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This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers (3-2) week six matchup against the Atlanta Falcons (2-3) from Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. I will provide updates and analysis from the tool shed throughout the game.

8:30 Nick Bosa will not play today. Joining him on the inactive list for today are Tyler Kroft, Danny Gray, Trent Williams, Jimmie Ward, and Arik Armstead.

9:04 How the 49ers defensive holds up against the run without Nick Bosa will be a key to this game. Bosa is equally as strong against the run as he is against the pass and Atlanta is one of the best rushing teams in the league.

9:09 The 49ers are rumored to have interest in obtaining Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey. Having McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel on the field at the same time would put opposing defenses in a blender. 

What do you think? Should the 49ers go all in to add McCaffrey?

9:29 Based on warmups Deommodore Lenoir will start at cornerback in place of Emmanuel Moseley.

9:38 The 49ers defense has carried the team through the first five weeks of the season. Without Nick Bosa, it is time for Jimmy Garoppolo and the offense to step it up. One problem, Garoppolo has never gone three weeks without throwing an interception. Does he change that today?

10:00 The 49ers won the toss and have deferred. The Falcons will start on offense.

10:04 49ers defense showing three safeties with George Odum joining Tashaun Gipson and Talanoa Hufanga.

Marcus Mariota hits a wide-open Olamide Zaccheaus for a gain of 37. The 49ers have no pass rush without Nick Bosa on this opening drive.

10:09 Samson Ebukam took a shot to his right knee at the end of that last play. He is back up and on the sideline.

10:12 Mariota finishes off an 11-play, 74-yard drive with a touchdown pass to MyCole Pruitt to put the Falcons up 7-0. That’s the first touchdown allowed by San Francisco in the first half of a game this season. It looked way too easy.

10:18 Quick three and out to start the game for the offense. A pair of runs from Jeff Wilson Jr. pick up six yards before Garoppolo throws incomplete to Jauan Jennings. 

Atlanta dropped eight into coverage and nobody came open.

10:26 Atlanta picks up a quick first down before a pair of penalties push them back and the 49ers defense is able to force a punt. 49ers will take over on their own 11. 

This game is shaping up to be a grinder for the 49ers.

10:31 Jeff Wilson Jr. fumbles on a third down carry. Atlanta picks it up and returns it for a touchdown. 

Falcons up 14-0.

10:38 The 49ers offense opening up a bit on its third possession. Garoppolo hits George Kittle with a screen pass for six yards, then finds Deebo Samuel with a short pass over the middle for a gain of 14 as the first quarter comes to a close.

The Falcons dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides in the first half. That needs to change for the 49ers to get back into this one.

10:48 The 49ers offense responds with an eight-play, 79-yard touchdown drive.

That possession was surgical. Garoppolo was 6-6, 59 yards with several underneath throws and Jeff Wilson Jr. added 15 yards on two carries. The touchdown came on a screen to the left side that Brandon Aiyuk took in from 12 yards out.

With that touchdown pass Jimmy Garoppolo tied Colin Kaepernick for seventh all-time in 49ers history.

49ers 7 Falcons 14

10:53 There is the 49ers defense everyone knows. Drake Jackson with terrific pressure leading to a sack. 

Ray-Ray McCloud takes the punt 35 yards, and the offense is back in business.

11:00 The 49ers offense answers the bell again. They go 32 yards on four plays, tying the game on a 14-yard touchdown pass from Garoppolo to Aiyuk. Their second scoring connection of the game.

Garoppolo missed his first throw of the game and hasn’t missed since. The touchdown to Aiyuk was the 73rd of his 49ers career, moving him ahead of Colin Kaepernick for seventh in franchise history.

Mike McGlinchey left the game with an injury a couple of plays before the touchdown. No update yet on his status.

11:04 No Nick Bosa for the 49ers defense and now no Samson Ebukam either. The defensive end just limped off the field for the second time today. Kemoko Turay has replaced him.

11:09 Charvarius Ward is headed into the locker room with a trainer. Samuel Womack has replaced him.

11:11 Samson Ebukam is back in the game. Marcus Mariota hits Drake London over Deommodore Lenoir for a gain of 20. Two plays later Caleb Huntley with a strong run around the right side for a gain of 17. 

Marcus Mariota with a zone read around the right side for a touchdown, and the Falcons are back on top 21-14.

11:14 The 49ers defense came into this game having allowed 12 first half points this season. They’ve allowed 14 so far. 

11:22 Jimmy Garoppolo tries to go deep down the right side to Deebo Samuel, Isaiah Oliver picks it off and the first half comes to a close.

