49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk has the most bloated contract in the NFL, per ESPN

NFC fullback Kyle Juszczyk (44), of the San Francisco 49ers, looks up from the sidelines, during the second half of the NFL Pro Bowl football game against the AFC, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M Ebenhack)

This is interesting. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell listed the 20 most bloated contracts in the NFL, and ranked 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk’s contract No. 1.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The Harvard product is making $5.3 million per year at a position in which the second-largest multiyear deal averages $2.5 million per season. The $21 million he’s in line to take home over four years is nearly as large as the second-, third- and fourth-largest fullback extensions combined.

As was the case in Baltimore, Juszczyk’s season was only superficially a success. He made the Pro Bowl for the second season, which is a product of the league’s antiquated roster structure with its all-star game as opposed to excellent work. He contributed nothing as a runner, and while his receiving DVOA narrowly tipped to the positive side at 3.7 percent, whatever impact he had as a receiver was more than offset by the fact that Juszczyk fumbled twice on 38 touches. The 49ers also averaged more yards per carry (4.2) and ran for first downs more frequently (24 percent) when Juszczyk was off the field than they did when he was on it, as those runs produced 4.0 yards per carry and a first-down rate of 19.3 percent…

San Francisco also negotiated against themselves to make the Juszczyk signing. If they saw Juszczyk as a player who might be worth $5 million or more per season in their scheme, that should have been an opportunity for them to sign him at a bargain rate, given that no other fullback in the league comes close to his salary.

It’s not a huge mistake, but we saw the 49ers do the same thing again this offseason in giving halfback Jerick McKinnon $12 million for 2018 as part of a four-year, $30 million pact.”

What do you think of Barnwell’s comments? Agree or disagree?

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  1. It’s be a better deal in the 3-4 range vs 5, but seems everyones pretty happy with the player and I do expect a bigger statistical season this year. All in all, cant complain.

  2. Money talks and as the McKinnon contract showed there was no “Garoppolo discount”.

    This is a big part of why hitting in the draft is so important.

    1. Hoping for Garoppolo discounts (or at least an absence of incompetence penalties) is in our near future.

  3. I could care less really. The only thing that is important is if Juice helps the team become a contender again.

      1. Don’t apologize, this is a stupid mistake that so many people make that should be corrected. Mistaking could and couldn’t is equivalent to mistaking would and wouldn’t…but for some thats acceptable these days.

  4. It’s hard to get production as a skill player when Beathard and Hoyer are your QBs. With Jimmy, you’re going to see every skill player go up in production, including Juice.

  5. We had a blog argument about these deals after McKinnon signed with some defending and some against, but there is no question the Niners overpaid – based on prior production – for both contracts. McKinnon supposedly had the Jets offering him big money too, but Jus wasn’t offered anywhere near what he got by anybody else. The Niners just seem to zero in on a player and offer top dollar regardless. It doesn’t hurt right now, but that mindset can’t continue too far into the future as the cap will eventually become a problem.

    1. Everyone over pays in free agency. This happens every year in every single sport. Tell me what free agent in the last 5 years lived up to the money he was signed for in free agency? It’s crazy that fans can think they can determine what overpaying is and isn’t.
      For all the control the owners place on the players, free agency is the only rope the players get to control. So of course, contracts are inflated and never ever worth the value of return on performance.This is free agency 101.

      1. Pay attention to the subject matter instead of just lashing out with the homer view. The article was about bloated contracts and how they relate other others at their position. Both Jus and McKinnon fit the definition.

        And a number of FA’s have lived up to the money they signed for in FA. Just looking at last year Alshon Jeffery, Calais Campbell, Stephon Gilmore, AJ Bouye, Kevin Zeitler, Andrew Whitworth, Tony Jefferson, Reilly Reiff, Micah Hyde etc, all played well for their new teams. You could even add Garcon to the list, who was playing very well before his injury.

        1. Jeffrey was playing on a prove it deal in 2017 to join the Eagles before he signed a four year extension in December to remain with the Eagles, so including him in your list of FAs who have lived up to the money is inaccurate.

          1. This doesn’t make any sense Mid. The question Chris asked was:

            Tell me what free agent in the last 5 years lived up to the money he was signed for in free agency?

            I then listed a number of players from last year alone who did just that including Jeffery. Whether he was on a one year or multi year contract, he not only played up to what he signed for; he exceeded it.

            1. Sorry Rocket, but saying Jeffrey lived up to the money on a prove it deal is a very poor example, and the reason is because he did not sign a big contract.

              1. Mid,

                Read the question again and figure it out. It’s not about how much or the length of the contract. It’s about signing a deal and living up to it.

              2. How can anyone live up to 10 years 100 million? That’s the number the free agent market sometime dictates depending on the position. Tell me whose worth $100 million, 80, or 70 or 50?

              3. Simple Economics Chris. Value is based on the market rating. There are obscene contracts handed out in pro sports because that is what the market dictates based on total income earned.

              4. You just contradicted yourself. First you say that the 49ers overpaid for McKinnon and then you’re saying that-Simple Economics Chris. Value is based on the market rating.
                That’s my whole point.Its all based on what market value is for a free agent. He gets paid for what he’s going to do movin forward based on what skills he’s demonstrated in the past. I don’t think you understand your own argument that you are arguing.
                McKinnon is getting paid big money because of what he is going to be able to do for the 49ers and the 49ers offense. The 49ers overvalued him so much because of what he’s going to be able to do for them exclusively. Just like all those other quarterbacks I mentioned that got big money

              5. What is the difference between saying McKinnon/Juice are overpaid and saying Thomas is a bust as the #3 pick?

                In all three instances the team did what they felt was necessary to get their guy.

                rocket hasn’t condemned McKinnon anymore than you’ve condemned Thomas.

              6. Just like a slick politician you change the argument. We are talking about free agency and you bring up the draft. 2 completely different entities. Like I said, stay in your lane Jack Hammer.

              7. Not really Chris. In both situations teams need to give up what they think it takes to get the guy they want.

              8. 49ers give up nothing for Solomon Thomas,in fact they gained because of the deal of what Chicago gave them so what are you talking about?

              9. “The 3rd overall pick, drafted to be a run stuffer. Sorry but this guy might be a bust.”

                This is what I’m talking about. Thomas was the guy they wanted and they felt like they needed to grab him at that spot.

                It’s the same thing with FA, except that instead of a draft slot it’s cap room.

                All rocket said was that the contracts given to McKinnon and Jus were bloated. And they were. But it was also what it took for the 49ers to get guys that they’d zeroed in on.

                He didn’t condemn McKinnon at all. Never called him a bust or anything negative like you did with Thomas.

                I’d chalk this one up to the whole, “I can say negative stuff about guys on the team, but no one else should” phenomenon.

              10. Bloated according to who? Not to the 49ers who placed a value on him and paid him what they thought he is worth and what the free agent market dictates.
                You and Rocket can make statements saying who got overpaid all you want, it’s not accurate at all

              11. David, Fred, Derek , Joe, you knew who I was talking about.?Just trying to be a smart arse. You must be in your late 60’s right?

              12. “you knew who I was talking about.?Just trying to be a smart arse..”

                I didn’t mention it until rocket made the same mistake, and then you were too caught up in the argument and missed it.

                “You must be in your late 60’s right?”

                Nah. Not quite my friend. I’m 44.

                “You and Rocket can make statements saying who got overpaid all you want, it’s not accurate at all.”

                I never said anyone was overpaid. All I said was that the McKinnon deal showed there wouldn’t be any discounts by FA’s to play with Garoppolo.

                Then in this discussion I noticed that you were saying rocket had condemned McKinnon when he’d done nothing of the sort. I asked a question because I find it kinda funny that you’d say that to him when you’ve said worse about Thomas.

                I agree with you on the point that the 49ers placed value on McKinnon, Juice and paid what they needed to in order to sign them. Just like they placed a value on Thomas and paid what they needed to in order to draft him, the 3rd round pick which you said he wasn’t worth.

              13. Jack, Solomon Thomas didn’t cost the 49ers anything to get. How are you comparing the draft to free agency?

              14. Bloated according to who?

                According to pretty much everyone who has analyzed and written about the contract.

                Not to the 49ers who placed a value on him and paid him what they thought he is worth and what the free agent market dictates.

                Don’t confuse paying to get a player you want with believing it was a good contract. They paid him what it took to get him to choose them over the Jets. They are hoping he lives up to the deal but his numbers didn’t warrant that type of money.

                You and Rocket can make statements saying who got overpaid all you want, it’s not accurate at all

                Well it’s the opinion of most if not all who have commented on it so it appears it’s you who are not accurate in your beliefs on this.

              15. Chris,

                You really don’t need to answer my last question to you, but I’ll answer your question of “How are you comparing the draft to free agency?”

                I’m not comparing the draft to free agency at all. What I’m stating is that players have varying values to different teams regardless of it being in the draft or free agency. You stated as much when you said,
                “Not to the 49ers who placed a value on him”.

                You’ve condemned Thomas because he was the 3rd pick in the draft and you don’t see the value of a run stuffer at that spot and called him a bust.

                And the odd part of this whole thing is that rocket never said anything negative about McKinnon as a player, only his contract being a little high compared to the market.

                Anyway, I think I’ll take your advice and go back to a different lane now.

              16. I’ll answer your question Jack.
                Juz and McKinnon were overpaid (Juz far more so because we can get out of McKinnon’s contract easier). And if Thomas was drafted to be a run stuffing DE then we over drafted him.
                And while Chris right in saying everyone over pays in free agency he’s disregarding the amount. It’s like saying everyone over pays when they buy a new car. It might be true but still doesn’t justify paying 100k for a new Honda accord. Which was the case for Juz, we paid him basically the same salary as the next 3 fb’s combined. He would need insane production to be worth that.

            2. You’ve already condemned McKinnon for not living up to his contract and he hasn’t played a down yet.
              This is why I can’t take you seriously.
              Free agents get over paid. No matter the stats or production, teams over pay.
              See what you fail to understand rocketo is that the contract is not based on what the player did in the past,it’s what his potential is going to be moving forward.That’s why McKinnon got what he got, that’s why Jus got what he got and that’s why Garoppolo got what he got

              1. I haven’t condemned McKinnon at all. I said he was overpaid based on the level he’s played at to this point in his career and pretty much everyone outside of homer Niner fans agree with that. There are a lot of articles detailing that exact point and position. I haven’t read any that say it was good contract. So that begs the question on who should be taken seriously: the guy who most agree with on the subject or the one who bases his opinion on not wanting to believe the Niners can do any wrong and is only supported by a few like minded fans who feel the same way?

                Jus was severely overpaid based on his position and the market for that position. He’s making almost as much as the next 3 highest paid FB’s combined. That is called overpaying.

                You are also mistaken on what gets a player paid. The player doesn’t get paid big money if there isn’t a past that shows he can play. You have to hit a certain level before teams want to give you big money. I can’t spell it out any clearer for you. Teams don’t just hand out big deals for somebody who hasn’t done anything. I’ve never said the contract isn’t based on expectations by the team that is giving it to him. I’m saying that the team isn’t even going to offer it if the player hasn’t shown he can play at a certain level. In McKinnon’s case, he is overpaid based on what he has shown so far, but the Niners believe it was worth it for what he can add to their offense. Nothing wrong with that while they have excess cap to spend, but you can’t continue to severely overpay for players or you get into cap trouble.

              2. -Teams don’t just hand out big deals for somebody who hasn’t done anything.

                What has Jimmy Garrapolo done to earn 30 million? 7 wins career wins.

                What has Matthew Stafford done to earn 27 million? Zero playoff wins?

                What has David Carr done to earn 25 million? Zero playoff wins.

                What has Ryan Tannehill done to earn $19.5 million?

                What has Case Keenum done to earn$18 million?

                I can’t explain it any clearer for someone that just doesn’t want to see the truth for what it really is. The point is you get paid based on market value not on what you’ve done or on anything in the past. Its all based on what these guys are gonna be able to do in the future. That’s what free agency is about and why guys get over inflated contracts. If you can’t see that you need to look at the history of contracts handed out this past year.

              3. What is the difference between saying McKinnon/Juice are overpaid and saying Thomas is a bust as the #3 pick?

                In all three instances the team did what they felt was necessary to get their guy.

                rocket hasn’t condemned McKinnon anymore than you’ve condemned Thomas.

              4. You just contradicted yourself. First you say that the 49ers overpaid for McKinnon and then you’re saying that-Simple Economics Chris. Value is based on the market rating.
                That’s my whole point.Its all based on what market value is for a free agent. He gets paid for what he’s going to do movin forward based on what skills he’s demonstrated in the past. I don’t think you understand your own argument that you are arguing.
                McKinnon is getting paid big money because of what he is going to be able to do for the 49ers and the 49ers offense. The 49ers overvalued him so much because of what he’s going to be able to do for them exclusively. Just like all those other quarterbacks I mentioned that got big money

                I certainly did not contradict myself. You asked how anyone lives up to those kinds of contracts and I told you it’s because that is the kind of money the league earns so of course the numbers are going to be high.

                I have never said players don’t get paid based on what the team hopes they will do. That shouldn’t even have to be said as it’s an obvious point. What you aren’t grasping is that if the player doesn’t play at a certain level to begin with, he isn’t going to get a big contract. Name me one player who got a huge contract without playing well at some point before he got the deal?

              5. -Name me one player who got a huge contract without playing well at some point before he got the deal?

                Jimmy Garrapolo. 7 career starts and 7 career wins. That’s it. No playoff wins whatsoever.
                You’re telling me that that’s worth $30 million? It isn’t, it’s because the 49ers value him to earn that in the next 5 years. That’s what this argument is about, it’s about free agency and the value teams place on free agent players in future earning potential. You said it was because of what they’ve done in the past and that’s completely wrong

              6. What has Jimmy Garrapolo done to earn 30 million? 7 wins career wins.

                He played at an extremely high level when he did play both with the Pats and Niners. Why do you think teams were excited about him? They saw him lead the Patriots during Brady’s suspension and he looked like a 10 year vet.

                What has Matthew Stafford done to earn 27 million? Zero playoff wins?

                Wins are not a QB stat and Stafford was putting up big numbers consistently which is why he got paid.

                What has David Carr done to earn 25 million? Zero playoff wins.

                Improved each year over his first 3 seasons and was in the MVP discussion before breaking his ankle.

                What has Ryan Tannehill done to earn $19.5 million?

                Had two straight 4000+ yard seasons with 20+ TD passes before signing the deal.

                What has Case Keenum done to earn$18 million?

                Had a very good season and got to a Conference Championship game. He’s also on only a two year deal because….say it with me….He hasn’t shown enough to warrant a bigger one.

                I can’t explain it any clearer for someone that just doesn’t want to see the truth for what it really is.

                You aren’t explaining anything other than your incorrect assumption and that is the problem. You have developed a warped opinion about how contracts work and it’s completely wrong. All of the players you listed above were paid big money because they played at a high level. Teams expect them to keep playing at that level, but wouldn’t have given them the deals if they hadn’t seen them do it already. The Keenum contract should spell it out for you as he is the one guy on the list who hasn’t had a consistent career and is being paid based on one good season which netted him a far lower number and term than the others.

