The 49ers finally break through

SANTA CLARA — With a few seconds left in the 49ers’ first win of the season and their first win of the Kyle Shanahan Era, a 31-21 victory against the New York Giants, general manager John Lynch was on the sideline hugging players.

Players were on the sideline hugging Shanahan. Waiting in line to hug him. Even Lynch waited in line. Eric Reid cut to the front and poured water on Shanahan’s head. And as Shanahan walked across the field after the game, he playfully punched the 49ers PR director in the shoulder, as if to say, “We won!”

Shanahan was in love with everyone and everyone was in love with him.

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  1. The Giants played indifferent, and the 49ers played for pride. That’s something they can hang their hat on moving forward until they can get better players to carry on the standard….

    1. 49ers got no pride. They disrespect our flag and country. I root for any of them to be injures and I hope Seattle lowers the hammer on this awful team. I hope Jimmy G bails on this pathetic team, what a wasted trade for him. 49ers should’ve lost the team, kept up with the Browns but now we get to pick 3rd thanks to this loss and we can’t tradie it. Thanks Kyle you worthless sorry excuse of a coach and don’t you ever show John Lynch on Fox trying to rally his pathetic country sell outs. I’m glad I don’t watch them. I would’ve flung my TV out the window.

        1. You’ll never get a Superbowl. Eddie DeBartalo was the real legend. The York family are nothing but a version of Hitler the way they ruined this franchise and took it from SF. Hey, SF Giants sold, GS Warriors Sold, Sad KIngs sold, Raiders old owner kicked the bucket and took team to Las Vegas. York will sell this team or when the NFL goes bankrupt, he’ll have NOTHING. He won’t get any money. So Blair, I bid you goodnight and go F yourself and your 49ers. I hate your 49ers. I rooted for them when they had better ownership and a QB. I’ll never root for CJ. I’ll root for him to get destroyed.

          1. like the kid playing a 10 year old Woody Allen in ” Annie Hall”, after uncle Joey Nichols does his nickles trick, the kid says: “what an a***ole”!

          2. Barron minus 5000 I think your posts are a hoot. If I took you seriously your posts would bother me. But since I don’t, I sort of look forward to see what you would post next. I suppose it’s akin to laughing at a cripple, but I find your posts entertaining and funny.

      1. Do you even know what the our national anthem is about? It’s about revolution and saying f@#k you to power and asserting your independence and free will. This country’s laws not only allow for, but demand the people stand up to enemies foreign AND domestic. Watch this, you seem to be uniformed, unpatriotic, misled and you need to see a veteran’s opinion.

        1. So what does that make you 429Grower? A marxist globalist? People like your seem to paint anyone that does not follow your agenda into a stereotype so perhaps the reverse should also be applied to you as well.

    2. I think the 49ers played hard today for Goodwin’s famiglia.

      Adrian Colbert is for real. Move Jimmie Ward to corner. Tart FS.

      Today was a good snap shot of what Shanny can do for an offense.
      As as good as CJB was today, it’s Jimmy G time .

      1. posted the same thought earlier……”Adrian Colbert is for real. Move Jimmie Ward to corner.”

        I think we both disagree on Reid……

  2. It was the giants and they only have one win but C.J. played solid. Still think JG starts against the Seahawks? What’s the consensus on that?

  3. Drinking should never be allowed in the writing of this article as the 49ers played:

    A coachless team
    A worthless QB in Eli Manning that needs to retire
    A coach that needs to be FIRED on the NY giants.

    The 49ers themselves:
    Godwin’s son dies, should not have played
    Staley’s eye injury, should not have played
    CJ Beathard, should not have given him the game ball, you just motivated your next 6 opponents to bury your own QB: Sea, Rams, Hou, Jax, Chi, one beat down after another. CJ can’t pass that’s for sure.

      1. Gee, if I didn’t watch the game and CJ became Rudy and the 49ers became Remember the Titans, how did I enjoy it, Prime Time? 49ers beat a team that quit, QUIT on the coach, on the team itself, on Eli, on their fans. Giants were smart, you cut the coach, you cut Eli, you get a real Qb on that team.

        Prime, the TV was off. I may have seen the score, but NOT the highlight. Prime, you are a liberal with a mental disorder as a 49er fan. They are NOTHING. The team is garbage, they look like the san Rafael Bulldogs, look that up Prime in the MCAL, San Rafael Bulldogs that haven’t won in YEARS. I don’t like CJ, wasted pick, Wrs, garbage, OLine garbage, even Staley, I got no respect for a man in Staley or GOdwin that put health on the line like that. When you are hurt, you don’t play. I don’t know if it’s them or Kyle, but NFL needs to look into the 49er injuries and why these players try to play through them.

  4. After this last game’s performance, CJB deserves another start. They should work in JG slowly, until he has full command of the playbook.
    I think it is important to see JG play, just to see how he performs, so they can make assessments.

  5. Yeah you don’t care yet you’re commenting on a website every single detail about the game and what happened. I’ll donate to help out autism.

    1. So Cal Niner
      Try going direct to Inside the 49ers instead of going through Press Democrat and you should avoid the pay wall.

  6. Nice to get the first win, now for a accurate measurement how will they fair against the Seahawks, close within 3 pts team is moving in right direction. Blowout loss back to where we were before. If teams Wins make York the Gov of CA. Can be any worse the Moonbeam Brown and gets York away from the 49ers so we can build a winning team

      1. 420Grower— They nazi’s first showed up when they had to battle the marxists who attempted to over throw the Wiemar Republic in an armed takeover. The nazi’s were a reaction to marxists like you.

  7. If you are a NFL employee your employer can dictate you stand during the National Anthem while at work. There should be no disrespect, or distraction from the game. This will be the downfall of the league, but that is what people want to happen to anything that may be masculine. Gotta love the liberal thinking and their diversity unless you disagree with their view then they are the most intolerant of all. The NFL is dying and the players are pawns in the liberal movement destroying the hand that feeds them. Krappernick is a confused young man with questions about his race and a manipulative muslim gf, should have played baseball.

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