Falcons 21 49ers 14

San Francisco will get the ball to open the second half. Atlanta will be kicking off from its own 15 due to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on linebacker Rashaan Evans.

11:27 Prior to the game I pointed out the 49ers two losses had come against teams who were committed to running the ball. Chicago and Denver combined for 68 runs compared to 51 combined runs by opponents in the 49ers three wins.

Atlanta had 20 rushing attempts in the first half.

11:41 The 49ers opening possession of the second half: Brandon Aiyuk drops a short slant on first down. Ray-Ray McCloud drops a deep post on second down. Garoppolo is forced to checkdown to Kyle Juszczyk on third and ten. Punt

11:49 Atlanta has owned the offensive line for most of this game. They open the second half with a 9 play, 65 yard touchdown drive. The Falcons bookended the possession with gains of ten and seven through the air. In the middle they ran the ball seven times for 48 yards.

Falcons 28 49ers 14

12:00 Jimmy Garoppolo hits Charlie Woerner down the middle of the field and the tight end drops it. That’s three drops in two second half possessions for the 49ers offense. Punt.

12:05 The 49ers defense holds Atlanta to only 18 yards on a six play drive, but more important is the Falcons hold a 14-point lead and took nearly four minutes off the clock.

12:12 49ers offense quickly out near midfield, and the third quarter comes to a close.

Atlanta has dominated time of possession so far, 28 to 17 minutes. The 49ers need to cash in quickly to have a chance to win this game.

12:16 Garoppolo throws an interception to open the final quarter. He was trying to hit Deebo Samuel on an over route, the Falcons defender timed it perfectly and Jaylinn Hawkins came down with the ball. 

Feels like this one is over.

12:20 Marcus Mariota throws his first incompletion of the game, and the 49ers defense gets a stop. The 49ers take over on their own one.

12:46 The 49ers offense took over eight minutes off the clock and come up empty handed. 

They will drop to 3-3. This team has been a disappointment through the first three weeks of the season. 

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  1. Yes, get McCaffrey. I know he has some injury concerns but I think once he doesn’t have to be the bell cow he’ll be great with the niners. Sorry we didn’t draft him, he was my draft choice over Solomon.

    1. Don’t the 49ers already have enough players with “injury concerns,” the latest being Javon Kinlaw who seems destined to become another 1st round Kyle Shanahan/John Lynch bust?

      1. CMC is too injured, and Kyle would get him on the IR in 4 games. He also makes way too much money, the Niners are headed for some salary cap casualties very soon without him.

    2. The Niners don’t draft well in the first round generally. They do better in the lower rounds and in the undrafted class.

  2. Looks like it may be a long day. The Falcons just bullied the 49ers front 4 and consistently beat our coverage. I was worried that they couldn’t overcome the amount of injuries they have and now Huf goes down too.

  3. The defense is clearly still in bed, that was way too easy. Not a single ounce of resistance in that series. Injuries may be finally taking their toll. Now Hufunga in the concussion protocol! I don’t know how this franchise will ever be championship caliber while also being amongst the league leaders in injuries.

  4. This next Falcon possession may define this game. If they go straight thru us like the last drive this game may be over.

  5. Easy to predict that the Niners would lose this game. Atlanta always plays well against the Niners. The niners look poorly prepared.

  6. Jimmy G is not built to play this kind of game.

    The defense is not done giving up points.

    Hard to see this ending well.

    At some point injuries may be the end of Kyle. When there are so many injuries EVERY season, eventually the common denominator is the HC. I don’t know what the hell he is doing wrong, but it has gotten very, very old.

  7. It looked like wilson’s knee was down before the ball was kicked out. I wonder if the replay looked at the fumble or just the TD

  8. Well that didn’t suck. Going to need a lot more of that.

    Now if someone can find the Niners defense, it is currently on the back of a milk carton.

  9. So McGlinchy goes down and boy genius calls a run behind the new guy. Just brilliant!

    Glad the next play made up for it. Aiyuk getting it done today.

    1. Gojira says:
      October 16, 2022 at 10:36 am

      Jimmy G is not built to play this kind of game.

      The defense is not done giving up points.

      Hard to see this ending well.

      1. I will be thrilled to be wrong.

        I also know that Atlanta has like half it’s salary cap used in dead money. So their roster is weak. They have played well and consistently fallen short.

  10. 2nd half goals, make Mariotta throw one incompletions. Penalties are the only thing that has stopped the Atlanta juggernaut.

