49ers free agency preview: Will team go QB shopping?

How would you like to be John Lynch?

There he was watching the Super Bowl in a luxury suite, thinking the 49ers would win. He felt good. Must have assumed his job this offseason as 49ers general manager would be to keep the team together for a chance to repeat as Super Bowl champions. Easy.

Then the fourth quarter happened. Jimmy Garoppolo, the $137.5 million franchise quarterback, who had played so well most of the season, completed just three of 11 passes with an interception and the 49ers lost 31-20. Just when he needed to play like his mentor, Tom Brady, he couldn’t.

Now Lynch needs to change his entire approach to the offseason. He can’t stand pat. He needs to reload and improve the roster.

Not easy.

The 49ers currently have just $13 million in cap space, and soon must give contract extensions to George Kittle and DeForest Buckner, the two best players on the team. Meaning the 49ers may not be able to afford to re-sign some of their own free agents, such as Emmanuel Sanders, Jimmie Ward and Arik Armstead. The 49ers will have to get creative with their money.

Lynch could try to give Garoppolo a better supporting cast than the one he had in 2019. But the 49ers had an elite defense, an elite rushing attack, the best tight end in the league (Kittle), the best fullback in the league (Kyle Juszczyk) and a talented, ascending young wide receiver (Deebo Samuel). Hard to improve that group.

Lynch can hope Garoppolo will make big strides and play better in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl next time he makes it back to the Super Bowl, if he ever makes it back. That’s a reasonable expectation. Garoppolo is 28 — not young — but last year was his first full season as a starting quarterback and he was coming off a torn ACL. He certainly might improve. Also, he might not.

Lynch doesn’t have to wait around and find out. He simply can trade Garoppolo back to the Patriots and sign Brady. Lynch must at least consider this move.

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  1. Grant
    “Lynch doesn’t have to wait around and find out. He simply can trade Garoppolo back to the Patriots and sign Brady. Lynch must at least consider this move.”
    * ROFLMAO……SERIOUSLY? Are you by any chance, related to someone on this blog?

        1. And does anyone really think that Jimmy wont improve over the offseason? He was rehabbing the knee last year until TC started, and didnt really get a chance to work on his mechanics and the throws he’s not so great at. I’d wager that JG will be working on that stuff, and will come out next season on fire. Working on his sideline throws, and reading opposing defenses better will send him flying up the charts. I also expect that we pass the ball more next season as every defense will look to stop the run first.

        1. Lynch doesn’t have to wait around and find out. He simply can trade Garoppolo back to the Patriots and sign Brady. Lynch must at least consider this move.

          Trade an up and coming, 28 year old QB who is entering his prime years with a career 22-5 record as a starter, in order to sign a 42 year old QB who is clearly on the downside of his career?

          Wow, just …. wow, SMH! Astonishing! What a mind-blowingly, short-sighted take this is.

  2. Haha people hate on Grant but I think most people don’t understand that part of his job is too draw attention. He does a pretty good job of that even though his articles are not what people want to hear.

    Also is it just me or is Deebo just a gadget piece?

    1. Haha people hate on Grant but I think most people don’t understand that part of his job is too draw attention.

      PD is a backwater outlet whose left hand doesn’t know what it’s right hand is doing. They have a guy writing outlandish nonsense to bring in the comments and then they implement a moronic “spam filter” to throttle back those comments. *golf clap*. Well done PD, well done.

      1. I am glad they implemented that spam filter, although I have been bedeviled by it.
        I wish to defend the PD. You may call it a ‘Backwater outlet’, but I have read it for years and it serves the North Coast and Redwood Empire admirably. They have had excellent writers like Gay LeBaron. Chris Smith, Bob Padecky, and Grant are continuing the tradition.
        This ‘Backwater outlet’ has won the Pullitzer Prize, so others have recognized and acknowledged its excellent writing and reporting.

    2. Also is it just me or is Deebo just a gadget piece?

      Hah, a rookie WR with 57 receptions for 802 yards, a 14.1 YPR, and 3 receiving TD’s?

      Umm, have you even bothered to compare Deebo’s rookie numbers to those of some of the better receivers in the league? Deebo may in fact be a perfect fit for Kyle’s offense, with his ability to make big plays as a duel threat offensive weapon, but looking at his rookie numbers strictly as a receiver, overwhelming point to it just being you, dude. Deebo may never be a conventional #1 wideout, but he is clearly much more than “just a gadget piece”.

