49ers get come-from-behind win in injury-filled preseason opener

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) cannot catch a pass between Dallas Cowboys defensive back Jeff Heath, foreground, and linebacker Jaylon Smith, rear, during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers lost four starters and two backups in less than one half of a game that didn’t count.

The 49ers won the game against the Dallas Cowboys 24-21 Thursday night during the preseason opener at Levi’s Stadium. But the win didn’t matter. The injuries did.

Starting defensive end Solomon Thomas injured his head. Starting middle linebacker Malcolm Smith injured his hamstring. Starting outside linebacker Eli Harold injured his lower leg. Starting tight end George Kittle and backup running back Matt Breida injured their shoulders. And backup offensive tackle Garry Gilliam injured his head.

When 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to the media after the game, he hadn’t yet received the official injury updates from the team’s medical staff. “Off the top of my head, I know Kittle and Breida (will be out) some time,” Shanahan said. “I’d be surprised if they’re around next week. And Solomon Thomas left with concussion symptoms early.”

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  1. Last four seasons (under four different head coaching regimes) the 49ers have had much higher than average starters losing play time from injuries.

    Will the 2014-2017 injury bug that’s plagued the 49ers continue for a 5th consecutive season?

    1. I think the injury bug started hitting the team half way through the 2012 season. You seem to have forgotten both Smiths, Manningham and the field goal kicker in 2012. The Smiths really hurt because it transformed a top defense into one that gave up 29 + points a game after half time ant NE.

      1. 2014-2017 was according to league data about number of snaps starters lost due to injury. I first read it through a link from Niners Nation articles.

        2014 was a sharp decline. Near the bottom of the league. By season’s end 8 defensive starters were gone. Several on offense too. Backups frequently injured. The team started running backs that weren’t on the squad a few weeks before, and they got hut. Amazing they went 8-8. I was P.O.ed Fangio got fired. Fielded a top 5 defense missing 8 starters.

        The 2014-2017 range was about injury numbers, not impact.

        I write about injuries to the Smiths in the 2012 NE game all the time, because fans overlook Aldon was badly hurt too. His shoulder/labrum never recovered. It lead to the misconception Aldon’s sacks for all Justin Smiths credit.

        Hunter’s 2012 injury sucked. Imagine the Super Bowl with a healthy Smiths and Kendal Hunter.

        2011 was a low injury season. But imagine the 2011 NFCCG with a healthy Ted Ginn?

  2. Nice to see Julian Taylor (who spent most of his college career out with injuries) have a good game.

  3. Wow, this sure is a game of attrition.
    I am concerned about the run defense.
    Ward stopped, looked up, and let the ball go over his head to the receiver. Opposing offenses will probably target Ward.
    I am impressed with the scouting department. The late round picks did well, especially Taylor and James.
    Pettis showed speed and quickness.
    Glad they wisely used their time outs in both halves.
    When CJB saw that a defender jumped offsides, he should have morphed the play into a deep strike down field.

    1. How can you possibly be concerned about the run game when we’re one of the best at stopping it in the league . Possibly the dumbest overreaction I’ve heard from this preseason game .

      1. Guess you did not watch the game. Cowboys marched down the field with their starters. Niner first string run defense was porous.

        1. So completely disregard 16 games last year because of 1 drive in the first game of preseason . Nice one your thick idiot

          1. Sigh, guess what? Those 16 games last season means squat.
            Go ahead, disregard the long runs in TC against the Niner run defense. I will not.
            There is plenty to be of concerned about. Saleh wanted the outside edge rushers to contain the QB so Buckner can collapse the pocket. Too bad the QB was allowed to run up the middle for big gains, converting third downs.
            Pompously asserting a Pollyannish bravado while hurling insults, does not impress me.

  4. Classic preseason, in this case experienced in a rather concentrated form–several injuries, weak performances, and a few bright spots. Happy about the final score…young 9ers showed some moxie and that’s always a good thing.

    On to Houston. Hope the 9ers catch a few breaks health-wise as we approach the next game–thankfully it’s a week from tomorrow. Joint practices will be interesting.

    Thanks Grant.

  5. A few things I think that you should think too

    O-line is a big concern. Pass-pro wasn’t horrible but my God that was some atrocious run blocking. Need to figure out the o-line pretty quick.

    Offer Eli Harold, Joe Williams and a 2nd rounder for Khalil Mack right now. If the 49ers need to sweeten the pot throw in Armstead. 49ers pass rush is not very good but it could become great overnight with the addition of Mack. Thomas and Buckner worked well together but they need help on the other side.

    Jullian Taylor is already an upgrade over Arik Armstead. Taylor plays with good pad level and leverage already as a rookie. Armstead will never get there.

    Jimmie Ward is making me question Robert Saleh’s judgment. We keep hearing Saleh say Ward is a good football player. He must be a great practice player because he’s certainly not very good during the games.

    1. Houston,
      If the Raiders trade Mack it won’t happen until he holds out at least one regular season game and they are going to have to offer a whole lot more than players they might cut anyways and a 2nd rd pick. I see them giving up 2 1st rd picks. Also as to Saleh’s praise of Ward, good coaches don’t criticize poor players in the press, they cut them. We will see…..