                The point is you get paid based on market value not on what you’ve done or on anything in the past. Its all based on what these guys are gonna be able to do in the future. That’s what free agency is about and why guys get over inflated contracts. If you can’t see that you need to look at the history of contracts handed out this past year.

                You don’t have a good market value if you haven’t performed at a reasonably high level Chris. Nobody gets paid if they haven’t put together a resume of some kind with quality performance. Even though I think McKinnon was overpaid, he still showed an ability to be a good player and his receiving skills especially are what got him signed in SF.

                Anyway, this is going the same way the last discussion we had about this did. Either you get it or you don’t, but there is nothing else I can say to make it any easier for you to understand.

              7. Jimmy Garrapolo. 7 career starts and 7 career wins. That’s it. No playoff wins whatsoever.You’re telling me that that’s worth $30 million? It isn’t, it’s because the 49ers value him to earn that in the next 5 years.

                Teams don’t pay based on wins. That’s a team stat. The 49ers paid JG because they saw him play at a very high level both in and out of their system. No way he gets that much if he doesn’t play with the Pats and Niners before hitting FA.

              8. When you contradict yourself it’s really difficult to put together an argument. First you tell me that free agency is based on what they’ve done in the past then you tell me that free agency and the money that is being paid out is based on what the player can potentially do. You started it out one way and then changed it the other way so you have no idea what you’re talking about.

                What’s playing at a high level? Based on statistics that you have determined as a high-level? Who are you? Ryan Tannenhill threw for 4000 yards, that might be a high-level to you but maybe not to them or why they paid him the money that they did. So stop pretending that you know what sets the market for free agency. It’s because the dolphins knew that they had a young quarterback that they could develop for the future and who has the tools to be a future quality quarterback.
                You also said Carr improved. How so? Based on your criteria?
                Once again the Raiders paid him because of what he was capable of doing in the brief amount of time that he showed.
                You say that Garoppolo played at a high-level by leading the Pats, he played in 2 early season games and then got hurt.

                Point once again of this whole entire argument is that free agency is based on what the players earning potential is going to be in the future, not the past and that’s what you fail to understand or fail to admit, and that’s what your original argument was so stop contradicting yourself.

              9. Back to the original comment on McKinnon in that-McKinnon signed with some defending and some against, but there is no question the Niners overpaid – based on prior production –
                That’s not the reason why the 49ers paid him all that money. What if he leads the league in rushing or receiving yards? See that’s what the 49ers are banking on and thats why he chose this team because Shananhan is going to give him the opportunity to potentially do that. And that’s the point you are missing as why they signed him or why anyone in free agency gets signed.
                Teams don’t Look at his stats the past five years and say oh well maybe he’s not that good so will give him this much. No they look at it and say this guy can do this for us in the next for five years and that’s why we’re going to overpay for him

              10. That’s right Chris. David Carr does not make $25 million a year.

                Like I said, take a deep breath and a little break buddy.

              11. When you contradict yourself it’s really difficult to put together an argument. First you tell me that free agency is based on what they’ve done in the past then you tell me that free agency and the money that is being paid out is based on what the player can potentially do. You started it out one way and then changed it the other way so you have no idea what you’re talking about.

                Lol. Honestly Chris why do you make it so difficult? I have never ever said that teams don’t pay based on what they expect from the player once they sign him. That is not even a question and never has been. The crux of our argument has come from the fact that you believe a players contract is solely based on what the team thinks he can become and that is where I disagree. Teams base their interest on what the player has achieved and what they think they can do for them. Nobody is offering a big deal to a player who hasn’t shown he can play previously. If that doesn’t clear it up for you I don’t know what will.

                What’s playing at a high level? Based on statistics that you have determined as a high-level? Who are you? Ryan Tannenhill threw for 4000 yards, that might be a high-level to you but maybe not to them or why they paid him the money that they did. So stop pretending that you know what sets the market for free agency.

                It’s based on the fact that teams pay based on performance which is measured in statistical data. That’s the way it works Chris. I didn’t make it up. It’s common knowledge. Study how and when players get paid and maybe you’ll figure it out.

                It’s because the dolphins knew that they had a young quarterback that they could develop for the future and who has the tools to be a future quality quarterback.

                He was already a quality QB. He signed an extension right after back to back 4000+ yard seasons and 51 TD passes.

                You also said Carr improved. How so? Based on your criteria?
                Once again the Raiders paid him because of what he was capable of doing in the brief amount of time that he showed.

                YES WHAT HE SHOWED. Ding Ding. You just agreed with me without even knowing it. It wasn’t a brief amount of time either. It was 3 seasons of continual improvement. In the season before he signed the extension he threw 32 TD passes, was the 8th rated QB overall in the league and in the MVP running until he broke his ankle. If he had put together 3 seasons of 10 TD’s and 2500 yards do you think they give him the same deal?

                You say that Garoppolo played at a high-level by leading the Pats, he played in 2 early season games and then got hurt.

                Correct and he played so well in those two games that a number of teams became interested in trading for him. Even after the Niners pulled the trigger on the trade Shanahan wasn’t sold on him until he saw him play in his system. He needed to see it before committing. That’s how this works. Teams see a player play, figure out how he fits into their scheme, then offer a contract.

                Point once again of this whole entire argument is that free agency is based on what the players earning potential is going to be in the future, not the past and that’s what you fail to understand or fail to admit, and that’s what your original argument was so stop contradicting yourself.

                No that is not the point or what the argument has been about. A player doesn’t have earning potential without a resume for teams to base a contract on. It’s what he’s shown previously that garners interest, after which the team then decides whether to offer a contract based on what he can do in their system. This is basic common sense.

                What is happening here is that you A) don’t read and think things through before you respond and B) you haven’t done any research into the claims you’ve made. The players you listed who you didn’t think had shown anything before being awarded big contracts was concrete proof of that.

                As for McKinnon’s contract, find me a story from a professional writer that breaks down the deal and concludes it was a good contract for the Niners. You have one above that details clearly how it was an overpay and I can find many more just like it. If you don’t believe me, then maybe you’ll believe all the others who have said the same thing.

              12. As for your back and forth with Jack, take a second and look at the name closely. I let it go so you wouldn’t get sidetracked anymore than you already were but now it’s getting ridiculous.

              13. I think the recess bell has made a noise…
                Chris needs to blow off some petulant angst out on the playground…
                I’d suggest KickBall…
                and… before you accuse me of boomer status , yes, this comment came from a near 60 yr old…
                Ageism is alive and kicking in the “Millennial-state-of-mind”

              14. I blame it on the Social Media disease. The mindset tends to be react and disagree instead of reading thoroughly and gaining a clear understanding of what is being said. Kids need to get off their phones and play more kick ball.

              15. “Kids need to get off their phones…”

                And off my lawn!

                Impartial Gen-Xer here. We were supposed to give up Nintendo and go outside. Boomers were supposed to straighten up and quit listening to devil and hippie music. Young people are pricks and don’t always respect their elders. Same old, same old.

              16. I would hope you all are just kidding. Fighting ageism with ageism of your own isn’t a good look. Social media has affected the mindset of every generation, it’s not exclusive to millennials. There’s been a generation gap for well, generations. The difference now is that we are more connected than ever.

              17. Chris, it is better to be quiet, and only have them think you a fool, than open up your mouth and remove all doubt.
                Sure, they over paid. They needed to overpay. This is not like Boogie Cousins taking chump change to get onto a perennial world champion roster. The Niners over paid, but still could not attract elite talent, because 2 years ago, they were 2-14, and they started out last season with a 9 game losing streak. The Niners missed out on elite talent, because they did want to come here. The Niners had to settle for competent players, but also players they coveted.
                Thankfully, they had gobs of money and a ton of cap space. Some teams, like NE, do not over pay, because players want a ring. Over paying is not the best, or only strategy. It is better to build a team through the draft, because then, a team will have many players under rookie contracts, so they can afford to pay to get elite talent, that could possibly put them over the top.
                Juice is worth every penny, because KS is going back towards the WCO, and a FB is an integral part of that system. Chip Kelly decided that he did not need a FB, and he went 2-14. I hope KS uses Juice like the Niners did with Roger Craig, or better yet, like Tom Rathman.

  6. Shanny’s fullbacks are tasked with many jobs. Lead blocker, motion from 21, whether to gain leverage in OZ, or close off the backside for IZ, and sometimes in short yardage situations, The Zone Bluff. He also likes to get his fullback matched up on a run defender with a vertical route after getting the defense to stop his deep crossing game. So when Lynch called him an offensive weapon, he wasn’t kidding….

      1. I know I have taken a position that isn’t overly popular, I actually would have no problem with him ‘standing’ with a one raised fist and head held high and if he was American enough he should put the other hand over the heart.

        1. UC,

          While I may differ with you on how the Anthem protest should be viewed, your position certainly isn’t unpopular and I understand it. Many feel the same way you do, and that was part of the reason it was done. Often the only way to draw attention to a serious issue is to do something that makes people uncomfortable and that was obviously achieved. The problem is the kneeling itself became the focus instead of the reason why. The players have to figure out a way to draw attention to the issue without the message getting lost in the actions they take. Your suggestion is a good one and hopefully more come out of it.

            1. The most effective protests would be to get peoples attention not make them uncomfortable. Make them too uncomfortable and you piss them off and that is counterproductive to your agenda. That is unless the actual purpose was always to make them uncomfortable and the cause was just a smoke screen justification.

              It also displays a high degree of hypocrisy to promote things that are offensive to one group while being outraged when it is offensive to another. I suppose it depends on whether it promotes your own special agenda. That is the major problem with PC . It dictates what is appropriate to take offense at and what is not depending on the times and not an actual sense of propriety.

  7. The contract the 49ers gave KJ would only be considered bloated if that extra $ they paid could have been used to get a different player who could have helped the team more than KJ. SF has so much cap space this contract doesn’t hurt the team now or in the future. Now the question is can he deliver on helping SF win more games in KS’s offense.

  8. I’d rather over-pay a bit for a good player and become a better team, than be a worst team with more salary cap space!

  9. Thing is…KJ will often do little subtle things that will help on a given play or throughout the game that will tilt the game in the teams favor that may not show up in the stat sheet…A chip on a deer to slow the rush just enough to allow Jimmy to get the ball out for a crucial first down. Taking on a LB on 2nd and 2 in the second quarter that ultimately leads to a TD drive. Plus his value can’t be looked at vs every other team because his value to the team isn’t the same as it would be for the Rams or Saints…So long as Kyle has a vision for him and KJ can fulfill his duties as the starting FB, who cares what ESPN writers think of his contract?

    1. Good points. Value is in the eye of the buyer (Shanny)
      I’ve thought before that part of KS’ approach to offense reminds me of BB’s preferred approach to defense; multiplicity, adaptability. He liked smart guys on D who could pick up scheme variations on short notice week to week. One of those guys was Vrabel. At his HC introduction speech he spoke of “getting the right guys, not necessarily the best guys.”
      Shanny knows what he’s looking for. Since he utilizes FB/WB/UB more than other coaches, logically he values that more than other teams and knows how difficult it is to find the right one. He then had to recruit to a ‘terrible team’ (Lynch’s daughter’s correct assessment). Then, dollar-wise, he made Juice an offer he couldn’t refuse.
      As to dollars spent, EVERYBODY was whining about SF spending some damn money!
      Let’s see how Juice & McKinnion perform before we judge on value. Might be fun.

  10. San Francisco also negotiated against themselves to make the Juszczyk signing

    After the Juice, McMinnon and Richburg signings Lynch acknowledged paying more than he anticipated, but had to because there was at least one other bidding team. Was Lynch getting bluffed? I’ll never know for sure.

    What’s clear is Lynch will (seemingly) overpay-overdraft for players who are good system fits or play a pivotal rolls. System fit, supply and demand and position importance > raw talent.

    Shanahan’s system requires a nimble, experienced center. A fullback that can block, catch, run and line up at TE. A running back that’s also a chunk yardage receiving threat. Nail down the needs, get FA and draft bargains later seems to be the approach.

    1. Percisely. Most teams will over pay to get the player they covet. Sure he has to be a good fit with the right skill set for the teams scheme, but if it was about what he did prior with a limited amount of experience, free agency would not be handing out the type of money it has.

      1. The difference between this front office and the previous one is striking. This GM goes out an gets players that the coach says he needs rather than just doing deals to make himself look good. That is now precisely why Lynch is being criticized. He made the deals to get the players Shanahan wanted which cost him more than he wanted to pay. But Shanahan got the players that will pay dividends in respect to his teams efficiency. But now Lynch looks bad to the casual observer for making bad deals.

        I think Jed Yorks statement that he learned about getting a GM and Coach on the same page was an indirect acknowledgement that his mistake was Baalke. Of course it took the demise of the team roster to figure that out. The whole purpose of the GM is to supply the coach with the players necessary to succeed, not to make deals that look good on the surface.

  11. Garoppolo’s 7 games are less than ideal for evaluating whether he’s worth a big new contract. But how often does ideal come around? Comparing evaluation info of Garoppolo to a high level rookie prospect:

    Garoppolo – 7 undefeated pro games, college film, preseason film, practice film, info from Pats and 49er players and coaches, quarterback room interaction.

    Rookie – College film

    A high level rookie (providing there was one Shanahan liked) would likely have costed at least two first round picks to move up for.

    So far Garoppolo’s contract saved the 49ers
    – The contract cost of a top free agent offensive tackle because they drafted McGlinchy
    – The contract cost of a free agent with equivalent talent of a 2019 first round draft pick
    – Elminated expensive “incompetence penalties” for future free agents

    Subtract the cap hits of top OL from Jimmy’s contract because they used pick 9 on McGlinchy

  12. Lemon “Juice” is good for bloating. He had to block a lot because of our interior OL.

    “San Francisco also negotiated against themselves to make the Juszczyk signing. If they saw Juszczyk as a player who might be worth $5 million or more per season in their scheme, that should have been an opportunity for them to sign him at a bargain rate, given that no other fullback in the league comes close to his salary.”

    Not really though.


    “According to King’s article, Linta has said that the 49ers’ offer wasn’t even the top one that Juszczyk received. As much as the 49ers ended up paying Juszczyk, he received a higher offer from another team and turned it down to play for San Francisco.”

        1. Regardless of whether the agent lied or not, he did a great job of making the 49ers believe they needed to get to the number they did. After the fact he isn’t going to say he lied even if he did, that would screw him in all future negotiations.

            1. This isn’t a new article. The other suitors for Juice have been chronicled in many different pieces, and this doesn’t state what the Bills were offering. In fact, it brings up how the Bills were a bit strapped and couldn’t get into a bidding war.

              Could they have signed him for, oh I don’t know, $4.2 million which would be a bargain compared to his $5+ deal? Potentially, unless the agent was artificially driving up the price because he knew how badly the 49ers wanted his client or another team was truly willing to go that high. As many have said, the fullback is going away so it seems unlikely for a 200% jump in price.

              1. Yeah, not sure what Barnwell’s definition of “bargain rate” is. It’s funny though, I haven’t seen any stories about McKinnon turning down more money. And WRT cap space, the Browns were interested too.

              2. “It’s funny though, I haven’t seen any stories about McKinnon turning down more money.”

                Either way, it’s been widely reported that there was a bidding war with the Jets for his services from a number of outlets. Was there really? Maybe, maybe not.