  3. Implausible scenario, but I like the idea about John Lynch and John Elway collaborating.
    The Broncos need immediate help, and will be confronted with playing the Chiefs twice next season. They have 12 draft picks, but draft picks usually take time to become NFL starters.
    The Niners need to reduce the salary cap, so trading away players make sense. It is better to trade away players and get something for them, instead of cutting them, and getting nothing. They also can direct where the player will go, instead of letting him go, and see him sign with a division rival.
    The Broncos would make a good trade partner. Niners have the players, and the Broncos have a boatload of picks.
    I wish to propose a trade, which involves bundling players and picks. The Niners would offer Solomon Thomas, Mike Person and Ahkello Witherspoon to the Broncos for their 2nd (46), 3rd (95) and 4th (134) round picks. The Niners would be giving up the overall number 3 pick in the 2017 draft and 2 starters. Thomas may thrive in a Fangio defense. Lock needs an O line upgrade to help protect him, and Person may be replaced by Garland, when Richberg returns. 30 year old Chris Harris may leave as an UFA, so they will need a CB, and 24 year old Witherspoon had attended Colorado to play college football. Maybe throw in Dante Pettis to facilitate the deal, since the Broncos need to replace Sanders, who was traded for those third and 4th round picks. Moseley would supplant Witherspoon next season, so AW might benefit by getting a fresh start in a new system. Broncos may lose a few D linemen to free agency, so Thomas may be needed, and he, too, may benefit from a fresh start in a new system.
    Nothing is set in stone. Maybe the Broncos want different players, and can offer higher third and 4th round picks. They benefit by still having 9 picks. By bundling players, the Niners recoup picks they traded away, and get to reduce their salary cap. It would be a win/win for both teams. The Niners end up with second, third and 4th round picks, so they would not pick 31st, then have no picks until pick number 156.
    The Niners might be able to re-sign Ward and Armstead. If they still have cap difficulties, they could tag and trade Armstead. Miami might be a good destination, because they have a boatload of picks, and a huge need on the D line.

    1. “The Niners would offer Solomon Thomas, Mike Person and Ahkello Witherspoon to the Broncos for their 2nd (46), 3rd (95) and 4th (134) round picks.”

      I would love this deal.

      Here’s the Problem…
      you are giving up 3 backups and getting a 2nd, 3rd and 4th in return and most starters wont bring this kind of compensation. None of those players are worth 4th on their own, maybe Ahkello but its not likely, Thomas wouldn’t and neither would Person.

      For Reference:
      – Evan Boehm (backup Center) started a few games for the Colts and played well – traded to Miami for a 7th
      – Gareon Conley (starter) went for a 3rd and Marcus Peters (starter) went for a 5th
      – Robert Quinn (starter) who is a much better player than Solly went for a 6th

      To put this in perspective (when looking at draft charts), the combined value of say pick the 1st pick in the 5th, 6th and 7th… is equal to about the 10th pick in the 4th round.

      1. I peruse the Mile High Report, and posters there are crying for O line help. Person did start in the SB, so he is not a total bust. As a pulling guard, he helped the Niners run for 280 yards in the NFCCG.
        Witherspoon is also a starter, and Thomas played 22 snaps in the SB, I think. Thomas is the only backup.
        Thomas may thrive in a Fangio defense, like Cowboy did when he came to the Niners. The Niner coaches did not properly utilize Thomas, because he may not have fit their system well, but in a different system, he may live up to his number 3 status.
        I said that nothing is set in stone. If the Broncos want different players, the Niners should consider those possibilities. I named those 3 players because they do have skills, and do have value. Pettis did score 5 TDs last season, so he was productive when he played.
        The important thing is to get picks in the second, third and 4th rounds. The Niners do not presently have picks in those rounds. In my previous proposal, I had the Niners trade back from number 31 to 46, in order to facilitate the trade. This trade I included Person and Witherspoon, and had the Niners keep the 31st pick. No matter what, the Niners need to give up decent players, or the deal will not happen.
        The question is- would those players be an upgrade from what they had? They started off horribly, but managed to get to 7-9. With some adequate support, they may become a winning team.

        1. I never said Person was a bust but he’s not good either. In fact he’s one of the worst guards in the NFL in terms of pass protection. In fact, He’s one of the few guards that could be a downgrade for Denver.

          Solomon Thomas isn’t really out of position. He has played the big end that should kick inside on pass downs. This is very similar to the role Justin Smith had, he just provides nothing as a pass rusher inside or out. A similar player could be drafted in the 4th round… but that player would have “upside” while Solly doesn’t.

          And that brings us to Ahkello. He was benched because he was constantly picked on and beaten, and that was with the NFLs best pass rush. How do you think he would do with a lesser pass rush? See the film from 2018… not good Bob.

