49ers fire Geep Chryst and 9 other assistant coaches

According to Pro Football Talk, the San Francisco 49ers have fired the following assistant coaches:

Offensive coordinator Geep Chryst
Quarterbacks coach Steve Logan
Wide receivers coaches Adam Henry and Ronald Curry
Secondary coach Tim Lewis
Defensive line coach Scott Brown
Defensive assistants Ejiro Evero and Aubrayo Franklin
Offensive assistants T.C. McCartney and Joe Scola

Pro Football Talk also expects the 49ers to ditch Eric Mangini and hire Houston Texans linebackers coach Mike Vrabel to be the defensive coordinator.

Who do you think Chip Kelly’s coordinators will be?

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  1. Why get rid of Lewis? I thought he did a great job with the DBs. Marked improvement over the course of the season. Also I’d prefer a DC with experience in that role.

      1. Ha-rumph!

        WTF, over?!? Seems like they come up one firing short each time…Baalke was a missed opportunity as well.

  2. I wouldn’t be upset if mangini stayed the secondary, hell most of the defense is young and to have to learn another new system could stunt their growth, not sure about Vrabels skills I know he was a badass LB but coaching is a different animal

    1. Defenses are a lot easier to learn than offense, so switching over to a new system wouldn’t be that much of an issue.

  3. I think a guy who has to constantly answer questions about the performance of his defense should pick someone to run it who’s actually held the job before and having more then 2 years of NFL coaching experience wouldn’t hurt either.

    1. Tim Ryan expressed that same concern. I was hoping for Mangini to stay as OC, with Vrabel in some kind of puffed up “Assistant DC” role since a lateral move to linebackers coach might not be doable.

  4. Barrows on who (might) stay – Eric Mangini. Thomas McGaughey and assistant, Richard Hightower. Tom Rathman. Jason Tarver. Mick Lombardi. Eric Wolford. Strength and conditioning staff.

    I’m happy the strength and conditioning staff held their jobs.

    Never crazy about Mangini, but I want him to stick for continuity sake. Hate to see him go just as the younger players are starting to get it. PFF reports Mangini is “a Belichick enemy”, indicating its Vrabel or Mangini… but not both.

    Tim Ryan didn’t think Vrabel’s ready for a coordinator job.

    1. Continuity under Mangini doesn’t excite me near as much as the upside that Vrabel represents….

      1. What upside does he represent? He’s had a relatively short coaching career. He has never called a defense or put together a defensive game plan. I worry he’s being considered based solely on his playing career rather than his excellence as a coach.

        1. 3 years as the linebackers and defensive line coach at Ohio State. During his last 2 years as the Texans linebackers coach, he’s been instrumental in developing Mercilus with a career high 12 sacks during this season and 3 more during the playoff game. Kushing led the team in tackles, and Simon had a career high 5 sacks this season. Even the Clowney had a career high 4.5 sacks.

          According to BB, no other player was more respected for his football intelligence and leadership than Vrabel. He has Super Bowl rings on three fingers as he points to the chalkboard.

          The continuity of cleaning house to get rid of the losing mentality should include Mangini. Vrabel is a rising star as a coach, and I can understand Houston having a problem with the 49ers going bold and hiring him as their DC, but Arians had no problem hiring James Bettcher. Ever heard of him? Me either….

          1. I’m with you on this Razor. He’s an up and comer. If he doesn’t get a shot this year with us, he’ll get one very soon. I rather it be with us. Well-respected, leader, innovative, exactly what we need

          2. Thats all very interesting except Mercillus credits Jay Caldwell with his improved performance. Also Paul Pasqualoni has been part of Clowneys development. I like Vrabel. I get to see him up close with the Texans. I think he’s a good coach. After the issues with first time coaches I prefer someone with experience.

  5. 2 thoughts:

    1. ProFootball Talk is the WORST site in all of sports. Mike Florio is a TOTAL dbag that thinks the NFL exists so he can spout his idiotic opinions. If you want to have some fun, make a comment even remotely critical of Florio or his site and see how fast it’s deleted. The censorship on that site is fun.