    1. There wasn’t much of a choice with only 9 seconds, the defense rushing only 3 and no time outs.

  11. Is there any other team in the league who could lose the # of players the 49ers have and still be able compete as well as they have?

    1. Felix Ward is out they don’t have enough DB’s on the active roster to take Womack off the field.

  12. The defense is getting their teeth knocked out. Great deep pass to Ray Ray dropped.
    Looks like one of those days.

  13. Why the hell do they keep trying to get Woerner deep? The guy is just a blocker. You have Kittle, and Dwelley (never drops) and you chose literally the worst guy on the roster to throw to. Play calls like that are just so stupid!

    Back to watching another long Atlanta drive I guess.

  14. At least Shanahan is using Juszczek more than usual. Perfect throw to Woener dropped.
    Can’t wait for the jimmy detractors to blame him if the 49ers lose.
    The defense is giving up about 6 yrds per play. You can’t win this way.

  15. Those last two passes from Jimmy are why I said he isn’t built for a shoot out. Jimmy just can’t make enough big time throws to keep the offense consistently moving. Jimmy will also eventually throw an ugly interception when he throws this much. Add in the ugly drops, and it is a loss.

    Hey, nearly 50 minutes in and Mariotta finally misses a pass.

      1. The problem is that we have seen Ray-Ray and Woerner drop those passes earlier in the year. They clearly can’t be relied upon to actually make those catches. So far Ray-Ray was a bad signing, the one return earlier in the game is the only thing he has really done.

  16. Surprised that Danny Gray was a healthy scratch today.
    If Shanahan was going to insert some deep passes in the game plan, why not use Gray’s speed?
    Anyway, it’s go time right now for the 49ers. Must score on this series.

        1. allie,
          What’s the big surprise in you calling a 49ers loss?
          You practically do it every week, lol.

          Atlanta basically beat our B team today.

  17. Atlanta outplayed our Niners and seemed to have caught KYle by surprise. Why? I saw Atlanta as a run-oriented team that played very well the week before and was up for the game.

  18. Pathetic couple of plays. Burned a lot of clock for nothing. Never a real sense of urgency. Game over!

  19. Glad Kyle had a scripted clock busting 15 play drive ready for the 4th quarter. Typical Kyle.

  20. Terrible running game for the Niners. Should have gotten first down on that but we could not pick up one yard on the ground.

  21. Total team effort… in this loss.
    “Momma said there’d be days like this.”

    All that’s left now is the Blame Game. And we pretty much know who the usual suspects will be, lol.

  22. Atlanta wanted this more. Kyl;e failed to prepare the team and that critical and stupid fumble by Wilson killed our running game.

  23. I know all the whiners will complain and criticize but a lot of credit has To go to Atlanta who punched well above their weight today.

    1. Oh please….The 49ers, coaches and players alike, were pathetic. Simply pathetic.

  24. We need a first-rate center as I said some years ago. Bad drafting has hurt us and Trey is not worth 3 first-round picks. He failed to improve or develop. Back-up type at best.

    1. Hahaha! As the sun rises in the east, so do the Blamers rise in the west.
      Should be an interesting few days ahead.

      Here’s some perspective, Brady, Rodgers and Jackson lost today against teams they should have beat.
      It happens.

    1. Why are the people on this blog always so critical of you? You”ve been spot on most of the time. You’ve said Kyle and Jimmy are a woeful pair, and, sure enough, today’s game proved again that they are. What a pathetic performance,

  25. This team doesn’t look very good, three losses to bad teams. Half their defensive starters injured. A terribly uninspiring effort today from the the whole team and coaching staff.

    .500 looks about right.

  26. Where’s ribico?

    It ends up, Jimmy is who we thought he was. The 49ers desperately need a more dynamic QB, because the league has figured out how Kyle has been trying to protect Jimmy, and they’ve basically taken it away, like we saw today.

    The 49ers are in trouble! Once the defense is no longer able to carry Kyle’s broken, old, tired, washed-up offense, the 49ers have NOTHING LEFT but a .500 football team!

    1. So much for the 4-2 start predicted by the host and so many others on this blog. 3-5 at the bye break & 8-9 for the season is where the Niners under the “brilliant” Shanahan are now headed.

    2. Throw out the life boats!
      The sky is falling! The end is near! Oh, woe is me! The season is over! Fire Shanahan! etc.

      Haha! Should we be surprised to hear from the 40whiners mob?
      These guy’s, lol

    3. Where’s ribico? It’s bad enough Hammer excuses posters with screen names extolling sedition, the last thing I want to do is spend more than a second scrolling past your vomit. Ribico out.