          1. I do not want them to trade away JG, Buckner and Kittle. I want them to trade away players who the Niners can upgrade from, but do have talent.
            Flacco was bludgeoned last season, so they may want to beef up the running game to protect Lock. Person is an excellent run blocker.
            It is important to get more cap room, and get second, third and 4th round picks. This would kill 2 birds with one stone (sorry birds). Maybe add McKinnon, with a restructured contract. 5 players for 3 picks may seal the deal. Those 5 players are known talents. Those draft picks could all be busts, and have unknown potential.

              1. They all are Super bowl players. Witherspoon was a starter most of the season, Person played every offensive snap in the SB and Thomas played 21 snaps.
                Looking at the 2019 Bronco draft, Fant is a second stringer, Risner is a starter, Lock did not start for most of the season, Dre’mont Jones was second string, Hollins was third string, and Winfree was third string. Elway has not been hitting home runs with his picks.
                Looking at free agency, Connor McGovern C, is a FA, and Person has played center for 2 years.
                Wolfe, Gotsis and Shelby Harris are FAs, so Thomas may be a replacement.
                Chris Harris is a FA, so Witherspoon could replace him.
                I made sure those players would be needed, and like I said, nothing is set in stone. Maybe add Pettis, so it would be 4 players for 3 picks. Since they traded Sanders to the Niners, they need WR help.

              2. Holy moly this guy. Do you ever stop and think before your write?
                You are clouding the board.
                Go hide in your hole and cry and blame your wife like you did last year.

    2. “The Niners would offer Solomon Thomas, Mike Person and Ahkello Witherspoon to the Broncos for their 2nd (46), 3rd (95) and 4th (134) round picks.”

      If Elway did that deal he would never work in football again. Preposterous!

      1. Elway does not have a good track record in acquiring QBs. He may want to give Lock enough support to win.
        After going 7-9, Elway is already on the hot seat, because many are thinking that he has wasted Von Miller’s talents and his window to get to the SB is closing.
        The question is- does Elway want to win so much, that will he think outside the box? 12 draft picks will help in the future, but Elway may not be around, especially with the ownership in flux.

        1. Elway is on the hot seat, and this may be a way to save his job.
          Fortunately, the Niners and Broncos have a history of making trades.
          Madden may not, but Lynch and Elway are friends.

          1. Elway would be fired if he made this deal.
            On the spot.
            You don’t give away premium picks for another teams extra’s.
            Even if it’s you friend t

            1. Even if it would help the team make the playoffs? An infusion of veteran talent may get them over the top, and they will need all the help they can get, with the Chiefs in their division.
              Like i said before, nothing is set in stone, and maybe the Broncos would pull the trigger if there were different players involved. Naturally, I would want the Niners to do well, but i also want it to be a win/win situation. Since the Broncos have 3 third round picks, maybe they would counter with 2 third round picks and a 4th round pick, for those 4 players.

          2. Seb, can we get the Broncs to hire you as GM for a day? Like March 18, the first day trading opens? Just one day. Do it, make that trade!

            1. Oh look, Elway just traded a draft pick for a player. AJ Bouye was a pro bowl player, but he was burned toasty crisp last season. Maybe he is another player who will thrive in a Fangio defense. Elway saw that obtaining a grizzled veteran is a good way to immediately upgrade at a place of need, especially since there is no guarantee that any Rookie will succeed.
              I still think Witherspoon would have been a superior option. Bouye is 29, and Witherspoon is 24. Bouye ran a 4.55 forty in his Combine. Witherspoon ran a 4.45. I think Witherspoon graded out better than Bouye, last season.
              So I will deem that Witherspoon is worth at least a 4th, looking at comparisons.

      2. What with all of the starter QB’s opting for free agency, I think that one of our backup QB’s (either) would draw some fire along with Thomas, Person, McKinnon, and Toilolo as a bunch for a second and a third and perhaps a fifth….face it guys, WE’RE rich in personnel except for two or three positions, and short on cap space….gotta’ sacrifice a little….

  4. As John Lynch You let Paarag do his job. Championship teams are about sacrifice. You meet the leaders and renegotiate the necessary contracts. The team wants winners that are team first. Rubber meets the road time.
    Mortgaging the future on 2 years isn’t how this team was built. It surely isn’t how it continues.

    1. Grant thinks Saleh is a genius. Read this article and you’ll see he is just an adequate DC benefiting from great personnel. Too bad he turned down Michigan State.

      “So what was the 49ers’ plan? It won’t take long to explain, actually. On first down and second-and-short (under 7 yards to go), the 49ers essentially played two coverages: Quarters and Cover 3. And it wasn’t difficult to figure out when they’d play which coverage. When Mahomes was in shotgun, they played Quarters; when he went under center, they played Cover 3.

      Every time.

      We’re talking a 100% tendency for the entire game.”

