49ers fantasy football preview 2019

NFC tight end George Kittle runs with the ball during Pro Bowl NFL football practice, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019, in Kissimmee, Fla. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

Here is my latest appearance on The Fantasy Fullback Dive. In this episode, I project statistics for Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle, Jerick McKinnon, Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida and Dante Pettis. I also discuss Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd and Rich Scangarello.

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  1. Dude @Grant…how come you are not writing anymore?

    wz up with the cheap videos – at least with the writing we considered you a journalist – this videos just confirms you are just a snapchat user….

    FYI – some of your readers are overseas, where data charges to watch videos cost more

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the 49ers have the most 1st rd picks on the roster…..


    1. A few will come forward and make excuses for Grant…”He’s occupied with covering the Warriors.”

      Perhaps he’s honing his social media mashup wizardry.

      1. Nah, Grant just doesn’t have the right computer to post. The old computer isn’t really working with Gran’s format and writing style. Just as soon as he gets a new computer (the right one) he will be posting articles.

    2. I copied this from the other thread to here.

      So in 2017 season, three teams had 11 first round picks on their roster. Cardinals, Steelers and Raiders which qualified them for second in the league. In 2018 the Cardinals were supposed to have 14 first rounders, which would have put them ahead of the 2017 Panthers who had 12.

      Good catch one niner. We’ll be at the top of the league for sure. First round picks don’t guarantee wins.


    3. Grants podcast go into much more detail than his blogs. This actually gives his perspectives much more substance. When he writes the limited format makes his perspectives appear dogmatic. I suppose some people might prefer the concepts in written form because it makes it easier for them to follow. With writing, you can just slow down your reading, while in a podcast you have to mentally keep up with the machine gun delivery. If the concepts are simple it doesn’t matter, but if they are more complex it might.

  2. ESPN lists 49ers WR Deebo Samuel among 15 rookies who landed with the perfect team

    50 mins ago • —

    ESPN’s Matt Bowen listed 15 rookies who landed with the perfect NFL team. They are first-year players who enter offensive and defensive schemes that will maximize their ability. The San Francisco 49ers had a representative on the list — second-round draft pick Deebo Samuel, the wide receiver out of South Carolina.

    “In the 49ers’ offense, coach Kyle Shanahan can dial up catch-and-run opportunities for Samuel. The South Carolina product is an aggressive runner in the open field, with the sudden movements to cut down defensive angles and break tackles.

    “Just think of the 49ers’ play-pass concepts that will create open-window throws for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to target Samuel on inside cuts. He has the ability to align outside of the numbers, but I see him generating more for the 49ers out of the slot, where he can tack on yards in the open field.”

  3. When considering the body of Grant’s work as a sports opinion writer, if he was a financial analyst/ investments counselor instead, would you follow his investment advice?

    1. Gosh, the delusion runs deep. Niners have a daunting challenge. Rams were just in the SB. Seahawks just drafted 11 players, signed Ziggy Ansah to replace Clark, and were also a playoff team. Kyler Murray and his stable of fast WRs, will attack the weak Niner DBs if they go Zone, and Murray may run wild if they go Man.
      I sure want them to make the playoffs, but I want them more to avoid the cellar in their division.
      Sure must be nice to live in fantasy land like TrollD, but I am a grizzled veteran fan, and am just being realistic.

      1. Ha! If Sub isn’t a Raider fan, I don’t know what is!!!!!!!!!!

        The one constant, the one thread that runs thru all of Sub’s judgments is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”9ers screwed up and are worse than ever before…………..”

        Translation: they didn’t draft who I wanted them to draft-now I have no bragging rights!

        1. No, Saw, you are the one cheering the Raiders.
          I do not think they screwed up royally, but do think they could have been patient, and still had selected those players later.
          If you mean they did not leverage that number 2 pick to get additional second round picks, I will just lament the wasted opportunity, but acknowledge their desire to select Bosa, precluded that.
          I am satisfied. My selection of Ferrell went number 4, and Chris Lindstrom went 14, so other teams saw the same things I did, and agreed with my assessments by selecting them so early. We will see how they do next season, just like we will assess how Bosa and Samuel do, too.

