49ers general manager: Trey Lance is “pushing” Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Josh Rosen (3), Jimmy Garoppolo (10) and Trey Lance (5) await the start of a passing drill during an NFL football open practice, Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron)

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch joined the Murph and Mac show on KNBR this morning and was asked if there is an open competition taking place at the quarterback position or will it be Jimmy Garoppolo starting week 1 at Detroit.

“That’s up to Kyle. That’s up to our head coach,” Lynch responded. “He makes the decisions on who’s playing and whatnot. But I think it’s Jimmy’s right now and Trey’s pushing. I think that’s where it’s at.”

Lynch would go on to say that there is always competition at every position in the NFL, and that competition makes everyone better.

These comments are interesting for a variety of reasons. During his first interview of training camp on July 27, head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked if there would be a quarterback competition. “There’s no open competition right now,” said Shanahan. However, this conversation has evolved throughout training camp.

On August 2nd, when asked about the possibility of Lance receiving reps with the first team Shanahan responded, “I haven’t planned that at all.” The next day at practice Lance would run a play with the first team that Shanahan stated only Lance would run and he wanted the starting offensive line to get live reps with it.

Then on August 6th, Shanahan was asked about the excitement around the performance of Lance and if he needed to be conscious to not push that excitement.

“Trey is going to play for us this year,” said Shanahan. “That doesn’t mean that he’s going to be a starter or anything. He’s going to get plays and you’ve got to prepare him for that every way possible.”

Fast forward to this morning. The fact that Lynch didn’t close the door, and chose to instead point out the performance of Lance shows the direction that this is moving.

Throughout the 13 training camp practices San Francisco has held so far, Lance has been able to keep pace with Garoppolo and he’s done so while playing behind the second-team offensive line. If Lance continues to progress through the remainder of training camp at his current pace and improve his situational awareness, there is a very real possibility that the rookie could start for the 49ers in the season opener in Detroit.

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  1. Regardless of whether Lance does start week 1, it is clear that so far nothing has been too big for him and that he is further along mentally than many had anticipated. If he had to start, there is no reason to think the pressure or requirements would be too much for him to handle.

    Bodes very well for him and the team.

  2. Jimmy G deserves the start in the season opener….PAY YOUR DUES…. Jimmy didn’t get those scars without earning them….Go Niners…!

    1. KS was quoted in the PD, “Sometimes those guys don’t believe how hard people hit until they get a couple of times in the NFL.” I wonder how many players fail because they have a normal fear of being killed or maimed by 250lb mountains of muscle rushing at them!

      1. Yes and in Trey Lance’s case he has not been hit in a year and on top of that dudes guy were hitting him are now sitting behind a desk selling insurance.

  3. When I hear someone is “pushing” I don’t take that to be a good thing.

    Actual NFL play will reveal all.

  4. Jack you left out KS most telling statement, “praising” JG with : Nobody beats JG when he’s at his best. Something like that.
    That is foreshadowing that JG will be pulled unless he’s playing perfect every week! KS will play the guy with the hot hand and Trey is breathing down Jimmy’s neck. There’s no doubt in my mind that TL will start this season. It’s only a matter of when and how soon. A few losses would expedite that.

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