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  1. Fangio would help balance out the lack of leadership skills of Shanny, and provide the experience that’s missing on the staff.

  2. Lets give this FO and coaching staff a season before we start criticizing. They are in a total rebuilding mode so it is much too early to do any evaluating. I remember when people were ready to crown Baalke a GM genius during just his second season. Sometimes it really takes a bit more time to recognize specific developing patterns.

  3. John Lynch stated that he was upset about the Niners polling the fans about not winning, and how it affects the stadium experience.
    Sounds like he is out of the loop.
    Lynch stated he really cares about winning. Could have fooled me. Sitting on his hands and not spending 62 mil in cap space is not trying to win. Cleveland and the Niners have the most cap space in the league, and both are winless. Get a clue.
    Lynch wants a damn win, but refuses to try and improve the QB situation. He is not signing Kaep because he is content to lose.
    It must eat at his soul to see that empty Mausoleum, but his stubborness is what is causing that. Sign Kaep. Fans who claim they will stay away if Kaep is signed are already staying away from a winless team. Lynch should drop the price of a beer to 5 dollars until they get a win.
    Jed and Paraag have their fingerprints all over that poll. The FO is not only incompetent, they are malignant..

  4. Grant can be truthful and honest in his assessments, since he is a journalist and not a fan.
    However, I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, so I want them to win despite the odds. Any given Sunday.
    Niners can win if they play clean and aggressive. They need to out think their opponent, and be crisp and efficient on offense. Hope it rains cats and dogs.
    Niners 24-23.

  5. Hey Grant,

    Why don’t you write about what is truly happening to the 49ers, the fans are not buying into it anymore?

    I go back to the 70’s as a kid and can say honestly that I looked forward to Sunday mornings and even MONDAY night to get a glimpse of the highlights at halftime from HOWARD COSELL. The last three years my interest in the 49ers and football have been ZERO. Long gone are the days of waiting for ESPN SUNDAY MORNING or Brent Musburger and CBS football. The league is now been destroyed by MONEY. Over saturated games almost everyday it seems. Teams that are just plain awful. Players who are getting injured more often due to the SIZE and SPEED of them. Ex: Erik Armstead and how the past two summers all we hear about is HE LOOKS POISED for a break out season only for him to just fizzle with an injury( Bill Belichek would’ve traded him long ago). We fawned over Jim Harbaugh and his magical ability to turn it around when in fact he has NEVER WON anything of major importance(see his now failed MICHIGAN run). He really left the 49ers with the worst issue, COLIN KAPERNICK! No one writes about that. In general we have a stadium that isn’t fan friendly, an owner who is truly clueless, the BAY AREA full of transplants that really don’t care about local sports teams they are more interested in CRICKET OR SOCCER. Basically FOOTBALL just isn’t any fun to watch anymore. So once again another Sunday doing something else.

    1. Ghost you’re doing something else???
      Like writing and thinking about the nines…..
      I’ll take a knee for all these phony hypocrites who talk about how they are not paying attention to the NFL.

      1. LOL. What a total freaking joke the niners are. My prediction is Shanahan will be gone after three years of futile BS. I caught maybe 5 minutes of the game at a restaurant for lunch and saw a 3rd-9 down by 17 and that genius tries to kick a field goal. WOW WOW WOW. Oh, well looks like 5-7 more years of hell for the niners. No writer has the gonads to challenge Shanahan and is just horrible play calling.

  6. How is that 0-8 working out Jed? I guess you don’t care about winning so it is just another day for you. BTW how is that Kyle Shanahan thing working out for you? Yeah, another loser coach. Cohn write articles that aren’t total BS and pandering to a team. This is an organization in complete denial. It is the worst organization in sports period.

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