49ers @ Eagles live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 8 road game against the Philadelphia Eagles. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

9:40 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  1. LB Reuben Foster
  2. RT Trent Brown
  3. WR Victor Bolden Jr.
  4. CB K’Waun Williams
  5. DB Dexter McCoil
  6. DE Pita Taumoepenu
  7. DL Aaron Lynch

9:59 It’s raining heavily in Philadelphia. Which team’s offensive coordinator will adjust his play calling based on the weather conditions?

10:02 The 49ers receive the opening kickoff.

10:07 On third-and-6 from the 49ers’ 47-yard line, Carlos Hyde drops a pass over the middle. Then, the 49ers let a good punt bounce into the end zone. If the Niners gunners had run by the returner, gone to the goal line and turned around like short stops, one of them could have prevented the ball from rolling into the end zone and the Eagles would have been forced to start their opening drive inside the 5 yard line. Bad special teams coaching.

10:15 On third-and-11 from the Eagles 49, Elvis Dumervil hits Carson Wentz, who breaks a tackle and scrambles forward for a one-yard gain. The Niners will start their next drive from their 20.

10:19 On third-and-19, C.J. Beathard completes a nine-yard pass to Matt Breida, and the Niners go three and out.

10:32 On third-and-eight from the 49ers’ 22, Solomon Thomas hits Carson Wentz, who overthrows an open receiver in the end zone. The Eagles kick a field goal and lead 3-0. On third-and-long, DeForest Buckner is lining up at Leo and Thomas is lining up as a shaded nose tackle. Good move. I suggested the Niners should move Thomas to nose tackle three weeks ago.

10:36 On third-and-33, Hyde drops another pass, and the Niners go three-and-out. Hyde is on pace to drop eight passes.

10:37 The 49ers down the punt at the Eagles 10-yard line.

10:37 Jimmie Ward injured his forearm. He’s questionable to return.

10:39 On second-and-3, Brock Coyle blitzes and Carson Wentz scrambles into Earl Mitchell, who records the sack. On third-and-9, Coyle and Leon Hall blitz, and force Wentz to throw a bad pass. Nice aggressive play calls by Robert Saleh. The Eagles go three and out. The Niners will get the ball when the second quarter starts.

10:42 The 49ers start from the Eagles 44. Let’s see what Kyle Shanahan can do with good field position.

10:45 On third-and-5 from the Eagles 39, Shanahan calls a run for Hyde, who gains only two yards. And Garry Gilliam injures his knee.

10:47 Shanahan chooses to punt on fourth-and-3 from the Eagles 37. The Niners down the punt at the Eagles 2.

10:48 Ward is out with a forearm injury. He is Mr. Glass.

10:51 The Eagles go three and out. The Niners defense is playing very hard, and Robert Saleh is coaching well. He’s bringing creative pressures and not just calling vanilla defenses. Good for him.

10:53 Zane Beadles replaces Garry Gilliam at right tackle. Gilliam is out with a knee injury.

10:56 On second-and-6 from the Eagles 46, Beathard throws a short slant pass behind Aldrick Robinson, who takes a hit and deflects the ball to Rodney McLeod, who makes the interception. Eagles’ ball at their 46. What a missed opportunity. The 49ers offense has been awful in this game.

11:01 Buckner sacks Wentz on first down, and the Eagles go three and out for the third time in a row. Trent Taylor makes a fair catch at the 49ers 13.

11:04 On third-and-6 from the Eagles 29, Fletcher Cox pushed Daniel Kilgore aside and sacks Beathard for an eight-yard loss. Then Bradley Pinion shanks a 35-yard punt.

11:08 On first-and-10 from the 49ers 20, Leger Douzable records his second sack of the first half.

11:11 On third-and-15, Dontae Johnson commits pass interference in the end zone. So the Eagles get the ball at the one-yard line. And on first-and-goal, Wentz throws a touchdown pass to Zach Ertz. The Eagles miss the extra point, and lead 9-0.

11:17 On third-and-7 from the 49ers 28, Beathard throws a pick-six. He is not the answer at quarterback.

11:18 The Eagles’ two-point conversion is successful — Wentz to Alshon Jeffery. The Eagles lead 17-0.

11:26 On the last play of the first half, Alshon Jeffery plays defensive back and breaks up a Hail Mary intended for Kendrick Bourne.

11:44 On third-and-7, Eric Reid blitzes and hits Carson Wentz, who throws an incomplete pass, and the Eagles go three and out.

11:49 Niners go three and out again. Their tackles are Zane Beadles and Erik Magnuson. Shanahan is giving them no help. He keeps sending all five receivers into the pattern. That’s a good way to Beathard killed.

11:53 The Eagles run the ball on third-and-8 and gain six yards. They’re killing the clock with more than 10 minutes left in the third quarter. They have no respect for the Niners offense.

