ton of perfectly healthy players with even better upsides, since ACL players rarely return to pre injury form. ACL players have a propensity to get injured. Frank Gore’s are really rare.
      Maybe posters are mad that no edge rushers were chosen, because it made their mock look silly. This draft, most everyone whiffed. However, there were 15 trades in the first round, so many team’s mocks were blown up.
      Sorry for this stream of conscientiousness. I just want to dissect this draft.

  42. My biggest issue with the draft is that they have the same holes remaining as they did before it started. The biggest need this team had was an Edge rusher and with all due respect to Shanny whom I respect a great deal, the explanation was a steaming pile of BS. Our top two options are a journeyman and a guy who hasn’t been able to stay on the field. You can’t come out of this draft without a pick at that position.

    Guard was arguably the second biggest question mark as we have 3 players in the mix who have been busts to this point in their careers. Again to not even select one player is a failure imo.

    CB was either the 2nd or 3rd biggest need and while they did address it, the top pick used on the position was a S who they are going to convert to CB. Talented or not, you rarely see a young player make that transition quickly and effectively.

    For those saying there was nobody better at these positions, all I can say is I guarantee you there will be players taken after the so called drop off at these positions that will be good players in this league. You can’t find them if you don’t draft them. We had one of the worst pass rushing defenses in the league last year and haven’t done much of anything to rectify it. We had some of the worst G play and didn’t do much to rectify it. The CB depth chart has a vet coming back from injury and a second year player with promise. After that it’s a crap shoot.

    I don’t hate the group of players they got, it’s just amazing to me that they wouldn’t address clear needs choosing instead to add depth at positions that already have some of the better players on the roster ahead of them. You can build for the future while addressing the biggest holes on the roster.

    I hope we get a great return out of this draft but I don’t think they got nearly as much out of it as they could have. It’s a C for me.

    1. “The CB depth chart has a vet coming back from injury…”

      Yes. That was the main reason I favored Johnson over Sherman. Funny how Sherman’s injury wasn’t a concern on here until we didn’t take a CB high. FWIW, by not taking a CB high, I think the 49ers are confident that Sherman will be able to play this year.

      1. The injury has always been a concern. He’s coming back from a torn Achilles sustained 6 months ago. I liked the signing, but it’s not a given that he’s going to be ready to play in Sept. They are beyond thin at CB so Sherman better be ready to go.

        1. “so Sherman better be ready to go.”

          As I said, I think Ferg and company feel good about his achilles.

          “I liked the signing, but it’s not a given that he’s going to be ready to play in Sept.”

          Yep. You liked the signing, but are now bemoaning the very predictable situation we’re in now. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if we signed Johnson instead.

          1. No I’m bemoaning the fact they didn’t address the position with a higher pick. We’d still be having the discussion if they had signed Johnson because the depth chart would still be very thin regardless.

            1. With Johnson, Witherspoon, and Ward at CB, we would be talking about another CB in the 3rd at the earliest.

              People aren’t agreeing with Shanny’s draft philosophy. But he is building an elite offense to be led by an elite QB.

              1. Not me. Ward is not dependable and wasn’t a great CB to begin with. I agree the offense has a chance to be great; that doesn’t mean ignoring need positions in favor of projects and injured players is the right way to go. It may turn out great I don’t know, but it’s not above criticism right now.

              2. What I meant by philosophy was that we shouldn’t be surprised that Shanny would go offense early. We wanted this right? We wanted someone that was willing to draft WRs early. We wanted the WCO. We wanted the Outside zone.

              3. Yes I did want all that and I’m very happy with Shanny as HC. That doesn’t mean I agree with all of his decisions. In the roughly 14 months he and Lynch have been in charge I’ve seen a tendency to key on somebody and overpay or overdraft if need be. That is a dangerous way to do business. It can work based on Shanahan seeing a player he wants and incorporating him into the offense, but it can come at the expense of other areas of the team sometimes too.