  4. Kittle obviously has the most upside in FF and will be off the board with the normal high pick TEs – Kelce, Ertz. I really can’t see a 49er RB being drafted in a fantasy draft until late round 2 or maybe round 3. Super hard to project the 49ers RB’s because we have no idea what McKinnon will do next year. Coleman is really a 2nd tier back so his FF value isn’t very high. I may take a flyer on McKinnon after I see how he is doing in pre-season. Also, Breida could be a sleeper for a late round pick. I would stay away from all 49er receivers. If I had to pick 1 WR to draft in the later rounds, I’d probably go with Pettis.

    1. Interesting, what do you say about the D from a fantasy level.

      If I were reading between the lines, I would say that the RBs are platooned and their work will likely reflect this. WRs aren’t very reliable as yardage and TD scoring machines.

      You also said nothing regarding the QB position. I think you are correct btw, just want to see your analysis.

      1. IMO the 49ers D will not be drafted during most FF drafts. If that d-line lives up to it’s potential and starts creating sacks and turnovers, you’ll see owners start picking up the D in week 3 or 4.

        Agree with you on the WR’s. The 49ers don’t have a Julio Jones level WR so I expect the ball to be spread around unless 1 WR takes a massive step forward which I really don’t expect. Obviously, Shanny has plans for Hurd and that will likely take touches away from the other WR’s on the team. Shanny will likely have a special package for Hurd to be used in different ways and that probably takes catches and maybe TDs away from Pettis, Goodwin, and Deebo.

        On the QB, I wouldn’t touch JG in the fantasy draft. Too unpredictable. Someone will probably draft him late and then stash him on the bench until they see how he does in the first few games. JG obviously has the talent to be a top tier or close to top tier NFL QB but he’s been in the NFL 5 years and he’s been on IR more games than he’s started. In my opinion, any fantasy owner would be crazy to rely on JG as their primary QB. There’s a few NFL QB’s I would put on my Do Not Draft list and one of them would be JG. Others include, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Nick Foles, Josh Rosen, Kyler Murray.

        1. Houston, if I am looking at tea leaves, and that’s what we primarily do at this point in the season, based on what you wrote, you could see this team anywhere between 6-12 wins depending on how things go.

          I have very conservative estimates on team performance with 6-8 wins and 7 being the sweet spot. Frankly, as you and others have pointed out, this team still has too many question marks to be over the moon on realistic expectations.

          And I agree with your FF recommendations.

      1. Agreed-but it takes a beast mode to do it………..they’ll configure that D-line as to what the O is offering-im hoping.

  5. Darren Woodson will be missed in sports journalism. He conducted himself as a professional always. He’s smart, well spoken, has a legitimacy from his days as a player, understands techniques, schemes and tactics, and approached his on camera business with dignity. Folks liked working with him and being friends with him in both his careers. His respectfulness, humility, and humor remind me of Wayne Walker and his two careers; high praise fully deserved.

      1. Hey Razor, can you take over the blog’s fantasy football league until further notice? A combination of my laptop giving up the ghost and being let go at my job is going to keep me from being able to manage the league.

        1. Hey MidWest…………..

          That job parts a real drag…………keep looking no matter what! I’m sincerely rooting for you…keep at it like a dog on a bone and you’ll make it happen.

    1. Seb,
      Nah, Grant’ guess is as good is anyone’s. It’s far from gospel.
      Doubt anyone would wager their income on Grant’ predictions.

      1. Nobody would wager their income on any wager, what would be close to gospel??.. 6 wins isn’t far fetched. So 6 wins on the low side, 10 wins on the high side.

    2. Get with it, he posted that prediction nearly a month ago. We homers have had plenty of time to rake him over the coals for it since then.

      1. Grant predicted that a month ago, but then we had the draft.
        Guess the Niners did not improve enough in the draft, to make Grant add any wins.
        Homers? Yeah, Homer Simpson.

        1. Grant predicted that a month ago, but then we had the draft.

          Knowing Grant, I’m surprised he didn’t revise the win total downward after the draft. Won’t you do it for him, Seb? Seeing how the team ignored your draft day advice.

          1. Naw, I will stick with an 8 win season.
            If they had traded back and obtained multiple second round picks, I might have revised it upwards, but will just have to accept Bosa and Deebo. They will improve the team, but 8 wins is also an improvement.