11:57 On third-and-10 from the 49ers three-yard line, Beathard gets hit while throwing a screen pass to Pierre Garcon, and the pass is incomplete.

12:03 On third-and-6 from the 49ers 33, the Niners bring pressure and Wentz throws the ball away. The Eagles make a 51-yard field goal, and lead 20-0. As bad as the 49ers are, the defense has played hard for most of the game and Robert Saleh has coached well.

12:09 On third-and-1, Beathard tries a quarterback sneak but gains no yards. The 49ers offensive line is so, so bad.

12:12 On third-and-14, Ahkello Witherspoon intercepts Wentz and returns the ball to the Eagles 21.

12:14 On second-and-10, Beathard throws a shuffle pass to Matt Breida, who runs 21 yards untouched into the end zone. Nice run, nice play. Niners trail 20-7.

12:19 Three plays later, Wentz throws a 53-yard touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery, who jumped and caught the ball over Ahkello Witherspoon. Witherspoon never turned his head to find the pass. Eagles lead 27-7.

12:30 On third-and-goal from the nine, Beathard throws a Kaepernick-esque fade pass out of bounds. And on fourth-and-goal, the Eagles block Robbie Gould’s field-goal attempt.

12:32 Pierre Garcon has a neck injury and is questionable to return.

12:40 On first-and-10, LeGarrette Blount runs into the end zone from 12 yards out. The Eagles miss the extra point, but they lead 33-7. The 49ers defense is out of gas.

12:53 On third-and-19 from the Eagles 32, Beathard throws a screen pass behind Breida. Gould makes a 50-yard field goal and the Niners trail 33-10.

1:05 49ers lose. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope report and team grades.

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      1. Uhmmm theres a ton of value in actually playing in NFL games.

        Rookies who have played in all the NFL games this year are not really rookies any more at this point.

        Foster is still as green as grass. He needs to go out and show he can hit people consistently and stay healthy.

        Armstead is someone im worried about with this line of thinking. He has missed so many NFL games due to injurys. Theres no way its not stunting his growth at this point.

  1. Good thing Hyde dropped that ball. I was starting to get my hopes up this could be a good game. Best dispel those positive thoughts early.

  2. Another game another injured Foster sitting on the bench… Wonder if he’ll be able to play a full game this year? Hope this doesn’t become the norm for him.

  3. Again I call for 2 tight end sets. I don’t trust any of the running backs to help with blitzes. This line ends all the help it can get. The defense is beyond my help.

  4. Jimmie Ward is out. Presumably, X-Rays showed bad news with his left forearm – Barrows

    We already lost the sub LT. This is how wheels fall off a season that already has wobbly wheels

  5. SIgh. Never, ever throw the ball to Aldrik Robinson. He has enough problems with well-thrown balls. Asking to make a tough catch is suicide.

      1. Taylor was also picked in the 5th round. Pinion would easily have been available in the 7th round or as a UDFA. But, I agree, for Baalke, that was a great mid-round pick.

        1. True, I just don’t think TT has a future. We’ll see. And maybe Q was better, but given how much we punt, Pinion is probably more valuable!

  6. I think at this point a realistic question is to ask whether this team can score today? This joke of an OL combined with some really bad play by Bethard is making the idea of scoring a serious doubt.

    1. Considering the OL leaks, Bethard has little pocket awareness, receivers can’t catch the ball and our running game is inconsistent I think you answered your own question.

      1. Get over it, it’s a tiresome as ‘we’d win with Kaepernick.’ The dude has been nominated for Rookie of the Week three times.

  7. Our defense has dominated the game yet we trail 9-0….Dumb penalties, bad play calling and nobody can catch the damn ball!! Defense and Hyde looking very good……Check that… pick six horrible pass and Staley hurt…..17-0 :(

      1. willtalk – you obviously never played any sport past the high school level…You probably were the stat boy in high school. You never were recognized for any achievements in sports and you know it.

        1. Willtalk/Pillowtalk –
          I’ll match my sports background with you anytime buddy and chances are I would break you in half in person.
          You always were a big mouth smartas* in here. Tough guy

            1. Prime –
              I hear ya…If this willtalk clown is ever in So Cal I will gladly post my address in here and welcome him over for a cold beer and we can discuss our differences.

    1. What did you expect Hammer?! They signed 6 year contracts to strip this team down so they can Rebuild correctly. This season means NOTHING…. A top 2 pick is essential to there Rebuild….

        1. One would think that people would not expect much from a team in total rebuild mode this early. I think the issue people have is not based on the moves they are making in the total rebuild but the fact that they are totally rebuilding instead of doing quick patch work and winning games this season.