              4. “That doesn’t mean I agree with all of his decisions.”

                I don’t either, think Solomon Thomas and Sherman. But I trust his ability to build an offense.

                Did he overdraft his draft crush? He was probably spooked by GB. The trade may have been necessary.

                Juice turned down more money to come here.

    2. The argument that there are not better players in the draft is bunk. These are the same individuals who decried the lack of talent on the roster last year.

      Without a competent Edge rusher the team will not go far. The Niners were not a good pass rushing team and the leading rusher last year is gone.

      If Baalke had done this draft, people would be howling! I can’t understand how they took two long shots with a team with so many holes.

        1. So, the team rebuilds on hopes and prayers while our division rivals build through draft and augment their teams in FA. Good strategy!

      1. Was one guy going to come in a make the pass rush all better?
        You are forgetting the team has done well to address the pass rush situation via coaching, development of previous talent/free agent acquisitions,and complementing the secondary.
        Its going to be a “by committee approach”.

        1. Was one guy going to come in a make the pass rush all better?
          You are forgetting the team has done well to address the pass rush situation via coaching, development of previous talent/free agent acquisitions,and complementing the secondary.
          Its going to be a “by committee approach”.

          Yes one guy could have made the pass rusher better and the rest of your comment makes no sense as they had the worst pass rushing defense in the league last year and cut the guy who had the most sacks on the team. You homers really like to live in a different reality.

          1. Yes one guy could have made the pass rusher better

            One guy, a rookie, was going to come in and make the pass rush all better?
            This has nothing to do with being a homer or any kind of fan.Its about understanding that a pass rush is effective when there are significant depth all along the defense. Not one player comes in and makes things better without having good coaching and a scheme tailored to its personnel.
            Now I’ll wait for little rocket man to tell me that’s not what’s he’s saying at all. The waffle king specialist.

            1. Chris you are the worst kind of guy to discuss something with because you have no clue what you are talking about and act like it’s the other side that’s the problem. I don’t waffle, in fact I say the same thing in many different ways if the person I’m making the point to doesn’t understand. The problem here is you can’t figure things out and just make up your own view of what is being said. I’m done responding to you. It’s a complete waste of time. I might as well be talking to a stump.

      2. There were definitely edge players in this draft that are better than what the 49ers have. Not many of them though. Again, this is why I said they needed to take on early.

        I actually agree with Shanahan to some degree that by the mid rounds the edge talent available wasn’t going to be much (if any) upgrade on what they have already. Really wasn’t impressed with the edge guys this year. The only guy taken late I liked was Genard Avery. And even then, he has a lot of flaws.

        I also liked Sweat, but only if his knee was ok. Given where he got drafted his knee is not ok. So fine with passing on him.

        Really I think they got it wrong by trading up for Pettis instead of a pass rusher. Landry was gone by #44, but Turay was available. However, Shanahan clearly believes Pettis is going to be very good. While Turay was very much a high upside guy but risky pick. So I can understand not being enamoured with Turay.

        Basically I think people are right to be annoyed no pass rusher was drafted, but are wrong to think a mid round guy was the way to go. And I also think people are focusing too much on this season. While I am sure Lynch and Shanahan want to be competitive this year, this draft was definitely more a long game strategy. Not about addressing immediate needs. And fact is they were competitive last year as soon as they got JG. The edge rush was terrible last year too. They can compete without a star edge rusher. And in the long term the hope is they have come away with better players overall then they would have gotten by reaching for an edge guy.

        1. I agree with your overall premise Scooter, but I will bet you there will be multiple pass rushers taken beyond round 3 that will be good players in this league. I also disagree that taking a pass rusher or a G wouldn’t be drafting for the future or a long game strategy as you put it. The easiest thing to do as a fan is say there was nobody better than what we got, but it’s rarely the case.

          1. There will indeed no doubt be guys that end up being good taken later on. However, the 49ers had guys at other positions rated higher, and if everyone knew which guys will work out ahead of time they wouldn’t be taken later on.

