NaVorro Bowman missed six tackles against the Rams

The 49ers have some time off before their next game, so over the next few days I’ll go through the coaches tape and highlights problems the Niners had during their most recent loss. Today, I’m highlighting NaVorro Bowman. He missed six tackles against the Rams. I’ll show you each one.

First missed tackle: First-and-10, 7:00 1st quarter. Todd Gurley gains three yards after Bowman misses him.

Second missed tackle: First-and-10, 3:05 1st quarter. Gurley gains eight yards after Bowman whiffs.

Third missed tackle: Third-and-12, 0:40 1st quarter. Pharoh Cooper gains two yards after Bowman whiffs.

Fourth missed tackle: Third-and-3, 1:24 2nd quarter. Cooper Kupp gains three yards after Bowman whiffs.

Fifth missed tackle: First-and-5, 2:18 3rd quarter. Robert Woods gains 19 yards after Bowman whiffs.

Sixth missed tackle: Third-and-10, 10:57 4th quarter. Gurley gains 16 yards after Bowman whiffs.

The Rams gained 51 yards after Bowman’s missed tackles. All respect to Bowman, but he’s not fit to play anymore. He consistently overruns ball carriers because he struggles changing directions. The 49ers should have failed Bowman’s physical before the season and reached an injury settlement with him so he could have left town with dignity.

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  1. Better than Eli Harrold though. You see that terrible play when Girley scored. Bowman is needed till we get something better . Harrold is garbage & should have been cut after he roided up & was terrible last year–Todd Kelly Jr.

    1. Another useless couch potato calls a professional athlete “garbage”. You are too stupid and arrogant to post on this forum. Get a life. Grant Cohn’s writing has always been garbage and his vendetta against Bowman is pathetic…

      1. Saying Bowman is washed up is on par with the news that there is no santa claus.
        Bowman was great with Willis. He made an incredible comeback. Then he made a second. However it is sad to watch his legacy diminish as his body gives up on him.
        The facts are on display. He cost the team a win in Seattle. Then a secomd against LA.
        I am sure he doesn’t want to be that guy. He will retire.

  2. WTF does this kid know about the NFL? He clearly fails to identify the facts. 1) Bowman is still better than 80% of players in the NFL at his position. 2) Gurley is clearly on track to be in the top 7 RB’s in the nfl. I would love for you to show this trashy article you wrote to Bowman. Lets get his FAIR analysis and rebuttal. Grant is trying to become the new Kawakami. LMAO!

    1. Username checks out.

      All he has in this article are the tackles that Bowman missed. I’m pretty sure those are facts – facts that reasonably lead to the conclusion that Bowman is, in effect, washed.

      I think we’re set with Foster and Smith as long as they’re healthy.

    2. Look, sir, no matter what Grant wrote, your handle is trash. It’s entirely inappropriate. Now, dealing with what Grant wrote, missing six tackles in a game is certainly disappointing, and if this keeps up, I think it’s reasonable to say that he won’t be starting here next year, at least I hope not.

    3. Facts are facts and they are clearly and unambiguously identified. And there’s nothing really subjective about Bowman getting run-over by Todd Gurley.

      He, btw, had the same problem against Seattle. Just nobody mentioned it.

      1. No. Bow was not run-over by Gurley. As Grant explained, Bow can no longer change direction quickly so he has to lunge. Straight up he takes on Gurley well, unfortunately football is seldom straight up.

        1. Great screen name. During his years with the 49ers, Leo lived around the corner from my grammar school. When he was out in his front yard we’d wave and say, “Hi.”

      2. Go back to the Seattle blog. I not only mentioned it, i posted highlights of the misses. Grant even mentioned it with reference that the team misses Smith.

  3. I don’t like the 49er bashing of late. I mean we all knew this was a 2-5 win season.
    If this is what it’s gonna be like all year, week to week, forget this!

  4. Grant, Bowman had a really bad game. I think at this stage in his career he is unable to get his body ready for Thursday games. He played better in the previous week against Seattle. I agree he is not the player he once was but is still better than Ray Ray. I think Bowman and Coyle should be our starters.