    2. The BEST story of trash talking I’ve ever heard was about Aubrayo Franklin and it came from a fan. Told by an old teammate of Franklins while he was with the Jets – Stadium isn’t full so it’s relatively quiet and players can hear fans yelling at them. Franklin comes out of the locker room to go through pre game warmups and a fan yells at him “HEY 94, ONLY ONE PLAYER PER UNIFORM!”

    1. Before NBC when Florio was running PFT out of his garage and he had the likes of Taco Bill helping to add a bit of levity the site was really great.

          1. Yep, we all know how those lawyers are. ;)

            I am not sure what hurts more, CFC – the lawyer comment itself or the fact that it serves to lump me into a group with Florio.

            1. If it was me, it would be the latter. :)

              I suppose it’s not a lot different then being a cop. Everyone talks bad about you until they need you.

              Besides, I can’t imagine that is the first nor the worst comment you’ve had to suffer with your chosen profession. :)

  6. The question is why did Geep Chryst and Steve Logan have a job in the first place?

    That’s what I would like to know.

    1. I used to listen to Steve Logan all the time on the radio back in Raleigh, NC. Always seemed very knowledgeable. I was rooting for him when I first heard about the hire. Too bad he didn’t pan out. Steve coached Jeff Blake and David Garrard at ECU. Not bad recruiting for a smaller school.

  7. Curtis Modkins now reported as a leading candidate for OC (much like Hue Jackson as HC?)

    Niners also reportedly reached out to Lane Kiffin. Though I’m not sure how realistic that is.

  8. I wouldn’t mind Kiffin as OC. Tough to see that though if Kelly is calling plays.

    Love Smith for DC? Pipe dream?

    1. Switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 takes a year or two personnel wise so that’s a no for Lovie.

      1. Yep. The DC they hire will in all probability be a proponent of the 3-4 as the personnel Baalke has been acquiring are best suited for it. Kelly also has typically had his DC run some variant of a 3-4.

      1. What are you talking about?!

        No one could explain “schematics” like Jimmy T.

        “Well you got a guy, ok? And he’s a real football guy, ok? And he’s got a get in there and be a football player.”

    1. They could do worse. Kelly will be running the offense anyway, so getting an OC that doesn’t handle the play calling but can provide good input to the run game development makes sense.

      1. The Lions were ranked #32 in run offense. I think I’d choose a different RB coach for my OC.

        1. Maiocco lists his responsibilties as the coordinator of the run game. So he was even more then just the RB coach, he was responsible for coordinating the 32nd ranked run offense.

          Nice choice, I can see why we would want him helping out our run game too.

          1. In that article that Razor linked to it details that he didn’t have control of the running game until Lombardi was fired at midseason. After he took over, they had over 100 yards rushing in 5 of the final 7 games. Sounds like he knows what he’s doing.

            1. Didn’t I say nice choice?

              Ok, busted for clearly responding without reading the article. You ask so much.

  9. I suppose if you want to be a run first team then hiring a RB coach to be your OC can make sense in certain ways but wouldn’t you hire a RB coach that comes from a team that runs the ball?

  10. Might look like Chip Kelly has changed his ways or is the type of coach who is willing to adapt to his personnel. Most of the OC’s being interviewed have a distinct background in the run game, power run game. Don’t know if this means which QB stays or go?

    1. I caught that. I’m guessing he’s adapt to his personnel, or confident the potential OCs can call any run system.

      It could also signal the 49ers low confidence Hyde can stay healthy for an entire season… so why customize a blocking scheme for him?

  11. Hmm, sounds like Chip likes Kaep a lot and wants to rehabilitate him.
    Shanahan wanted to move on from Kaep and select a QB with the Niner first pick.
    Guess who won?

  12. Seb, at the risk of getting into a long discussion with you, Kelly has said that his first requirement for a qb is “repetitive accuracy.” He also likes to see a quick release. Kaepernick fails on both counts. He looks like a god but he’s a “false idol.” Gabbert is a better version of the qb Kaep looks like. Kaep’s a goner. If they stay with him, I’m a goner.

    1. I also said that they should draft a QB, just not with their first pick.
      I like Hogan, but firmly believe Vernon Adams Jr will be a logical choice.