              3. Then why didn’t McKinnon’s agent go the extra mile and say Jet turned down more money? Because making something up after a contract is already signed is not standard practice.

              4. Lol. They make stuff up all the time to look good or protect their interests. Look at how contracts are reported. 5 years 63 million, when in reality it’s 2 for 19.

                Believe whatever you choose to believe my friend. I’m going to stick by what I said earlier.

                “Regardless of whether the agent lied or not, he did a great job of making the 49ers believe they needed to get to the number they did. After the fact he isn’t going to say he lied even if he did, that would screw him in all future negotiations.”

                If you want to try and pick that apart be my guest.

              5. The 49ers knew two things about Juice being a free agent.

                1. There would be competition. I don’t care if there’s not a ton of teams that value the FB position. They’re out there and Juice was available.

                2. Juice was going to be the highest paid FB in the league.

                His agent was already in a good spot, no need for lies. Most people are saying Juice was overpaid, his agent already came out looking great, no need to lie. Juice is the highest paid FB in the league, no need to lie.

                I don’t see why Barnwell thought we could Juice at a bargain rate.


                1. bargain rate – a price below the standard price

              6. Considering the amount he is making I can’t see how the niners didn’t over pay for him.

                With that said, I believe it’s ok at the this juncture in time for the team to do so. However, it does bear monitoring however as the niners cap numbers get higher.

                To Jack’s point, the niners could still have greatly overpaid and the agent could have been telling the truth about getting higher offers. If one offer is back loaded and has little guaranteed money, they could offer the moon, but contract wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. Due to such contracts both statements could be true. The Player could have turned down a “larger” offer and the niners could have greatly overpaid relative to the competition.

              7. Shoup,

                I not saying that we didn’t overpay. We’ll see if he was worth it after his contract expires. I was simply disputing Barnwell’s claim that we could have got Juice at a bargain rate due to a lack of interest from other teams.

                The best players at each position tend to be the highest paid or among the highest paid. We can believe Juice’s agent or not, or say who knows. I seriously doubt his agent had to create the illusion of interest for a top tier FB. And again, why say Juice turned down more money when he and his client already came out of the deal looking great? Occam’s razor.

              8. “why say Juice turned down more money when he and his client already came out of the deal looking great?”

                A couple potential reasons:

                1) He just bent over the 49ers and wanted to help them save face while also trying to help his client get better talent around him by talking up the HC.

                2) To help himself with future clients by showing he can get twice the market rate while also not pushing them only the highest bidder like Scott Boras.

                Just spitballing there. Carry on.

              9. 1) How sweet. Why doesn’t every agent do that every time a team appears to overpay?
                2)”To help himself with future clients by showing he can get twice the market rate…” The actual contract shows that he got twice the market rate. Why didn’t Cousins’ agent say he turned down more money?

                That Linta guy sure is a genius. I can’t believe every other agent doesn’t follow his playbook. I guess if you peddle enough lies, it starts to hurt your reputation.

              10. Do you know for a fact if he was lying or not 80? No you don’t. Neither do I, which is why I stand 💯 behind my initial comment to you on this.

                “Regardless of whether the agent lied or not, he did a great job of making the 49ers believe they needed to get to the number they did. After the fact he isn’t going to say he lied even if he did, that would screw him in all future negotiations.”

                At this point you’re arguing just to argue.

              11. Of course I don’t know for sure. I’m not arguing against your initial comment. If he lied to start with, then yes, he may feel inclined to lie later on. Sorry I didn’t give you a +1 for stating the obvious. I just don’t think he was lying to begin with or after the fact.

                Btw, I understand that you didn’t say if he was lying or not.You were just giving reasons why an agent might lie. I was giving reasons why the agent wouldn’t have to lie about Juice and why lying all the time could hurt ones reputation. Geez.

              12. 80,
                Agents say this stuff all the time….
                As to this statement. ” Why didn’t Cousins’ agent say he turned down more money?”
                Cousins agent did say this … “We wanted to have a great contract,’’ he said, via the Pioneer Press. “I thought it was important for him to surpass Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract but we didn’t take the biggest offer.”
                They have multiple reasons for doing. 1. You want both sides to be happy with a deal if you want to continue dealing with them. This includes selling them on the deal and helping them look good to their fans. 2. It helps market your player to the fans. Fans don’t like mercenaries. This helps a lot in the secondary market ie ad revenue.
                3. He wants to push forward the idea that his player is not just about money, which can garner interest from more teams in the future, giving the player more leverage if he ever becomes a free agent again.

              13. Shoup,

                I get all that. So why isn’t that standard practice for agents and why didn’t Jet’s agent do the same? Because it has to be believable or the agents credibility takes a hit. It’s believable with Cousins and Juice because they’re considered to be among the best at their positions. That’s why it’s not hard for me to believe that Juice may have turned down more money.

              14. 80,
                My point was only that it’s not uncommon for players or agents to make these statements (cousins, brees, soldier, bouye, juz) either.
                There are many potential motives for this but it’s much more common in cases of big money signings, and agents/players don’t have to lie to misrepresent the truth.

              15. I know you can’t believe everything you read, but I believe this one because of the reasons I’ve mentioned in my previous comments.

                I took issue with Barnwell because he implied that we could have got Juice on the cheap “bargain rate”. I think it’s safe to say that Juice was going to be the highest paid FB whether we signed him or not.

    1. Sometimes I get the feeling that Grant just pulls out a random assertion from some dark recess and floats in this blog. Then he waits for someone here to do the investigation to check its veracity….

  13. The dog days are reaching its nadir in doldrums when we are discussing whether the team with oodles of cap space overpaid for a piece that is considered a key piece. smh….

  14. I agree Mood and I don’t get some of the responses. When Juice was first signed, most of us didn’t say that in the original Cohn blog article. If you read the posts in that article, you’ll see pretty much that we were all trying to justify the price for Juice. A number of posts noting that Juice was much more than just a fullback and therefore worth the increased cost. Not sure why all of a sudden there is a kind of buyer’s remorse (somewhat of an exxaggeration). Perhaps it’s the McKinnon contract that has precipitated some uneasiness. I’ll post this link for fun as people can certainly change their mind.


    1. Nobody is complaining about the player. The topic was bloated contracts and Jus’ is. Doesn’t mean he sucks or he isn’t wanted.

      1. I guess the point is that we didn’t acquire just a fullback but a very versatile player that is a great piece for the disguising of plays that Shanahan likes to do; hence, he’s worth more. Having said that, I hope that JL/KS only are willing to pay at the very upper end for critical, key players. It’s a new GM/HC team and they’ve thrown out a few large contracts – Jus and McKinnon. I’m not sure why the Richburg contract is a concern in terms of average annual value. For a player of his caliber, it seems like fair value (injury concerns aside). Ryan Jensen was the other big name center in FA and his average annual contract is $10.5 million vice Richburg’s $9.5 million (according to overthecap.com).

          1. Understand. I read somewhere recently that Goodwin has already had six or seven concussions. I’m surprised he hasn’t decided to retire. I never heard anything about how serious that concussion was in the season finale against the Rams.

    2. Cubus,

      I think we are often focused on assessing their team’s front office’s perceived performance that we miss thinking about the process and the drivers for these asset pricings, and the ensuing bidding in free agency. For example, I can imagine Lynch and his team going through the following considerations:
      * Need for a player at a particular position for the offensive and defensive scheme (high — for Shanny’s O)
      * Assessment of current player at that position (inadequate)
      * Assessment of players available at that position in FA (a very good one is available).

      Once FO has gone through the above part of the process and decided they want to make an offer, they move on to pricing for bidding:
      * Market demand for the player in question (how many teams want the player is immaterial — even one other team as potential bidder has to be considered for potential competition).
      * Money available and spending priorities ( it has already been decided that the sought FA is the #1 target, but would it be better to use it to extend a player?)
      * Upper limit to bidding (would not want to give him more guaranteed money than a long-term player at a more important position).

      There are probably a dozen other considerations.

      The closest I have been personally to a situation like this was 4 years ago when we were selling our town home in South Bay and buying a single-family home in a very hot market with few homes available. I was trying to correctly price homes which were receiving multiple bids each and going off the market in a few days. Realtors were useless in helping on pricing issues. An excessively high bid meant a huge mortgage would be even bigger. We were lucky to be able to close on a property after some concerted marketing effort to the seller (using our kids as props) and my pricing model. Our bid came in at just 1% below the maximum bid (25% over asking), and the seller allowed us to nominally exceed that offer!! Sure, I still hate the high mortgage payments but the choice was better than all the other options available.

  15. 5.3 mil is over paying?
    8 mil for Jimmy Ward is over paying.
    I would much rather they out bid other teams to get a player they coveted, than pull a Baalke and sign only Beadles. The Niners saved a bunch of money, which turned into profits. Too bad they then went 2-14. That hurt the bottom line, especially with an empty mausoleum. JH went 44-19, with 3 straight NFCC Games. He even got them to the SB. All that winning increased the net worth of the Niners by over a billion, and helped build Levis.
    Kyle Juszczyk had 33 receptions for 315 yards, for a 9.5 average and one TD. Imagine what his totals would have been if he had JG throwing to him all season, instead of only 5 games.
    KJ had only 7 carries for 31 yards, for a 4.4 yard per carry average. Hopefully, they can increase those numbers, this season.

    1. One suspicion I had as early as 2013 was that Baalke was going out of his way to not get players that Harbaugh either wanted or needed. His undercutting was more subtle then, but only became more obvious later on. If Harbaugh was too successful he could not be gotten rid of. He did seem to follow that same pattern long after Harhaugh was gone though. Each succeeding year there were vital position groups that were just ignored. 2013- wide receivers 2014-15 O-line.

      1. This just reinforces the need to get the GM and HC on the same page.
        It was music to my ears to hear that the coaches gave lots of input in the draft.
        JL and KS are smart, and their interactions sublimate their egos for the good of the team.

  16. So Barnwell is taking the rookie pay slotting concept and applying it to established veterans? What a bunch of BS. I couldn’t care less. First off, it’s not our money. Were we so up in arms back in the Eddie D days when he was outspending the league? Second off, with the cap space the Niners are carrying, it’s not like these “bloated contracts” are hampering their ability to sign and pay other players.

    Shanny is close to having the offense he visualizes, with Lynch getting him the players needed to get the job done. That they went offense in the draft showed where the team priorities are, at least in the near term. The “reward” will be the offense’s effectiveness. If they sputter we can have this debate.

  17. Barnwell makes solid arguments and backs it up with stats. 49ers probably did overpay for Jusczcszxcexczc and McKinnon. Which I honestly could not care less about since the 49ers have the cap space and they are good players. The one thing I think you have to consider in this discussion though is Jusczcszxcexczc’s production last year needs to be broken into 2 pieces – before JG and after JG. The offense under Hoyer/Beathard was nowhere near the offense Shanny will run with JG. I think you have to look at the roster in terms of a rebuild. The 49ers got some high performance parts in place but they were running on a VW Bug engine prior to Jimmy G’s arrival. Now with Jimmy G they have a Ferrari engine so those high performance tires can show what they can do.

      1. Jimmy was overheard telling her, “All the men that are constantly drooling. It’s no life for you, stop all that screwing. You’re packing your bags, you’re coming with me!”

          1. If you’re feeling down depressed and lonely
            I know a place where we can go
            22 Acacia Avenue
            Meet a lady that I know
            So if you’re looking for a good time
            And you’re prepared to pay the price
            Fifteen quid is all she asks for
            Everybody’s got their vice

          1. OMFG!!! HaHaHaHa!!!

            Well if Ms. Mia is a confident player maybe she’ll just realize Jimmy G simply needs a receiver who can go get the deep balls.

        1. Hey Razoreater, did you happen to catch Jay Gruden’s recent comments in regards to your boy Derrius Guice, who slipped all the way down to #59 in April?

          That’s right, Guice went #59, a little development of which I decided not to rub in your face after the draft, despite the fact that you felt that there were actually credible NFL GM’s who would actually consider selecting Guice ahead of Barkley, even going as far as to quote something Scot McCloughan said during lead up to the draft, which BTW, everyone knows is usually nothing more than a pre-draft wink and a nod, especially from that alleged drunk, who was likely wearing a smoking jacket in some dusty, smoke-screen filled back room, drinking his single malt scotch served neat, out of a dirty glass. Yes … that Scot McCloughan, who all the while actually played a role in the Cleveland Browns’ laughable first-overall selection in this year’s draft – the undersized Okey, and overrated Sooner QB, who crosses that red line between confident and cocky all too often, while staring in a bubble gum offense in a defensively weak conference.

          56 players were selected in between Barkley and Guice Razor, FIFTY fricken SIX, yet I didn’t say a word or make a peep about that … until now.

          But here we are now, and after listening to Gruden’s comments in regards to the role he invisions for Guice, not that he’s had a chance to get to know him on the field and on the chalk boards in the meeting rooms, I felt it was time to remind you of our spirited pre-draft debate as to which of these two talented RB’s projected to be the better, more productive professional NFL running backs.

          In your corner stands – Derrius Guice. A strong, 5’11” 220 pound RB who thinks he’s the 255 lbs “Nigerian Nightmare”, Christian Okoye. One knock on Guice is that he was constantly banged up in college because of his relentless style. Think Marshawn Lynch, except Guice is just a tad slower, a tad weaker, and less explosive when it comes the combine (Lynch bested guice’s vertical jump by over 4 inches), and game film, IMO. Don’t get me wrong, the kid can play. In fact, I predict his career will start strong, and quickly taper off due to nagging injuries on a yearly basis. More importantly though, when comparing Guice to Barkley (whose physique, or more specifically – the lower half of his body, is so impressive that his new QB, 2-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, went as far as to say he’s never seen anything like it, in his entire lifetime) is a quality that the great RB’s in today’s NFL, more than ever, on a yearly basis, is really beginning to seperate the best from the rest. It’s the 3 down RB, who’s abilities to dominate all 3 downs, as runners, receivers and pass protectors, in today’s NFL.

          I mean, who would you rather have on your team … Alvin Kamara, or Carlos Hyde?

          In my corner stands the big fellow, Saquon Barkley, who can simply do it all at 233 lbs, because he looks as natural at running routes and catching the football, as the vast majority of wide receivers in today’s NFL. Yes, he’s that good as a pass catching RB, and without question, he’s also superior to Guice in pass protection, another underrated RB skill set for today’s game. In fact, when Barkley’s physique isn’t turning heads during this year’s NFL offseason, his crisp route running and velvety soft hands have been. If OTA’s and mini camp were round 1, Guice would already be on the ropes, despite the fact that the pads have yet to go on. When it comes to looking like the quintessential 3 down RB Derrius Guice simply hasn’t come close to demonstrating anything close to matching the apparent elite pass catching ability Barkley has been flashing in East Rutherford, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Redskins’ Head Coach – Jay Gruden, who made this recent comment to define Derrius Guice: “He’s more of a first-, second-down banger. But I’ve seen him at his pro day catch the football. He can catch the football fine, but really, our role for him is quite easy to see. It’s first & second down.”