      1. That’s debateable Grant. They both were bad, many missed assignments by Ray Ray too. He’s too much of a “freelancer” and is out of position. It’s going to take time for Bowman to be even 80% of what he was. This is only game 3. Defense was tired after playing 40 minutes in Seattle on the road, than have to tackle gurley in a short week. We won’t be able to officially grade this team until week 10-11 to see if they are “geling” together.

      2. And Bowman was better than Armstrong the week before. You are always trying to validate your prognosis that players are done.
        You failed miserably when you said Gore had no more legs and now you seem determined to prove Bowman is finished.

        We all can see for ourselves that Bowman isn’t the same player he was before his injuries, but until Reuben Foster comes back Bow may still be our best player on defense.
        Focusing on Bowman’ missed tackles seems to suggest that he should no longer be on the field.
        Well, if you can find a better LB to replace him with go for it.

        1. Grant failed miserably when he said Gore had no more legs? Say what?

          I love Frank Gore. One of my favorite 49ers of all time. Frank was no longer even an average starting NFL RB when he left for Indy. Frank Gore is averaging 3.7 Yards per carry as a Colt, that’s good for 37th in the league (for starting RB’s) during that span. His longest carry as a Colt is 37 Yards, and his second longest carry is 22 Yards.

          Sentiment doesn’t win football games in the NFL. It’s always better to get rid of a player a year or two too soon, than a year or two too late. Bill Walsh understood this as well as anyone. Football is a young man’s game when it comes to RB’s in particular. As much as I miss having Frank Gore in his prime, his best days as an NFL RB were well behind him at the time of his departure, and having Frank backup Hyde was never going to be a workable relationship, so this was actually one of the few decisions Trent Baalke actually got right. Carlos has struggled to stay healthy, but that’s not something that could have been predicted when they made the decision to let Frank go. In fact, when it comes to durability, the odds are weighted against a 32 year old RB (Frank is now 34). The 49ers moved on from Gore at exactly the right time, and Frank’s diminished numbers as a Colt, support Grant’s evaluation.

          Carlos Hyde is just now entering his prime, and whether he is here next season or not, a healthy Carlos Hyde is a top 10 NFL RB in 2017, in any system, IMO.

          1. I have almost as much respect for Bow as a do Frank Gore. NaVorro Bowman is a leader of men, and I would be open to keeping NaVorro on the 49ers roster through next season if he was willing to take a pay cut and accept a limited role on this team. But as much as it pains me to say, NaVorro is no longer a high quality starting NFL ILB.

            Once upon a time, not long ago, NaVorro Bowman was an elite ILB who owned the middle of the football field and dominated opposing offenses. However, thanks to a devastating knee injury, and a ruptured achilles tendon, Bow is no longer that guy. When it comes to NFL Inside Linebackers, there is not a lot that separates the the great’s from the good. Instincts alone don’t make a great ILB. It’s only when you combine instincts, fearlessness, and tenacity, with exceptional athletic ability, that you become one of the very best in the game. On the flip side – when you lose some of the explosive burst, top end speed, and the ability to change direction on a dime, you lose a part of what made you special and stand out as an ILB in the first place.

            ShanaLynch understand NaVorro’s not playing anywhere near the level he was prior to the 2013/14 NFC Championship game. He’s not even moving as well as he was to begin last season, prior to rupturing his achilles. Bow is still a great leader and instinctive ILB, but he is now consistently a step behind where he once was on most plays, and perhaps even more importantly, he’s no longer able to move laterally or change direction like he once was prior to his injuries. There was once a time when you could count on Bowman in coverage, and he rarely missed a tackle. Those days are now long gone, and they aren’t ever coming back.

            The average NFL career lasts only a limited number of years, and injuries as well as father time are two reasons why division titles and Super Bowl windows also usually only remain open for limited amounts of time.