            It was a long game strategy, and long game you are better off taking the guys you think are the best players available. Not reaching for need. I can understand what they did. Even if I don’t like it because I really wanted to see the team add a pass rusher.

            1. If they had guys rated higher then it will be an error in scouting and rankings. The point about taking a player is that you don’t find one unless you draft one. Your second paragraph is based on believing they took the best players available but that doesn’t seem to be the philosophy they follow:

              Before the draft starts, seeing the board and who’s available, it’s, ‘Okay, regardless of how good they are, who has a chance to make this team?’ Where are the slots that are open?” Shanahan said. “There wasn’t as many people as there was last year. And there wasn’t as many positions. It makes the draft harder, but that’s the goal.”

              That doesn’t sound like they are looking BPA. That sounds like they are trying to find players to fill holes and increase depth over taking the best player. Problem is they didn’t do either. They didn’t go BPA and didn’t draft for need this year at least. They prepared for the loss of Armstead and Ward next year and got some athletes they hope will be good players, but this draft didn’t make a whole lot of sense looking at the problems that still remain and were ignored.

              1. “If they had guys rated higher then it will be an error in scouting and rankings.”

                LOL! In that case fire everyone! Because it happens all the time. It is an inexact science. Nobody gets scouting 100% correct. I 100% guarantee every single team got it “wrong”.

                “Problem is they didn’t do either. They didn’t go BPA and didn’t draft for need this year at least.”

                How the f do you know that? Because it didn’t meet your BPA rankings? C’mon rocket. I don’t think they took BPA either, but to think the team didn’t take the guys they thought were BPA because you had guys you thought were better is the epitome of narcissism.

                As for Shanahan’s quote, you yourself have said you think it is a BS comment. I agree for the most part. I find it very hard to believe they passed over edge players they thought were better players than the ones they took because they didn’t think they would make the roster. That seems highly unlikely to have been the case.

              2. LOL! In that case fire everyone! Because it happens all the time. It is an inexact science. Nobody gets scouting 100% correct. I 100% guarantee every single team got it “wrong”.

                I’m aware of that Scooter. The point was if they just decided not to take a pass rusher because of having other players ranked higher it doesn’t make it any better. Either way it was a mistake. In this case they don’t have a chance of finding a pass rusher because they didn’t take one.

                How the f do you know that? Because it didn’t meet your BPA rankings? C’mon rocket. I don’t think they took BPA either, but to think the team didn’t take the guys they thought were BPA because you had guys you thought were better is the epitome of narcissism.

                Lol. I gave you the answer in the quote. Chill out.

                As for Shanahan’s quote, you yourself have said you think it is a BS comment. I agree for the most part. I find it very hard to believe they passed over edge players they thought were better players than the ones they took because they didn’t think they would make the roster. That seems highly unlikely to have been the case.

                That wasn’t the quote that I called BS on. This one detailed the mindset they go into the draft with and it clearly doesn’t feature a BPA strategy from what Shanahan said.

              3. “The point was if they just decided not to take a pass rusher because of having other players ranked higher it doesn’t make it any better. Either way it was a mistake.”

                Ummm, huh? So are you saying they should have reached, or that them having other players rated higher was a mistake (if so, based on what? Your judgement?).

                Regarding Shanahan’s comment, I think you are misrepresenting his intention. I think he quite literally is saying that if they see a player in the draft that won’t be any better than what they already have and has no chance of making the roster they won’t draft them over a guy they think has a chance at making the roster. For example, they weren’t going to draft a QB in the late rounds because they had no chance of making the roster. That actually makes sense, as there is no point drafting someone you are just going to cut anyway. This will be a late round thing. In the 3rd round I am pretty sure they weren’t looking at every single Leo edge guy remaining and saying these guys won’t make our roster.