  27. The JW fumble and return for TD killed us.
    2 dropped passes (ray ray and woerner) and Brendel hold on long pass to Aiyuk killed us.
    Marriota scrambling for first downs and TD killed us.
    Injuries killed us.
    Why were we throwing 5 yard passes to Deebo and Kittle in the last minute of the game?
    We can’t sulk . We need to get healthy as possible and beat KC at home next week.

  28. Games like this are going to happen when your entire d-line isn’t playing and a number of starters are hurt.

    That said, Shanny ought to be using the time wisely to work on things on the offense side of the ball once the game was out of hand. Dinking and dunking his way through the 4th quarter and killing time off the clock isn’t going to help them in situations when they’re behind and need to throw later in the year.

    I’m reminded of the fact that both playoff games were in hand in 2020 but Kyle chose to have Jimmy throw just 27 times across two games. Then when they get to the Super Bowl and he needed Jimmy to go win a game, Jimmy was unrehearsed.

    I give Kyle very little credit for this amazing defense because he doesn’t have his fingerprints all over that side of the ball to the extent he does on the offense. He’s got 3 legitimate all-pros on the offense and a decent group of skill players. The $hit show that is the offense every week against bad defensive teams is alarming. Not the mark of a genius. If you know the game is likely lost, at least work on a few things. I might add that a lot of this pre-snap motion garbage is starting to get snuffed out and he appears to be the emperor with no clothes.

  29. There is one person who this loss is good for and that is…….Jack Hammer his hits will go up 100% or better. Its funny how after a win the blog is dead as hell but after a loss it goes thru the roof. Its almost as if certain posters just lurk around until they can unleash their natural negative personalities. I post critically when it calls for it and celebrate when appropriate. This week will be interesting and busy and i’m pretty sure it won’t get a lot better next week. Notice I didn’t name anyone, it will be interesting who responds and admits to being naturally negative people.

    1. Wins are never as interesting to talk about as losses. After a win you just say “Great job”. After losses you rant and rave about all the problems. It is inherent in this kind of platform. People call it negativity, but really wins are just not as interesting to breakdown and talk about. Losses are much more interesting to analyze.

      1. Goj,
        I disagree, I love wins I revel in wins. I could talk all day about wins. I am critical after losses but I like to think my criticism doesn’t go over board. My main criticism of Shanalynch has been about their drafting in the first 3 rounds especially their in ability to build a good to great O line. Skill players are wonderfully entertaining but football is won up front and right now the D line is injured and the O line is injured and untalented. This teams problems are not about coaching or for the most part JG. This team is losing up front on both sides of the ball today.

        1. I may disagree about the analysis of wins vs. losses, but I agree with the rest of what you said. The lines are where this game was lost today, and usually determines the outcome of every game.

      2. Actually, I thought Jimmy was well protected for the majority of the game. It looked like he had plenty of time to throw. Now, if you’re talking about how the OL blocked during runs, maybe Jack will have analysis on that.

        1. Cubus,
          I agree, JG seemed to have ample time for the most part. The run blocking was poor and I believe that the 49ers offensive success begins and ends with their rushing attack. After watching the Falcons RB’s I realized that Wilson is fine as a #2 or 3 RB but is not a bell cow. Also the Falcons RB’s were great after contact they carried the pile over and over again. The 9ers don’t have a back on the team who does that consistently. I hate to agree with G. Cohn but I would like to see J. Mason in the preseason he seemed to fall foreward on all of his carries.

        2. Yeah, I was amazed at how almost every time the Falcons RBs were hit they gained another 3 or 4 yards beyond that first hit.

          Fumbling for Wilson is nothing new. Also, Scooter just posted on the other blog that the 49ers ran the ball just 16 times today. Wow. Talk about abandoning the run game.

          1. Warner is a kind of weak for an All-Pro LB. He regularly makes contact with a RB and gets carried a couple of yards before finally bringing them down. Not every time of course, but at least a couple of times every game he gets trucked. It’s a problem.

            1. So you think he’s not good enough? One who is regarded as one of the best if not the best linebacker. In the game. Go have a beer. You shouldn’t be talking about something you know nothing about.

              1. Neither should you, watch the damn game. It is as plain as the nose on your face. Every game Warner gets trucked by a RB, usually a couple of times. You need to shutup if you don’t watch what is in front of you!

  30. MM saying that he thinks Ward’s groin injury will prevent him from playing next week. Wonderful – both starting outside CBs out and P. Mahomes coming to town.

