49ers fire Jim Tomsula

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have fired first-year head coach Jim Tomsula.

Team CEO Jed York will answer questions about the firing and the season Monday morning at 10:30. In the mean team, here’s a written statement from York: “Jimmy has been a valuable member of the 49ers organization for the last nine years. We all know he is a man of high character, and his contributions on the field and in our community have always been greatly appreciated. This entire organization is proud and grateful to have worked so closely alongside Jimmy. We all wish him and his family great success in the future.”

Two questions about York’s statement:

1. Do you think Jim Harbaugh, Vic Fangio, Brad Seely, Ed Donatell and Mike Solari consider Jimmy a man of high character?

2. Do you think Jimmy will get another job in the NFL, or do you think coaches will avoid him because they think he’s disloyal?

UPDATE: The following tweet may answer both questions.

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  1. He was a nice person but not suited to be HC. I don’t blame him but The Yorks for this debacle

    1. Agreed ! Jed York and Trent Baalke are at fault for the whole Harbaugh /Tomsula debacle.

    2. Jim Harbaugh coaching career:

      What the Stats Say:

      NFL: 44-19-1;
      College: 39-24

      Playoff/Bowl appearacnes: Sun Bowl-L; Orange Bowl-W; Citrus Bowl-W; NFC West Div Playoff; NFC Title Playoff; NFC Div Playoff; NFC Title Playoff; NFC Div. Playoff, NFC Title Playoff.

      What the Stats Mean: When Jim Harbaugh runs his builds his own Program w//o 49er GM Trent Baalke shopping for his offensive or defensive players, Harbaugh wins larger bowl games…When Baalke runs the programs, losing happens more frequently.

  2. Dear Jed, admit you f. Ed up and own it and learn from it. Get the best offensive mind regardless of cost. You have a team with kap gabbert and possibly a first rd qb, you can’t Alex smith them. Another wannabe on the cheap like Nolan Sing Tomsula will get you 2 planes of venom every home game! Age is no deterrent Bill Walsh and coughlan won 5 Super Bowls, Belecheck and Arians may win this years. Choose wisely

      1. Just amply demonstrated that Jed has no class to leak before the game that his HC was going to be fired.
        Baalke should be next.

  3. There is a God! Did anyone really think Jed was going to give this staff another year? Cmon man!
    Now the next best wish, fire Baalke

  4. Interesting questions Grant. No way to know unless you were in on the way it went down when Tomsula was hired. I have often wondered if Tomsula’s loyalty would be questioned. The Optics are that he stabbed a few guys in the back.

  5. I think he will sit on his fat tush, and count his Ten Million dollars coming to him. Ok maybe 3 to 5 million in cash. I think his name has been tarnished and not sure if he will get another NFL coaching job. However I do know one thing , he won’t get a Broadcast job, since he does not speak English other than saying ok ok ok Let’s Go Let’s Go

  6. Well Jimmy Tomsula is gaurunteed like 10 million on this contract.

    Pretty sure it has offset language included so he would be a fool to work anywhere the next few years.

    Wait till after the contract and then get another position coach job.

    He will definitely never get another head coaching opportunity again in life and position coaches don’t make that type of money he is getting paid.

    1. I disagree here. Tomsula will get hired again as quickly as this season. I point to Nick Saban as an example. He quit by leaving a note. Commentators and coaches alike questioned how he’d ever be able to recruit in the parent’s living room when he left the way he did. I’d say he recovered nicely.

      Tomsula is the Nick Saban of DL coaches. He, in my opinion, is a back stabbing rat. However, Tomsula has lost all credibility as a HC with his ineptness in front of the media and on the field while in SF. He has no lost all of his credibility outside of anything other than being a position coach. His opinions hold no water. That makes him a safe hire.
      Dallas, Detroit, Cleveland, San Diego, and even Oakland would be interested in him. Perhaps he could end up in NE as York will ask for a favor from Kraft for Tomsula’s loyalty to York.
      He will be rehired though. Perhaps he’ll learn from this mistake.

  7. So who’s on the short list for replacement?
    Sean Payton?
    Chip Kelly?
    Adam Gase?
    Mike Holmgren?
    Chuck Pagano?

    1. Fire Baalke!…hire Holmgren as GM…..let him handpick the new HC and handle the draft…we don’t need to do the “green thing” and “recycle” another NFL head coach, let somebody else do that….and once again, Jed needs to stay away from football operations for a few years….the new GM and Jed don’t need to be BFF’s, this is a business decision, and friendship has no place in successful business…mutual respect is all that’s required here…they’re not gonna sit around after a game and sing “Kumbaya” together….but, Jed is making money hand over fist with the new stadium, so he may not give a damn.

  8. 49ers paid Tomsula 14 million dollars to coach ONE season? He was getting no offers from other teams. HOW DID HE MANAGE THAT?? SOMEONE HAS TO HIRE HIS AGENT ……THAT GUY IS GOOD !!!!

  9. Well, Carter did say to have a fall guy set up. Tomsula fell on his sword, but Jed and Baalke will still be blamed for this train wreck.

    1. Seems the honorable person you thought JT was is a myth. The leaks are saying that Jed will stay out of the hiring process this time. This would lead us to believe what we’ve heard that Jed wrecked the Gase deal and Baalke actually had the teams interest in mind.

  10. I know Tomsula wasn’t a great head coach and agree with the decision, however, really, he’s getting a load of criticism ..when Harbaugh only had 3 more wins last season, with all the studs. I loved Harbaugh, and couldn’t stand the decision to go with Tomsula, but I don’t think Tomsula is all that bad as being made out. 3 wins, thats a fact. I know its more than that, our offense, etc, but do you really think we’d made the playoffs with harbaugh given the same team, I don’t know, man I don’t ..would have been tough for Walsh IHO.

    1. You’re missing the bigger picture. Win loss record isn’t the only metric. You have to look at what it takes to be a head coach. Clock management decisions. When to go for it on 4th down. When to kick a field goal. Don’t take a knee at the 2 yard line when the opposing team as 2 timeouts left.

      Jimmy T seems like a good dude, but he is not head coaching material. You have to be a leader of men to coach a football team. That is not who Tomsula is. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, Tomsula was behind the 8 ball from the beginning, but even if he had the same squad from the 2014 season, I doubt they finish 8-8.

    2. Harbaugh didn’t have “all the studs” last year either. If you have been reading this blog you would know that.

  11. FTW

    Coach HarbaughVerified account
    Do not be deceived. You will reap what you sow.

  12. Does this mean the Jed has some humility? Think about it….by firing JT, it’s basically admitting he made a mistake with the hiring….a no confidence vote, if you will…what he needs is a good hard slap across the face to wake his arrogant ass up…does he not notice how the successful franchise owners ( see Kraft, Bolen and Rooney ) do things? If he does, he must believe his way is better, or he just isn’t paying attention…Jed, do the people that pay at the gate a favor, and stay the hell out of the football operations….hire a head coach with some moxie, and knowledge of the pro game, and not somebody that you’ll get along with…he doesn’t have to like you, but he needs to respect you…and vice-versa….and by no means don’t get us a “players coach”… Those guys get used as a treadmill by the players.
    At this point, it really doesn’t matter what Harbaugh, et al, think….Harbaugh made the point clear in a “post firing” interview when he mentioned his loyal assistant coaches, of which ‘Jimmy’ Tomsula was not among….I believe that Tomsula will get another job in the NFL, but no way will it be as HC….he’s not qualified….as a D-Lne coach, yes….he may very well have learned from this where his bread is buttered and where the loyalties need to be

    1. But was it Jed or Baalke that was responsible for Tomsula’s hiring? Did Baalke give in to Jed or did Jed give in to Baalke? If it was Baalke who wanted Tomsula, as many close to the team believe, it is Baalke who should be made responsible. Elevating a defensive line coach to head coach is a classic Peter principle mistake. And whoever did it should take full responsibility for it. And that has to be more than the lip service that politicians so often give to the same.

    2. 55 niner

      I like your posts today…Harbaugh is gone and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. What the hell is he doing posting on here the day after his COLLEGE team beat up some palooka team with some previous coaches players. His ego just won’t allow him to skip an opportunity to get his name in the papers. What I dislike intensively, is the absolute info about the so-called ‘leaking’…it’s all speculation; so far I’ve heard that it’s Baalke…or it’s Jed…or it’s JimmyT or the man in the moon. Talk about shoot from the hip!!!

      1. Can you point me to Jim Harbaugh’s post in Grant’s blog. I will enjoy reading it.

        What is a palooka team and when did the University of Florida become one? I have always thought of them as a farm team for the NFL.

        “Michigan and Florida’s Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl matchup was supposed to play out as an evenly matched struggle between two of the top defenses from the Big Ten and Southeastern Conference.”

        “Someone forgot to tell the Wolverines.”