              4. I think their explanation is what makes this draft so maddening. If they said we just go with the best players available on our board. I could disagree with the picks but understand the logic.
                But when they make that explanation to justify drafting multiple players who would play big end, nickle corner or slot receiver it doesn’t pass the sniff test.

              5. Scooter,

                I think you summed up Shanahan’s thinking about player selection: why burn a pick on a player who will likely not make the team? This is true, even if that position is a position of need. In fact, drafting a player that you have rated the same or lower than the player you’re trying to replace would be illogical, especially if you saw an opportunity to draft another player that you felt had a decent chance to make and ultimately help the team.

                I still wish they had traded a little further up to nab Landry, though… Or drafted Oliver, instead of Pettis…

    3. “it’s a c for me”.. to each his own feeling, but you have no idea how they look at their current crop of players. Maybe they didn’t draft a guard because they didn’t feel they needed one. Maybe they didn’t draft a edge because they felt the guys in this draft weren’t as good as the ones they had on the team or got in free agency. And outside of Bradley Chubb, none of these guys were sure fire 10-15 sack guys. In my opinion it’s why they signed guys like attochu. They still have practice sqaud guys and guys coming from injury and future contract guys on this team at the moment. So everything you considered a need, they didn’t. Hey I had balkees back for about 3 years before I realized he sucked. I don’t think this regime is anywhere near that regard. But like I said, to each his own.

      1. You’re right I don’t know what they think and neither do you. The difference is I’m analyzing with an objective eye based on areas they needed to improve while you are making excuses and saying none of us know as much as the team. I was one of the first on here to point out Baalke was doing a terrible job and had the same draft discussions then that are taking place now. I’m not going to say the personnel dept is doing a terrible job, but they have made some questionable moves and the two draft classes are far from a slam dunk. If you are happy being an apologist and pretending the team can do no wrong good for you. I call it like I see it both good and bad.

    1. MW…. Well regardless of what coach says, some of these arm chair GM’s will swear they know more. And Kyle doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      1. Nobody has said they know more or that Shanahan doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Some of us have simply called BS on the idea there weren’t better options in the draft than what they have.

        1. Very, very fine line… ‘No one says Shanahan doesn’t know what he’s talking about’, but some have called him out (calling BS on his reasoning). If someone has flawed/BS reasoning, can they still get credit for knowing what they are talking about?

          1. I disagree with his assessment on this particular topic. That doesn’t mean I believe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It again goes back to the inability of some on this board to handle criticism of the team.

              1. I’ll listen to your opinions about football, under protest, but I will not tolerate advice on painting from a giant lizard, with bad breath!

                I have a large area to paint and I’m going to use the biggest brush I can get my hands on.

        2. Exactly! Why have a draft at all if that is the case! Shanahan has repeatedly said he brings in people to ramp up competiton so now he is saying that you they have is good enough. Doesn’t take a genius to see this is coach talk.

  43. Putting the quality of the draft aside, we need to remember almost if not all of us were howling for an offensive line. Well we pretty much got a new one, with three maybe four new starters. Also its been known that it takes a year for the O-line to get it down. If I am reading S & L right, they new Brown just wasn’t going to work out due to scheme. No sense waiting any longer they grabbed the best OT they could. S & L new they were passing up some real quality defensive players, obviously they felt the tackle position needed an immediate change. Can’t say that I blame them. I for one was clamoring for an OT early in the draft just surprised that it was in the first round. Its a good solid pick that could evolve into…..

    Still like most in here, where is the edge….they say the pass rush is on the team, I say we will find out in a few months.

    1. I believe they feel Mike “Drago” McGlinchey can be their LT in the future, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken him where they did.

    2. I agree. Let’s find out.

      We can always gather the pitchforks and torches later–never a problem for us.

    3. steele …
      of course you’re correct… but without purporting
      to predict (or know) what ShsnnyLynn has in mind for
      this team… I wonder … did he just put a bullseye on Marsh’s
      (and hid own’s ) ..back … ? .. I mean … what happens to eithers reputation ..
      if Marsh tanks .. ?