          The pads are yet to come on Razor, and this debate is a long ways from over, yet, with Guice’s HC’s already defining him as more of a 2 down RB, combined with a style that screams violent contact on the early downs, which usually means a lot of grueling, ground and pound – between the tackles, and less opportunities in space, catching the ball out of the backfield, or lining up out wide, or running the easy routes, I’d expect to see Guice continue his trend of playing banged up, week in and week out, just like he did in college. And if I’ve been arguing that Guice is the better NFL RB prospect for today’s NFL game (than Barkley), and I’ve been quoting Scot McCloughan (of all people) to bolster my argument that Guice could and perhaps should, be should be drafted ahead of Barkley, I’m spitting out my coffee and pissing in my cereal as a read Guice’s HC’s comments this morning, and hoping 49reasons. doesn’t hop on line make me look bad on Grant Cohn’s Santa Rosa Press Democrat blog right about now.

          Cheers Razor.

    1. As he does on the field, he is spreading it around.

      Jimmy Garoppolo used his magnetic force Saturday night to connect with a hot blonde … and no surprise — it worked like a charm.

      TMZ Sports got video of Jimmy leaving a San Jose cocktail lounge called Paper Plane. He was inside drinking with a couple of friends, including Fox Sports star Jay Glazer. We’re told he was flirting with the girl in the video inside the bar and then took it outside.


  18. This off season has been excruciating long. Only one way to shorten the offseason – SB.
    Things that I will be looking at this year.

    1, Can JG connect on the long ball.
    2. CB, my attention is on Sherman if he proves out it will shift to AW as they will attack him if Sherman plays well
    3. Like everyone else the pass rush.
    4. Pre-snap penalties – Last year the Niners had the second most in the NFL.
    5. The entire O-line.
    6. Adaption to the new tackling rules.
    7. Adaption to the new kickoff rules.
    8. Red zone efficiency on both sides of the ball.
    9. Performance during the 2 minute warning on both sides of the ball.
    10. McKinnon
    11. Can Levi Stadium prove to be a home field advantage.

    For me lots of questions, I am sure there are others.

  19. Got the best fb on a team where the fb is very important and it has had no bearing on the 49ers cap space. End of story.

      1. Maybe I am being old fashioned but don’t like my QB being out on a date with a porn star. This will probably blow over but not a good look for the face of Franchise.

  20. The receiving pace that Juice was on over final 5 games would equate to 54 receptions in 2018.

    In 2017 Jared Cook, TE for Oakland, had 54 receptions. His salary of $5.3 million is almost identical to Juice.

    That should be the expectation from him this season.

  21. What if we sign T.O ….

    Honestly never thought of it until now….but what if we sign him and he produces at a all pro level…..

  22. Before reading all the knowledgeable posts, I think his value will be determined this year when there is a more complete implementation of the master plan.

    We need to see how he works with an improved OL if it turns out to be improved.

  23. On a separate note why are the 49ers pants yellow now?I know it’s a minor detail but it really bugs me,they look like mustard freaking yellow!Their supposed to be gold,can we please get the gold pants back?

    1. Bosa The Younger looks like a perfect Leo to me, but he’ll go Top 5, and I hope/doubt Lynch will be drafting near there.

  24. Jimmy intimate dinner with prominent porn star……is not a good look….

    Disappointing to see his low taste in women…..not saying he shouldn’t smash a pornstar but he does not have to show it in public..

    He needs to upgrade and find himself Gisele…

    1. Who knows, perhaps Jimmy is the one being compensated…Jimmy Gigolo… Sorry, I’m losing my composure.

      1. Wonder if it was some sort of a dorm bet/dare after many drinks and watching Mia’s greatest hits: Buddy (or fellow football player): “Hey Jimmy, when you get your $100M contract, I’ll bet you won’t dare to date this one in public”. JimiG: “Yeah….sure I will….”

    2. Garoppolo doesn’t care what you think.
      Mia has her own money, not likely to falsely #metoo Jimmy.
      Gisele has risqué photos out there and she was a lingerie model.
      Brady doesn’t care what you think either.

      1. Pay to play Jimmy!

        If you all think he’s really “dating” this chick I have some beach front property in Fresno to sell you.

      2. “Mia has her own money, not likely to falsely #metoo Jimmy.”

        Of course she has her own money.

        “Kiara Mia escort service costs you around $1,500 an hour for cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Dallas, Miami and San Francisco.”


        This sounds very much like a deal in which a washed up porn star/hooker gets hit up by a famous athlete and uses it as an opportunity for exposure and to increase her profits. I’d bet that the whole reason this got out in the media is because she dropped a dime to some people.

        1. Who cares either way (not saying you do Jack)? If Jimmy was worried about this getting out, he wouldn’t have taken her out in PUBLIC. They have seedy hotels for that kind of stuff.

          Jimmy doesn’t care about being famous and being on commercials, he just wants to be the best, very similar to Brady.

          1. You’re right. This has nothing to do with his play on the field. Let’s just call it what it is though. Saying this was a date or he is dating her is inaccurate.

            And pretty sure he paid less than the POTUS.

  25. Grant,
    I enjoyed your column on Demarcus Cousins in this mornings PD. One piece of unsolicited advice in describing how comfortable he looked you wrote, “he looked like he was home watching cartoons on T.V.” By writing “cartoons” it sounds like you are commenting on his intellect, I believe you could have made the same point by writing he looked comfortable, like he was at home watching TV. None of us enjoy having our intellect questioned publicly. imho

  26. Its the consequences of signing a big contract…..Jimmy is the face of the franchise ….of course we have to care who he associates with in public……

    Saying we should only care about his play in the field is not only moronic but dumb….

    She is a washed up escort MILF pornstar…..it has to be disappointing he couldn’t find a A celebrity to date….or be seen in public with…

    I really think this is a red flag

    1. How much different is this than the GOAT getting caught hiding in the bathroom of a Redwood City massage parlor during a raid?

    2. It’s the consequences of a prudish society. One person uses her body to make money. The other uses his body to make money. There is no difference between JG making money with his arm and Mia making money with her vagina.

        1. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the Twilight Zone.

          1. I say it’s just JimiG improving his pocket movement for delayed release in order to improve deeper strike accuracy….

    3. Seriously Oneniner?! It does not matter who Garoppolo is dating, whether it be a porn star, a politician, or even a guy for that matter. What matters is if his play on the field suffers due in part to the relationship or the involvement puts him on the track towards channeling his inner Aldon Smith. Other than that, I say let the man date be with whomever he so chooses.

      1. Yes It seriously matters who the face of your franchise is hanging with in public

        The bigger question is why would he stoop so low…..brady definitely won’t be caught with this fake Barbie doll wannabe…

        Plz see her picture…..i just don’t get why he will be with her in public….knowing the kind of scrutiny it may bring…..

        1. Jimmy can get with whoever he wants. The only people that have a problem with this are the ones that think Mia is beneath them.

          1. They wish Mia was beneath them.
            Fixed that for ya

            I had a guy who worked for me who was MAD about loving women with big thighs. You never know what turns somebody’s screws.

  27. Unload Juszczyk and his bloated salary, and sign Kiara Mia to take his place–at far less $$, perhaps $2.5 mil over two years.

    1. Great article. It is outrageous that Russian Agent Trump questions the patriotism of anyone else. Let’s be clear about something, , he is the least patriotic person in both his words and deeds. Trump has spent his entire life defrauding, defiling and sexually molesting (by his own admission) his fellow Americans.

      He does not care and has never cared about America and its well being.

    2. Another fine example of why politics and sports should never mix. The idiots from both sides come out.

      1. Ukraine called Obama asking for help, and he sent them MRE’s. They called Trump and he sent them RPG’s.

        1. Razor:
          * You conveniently overlook the fact Trump made overtures to Russia during the 2016 election campaign! That is, a grand bargain between the two nations….U.S. acquiescence to Russian depredations in Ukraine, in exchange for help in defeating the Islamic State in Syria.
          * https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-07-26/trump-s-new-ukraine-envoy-changes-the-tune Just one of several facts that do not add up….
          * Also, notifying Russia before bombing the Syrian military base and the 300 dead, Kremlin linked, private military, killed or wounded when they attacked the US military near the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor.
          Is it just “FAKE NEWS,” unless you hear it from Fox or Breitbart?

          1. Geep:
            *You conveniently overlook the fact that Trump backed up Obama’s redline in Syria for him.

            Haven’t heard about Rocket Man sending off any missiles lately either. What gives?

            1. Razor:
              And you’re “CONVENIENTLY” confusing Trump’s PHOTO OP for diplomacy and how he got played.
              * What happens when you send an petulant orange toddler, that needs his diaper changed, to do a diplomat’s job? Throwing some cold water on all of the Korean summit optimism….. …..http://thehill.com/opinion/national-security/384138-throwing-cold-water-on-all-of-the-korean-summit-optimism.
              * Do yourself and the rest of us a favor Razor……and stick to football.

              1. Geep:
                You’re asking the wrong guy to do you and the rest a favor since I didn’t introduce politics into the clubhouse. What do you have against orange people? You’re not a racist are you?

      2. “Both sides” is what lazy people say when their guy is a traitor.

        Will Hurd , Republican Congressman and former CIA

        Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do? 7/19/18

        Lawmakers must keep the American people informed of the current danger, writes a Republican congressman from Texas.

        By Will Hurd

        Mr. Hurd, a former C.I.A. officer, is a congressman from the 23rd District of Texas.

        Over the course of my career as an undercover officer in the C.I.A., I saw Russian intelligence manipulate many people. I never thought I would see the day when an American president would be one of them.

        The president’s failure to defend the United States intelligence community’s unanimous conclusions of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and condemn Russian covert counterinfluence campaigns and his standing idle on the world stage while a Russian dictator spouted lies confused many but should concern all Americans. By playing into Vladimir Putin’s hands, the leader of the free world actively participated in a Russian disinformation campaign that legitimized Russian denial and weakened the credibility of the United States to both our friends and foes abroad.

        1. Obama knew the Russians were meddling in 2014. That’s when he leaned over and whispered, “Tell Vladimir that after the election I’ll have more flexibility.”

          Obama then lied and advised Trump to stop whining, “There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they’re so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved.”

          After reading the IG report, the intelligence agency has no one to blame but themselves for any distrust by President Trump.

            * Another INCONVENIENT FACT, you fail to mention: Why McConnell refused to sign a bipartisan statement on Russian meddling in the US elections!
            * FACT CHECK: Why Didn’t Obama Stop Russia’s Election Interference? https://www.npr.org/2018/02/21/587614043/fact-check-why-didnt-obama-stop-russia-s-election-interference-in-2016…. One basic notion that is false is the idea the Obama administration took no action. it did. Among other things, top U.S. intelligence officials, including then CIA Director – John Brennan — privately warned their Russian counterparts not to persist with their active measures. Obama himself told Russian President Vladimir Putin not to interfere in the election. But these warnings were ignored by both Russia and Republicans.
            * The Obama administration sought a united front to dispel concerns that going public with Russian interference accusations would be seen as an effort to undermine the legitimacy of the election. But McConnell refused To Sign a Bipartisan Statement On Russian Interference.

              1. Razor:
                Are you presuming to know what my mother told me, or crossing a red line known as psychological projection?

  28. Hmm, I thought an American Patriot loved the United States, not Putin and Russia. Helsinki was shameful and a disgrace. It was the lowest point in American Presidential history.
    Trump attacked a war hero (McCain) and Gold Star mother (Khan).
    It is true. (False) Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. SJ.

    1. On a lighter note, I wonder if the league would stop testing for Marijuana, if the players would agree to stop kneeling.

      1. How are the two even remotely related? Peaceful civil disobidience is protected under the constitution. Marijuana is legal in 29 states and come this Nov it will be legal in 7 more. Players should file a duel class action lawsuit against the owners.

        “If we wish to smoke some hippie lettuce and then peacefully protest the excessive use of force by police we will do so.”

        1. Reefer Madness pervades the NFL. The NBA is more realistic.
          While I fully support the right to protest, I hope they do it in such a way that is positive, and does not anger people, causing pushback which is counter productive.
          It would be less divisive if they protest in such a way that real criminal justice reform is enacted and achieved. Even with Kaep’s initial protest, cops are still shooting unarmed civilians in the back. What is needed is more organization to enact laws and change protocols so police brutality is reduced, and accountability is increased.
          Believe me, many players would jump at the chance to change the draconian Pot policies. They could still protest for social justice, but in more positive and productive ways.

          1. While I fully support the right to protest, I hope they do it in such a way that is positive, and does not anger people, causing pushback which is counter productive.

            Ronnie James Dio back in the ’80’s formed, Hear ‘n Aid which was a one time collaboration of the top heavy metal artists to raise money for famine relief in Africa. The song was called, Stars. If these players were smart, they should have made Watt their leader to organize something similar….

            Hear n Aid/Stars


    2. Hmm, I thought an American Patriot loved the United States, not Putin and Russia.

      Stop with this sh!+ already. There has been zero evidence of this to date. It is is just as just as the right claiming that Obama was an agent for the radical within Islam.

          1. Not much football to be discussed right now. The most recent blog topic was shot down by the, “he’s the best, they had the money, end of discussion” comment that you gave a +1 to.

              1. That’s the best you’ve got?

                You can throw the whole left/right crap out that you want, I don’t roll with either party.

                This is me being critical of a guy who has done little more than continue to pull the country into different segments, a man who is a racist, a man who is a flat out liar, and a man with such an ego problem that he feels the need to try and take credit for stuff he had little or nothing to do with.

                The guy is a bully, and like all bullies it comes from a place of having so little self esteem that they need acceptance from others and lash out when they don’t get it.

              2. Being critical or disgusted by ones actions and voicing that means physical harm? Way to jump the shark 🦈

            1. Razor:
              * Why do you keep repeating “SHE LOST?”
              * FACT: She WON by 3+ million votes….REMEMBER?
              * Actually, it was Putin and the Russian BOT farm that WON….You need to “GET OVER IT!”

            2. Razor:
              * “Can somebody hit the reset button?”
              * “Hillary lost, Jack. Get over it and vote for her again in 2 years.”
              SO MUCH FOR HITTING THE RESET BUTTON. BTW Razor, Hillary won by 3+million votes! I hate to rain on your parade, but Putin won, the US lost…..Can you GET OVER IT?

              1. GEEP,

                Yeah Hillary got the popular vote, but that’s not the way the game is played.

          1. Nah, let’s go to war with Russia. Wait, phones ringing. It’s the 1980’s calling. They want their foreign policy back.

            1. Razor: “Still self medicating over losing 18 months ago?” I know you are Razor, I was trying to do you a favor…..and help you confront reality…..

              1. Geep:
                In the spirit of reality, every President wins the job through the electoral college.

            1. What’s the difference? You’re wanting to do it to one who had business dealings with Russia before he became president.

              1. This isn’t just about collusion Mid. That’s part of the same mistake that Trump made when choosing to side with Putin and his own interests on Monday.

                This is about national security, something Trump only seems to focus on when it comes to other races.

                Instead of backing his own intelligence community and taking a tough stand like say, Reagan in the 80’s, Trump stood up there and sided with Russia.

                This is a crazy time….

              2. This isn’t just about collusion Mid.

                Collusion with another country is a matter of national security the last time I checked. But as I stated, business dealings with another country is not a sign of collusion (or treason for that matter).

              3. Mid, we’ll see to what extent these business dealings with Amerca’s number one global adversary have led to. Remember that old phrase Follow the money?