    2. Hey George, the reality is there’s a chance Kelly can get the potential out of Kaepernick. Consider in Philadelphia, Kelly did not have a quarterback that could handle part two of the zone read. Everything was a zone give, not a zone keep. He had to do a lot of different things to work around the fact that he was not in possession of an athletic, tough quarterback. If you think Gabbert is that guy, maybe you should pack your bags now….

      1. Funny, Razor. Say what you want about Gabbert, when he threw a pass I never winced about where it would go. That’s essentially what I’m talking about. Gabbert is more accurate and releases faster. I know that you know that. If your problem with him was his throwing on 3rd down to targets that hadn’t passed the marker, I think they can work with him on that and that a better line will give him more time. A better line will also help Kaepernick, obviously, but I think Gabbert withstands pressure better and has a brighter light at the top of the stairs.

        1. Keep your travel agent on speed dial, just in case Gabberts’ light begins to flicker due to an unexpected #7torm coming in….

          1. I cannot believe that Kelly would worship to the “false idol.” Chip’s probably seen him enough on tv to know how much of a disappointment he can be. Dick Sherman had it right.

            1. Kelly worships football and he’ll determine where the false idolatry exists on his roster, not Dick Charmin. I don’t care who it is, but I guarantee I’ll push in all my Chips and not fold when that determination is made….

          2. I would be very surprised if Kaepernick was retained. There is no sense in publicly destroying his value. However, as George has pointed out, the release, the decision making, the touch are all there with Gabbert. The receivers aren’t and the routes weren’t. Gabbert didn’t just snap the ball and throw. He went through reads and all that was open was the man short of the marker because all of the receivers in SF were JC quality slow route runners.
            At some point, it becomes the responsibility of the receiver to break a tackle and get the first down. We may never know if the routes were just designed to come up short of the marker or what.
            Blaming the QB for completing a pass no matter how short it was seems a bit outlandish. At least he gave the receiver a chance to make a play. On 3rd and anything I remember Kaepernick’s one hoppers time and time again.

      2. I think what it comes down to George is we likely don’t have our future QB on the roster right now.

        1. Maybe so. But let’s see what Gabbert can accomplish with a good oline under Kelly. BG seems to have the tools.

      3. Does Kaep need to look at the line of scrimmage when he calls the plays ? The Cardinal game was laughable, when Torrey Smith was wide open on the line and no one was covering him , and the dummy does not even look up and notice it. You would think that would happen to a 9 year old kid but nothing surprises me about Kaep.

  13. San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Is Chip Kelly Targeting Vernon Adams Jr. In 2016 NFL Draft? [Breaking]
    49ers QB of the Future a Duck?

    San Francisco 49ers rumors suddenly link Chip Kelly to Vernon Adams Jr. and the 2016 NFL Draft. Many 49ers rumors about Kelly and who the future quarterback for the franchise.
    In 10 games with Oregon, Adams completed 168-of-259 passes (64.9 percent) for 2,643 yards, 26 touchdowns, and six interceptions. He finished with a 179.1 quarterback rating with Oregon. Adams also had 83 rushes for 147 total yards, which included two rushing touchdowns.

    1. Last week I predicted that Gabbert would be the 49ers back up QB and that the starter would not be Kaep but another QB of Kellys choosing. I had no idea who that might be at the time but now things are getting clearer.

      1. January draft speculation, nothing more OC. Throwing darts at names would probably have a higher success rate this early in the year.

      2. Yep I agree with CFC. It’s speculation based on nothing more than Adams playing in the same system at Oregon. If only it were that easy to find a QB.

  14. Many of you seem to believe that Chip is adapting to his personnel. However, it seems to me that Trent Baalke has struck again. Chip Kelly doesn’t have a power running game in his scheme. I know this because I watch a lot of college football. Our #1 back we have is used to a read option scheme. He thrived in it in college. Why do we need a power running scheme? Let chip do what he does, except, make sure the offense runs to the line of scrimmage then let the play clock run down before snapping the ball.