      1. Usually when you rebuild you need to draft well. Their first round guys are making almost no impact.

        Witherspoon made a play late today, but hasn’t shown anything in the way of promise.

        Williams was beat out by an undrafted rookie who has trouble holding onto the ball.

        Kittle makes some plays, but shows why he lasted until the 5th.

        Taylor is JAG.

        This whole rebuilding thing so wait on the process is a joke. How long has Cleveland been “rebuilding”?

        You can’t rebuild if you don’t hit on the picks and have guys who can coach them up quick.

        Shanahan is a good coordinator who is proving that he’s not a head coach. Just like his dad with the Raiders.

        Another team will get him down the road once he’s actually ready.

            1. I jest Hammer but the crying on here sounds like these millennial powder puffs who never worked hard a day in their life and don’t understand what a process looks like.

              1. Dude. This team sucks, and the guys they brought in aren’t helping.

                What made 2011-2013 so good was they grabbed guys in the draft who were impact players from day 1, and a coaching staff that could get them in the best position to win every week.

                That’s how rebuilding works in the NFL now. It’s not a long drawn out process, because guys are moving around too much.

              2. Who did they draft in 2011-2013 that made such a difference?
                We are 8 games into a rebuild and you are already concluding this isn’t working?
                Sure this past draft has not produced any impact players and things have not gone the 49ers way in any game, but this will be a long drawn out process.
                That’s why 6 year contracts were given.

              3. “Who did they draft in 2011-2013 that made such a difference?”

                Aldon Smith, Chris Culliver, and Bruce Miller were immediate starters. Smith was dominant.

                Colin Kaepernick was the starting QB in the Super Bowl, his style caught the NFL off guard. Might have made it though still with Smith.

                Kendall Hunter was a good 2nd back to spell Gore.

                Daniel Kilgore was utilized quite a bit when they went into heavy sets as an extra TE.

                Throw in a few impact FA’s like Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner, and Jonathan Goodwin.

                Coaches elevating the play of other guys thought of as busts from the previous regime.

                How quickly some forget.

              4. I’ll give you Aldon but Culliver and Miller? Hunter?
                Wow, digging deep.
                During that 3 year period they missed on an entire draft class and from what you came up with, one guy made an impact.

                This past draft and free agency was probably the worst in his last 5 years.

                This again is why this new regime was given time to rebuild it from top to bottom.
                My point, it’s gonna take multiple years.

              5. The 2011 draft and FA, along with the new HC built the team that played in 3 NFC Championship games.

                That’s the point. It doesn’t take multiple years, if you hit on the players you bring in.

              6. “Who did Harbaugh bring in that was impactful?”

                Himself. He was a proven leader and winner. He also brought Fangio, a proven d-coordinator with him.

              7. Yeah Harbaugh was so good that he ran himself out of town and never did was he suppose to, win a championship and develop a QB.

              8. First you tell me that good teams draft well and that’s how they get better.
                I tell you this organization can still do that.
                If Harbaugh was here with this talent and his past draft acumen, how many games would he win? Same as Shanny.
                Chose an argument and and stay with it.

              9. In trying to argue you must have missed this, where I included both the coach and a staff that could coach the guys up.

                “What made 2011-2013 so good was they grabbed guys in the draft who were impact players from day 1, and a coaching staff that could get them in the best position to win every week.”

                And if Harbaugh was the coach this year they’d probably be in the neighborhood of 3-5 to 5-3. They certainly wouldn’t be winless.

  8. “The 49ers offense has been awful in this game.”

    This a consistent them with this team. At least until the opponent goes into prevent mode.

    1. WHY?! It’s about development not winning right now… 1-15 is the best thing that can happen… That’s the truth!

        1. Yeah, on second thought, I think you are right. Given where this team is, we really do need to know if CJ might be the answer. Let’s see if he can overcome this major adversity.

      1. Well, CJ is tough-minded, but with a rookie it might be better to take him out and let him regroup for next week. I wasn’t thinking about trying to win the game. With Hoyer in, the offense probably won’t function any better.

  9. Seems like Hoyer clearly gives the 49ers the better chance to win games. But I have a feeling the 49ers dont care about that any more.

      1. I dont think they started off this season “not wanting to win”. I think it just kind of crept up on them after all those close losses.

  10. Thinking about what offensive players deserve to be on this roster next year is frightening. Hyde, Garcon, Brieda, TB, Jusz and Staley (unless we can trade him)? Our Gs stink as does Kilgore. Goodwin, Aldrick, TT are all awful. Kittle shows flashes, but then morphs into Vance 2.0 with the drops.

    If we’re going to throw away the rest of the season to evaluate young talent, let’s see what Bourne and Bolden have!