  13. No. Tomsula will not be working in the NFL next year.

    Per Florio who has been spot on so far:


    “As a practical matter, Payton will surely know which team will calling, and he’ll know which team he wants to coach. The compensation is likely already being kicked around, especially with Jay Glazer floating a second-round pick as the price tag earlier in the day.

    The primary options could be the 49ers and the Colts, with the Giants as a long shot and the Cowboys as an even longer shot. Sure, the Cowboys have said coach Jason Garrett is safe, but Jerry Jones has a habit of supporting someone right until he decides that he no longer does. If Payton will be leaving New Orleans, Jones may not want to miss the chance to snag him.”

    I would love to have Payton as head coach. The man knows offense and he has a little edge to him. He would be worth a second round pick. Also, Baalke and Payton have history with Parcells.

  14. “Do not be deceived. You will reap what you sow.” – Jim Harbaugh Tweet 8 minutes ago.

      1. If there was a weasel in the hen house, I would have guessed Mangini. He rolled in with a vague job title and role, became TE coach (of all things) the following year, then replaces Gase’s choice as DC… Fangio.

  15. Was Tomsula nothing more then a placeholder for a season? Did the team have their sights set on someone they knew wouldn’t be available until 2016 so they needed a one year seat warmer for the spot and found their patsy in Tomsula?

      1. If they’re willing to spend 10 million as part of a brilliant plan, what’s a second round pick?

    1. Tomsula was one of the lowest paid coaches in the league as I’m constantly reminded by the ‘Yorks are cheap’ crowd. If the team was only hiring a one year patsy could they have found anyone cheaper?

    2. Jim Tomsula was hired because he was well liked by the York family imo. I truly believe Jed thought Tomsula could coach the team and have the same results because the roster was loaded. There were rumors he said this and his actions bore that out. This season was a humbling experience for Jed and might finally have convinced him that he should no longer be involved in football related decisions.

  16. To be honest, I think Tomsula was made a scapegoat by Baalke and Harbaugh. Yes, he was a terrible…scratch that…horrific coach, but those two never made a true effort to help him succeed either. No one wanted to come to a team that they believed the coach to be a one-and-done.
    I can’t answer your first question, but your second one is a definite yes because Tomsula is one of the best DL coaches in the league. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Seahawks snatched him up.

    1. It would seem that if he does not get employed by another NFL team, the speculation on whether or not he was the rat would be substantiated….

      1. That’s possible, though it’s also probable that the rat story was leaked to the media by the Yorks in advance because they foresaw this season coming and wanted an escape route in regards to Tomsula.

          1. Was that aimed at Tomsula or the 49ers front office though? You can make a case for both.

            1. Sure, I read it towards JT since he’s the one getting fired, but it could be towards the FO since they could be deceiving

              1. I guess Kawakami is sure.

                “Do not be deceived. Jed and Trent you will reap what you sow.”

                Tomsula has the money how ever much it is, he still has a good harvest.

      2. I’m curious if the head coaching gig was the reward for carrying out the Baalke/York plan to get rid of Harbaugh thru media leaks, OR, if Tomsula manipulated everyone by planting the seeds of turmoil with management and fertilizing the discord thru media leaks.

    2. “I think Tomsula was made a scapegoat by Baalke and Harbaugh.” … JedYourkTheDork

      Is that a strange typo or are you from another planet? No one else seems to have noticed. Maybe I’m on another planet.

    1. Our future boys and girls of dream land is in the hands of missing persons — Trent and Jed.

  17. I went to levi’s for a game. It was horrible. I said I would never go back. Then I did, for a dinner at Mina’s. $600 for mediocre food and even worse service. Joke’s on me. I feel bad charging my company for this one, but I’ll get over that. I For Sure will not go anywhere ever to any levi’s venue. I am disgusted with York, and now I am disgusted by my lifelong team. What happened to my 9ers. What happened to “Class”?

      1. I think we’d all be surprised at how few use their own money to visit Levi’s!

  18. Hire Sean Payton and have him bring Drew Brees with him. Draft Jared Goff and have him ride the bench behind Brees. We need to then trade Kaepernivk for high draft pick to compensate for Oline

  19. Rodgers redzone Int shows that even the so called “elite” make boneheaded decisions when their cranium has been bounced off the turf all year….

  20. The writing is on the wall..Jimmy T survived this long for a reason..He might have been the worst head coach ever hired in the NFL..As much as I want Baalke gone if he can land Payton I’d be happy..Payton flaw in New Orleans has always been his defense. .Baalke flaw has always been offense..If these 2 can work together watch out..Find a way to get Goff let him sit behind Gabbert and learn Paytons..system..Our D can be solid need one more pass rusher should be able to over pay for a free agent.. (Von Miller)then unlike everyone else I believe we need weapons. .We need a real receiving threat..Not one of our offensive players scare anyone..Let’s draft receiver ,o line and pass rusher

  21. Anyone else think Arians had a few choice words for his team after the game? I’m betting it got colorful….

  22. Greenbay may be better off losing this game. Would you rather play the Squawks or the Rednecks?

    1. Redskins are hot too. They may not be as dangerous, but they’re very formidable. This is the first year of playoffs that I can remember, where any team could make a run and win it all….

  23. Got to love Harbaugh tweet.

    Do not be deceived. You will reap what you sow.

    Means that Jim Tomsula is a scum bag.

    1. Neal: It’s classic.

      JH didn’t mention names, it is ambiguous, and yet clever. Is it directed at York? Baalke? Tomsula? To all of them…I believe.

  24. I think Sean Payton would be a good hire but not for a 2nd round pick. Also, he hasn’t had the best success hiring quality defensive coordinators.

            1. Razor ..

              Pepper Johnson … ?

              Correct me if I’m wrong .. wasn’t he
              the HC for “The Riverboats” .. of USFL Fame ?

              and if so … did he ever win a game ?

              1. Pepper Johnson was part of the resistance during the Walsh/Parcells wars. I know he worked for the Patriots, but I know nothing about which you refer….

    1. Treadwell #2 to the Browns? Hard to take the rest of it serious after seeing that.

    2. With the newest report about Manziel the chances of the Browns going QB with their first pick sky rocketed.

    3. So could I, but I don’t see…

      – Laremy Tunsil falling to 8th
      – Jaylon Smith anywhere near the top of the first. He might wait till next year. His career could be over
      – Laquon Treadwell 2nd overall?

      1. Heh, I hadn’t even noticed Tunsil lasting to #8. I seriously got to Treadwell at #2 and stopped.

      2. Jaylon Smith …. His career could be over
        That seems a little extreme. Scooter still see’s him as a first round grab and for my money I’d still use a mid to late second on him. If by chance he falls to the third he’ll possibly make one GM look like a genius one day.

        1. I can’t see a scenario where Robert Nkemdiche or Shaq Lawson fall out of the top 10. Some teams may need DB help but Lawson and Nkemdiche are special players. I want the 9ers to trade down for o-line help but if they ended up with either of those d lineman I wouldn’t be upset.

          1. I’m gonna say this until he earns his first pro bowl or is out of the league. Nkemdiche is going to be a bust. His 5 cent head will find a way to throw away that million dollar talent.

            1. Thats a distinct possibility but his talent will win over at least 1 GM in the top 10. He certainly behaves as though he’s the king and everyone else is just living in his world. I know several personnel men have red flags all over the place but he has special talent. I’ve seen him several times in person and it looks like he’s a man playing against little kids at times.

              1. I don’t disagree that he’ll go pretty high in the first round I just hope it isn’t to us.

              2. If Cowboy were still on the team to mentor Nkemdiche would you feel the same way? In the right structured environment he might work out the mental side. Seems like Aaron Lynch has found the straight and narrow with the 9ers. Perhaps Nkemdiche would do the same. He has nearly JJ Watt level talent if he can find the other parts to go with it.

  25. Per his Twitter account it looks like a sure thing that Anthony Davis will be back next year.

    If true, here’s an idea….re-sign Boone, move Davis to RG and keep Brown out at RT. Would be big time improvement up front.

    1. It’s a fine idea Jack but what are the chances of Boone being re-signed? Doesn’t seem likely.

      1. They’d have to overpay him to stay, but with their cap room and how poorly Baalke has done drafting on the oline it would likely be money well spent.

      1. We’re agreeing on a good number of prospects lately Razor.

    2. How often does Baalke let a player go to free agency and then sign him? Maybe it would work if no one wants him to play tackle.

      Or maybe Baalke can’t find a high quality head coach that will work in his structure, and Jed brings in someone else with a different structure. That might work too.

    3. I doubt they will re-sign Boone based on past history, but if they did and put the Oline together that way, I think it would be a big improvement for sure. Even if they don’t re-sign Boone, Tiller showed he has some potential as the starter going forward.

    1. ex …

      I’m a little gun-shy about Kelly … I’m not sure
      David Shaw is very keen on working for the
      men who …unceremoniously
      “mutually parted ways” …with his predecessor …
      and I only know
      what you guys have been saying about Gase …

      I’m inclined to favor one which was suggested
      by someone, here … (forgive the “CRS”)

      which was ..to
      Hire Holmgren for GM .. and let him
      do the coach-search thing !!