    1. KY,

      I don’t think Kelly would have taken the job if he wasn’t going to be able to run his offense the way he wants. As to the personnel issue, the differences in Kelly’s system from what this team has run the past few years are not as drastic as you think. Many of Kelly’s fundamental elements are the same as the team has been running all along albeit with more zone blocking as opposed to man. The biggest difference is the tempo and some of the route combinations in the passing game.

    2. KY
      At least two of the three candidates that Chip is interviewing for OC (Lynn from Buffalo and Modkins from Lions) run the power schemes, not zone blocking scheme.
      Some aspects of Chip’s offense has changed since he moved to the NFL. At Oregon, he recruited a lot of small, fast players to play his style of “basketball on gridiron”. But in the NFL, he’s all about the Parcells philosophy of having big players. See this link below which was posted in an earlier blog:

  15. Does it matter who the Offensive Coordinator is ? I would assume Chocolate Chip will call the plays.

  16. “Lead with my Feet not my Seat”, Maybe I am drinking the cool aid but fun to see him taking on these questions from the reporters and correcting Grant saying it is a Zone option and not read option. Coach Chip is fired up, happy to be there, Not Scared , Not stuttering, Not making excuses, I am ready to get my out of shape butt back in the gym, read some stimulating books, sign me up and Jed and Trent don’t screw this up!

  17. That was fun Seb but he is taking on all those battle axes and has some thought provoking answers likes he is now talking about conviction! I have more hope now then I did when things started falling apart with Harbaugh, Seb, I have been very critical of Balke and York but if they can work with Coach Chip with Tom Gambles help and their staff, I have hope and belief, I do not think I am being fooled? How about you? I love his responces and his connections to people that are considered the best in this field!

  18. Wow! Talk about your night and day press conferences. Yikes! The young Cohn had a teachable moment, let’s hope he learns from it….

      1. I like the rest of chip’s response- Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are tearing up the league running that offense.

          1. I think Cam is at 59.7% completion this year, and Russell Smurph is 68.1%, which is very good….

    1. Quite a contrast from last years Tomsula introduction. We’ll see how it goes, but right out of the gate this team is in better hands than it was at this time last year.

  19. Please tell me what “championship roster” Trent Baalke has built Jed… Quit trying to sell your GM. He has built NOTHING but a stockpile of draft picks! Uhg I can’t stand when this idiot speaks!

  20. Grant…. long night? Bro you looked like you just walked in front a long bachelor party night. Lol
    And did anyone else catch Kelly school grant on the Zone read correction? Lol

  21. Kelly’s introductory press conference a re-run of the one he did 3 years ago. Almost identical.


    Interesting run vs pass oriented quarterbacks comments at 29 minutes.

    Not complaining. Kelly said about what one expects a new HC to say. Was nice to hear position coaches will be allowed to talk to media (not sure how long that lasts)

  22.  10m Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter
    49ers signing CFL standout WR Eric Rogers, per source. 49ers giving 6-4, 215-lb Rogers most lucrative CFL deal since Miami’s for Cam Wake.

      1. I wouldn’t say Rogers is a smoke screen signing, but Baalke likes to sign FAs for the specific purpose of not being pigeonholed into predictable need picks in the draft.

        He could very well take Treadwell.

        1. I’m going to a say he drafts Treadwell, dumps Ellington Patton and Simpson. IF Rogers pans out, Torrey will be the shortest recievers – Boldin 6’1, Smelter 6’2, Anderson 6’1, Rogers 6’3. It’ll be interesting how Chip lines up recievers for mismatches

  23. San Francisco 49ers HC Chip Kelly said it was extremely important to keep RBC Tom Rathman on his staff .

    Ryan Sakamoto
    ‏@SakamotoRyan Highly doubt #49ers LB coaches Jason Tarver & RB Tom Rathman are going anywhere. Kelly would be dumb to replace them in SF. Players love em.

  24. By Ryan Sakamoto

    Jan. 20, 2016, 11:22 am



    San Francisco 49ers HC Chip Kelly said it was extremely important to keep RBC Tom Rathman on his staff as he had this to say…

    sakamoto: 49ers’ HC Chip Kelly On Rathman: “Best Running Back Coach In The NFL.”

    1. I watched this guy a lot this year being up here in the Great White North. He is lanky, not great speed but has a great catch radius.