      3. Ray ray got the first two touchdowns scored on him. First one really wasn’t his fault but they ran it right over him. Second touchdown Gurly got him in the flats. He was completely fooled. The end of the second quarter he blew his coverage and they ran a slant giving up a huge gain with 2:02 to go. LBs aren’t looking good right now period. But dam at least Nick Belore isn’t getting his ass handed to him ever play. Last year I felt bad for that guy.

  5. Not wanting to make excuses for him, but I do wonder how the short week effected him. Given his injury history I can only imagine a short week is hard on his body, especially after the D played so many snaps the week before. And this was clearly his worst game of the season so far.

      1. Well there you go, even Bowman admitted he was under par and his body can’t handle short weeks. I am willing to give him a mulligan for the Rams game, so long as that is an aberration moving forward.

        1. Bowman came back relatively quickly from the Achilles injury. I’ve read that it really takes almost 2 years to make a full recovery. Let’s hope that he’ll be further recovered next year and his play will improve. We shouldn’t expect Bo to ever be the stud that he was, but it would be nice to see him really come back.

  6. Yes Thursday wasn’t Bowmans best but I don’t trust Ray Ray at all. Bowman had a bad game just like Hoyer started the season with a few bad games but doesn’t mean he is a total bum.

  7. Hi Grant. Your analysis is incomplete.

    You’ve shown freeze frames without showing initial alignment, original assignment, or identifying who the help defenders are in each instance.

    Did he blow assignments? Was he late on assists? Was assignment integrity maintained on each play?

    This piece is woefully inadequate as it pertains to the detail necessary to support your conclusion. You need to do better if you expect to be taken seriously.

    1. It doesn’t matter where people were lined up. He was in position to make the tackle and missed.

      Your hatred for Grant makes you stupid. The fact is, Bowman is done. Last year through 3 games he had twice as many tackles.

    2. WBest response to this way out-of-context article that Cohn wrote.

      Also not mentioned, NaVorro Bowman did well also because he had Patrick Willis next to him. Who was playing at Bowman’s side the past few games? Not even the backup Foster. Is it any wonder why Bowman is having a hard time?

      Chemistry and cohesion are often underrated when it comes to the defense. There are no battle-tested vets now.

  8. Grant you crack me up lol Bowman might not be the Bowman of old but he’s still one of our best players on the 49ers hands down until they find another. To single out one player for the horrible play of the whole defense is careless journalism.

  9. Grant is being Grant again! Hey Grant, can this team go 9-7 and if so how given the personnel and poor preparation by the coaches?

  10. Hmmm, Grant, it seems you have touched a nerve. These new poster names spewing insults are just predictable, and way off base.
    Bowman does seem to have lost a step, and the 51 yards of run after contact is concerning.
    Still like Bowman, but if he is hurting the team, he should let others play more. Maybe if he is used sparingly, so he does not get worn down, he can keep his effectiveness. I think Bowman is light years better than Bellore, who not only jumped out of the proper gap, he would block his own players. Sure is unfortunate to get older and injured.
    Guess some posters are taking a 3 game losing streak badly.

    1. Precisely, KS and JL both stated that Bow and MS would be alternating a lot this year. I’m sure they already knew he had lost a step and had insurance. That is until that idea was blown out of the water.

  11. Bowman was one of the best, a real warrior in the mold of Boldin, Lott and Cowboy. Due to injuries he is no longer that player. But I don’t believe management will have the courage to sit him this season – even at the expense of winning. Or maybe we owe this proud warrior an entire season as a liability – if this poor performance continues. I can only wonder what Bill Walsh would’ve done:)

  12. This “journalist” thrives on negativity. A serious movement needs to happen to remove this fool. It’s easy to see why Walsh absolutely despised the local media. Like he said, they love it when you fail. It gives them something to talk about.

    1. Psst, journalism in general is about bad news.
      Maybe you have not heard the term- if it bleeds, it leads.
      Grant is just doing his job, and seems to be leading the dialogue.