      “Saleh’s simple approach to play-calling had served the 49ers well all season. With a stacked group of pass rushers, an athletic linebacker corps and a smart secondary, he had more than enough talent to just line up and beat opposing offenses even if they knew what was coming. Against Andy Reid and this offense, which was just as talented, that was a mistake. A far bigger mistake than any Shanahan made that night in Miami.”

  5. I highly doubt the 49ers move on from JG this offseason, or even entertain the idea. He will get another year to prove whether he is the long term answer or not. John Elway’s decision to sign Manning was an easy one – he didn’t have any good QBs on his roster. Also, when Harbaugh tried to sign Manning, Alex Smith was off contract and Smith was also the guy he basically inherited, not the guy he chose. Very different situation with JG. The impact in the locker room of offloading a very popular leader could be huge.

    I am more interested in seeing whether the team renegotiates his deal to provide some cap space. If they do, it shows they already feel confident he is their guy long term. If they don’t, next season is very much a big year in terms of JG’s future with the 49ers.

    1. I don’t even think the Brady trade is worth entertaining.
      Additionally, the Manning comparison to be misrepresented. From everything I read, the niners didn’t choose not to sign Manning. Manning chose to Sign with Denver over San Francisco and a big reason for that was denver had more cap space and could offer more 18 mil per season.

      I completely agree with your Idea to renegotiate Jimmy’s deal to save money. They could easily lower his cap number and give him more security at the same time.
      His Dead cap money figure going forward is 4.2, 2.8, and 1.4 million over the next 3 seasons. I think he has shown enough, that the team could easily raise his guaranteed money and drop his cap number going forward. I believe could even structure it in a way that would allow them to trade him without taking the additional guaranteed money as a cap hit on their end, if they wanted outs going forward.

      1. JG’s current contract is very easy for the 49ers to get out of without much dead cap. Which is why he should be a prime candidate for reworking the contract to create cap space. If they don’t do it then that is a clear sign the team (i.e Shanahan) is not convinced he is the long term answer, and that next season will be a very important one for him to prove he is the guy.

        But it is still early days in the offseason. Richburg and Alexander redid their deals but the reason they have been done already is they were injured and able to renegotiate without distracting their performance. Let’s see what happens with JG.

        Another player that has a contract that is pretty easy to restructure to create cap space is Dee Ford.

        The team has options to create the cap space it needs to keep its key FAs, extend guys like Kittle and Buckner and potentially add a piece or two.

      2. Harbaugh was insistent that Manning run his (Harbaugh’s) offense. How egotistical is that when you have an opportunity to being in one of the best QBs of all time to your organization???? It’s all about EGO!!!!! A veteran coach not concerned about his ego, because he checked it at the front door just as he has requested his players do, would not be adverse to bringing in a Manning or a TOM BRADY because of the Football IQ, leadership, experience and elevation of player expectations a player of that caliber brings to the locker room.

        I immediately would bring in Brady for a sit-down and inquire of him of what his expectations are. This team is at its peak now with a very good front 4, a more than adequate running game, a decent offensive line although Joe is a bit aged and the interior line could use an upgrade, but the receiver corps is on the uptick.

        Big questions are will Kyle be willing to give Brady the reigns as Brady’s game management, play selection and football IQ at the LOS far exceeds KS. Kyle may be a great designer of plays, but his greatest faux pas, as distinctly demonstrated in 2 Super Bowls, are clock management and how to close out a game. Brady has had almost TWO DECADES of experience in situational football with his association with Belichick

        Manning came into Denver and brought them a Super Bowl. Can little Shanny suppress his ego to allow Brady to do the same for the Niners???????

        Brady is not a question of money as his wife and Brady’s off-the-field revenues far surpass what he can make on the field, and he has taken less salary at several other instances so the Pats could sign players who could bring greater success to the team.

        I would sign Brady in a heartbeat, and even if I put JG on the street for a lower round draft pick or have to eat part of his contract, the Lombardi Trophy is worth it.

        Sorry, but JG’s ceiling is yet to be determined; however, I fully am aware of what Brady can do, and that is winning big games and Super Bowls!!!!!!!

          1. I have no problem with Nick Mullens taking over the starting job after 2 years once Brady leaves.
            Mullens is cheaper and much better QB than Jimmy.

        1. All sounds good on paper Mike but your forgetting one thing. The Niners team is truly a brotherhood. It’s all about TEAM with these guys.
          You take away their leader in Jimmy G and you might, just might, have a locker room turn against you.
          Does Brady guarantee you a trip back to the SB. No
          Does Brady guarantee you a playoff berth? No

          The smart thing to do is just keep building around Jimmy G. He didn’t cost the Niners the Lombardi trophy so why get rid of him.
          My point is sometimes you mess with team dynamics and chemistry and it all blows up in your face.