        1. Maybe not but he’s one of those ultra competitive guys. Makes big plays but again it’s the CFL.

              1. Thanks Prime, sounds encouraging. I think it’s safe to assume Treadwell will not be the pick….

              2. I doubt this signing has any impact on whether the Niners take Treadwell or any other WR. Last year the big CFL FA was Duron Carter, remember him?

                Cut in TC, added to PS, and released last week after not being offered a futures contract. Maybe Rogers is better, but this is nothing other than taking a flyer for the Niners.

              3. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Rogers will receive a two-year deal with a $100,000 base salary guarantee, a $125,000 signing bonus and $75,000 in other bonuses.

                Drop in the bucket Razor. They gave 100 grand guaranteed to a guy who had never played the game last year.

              4. Not really. The only expensive part is the SB which Carter didn’t get. Carter’s deal was going to average nearly $500,000 a year over 3 years if he made the team. The Niners have never been afraid to pay a good SB to unproven players. Rogers is only getting 25K more than Hayne did.

              5. Not really? He’s receiving a $125,000 signing bonus, $75K in bonuses and a $100K base salary guarantee, making him the NFL’s most expensive CFL signing since the Dolphins signed defensive end Cameron Wake….

              6. Of all of that the only thing he’s guaranteed to receive is the SB, which again, is only 25K more than Hayne received. It’s a big deal for a CFL FA sure, but that’s because there aren’t many who command much to sign.

                Another thing to keep in mind: this is less than they would pay 3rd day draft picks.

              7. Well, I didn’t think they would consider Treadwell with the seventh pick before the signing, and I don’t think the signing did anything to assuage my thought process. It’s Buckner or Jack unless Tunsil falls into their lap….

              8. My point was the signing of Rogers does nothing to sway them from taking Treadwell if that is a consideration.

                I can’t see them taking Armstead and Armstead 2, two years in a row and would be truly underwhelmed and discouraged if Baalke did that. I understand some are saying Buckner’s better, but I haven’t seen much to distinguish between the two and quite frankly taking a 3-4 DE of any kind in the first round, two years in a row makes no sense.

                I’d be fine with Jack and I would have been fine with Smith if he hadn’t ripped up his knee, now that we are picking outside the top 5.

              9. He’s THE 3-4 defensive end in the first round and perhaps you forget what winning in the trenches means….

            1. I haven’t forgotten what winning in the trenches means. Buckner is not a big need and is very similar to last year’s first round pick. I’d rather take a comparable or better talent at another position and sign Malik Jackson in FA.

              1. I disagree, DL is right there with OL and OLB. Didn’t Baalke take back to back safeties in 2013/2012? Until there’s a Malik Jackson signing, (sounds like you’re trying to upgrade)Buckner is in the conversation….

              2. Razor,

                They don’t need another rookie DL with a first round pick. They’ve got a number of young DL including a carbon copy of Buckner. What they need is a vet with experience like Jackson so they can let the young players they have develop as part of a rotation.

              3. If they don’t sign a FA DL starter then I think DL is a draft priority. But I would prefer they sign a good starter in FA and draft a guy in mid rounds (3-5) to develop.

              4. If they don’t sign a FA DL starter then
                I keep banging this drum but this is why the draft talk should go on hold until FA starts up.

              5. Yeah, that is why I combine mock drafing with mock free agencying. That way I can be doubly wrong!

  25. How many think if Jimmy Tom was still the HC, Mr. Rogers would have picked the 49ers, raise your hand?

    1. I hope The Chipster was in on the Roger’s evaluation process–not just Baalke to prevent the 2nd coming of JJ Stokes

  26. When’s the transcript getting posted so I can make rash comments and responses before reading it?

    1. Unfortunately for the fans and Kaepernick, he was forced out and replaced by an incompetent Jim ”
      That’s funny I didn’t find it too unfortunate. I think we can guess what side of the Kaepernick fandom fence he’s on.