                Eeverybody in Government not named Trump knows, via reams of hard evidence, that Russia attacked us in the 2016 election, and are continuing to this very day. Despite the cry from the cult that Obama could have stopped it, Trump was shown this hard evidence shortly before inauguration. Why does Trump continue to deny it? Why is the complicit Congress denying funding for additional election security measures? Perhaps they and the President both know these attacks benefit them.

          1. Didn’t Obama sit in Rev. Wright’s pughs for 20 years listening to his American hate filled sermons, and then claim he didn’t know about his pastor’s diatribes?

              1. Obama used Wright when it was beneficial, and then threw him to the wolves when he became a liability. Just another flawed man. Maybe that thrill in your leg is arthritis, old man….

              2. Old man, lol. You seriously need to come up with some new material instead of going to playbook of another regular who also recently has resorted to ageism.

            1. Razor:
              * There are those who live in glass houses, but love to cast the first stone:
              * Among Mr. Trump’s most vocal evangelical supporters, few are as high-profile as Billy Graham’s eldest son and the heir to his ministry, the Rev. Franklin Graham, who is 65. Franklin Graham has defended the president through the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., the crackdown on separating immigrant and refugee’s children, the Stormy Daniels scandal, and the slur against Haiti and Africa.

            2. American hate filled sermons

              Wright: God damn America.

              Trump: Do you think our country is so innocent?

              Both men saying the same thing, Razor. The same thing.

        1. You purposefully overlooked the ‘within’ portion of my post. In other words, radicals within the Muslims. Just like there are radicals within Christians, Jews, atheists, etc. Now do you get it?

        2. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

          Rollotomasi, please provide the witnesses you and Brennan claim to have, along with the evidence or I call irresponsible BS….

          1. Razor:
            Or like the rest of us, you will find out when indictments are made, or the information is made public?
            * BEING IRRESPONSIBLE, is when you make statements of FACT you can’t back up with proof. * BTW: Regurgitating Fox Entertainment, or a Breitbart diatribe, is not a statement of fact.

            1. Geep, I hope Razors head doesn’t explode too much when Mueller starts laying the serious hammer. Those not deep in the Cult45 know it’s coming… it’s coming.

      1. That is some serious false equivalence bullsht , Midwest. Did Obama counter the intelligence agencies that radical Islam were not responsible for the 9/11 bombings? Oh, wait… that NinerMD.

  29. Jimmy gets an offer from a porn site to be their spokesperson. Not surprising considering he seems to be an expert on sloppy seconds.

    1. Naw, he goes for the top o’ the line exper-tease.
      Personally, I think he was doing research, learning from a pro. Maybe he needed to dive deep into the subject, to keep abreast of new developments. When questioning her, he probably probed deeply, so he can become more well rounded. She was most certainly titillated to get his invitation. ;p

      1. I did a little research in Amsterdam once with this beautiful woman from Estonia. To this day, I’ve never encountered skin as soft as hers….

  30. Back to football.
    I hope the Niners trade away some bubble players, to bottom tier teams who need to improve a weakness. Maybe create a pool to draw upon, and let the other team choose which players they want. It would be like a second draft for them, and by now, they have assessed their roster and can pinpoint the weaknesses.
    This would give those bubble players a better shot at starting, and the Niners could get something for them, instead of cutting them, and losing them to another team with no compensation.
    Sure, it takes 2 to tango, but there are several teams that have clear deficiencies, and low prospects for the playoffs. Miami, Indy, Chicago, Cleveland, and even the Raiders could benefit from Niner bubble players. Seattle has taken advantage of the Niners by swooping in and poaching players. Michael Robinson, Lockette, Tukuafu, Garrison Smith, now Dontae Johnson. They not only weakened the Niners, they obtained good intel.
    I advocate for trading away players, and even bundling them to get as high a draft pick as possible, so that it will create room so the Niners can poach one or two of the 53 -cutoff players from playoff teams. Niners have previously targeted the Pats when they got Marsh, and Day from the Jags. Both players were cut from their team, but the Niners deemed them to be upgrades over the existing players. Maybe look at players cut because they are sitting behind pro bowl players. Attaochu was signed as a FA because he was sitting behind Bosa and Ingram. Hopefully he can help gain more sacks, and pressure the QB.
    Niners should not sit on their hands and do nothing. They should constantly be looking to improve the roster, and another team’s loss could be their gain. The Niners have plenty of cap space, so maybe they should take a player off another team’s hands so the other team can shed salary, and help their cap space.

    1. Tiffany, “Chucky, Sebber line one”. Chucky, “Wanna play?” Sebber, “We’re prepared to give you Garnett, Ward and Armstead, plus our 1st round pick in 2019 and our 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2020 for Khalil Mack”. Chucky, “What, are you Eucking nuts?”….


      1. Niners COULD trade away Armstead and Ward, because they may be redundant on the Niner roster.
        If the Niners do trade with the Raiders, to fill some of their holes in their roster, maybe they could trade, Armstead, Ward, Coyle, McNichols and Aldrick Robinson to the Raiders for a conditional 2019 second round pick, a 2020 second round pick, and a 2021 second round pick. If the Raiders make the playoffs, the 2019 pick would be upgraded to a first round pick. If the Raiders make it to the AFCC Game, the 2020 pick would be also be upgraded to a first round pick. If the Raiders make it to the SB, all 3 would be upgraded to first round picks.
        5 players for 3 picks seems reasonable. Both Armstead and Ward were first round picks, so the compensation needs to be comparable, and fair to both sides. Niners would have great draft capital for the next 3 years. Without the trade, the Raiders may be looking at the AFC cellar.
        Trade Mack? He is their best player, so he would be worth at least 2 first round picks. Do not think Chucky is that desperate.
        Since Mckinnon and Breida are similar, and Joe Williams may emerge, the Niners should trade Breida for Frank Gore. Frank Gore may help the Niners get back to the playoffs.

        1. Niners COULD trade away Armstead and Ward, because they may be redundant on the Niner roster.
          – They could but they would giving away a cb on a team that needs depth their considering they don’t know if Sherman will be good or a shell of himself. As to Armstead, he is the 2nd best pass rusher on a team that has no pass rushers and as he is on a one year prove it deal, he wont bring much back in value… maybe a 4th round pick given his injury history.

          Since Mckinnon and Breida are similar, and Joe Williams may emerge, the Niners should trade Breida for Frank Gore. Frank Gore may help the Niners get back to the playoffs.
          – The problem I have with this is that Brieda is still the best running back on the team imo. We as fans are hopping McKinnon will become something he hasn’t been as a running back. He hasn’t even been able to average 4 yards a carry for the past 2 years. Breida on the other hand average 4.4 yards per carry running behind a terrible offensive line. Where Mckinnon is special is as a reciever and that is something Brieda needs to work on.
          Second they are both smaller backs, so redundancy isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
          As to Williams, I wouldn’t trust him with his character. He has a low work ethic and stole from a teammate in the past. There is a reason he was off their board initially, and I firmly believe they should have stuck to their guns on that decision.
          And while I love Gore, that ship has sailed. He is not as good as Brieda at this point in his career. If I brought him in to replace someone it would be Williams

      2. sorry, but which team was actually weakened by the Dontae signing?
        Gore as a good fit for Outside Zone?
        the meds need to be adjusted again…
        Nurse Ratchet???

        1. Dontae will spill his guts about the Niner roster, and coaching tendencies. The intel is not unimportant. It is interesting to note that the Seahawks have poached Niners for years, and they have recently dominated all of their division games.
          Frank Gore starts off as the best RB blocker on the team. The Niners have Jet and Joe Williams to run the OZ, but no one that will run between the tackles as effectively as FG. He would be a good change of pace back for the Niners.
          I think Frank Gore is needed for his leadership. Frank Gore bleeds red and gold. Of course, the Niners should have retained veteran leadership, instead of dismantling the team. Sentimentality aside, I think he would help the team. Bringing Frank Gore back would allow the Niners to possibly have a winning season, and a shot at the playoffs. It would also allow him to retire as a Niner.

          1. Seb

            You’ve been carrying on about another team “gaining Intel” from one of our former players for as long as you’ve been on this blog; do you think that you’ve struck an original thought ? The question has been around since the ’40s, and every player who has been signed by a second team….No news yet…NO, bringing back Frank Gore would not give the 49ers a better chance at a winning season and a shot at the playoffs…Frank was traded because Harbaugh was changing systems, and Frank was not in the plan…Frank was informed before the trade that if he stayed with the 49ers, that his carries would be greatly cut back…that trade greatly favored Gore who has had several good seasons w/the Colts, and he would not be satisfied sitting on the 49er bench behind all of our ‘young guns’…..I think that we’ve discussed your ‘bundling’ (sounds like something else) trade issues have been discussed ad naseum on here before, and at least refuted.

            On another note, thank you for changing the subject back to football (1 more week !) from politics…

  31. Razor: Yep, “fake news,” “alt fact,” and “lame stream media!” Doesn’t that sounds like Sarah Huckabee?
    * How many Russian spies did Mueller just indict, Wasn’t it 12 Russian intelligence officers? Hasn’t Mueller’s team either indicted or gotten guilty pleas from 32 people and three companies — that we know of? four former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer. Five of these people (including three former Trump aides) have already pleaded guilty?
    * So hows that Russian adoption meeting turned out, you know….the one to get dirt on Hillary that Trump’s admitted to lying about?
    * How many times has Kushner revised his SF-86 security forms, because he “FORGOT” to mention all his Russian contacts?
    * How many times did Jeff Session forget to admit he met with Russian intelligence operative, in his Senate confirmation hearing?
    * Then there’s Mike Flynn, who pled guilty! Remind me again, did he plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador?
    * And then there’s Rick Gates and Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager who worked for Putin’s hand picked Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych! The Same Paul Manafort that authorized a secret US media operation to to discredit key opponent of the “COMMUNIST” Ukrainian president. Or is that more Mueller “FAKE NEWS” too?
    * If you’d like to continue the conversation, there’s a long list of things we could discuss…feel free

      1. Razor:
        “So much for sticking to football.” Like the fact Trump still can’t get over not being allowed to buy his way into the NFL’s owners club? DOES DONALD TRUMP HATE THE NFL BECAUSE OF THE BUFFALO BILLS?
        * Or the fact he spent $6 Million to buy the New Jersey General, but bankrupt the USFL with his failed experiment, trying to force his way into the NFL? https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/donald-trumps-long-stormy-and-unrequited-romance-with-the-nfl/2017/09/23/979264a4-a093-11e7-8ea1-ed975285475e_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.ba5a4813cb62
        * LETS TALK FOOTBALL: Inside Donald Trump’s Shady Scheme to Keep Jon Bon Jovi from Buying the Buffalo Bills….The plan involved a covert political operative who worked with Putin, a double amputee, a settlement with Texas A&M, and—ultimately—a failed bid that opened up the opportunity for Donald Trump’s presidential run. https://www.gq.com/story/donald-trump-shady-scheme-to-buy-nfl-buffalo-bills
        * HOW MANY TIMES HAS TRUMP GONE BANKRUPT NOW…SIX? And that includes gambling casino’s where the odds are in favor of the house winning.
        * YOU STILL WANT TO TALK FOOTBALL, Or are you tired of making foolish political statements that only expose Trump’s incompetence and your political bias?

        1. Hit the nail on the head GEEP. After that shameful display in Helsinki, it’s obvious 45 gives less than two $hits about this country or the flag it represents. Repeatedly sticking his nose into the NFLs business is all due to his rejection by the club he jonesed to be in.

          What we need to remember, is that Trump has no allegiance to anybody or anything but himself. There are two and only two things that matter to him – obsequious praise and an overriding aversion to being shamed. He lives for that like a normally functioning human lives to breath. Putin, that old KGB hand, figured that out within seconds a long time ago.

          1. Trump didn’t need the job, so your contention that he doesn’t give two sheets about the country is specious.

            1. What are you talking about? No elected official “needs” that job.

              By the time this is all said and done there are going to be plenty of people who wish Trump didn’t need that job. Flynn and Manafort would still be running their ruble producing scams instead of rotting away in prison. Eric would still be running the Trump Charity cons. Roger Stone, who famously said he was moving to Costa Rica when Hillary won would be sipping pina coladas under a palm tree instead of facing an imminent plethora of criminal indictments. Melania would be the happy divorcee. That comely red headed Russian chick would still be toting AK47s at NRA conventions. Cohen and Trump himself would still be best buds, figuring out the next porn star payoff.

              But then Trump had to go ahead and screw everything up for all these people by stroking his ego.

              1. The Apprentice was losing viewership at a rate faster than what Trump claims for the NFL. It was a sinking ship.

                “As one broadcast industry insider told Vulture Friday, “It became filler for NBC.” If only the network could get Russia, or a 400-pound guy on his couch, to hack into Nielsen’s computers and make Apprentice ratings great again.”

              1. There’s a copy likely in Manafort’s prison library. Flynn and Paul Gates might want to pre-reserve theirs for when they start serving their terms. That is after spilling everything they know to the Feds. Poor girl Butina will have to wait for the Russian language translation first.

            2. Razor:
              So now you presume to know what Trump does, or does not need? Does a snake oil salesman need snake oil? Does an orange clown need a Circus? SPECIOUS is making one foolish statement after another, when none of it’s attractive ……KEEP DIGGING, YOU HAVE IT BAD!

        1. A little late to the party. Geep couldn’t make up his mind. * Do yourself and the rest of us a favor Razor……and stick to football.

          1. Razor:
            “Geep couldn’t make up his mind?” At least I have a mind and it’s not where the sun don’t shine!
            If you want to insult me Razor, at least be man enough to do it to my face, not behind my back, talking to Ribco! BTW: I’m still waiting for you to answer my question….But we both know why you won’t!
            You’re affection for a bone spur, chicken hawk, draft dodger is, as you’re hero says…”SAD.” (I have another word for it). After insulting McCain and the Parents of a Gold Star family, he’s attacked the FBI and credibility of all 16 US intelligence agencies and now he’s sold out to Putin in Helsinki. I don’t know how you define a traitor, but that was enough for many in his own party. For a USMC VET, YOU MUST BE VERY PROUD OF HIM?

              1. Razor:
                Geepers creepers? Can someone get this dude to answer my question(s)? Or will he continue to, like a parrot, regurgitate Fox Entertainment talking points and insult his own intelligence?
                If you can’t / won’t back up your statements with facts, maybe you should keep them to yourself? Will a snickers fix that?

  32. Geep:
    Sounds like you’ve got TDS. Bad news is there seems to be no cure. Good news is that you’ll get another shot in 2020.

  33. Razor:
    * I understand why you’re too embarrassed (no pun intended), to answer my questions: I don’t blame you!
    * If you were a politician, I’d say you were attempting to say: “Tax deducted at source.”
    * If you were a medical Doctor, I’d say you were attempting to say” “Ter Die Sumendum.” But since you chose the word “sounds,” I’d say you’re speculating it can be heard thru one’s belly button? The good news is, there is a cure. The bad news is, it’s caused by an incurable condition of “Anal-Cranial inversion syndrome,” which also causes political myopia.
    * So how’s those political blinders working out?