  13. When you tear an achilles it takes more than a year (year an a half at least) to completely heal. He tore his last year of October, so it’s still recovering. I wouldn’t say Bowman isn’t good anymore his at his prime. Yeah he missed those tackles, but he still anchors the defense

    1. I am curious Grant, how did he do against Seattle? (He seemed to have a good game, but do not know for sure).

      All I am saying is that if we point out his bad games, we need to point out his good games too. Especially point out the game when he is fresh rather than just the game on a short weeks rest, which is most likely going to affect the older players that are coming off major injuries.

    2. and because he anchors the D, he’ll try to “will” his way thru playing as many snaps as possible…he knows he’s the vet leader of the D, and so will force himself to attempt things his legs can’t follow thru on…
      I know it goes against his nature, but if his agent was to get him to take 2017 off, and hit the free agent market in 2018, it might have done his career — the remainder that is, more good. Hope he holds up for the next 3-4 games…

  14. What a load of trash… So he missed 6 tackles, the whole defense missed Thursday! They had 4 days to go from a defensive game to another game that started out having to be defensive! Bowman still leads with tackles… Get over it or find another team to write for…

  15. Grant dude what is up with you always writing these articles bagging on 53? Sheesh you’re like a effin pessimist. It is just rude, have some class. It’s Navarro FARGGIN Bowman man. SHM……. Show some respect. You are just a jock sniffer sailing in your fathers coattails. You’re nobody. Know your place.

  16. Grant – off topic, but I am curious as to what you see in Rosen’s game that you do not like? He looks extremely good to me and personally I would love to get him next year.

  17. Didn’t watch the game – time difference is a killer for evening kick offs – and not had chance to watch the replays yet.

    Grant, I appreciate these insights… good pointers for what to watch out for.

    Dont see this as “49er bashing”, just setting out a few facts with nicely illustrated pictures!

    A couple of things though:

    It would be interesting, for the sake of completeness and objectivity, for you to report how many tackles Bowman did make, and how this stacks up against other linebackers on the niners D and others in the league. He may have missed 6 (and those lost yards are a problem in any game) but if he also made a dozen during the game that may go some way to making up for the missed ones. Also be interesting to see how those yards stack up against Ray Ray’s ubiquitous penalty yards.

    Also, I appreciate that the niners are a losing team, and the game tape is going to have a lot more Fails than Successes. But… it would be nice if you are going to make a ‘thing’ of this to also show some illustrations of where things have gone well. Just for, you know, a bit of balance…. its not all bad!

      1. :0)

        I do it for the superbowl, and have done it in the past for niner championship/playoff games. And I have a vague recollection I stayed up for the thanksgiving, turkey-eating niners seahawks game a couple of seasons ago (was that a thursday night game?)… tho’ think i’ve largely tried to block that one out of my memory….!

  18. Bowman shouldn’t be in on passing downs but the release of Brooks coupled with injuries to lb core forces him on the field. The same so called true fans that are saying cut our last true locker room leader cuz he hasn’t fully recovered from injury are probably the same clowns saying Hoyer is an upgrade over Kaep.
    Jed blasted Trumps comments about NfL player protests, which obviously began with Kaep…..perhaps opening the door for the return of #7. These mounting losses and empty stadiums gonna put alot of pressure on front office, cuz if it don’t make $….it don’t make sense. If Grant had a pair, this is what he would be reporting on….not the demise of Bow #fakenews

  19. A handful of fans are saying tank, and they are happy for close losses. Dude, someone should smack the taste out their mouth….figuratively speaking of course. Never heard such foolishness…..
    I thought sebs and I were on the same page til he follows one of my posts saying don’t come on here bashing Grant, bro plz this is America and quite frankly I think Grant enjoys stirring the pot like his father. I feel like the periscope reports are lazy, and then we wait a few hours for an actual readable post. What a joke…..The only dif between Grant and alot of us is opportunity. Many of you are talented posters, much more legit takes than the garbage Grant throws at us……

    1. Sorry, Reed, I thought my admonition was kinda light, and I guess I am just sick of the others only coming on here to bash Grant.
      I do appreciate your posts, and I hope you notice that I do not engage Grant because he does not like Kaep, but I just think he stirs the pot like you say.
      Hope to see more of your posts, because we need more posters like you who tell the truth.