      1. Well, given how Grant and others have gone after Lynch and Shanahan over other matters, their reputations (GM and HC) are already suspect.

  44. McGlinchey scored a 37 on his Wonderlic intelligence test, the top score for a draft-able offensive lineman.

    Both Pettis and linebacker Fred Warner scored 32, which were among the top of their position groups.

    1. Doesn’t matter. We should have picked Davenport, traded up for Landry, and took a chance on a day 3 guy (preferably Sweat).

      But seriously, our first three picks will be starters for a long time. Good to see that our guys are smart.

  45. I would say that perhaps last year was a little more role specific,” Lynch said of the team’s draft plan. “‘Hey, we need someone to play the slot. Let’s identify these traits.’ This year, we kind of went more to, ‘Hey, we want some cornerstones. We want some players that are going to be here for a long time.'”

  46. Did you guys consider that we might have been willing to draft Key? There was a lot of interest there. We ended up taking Warner at #70. Perhaps the team had Warner rated higher than Key? Maybe they thought they could still get Key at #95, he was #87.

    After that, we’re talking about lesser prospects. Would they make the team? Would they be as far along as Pita is?

  47. I’m not enamored with this draft either, but we cannot write off our current pass rush just yet. I think one reason why the pass rush looked so bad last year was because QBs could always evade Bucknor and find targets with Robinson and Donte Johnson covering WRs.

    I consider it is very difficult to compare players who are already in the NFL with college level players. I mean Dorance Armstrong could be a better player than say…. Ronald Blair III coming out of college. But is he necessarily better than Blair who has been in two different NFL schemes? So do you take a chance with Dorance and cut Blair? Or you keep Blair and cut Dorance and look like a fool!?

    This is probably what Shanahan is alluding to. And they don’t take this chance, by going a completely different direction where they feel they need more “cornerstone” players.

    Also, did anyone else feel that it was a lot of coach speak and we are looking at possible Trade baits with the same positions being drafted? I feel these players might possibly be traded or cut before next season:

    -Jimmie Ward (5th Year option picked up) – Can be traded after showcasing him as a multiple position player
    -Arik Armstead – Many teams would like him as a DT. Can get a 4th round pick for him
    -Kendrick Bourne – Undrafted FA….and after seeing two receivers drafted, logical WR to be traded. I think this is why -Lynch is talking him up. A 5th or 6th round would be great.
    -Cassius Marsh – Having picked him up on waivers and signed him for 2 years, he can be traded. I think this is why Lynch/Shanahan are talking him up.

    Just my $.02 :)

    1. I think they will wait until they see them in OTAs, but they should pull the trigger before TC so the players can absorb the other team’s playbook.
      My penny for my thought.

    2. Armstrong and Blair play different positions Leo (plays de in sub-packages) Big End (plays dt in sub packages).
      As to trade value Ward and Armstead are both on their final contract year this lowers their value because teams would need to negotiate a deal with them to make the teade more than a short term rental.
      Marsh meanwhile is one of the teams few true edge rusher even if he’s a journeyman most of the others are square pegs in round holes.
      This is not to say your trade idea is wrong but just pointing out some of the issues they would face when attempting to so.

  48. Well Grant, I can only assume it is time to give up on the SF 49ers as your bashing this year’s draft (and last year’s?) can only mean one thing: John Lynch is a terrible GM and Mike Shanahan is just as bad HC (assuming he agreed with all the picks the 49ers made/didn’t make).

    Since they are not good at helping SF get players who will help them back to the top, there is really no need to be interested in this organization until Jed replaces Lynch and Shanahan… and… the entire scouting and player personnel dept.

    Hopefully, this will happen soon, and, Jed York will quickly grab you for GM so you can quickly return SF 49er drafts to A+ … You can see what the entire SF Front Office (GM, HC, PP, Scouting/Analytics) can’t….

    This is my wish for 2019!

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