      1. Razor:
        Anal-Cranial inversion Syndrome is known to interfere with ones Clairvoyance…so who knows who the Democrats will nominate to run against Pence….Assuming Pence wasn’t a willful participant, or uninformed bystander, in the allegations that followed the revelation that Michael T. Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, had informed the White House weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign? Mr. Pence was leading the transition at the time, although his advisers say he’s standing by a comment he made in March…. “That he had only then learned of Mr. Flynn’s ties to Turkey?” You have anything you’d care to add to that. like he had TDS?

          1. In 2020 I predict the Moscow Cossacks will beat the St Petersburg Red Riders 24-17 to win the 2nd annual RFL’s Championship Trump Trophy.

          2. Razor:
            Do you enjoy making a fool of yourself, or just to opinionated and obtuse to know any better?
            BTW: You’re the one idolizing a bone spur, chicken hawk draft dodger, not me….SO WHO’S GOT IT

              1. Razor:
                * Geep: “I think we all get you do not like Trump.”
                * Wrong assumption Razor! What I detest are obtuse Cretins that defend a chicken hawk draft dodger that insulted McCain and a gold start family! Trump’s a Narcissistic, pathological liar that sold out the country to Putin and Russia. That’s on him and the GOP, but the fact you support him is on you. (YOU MUST BE PROUD?) You don’t like how I respond to your BS, that’s your problem and it has to do with today, not 2020. As you said, get over it.

  34. Aaron Lynch at it yet again….

    “Aaron Lynch encountered another setback in his attempt at a career rejuvenation on the first day of Bears training camp. The outside linebacker, who joined the Bears on a one-year deal this offseason, suffered a hamstring injury during Friday’s first practice and didn’t participate in the team’s opening public practice Saturday at Olivet Nazarene University. It is Lynch’s third injury since joining the Bears. He dealt with ankle and hamstring injuries during the offseason program.”

    1. Not taking care of his body is beginning to catch up with him. Turns out, Hans was correct in his assessment. Too bad he got sacked for calling out Baalke when he drafted him….

  35. A doctoral candidate in Social Psychology could present a dissertation on the psycho- socio-political dynamics of this chat room lately. Not necessarily complimentary.
    Y’all get dis chit outta yo systems soon OK? We gots f’ball coming most ricki-tick, and Iz wants to talk f’ball, not ProTrump, AntiTrump, HumptyDump, Yo-a-chump.
    Don’t mess up TC y’all! FFS!

    1. https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/3/20/14915076/7-psychological-concepts-explain-trump-politics

      “The lesson is simple: “People are more likely to arrive at conclusions … that they want to arrive at,” the psychologist Ziva Kunda wrote in a seminal 1990 paper, making the case that motivated reasoning is real and pervasive.”

      “None of this psychology is to suggest that people who engage in motivated reasoning are stupid. No, they are just human.”

      1. More

        “In the days after the inauguration, social scientists showed participants photos of Trump’s inaugural crowd and Obama’s. Those who had voted for Trump were more likely to say Trump had the larger turnout, despite obvious differences in the photos that demonstrated otherwise.”

        “In a study recently published in Scientific Reports, he and collaborators took 40 self-avowed liberals who reported having “deep convictions,” put them inside in a functional MRI scanner, and started challenging their beliefs. Then they watched which parts of the participants’ brains lit up.

        “Their conclusion: When the participants were challenged on strongly held beliefs, there was more activation in the parts of the brain that are thought to correspond with self-identity and negative emotions.”

      2. More

        “Moral foundations explain why messages highlighting equality and fairness resonate with liberals and why more patriotic messages like “make America great again” get some conservative hearts pumping.”

        “When we engage in political debates, we all tend to overrate the power of arguments we find personally convincing — and wrongly think the other side will be swayed.”

        “Only 9 percent of the liberals in the study made arguments that reflected conservative moral principles. Only 8 percent of the conservative made arguments that had a chance of swaying a liberal.

        “No wonder why it’s so hard to change another person’s mind.”

        1. This isn’t just when it comes to politics, we see it on football blogs too. Just look at all the “pre-Jimmy” “post-Jimmy” stuff we see.

        2. Jack,

          Yes. There’s a football example in the link if you haven’t read it.


          Yes, I broke it up into three posts to make it an easier read. I also left out a lot of stuff.

          1. “Has “moral foundations” explained why Top Republicans in Congress broke with Trump over his remarks in Helsinki and his refusal to call Putin out for interfering in the US election?”

            Pschology isn’t an exact science, but read it again.

            “and why more patriotic messages like “make America great again” get some conservative hearts pumping.”

            Siding with Russia over America is hardly patriotic.

    2. BT, there’s going to be a season long Trump meddling in the NFLs business, in hopes of getting his base out of their knee jerks long enough to make it to the midterm polls. Blog forecast: stormy

    1. Seb …
      I’ve got 4 tickets to the one on Aug 7… that is
      if… I can resolve the snafu of having to
      buy said tickets on an iPad .. and sending them to the
      wifey’s cell phone …

      Looking foreword to seeing the inside of Levis Mausoleum ..
      and (trying) to get my #10 jersey signed … however..
      since I’m nowhere nearly as astute in any “football acumen”
      as the stalwarts of this blog … I don’t think I can do much
      justice to any review of the troops, I could hope to
      muster up

        1. Cassie ..

          being creatures of habit .. when we make our bi-annual
          sojourn to Calif… it’s always a visit to our usual haunts ..
          like a breakfast at Milbrae Pancake House … pizza at
          either Mountain Mikes or Mission Pizza in Fremont
          and a dinner at a fabulous Japanese restaurant near
          Warm Springs and Mission Blvd .. (I forget the name) ..

          Last summer.. we took the grandkids over the HWY 17
          “hump” .. to the boardwalk to take in The Tubes concert
          and I got two of my granddaughters hooked on
          The Giant Dipper …. so .. now they’re pleading me
          to … “Let’s do it again !” … besides … they love all
          the junk food served there !
          (wanna a review of boardwalk food ?) … lol

          (didja see the youtube (above) .. meant for you?)

          1. MWNiner
            There are several good Japanese restaurants in Fremont near Warm Springs and Mission Blvd:
            * Kazuma Sushi, SEIKI HOUSE, Bodo Lucky and Sen Dai Sushi, that we enjoy frequenting,
            Enjoy spending time with your grandkids at the boardwalk. If you have time, try Lupulo, a Santa Cruz restaurant with good food and Craft Beer near the boardwalk. 233 Cathcart St. / Santa Cruz, CA. (831) 454-8306

            1. GEEP…
              thanks for the heads up on the Santa Cruz
              eatery… if the wifey isn’t in a hurry ..
              (she hates going over the summit at night)
              then maybe I can talk her into checking it out ..

              and the grandkids will probably determine the trip to
              the boardwalk …
              (I should probably consider it to be a “sure thing”)

              The restaurant near Warm Springs & Mission ..puts
              a lazy susan device on the table ..
              and you spin it your way to snag what looks good..
              The names you gave doesn’t ring a bell
              for me .. though

      1. MW, do not sell yourself short. I expect succinct, insightful analysis from you.
        We may not always agree, but I respect your football acumen, and look forward to your posts.

        1. Seb sez :
          “..MW, do not sell yourself short. I expect succinct, insightful analysis from you….”

          Whew ! … no pressure… right ..?
          Seriously, though … by the time I’ll be able to
          get back online.. will be days after the fact..
          when we return home… and would probably render
          such a post irrelevant… but … thanks for the compliment !

      2. More and more you are my heroMWNiner, technology is my downfall, I just use the county phone cell phone but not a smart phone. Got the iPad for the fading eyes. Wife of course has the iPhone. Bums me out the paper ticket is no longer valid. I am becoming an old fart like that guy in the commercial that walks around the house and says just work to every modern convience in the joint. My motto, k.i.s.s., keep it simple stupid, stupid replaces the potty word. Anyway check out the museum, lots of great memories in their, hope they have a tribute in there for both Keith Fahnorst and Dwight Clark.

        1. Rebel …
          in the not too distant past… I was the go-to
          guy …in my community.. if you needed
          your Mac fixed…fast forward a few years..
          and I find myself in a position .. where it’s time
          to upgrade my computer …
          (at least I can still operate one of those) … but
          hand me an iPad .. or a cell phone … and I’m lost !

          My (seemingly) .. aversion to cell phones.. probably
          stems from the fact that I consider them to be ones
          second .. “umbilical cord “…. and I had mine cut many,
          many years ago… and I don’t really want it back …

      1. Dave, if he gets over 2000 all purpose yards; that could get us into the Super Bowl. Remember in ’84 when Tyler had over a grand on the ground, and Craig had over a grand all purpose?

        1. You know, been decades since I have the feelings that I am once again experiencing. The defense is going to determine much of the season. I suspect the offense is going to generate substantial points, my fear is that other teams will have to pass to stay up…so many ifs on the defensive side. If the Niners generate a pass rush I would say they could make the playoffs. If the defense turns into a top ten defense yup the SB is a good possibility. IMO

          1. Some defensive ‘If’s’:

            If Sherman can return to form.
            If Saleh improves.
            If Thomas thrives inside.
            If the offense can help them out.

            1. I think the offense helps them out, Saleh is solid and going to get better, his unit was beset with injuries and yet they still made gains. My ifs like yours is Sherman and Thomas, also Armstead, pass rush. If Sherman proves out then they will go after AW so that’s another if. Lot of if’s with Foster too.

              1. Sherman is the key to the pass rush in my view. Buckner was a half step from finishing. If our secondary as a unit can provide the others with that half step, we could finish in the middle of the pack in sacks….

              2. UC,

                You’re definitely correct on the offense helping the defense. We saw an “improvement” by the D late last year, but reality was that they were facing fewer plays per game. The next step for them is to improve their ability to get off the field on 3rd down. If they can do that their ranking will really jump.

              3. Razor normally I have been of the school, pass rush and pass coverage scratches each others back. I have since placed more emphasis on the pass rush and pressures helping more with coverage then visa versa.
                Yea Jack getting off the field on third down has been a problem for some time now, its definitely a must. Two minute defense is also another work in progress.

              4. UC
                Yes, pass pressure and coverage are linked. I agree that pressure has become more important of late since it’s now pretty much illegal to cover a receiver. These days DB’s are only allowed to escort and annoy (non-physically) receivers.

              5. Yeah UC. The two minute D and 3rd down D are pretty much the same because it plays to what has been their weakness.

        2. No way he reaches 2000 all purpose yards. Those are crazy expectations. I’d be thrilled if he reaches 1200 all purpose yards.

      1. Even 1500 would be a fairly high number. Devonta Freeman is a better running back than McKinnon and his all purpose numbers were about 1600 under Kyle.
        However even if McKinnon were as good as Freeman I wouldn’t see him reaching those numbers for a few reasons. The main reason I don’t see this happening is Jimmy isn’t much of a checkdown guy, and with a healthy Garcon, Goodwin, Taylor/Pettis, Kittle and Juice, I don’t see him getting the number of targets needed to do reach these numbers.
        This would lead me to believe he would need a lot of yards rushing to eclipse those numbers. To do this he has two obstacles to overcome; 1 his Oline isn’t great and 2, Brieda will cut into his carry totals as Kyle has shown he likes using two backs when possible.
        This is not to say anything bad about Mckinnon, simply that it will be tougher for him to reach the heights that Freeman did let alone fan expectations given the circumstances.

        1. McKinnon is going to be a featured part of the passing game so I’d expect his number of receptions to be around the same as Hyde from last year who had 1288 all purpose yards. That being said, if he can match Hydes production on the ground those other 212 yards should come.

          1. When Jimmy took over Hyde went from averaging nearly 5 receptions per game to 2 receptions per game.
            Shanahan calls the plays but Jimmy pulls the trigger and he doesn’t feature running backs, preferring topush the ball down the field.

            1. Yeah, I know the numbers but I look for Lil Shanny to use McKinnon in much the same way that Big Shanny used Ricky Watters.

    1. Jack, I enjoy your football comments and consider them astute. You’re quite knowledgeable, and I’ve learned about football from you. About your Trump postings, not so much. I really hope you stop with them.

            1. Alan Greenspan:

              “I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

              sound familiar to a prior thread joust recently Jack????

      1. George,

        You’ve been around here for a long time, so I want to apologize if my initial response to you came off curt.

        One of the things that I’ve always appreciated about this blog is its diversity. It’s a place that can have some really good football discussions, but also discussions about a myriad of other topics.

        I can understand those who choose not to discuss politics or another subject on here. The great thing is that if someone doesn’t want to have a political discussion they can simply put up a comment on a topic that they find interesting. If others find it interesting they’ll respond and join in.

        To that end, I will continue to comment on whatever I choose, and would urge everyone else to do the same.

        1. Jack’ll only give up the political posts when his cold dead fingers are pried from the keyboard…
          or his internet mysteriously “breaks” during a flurry of left wing posts…

        2. Well said. I understand George and others disinterest in Political talk, but all you have to do is scroll by and ignore it. I’ve been coming to this blog a long long time and there have always been non football discussions. The only time there is a complaint is when the opinions spark a difference in points of view, and that, at least to me is interesting and worthy of investing some time in.

          In the case of Trump, there is absolutely no way to ignore him. He is an imbecilic petulant child leading the biggest super power on the planet while systematically destroying it one Tweet at a time. We won’t see another 4 years (or possibly less) this chaotic in our lifetime.

  36. Garoppolo, who signed a five-year, $137.5 million deal with San Francisco in February, was last linked to model Alexandra King, the New York Post reported in a story about the date. Garoppolo and King went public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day. She has since deleted the photo of the pair together, the Post said.

    Mo money …..Mo Problems…..

    Smh……this is not smart..

    1. No offense intended, but perhaps you’re letting this bother you too much…….?
      Q: Would you take relationship advice from Jimmy? From me? From Grant? Jordo?
      Seems like a MYOB burger to me…..

  37. Yards from scrimmage for 2018:

    McKinnon -1500
    Breida – 800
    Juszczyk – 600
    Garçon – 1000
    Goodwin – 850
    Kittle – 700
    Taylor – 600
    Bourne -400

    1. Don’t ignore the QB position…may be some designed run calls and panicky scrambles. Perhaps 220 yards total?

      1. As good as Garoppolo moves, he’s not usually looking to take off running so I’d be surprised if he is over 100 yds.

        1. Well… There will be times when Garoppolo exits a game through injury and CJ Beathard comes in and gets some yards–by design or not. The combined QB total will approach 200. We’ll see at the end of the season.

          1. if you’re right about CJ getting some “get-me-outta-here” run yards…
            well, there goes Jack’s 6500 yd. season….

      1. Yeah 6500 yards sounds about right since that is 409.5 yards per game. Over the last 5 games of 2017 they averaged 409.6.

        1. to quote Alan Greenspan again:
          I think you’re suffering from an irrational exuberence…
          you of all people!
          extrapolating 2018’s YPG avg. from the 5 game streak?
          surprising…yet meaningful…

          1. LOL. I hadn’t even thought of the total yards until you brought it up. Was a total coincidence.

            Having Garçon at 1000 is the easiest because he was on pace for that before his injury last year. His return likely takes some yards away from Goodwin, who I have around 800 receiving and 50 rushing.

            With McKinnon, I think you look for the same production they got from Hyde on the ground last year but his higher ypc and fewer drops gets him to 1500 total.