  6. 6 wins….the injury bug which is here now and mending will rear its ugly head =Lynch’s ass will catch on fire and Jed will have to do some more firing….same chit dif year…maybe another decade?

      1. Don’t know but can’t be much worse than JLynch…..McClue would be my pick….he always built good roster’s= then Jed would hire idiot HC’s…..well until Harb’s….I still get a kick out of watching the Singletary spoofs on u tube LOL

    1. Monty,
      And don’t forget that a meteor will fall on our collective heads as well.

      You sure you didn’t colloberate on the Chicken Little novel.
      C’mon bud. Sounds like you have no hope for the team.
      Hopelessness breeds hopelessness.

      1. When they actually have a winning season my attitude may change. Until then nothing seems to be changing for the better..

        1. “Until then nothing seems to be changing for the better..”

          That seems exaggerated. We now have a very capable QB in Jimmy. The team has addressed pass rush issues by bringing in Ford and drafting Bosa. There’s a plethora of weapons on the offensive side of the ball. I’m really looking forward to see how Kyle’s “positionless” skill players on the offense make life difficult for defenses.

          Understand that you are waiting for the team to actually win, but to say they haven’t changed for the better….

            1. That’s not why. They look at those who say we would have won except for injuries, or we would have won if not for penalties and things like that to call us whiners.

  7. The only fantasy player worth taking is Kittle; this is because Shanahan will use each of his weapons such that no one player will receive sufficient touches to garner large fantasy points. For example, Kittle with 6-7 catches, Goodwin with 3, Pettis with 5, Samuel with 3, McKinnon with 3, Juice with 2, McKinnon running the ball 10-15 times, Brieda running 5-8 times, Coleman running 8-10 times…as long as it all adds up to 400 yards of offense and a win.

    But that’s fine, because I think that is Shanahan’s MO for this season, and I suspect he would say that is how the purest form of his offense should be run; where defenses don’t know who to stop because any one of the 5 skill players (outside of the 4 linemen and the 1 QB) can touch the ball on any given play. He wants to sow confusion and discord among the opponent’s defensive players.

  8. Apologies if this has been posted before. But here are some stats on Jimmy G from his limited play in 2018 (from PFF):

    3rd down grade: 1 out of 41
    Grade under pressure: 1 out of 41
    Turnover-worthy play %: 5 out of 41
    Adjusted completion percentage: 14 out of 41
    Big-time throw %: 39 out of 41

    Turnover-worthy play and Big-time throw are PFF concepts. Here’s a short description of turnover-worthy plays:

    “For quarterbacks, there are two ways to achieve a turnover-worthy play: throw a pass that has a high percentage chance to be intercepted or do a poor job of taking care of the ball and fumbling.

    Let’s start with the coulda/woulda/shoulda interceptions. Remember, we’re isolating the quarterback’s play in the PFF system and his grade on a given play will encapsulate his decision, timing and accuracy for the throw. With that in mind, there will be many times in which a similar throw will net a different result. Misreading coverage and firing a pass to a linebacker will result in the same grade whether he catches it for an interception or not.

    Not all turnover-worthy plays are created equally, and much like with big-time throws, the PFF system is able to capture the various levels of these poor throws. There’s a difference between a pass that is late and allows a defender a clean break on the ball versus the clear misread that is thrown right to a defender to the even more egregious pass right to a defender that is the easiest of catchable interceptions. All of those examples are “turnover-worthy” but not only are they at different levels when evaluating the quarterback’s play, but they also vary in how often they occur.”


  9. Noice. The Warriors took care of business. Kerr did another good job managing the bench, and Steph was the baby faced assassin.
    Wonder if that 7th game was the difference in the energy levels of each team.

  10. Good Warriors win, but both Lillard and McCollum had an underwhelming game.
    I don’t see them having games like this throughout the series.

    I think that Stott will insert Hood in the game as a starter. He was the most effective player for the Trailblazers tonite and has been a standout throughout the playoffs. He has to be/stay on the floor. I see Collins getting more minutes as well.

    I love the Warriors and see them winning the series, but I don’t think that it’s going to be a cakewalk. This series may go seven games.

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