    1. Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers will be 3W-5L at their bye week, so Niners’ fans need to prepare themselves mentally.

      The offense is essentially broken. The league knows how to beat Kyle’s offense, the only question is whether the 49ers defense can do enough to make up for Kyle’s lackluster offense. With all of the injuries piling up on defense, I’d say that ship is about to sail.

      I predicted the 49ers would go 10-7 with Trey Lance, with the team gaining momentum down the stretch. At least that was my hope. After Trey was needlessly sacrificed to the football gods, I predicted the Niners would go 9-8, or 8-9, with the team limping towards the finish line.

      The book is out on how to defend Jimmy Garoppolo, so it’s mostly about how well the defense plays, and whether the 49ers can win the turnover battle. It’s never about whether Jimmy can make a big play, and that’s really a shame, because boy do I miss the days of having a playmaker at QB!

      What’s really crazy to me is that the NE Patriots have a better offense than Kyle’s 49ers, and they have a rookie QB and nobody even knows who’s actually calling the offensive plays.

      1. Agreed, 3-5 at bye week; 8-9 for the season. The 49ers under their hapless coach are going nowhere this year. Let’s hope the Yorks, as clueless as they can sometimes be, recognize this and bring in a Ken Dorsey or Sean Payton as coach. Shanahan is finished.

        1. Reasons,
          Are you OK? Now you’re talking back to one of your many personalities.
          Hey, that’s one way to get someone to agree with you.

          This was upset Sunday. Packers, Bucs and Baltimore loss to teams they were supposed to beat. You and your different personalities sound like the season is over for the 49ers. This division is there for the taking, and the 49ers are very much in the hunt.
          Don’t give up after 6 games.

          1. AES, I’m done watching this re-run of a ‘B’- grade movie, over and over and over again. I know how this movie ends, because I’ve seen it enough to know. I’m watching the Bills @ Chiefs right now, and the difference in the level of offensive coaching between these contenders, compared to Kyle, is massive. It’s not close. Even a few years ago I felt like something key was missing, but something is different this year. Schematically, this offense appears broken. I think it’s a matter of the league catching up with Kyle/Jimmy, and Kyle’s inability to adjust. All of the little issues I have had with the 49ers offense, with the exception of the 2nd half of 2019, have turned into huge issues. Kyle runs only a handful of rushing concepts now, and the amount of pre-snap motion is down by a significant amount. There is ZERO creativity to Kyle’s 2022 offense. The 49ers simply can’t win games unless win the turnover battle.

            Think about it … this is a .500 team, and coming into today, their defense has been so good, they led the league in almost every category! And they are simply .500, and ranked right around 24th in total offense. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, no matter who you blame!

            And I’m not just talking about losing the turnover battle. Even when they have an even an amount of turnovers, they almost always lose, because Kyle is stuck, like he’s frozen in time. The NFL is like an ever evolving organism, and if you aren’t consistently finding ways to evolve, you fall behind. And that’s exactly what I feel like I’ve been watching since their heartbreaking Super Bowl loss. Jimmy is the same exact QB now, that he was when he struggled top find consistency in early 2018, before the knee. He’ll have a few above average games, but in-between those games are games like today, where the 49ers just can’t find a way to move the ball consistently. Team’s like Atlanta stack the box, and congest the middle of the field, and they say “if you can’t run the ball against 68 defenders in the box, or beat us either downfield, or on the boundary, you’re going to lose. And inevitably, they lose far too many winnable games than the best teams do. So even if they find a way to scratch their way into the postseason, they end up struggling, having to travel on the road, hoping for a miracle that never comes. This team is simply far too talented for what we’ve seen in half of their games this season alone! Ultimately it comes down to the offensive coach, and the QB. That’s simply where the rubber hits the road in todays NFL.

            Like I said, it’s not all on Jimmy G. Kyle knew he needed to move on from Jimmy after 2019, and he’s clearly been trying to, he’s failing. And as a result, us fans are stuck in a time loop, watching the same ‘B’ grade movie over and over again.

            1. Jax,
              “Think about it … this is a .500 team, and coming into today, their defense has been so good, they led the league in almost every category! And they are simply .500, and ranked right around 24th in total offense. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, no matter who you blame!”

              It’s football, bud. Superbowls aren’t won or loss with a 3-3 record. We have a bye coming up soon, and a nice core of injured players due to return. It’s much too early to throw in the proverbial towel.

    2. Why do the Niners under Shanahan consistently have one of the worst injury records in the NFL? Why?

  31. Jack, the answer to your five burning questions is a resounding no. We all await your final commentary on today’s game.

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