49ers-Falcons Week 15 film breakdown

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) cannot catch a pass against San Francisco 49ers free safety Jimmie Ward (20) during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

Check out my YouTube Live film breakdown of the 49ers’ 29-22 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. To watch the breakdown in full-screen mode, click the square at the bottom-right corner of the video.

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  1. Thanks Grant…further reinforced what I was thinking or most fans….secondary is weak without its starters….SThomas is a waste of a roster spot…Coleman should ride pine….Jimmy locking onto primary….Gould pulled the teams chains for greenbacks….Kyle wiffs as game manager….same stuff different game

  2. Saleh isn’t HC’ing material. Any DC worth their salt should know when facing the Falcons, it’s make another WR beat you instead of Julio down by the schoolyard. His other mistake was leaving the middle of the field wide open for Ryan, and his 4.89 speed to pedal downhill for yardage. Where were the A gap blitzes? Zimmer has them!

    1. Watching them defend Jones was painful. There were a number of times before the snap where I could already tell the outcome of the play based on how the D was lined up. They consistently gave Jones an easy release and space off the snap, usually shading the leverage to one side, and too often didn’t have help on the side they gave up leverage. Easy pitch and catch.

      1. Yes pitch and catch…..horrible game plan by both coaches..

        also off topic but I wonder if before the game Kittle and Jimmy were trying to get the record and ignored the plan and the other recievers…of course this is a conspiracy…but remember Colin Krapper to Craptree three straight throws…its was buddy up time…unprofessional if you ask me let the records happen don’t throw a game plan off

        1. I don’t think JG was doing that. I think the OL didn’t give him a lot of time, Kittle was running a lot of shorter routes and JG simply trusts Kittle to make a play.

          1. Although the running game hasn’t missed a beat, pass pro has since Richburg’s demise; consequently handcuffing Shanny’s downfield playbook. The hope is it’s a continuity problem, and not a talent deficient one….

            1. Funnily enough, Garland didn’t seem to be the issue against the Falcons. Though I wonder if there are sone communication issues at play.

              1. From what I have read in the Athletic, the basic problem for the O line seems to have been adjusting to a new center, especially on snap counts. Hope coordination and communication between the linemen will improve this week.

              2. « Garland was part of the problem »

                He probably was. The offensive line had a rough day.

    2. I’m not trying to defend Saleh because I do not think he did a good job in this game. BUT… I think Saleh did try to bracket Jones several times. Marcell Harris totally screwed up his alignment and coverage. Makes me wonder exactly how bad is Tarvarius Moore that he can’t get on the field? Saleh has talked many times about the interchangeability of the secondary. I guess the 49ers are valuing run support over coverage ability but when the only guy who’s beating you is Julio Jones then why not give Tarvarius Moore a shot to help cover him?

      1. The obvious game plan to a layman such as myself should have been to keep a safety with inside coverage on Jones at all times, along with your 2nd best cover cb to his outside. Let your best cb shadow their #2 wr mano y mano the entire game. Send A gap blitzes on obvious passing downs to help out your secondary, and keep Ryan from looking like a rushing qb. It was embarrassing….

  3. I have advocated for delayed blitzes up the middle, and those would have stopped the slow lumbering Ryan from escaping the pocket. Why a delayed blitz? Because the O line would not have assigned a blocker for him, at the snap of the ball, so the blitzer should be coming in unblocked. Up the middle would have filled those A gaps.
    Saleh, by not blitzing, just allowed Ryan to pick them apart. They should have marked Julio Jones with 6′ 3′ Akhello Witherspoon, with safety help, to shut him down, and constantly bumped Jones at the line of scrimmage.

  4. Agreed Monty. Also Lynch had lunch with him prior to the draft so his a$$ is
    on the line here too.

    I thought the idea was to win the Superbowl.

    Quit your self-destructive ways and emulate Bill Walsh 49er Front Office.

    Put your freakin’ best players on the field(sit Thomas, start Givens) for the playoff run–esp. vs Seattle vs. their 12th man, you idiots!@!!!

    1. Yes Tom and for the love of god sit down Coleman …the dude is doggin it….plain and simple start Mostert spell him with Breida……JWilsonJr. on the short yardage GADZ why can’t coach do this??? weirdo moves by Kyle

      1. Every time I see Coleman falling down on a two yard run on the first hint of contact I want to throw my beer thru the TV

  5. One thing I am proud of, even with this loss, was the way the team stood tall, and politely answered all the questions directed towards them, and all took responsibility for this loss. Even though the coaching did not put them in the best positions to succeed, they faulted their execution, and the way too many mistakes.
    No one was thrown under the bus.
    They met with Triumph and this Disaster, and treated those two impostors, just the same.

    1. Easy to see why Seb was fired from his teaching career.

      Too many complaints to the PTA regarding his overcorrecting spelling errors from the students when there was no error.

  6. I find your game analysis spot on. It’s also refreshing not to see a homer but someone who can give an actual unbiased opinion keep up the good work. Your biggest fan in upstate New York

    1. I wouldn’t call a guy who has poo pooed 90% of this franchise’s moves as wrong unbiased, and I sure the hell wouldn’t equate labeling Jimmy as a stat padder, and proclaiming Bosa as tired and ineffective for the past 4 weeks as “analysis”. More like bullSchiffticus….

  7. Is it a crazy idea to rest the starters the next two weeks, probably losing, but getting two full week of rest before the PO and see what we really have in the backups, rather than playing the starters, risking injuries and having no guarantees anyway of winning and getting one bye week? I know the losing culture and stuff… but eventually could pay off…

  8. Hey, did anyone notice that Deebo gloves were not fastened before the dropped pass?
    I don’t think he ever secures his gloves. Grant, could you check this?

  9. On the 3rd down a 4 play on the Falcons’ 4 yard line, when Kittle had to play pass defender, It sure looked like Deebo was wide open.

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