49ers – Eagles live blog

This is the live stream for the 49ers Week 2 road game against the Philadelphia Eagles. I will provide updates and analysis throughout the game.

9:35 49ers inactives
CB Ambry Thomas, CB Emmanuel Moseley, DT Zach Kerr. RG Aaron Banks

Eagles inactives

QB Gardner Minshew, OT/OG Brett Toth, DT Marlon Tuipulotu, CB Mac McCain, FS Rodney McLeod

9:39 The 49ers acquired RB Trenton Cannon off waivers from Baltimore earlier this week and he is active. I’d expect to see him having a big role on special teams today.

Zach Kerr being inactive means Javon Kinlaw is active. What type of impact will he have remains to be seen. 

10:03 49ers will get the ball to start the game.

10:07 Daniel Brunskill gets beat on first down, Jimmy Garoppolo throws a screen pass into the dirt, and the 49ers offense starts the game with a 3 and out.

10:08 Josh Norman called for pass interference on the first target of the game to extend the Philadelphia possession.

10:11 The 49ers run defense looks much improved from week one. Arik Armstead with the stop and the 49ers offense will be back on the field at the 20

10:17 Daniel Brunskill gets no push on first down and Elijah Mitchell losses a yard. Garoppolo sails the throw to Mohamed Sanu and it’s another 3 and out for the 49ers offense. 

10:24 Kevin Givens in at defensive tackle and the Eagles start to attack the middle of the defense. Back to back runs up the middle for 6 yards. 

10:27 Eagles move the ball down to the 49ers 27 yard line, but the defense holds and forces a FG try. It’s good. Eagles 3 49ers 0

10:28 Deommodore Lenoir had very good coverage on that 3rd down stop. He had some help from Fred Warner who put pressure on Jalen Hurts.

10:35 Yet another 3 and out for the 49ers offense. Jimmy Garoppolo is really struggling to get his feet underneath him so far. 

10:46 End of first quarter. Eagles 3 49ers 0. The 49ers run defense started strong but is struggling. No first downs from the offense. Outgained 117 -14.

10:49 Eagles 47 yard field goal attempt is blocked by Javon Kinlaw. Huge stop.

11:00 49ers offense finally gets a first down. After moving the ball into Philadelphia territory for the first time, Mohamed Sanu gets called for an illegal crack back block setting up 1st and 25. Garoppolo misses a wide open Trent Sherfield and Kyle Shanahan calls a run to Deebo Samuel on 3rd and 8. Not sure about the play call there. 

11:04 Hurts to Watkins for 91 yards on first down from his own endzone. 

11:08 After the big play, the 49ers defense stands tall and holds the Eagles from scoring. 

11:25 The 49ers offense and Jimmy Garoppolo struggled throughout the first half. Garoppolo finishes off a 97 yard drive with a 11 yard touchdown pass to Jauan Jennings. Drive was highlighted by a 41 yard completion to Deebo Samuel to set up the touchdown throw.

11:26 Halftime: 49ers 7 Eagles 3

11:35 During the pregame show this morning I said to look for the Philadelphia offense to move the ball well between the 20’s but struggle from the 30 yard line in. This has played out during the first half. San Francisco offense has struggled more than expected to get the ball moving on the ground. Current have only 11 called runs to 21 passes. Game situation at the end of the half played into that a bit, but the 49ers offensive line has struggled to create movement. 

11:42 49ers defense forces first 3 and out of the game. Nick Bosa with a hit on Hurts nearly forces a turnover. Deep throw on third down knocked away by Lenoir and Jimmie Ward.

11:51 Garoppolo nearly picked off on third down. Wishnowsky pins the Eagles offense deep for the second time today. Let’s see if the defense can get a quick stop this time.

12:01 Middle of the 49ers defense is still struggling with stopping the run. After 7 runs get the ball into 49ers territory, the Eagles start trying to throw and it doesn’t work. 49ers back on offense with ball at their own 9.

12:24 For the second time today the 49ers offense goes on a 90+ yard drive for a touchdown. Garoppolo with a sneak to finish this one off. 49ers 14-3

12:31 Nick Bosa with a sack of Jalen Hurts to end the Eagles possession. Terrific rush up the middle by Kentavius Street and Arik Armstead set it up. 

12:33 This game turned with the goalline stand. 