      1. I re-read what I said to you, and what you wrote.
        Reed, if you had just eliminated that last sentence of yours, I would whole heartedly agree with your post.
        Attacking Grant by questioning his employment is, frankly, beneath you. Even you admit that Grant stirs the pot like his father did, and I just consider Grant as doing his job. We do not need anyone fired, especially when it comes from Twitler.

  20. Lol grant is always wrong and his opinions are just that. He argued all summer about how the d was gonna be lined up even after saleh said how it was gonna be. The sad thing though is he will never lose his job as long as theirs haters. We need to stop reading his articles….their useless info anyways

        1. No, he said he was voluntarily going to stop reading these posts, so I just expressed the hope that he would keep his word.
          Reading is fundamental.

          1. You expressed hope that you would not see additional posts, Seb! As always you color the outcome for your benefit! He never said he wouldn’t post. You inferred that. Reading is fundamental!

              1. You can comment on posts without reading. I have done it before. So have others. In fact some of Grants threads are game threads which I never read, and I suspect others don’t either.

                Like I said, you inferred something and did not acknowledge that fact. For you reading does not come naturally. You jump to conclusions.

                Your illness is showing again, take your meds, get some rest. Avoid social situations.

          2. Many modern liberals are fascists, at heart.

            Things said that they don’t like is called “Hate Speech”. No one wants to be labeled a hateful person, so they try to intimidate free speech-insofar as it apposes their line of thinking.

            The truth hurts, and liberals do not like the truth.

  21. No, it was not one of his better games, or a very good game for him at all. Or for the whole defense for that matter. And yes, 3 games into this season, Bowman looks like he is struggling a bit. That said, who couldn’t see this coming from Grant. He’s had it out for Bowman for a while. I’m sure the first time Carlos Hyde struggles, we will see an article about how Hyde has never been a good fit for Shanahan system and how he (Grant) was right all along. And as always, there will be no mention of when someone he dislikes has played well, or when he may have been wrong. Grant, even the slightest hint of humility or reporting on situations that don’t support one of your previous statements would go a long ways towards building credibility.

  22. Bo had the highest player rating on the defensive team vs. SEA . With that being said, he is going to be the Go-At in upcoming offensive game plans. He’s a liability unfortunately at this point. LB’s that can’t cover, with no one around them like Reuben Foster to pickup slack or a line to app,l max pressure, well ….it will be fugly.

  23. I would say there is definitive evidence that Bowman is not moving even as good as last year prior to injury.. And he already admitted in print he was not physically ready Thursday night.. At this point I think they need to weave in Isiah Lee and split some of Bowman’s time based on how Bowman is performing week to week or obvious scheme disadvantage. He definitely should not be on the field for pass plays. Lee is fast, rangy and a good tackler. Let’s see what he can do..

    What bothers me about Bowman is he did this long interview just prior to the season opener claiming he was a better LB then Luke Kuechly and his burst was back.. That is a dishonest self analysis.

  24. Hope Grant posts a new blog about Trumpty Dumpty, and Jed’s response.
    Then Mid and others can scroll past, and avoid that blog post.

  25. Your analysis is skewed and slim on facts or context.
    ig the last picture shows FIVE niners around Gurley, yet you blame Bowman.
    Who was assigned to Gurley? What was Bowman’s job? Was he even supposed to be there?
    Grant you can do better than this.
    Right now you sound like our Dotard doubling down on nonsense.