            1. I do. Staley is the one guy who almost goes into tears when talking about how much they all love Jimmy G.

              The other thing is Brady has been declining from year to year. Now if you ask me if the team would rather have Mahomes, then it’s a new conversation. Even then the team might not be accepting. You know how tight they are Grant.
              Brady is a good QB. But he isn’t the final piece of the puzzle to win a SB.

    2. Makes no sense to move on from a quarterback that just completed his first full year as a starter. As you say, this year will be big for Jimmy in terms of taking it to the next level. Matt Ryan was able to do it under Shanny, and I see no reason why Garoppolo cannot do the same.

      My interest is whether or not Shanny prioritizes upgrading the IOL this year to give his quarterback the best chance to take that next step….

    1. Grant is just commenting on the rumors floating around.
      Nobody knows what will happen, even you.
      If the Niners want to win a SB next season, Brady is superior to JG. However, if the Niners are building for the future, JG will remain the starting franchise QB.

      1. Seb says:
        February 11, 2020 at 9:45 pm
        I wish to disagree with Grant. JG can play for 10 years, Brady may not make it through next season.

        Seb says:
        February 12, 2020 at 8:58 am
        If the Niners want to win a SB next season, Brady is superior to JG.

        First Brady won’t make it through a season but somehow a day later he is superior and will win a SB for the Niners?

        Contradict much!

        1. Reading is fundamental.
          If the Niners want to win next season, Brady may be the answer. If the Niners want to have a chance to win for the next 10 years, JG may be the best option.
          Assuming a 42 year old QB MAY not make it through a season is just being realistic. I did not state he WON’T make it through a season. There is a risk/reward involved.

          1. Writing and using the English dictionary seem to be complicated for you Seb. That and putting your foot in your mouth.

            So if a 42 year old won’t make it through a season why would the Niners take that risk? And if they want tor win for the next 10 years they’ll go with Jimmy G. So which is it?

            You can’t string together a cohort thought without contradicting your self.

          2. Yeah Seb…. Brady will just come In pick up the system. Grow a new arm and win the Super Bowl.
            What do you smoke?
            He’s done! I said it right after the Superbowl where his defense won him the game.
            Let’s bet. Wherever Brady goes that team doesn’t sniff a Super Bowl!
            You must not have been watching him the last year and a half.
            He’s fading quickly, and don’t give me he had no receivers, not even Rice could catch short thrown balls hitting the grass.
            Finished! Done! It’s over! Retire!

            1. Mango haze.
              I said that Brady may be too old, but if he can be surrounded with enough talent, the Niners could win next season, because Brady has 6 rings.
              It is a risk, but the fourth quarter JG may not be clutch enough, so there is another factor to counter the anti Brady element. Brady can be the field general, and KS would be smart to build his playbook around Brady. Brady may be a little bit less clever devising plays like KS, but Brady can manage the clock and finish games. Brady has played for 20 years. KS was in college when Brady started playing, so KS should tap into that wealth of knowledge, if Brady decides to come here. Brady may want to come to a SB quality team, that may help him get another ring.
              However, I have stated before that I am so happy JG is the starting franchise QB for the San Francisco 49ers, I do not want other QBs to supplant him. JG should be in their long term plans. Brady may win this next SB, although there is no guarantee that they will return. Then they will have missed out on JG, but they then could find a dual threat QB. JG may improve, learn from his mistakes, and win several rings, if the Niners keep improving. He has fully recovered from his ACl injury, so he could become more mobile. They may roll him out more, so the footballs are not batted down.
              This may all be moot, because the Pats probably will not let him go, so he will play his entire career on one team. Kraft likes Brady.
              This all depends on if KS has learned from his mistakes. JG can and will improve, but the coaching needs to be able to finish the game. Until they do, they may keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

              1. Do you hear how ridiculous you sound?
                Mango Haze? Dude you need something for psychosis!
                You are deranged.

              2. Prime, you admitted you would need psychiatric help after that loss. Sounds like it is not working.
                He asked me a question, and I answered truthfully.
                This is all just idle speculation during the offseason, so do not get your panties in a twist.
                You should be the last person in the world to pronounce judgement on another human being.

              3. No, I can function quite well after smoking MH. It gives a cerebral high which is good for creativity, but does not possess any couch lock traits.
                You should try it some time, it might mellow you out.