      (but that’s a pipe-dream)

      1. Holmgren has been a disaster as anything but a HC, both in Seattle and Cleveland.

        I know Shaw is probably not coming to the 49ers.

        McDaniel could be added ahead Kelly.

        Kelly is risky, but I think he was lousy at the GM part more than the HC part.

        1. Don’t get all the love for Gase. His offense wasn’t that good in Chicago, and won’t get better in any of the spots with openings either. Like Mike McCoy before him, he’s a product of Peyton Manning.

          Same thing with McDaniels. What top coordinator from the Belichick tree has moved on to a successful HC career in the NFL?

          1. I’m with you on both of those. I’ve already voiced my thoughts on McDaniels but I also agree on Gase. I don’t understand where all the hype comes from on him.

          2. I think the Gase hype is based on working with a number of different style of QB’s and having success. Cutler had a pretty good season in year one of a new offense and drastically cut down on his ints. The thing I like about Gase, is that he seems to be able to devise an offense that can be flexible. I also like the fact he’s coached under John Fox who has been a pretty good HC in this league for a long time.

            After his experience in the interview process last year I highly doubt he’d want to come here anyway.

            1. That makes the case for him as a QB coach or OC but is he a true leader of men. Gase certainly seems more so then McDaniels but neither fills me with confidence that they are the type of guys that the team will feel like they can lean on or want to win for.

      2. MWN

        why the ‘gun-shy’ about Kelly ? I don’t think that Shaw ever beat any of his teams…or Harbaugh either for that matter. I could be wrong though….

        1. 2012:

          “Led by redshirt freshman Marcus Mariota at quarterback and senior tailback Kenjon Barner, Oregon rolled to ten straight victories before finally falling to #14 Stanford in overtime 17–14 on November 17. Oregon had two opportunities to beat Stanford with a field goal but both attempts failed.”

    2. ex,

      Shaw has made no secret of the fact he has no desire to move to the NFL at this time. I think he’s happy where he is and certainly would be wary of taking the 49er job after witnessing what Harbaugh went through.

  26. I can’t find Tomsula’s post game press conference on the 49er website (surprise, surprise). Anyone know where I could find it?

      1. Thanks, Grimey …

        Ironic… isn’t it … that
        probably Tomsulas’ best … presser ..
        .. was his last .. ?

    1. Jed has leaked that Baalke will take all the runs at finding a new coach this year. Do you doubt the honesty of Jed’s leaks?

  27. If there’s any accountability, this draft has to be it for Baalke. He’s got to hit with QB, else leave.

  28. Regarding Jaylon Smith and what his knee injury will do to his draft stock, the 49ers have two decent test cases to go off in Tank and Brandon Thomas. Tank had worked himself into mid to late first round consideration prior to his knee injury at the end of November 2012. He was selected early second round. Thomas was widely considered a high second round prospect prior to tearing his ACL in early April 2014 just before the draft. He went end of the third.

    With Jaylon Smith being widely considered a top 10 and possible top 5 pick prior to his injury a few days ago, I think it likely he still gets taken in the first round so long as the injury is just the ACL and his recovery is on track with no complications in the lead up to the draft. He’ll have around 4 months of recovery already done by draft day, so teams will know how the knee is progressing.

    1. I’m gonna wait until we hear the prognosis and see how long it takes for him to have surgery to try and gauge where he might be going. If the reason we aren’t hearing anything is because the swelling still hasn’t gone down enough then that’s a really bad sign. If the damage is relatively minor then he’s absolutely still in the cards to go in the first round.

      1. ACL picks are too risky, take a long time to recover from while the Niners need immediate help, and rarely have the player play again at an elite status. They are a luxury the Niners cannot afford, and their track record is marginal compared to healthy talented players. If analytics pick ACL players, I say they should scrap analytics.

          1. The exception to the rule. Just like RBs who rack up the 12,000 yards and play for 11 years. Gore is special.

    2. I’ll wait until the severity of Smith’s injury is revealed and he makes a decision on his future, but no way I’d use the 7th overall pick on a player who won’t play much if at all his first year and will begin his career rehabbing a possibly serious knee injury. Scooter’s idea to move down and take him later has merit though.

  29. So if Marathe is no longer in the day-to-day picture, who leaked the news of JimTom’s firing to the regulars in the national media? I suppose it not JimTom himself.
    All along, I’ve thought that the leaker is one of the press liaisons in the Niners office who leaks on direct order from Jed.

    1. I blame Baalke. He cut Hayne on the team bus, so that is kinda his standard modus operandi.

    2. Marathe is still in office until after the Superbowl. You’re not doubting Jed’s honesty are you?

  30. Karma, Mr. “Iago” Tomsula. Hopefully, they will also tell Alex “Castle Rat” Boone to find a new team. Sweep away the trash.

  31. If Niners can’t get Goff, they should trade down and get Garnett. Niners should not draft high on defense except for a pass rusher. Niners need way more help on offense (both help in making the picks and several picks on offense like OL, QB, receiver and TE). These offensive players will take a year or two to develop so that 2016 can be truly a rebuilding year. Baalke has done well with late round picks on defense.

  32. Tomsula did not have the tools (resources) to his job. Kind of like a hand powered drill going through a foot of concreate. Wonder how this would have played out with a strong offensive line and healthy running backs? Reggie Bush was a bust when they signed him.

  33. Grant I hope you get a chance to ask Jed a question tomorrow. How many will you have pre-made before walking in?

    1. Jed will make a statement, take a question from Maiocco and maybe one or two national people and then fade away in a puff of smoke.

  34. For us Gase fans:

    Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora 3h3 hours ago
    Adam Gase will make his first interview Tuesday in Philly. Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Eagles made a strong push

    1. And from Rapoport:

      Ian RapoportVerified account ‏@RapSheet 3h3 hours ago
      Busy few days for a top coordinator, part 1: #Bears OC Adam Gase to interview with #Eagles Tuesday, #Browns Wednesday, #Dolphins Thursday

  35. Jed is going to stand up and say that Tomsula was held accountable, but if he is truthful, he should acknowledge his own failings and hold himself accountable. Both Jed and Baalke are a lot more responsible for this train wreck, but Tomsula will fall on his sword for them.
    Tomsua was in a no win situation. He lost 5 players on offense and 7 players on defense. He also lost the leadership when Cowboy, Willis and Gore left. The Niners had the third hardest schedule and were in a division with 2 strong playoff teams. Jed promised to re-sign veteran talent to keep the team together if Kaep signed that team friendly contract, but reneged on his promise. Baalke refused to get more talent even though he had 13 mil to do it. Baalke showed no class when he cut Hayne on the team bus, and the leaks continued with the backstabbing of Kaep.
    Now, Jed has shown no class by leaking that Tomsula would be cut before the game. Tomsula said it best. Its about people. Jed should have had the decency to wait for a day and let him savor the victory, but class and character is not in their lexicon.
    No matter what, Jed should not deceive himself. He will reap what he has sown.

      1. I found it.

        “Australian rookie Jarryd Hayne, after making his first career start at running back last game, did not play a snap on offense. Coaches instead wanted to see what they had in DuJuan Harris (16 carries, 67 rushing yards; eight catches, 86 receiving yards) and Mike Davis (10 carries, 34 yards).”

        “Hayne did combine on a tackle on a fourth-quarter kickoff in his only action.”

        1. Well, if it took the sacking of Tomsula and his entire coaching staff to get new coaches that could bring in someone who will actually recognize talent and how to utilize it properly, then I have little to complain about.

    1. I suspect there wouldn’t have been much savoring had ownership waited until this morning. That being said, Jed and Trent’s absence demonstrated (again…) the style of leadership practiced by ownership. Jed isn’t someone you’d want watching your back in a street fight. Go to war with Jed? Nope.

  36. Would make the perfect banner… “Do not be deceived. You will reap what you sow”

  37. Thank you, 49ers, for giving me the greatest New Year gift ever. That ape couldn’t coach a pop warner team. An absolute joke of the highest order.

    Now, go get David Shaw and Goff, keeping it all in the Bay Area. Cheers!

  38. Watching NFL Network this morning and they’re saying that Sean Payton is “very interested” in the 49ers.

    1. It will cost a 2nd round pick and will be worth it if Baalke doesn’t blow the 1st pick. I wonder if swapping 1st round picks would do the job. Hoping we can get Hargreave from UF in the 1st and than draft ILB in the 2nd. I think Oline will be fine with the addition of Davis coming back. We have Smith,Smelter and Ellington for WRs. Really think we need to address the defense and if the right QB is on the board at the time. IMO

      1. Interesting idea to swap first round picks – no. 7 for no. 12. That could maybe do the trick.

  39. Don’t be surprised if these stooges promote from within and make Mangini the head coach.

    1. “After a thorough search we have promoted Coach Mangini to head coach as he affords us the smoothest transition to the our goals as an organization” -exactly Nick.