      Not only that but outside of ‘guessing’ that Kelly likes Kaepernick he doesn’t illuminate in any fashion exactly HOW Kelly is going to save Colins career outside of this one ambiguous statement, “He could utilize him like he did Marcus Mariota and Michael Vick.” Umm, ok. My favorite part is that after giving no specific suggestions or details on how Chip might save Colins career he comes out with this sentence, ”
      If anyone can save Kaepernick’s career, it’s Kelly.” Wow, you really made that obvious didn’t you?

      1. Damn I put the bold on the wrong part. That first part should be ““Unfortunately for the fans and Kaepernick,

      2. I think Kelly’s offense would click on all cylinders with a quarterback, like Mariota, who can put the option to “keep” back into the ZONE read. Whether that will be Kaepernick, I do not know. I don’t think Gabbert can do it and survive, which is why Bradford believed it was better to give than receive….

    2. I would love to see Kap excel in this offense, I really would, but other than being a great straight line runner, I don’t see the other parts of his game really fitting with what Kelly likes to do.

      The offense is predicated on quick decisions and distribution of the football. One thing we have never seen Kap do is get rid of the ball quickly. Kap was at his best in Harbaugh’s system of run and playaction passing. There will be some of that in Kelly’s system of course, but I think Kap is better suited to more defined reads and the element of time he gets in the playaction passing game.

      Maybe he can adapt and have success with Kelly, I don’t know, but looking at his history I don’t see how anyone can assume this is going to be a great fit. This is very different from the Pistol he ran at Nevada.

      1. The only reason CK excelled with the 49ers for two reason, because of the 49ers Stout Defense and OL and RB Frank Gore’s ability. Those factors covered up kaepernick deficiency. Now, when those ingredients are gone, CK is just a mediocre QB in the NFL.

  27. Why did Chip Kelly keep bringing up Gabbert’s name during the press conference and in the small sessions that followed?

        1. Seriously though, I think Coach is setting up a competition just as it should be. Now, one of several things can happen. Beginning with Kaepernick informing the Chip off the old Baalke that he’s not interested in playing for the 49ers and he’s released or jettisoned, he competes and either wins or loses. He could then be jettisoned or released, restructured and reemerge if Gabbert were to go down….

          1. Razor

            I would bet that since he has been the Head Coach of the 49ers, Chip has watched film on every pass, run, or misfire, since 2010 and beyond. It’s nice to have a clue about your QB, but I think that you undersell coach Kelly. He devours football! We (bloggers) have a tendency to be a bit acerbic in our assessment of coach Kelly with NO REASON WHATSOEVER.. The best advice, I believe is to “hide and watch”….He’s everything he claims….

        2. No need. I am very pleased. Chip will install all the concepts that I like, and he will seem like a genius by rehabilitating Kaep’s career by not forcing him to be only a pocket passer.
          Believe it or not, He said more in a few sentences, than what Tomsula said all presser. He schooled the media, Grant included.

  28. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    ‏@timkawakami Other presser overview: Chip Kelly is immediately the smartest guy at 49ers HQ and it’s not by a little bit.

      1. Dianna Marie Russini Verified account 

        @diannaESPN 49ers have offered Mike Vrabel the DC job. 49ers waiting to hear his answer per sources #49ers

    1. Seems like a pretty big slap in the face to a guy that has really been seen as a Baalke guy, Mangini. If this is the case I’m really surprised that they didn’t give Eric another year.

      1. First bringing in Eric in the odd role of TE coach made a lot more sense when they promoted him to DC. He clearly had the looks of a guy the franchise wanted to be a part of the long term plan. What changed?

          1. There is that too. Kelly probably isn’t a fan of Mangini due to his relationship with Bill.

          2. The circumstances along the Parcels coaching connection had me under an assumption that Baalke had a real preference for Mangini. To the point that It almost felt like keeping Mangini as DC was going to be a pre-req for the HC job. Hiring Kelly, Baalke had to be aware that he wouldn’t want to keep Eric so clearly all of that was an erroneous assumption but It still leaves me wondering what happened.

              1. It’s very possible that Jed did just that, and that, as HC, Kelly is serious about picking his own “football guys.”

            1. The possibility of that brings out so many issues and further questions that I’m going to just plug my ears and say “na na na,” if I don’t hear it then I can pretend to not know about it.