  6. Saw this on Rotoworld regarding Jalen Hurd:

    The Athletic’s Matt Barrows reports Jalen Hurd (back) is expected to be ready for OTAs.
    Per Barrows, Hurd’s back injury is healed, and he’s “doing well.” The “offensive weapon”-type prospect ended up making zero regular season appearances after injuring his back in the preseason. The track record for gadget players who miss their entire rookie year is exceptionally poor, while Hurd will be old (24) for a second-year pro. His dynasty light is dimming, though the Kyle Shanahan connection remains worth investing in for one more year.

    1. I’m not sure I view Hurd as a gadget player. He’s capable of gadget plays, because of his ability to be a running back.
      He’s a huge guy, who will wind up being a red zone nightmare for defenders.
      I’m sure he was drafted with some gadget plays in mind, but that excites me more than anything. Shanahan has proven he can design plays specific to a player strengths. I can’t wait to see what he can do with Hurd.
      Hurd is still growing as a receiver too. He won’t be Julio Jones, but I think he can be a real threat.

      1. I agree with your assessment. I posted mostly to provide an update on Hurd’s injury. I don’t have a subscription to the Athletic, but I suspect Barrows only posted about his injury and someone at Rotoworld added the rest. I could be wrong, though.

    2. Good to hear. Maiocco accidently made a few fans nervous by intimating that Hurd may never play again as back injuries can be tricky. As a guy that typically has good insider knowledge, a few people thought this meant he had heard from the team they were worried this was the case. Based on Barrows report it appears that isn’t the case.

  7. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Took Montana 3 years as a starter to win a Superbowl while learning the WCO.

    JG is what, in 1.5 season. Be fair give hime 1.5 years, and some better O-Linemen and then well talk.

  8. I wonder what impact Tony Oden will have on the DBs. If he can convince Sherman to move to Safety, they may let Ward walk, or sign Ward, and move him to CB.
    Sounds like Oden and Kocurek are familiar with each other, and may work well together.
    I would have been OK with Kris Richard becoming the Niner DB coach, since he used to play for the Niners, but Oden may be the better choice.
    Woods is fortunate. The NFL just reinstated Garrett. Maybe he can get those high draft picks to play up to their potential. I wish him well.

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    1. HaHaHaHa, LOL undercenter.

      One of Seb’s 100 personality disordered Catfish (ie, Seb’s own creations) have made this site impossible for all of us.

      Funny how Seb pleads to Grant to bannish someone, but it’s Seb- spam that should have been banned long ago.

      Seb’s out worn pharse: “you add nothing to this site” is the flip side of the coin. The other is that Seb adds something to this site—SPAM.

      Grant’s failure to call a time out with seconds on seb has cost us all

      1. * banish
        ‘Grant’s failure to call a time out with seconds on seb has cost us all.’ – Please try harder to be coherent.
        Quit whining. I, too, have been blocked. I was blocked all during the SB.
        If that is the price to get rid of all the troll burner accounts, it is a small price to pay.
        Buck up. You all have posted your complaints, but I see you all can post. Sometimes, I will be blocked if I try to respond to certain posters, so I just refrain from replying, and post a new comment. Some posters that I have been cordial with and can make a civil conversation with, I have no problems with any spam block notifications.
        Lately, I have even been allowed to respond to TrollD and Prime, so maybe that ban has been lifted off me.

  10. Lynch doesn’t have to wait around and find out. He simply can trade Garoppolo back to the Patriots and sign Brady. Lynch must at least consider this move.

    That was funny.

    But, guys, lighten up on Grant, this is the dead season between real football and the draft and he has to come up with something to generate clicks. However, he may have outdone himself on this one.

  11. I would be really hesitant to trade Jimmy G for Brady. Last two games in Brady’s season:

    Miami: 16 / 29; 55.2% for 221 yards; 2 TDs / 1 Int; QBR 88.4 (LOST HOME FIELD)
    TENN: 20 / 37; 54.1% for 209 yards; 0 TDs / 1 Int; QBR 63.8 (PLAYOFF LOSS)

    I wonder how Patriot Beat Writer, Iggy, would be trashing Brady after those games.

    A trade would not make sense at all, and for those who think the 49ers would have beaten KC with Brady at QB, just return to reality. Who knows how the season would have played out? Stop looking like this is the Tom Brady from seasons past. This is a 42 year old QB on the decline, and judging from his last two games, the decline could be accelerating. Give it up.

    1. Nova4ess…Brady is still great…His Oline is getting old and nicked-up…Jimmy G is going to be great with an improved Oline….

      1. I’m not so sure how great Tom Brady is anymore. He definitely is on the decline. Elway and Peyton Manning are prime examples. When the skills go, they usually don’t come back. Nothing effs you over like time. And Brady is beginning to show it.

  12. A rushing attack that wasn’t utilized in the second half, deebo who had no touches in second half as well as an o line who failed to give the qb a clean pocket more often than not.