  40. I’m really surprised in all the interest that’s being shown our way. We’ve got some young growing talent on D, good cap room, and an O-line that seemed to find its way toward the end of the year with some reinforcement on the way, plus a young talented back. But with all the turmoil and craziness, that is Jed and Baalke I would think HC candidates would stay far away from here.

    If we can get a offensive guy this time around he should really work nicely with Baalke on the offensive side. Baalke could and should focus on the Defensive side, something he is actually good at.

    1. But will he give up the power. Will he really allow someone to draft the offensive needs.

    1. From the article:

      “A source indicated to CSNBayArea.com recently that Baalke was not inclined to select Cal quarterback Jared Goff or Memphis’ Paxton Lynch with a high first-round pick. Now, it only figures the new coach’s opinion will be the only voice that matters when it comes to evaluating the game’s most-important position.”

      1. “A source indicated to CSNBayArea.com recently that Baalke was not inclined to select Cal quarterback Jared Goff or Memphis’ Paxton Lynch
        That could also mean the exact opposite. Although the draft is still 4 months away with 2 QB’s considered top 10 prospects and nearly 3 or 4 teams that might want them we have officially entered in the lying season.

        1. Coffee I hope they are correct. That leaves Hogan for the 49ers with their pick in the 3rd rd.

  41. Apologies if this has already been posted:

    Kyle McLorg @Kyle_McLorgBASG
    Based on what my source told me, Hue Jackson sounds like the guy that Baalke wants though.
    10:25 AM – 3 Jan 2016

        1. Houston I believe Jackson did an outstanding job with the Raiders getting them to 8-8. He got fired because he pissed off Al by trying to make himself the face of the organization instead of Al.

          1. Coach,

            How did Jackson piss off Al? Al died early in the season and it wasn’t until that happened that Jackson went off the deep end.

            1. Jack my memory is going on me. I just remember that Jackson had pissed off management with his behavior it was the other Davis he angered unless it was Al from beyond the grave.

          2. I’m not a Jackson fan in the least. He’s probably the least exciting candidate I can think of right now. He’s probably a competent NFL coach but he’s just average. If Jed/Baalke go the OC route I’m hoping they go for Gase or Josh McDaniels. Probably too early for Sean McVay but I really like the job he’s done with Washington. You could argue the job McVay did in Washington this year far surpassed the job Jackson did with the Bengals.

        2. Houston,

          Who out there has better results?

          Sean Payton had a nice 4 year run, but has been under .500 2 years straight.
          Adam Gase was the OC for a Bears offense that was 23rd in points scored this year. He’s a product of Manning.
          Chip Kelly is most likely going to Tennessee.
          David Shaw isn’t going to leave Stanford for the NFL.

          Jackson has proven to be a strong OC through various locations in the NFL. In Oakland he immediately had an impact on their offense improving to the top 1/4 of the league in scoring. The biggest issue he had there was the death of Al Davis and having the GM duties land in his lap.

          In Cincy they were top half in 2014 and top 1/4 this season.

          1. I’m a Hue Jackson fan too. He lost it a bit after the season ended in Oakland, but he had a lot thrown on his plate when Al died. If he comes into a situation knowing he’s going to be HC only and maybe have control of offensive personnel, I think he would be successful. He’s as good a play caller as I’ve seen currently in the league.

  42. I’ve got a question for the group.

    I used to be that when a reporter broke a story, it was considered good reporting. Now that York has earned the ire of some in the local media (TK – who I like to read, Lowell Cohen – who I like to read and Grant, among others), these “scoops” are called leaks.

    Where is the line between good reporting and leaking?

    1. Or is it a matter of perspective and the whole “leak” vs “scoop” is an example of the pen being mightier than the sword?

      1. Or is it that “leaks” are information in stories written by other reporters and “scoops” are information in stories written by you (you being a reporter calling the information flow out of 49ers HQ, leaks).

        1. Depends on whether you consider leaks as pissin in the wind or if it is a scoop of poop.

          1. Seb,

            It’s good to have you on hear as the voice of reason. I only wish I had some clue what you were talking about… On second thought, maybe I’m glad I couldn’t track with your comment…

    2. I think it now has more to do with the field of journalism the writer is in Cubus and how the writer gets the information.

    3. A ‘leak’ is a term referred to information gleamed while reporting that usually should have stayed in-house but someone with loose lips decided to let out. Leaking refers to the information more so then the act of putting it in print.

      1. CFC,

        It’s the acquisition of information I’m talking about. You can term the acquisition of such info as good reporting or you can say the reporter in question was a recipient of a leak. It’s at least somewhat a matter of your perspective, IMO.

        1. It’s a leak from an organizational perspective and a scoop/good reporting from a journalist’s perspective.

          1. Exactly, and it’s also a “leak” in the perspective of the reporters not privy to the leak/scoop who might, or might not, be bitter over the distribution of information from 49ers HQ.

  43. Matt Maoicoo just compared Kaep and Gabbert. The crazy part is that Gabbert has a higher yard per catch, even though he did all that dinking and dunking!

    No surprise that Kaep ran for alot more yards.

    Wasn’t Hue Jackson a Raider coach? It looked like Greg Roman was running a pretty good offense in Buffalo, why not bring that guy back?

    1. Oh, please. Roman should never even be in the consideration for the job, with his past performance in 2014.
      I would prefer another Raider coach; Ken Norton DC, a former Niner and SB winner.

  44. Blog Pick’em league Regular Season results:

    CFC 167
    Rocket 160
    DLP 157
    NinerMD 156
    DRogue 155
    JPN001 154
    Crab15 153
    NoFear4x4 151

    Probably the most competitive group so far. Not a lot of points separating the pack. There are still 10 playoff games plus the SB left so don’t quit yet.

    1. Sorry Coffee, but I had to quit. Two of the weeks were the fault of my forgetting them, but a good majority has had to do with issues on the site, ranging from some of the choices not having a option to choose them to the site not even loading no matter from where I tried to log in from. Hopefully the site doesn’t have as many issues for me to deal with next season because I enjoy the fun challenge.

      1. Mid,

        I’ve been involved with this since it started and have never had a problem with the site. You need better resources I think.

        1. The only problem I had in the past had been the final four questions -who would score the least points, the most points, and the matchup scores -, and that was only on Android when I wasn’t using Wi-Fi. But for some strange reason, I ran into problems galore whether I was using a mobile device or computer this year. I’m going to try to contact Yahoo (again) and find out if the problem was on my side or theirs.

            1. Hard to make the picks when there are no circles to click or tap on next to the team names though.

  45. This isn’t meant to be a comment on Gabbert’s competence to be a starting QB. But after watching the games that he plays in, I’m always surprised at how many yards he has racked up given all the dink and dunk passes. Yesterday was a particular surprise – although I missed seeing about 75% of the 3rd quarter.

    1. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned since the switch is that the 49ers are passing a LOT more then they did with Colin. Kaepernicks career average for attempts per game is 24. Since week 10, Gabbert has averaged 37 pass attempts per game. That’s huge. If you’re attempting nearly 40 passes it doesn’t take long to rack up 250+ yards even if every pass is a 6 yard dump off.

      1. Yes Gabbert attempted more passes than Kaepernick in his 8 games this season, but he also averaged more yards per attempt.

        Gabbert – 7.2 (19th)
        Kaepernick – 6.6 (31st)

        1. I think the nearly 15 more attempts per game had the bigger impact then the .6 increase in yards gained however both were the answer to his question.

          However the huge increase in attempts is quite illuminating into the thoughts of the coaches and who they felt was the more accomplished passer. Or probably more accurately who they felt more comfortable with passing the ball.

  46. The Jed, Trent, Paraag, coaching caravan always gets started late. In this way Jed’s excuse is built in–all the quality coaches were hired by the other NFL teams.
    As the caravan travels east, west, north, south, it eventually ends up where it started for its next head coach–Mangenius, at 4949 Centennial, your 2016 SF 49er head coach.

  47. Right now it’s hard for me to get excited about coaching candidates knowing that the real problem is the one hiring them. I fear that after another poor season even our good coaching candidate could end up being the casualty of York finally making the correct move next year and the new G.M. wanting to hire his own guys.

    For awhile I started to have delusions that we could end up with Reese and Coughlin as a package deal but, I should have known better. There’s no way that York is capable of pulling off that kind of deal anyway.

  48. Sean Payton knows quarterbacks, runs a West Coast offense, has a daughter who goes to school in California

    Payton also may want more personnel power and may be leery of Baalke’s heavy influence with the 49ers.

    Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, who is close to Payton, said on Sunday that the 49ers will try to reel in a “big fish” as their next coach but “many of them don’t want to come out with the general manager, Trent Baalke. It’s going to be interesting to see what (CEO) Jed York does in that situation.”