            Similar with Breida. Banking there on an improvement with his hands.

            With Juice, I do think that over those last 5 games we saw him being utilized more like Lil Shanny had envisioned when they signed him.

              1. Why would you say that tjf? Those numbers that I posted really aren’t dramatically different than what we saw last season, with the exception of the jump for Juice.

              2. why would I say that?
                how about an off season for D coordinators toiling away in their meeting rooms pouring over game tapes of those 5 wins???
                not to mention all the Patriots film study too, to plan for all of Jimmy’s tendencies…
                Jimmy and Kyle, rightly or wrongly, became NFL royalty in 1/3rd of an NFL season…
                16 NFL Defensive coord’s laser ranger dots are visible on Jimmy & Kyle’s backs…
                the O Line will need to be far, Far, FAR more effective (well, other than Staley)this season to maintain those 5 games offensive standards…

              3. and you’re in danger of weakening your curmudgeon status with this rosy 2018 offensive scenario…

              4. Ok, but those numbers aren’t a huge jump from where the team was with Hoyer/Beathard.

                Don’t totally disagree with you on what you’re saying though. It’s definitely a valid argument.

              5. “16 NFL Defensive coord’s laser ranger dots are visible on Jimmy & Kyle’s backs…”

                It’s 13

              6. It’s 13

                That’s not taking into account mid-season firings. Especially after giving up all those yards to the Niners. Could happen. 😉

    2. Those numbers would put Jimmy at around 4700 passing yards. Which is possible but then your looking at an offense that’s nearly identical to Atlanta’s Super bowl offense.

      1. What’s needed is some of Grant’s usual first person training camp reports of offensive futility to put the kibosh on such rosy projections.

        It’s coming, it’s coming. As inevitable as more Mueller indictments (that’s for you 🔨)

  38. Recently this “football” site has begun to remind me of the great Monty Python bit the “argument clinic”.
    No matter which one of the characters in the skit you feel you represent its still pretty silly to think you can have an intelligent exchange of ideas on the net. If you don’t know the MP skit I refer to go to you tube its worth the time. imho

    1. an even more apt Python skit would be the dead parrot sketch…
      “salesguy” constantly denying the horizontally oriented Parrot is “just resting”, while it’s “pinin for the fjords” in it’s comatose state…
      the customer replies: “this bird wouldn’t squak with a thousand volts thru it”…
      hey, yea, the current blog zeitgeist is like a dead parrot, now that I think of it…

  39. MW
    I thought this was the complaint department.
    I think I need to find the Ministry of Silly Walks. They could be helpful in designing touchdown celebrations.

    1. just down the hall and off to the right or the left, past the MOP (ministry of pontification) and the MOB (ministry of blather)

      1. That is because Baalke picked a punter in the 5th round. He also traded away Andy Lee, who was a fixture on the team, and had good stats. Andy Lee has gone on to have 3 productive seasons, so there was no glaring need to draft a new punter, except to save money.

    1. Just saw that. The rookie cap took much of the drama out of first contracts, but it still feels good to nail it down.

      1. You missed quite a few. Get your head out of those books and keep up!

        Oh, and I just realized that today was #OnlineFriendAppreciarionDay, so cheers to you and the others on here. 🍻

        1. Just razzing you Jack. I seen that you started a thread on predicting yards from scrimmage for this upcoming season.
          Also, cheers to you as well. 🍻

          1. Seb, glad to know you have the kind of privy information to conclude that any blame in regards to the Pettis contract negotiations should be placed on Paraag.

            I am sure I speak for others on this blog who would love to get a peak on the inside, and the kind of inside information you have gained due to your being afforded a privileged seat at the table with (yourself of course, Mr. Sebnynah, or the Legend, as Grant would call you), along with your esteemed colleagues John Lynch, Paraag Marathe, and of course Dante Pettis’ agent – Mr. Jason Staroszik of the New World Agency.

            It’s not every day that your average Forty Niner Faithful get an opportunity to hear from an insider such as yourself, to gain some real insight into the inner workings of these NFL rookie contract negotiations.

            1. 49, since Paraag is assigned the job to negotiate contracts, it is only logical to assume he is playing hardball, since his main concern is financial.
              The coaches are gnashing their teeth, wanting the Niners to present a fair contract, that both sides can benefit from. Their major focus is lamenting the fact that one player will not be able participate in TC, which will set him, and the team, back.
              Thank goodness McGlinchey finally signed, but the Niners will have a better chance to win if they have all their players. All that guaranteed money just meant there was some financial gymnastics and creative accounting, but while the Niners have 43 mil in cap space, the Niners should not go cheap, and PAY DA MAN.
              Frankly, I do not need insider information. It is obvious that Paraag is waiting til the last second. Wonder who will blink first. My post must have hit home because of the vehemence of your blowback. Pettis should have been signed weeks ago. Some one is holding up the deal. I blame Paraag, but you can blame Pettis if you want.
              Yes, I am glad you mentioned my legendary status. I was one of only a few that predicted a 6 win season. Most, if I recall, went 9-7, like Grant, which is typical of most die hard fans. Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

              1. He quickly forgets his encyclopedias predictions regarding that former qb. Those were some doozies and now he has the stones to come on here after crying scared about his identity proclaiming righteousness? Tsk,tsk,tsk.

      1. “They also said the 49ers were ranked at 16th in terms of missed tackles on run plays, missing 11.4 percent.”

        Not sure what data PFF uses for the rankings. Do you know if the run defense performed poorly on third down last season?

            1. My guess is that they provide this info for paid subscribers. The statistical data they provide is really good. Just don’t care for their grades because they don’t know the calls and responsibilities of the players and with multiple people doing grades they can’t be consistent no matter how hard they try. Everyone sees things differently.

              In this case, there’s really not a strong valid argument for rating a team that low when compared to their ranking.

              1. I’m not sure but I think they went over that on the last better rivals podcast.
                If I remember correctly their argument was that not all yards are equal. Ie a 4 yard run on third and 10 is not equal to a 4 yard run on third 3.
                Basically looking more at the plays outcome ( if it increased their opportunity to score) than the numbers acrued. Even so, you are correct in pointing out the large discrepancy in the yards allowed vs the grade given.

  40. Wonder if the quality of Grant’s blog would improve if the Press Democrat made it a paid subscriber service……….? Would the same clientele partake?

  41. Something for our politicos to consider. A random person clicks on one of Grant’s articles for the first time. He scrolls down and sees comments. He decides to comment himself but wants to make sure he doesn’t parrot anyone. He discovers that half the talk is about Trump. The random person leaves the site and never returns.

    Regulars get increasingly frustrated and start to drop hints, some subtle, some not so subtle. Said regulars contribute less or leave.

    Spam time. I apologize to those who have grown tired of all the political talk. I’m trying to show the “pundits” what they look like with this spam tactic.


    1. Somehow I think the blog will survive, as evidenced by the large number of comments to many recent posts by our esteemed host.

    2. Look over the last few topics and you’ll see a number of different discussions; not just political. It happens on here all the time. Politics just seem to get people a little more upset and brings out things we don’t see in the football talk. Feel free to post all the links you like. It’s not hard to scroll past if not interested.

    1. 80,

      In the last 21 hours there have been multiple threads started that are about football. Feel free to join in when you’re ready.

          1. I thought about replying to your McKinnon projection, but then I remembered I already had that discussion with 49 the week before. I think your projection was a little high because of all the different receiving options and the fact that he’ll share carries with Breida and possibly Williams. Hope you’re right though.

      1. “to a topic that doesn’t interest you.”

        Nice lie rocket. I am interested in the subject. I watch hours of news every day and read more news articles than football articles. One of the reasons that I’m not so “interested” in the subject on here is because much of what I read here is just regurgitations of the day’s trendy talking points.

        Still think I’m disinterested? I used to be in these political discussions all the time on here, but I took the hint(s) and cut back on that kind of talk. .

        1. #80,

          Chill out. I responded to your view that your point went over my or others heads. It did not; I got what you were saying. The point was and is that you don’t have to read or respond to anything you don’t like regardless of what the subject matter is.

  42. Hopes and Dreams for Training Camp:
    1. No serious injuries.
    2. No stupid off field behavior.
    3. Team looks sharp.
    4. 1st and 2nd year players look good quickly.
    5. it doesn’t feel like training camp lasts for ever.
    6. Grant limits the number of articles about how so and so look fat, thin, slow, out of position, or is a wasted draft choice.
    7. The Rams players get in fights on the practice field because they hate each other so much. McVay gets frustrated and quits.
    8. Jimmy G starts dating Jennifer Lawrence.
    9. Goff starts dating Roseann Barr.
    10. Pete Carroll decides to replace Wilson with RGIII.
    11. Niner’s are so good it looks like 1981 again.

    1. 12. I win the CA lottery.
      13. Jed loses 30lbs.
      14. Press Democrat removes the Popular Tags panel on this blog.

      1. 15. feign weakness
        16. hire “OC” to occupy spare coaches box seat during games without communications gear or binoculars
        17. eliminate unforced errors
        18. carry oppo rcvrs out of bounds
        19. sign #1 WR
        20. Grant predicts 9-7 season
        21. Jack recants 6500 yd 2018 Offense prediction after Grant’s 9-7 prediction posts
        22. Kyle Shanahan reveals stunning revelation: Josh Mc Daniels sending plays for KS to run for Jimmy
        23. WH begins petition forcing League front office to de-franchise all Calif NFL teams
        24. WH petition is exposed as Russian troll farm attempt to de-stabilize U.S. professional sports
        25. Russian troll farm story exposed as League front office PR attempt to raise TV ratings due to “millenial slump”

        1. 15. Be deceptive. Hit them where they aint. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Feign weakness so they attack your strength.
          16. Hiring an OC might help them win. After the SB implosion and an 0-9 start, KS should not allow people to call him a genius. By hiring an OC, KS might be able to spend more time on defense and special teams.
          17. Eliminate the unforced errors. Stop trash talking. Be well prepared so there are no illegal procedure penalties. Work on cadences so there are no false starts. Play energized, but focused and under control.
          18. Carry oppo receivers out of bounds, so they cannot get 2 feet in bounds, thus making their catch an incompletion.
          19. With Garcon, the absolute need to obtain a Number One WR is not critical. Pettis may be a pleasant surprise, and James may win the 6th spot. Getting another Jerry Rice should be a future draft goal.
          20. Grant predicts a 9-7 season. That is a good call with the emergence of JG. I am hoping for improvement. I would be happy if they avoided a losing season, something they have had for the last 4 seasons. I will predict an 8-8 season, but may upgrade if they manage to poach some players from playoff teams.
          21. Jack does not need to recant his 6500 yard prediction. JG will be deadly accurate. He will have all off season to study the playbook. He will have synced up with his receivers, who he has been throwing to, many times. JG’s quick release will make the O line better, and avoid sacks. Joe Williams may emerge as a featured back. He may give the Niners a one-two punch with McKinnon. Kittle is healthy. Many injured Niners are returning. Foster only got a 2 game suspension. The defense will help the offense by getting more sacks and take aways.
          22. KS already did that when he admitted they were taking pages out of the Patriot playbook, because they were plays JG was familiar and comfortable with. The results were encouraging, since they did not lose any of those last 5 games.
          23. WH is meddling with the league, and forcing them to collude against players. This will void the CBA, so better terms can be negotiated. The WH is attacking the League and players to distract from the Russia ‘Thing’.
          24. WH should spend more time working on re-unifying kids with their parents, and get politics out of sports.
          25. Russian Troll Farm/ Right Wing Hate group/ NRA exposed as falsely claiming that kneeling is hurting profits when every team just got raises. CTE still being covered up, and sparse youth sign ups for football may be the real reason why there is a decline in ratings.

    1. I have a new theory. Maybe some woman was claiming to be in a relationship with JG.
      How best to demonstrate his independence than to be seen with a porn star?
      There are 50 ways to leave your lover.
      I do not think JG is going to be in a serious relationship with a porn star. She was just being used to send a message. Glad JG is going to be playing the field. There will be a bevy of beauties that will be attracted to him, especially after he signed a 131 mil deal.

  43. So Jimmy says he is better then Tom Brady, good deal, very well could be. The standard is different here – set by a man named Joe.

  44. Before TC unfolds, I wish to prognosticate a 53 roster.
    QB- Jimmy Garoppolo, CJ Beathard.
    OT- Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey, Garry Gilliam, Darrell Williams.
    OG- Laken Tomlinson, Joshua Garnett, Erik Magnuson.
    OC- Weston Richberg, Mike Person.
    RB- Jerick McKinnon, Joe Williams, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert.
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk.
    TE- George Kittle, Garrett Celek, Cole Hikutini.
    WR- Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Dante Pettis, Trent Taylor, Kendrick Bourne, Richie James.
    DT- DeForest Buckner, Sheldon Day, Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair.
    NT- Earl Mitchell, DJ Jones.
    DE- Solomon Thomas, Jeremiah Attaochu, Cassius Marsh.
    SAM- Eli Harold, Pita Taumoepenu.
    MIKE- Reuben Foster (S), Fred Warner, Brock Coyle.
    WILL- Malcolm Smith, Korey Toomer, Elijah Lee.
    CB- Ahkello Witherspoon, Jimmie Ward, Anton Exum, K’waun Williams, DJ Reed.
    S- Adrian Colbert, Jaquiski Tartt, Tarvarius Moore.
    LS- Kyle Nelson.
    P- Bradley Pinion.
    K- Robbie Gould.
    Most notably, Richard Sherman and Jonathan Cooper go on the PUP list, with a week 6 designation to return.
    Due to the O line uncertainty, they will carry 9 players and get by with only 2 QBs.
    They may cut James, and hope he makes it to the PS, and use the vacancy to poach a WR from another team’s 53 cuts.
    With Foster’s suspension, there may be another vacancy to fill. Dekoda Watson may be that player.

    1. “Most notably, Richard Sherman and Jonathan Cooper go on the PUP list, with a week 6 designation to return.”

      Has there been an update on Cooper? I thought he was still on track for TC. I’m a little worried about Sherm’s limp though.

  45. I am just being conservative.
    Knees are tricky. Cooper had a player land on his leg, bending it in an un- natural way. He lay on the turf, writhing in agony, and had to have assistance to leave the field. He did have surgery, so it was not just a strain.
    I hope they bring them back slowly, so both can fully heal. Then they will be fresh for the latter part of the season.

  46. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-pff-training-camp-preview-49ers

    Jimmy ‘GQ’ was the highest-graded passer under pressure and on third downs – Garoppolo earned a positive grade on an insane 53.3 percent of his third-and-long throws while no one else managed to clear 40 percent – and trailed only Tom Brady and Matt Ryan in grade on ‘NFL Throws,’ essentially our most difficult throws with the highest variance.

    No surprise to me.With a Flick Of The Switch the dude was throwing through the tiniest of windows, and that was with guys draped all over him….

    1. Good story. All this angst over the false starts during min-camps was ridiculous in my opinion. What I focused on was the fact that Jimmy saw it as a major problem and on his own took the initiative to correct it. That’s what you want from a leader and it bodes well for his career and the team, imo.

      1. cubus – The Niners were 2nd in pre snap penalties last year (granted not all were false starts). A little extra work in that area would seem warranted.