    Yeah. It’s all jimmys fault.

  13. Is Jadeveon Clowney better than Arik Armstead?

    Clowney – 3844 career snaps. 32 sacks. 80 QB hits. 236 tackles.

    Armstead – 2397 career snaps. 19 sacks. 47 QB hits. 152 tackles.

    Based on the ratios for Armstead throughout his career let’s take a look at what his totals would be with the same number of snaps…..

    Armstead – 3844 snaps, 30.5 sacks. 75 QB hits. 243 tackles

      1. It’s extremely easy to see if you just look at the data beyond games played.

        Go look at Clowney in 2019 compared to Armstead in 2018. Snap counts are almost identical, and guess what, so are their numbers.

    1. Thanks for making the effort to come up with those numbers. I told somebody on the previous thread that there wasn’t a big gap between the two of them and that Clowney was severely overrated. This pretty much proves that. The biggest problem with Armstead had been his health but he’s been able to stay on the field for most of the past two seasons.

    2. I’d be interested to know how many of Armstead’s sacks came from the edge last year vs DT, if anyone knows where to find such info? Off recall only, I believe quite a few came from the edge. So it isn’t as if he is only a threat as a pass rusher from the interior. Good overall player that fits what the 49ers want to do very well.

      1. He is a good fit for the Wide 9. I wouldn’t want to be the one to make the call on what to do with him. Guess I’d go with the non-exclusive version of the franchise tag unless I had a willing trade partner for a 2nd round draft pick….

        1. It’s a big call as to whether to sign him long term or not. He’s good, but not great, and they already have a lot of dollars invested in the DL, which will only grow with Buckner’s extension. I also can’t help but think about how Joey Bosa is scheduled for FA next offseason and he would be perfect for that role (though realistically the chances of him not being tagged are slim).

          If they tag him, trading him may well be the best long term strategy. But then I wonder how the playing group will feel about it. Probably fine – they’re adults and should know it is a business – but it was a very close locker room in 2019 and don’t want to lose that.

      2. Scooter
        Agree. The only question with Armstead is, was 2019 a one year flash in the pan and will he put up those same results consistently?
        * I liked your idea about offering both he and ward a series of team friendly, essentially 1 year incentive driven contracts.

        1. For so many years the organization waited for AA to hit that switch and get to the next level.
          He did last year but was that because of the supporting cast around him.
          If they Niners let him walk it will be because they think they have enough without him.
          I have no inclination as to what they do because it’s hard to let those guys leave after they’ve drafted and developed him.

    3. “Based on the ratios for Armstead throughout his career let’s take a look at what his totals would be with the same number of snaps…..”

      I thought this was an interesting angle… so I did the same thing with some of the other DE’s on the roster.
      Armstead – 3844 snaps, 30.5 sacks. 75 QB hits. 243 tackles
      Dee Ford – 3844 snaps, 48 sacks, 97 QB hits, 195 tackles
      R. Blair – 3844 snaps, 42 sacks, 88 QB hits, 285 tackles
      D. Moore – 3844 snaps, 54 sacks, 156 QB hits, 474 tackles

      *Note* I think the reason Moore’s tackle count is blown up so much is because I only counted defensive snaps for these and didn’t have a way to parse out his special teams plays/tackles.

      The two players that showed up very poorly here were Solomon Thomas and Anthony Zettel
      S. Thomas – 3844 snaps, 13 sacks, 50 QB hits, 202 Tackles
      A. Zettel – 3844 snaps, 26 sacks, 58 QB hits, 259 Tackles

  14. So many things wrong with this article. 49ers wanted to sign Manning but he chose Denver, the cap room is over 19 million once you add the carry over, and it’s beyond stupid to suggest signing a 43 year old QB while trading away a QB 15 years younger who made the SB in his first full year as a starter. I guess we have officially entered the dead zone for reasonable football discussions.

  15. It’s almost like Brady wouldn’t need time to figure out how to function in a completely new offensive system. And what did the Broncos turn into after Manning retired….a total dumpster fire.

    The 49ers are trying to build *competitive sustainability*. They were better right guard play (i.e. Chris Jones should not have been set free by Person to bat down passes at the LOS) or a secondary read here or there away from beating everyone’s anointed super team in the Super Bowl. They were dominant for 80% of the game. Blowing that up for a tired old QB is completely ridiculous. Clean up the 20%, don’t start over. Clickbait overload. I feel dirty for even commenting.

  16. Matt Maiocco

    The #49ers signed veteran DL Ethan Westbrooks to a one-year deal. Westbrooks played five seasons with the Rams (2014-18), appeared in 67 games (11 starts), had 79 tackles, 9.0 sacks, three passes defensed, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery returned for a touchdown.