    Some would-be assistant coaches were leery of joining the 49ers because they felt Baalke had too much sway over the coaching staff. That perception wasn’t helped by recent stories about ‘Coach Trent’ advising players during 49ers practices.

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article52908345.html#storylink=cpy

    1. Does anyone remember the last time GM John McVeigh or Carmen Policy were on the field under Walsh or others coaching up their players?…No wonder promising coaches would rather commit career Hari-Kari then be ruined forever by Baalke!

  49. This firing puts to rest the whole the Yorks are cheap argument. Tomsula and the rest of his staff will cost the team 20 million dollars. The Yorks are not thrifty they are just incompetent.

    1. I prefer incompetent NFL owner, but with Jed’s MBA from Notre Dame and Paraag’s MBA, Dr. York’s Pharmaceutical business, and Owner Denise, Forbe’s list of top billionaires, extremely proficient business people.

      1. Is there a purposeful dichotomy in there somewhere, I wonder–do you fans wonder about this also”

    2. The coaches salaries are not associated with the salary cap. Jed should have gotten the best coaches money could buy. Instead he went cheap, with cheap results.

      1. Seb if the Yorks were truely cheap they would have hung on to Tomsula and most of his staff for one more year.

        1. Old Coach

          I don’t if many fans every blamed Jed for being cheap. It was always incompetence, football-ignorance, and arrogance. Fans confused smart cap management and player-pricing with being cheap. I think they paid both Harbaugh and Tomsula market price. I have no reason to think that not extending Harbaugh’s contract was primarily based on money and not personnel power and ego clash.

          1. I think you’re right that Tomsula was paid market price. I’m still surprised that they didn’t negotiate an out clause in Tomsula’s contract even though it is certainly not the norm to do so. I still think Tomsula and his agent would have accepted it – but that’s water under the bridge now.

            1. Is there any documentation for the idea that Tomsula didn’t have a contract with a financial out for Jed? Everyone seems to assume that they are going to hand over the full value of JimT’s contract. Al Davis never did.

  50. Manziel needs to be out of the league. This latest stunt proves unequivocally that he just doesn’t get it. With his average talent why would another team even care to give him another shot in the NFL?

    1. Manziel is crazy like a fox. Now the Browns will have to cut him and he will be able to pick whatever team who wants him.

      1. whatever team who wants him.
        The Cowboys will sign him and he’ll be back on the street in 2017.

    2. From Ryan Wilson on cbssports.com:
      Earlier in the day, veteran left tackle Joe Thomas, who hasn’t missed a game since coming into the league in 2007, didn’t mince words when talking about reports that Manziel, who had been ruled out for the season finale with a concussion, was at a Las Vegas casino on Saturday.

      “If that’s a true report that’s obvious for him some things are more important than football and being a starting quarterback and that’s something that probably needs to be addressed in the offseason,” Thomas said.

      Haslam referenced Thomas’ words when talking about Manziel later in the day.

      “I don’t think there is anything that compares to it in professional sports in terms of importance to a team,” he said. “Joe has been around the game. He’s smart. He’s exactly right.”

      The owner added, “We do have the second pick in the draft,” presumably alluding to the possibility of the Browns searching for their next franchise quarterback with the selection.

  51. Did anyone catch the shot York took at Tim Kawakami? “… I also want to thank the media for showing up in person…” Kawakami is playing golf at Pebble Beach today, instead of being at the presser (previously locked down and paid for tee time, apparently).

            1. Yes, you did say that, and, no, Spyglass isn’t THE course at Pebble Beach, It’s ONE of the courses in Pebble Beach.

              Pebble Beach Golf Links is the most famous of the courses in Pebble Beach. Very scenic, public, but very expensive, and where TK is playing today.

              Spyglass Hill GC is the toughest of the bunch (it makes the tour players cry), but less scenic (still awesome, it’s a brute of a course).

              Cypress Point GC is the most spectacular, but is very, very private.

              Monterey Peninsula GC is a great course, but is also private, but not nearly as exclusive as Cypress Point.

              The Links at Spanish Bay is a very good course, but not quite worth the $$$, IMO.

              Poppy Hills GC is the NCGA course and is located in Pebble Beach. It’s public, not cheap, but not crazy expensive, very tough, but not that scenic (definitely worth playing if you want to test your game).

              1. The Pebble Beach Co., owned by Ueberroth, Eastwood, etc., own Del Monte, Spyglass, Spanish Bay and Pebble Beach, specifically.

            2. When people say Pebble Beach 9 times out of 10 they mean Spyglass. It’s the most prestigious course.

              1. Dude, you are wrong on this. Ask any golfer. I’ll bet you any amount you would like to lose.

                Go look at golf digests list of top 100 courses. Spyglass is on the list, but Pebble is much higher.

              2. From the Golf Digest Top 100:

                3. Cypress Point GC

                7. Pebble Beach Golf Links

                48. Spyglass Hill GC

                You can look it up.

              3. Pebble Beach Golf Links is the course the U.S. Open is played on, not Spyglass Hill GC.

                Pebble Beach Golf Links is the course the final round of the AT&T PGA event, as well.

                Clearly the most well known.

                Having said that, those in the know would rather play Cypress Point GC, because it’s so exclusive. At Pebble Beach Golf Link is just about making a time and paying the cash.

              4. Cassie,

                Pacific Grove, “The Poor Man’s Pebble”, is really good, especially for the price.

    1. Jed would have made the same choice. Tim seems to have done four different articles on Jed and his boy before heading out with his clubs.

  52. Old Coach,

    I prefer to believe a real coach–in the business–not you as far as the York’s personality.

    Former Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Takes a Twitter Shot at Jim Tomsula, San Francisco 49ers

    Do not be deceived. You will reap what you sow.

    Harbaugh clearly took a shot at Tomsula as well as CEO Jed York.

  53. I think York has said all the right things. If he really means it, then I’m happy with the direction the organization is headed in. He seems to have learned some important things.

      1. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer here but those aren’t good things to hear. Good/great teams build through the draft and only use FA to plug in holes that couldn’t be filled in the draft or unexpected vacancies. They also use FA when they are already established and need a single piece to get them over the hump so to speak in their run for the SB. Teams that try to build through FA fail in that regard and then end up strapped for cash in 5 years when they’ve cut all the players but still owe them money.

        1. CFC: I hear what you are saying, and to me both are important. But look at the team I hate the most, the Seahawks. Look at what their free agency pickups of Lynch, Bennett and Avril did for that team. Now you can point to Harvin and to some extent Graham as not having worked out so well. You’ll never be 100% successful at both FA and the draft – but both can work in rebuilding a team.

          And now in the case of the Seahawks, Wilson is emerging as an elite talent. But it took 4 years whereas the pickups of Avril and Bennett immediately pushed that defense over the hill into elite status.

          1. The Seahawks fall under the category of a team that is already established that is using a little cash to pick up a player or two to give them the extra talent to continue their run. We are on the opposite end of the spectrum from Seattle right now.

            1. Mostly, I was glad to hear that the team is willing to spend money as I was growing increasingly concerned. Of course, it needs to be a wise use of that money. No doubt the draft is important, but it will take years before it takes effect. I still think smart acquisitions in FA can help quite a bit. Certainly you would agree that Justin Smith was a great FA acquisition that made a big difference on the DL.

      2. Where in there did he hint that he would bring in a football brain with power to run his football operation? A York has never been willing to do that.

        Jed’s statements each year never mean what you hope they will mean. Watch his actions. Check out the brain trust the Warriors and the Giants have.

  54. Jim Harbaugh coaching career:

    What the Stats Say:

    NFL: 44-19-1;
    College: 39-24

    Playoff/Bowl appearacnes: Sun Bowl-L; Orange Bowl-W; Citrus Bowl-W; NFC West Div Playoff; NFC Title Playoff; NFC Div Playoff; NFC Title Playoff; NFC Div. Playoff, NFC Title Playoff.

    What the Stats Mean: When Jim Harbaugh runs his builds his own Program w//o 49er GM Trent Baalke shopping for his offensive or defensive players, Harbaugh wins larger bowl games…When Baalke runs the programs, losing happens more frequently.

    1. Basically Coach Harbaugh wins when a GM who swings and misses at draft picks more than 80% of the time 30-50, stays out of his way, and the cheap owner gets off his analytic kick, for people who read in this audience (not for old coach, who never understood Billy Ball). However, old coach, reading is not required for the CD, entitled:
      Billy Ball.

  55. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 6h6 hours ago
    Sample question for Jed York: If one season was enough to get Jim Tomsula fired, why is Trent Baalke still employed?

  56. How does BAlke get away unharmed please someone at least question this guy .. He meddles and he can’t draft a wr/qb

    1. Don’t get me wrong I have one or two of them in my closet as well but that’s only because I don’t have his salary.

  57. Just listened to the PC. Jed said that it is not in his best interest to leak. Then he said that any person found to be leaking would not be associated with the team. Yet just before, he said that Marathe would be dealing with salary negotiations and will control the salary cap.
    Sounds like he is still associated with the team.