12:47 Eagles’ personal fouls set the 49ers up, and Gould hits a 46 yard field goal to put San Francisco up 17-3. 

12:54 Eagles with an easy drive to make this a 6-point game. 49ers 17 Eagles 11

12:58 Garoppolo picks up the 3rd and 1 with a sneak. At the two minute warning and Philadelphia has no timeouts left. That should just about wrap it up, but as we saw last week crazy stuff can happen. 

1:05 49ers move to 2-0 with a 17-11 win. 

Thanks for following along. Will be back soon with the game story. 

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  1. Live Blog! Awesome, thanks Jack 👏🏼

    Interested in seeing who the starting cornerbacks are today.

    Looks like a full house, loud and obnoxious in Philly.

    I think you’ll see the Philly DLine anticipating the run game today. They are good.

  2. Shanny play calls predictable so far.

    Run inside and screen passes. They didn’t work the first drive and not working now.

    Going to need a chunk type play to shut these fans up.

    Jimmy is inaccurate again. Cmon man!

    1. No, please don’t bring in the rookie QB under these circumstances. Do you want to ruin him? Kyle already has Trey’s confidence shook, the last thing you want to do is bring him into a road game when the crowd is into it, your team is down, and your offense is out of sync.

  3. Well these first 3 drives have stunk. Jimmy inaccurate as usual but the entire offense is really out of rhythm.

    Have we had a first down yet???

  4. Wow amazing. Everything has gone less than ideal so far in this game and we’re still in position to take the lead with a score.

  5. When is Garoppolo’s inaccuracy going to be too much of a hindrance?

    Notice his big incompletions tend to come when the receiver isn’t on the move.

    Kyle running outside shows a lack of confidence in Jimmy on third and less than 10.

  6. I think if you’re going to win with Jimmy at this point you just have him play darts. Let the receivers stop in an open spot and have Jimmy zip it in. Unfortunately it’s all he’s able to do right now consistently. Hopefully Philly plays a lot of zone.

    1. Credit Jimmy for hitting Samuel in stride. Something he wasn’t able to do with any consistency so far. That was a great throw and of course Samuel did what he does best after the catch.

  7. Norman looked relatively good for a guy with no camp. Both Int calls were close to good plays. Lenior looked good, he stumbled on that one long play. Where the hell is the pass rush?

  8. I was going to complain about clock management in that 2 minute drill, running off 20 seconds between plays… I’ll be quiet now. 🤐

  9. Wishnowski was great last week and so far he is great this week. I guess we all can finally agree that he is worth the pick they used to draft him.

  10. By no means has JG been great but he did lead the team to 2 long drives. I think most of us underestimated Mostert’s contribution to the O. The D really needs a quick 3 andout now.

    1. This was a good game. It’s starting to look like our division will likely be the strongest in the league, so winning these last two games (even if not pretty) are big.
      I’m happy with the play of Demo Lenoir and except for the PF on Ward the D had a very good day.

      Alex Mack is already paying dividends as he was essentially paving the way for the important one yard first downs and TD runs.

      It might just be me, but the 49ers look like they’re still in preseason mode and working to sharpen their offense. That’s what makes these two wins important.

      They definitely have not hit their stride yet, which bodes well going forward.

  11. Wasn’t that Bosa’s 2nd sack of the game and 3rd of the season. He forced a fumble by Hurts, doesn’t that count as a sack?

  12. This weeks grades.
    JG B
    OL D not sure why the running game was poor but the O line had to have something to do with it.
    RB’s C-/D+ Sermon looked great in his one run. The Eagles committed 2 personal fouls on that play. The first defender took a forearm shot to the back of Sermons head and the second player should have been thrown out of the game for the shot he took. If Sermon doesn’t have a concussion next week I believe he will be RB 1 next week.
    WR’s Deebo B+ if he hadn’t dropped the screen pass early it would have been an A

    TE’s C Good blocking for the run did not do much in the passing game

    DL B I am concerned with the lack of consistent pass pressure.
    LB’s B+ Warner is great Al-Shaair is better than solid
    DB’s B Norman looked good playing in his first game in a while and Lenior is going to be a good corner Safties played well.

    ST’s A especially Wishnowski

  13. Good win today but I actually enjoyed watching Seattle choke even more!
    Thanks Jack Hammer for setting up the live blog!
    I’ll try to be in here next Sunday night when we take down the pack!

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