  11. Reid is playing pretty well at weak side linebacker. This could be a permanent move.
    O line will not be able to protect CJB.
    So well the Offense score a TD any time in the next few weeks?

  12. Watching C.J. Beathard play has shaken my belief in Kyle Shanahan’s ability to evaluate QB talent. This kid can’t play.

  13. Think of this as nothing but training camp scrimmages or preseason games. If you treat these games like regular season games are usually treated you will go nuts.

  14. It’s not like offensive lines matter. A good coach can win without one at all… and if he was coaching the niners that’s exactly what he would have.

    1. That certainly seems to be the case. The team’s game plan on both sides seems to be out of whack even before the game starts. Heck, Walsh could always point to a positive. These 49ers are completely dominated most times.

  15. Checking back in, I see the arse-whupping is well under way. I was mistaken about the level of offensive ability on this team, the previous disastrous drafts really showing up now. There is no offensive line worth speaking of, our running backs are pedestrian. Our rookie QB barely has a prayer back there. I have zeroed out my expectations for this year, going be a prolonged rebuild.
    “Ain’t that a shame, my tears fall like rain.”
    Can they even score? Yes, they finally scored — Bravo!

  16. Well that ruins the perfect ineptitude of the Niners. Took a turnover to score, they could never have driven the length of the field to score.

  17. Injured during game with “Out” status Ward, Staley, Thomas, Gilliam, Jones. KNBR mentioned Solomon Thomas returned, but I’m not sure if that’s still true.

      1. That lesson being you need to turn your head and look back to the ball. I hear you on getting the young guys experience. I’m just very disappointed with the roster and the mediocrity of our draft class. An undrated player is our best rookie!

  18. The line seems to have learned not to line up beyond the ball and it appears they tossed that disastrous “rub play”. Progress.

  19. Who the heck is the QB coach. I have never seen a QB coach a QB to stick his tongue out when throwing.
    That is a good way to get it bitten off.

          1. Prime, you were the one who was crowing last season during that losing streak.
            With fans like you, who needs enemies?

  20. Niners should use the defense’s speed against them. Do misdirections. Let the defense over run the play and cut back.
    Not going for it was an admission of defeat. Sadly, the Niners have been defeating themselves too many times. The worst was Robinson getting 2 penalties on punt returns.

  21. 0-8. Is it time to evaluate yet? People said wait till mid-season. Well the team isn’t very good. The draft picks haven’t really done that well, the FAs haven’t been much of an impact and for a team that had 60% roster turnover, this is really sad. How many want last year’s team back?

          1. And yet, people were saying this team would be very good because…Shanahan! I wasn’t fooled. I knew they would struggle but they are worse than I expected too.

      1. Why? This team shouldn’t get a pass! We hired Shanahan and gave him full control. This isn’t a well coached nor a good team. why Is everyone pushing the timeline out?

        At the beginning of the year, 4 games or mid season. Six games in, it’s a year! Now it’s 4 years?

    1. Think Evis’s ” Lord you gave me a mountain” except substitute ” Baalke” for ” Lord” Lynch can sing “Baalke you gave me a mountain”.

    1. I think vets who get minor injurys during a blowout may be using the knick ups to take a seat for the day. I dont think all these people would be getting “injured” on a team that was 4-3 in the middle of a close game.

      Maybe they are real injurys and we are just unlucky,

  22. Niners seem to be happy losing. Wish they had that winning mindset.
    Niners were only down 0-3, 2 minutes before the end of the first half, then imploded.
    Hope CJB goes on the concussion protocols, he had way too many sacks and hits. His head bounced off the turf so many times, it was like a basketball being dribbled by Steph Curry.

  23. At the end of game when teams are trying to run out the clock are the QB’s secretly protesting when they take a knee?

  24. Well, D played hard for the most part, but the O is inept. The OL was putrid without Brown and Staley. Beathard was under pressure instantly far too often. He also made some very bad throws making it very hard for his receivers, who once again also did nothing to help the QB out. All in all, just an absolutely terrible O.

    If Brown and Staley can’t play against the Cards then you can mark it down as a loss right now. If they play, and the D continues to play hard, they have a chance.

  25. Lynch better keep a close eye on his operation. Losing apparently is becoming habitual. Very seldom does a 49er win a one-on-one match up. Losing so many match ups drains the morale. This team had poor body language to start the game and finished weak.

  26. Hmm, I bet Grant will grade the coaching a C-. Eagles coaches made adjustments, went to the short pass and rolled out Wentz a lot. Niners had too soft a cushion, and receivers were wide open.
    Was glad to see the Niners try some screen passes. Glad they did not keep Breida in to pass protect, but he gave CJB a target to get that shovel pass to.
    I am glad the Niners played hard, but attrition wore down the team.
    Hope the Niners poach an O lineman from a playoff bound team.

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