  26. Hey Grant , incomplete assessment I think as a former LB . As I look at it he was the on LB around on 3 of the plays ,by himself . Watched the plays over again and the most I would agree with you on is 3. He was the only one collapsing on the ball Carrier. Ray Ray was 6-8 yards nowhere to be found. Another thing to keep in mind , none of the others made more of an impact at. (LB)
    I agree he has lost a step , and it’s more on him since none ( but Foster) have shown any of us they deserve to play , Ray Ray was out of postion on 4 of them ,so much for assignment ,but you didn’t point that out . In a fair assessment I can’t put it all on him . LB core in general stunk , but would I say it was all on him ,no sir.
    Think you need to take into account where his help was supposed to be coming from. Cause half the plays you pointed out he was supposed to have help , closing of the cut back ,which is where gurley made the most of it. Your eyeing the best lb on the field right now ,and imo he’s trying to cover alot more up , because of a lack of talent/ knowledge of the other LB . To say he’s missed them is to say you expect him to do it all.
    IMO that’s wrong . He did miss 2-3 tackles that are debatable . But he’s has no help on the others ,and play design calls for it . Why don’t you look and see if my way of evaluating it looks appealing to you when you considered where his help was supposed to be, and that’s where the ball went . ( On 3 of them plays) he can’t do it all on his own anymore is the point you made to me . On a short week,and with no help ! As always enjoy the debate ,look forward to the next.

    1. I replayed those plays, and Bowman was in position to make a tackle, but just could not wrap up the player.
      Granted, Ray Ray did not shine, either, so the LBs in general did not play well.

  27. Grant,
    Did you watch the UCLA game last night? Maybe you should channel your subconscious / suppressed anger on to the Bruin’s DC? Just sayin’….

  28. In case anyone is searching for extra rooting interests fodder… 49ers have the Steelers 4th, Bears 3rd and Saints 2nd round picks in the 2018 draft.

  29. Grant

    As painful as it is, and hard to swallow, I have to agree I’m sorry to see Navarro Bowman in his present state….’So nice remembering he and Willis ‘ruling ‘ the middle of the field in their younger days…I don’t agree with some of the personnel moves the niners have made…letting go of good, and keeping chaff…I’d like to see Bow’s snaps be reduced just to see if this season ‘heals’ him or if we just let him go into retirement with dignity….So sad….

  30. Seb,

    Long is the list, over the years, of posters you’ve asked ‘man up’ and eat crow for a perceived wrong.

    Now it’s time to pay the piper and down a crow hot plate yourself…..

    I’ve reposted your post calling Jed York a “gutless wonder” and “afraid of receiving a mean post” (from Trump)….

    Well Sebby, it appears, Jed manned up and sent Trump a mean post himself, so isn’t the gutless wonder you’ve labeled him….Do you have a fork and plate handy ?

    ‘CALLOUS and OFFENSIVE’: Jed York slams Donald Trump

    SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 7:25 PM

    Jed York on Saturday offered harsh criticism of Donald Trump, calling the President’s Friday comments about those who have been protesting during the national anthem “callous and offensive.”

    sebnynah says:
    September 23, 2017 at 10:40 am

    No wonder Jed has not insisted Kaep be re-signed. Being a gutless wonder, he probably is terrified at the prospect of getting a mean tweet. Niners are 0-3 with Hoyer, but many are counselling to stay the course. Yeah, stay the course, right over the waterfall.

    1. Jennifer Lee Chan‏Verified account

      #49ers CEO Jed York stands behind his players. A collection of owners responses to POTUS comments thus far

  31. Jed and his statement made me proud to be a die hard faithful Niner fan.
    Glad Jed is growing up, and showing the kind of leadership we have wanted him to display all along.
    However, words are cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Jed should thumb his nose at Trump and re-sign Kaep.
    The league seems to be conspiring to cause the Niners to lose, because of the corrupt officiating, so they really have nothing to lose, especially after looking at that empty stadium.

    1. I hope that’s not the case. Trump’s 1st 100 days in office have been unproductive unless you count the ongoing Russian investigation, and Trump may be using the NFL Refs as a diversion from his administration’s failings.

      Your point, Seb, that administration goals of reneging on DACA; Construction of a new border Wall; the firing of transgenders from the military; the ICE investigations and deportations all point to an unusual amount of flags against the 49ers, since Trump may perceive the 49ers are ‘Anti-Trump Agenda. With the Kap-American Flag protests that have caught fire in the NFL and their hiring of a lesbion NFL coach, I agree that it’s possible Trump had a talk with the NFL officials just like he bragged at the season’s outset he was responsible for the blackballing of Kap.