    1. They stated that Marathe would still be handling these things back when they removed him from his previous position.

        1. I’ve been saying since last year that Marathe was doing things outside of his expertise. Now they’ve put him back in the cage. Let him do the things he is good at and stay out of things he doesn’t know.

  58. Last year they purged the coaching staff before the head coach search was even close finalized.

    This year they’re waiting until a head coach is hired before releasing some of the coaching staff.

    Last year it looks like they had Tomsula in mind the whole time. The 2015 HC search was a smokescreen. Candidates like Gase must feel jerked around.

  59. Coughlin is going to be available. If the 49ers want a coach that knows how to win SuperBowls, well, there you go.

    1. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 2m2 minutes ago
      Tom Coughlin has informed his coaching staff that the Giants are making a head coaching change, source tells ESPN.

    2. The Giants coaching gig will be the first choice among the better candidates.

      1. They will need to rebuild that defense, it was worse than the Niners. It will also be a pressure cooker with that tough media.

          1. Don’t forget a bona-fide playmaker that makes the greatest plays and most ridiculous catches most have ever seen.

        1. Yeah, Grant should work for the NY Times. He’d raise the bar when it comes to mean journalism…

    3. Jed should be on the fun to Coughlins agent the second he walks out of this presser.

      1. How the heck did phone turn into fun? I can’t even blame that on my phone. Foof, I need to proof read better.

  60. Jed did not answer the question. Since Baalke has not done well, why should he be the architect of this rebuilding?
    He dodged it by referencing his uncle.

    1. I think Jed made it pretty clear that Baalke will only get this next season to turn the team around. Maybe not enough for some, but I got more than I expected from that PC. I saw a humbled man who now realizes his place in the organization. It sounds like they are willing to pay what it takes to bring in a top notch coaching staff. Of course, talk is cheap and there’s a good chance coaches won’t want to come – but the direction to me sounds good.

      1. cubus….

        where did you get that ?

        thought I heard the opposite from Jedster ..
        (Trent stays …)

        1. Trent stays this year, but if the team isn’t turned around in the 2016 season, I believe he will fire him. Jed has taken some accountability like he said he would by admitting the Tomsula mistake and eating the $10 million it takes to relieve him. He reiterated that we should hold him accountable and made it clear that it was up to Baalke and the new HC to put together a good roster. So, I think that means that Baalke will be on the hot seat this coming year.

          1. Let’s hope Jed provides Baalke the tools ($$) necessary to bring in coaching talent.

        2. he didn’t say a year but he did lead to believe that this is unacceptable and that changes would be made if no improvement, this wasn’t word for word but implied.

          1. It all depends on your definition of improvement and when you select that definition. After the Chicago game there was plenty of improvement for Jed even if the win was a lucky fluke.

      2. Well, he did say that the GM and HC must work together. No one should have total control. I hope that Baalke loses some power and stops trying to coach. I hope the new coach gets to choose the first and second rounders. Let Baalke pick the later rounds.

      1. Baalke and I would have huge arguments. I could never work with him.
        However, I could get that field to look like a carpet, with good footing and no divots…..

  61. A lot has happened the past few days and I haven’t been around much so I apologize if this post is long and rehashes things that have already been talked about to the point of exhaustion.

    I just watched the Jed York PC and have to say he handled himself pretty well considering the acrimony he is facing from all areas right now. Brian Murphy especially hit him with some shots about Harbaugh and he wouldn’t bite. So now we have a situation where they have rightfully fired a HC they made a mistake on, but continue with a GM who probably should have been fired with the HC. While I think Baalke should be a former employee today, if I try hard enough I can see a way this works out favorably as long as he cedes some say of the roster to the next HC and the next HC is an offensive minded guy.

    I am encouraged by the names being rumored as they are all offensive coaches and that is what this team needs desperately moving forward imo. I’m also encouraged by the fact the names being mentioned are some pretty big names who will also carry large compensation and will require a certain amount of control to accept the position. If these rumors are true it tells me that Trent and Jed have realized they can’t throw anybody into a HC position and have success and that you have to spend money to get a good one. If that is the case, it is a good first step going into the hiring process. Say what you will about Jed, but with this move he’s put to rest the accusations that he is cheap and will put personal pride above the team. By firing Tomsula he admitted a mistake and will pay over 10 mill to a Coach who will no longer be an employee.

    I really had my doubts that Jed was capable of this but am presently surprised and happy to be wrong in my belief they would stay with Tomsula out of stubbornness and ego. Now it comes down to whether Baalke is actually capable of finding and working with a strong minded and talented HC who may disagree with him on personnel decisions. He and Harbaugh were able to work together for 3 years before the wheels came off so it is possible but it’s only viable if Baalke is willing to let the HC have a real say in the final personnel decisions. He has shown he is not a good judge of Offensive talent so it is imperative the HC be able to make up for his shortcomings in this area. If Baalke is able to find that guy, they can be successful, but he is going to have to park his ego at the door and I’m not convinced that he can.

    As far as the draft goes, I would much rather be picking 5th than 7th and that win was meaningless considering both teams played like they didn’t want to win, but it was nice to see some offense for a change and good Oline play. It’s fitting that the best Oline performance of the season imo, would happen in the final game with 3 different players than they began the season with and 4 different starting positions overall.

    Jed made it sound like they were going to be players in FA so that will play a huge part in how the draft unfolds, but the possibility of Goff being a Niner is likely over both because of where the Niners draft spot falls and the fact Cleveland almost assuredly will draft him with the second pick. That opens up the first pick to any number of choices and we can now commence with who that will ultimately be along with speculating on Kaps future and the new HC. The offseason has officially begun in SF… even though it has been like the offseason around here for a few weeks already.

    1. Good, if long, post, Rocket. I would just add that Jed made it pretty clear, if you read between the lines, that Baalke only has this next year to turn around the team.

    2. Jed says he is staying out of football decisions and operations then counters that with they are going to be players in the FA market.
      Let the contradictions begin.

        1. I don’t see that as a contradiction. I think he said it to let the fans know that they are committed to getting the best players possible (and price might not be the main factor in the future) through FA and draft. I got the impression that Jed is expecting a top notch draft from Baalke and the HC this year.

          I think this notion that the Yorks are cheap b***ards really irritated Jed and he’s trying to counter that. I think the intent will be there, but getting the absolute best players isn’t entirely (and maybe not even mostly) within their control. Mo Wilkerson might be franchised and his leg injury might be an issue. We draft 7th so no Joey Bosa and most likely no Goff.

    3. Baalke would be a lot better at cooperating with a strong offensive minded coach if Baalke had a boss with a football brain. That boss could tell Jed when to book hotel accommodations for a Superbowl “sometime in the future.” He could also contribute to football personnel issue discussions.

    1. They are both one shot ponies that have already been ridden. They both enjoy being talked about, but are not about to put themselves into a position where they would have to do the work.

  62. I am glad Jed ate some humble pie, but never said where he will be held accountable, except to say that he would allow Trent to lead the HC search, and stay away from football decisions.

    1. Well I don’t have the transcript, but I think he basically said that at the beginning when he said the poor year was on him. He also said the goal is to win Superbowls.

      1. Name an owner who wouldn’t say that winning the Superbowl is the goal. Jed fired Harbaugh because he didn’t win the Superbowl. What new in that.

    2. Seb,
      I believe that in part, the accountability came on his dismissal of the Butcher.
      Another measure of accountability will come by way of his next headcoach hire.

      I believe that York has a much better understanding to the importance of hiring a high profile headcoach with a winning pedigree vs hiring one that had little headcoaching experience and was the antithesis of Jim Harbaugh.

      1. AES:

        Yes, I understood that as well. Some reporter asked him about working with a difficult coach in the future (like Harbaugh). He answered twice with words to the effect that winning the Superbowl is what is important. I think he learned that hard lesson.

      2. Tomsula fell on his sword, but Baalke kept his job, so he was not held accountable.
        Jed is not held accountable, and will not accept blame if he does not resign. That would be the classy noble thing to do.
        Accepting blame is all talk, but actions speak louder than words.

        1. If it’s about the competition, as Baalke said many times, let each have alternating picks in the upcoming draft.
          1st pick, Holgren and Shannahan, to pick a QB, 2. Next Baalke picks. 3. Holmgren and shannahan, etc.

          1. Have you seen Homgren’s record as GM and Team President in Seattle and Cleveland? It’s not good. Mix in that he’s been out of football since 2007 and it’s easy to see why he wouldn’t be a good idea for a FO position.

            Shanahan hasn’t done well with player personnel, either.

  63. Fredo (Jeddi) is a confirmed incompetent.

    His job as owner is to a) hire someone who knows football and b) write checks. It’s ok for an owner to make a bad hire here or there – see Eddie D’s first hire – but when you stumble upon someone who clearly understands the game and can build a franchise, your job as owner is to nurture the talent. Because remember, as an owner, all you’re really capable of doing is writing checks. So Fredo stumbles upon Harbaugh, then mishandles the situation so that instead of keeping Harbaugh, we end up with Tomsula and Baalke.