        1. No doubt, UC. And that’s exactly what Jimmy did. Despite all of the hype, I see it as extremely doubtful that Jimmy G. is going to have some kind of a “fairly tale like” tenure in SF. He’ll be successful because he works hard, understands what needs to be done and will take the initiative with his players to make corrections when needed.

      2. Yeah Cubus, I don’t get excited about G doing that but I agree it’s part of being the leader you expect that position to be.

    2. The Garoppolo hype train is in full swing. Sounds like he has the right mentality to deal with the expectations but I don’t like the attention he’s getting this early on his career.

    3. Interesting (and reassuring) to read that two of Jimi G’s three brothers have moved here to the Bay Area to help him deal with the transition and logistics.
      Funny that the Jag’s scout concluded that his “hands were too small and his release too quick”!. No wonder they went with “Big Hands” Bortles with his slower decision making and release. With scouts like this one, a team will forever be in QB draft purgatory…

  47. 1,500 yards would be a tall order , but definitely possible.

    Matt Maiocco : McKinnon is not big, but he has a unique blend of strength, speed, quickness and catching ability. If he remains healthy, McKinnon should be able to provide in the neighborhood of 1,500 yards from scrimmage as a runner and receiver

    1. 1500 seems very realistic to me. Craig had over 1200 all purpose in ’84, and that was with Wendell Tyler getting the majority of the carries….

  48. It will be interesting to see how many snaps Mckinnon gets versus Breida. Also , if Joe Williams can pull it together and contribute.

      1. Do they need to keep Foster on the initial 53 man and then bring him back after the suspension?

        If so that could get a little complicated.

  49. Wondering… Would be interesting if the NFL adopted a practice to randomly select when a a player’s suspension goes into effect. The ‘selection’ would be done three days following official announcement of a suspension. The NFL would fire up a lottery-like machine with 16 balls (for the regular season), numbered 1 through 16. A four game suspension would require the drawing of four balls.

    It would create havoc for the team, but would reinforce the idea that suspensions are pretty bad and should not be treated lightly–perhaps putting a bit more onus on the suspended player; i.e., “Tommy Tutone, your poor behavior just cost four very disruptful suspensions–games 3, 7, 9, and 16. Now we have to go way out of our way to cover for you…” Easier for teams to plan for sequential suspensions……make them random and really put the screws to the teams and players.

    What fun would ensue…

    1. If McKinnon stays healthy, his numbers will beat those of Gurley’s.

      Between Leveon Bell’s franchise tags and the increasing popularity of Shanny’s OZ scheme, the RB market appears to be seeing a revival.

  50. Just 9 days left until the HoF game. For me that’s generally the moment that I accept that football has officially returned.

    I have lofty expectations for the offense this year, not so much from the defense. I’m envisioning a lot of close high scoring games.

    There aren’t a lot of players that I’m excited about individually on this squad at the moment. Goes without saying that the QB is one of them but beyond him I’m still hoping that Joe Williams finds his way and motivation, I think he could be a special running back. I’m a fan of Trent Taylor, not sure he’ll ever be anything in terms of big yards or TD’s but he’s a stick mover.

    On the defensive side of things it gets a bit bleak. I’ve accepted that Eli Harold is just a guy, nothing special to see there. I’ve always felt like Ward had the ability to be a very competent player in the league but he continues to be inconsistent. There just isn’t anybody on this side of the ball worth getting excited about at this point. Foster is clearly an elite talent but between injuries and him being an idiot I don’t expect him to last in the league for very long.

    I’ll be watching the defense with fingers crossed for the most part this year.

    If the defense can be just slightly better then I expect them to be then the offense should be enough to carry them in as a Wild Card team. If the defense is as bad as I think it is we’re probably looking at 8-8.

    1. I am pretty much right with you. The offense is going to be fun to watch but the defense will pretty much dictate wins and losses. Most of us acknowledge the fact the defense got better as the offense got better that’s a plus. I also suspect playing with a lead will help the defense improve as the Niners played from behind most of the year.

  51. https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/7/24/17603268/bleacher-report-overrated-teams-49ers-number-1-jimmy-garoppolo

    “The 49ers are led by a quarterback who has thrown 12 career touchdown passes.”

    They’re not sold on Jimmy yet. Understandable, but I disagree.

    “They are shockingly thin at the skill positions”

    Our skill players are suited to our scheme. It’s not Madden, you don’t have to have a bunch of studs.

    “employ no defender on the front seven who has recorded more than six sacks”

    Yeah that sucks.

    “and will plug in at least two new starters on the offensive line this year.”

    The line was upgraded though.

    “Yet the 49ers are getting almost the same odds to win the Super Bowl as the Jaguars”

    Pretty sure we beat them last year.

    1. They aren’t really incorrect in this thinking. The 49ers and Garoppolo benefited from the schedule a bit in those last 5 games.

      Rookie QB and a badly coached Bears team. A Texans team playing backup QB’s while dealing with injuries at WR and on defense. The Titans and Jags wins were nice, but remind me again when the Jags last won a game on the West coast. The Rams game was a glorified scrimmage with LA sitting most starters.

      This seasons schedule is far less forgiving and we’ll see how GQ can perform in a truly hostile environment come week 1. A rookie starting at RT and 5 of the first 8 on the road will all present challenges they didn’t face late last year.

      1. Fangio’s D wasn’t badly coached. The Jags not winning on the West coast is meh because they were bad everywhere before last year, not enough to establish a good team losing out west trend. Jimmy played well with a crap OL last year. As I said, it’s understandable that people aren’t sold on JG yet, I just disagree.

        1. They lost to a bad Cardinal team on the road a month before facing the 9ers which added to a poor record historically when playing out west.

          1. Cardinals also beat the Titans in a low scoring game the week before the Niners beat them. That is why the results over the last few weeks should be taken with a grain of salt. Good wins for sure, but these same teams lost to other mediocre teams as well.

          2. A Jags team that has been historically bad everywhere. One loss against Az in a year where the Jags are finally good again isn’t enough to establish a trend. The Jags were a three win team in 2016.

            1. “Entering Sunday’s game at San Francisco, the Jaguars are 2-11 all-time in games played on the West Coast.

              The Jaguars, a five-point favorite over the 49ers, have lost seven in a row on the West Coast, including losses by 24, 19, 28 and 41 points.

              Early in their franchise history, the Jaguars traveled west as the favorite and went 2-2 (both wins at Oakland). They have played only once at San Francisco (the old Candlestick Park) and this will be their first appearance at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.”

              It’s ok to cover years ears and scream “nah nah nah nah” to things you don’t want to hear. Doesn’t change the facts.

              1. You’re talking about a team that was consistently losing everywhere before last season. Then you cite the early Jags? That was decades ago, different players and coaches.

              2. It’s the facts 80. They have now lost 8 straight on the West Coast. They lost to Blaine Gabbert a few weeks before coming to Levi’s. Whether you want to accept it or not, I realize you likely won’t, that was a game in which the Jags were ripe for the picking.

                I’ll bet that if you go back through comments to the articles posted here prior to the game you will find this mentioned at least once.

              1. “8 losses in a row regardless of the caliber of team they had is definitely a trend.”

                Yes, a trend without context. Box score analysis.

              2. LOL. Even the 49ers who were awful with the exception of 2011-2014 were able win win on the other coast during their down years.

                Like that psychology article you posted a few days ago, you’ll believe what you want to believe regardless of whether the facts prove it to be false.

              3. Jack,

                I just said it was a trend. But a trend without context. Is it surpring when a three win team loses out west?

                You made sure to point out Jax losing when they were favored. That’s valid except for the 90’s team examples.

              4. I wasn’t pointing that out. It just happened to be something the writer from Jax put in his write up before the game.

                And it’s not without context. Plenty of bad teams don’t have that type of track record. Case in point, me pointing out that during the lean years the 49ers were still able to manage a win on the other coast.

              5. Yes, a trend without context. Box score analysis.

                There is context. The Jags have never been a good team when travelling out west. That is a proven fact based on their historical record. Whether they have been good or bad overall, they have not played well when travelling to play the Western Division clubs. To quote Bill Murray from Stripes: That’s the fact Jack!

              6. “I wasn’t pointing that out”

                Quoting something is pointing something out. That part about the early Jags was a paragraph you could have left out, but you thought it bolstered your argument so you pasted it. Why else would you post it?

              7. rocket,

                You seem to be insistent on this. I don’t know how else to say it. It is not surprising when a bad team loses. Prior to last season the Jags won 3, 5, 3, 4, and 2 games.

                And look at the 0-16 Lions and Browns. They struggled out west just like they struggled everywhere else.

              8. Because I copy and pasted the part of the article that had to do with their lousy record on the left coast.

              9. “The Jaguars are just 2-11 in games played in Pacific Time and haven’t won on the West Coast since Jan. 2, 2005, when they beat Oakland 13-6 in the final regular-season game of the 2004 season.”

                Pretty sure the 49ers had some lousy teams since 2004 yet they were able to manage a win on the opposite coast during the non-Harbaugh years.

                Keep covering your ears and whistling in the wind.

              10. “Because I copy and pasted the part of the article that had to do with their lousy record on the left coast.”

                Hence you pointed it out. That part was the last paragraph you pasted. It wasn’t in between other points from the article. No need for it. Just own it.

              11. I don’t know how else to say it. It is not surprising when a bad team loses. Prior to last season the Jags won 3, 5, 3, 4, and 2 games.

                You don’t know how to say it because the logic behind the point you are trying to make is flawed. The odds are good that a team will not lose that many games in a row based on one set of criteria which in this case is geographical location. No matter how good or bad the Jags have been through the years, they have consistently lost when playing out west. No matter how you want to try and explain it, it’s a trend that exists regardless of how good the team is.

              12. “Pretty sure the 49ers had some lousy teams since 2004 yet they were able to manage a win on the opposite coast during the non-Harbaugh years.”

                Knowing you, you probably argued those wins were outliers at the time. What was our East Coast W-L record after Mooch and before Harbaugh? Or what is the record for poor teams playing on the opposite coast?

              13. “No matter how you want to try and explain it, it’s a trend that exists regardless of how good the team is.”

                I acknowledged the trend exists. Will you acknowledge that the expectations should be low for a team that had won only 17 games over 5 years prior to last season?

              14. I acknowledged the trend exists. Will you acknowledge that the expectations should be low for a team that had won only 17 games over 5 years prior to last season?

                Sure, I never said otherwise. My point is that the Jags have a history of losing when they travel to the west regardless of expectations.

                Also full disclosure: I predicted the Jags to win the division…in 2016. I thought they’d be good, but jumped the gun a year early.

        2. “As I said, it’s understandable that people aren’t sold on JG yet, I just disagree.”

          Yeah that’s fine, and not what my comment was in regards to. In that comment you also said about the 49ers getting the same odds as the Jags, “Pretty sure we beat them last year.”

          And yes, the 49ers did beat the Jags last year. And they beat them at home, just like the Cardinals had done a few weeks sooner.

          The main point of my response was that we need to take an objective look at the schedule they face this year. There are situations early on that Garoppolo has never faced to this point in the NFL, some definite potential for mismatches, and other things that don’t play into the 49ers favor like the schedule did those last 5 weeks.

    2. Jimmy isn’t underrated by most weighing in on the subject. ESPN just released their annual QB Tier rankings which involve a large number of NFL employees in one facet or another and they put him in the second Tier just behind Carr. For somebody with so little playing time that is a very generous ranking.

    3. Nothing wrong with optimism, and there is a reason for optimism with the 49ers. But the team’s odds to win the SB and the hype they have received this offseason are not reflective of a team that was 1-10 last year and has had losing seasons 3 years straight. So yeah, they are being overrated. They should need to prove the last five games weren’t a fluke, but instead most people have already crowned that as the start of a trend and Jimmy the saviour.

      Tbh, my biggest concern with Jimmy now is that the expectations are so high that if he has some struggles he will immediately be called a bust. When realisitcally we should be expecting some struggles. And as we saw last year, this team is not good enough to overcome a QB that isn’t firing, so him struggling likely equals team losses, which with the 49ers being so hyped atm will be people thinking they are underachieving. Which is nuts. This is year 2 of a massive rebuild.

      1. Yep. That 5 game winning streak to close out the season and JG’s play within it, have setup some lofty expectations that don’t allow for possible regression or take the rest of the roster into consideration. They could challenge for a playoff spot; they could also be under 500 again. Just too many variables to know for sure at this point.

      2. I don’t think the hype is solely based on JG. I think its more of the coupling of JG’s skill set and KS scheme. Its looking like the glove is fitting the hand. Wont be long before we know if its an exact fit or not.

        1. Agree UC. There is a positive outlook for this team with JG and Shanahan as the key figures. The question is how fast do they get there? I hope the hype is proven legit, but history tells us there are no guarantees in life or the NFL.

          1. We have all been around long enough to see lots of hype fail – lots. Always optimistic but experienced. Everyone seems to be keying on the last five games, where as I think those five losses are more of an indicator of what we are in for. Scheme. That’s when I was realizing this was unfolding much like Walsh’s beginning. You could see it coming but needed time and some talent. And then came….

      3. While I agree with you guys, let me know what you think about this:

        Could the 49ers situation be similar to that the Colts faced in 2011? Terrible. Get Lucky with the QB and in the playoffs the next.

        1. In some ways it could be similar as far as how big of an impact QB play could have, but the biggest difference is that Colts team was an established playoff caliber club that had a terrible season only because they lost Manning to injury. Luck joined a veteran team that was already battle tested, whereas Garoppolo is with a team as inexperienced as he is overall.

        2. It is most important to have stable leadership. Pill popping lead to crank calls. They did not protect Luck, and his surgical setbacks have made the team flounder.
          Niners are doing it right. Save only 13 players from the old regime, hit home runs in the draft, and spend money wisely to build it, brick by brick. Hope they are totally opposite of Indy, and become a perennial contender.

      4. “my biggest concern with Jimmy now is that the expectations are so high that if he has some struggles he will immediately be called a bust. ”
        If that’s a concern then the Niners are in a very good place. IMO, offenses don’t struggle or outperform expectations unexpectedly — the weaknesses tend to be known ahead of time. Niners have a good scheme and playcaller, and a good QB to implement the offense. The offensive supporting cast is improved and the players have had more time to get used to it compared to last season.
        The only two issues that may cause initial struggles in offense are (1) new O line taking longer to play together effectively, esp, in run game and (2) injuries in TC.
        Even if the O line doesn’t gel right our of the gate or there are injuries that affect performance, does Kyle and Jimi G care too much what the fans think of their progress with the scheme that their performance will be affected by either excessive praise or criticism of fan and media? I doubt it very much.

      5. Scooter:

        I think knowledgable fans, while excited, also understand that there will be ups and downs coming this year. It’s the press that mostly overhypes the 49ers, probably because there are too many writers chasing too few stories – so they sensationalize.

        And as UC pointed out above, it’s not just JG, but KS as well. Let’s not forget how many close games were lost in that 1-10 span. Had JG been the QB at least half of those losses and probably more would have been wins.

        I suspect that JG knows how to tune out noise and focus on the task at hand – he had a great mentor in Brady.

        1. We’ll see how many knowledgeable, and reasonable, fans there are if the 49ers have a slow start to the season and JG has some struggles. Call me a cynic, but I suspect there would be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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