      TomD and a few others believe because of those outrageous calls, like the one on Trent Taylor, the Niners are 0-3 instead of 2-1.

      Trent Taylor’s supposed interference call on the last play of the game:

    2. Jed should thumb his nose at Trump and re-sign Kaep.

      You blast teams not signing Kaep because they participating in a blackballing due to his politics. And here you are advocating a team signing Kaep because of his politics. Come on Seb, don’t wear the coat of hypocrisy. It is heavy and will prevent you from moving boulders around.

      For the record, I hope the movement Kaep started opens more eyes than it already has, and open hearts and minds as well. Still, I want him kept far away from this team.

        1. Umm no, saw. The very height of hypocrisy are those who complain about an athlete comparing American police officers to pigs while supporting a President who compares American intelligence officers to nazis. That wouldn’t be you, would it?

        2. The very height of hypocrisy would be those who complain about an athlete disrespecting American service people by not saluting the the flag while supporting a President who disrespects American service people by attacking families who have given their family members lives in defense of our county. That wouldn’t be you, would it?

      1. Rib, I advocate for Kaep because I like SB QBs, and think he can lead the Niners back to relevance.
        I do not advocate for Kaep just because of politics. He is good enough for Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton. He gives the Niners their best chance to win, even though I decry his lack of voting.
        Sure am glad Trump got kicked in the teeth with the added non violent silent protests. Even some owners stood beside players in a repudiation of Trump. Hope Jed does that next game. That would show true leadership.
        Since Kaep last played on the Niners, they should sign him for a -Prove it- contract, and let him compete with Hoyer. Kaep is familiar with many remaining Niner players, and his style of play is a good fit for KS, since they rolled out, ran bootlegs, and did play action in the off season. Heck, in the preseason, they actually ran the Read Option, which Kaep can do in his sleep.
        Goodell sees that the blackballing is counter productive, so he should be advocating for some team to pick him up and play. The Niners, being 0-3, should be desperate enough to sign him.
        The Niners are confronted with an empty stadium. That is without Kaep. If they signed Kaep, it would signal to the fans that they are trying everything in their power to win. If they stay with Hoyer, I will accuse them of being content to lose. They will never break the loser lurgy, by not trying to win. Do not know what they are afraid of. Empty stadium, blatantly corrupt refs, and presidential bullying have not helped them win. Might as well try Kaep, and I am confident that with this improved roster, they can be competitive and win games with Kaep.
        Jed has a grand opportunity to become a leader who is not afraid of a mean tweet. It would be a courageous act to sign Kaep, and if he takes the league by storm, Jed will look very smart.

        1. As they have their QBs for this season Shannon and Lynch have shown less than zero interest in bringing Kaep back to this team.

          Seb, speaking as someone who sees some the world similarly to you, quit making yourself the biggest fool in Niners fandom with your Kaepernick fantasy.

  32. 41 points. The entire defense played horribly. To focus on Bowman is a bit of a head scratcher. Low hanging fruit I guess. Not one of your more scintillating pieces of work Grant, but we’ve all had down days at work. Perfectly understandable. Seb/Grant, we already have a mediocre QB. No sense in signing another one, especially when it would actually be a down grade from Hoyer. Set your sights a little higher, or in other words, don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.

    1. I’ll lay you 11/8 odds, Rosen is Shanny’s first choice out of the top 5 quarterbacks, should they decide to go that route with their number one pick….

  33. UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen completed 40 of his 60 passes for 480 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions in a losing effort to Stanford on Saturday. The Cardinal beat the Bruins 58-34

    1. So Seb,

      Given the fact that you stated their were circumstances beyond Kap’s control (Trent Baalke’s draft picks) that led to Kap’s downfall, and your assertion that Trump may be behind those bad calls by the refs in 2017, doesn’t Hoyer deserve the same priveledge as Kap to be the 49er starter—ie, “circumstances beyond Hoyer’s control”

  34. Cherry pick: To select the best or most desirable.

    Bow’s body wasn’t ready due to short week. I would like to see a follow up next week with a review of Bow when he has had 10 days rest.

