49ers Game Balls: Career nights for George Kittle and Brock Purdy in blowout win over Cowboys

With the entire NFL watching, the San Francisco 49ers put a beatdown on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night at Levi’s Stadium.

Let’s hand out some game balls.

Game Ball 1: Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy completed 17 of his 24 pass attempts for 252 yards and a career-high four touchdowns. With the four touchdown throws, Purdy has now thrown at least two in a game eight times in his career. This ties him with Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner for most games with at least two touchdown throws in a player’s first ten career starts. The first quarter was a bit up and down for Purdy. After hitting all four passes on the opening drive, including a touchdown to George Kittle, he completed just two of his next six.

Purdy was nearly perfect in the second half. He completed 8 of 9 attempts for 119 yards and two touchdowns before being pulled from the game less than two minutes into the fourth quarter.

Since stepping into the lineup against Miami, Purdy has completed 70 percent of his passes (208-297) for 2,579 yards with 22 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

Game Ball 2: George Kittle

George Kittle recorded 3 receptions for 67 yards, all going for touchdowns. His three scores were a career-high and pushed him into second place in 49ers franchise history for tight ends. Kittle’s 34 receiving touchdowns are one more than Brent Jones.

Kittle’s three touchdown performance was the first for a 49ers tight end since Vernon Davis had three against the Houston Texans in 2009.

Game Ball 3: Colton McKivitz

Throughout the offseason there was talk about the 49ers offensive line being its Achilles Heel, especially after the team chose not to draft a tackle and stick with McKivitz. The cries grew louder after he allowed three sacks to T.J. Watt in the season opener at Pittsburgh.

Facing one of the best pass rushers in the NFL on Sunday night, McKivitz did not allow a hit on Brock Purdy. Neither Michah Parsons nor DeMarcus Lawrence were able to get to the quarterback.

In addition to the stellar pass protection, McKivitz helped open holes in the run game. He could be seen putting Lawrence on his back during McCaffrey’s touchdown run in the third quarter.

Game Ball 4: Fred Warner

Warner was all over the field against Dallas and showed why he is the best linebacker in the NFL today. He recorded eight tackles, sacked Dak Prescott, forced a fumble and came away with an interception.

On one play in particular Warner’s coverage took away the throwing lane for Dak Prescott. When the Cowboys quarterback left the pocket, Warner chased him down to record the sack. This is stuff you can’t teach.

Game Ball 5: Deommodore Lenoir

Lenoir is one of the most underrated players on the 49ers defense.

On Sunday night he was all over the Cowboys receivers. Lenoir was targeted in coverage 5 times, allowing just 2 receptions for 14 yards.

It was Lenoir who created the interception for Fred Warner early in the fourth quarter.

Lenoir had tight coverage on Michael Gallup who was running a slant. The 49ers cornerback was able to get his hand on the pass and the deflection went right to Warner for the turnover.

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  1. I think you’ve also got to recognize Nick Bosa. 1 TFL, 0.5 sacks, and 4 QB hits. Thought this was Bosa’s best game so far this year. I really don’t understand NFL officiating. I guess they were letting guys play but the holding on Bosa was egregious. It’s almost like Bosa gets no calls because officials know if they call too many holding penalties then Bosa is going to hit the QB on every play so they let lineman get away with murder to keep QBs healthy.

    1. Pat, a couple plays inti the 3rd Q…….they dragged Bosa to the ground by his facemask!!! No flag was thrown. Shany was freaking out on the sideline for the next 2-3 plays over the non call.
      To me, what was clear is that the NFL didnt want Dallas to quickly go 3 and out right after half time…….thus allowing the 49ers to get the ball right back and immediately score another td…….making the Sunday night game an ugly blowout!!!
      Well, they didnt get their wish!! lol

  2. Jack:
    If nothing else, the game against Dallas should end the drivel that:

    A) BP is a system QB who only manages KS game plan! We witnessed a QB put up 42 points against 1 of the better NFL defenses, and play at an ELITE level! He completed 17 of 24 passing attempts for 252 yards, a career-high 4 TD’s and a passer rating of 144.4. His performance has earned him his first nomination for Fedex Air Player of the Week award in 2023.
    B) The 9er O-Line can’t pass block, can’t keep BP upright and is sub standard against top NFL defenses.
    C) The O-Line can’t give BP enough time to complete passes to his receivers, or open holes for the RB’s.