    4:43 PM – Feb 12, 2020

  17. Grant
    * While I realize it’s a slow time of the year and your JG for Brady article is just click bait, how about something more constructive? Something like naming some Interior O-Linemen the 9ers should target in the 2020 draft? Maybe add your opinion on weather the 9ers should trade down? Should they wait until the 4th round to draft an O-Linemen? Should they only draft one OG to replace person, or two? How about a Center?
    * You could also include the names of CB(s) the 9ers should look at in the draft!

  18. This article is idiotic, but I don’t buy the clickbait idea. Grant could have posted an article titled “Why the 49ers SHOULD NOT trade Jimmy G for Tom Brady”. I’ll bet the number of posts would be roughly the same since mosts posts are from a core group that post in every article. All Grant is doing is hurting his own brand.

  19. Call me crazy but they should resign Bourne.
    I think he was starting to break out.

    I also think they should just part ways with
    MCKinnon And Taylor.
    No reason to keep players who can’t be on the field. If any of the players under free agency leave out of the five majors
    (Armstead, Buck, kittle, Sanders and Ward)
    It should be ward.
    And yes I know buck and Kittle are FA next year, but they really aren’t. You don’t let them hit FA….
    this team needs receivers more than a safety right now.
    The pass rush has proved this. Yes it would be a big loss, but not having targets for Jimmy’s growth would be worse IMO.
    After all I’m calling it now. Jimmy G WILL be in the running for MVP next season.
    The 49ers WILL be back in the Superbowl
    (If healthy)
    I’m giving free will for everyone to slander, make fun of me, call me whatever you like for the whole offseason in 21 if he isn’t in the running for MVP of the league.

    This team is going back, and it will be on the arm of Jimmy Garoppolo!
    So save this Tom Brady talk!
    He’s done and the future is JG and the scarlet and gold!

    1. ninermd
      * “I think they should just part ways with MCKinnon And Taylor.”
      * I’d add Marquise Goodwin and Dante Pettis also. (Pettis if he has a poor training Camp).

      1. Keep Pettis as your kick return specialist. If he can flat out win the job in the offseason and training camp, great.
        If not, cut him.

        My take on Pettis is the kid just doesn’t love football. The Niners have given him so many opportunities and he just can’t crack it.

  20. lazy grant at his worst. i didnt even read the whole article….JG outplayed TB THIS YEAR!! dont have to look up any stats…..i watched the Pats play every chance i got……..TB’s season ended on his pick 6!! Dude looked old and tired…..forget about $$, name recognition and past history. Forget about the fact that one player is on the decline while the other just completed his first full year and will only get better…….forget about having one guy for a year or 2 vs the other guy for 10-15 years……..forget about grant too while were at it! hes only gonna take pot shots and sprinkle salt in the wound this off season.

  21. we choked as a team, the game was lost when KS passed on 1st and 10 from the 49 with just under 2 min. to play…they were in a passing D, we finally established the run and were gouging their nickle or whatever prevent style D they were in….we had all 3 timeouts and should have ran the ball until they stopped us or we scored a td….whatever came first. a couple keys to that moment:
    we were in 4 down territory
    dont want PM to have much time left on the clock after we score……
    this is why passing right there was a huge mistake…..in-completions stop the clock…..so even if we score on the 3rd and 10 shot to ES in the end zone……we give PM the ball with almost 2 minutes only needing a fg.

    KS shoulda run the ball on 1st and 2nd downs NO MATTER WHAT……and assessed the situation again on 3rd…..knowing hes going for in on 4th……IMO…..worst case scenario would have been a 3rd and 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres no way we werent gonna get 2-3 yards a carry……and its possible we coulda ran the ball twice and had a 1st and 10 from the 30 or something

  22. Grant,
    Do you really think Brady would have led the 49ers to victory after taking the same head shot that Jimmy G. did? If you do I believe you just might be crazy. I believe after that shot Jimmy G. should have been in the concussion protocol and if he had been tested he wouldn’t have been allowed any where near the field. The only way the 9ers were going to win that game after J.G. was concussed was if Nick Mullen had been put in the game.

  23. Some Kaepernick memoir title suggestions..

    “One Read”
    “Straight Outta Turlock”
    “Kneels Great, Baby”

  24. Does Brady really increase the odds of us winning the Super Bowl? He has lost 3 of them after all.

    I see it as trading to try and win ONE Super Bowl or not trading and trying to turn this team into a Dynasty.

    Is it really a choice?

    3 years from now do you really want to be back to .500 or less with no QB bragging about that one Super Bowl we won.

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