    How did he do last week on normal rest?

    Analysis: “Outside of a missed gap assignment in the run game, Bowman played stout versus the run. He paced the linebackers unit in multiple categories including tackles for loss or no gain (2) and tackles of three yards or less (3).”

    “The pass coverage wasn’t bad either. Bowman was targeted just once all game–good for a completion of only four yards. He did miss a tackle however but other than that, clean game for Bowman all around.”

    Week 2 stats: 10 tackles (including 1 TFL) 
    Run Grade: 9/10
    Pass Coverage: 7/10

  35. Nice 80! Better yet, how about factoring in the first game too, good or bad, and then ad game 4 and maybe get a better picture of his overall performance. Too much work? Bit of a head hunt you think? Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to put forward judgement on Grant on one weak article, would it?

  36. Tom, you make way too much sense. Stop it!! Listen, in Sebcohn’s mind, if some team signs Kaep, it will be because the team wants to win and he’ll give them the best chance, but if the more likely scenario occurs and he isn’t signed, it will not be because of his mediocre talent, but rather the fact that he is being blackballed. The pure truth is his suckness doesn’t overcome his distraction. Pure and simple!

    1. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton do not think Kaep is mediocre. They hope Kaep will get a chance to play, because they have been defeated by Kaep, and think he is a starter in this league.

  37. I can say that I watched every game that Michael Jordan played and I can tell you that even Michael Jordan had bad games. Bowman is allowed one every now and then too.

    1. Even the UNC games? I saw those. Some live. Though I’m a Wolfpack fan! The one who was amazing to watch was Len Bias.

      1. No, in fact I need to be much more clear. I watched everyone one of his games as a member of the Bulls.

    2. Yup, even John Starks posterized Jordan once (I still have that poster, “The Dunk”) But MJ always had the last laugh, which as a Knicks fan I rarely found it funny.

      I think Bow still has a lot of game left in him.

  38. Seb don’t you have a black lives matters rally to attend to..or just walk outside I’m sure you and your liberal buddy’s can find all kinds of stuff that’s racist and unfair

    1. No, I just need to read tripe from you and your ilk to find not so hidden racism.
      Jemele Hill was right about You and Trump.

  39. Titans dropped 33 points on the’Hawks today.

    9-7 with this team is almost ridiculous to believe at this point. Go ahead and try and convince me that they’re only going to lose 4 more games the rest of the year.

    1. 100 degree weather and a long trip.
      Seahawks are a different team on the road. So with your theory the raiders after tonight are bottom 3 in offense?

  40. Bowman isn’t the difference-maker he once was thanks to the injuries but he’s still serviceable. We really need Foster back in a big way. That and I hope the DL brings it next week. If not I’m much more concerned about them than Bowman.

    On another note maybe you can post an entry highlighting all of Hyde’s big runs… Thought I heard somewhere he was a bad fit for this offense.

  41. Fact is 53 has had 3 major injuries. No one aside from foster process information as fast as 53. But his body just can’t keep up with his brain. But still it’s Fargin Navarro Bowman. One of the only remaining OG niners and true gladiators in the league. It sucks to see him struggle. I’d like to meet that seachicken fan that dumped popcorn on him as he was carted off when Reid injured him with his careless play ala Ken Norton ala Bryant Young. Weird how Bowman to me is same breed as Young.

  42. All Players lose a step or two, and eventually need to be released so a younger player can come along and take his Place. Teams who hang on to Players who have lost a step become door mats in the league. If you want your team to win then cut the dead weight. It hurt to see Joe Montana go, but it was the right thing to do. Navarro was a great player for a short time. We were lucky to be able to watch him play.

    From a forty niner fan since the days of John Brodie

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