    1. Geep,
      My complaint about the O line both this year and last is they don’t run block well on a consistent basis. The RBs will bust 2 or 3 big ones and other than that there are a lot of runs for loss or short gains of less than 4 yards. Last night was a perfect example. imho

    2. I agree….but the there will still be anti Purdy drivelers….check out the Anti Purdy himself on YT….he has a stable of Purdy deniers….

  3. On the play that the Cowboys scored their TD Bosa was tackled to the ground clearly, there is no way that the ref couldn’t see it. I am getting so tired of it, it cost us the SB Vs the Chiefs. I pretty much dismiss any and all conspiracies but I can’t explain Bosa’s treatment by the officials. Secondly who is the #1 TE TD scorer for the 9ers? Vernon Davis?

    1. His wikipedia page says he had 55 tds as a Niner in the regular season plus 7 in the post season.

      Kittle’s says he’s had 34 so far in the regular season, including last night, plus 1 in the post season.

      Brent Jones: 33+5

  4. The 49ers made the right decision in letting McGlinchy walk. McKivitz is holding down the fort quite well. Thanks for giving him some recognition, Jack, he’s earned it.

    1. Thanks George. That’s much better news. A bicep injury could have put him on the shelf for some time.

  5. Hey, Old Coach. I couldn’t agree more. What happened with Bosa is indeed what helped cost us the Superbowl. They wanted Andy Reed and Patrick Mahomes to have that. I’m sick of it, too. But the Cowboys paid for that, anyway. In the playoffs I think the toughest we will face are the Eagles and the overlooked Detroit Lions team that is doing a good job themselves. AFC SB representative? Either the Chiefs, bills, or Dolphins. I wouldn’t want it to be the Chiefs again because it would probably be the same results: the paid off officials cheating for Andy and Patrick.

    1. cap, i agree that KC, bills and Dolphins are the class of the AFC……and for years, i wanted no part of KC/Mahomes ……but now im a little more afraid of the Dolphins…….They got 4 guys that are 4.3 or better……. 4 of the fastest , if not THE 4 fastest skill position players…….
      You could argue that Hill was just as responsible as Mahomes in 2019…..( for beating us)

  6. It was fun listening to some cowboys fans after their big loss. Most of them seemed to take it nonchalantly as if they knew that the 49ers own their team.

  7. Feliciano looked good Sunday. If Banks is able to play this Sunday maybe Feliciano can start splitting snaps with Burford. Burfords play seemed to elevate last year when he started splitting snaps with Brunskill.

  8. Yes Little girl Grant Cohn intentionally started a racist rival between Brock Purdy and Trey Lance on his podcast. It was ugly. I would say by seeing Grant (who got the SI job because of his daddy L.Cohn of the SF Chronicle) has probably never threw a football. Grant started a racial thing with the competition between Brock and Trey. Everyday he’d say things like Purdy isn’t good, he can’t thrów, Lance is better. Always saying they won’t let Lance compete and it got nasty. Purdy fans were we hope the best man wins and both are good guys. Grant had Lance fans so pissed off at Purdy with the nasty mean Grant comments that Purdy was getting tons of hate comments and I checked every bad comment I could and 99% of them were from black fans against Purdy. Grant Cohn loved the hate comments as he kept up the it’s not fair to Lance and Purdy’s no good but they won’t give Lance a chance. All this no arm dink and dunk came everyday from Cohn. Cohn got Kinlaw mad and said if he hit me GOOD I’d sue him and be a millionaire and quit working. Keep this guy away from your team Kyle and John. He’s a trouble maker.

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