        1. Production and maybe the youth can relate better with a young Super Bowl winning DC. Have you heard Vrabel on Hard Knocks? He’s great!

        2. Mangini’s cover wasn’t even as a position coach the first year. He was just there. What’s changed is that they hired a real head coach who has real control of his staff.

      2. I see it like a high draft pick where you select potential and high ceiling over a lesser prospect. An example would be the justification of selecting Lynch over Goff….

      3. The 53 belongs to Trent, but the coaching staff belongs to the head coach again, even if it didn’t completely belong to JimmyT. Why would Kelly pick Baalke’s guy if he likes someone else better. So far the question is who knows? Not me.

      4. I think it’s probably more a case of purging the stink of Tomsula. Fresh start, fresh faces at the top. Also removes a guy that is likely looking for his next HC job.

        1. Mangini will never get another HC job in the NFL. I agree as I pointed out previously, that continuity in purging the losing mentality should include Mangini….

        2. I think it’s probably more a case of purging the stink of Tomsula,/i>

          Scooter, never has a phrase been more fitting than this one.

          1. Whoops that actually should have looked like this:

            I think it’s probably more a case of purging the stink of Tomsula,

            Scooter, never has a phrase been more fitting than this one.

            1. The real reason they hired Kelly was for his superior diet, and thereby avoid Tomsula’s whoppers…

  29. FWIW Dianna Marie Russini ESPN – “49ers have offered Mike Vrabel the DC job. 49ers waiting to hear his answer per sources.

    1. I believe he’s up to the challenge, and we’re about to find out if he believes it….

      1. Saw Vrabel on Hard Knocks last night just to get a look at his coaching style. Everything about him (naturally) screams position coach.

        Tim Ryan’s concerned he isn’t ready to make the leap. Like the Kelly hiring, it will either work very well, or flop.

          1. Time Ryan is an “in house” guy no doubt. But that can go both ways… Mangini or Vrabel.

            1. Sorry. You lost me. In my experience Tim is down on anyone the organization is setting up for a leak campaign. He never found anything to criticize about Jim Tomsula. I can’t be sure, but I doubt that he ever seriously criticized Mangini no matter how disorganized the defense looked on occasion.

              Someone, probably Baalke, preferred that Mangini stay as DC, and he may still do that. Tim seemed to go out of his way to complement Vrabel in a way that would diminish him as a candidate for DC.

              How ever it goes, it looks to me like the first disagreement between HC and GM over the HC’s prerogatives.

    2. The inexperience factor is a tough one to look past, but a couple of things in Vrable’s favor:

      He played for the best defensive mind in the game for a number of years (Belichick)

      He played for and then Coached under Belichick’s best DC the past two years Romeo Crennel).

      There is an obvious link to Belichick’s defense here. We could say that about Mangini too I guess, but unlike the other Belichick disciples, Mangini has had little success away from NE with his defense. In contrast, Crennel and Pees have both done very well as the DC of other teams.

      The question is whether Vrabel is able to pull it off when he’s the one in charge on game day.

      1. The experience will show up on game day. Under the pressure and time constraints of a game will he be able to call a good game and make adjustments on the fly? It’s very similar to the Singletary/Tomsula situation. A cheerleader type coach that guys love to play for but does that imbue him with the knowledge and experience to scheme and make adjustments in the heat of the moment? For Tomsula and Singletary we found out the answer pretty quickly.

        1. Yep, if they hire him we’ll learn the hard way. But all coaches need to start somewhere, and all DCs were once new to the job. Let’s hope he’s ready if they hire him.

            1. You’re not seriously comparing moving a DL coach to a HC to a LB/DL coach to DC are you?

  30. Also, the 49ers have talked with Hardy Nickerson about being their

    linebackers coach, NFL Network reported. Nickerson served in that role the past two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after stepping down as Bishop O’Dowd High School’s coach.

  31. Maybe this is the first “collaborative” tug of war going on between the new coach and the other two guys.

  32. It seems obvious from what I’ve read about Kelly, and from todays press conference, that Paraag will be in the center of Kelly’s analytics program.

  33. My impression of the presser. Chip accomplished his goal. He wanted to be the smartest guy in the room, and the media obliged him.

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