    Baalke apparently thinks he can win a Super Bowl by drafting only “long” players with big hands. He is sorely mistaken.

    1. Analytics say that those ACL picks are good value. Hope they dump that scheme and other scams.

      1. Of the 12 players that went on IR in 2014, and the slew of players that went on IR in 2015, none were “ACL Redshirts.” Not one.

        Lattimore was the only one that didn’t stick due to the injury. He was drafted at the very end of the 4th round. Everyone knew it was a long shot.

        That doesn’t mean the picks worked out. Carradine and Thomas were poor talent assessments… or in Tank’s case, a bad scheme fit. He could very well be a good 4-3 DE.

        Its not really a program. “ACL Redshirts” was a fan invented phrase.
        Gore had an injury history that dropped him down the draft board.
        Dial had to sit part of a year
        Giving up on Smelter, Acker, Reaser already?

        1. When the team goes 5-11, it did not work out.
          Maybe if the Niners had picked players that could have helped right away, the last 2 seasons would have turned out differently. Darius Fleming was another bust that Baalke picked.

        2. So Gore inspired the young Baalke to follow his bosses lead and incorporate it into his “long” range dynasty building plan. Who of the ACL group is going to match Gore’s career?

          To be fair, Baalke has probably missed on a similar percentage of healthy drafted players as he has on ACL picks.

  64. I think Mangini’s D needs another year and I would hate to see him promoted.
    Shanahan torpedo’d RGIII so if the FO is serious about Kaepernick, that rules Shanahan out.
    Mike Holmgren was passed up last season. He wasn’t even on the short list. Very little chance there.
    Chip Kelly has Harbaugh’s abrasive nature. The FO has already been down that road once. The wounds are still too fresh to do that again. He is also too head strong to work with Baalke.
    Gase was scorned by the team last year. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Gase will land a better position elsewhere.
    Shaw is not joining this FO. His loyalty to Harbaugh runs deep.
    Payton commands to much to come to SF. He will have better opportunities present themselves if he decides to leave NO which I doubt he will.
    Mangini appears to be the only NFL option with any HC experience. Terrible choice, but it will also spell the end of Baalke, so sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

    1. I may be naive in thinking this, but I don’t see them promoting from within this time. The backlash would be huge, and the tone of Jed’s PC struck me as being willing to pay for the right candidate from outside the organization.

    2. Matt – Nice breakdown. Some thoughts…

      Payton – He’s the sleazeball that blitzed 49er QBs in the first 2011 preseason game, and was OK with his DC setting bounties on Crabtree’s head and ACL. Payton and his DC (now with the Rams) should be out of football.

      Kelly – He gutted the Eagles roster, bringing in players customized for his chuck-n-duck offense. He (says) he doesn’t want GM roles, but I don’t buy it.

      Shaw – He has a better job.

      Gase – Only if he’s an extreme masochist. If he wants to coach the Niners, he’d be one of my top choices.

      Shanahan – “torpedo’d RGIII” A Denver fan I know predicted this. Shanahan turned sour and weird his final years with the Broncos.

      Mangini – I’d like to retain him as DC, not because I think he’s the greatest DC, but this teams needs continuity. His complex scheme seems to be taking root.

      He’s the ultimate crafty insider. “Beware consultants with vague job descriptions.” He could wind up HC, fan anger or not.

      Jackson – Could work. He’d need a strong manger (or two, or three) to keep him from staging a coup d’é·tat, declaring himself dictator of Santa Clara ubber alles.

      My choice – Apologize to Gase. Heep money at his feet. Let him choose all assistant coaches and coordinators.

      1. Of all the comments by anyone, this is by far the best on concerning potential 49er head coaches.

        “Shaw – He has a better job.” … Brodie

  65. My first choice for HC- Vic Fangio. He deserved it last year but was unwilling to make Tomsula DC. Tomsula is gone, so that option is not a problem. Niners need to fix the defense, or the return of Joe Montana would not matter.
    Fangio just needs to hire a sharp offensive mind like Mike Bloomgren, the OC at Stanford. I like how he ran the multi option offense. then if they draft Hogan, the offensive malaise may be solved.

    1. I rarely say something is impossible but there is zero chance that Fangio would walk back through these doors.

      1. Fangio may not be content to be a DC on a 6-10 team when he could become a HC on a team with 60 mil in cap space and high draft choices.

  66. Well faithful I believe most of us got our wish in ownership making the right decision to fire Jim Tomsula. Great guy, great position coach but was never qualified to lead this team.
    I am not happy about Trent Baalke being retained but Jed York made it clear he is on red alert now.
    Now comes the next important decision. Who will they hire? Not sure if this has been asked or questioned but were any current coaches on Tomsula’s staff retained? I would think not. So we now move into a critical offseason. I like our defense which has some good pieces to build around. The offense is a disaster. Here is to hoping a quality hire is made and Baalke can draft some good young pieces. Go Niners.

    1. No one has announced that any of them have had their contracts terminated. Look for that after a new coach is selected, or as each one of them asks to be released.

  67. If 49er management truly thinks the young roster is coming along, they will need to hire a coach OK with the “win the middle” model of Parcells/Baalke.

  68. Just watched Jed’s presser. I was reluctantly impressed. I thought he said the right things and owned his own shortcomings. Glad to see him come out alone to face the music. I think this really is Baalke’s last chance.

    Now all this means nothing if they can not hire a good coach.

    1. April 1 is coming fast. Barring trade (with salary negotiation), it sounds like the 49ers will be on the hoot for CK’s 2016 salary.

    2. Not as durable as most believed him to be, and that knee injury just adds to the reasons why Kaepernick needs to learn to be a pocket passer.

      1. Just shows how important a decent O line is to keep their QB healthy.
        Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

        1. Just shows how important a decent O line is to keep their QB healthy.

          About as much as pocket awareness.

          Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

          Then Kaep should call it quits because it’s fairly obvious that his body is breaking down thanks to his current style of play.

        2. Seb, anyone with a shaker half full of football salt knows the pocket is the safest spot on the field for a quarterback….

          1. Give him space so he can use his speed to elude the DL. Forcing to sit in a collapsing pocket so he gets beaten like a pinata 80 times is counter productive. No wonder he was injured.
            Maybe they should accentuate his strengths.

            1. Forcing to sit in a collapsing pocket so he gets beaten like a pinata 80 times is counter productive. No wonder he was injured.

              Or it could be because of his playing style. That rod in his leg wasn’t put in because of him being placed in the pocket.
              Also, you can deny it at all you want Seb, but those gifs of the Green Bay game clearly showed Kaepernick having a clean pocket most of the game, and yet he still took a beating. Either Casper wasn’t being a good friendly ghost or Kaepernick was putting his self in situations where he would take a pounding.

      2. Knees or brains are not safe in the pocket. At least that’s what Steve Young told me the last time we were shopping in the produce department of our local grocer. Some of his worst beatings were administered in the pocket during the last season that ended with a Superbowl win for the 49ers.

  69. The Jedster sez :

    (On the possibility of selling the team:)

    “…My family has owned this team since
    before I was born, and they’ll own this team after I am gone…”

    Darn ! … There goes that idea !

  70. This ownership is like a chicken running around without a head. They hire Harbaugh, he is successful from the get go, then they fire him after an 8-8 season. They hire Tomsula — who has no track record as a head coach and whom they fully expect to do better than Harbaugh — he is a disaster, the fans stop coming to games, and they fire him after a year. Now they assign Baalke the task of hiring a top head coach, a GM who is on the hot seat with only a year left on his contract. Here’s the reality, Jed: No good coach who isn’t desperate is going to work for you under a control freak GM who has only one year left on his contract (one of Ratto’s points this morning). What you should have done is fired Baalke, given an up-and-coming GM-type from an elite franchise a five year guaranteed contract, and announced you were leaving everything to him and moving back to Youngstown.

    1. George, when I agree with you it’s like all in.

      Maybe it’s because I’ve been howling at the moon hoping for exactly what you’ve just wrote. Kawakami sees no possibility of that kind of understanding cropping up in the body York. At least not in my life time.

  71. I think there are two reasons that Baalke still has a job. 1) The Yorks don’t want to eat two contracts, 2) I don’t know, but I believe that Tomsula was all Jed’s doing. He insisted on hiring his favorite coach when Baalke wanted someone else. Baalke now gets one chance to bail out Jed. That’s my reading.

    1. I agree, Leo. I think Baalke wanted Gase as well and Jed overrode him. I get the feeling Jed owed something to Tomsula and there are conspiracy theories enough to cover that angle. I also thought I heard that Jed is going to be working on other things and will be less of a hands-on owner. If true, that’s welcome news.

    2. I agree with your reason (2) but I think you are wrong on reason (1).
      Swallowing three years of salary for the coaching staff is probably close to $20M, with JimTom taking $10.5M himself. Swallowing the last year of Baalke’s contract would be in the region of $3-$4M.

      1. Baalke was extended to 2018, but I don’t think that would have been a major reason to not fire him. Isn’t his salary around $2 million per year on average.

  72. Jim Tomsula looks like the guy riding the wave of water from when his above ground pool breaks on America’s funniest home videos.

  73. Are Bowman’s league leading 154 tackles enough to earn him comeback player of the year?

    1. Should be, but it wouldn’t surprise if the league chose someone else.

    2. It would be nice to see, particularly how gruesome the injury was, but I think it goes to Carson Palmer due to the poor record of the niners.

    3. Probably, but I have a problem forgetting the times the play ran right by him without him being blocked.

    1. I think it’s a subtle indication that Baalke better perform this upcoming year or he’s out.

  74. Pistol Pete’s 2016 wish list!

    1. Sean Payton as HC
    2. Jared Goff as QB
    3. Get an O-line!!!

    1. Goff is going to be off the board by the time the Titans make their first pick. It wouldn’t surprise me if Haslam already has Goff’s name stuffed in an envelope already.

  75. I think the York’s have a proven track record when it comes to coaches. Harbaugh was used to build a stadium…

    York’s retaining current coaching staff minus Tomsula to save money and will force them on the new coach.

    Chris Biderman ‏@ChrisBiderman · 3h3 hours ago
    York says Tomsula is only coach on the staff to be released. The new coach will evaluate the current staff and have carte blanche.

  76. OC Frank Reich out at San Diego. Should the 49ers consider him for OC?

    1. I trust Baalke to have another disappearing class of free agents. Dockette, Bush, Cook, Wright, Bishop, Hunter. I wish Pears and Devey had disappeared before they succeeded to get Kaep injured. Cutting Hayne on the team bus defined him.

  77. Imagine… Jed signs a first rate coach and very good coordinators are in place just ahead of Super Bowl week. All of a sudden, 9er leadership is looking good in the eyes of national media. Better than having a ‘…so you shall reap’ banner flying around the Bay Area…

    1. Cassie ..

      that banner should fly, anyway ..

      Hey … what’s the current talk around
      the dinner table, these days ?

      1. Cassie,

        That’s positive thinking after a season of negatives…Thank you! Hope it happens!

      2. Aside from mom’s lame tuna casserole, talk is that Grant C. will be offered the job of 9er Media Relations Coordinator. And, since I didn’t tweet anything embarrassing regarding the 9ers this year, I get a 2011 Altima. Pick it up tomorrow in Hayward.

          1. agree, cubus…

            yeah, Cassie … must be nice !

            When my dad once asked me if I wanted a car ..
            I, (of course) … said, “Yeah”

            He, then said …

            “Well.. go get a job.. and then you’ll eventually be able
            afford one !”

  78. Q: What type of coach are you looking for?

    A: Jed: We want a leader.

    Fan’s, this sounds a little to insincere, eerily like: “We want a teacher.”

  79. Eric Branch @Eric_Branch
    Trent Baalke: #49ers don’t have any in-house head-coaching candidates. Notable in that DC Eric Mangini is on staff.

    1. Who knows, Mangini may be good with that for the time being. He could become a HC candidate somewhere in another 2-4 years.

    2. Music to my ears and not surprising. They know hiring a guy on the current staff would be met with another round of criticism and quite frankly, there isn’t a good option on the staff anyway. There are some good position Coaches, but the only guys with HC experience (Mangini, Sparano) have failed miserably in that role in the past.

      It’s interesting that Kelly and Payton are both rumored to be interested in the job. Maybe the 9ers have let it be known the next HC will have more control in personnel.

      1. Rocket,

        Jed said that personnel would be something that Baalke and the new HC would work out together. That’s not a guarantee that the new HC will have more input on personnel matters, but, if I’m not mistaken, in the past it was stated that there was a bright line between Baalke’s and the HC’s responsibilities. As you said, this might be an indication that there will be a shift in who is in control of the roster.

        If there is a shift in division of personnel power, it might’ve been a condition of Baalke being allowed to stay.

        1. I think your right, Ex. I think Jed may have realized he was duped a bit by both Tomsula and Baalke. Hence his statements on using his Uncle Eddie as a sounding board.

        2. Wasn’t Baalke supposed to be working well with Jim Harbaugh on personnel issues until he wasn’t? At least that’s what Baalke maintained. Once Harbaugh “abandoned ship” then Baalke made it clear that he had total control of the 53 roster. This past year he may have had control of who got playing time in some cases. The right side of the OL for most of the season might be one area.

  80. “Trent Baalke: 49ers don’t have any in-house head-coaching candidates” – Branch

    That rules out Mangini. I have mixed feeling about Mangini. He’s no Fangio. But the younger players seem to be (finally) adapting to his complex system. There’s something to be said for continuity.

    1. Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but I do have the feeling that Jed had a talk with Baalke and has made it clear that the team needs to change ASAP. And that means no internal promotions to HC. Say what you want about Jed, because there is no doubt he has made some awful mistakes, but I really think he is trying to rectify that. And I think he sees that he needs to get out of the way.

      Reports are that Hue Jackson is Baalke’s target. Have the Bengals given permission for Jackson to interview?

      1. HC candidates don’t need permission from their current clubs.
        Coordinators do. That’s why the Colts block Chudzinski from interviewing for 49ers OC last year.

    2. I am mad about Jed keeping Baalke, but if Mangini and Chryst leave, I will not be incensed. Still do not see how Baalke will succeed when he has failed so much.

        1. Right! I got mixed up Sunday too because Ronde was working a game I watched a little of. A true senior moment. Thanks for the correction.

          I don’t know enough about Archuleta to know if his observations about ineffective disguises was valid. He may have just been repeating observations from others about previous defensive problems.

  81. I watched today and felt that Jed conducted himself well, and am optimistic with his commitment to fixing things, but I would have liked the media to ask if the Gase debacle from last year was the prominent factor in stating that it is going to be Baalke’s decision to make on the head coach this year- and try to nail him down on whether it was him who imposed Tomsula on Gase which broke the deal.

    I think we have enough talent to compete with the addition of a couple of pieces.

    I also think he hires an experienced offensive head coach because that is clearly what the fan base wants. My $.02

  82. Dear Coach Tomsula,
    I want to thank you for your service to the Niners and wish to apologize to you about the scurrilous leaks that you have had to endure. Leaking that you would be fired before the last game was totally classless. They should have been decent enough to give you a chance to savor that last victory, but no, they threw you away like you were a piece of trash. Jed should have announced the move at the PC. At least it should prove to JH that you were not the leaker, since you were the most recent victim of the leaks.
    While you are not blameless in the coaching woes, I blame your coordinators the most. Chryst amply demonstrated that he did not have a clue, and the historically worst offense was embarrassing considering the stellar achievements of the Joe and Steve years. Being a defensive inclined coach, you had to rely on Chryst, and he failed in a spectacular manner.
    Mangini lost his best pass rusher, so he was forced to blitz or get picked apart. His defenders jumped offsides 7 times in a loss. Maybe he over prepared them and made it too complicated with too many reads.
    I hope I am not too critical when I say that the Niners seemed unprepared. That was one of your duties, so I will not only heap praise to your HC job. Maybe you had too many responsibilities and distractions. I am glad you forth rightly accepted blame, but I think you protected the responsible ones too much. I have been severely critical of the coaching, but you do not deserve to bear the brunt of my ire.
    I wanted you to continue as HC, but someone had to be the fall guy. Baalke should be fired, too, but he doomed this season more than you. You had to play the hand dealt you, and Baalke gave you a small straight. Baalke refused to use 13 mil in cap space, so he actively thwarted your desire to get better players. Baalke’s meddling with the coaching and total control of the roster just made your job harder.
    With Baalke as GM, I know this is an impossibility, but I hope you would continue as a coach for the Niners, since I know you love coaching. With your millions, you deserve to sip pina coladas on the beach, but I know you would be happier stalking the sidelines.
    I bet the players would love to still have you, so team chemistry should be factored in any decision. I hope the new HC would have a small enough ego to let you coach the D line again. Just my 2 cents, but totally understand if you feel backstabbed by this FO and would never work for them again.
    Here is one Niner fan who recognizes your contributions to this team. You were here before JH and his success was due to your competence. That D line made the LB job easier and the DBs benefited with that fierce pass rush. You had that D line playing at a Super Bowl quality level. I hope some other team that has an under preforming D line will bring you in and let you resurrect their defense. No matter what, you are a fighter, and I expect you to succeed in whatever you choose. When you went bold, and had gone for it 3 times in a game, I decided that you deserved another chance. Niners had other ideas, and continue to display low class. Jed never should have called you JimmyT just after firing you. I would have fired Baalke and the assistants, but I think that your drive and tenacity is exactly what I want in the HC of the San Francisco 49ers.

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