    2. Houston 9er

      WOW ! a new movie title…dumb, dumber and dumbest…Every year we do the ‘quick-draw’ exercise and shoot ourselves in the foot…Khalil Mack isn’t bullet-proof…! One clumsy or well intentioned hit, and he’ll spend the rest of the season on IR playing canasta with Garnett and Solomon Thomas….What a great way to clean the cupboard ! Frankly Houston, your comment surprises me…oh well….Barney Fife made a living out of it….

      1. @ Oregonman

        meh… go back to the vegan topless bar or shopping for homeless hipster chic used clothes at the Salvation Army and leave the football talk to guys who actually know something about football. My comment about Mack was somewhat tongue in cheek. I don’t expect the Raiders to deal Mack to anyone. The point is the defense needs immediate help on the d-line. The addition of 1 competent pass rusher could transform the entire defense into actually being decent. Buckner is a stud but he can’t do it alone. If the 49ers can’t find help in the trade market they need to sign Elvis Dumervil right away. And if all you have to criticize a trade is that the trade target might get hurt then you could say that about every trade. Trading away Harold, Williams, and Armstead is not clearing out the cupboard. That’s asinine. Harold is average to below average and Mack would take his place. Mostert is as good or better than Williams and he contributes on special teams. Williams is expendable. Taylor is already better than Armstead. You have Armstead’s replacement already on the roster. Getting rid of all 3 of those guys doesn’t do anything to the cupboard except give better players more opportunities. Good luck at the thrift store on your way to see those ugly girls who need a shower.

        1. Houston, proposing a multi player trade? Nice. ;p
          My trade involved Jeremy McNichols, but after last night’s game, the Niners may want to keep him.
          Niners need to be creative, but Mack is worth it, and the Raiders need help all over the defense.
          Thanks for thinking outside the box.

    3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If a DB can’t turn and locate the ball while running with the receiver, he’s not worth keeping….

    4. Houston is right, the Raiders aren’t going to trade Mack. If they were to trade him – which would be insane because he’s an elite HOF talent at arguably the second most important position in the game – they aren’t going to take castoffs. They are going to want multiple high picks which won’t come until 2019. They can keep him for this season and trade him next year for the same compensation which is why it makes no sense to trade him now even if they wanted to.

  6. The good.. The back ups with a will to win.. McNichols, IMO was the quickest and strongest off all the 49er backs.. Mullins was very good..

    The bad.. First team O line were dominated. Beathard is really bad. Unfortunately for Beathard, the NFL does not provide a one Mississippi disability accommodation for reading defenses slowly..

    1. I actually thought Beathard was much improved over last year. He’s still a career backup but you can tell he has put in work to speed up his delivery and he’s also faster at reading defenses than he was last year. I know a lot of guys are crushing Beathard but I didn’t think he was terrible. There were a few times where it was questionable if his receiver made the wrong read or if Beathard made the wrong read. I think IF Jimmy G stays healthy, which is a big “if” after watching this o-line in action, then the top end of the fan expectation should be a wild card berth. If Jimmy G misses time then the 49ers could have a another top 10 pick in the draft.

      1. Agree on Beathard. He’ll get plenty of snaps this preseason. Let’s see what he does in the last game.

        1. Cassie,
          I agree with you and Houston regarding Beathard. I think by next season he will be a solid backup and eventually possibly trade bait.

        2. I agree. I think JG has helped CJB. Now, if only he can get the ball over the pass rushers…..
          That one long pass was completed, with a tight spiral, even though if CJB had led him a little more, it could have been a TD.

      2. Beathard looked like the same guy we saw last year. Late/tipped/knocked down throws. Makes some nice plays here and there. Typical stuff from a backup QB.

      3. His reads were pedestrian. He has no chance in the NFL if he cannot process defenses faster than he did last night. And I don’t believe he can.

    2. Beathard’s biggest problem is he processes things too slowly. By the time he’s ready to throw the window is closing and the defenders have a read on where he’s going to go with the ball. That’s why what should have been big plays for TD’s, wind up being lesser plays and short passes which should be coming out quickly, get tipped. Physically he’s fine with a strong enough arm and accuracy to be a pretty good backup. He just needs to play faster.

  7. From a Cowboys blog regarding their defensive back play…

    “And the depth guys completely collapsed, allowing the 49ers to charge down the field and score two touchdowns in the final five minutes of the game. I had no idea who 49ers’ 8th-string quarterback Nate Mullins was before tonight and I would have preferred to have kept it that way.”

  8. I don’t get the whole Beathard thing. He looks awkward and has horrible footwork. In fact, there was one play where he even fell when he handed the ball off. What is he? A young QB being groomed to be a starter? Don’t they have a young QB who is the starter? On the surface, Nick Mullen actually looks more like a QB than a punch drunk boxer back there.

    Wasted pick that’s being kept around to justify the pick and KS likes him.

  9. Not that it helps Kittle or the Niners any, but there should have been an unnecessary roughness penalty on the play where Kittle got injured. Two Cowboys hit him long after the pass was obviously incomplete. With one player it was possible that he didn’t see the incompletion, but the second guy just took a cheap shot. The league is so concerned with the silly head lowering rule, but then they allow tee off hits like this and don’t make the call.

    Ward sure doesn’t look like a guy who can be trusted to come in and back up any position. They would be better off playing a rookie. That TD he gave up was one of the worst bone headed defensive plays by a DB I can remember.

    1. Would like to say he lost the ball in the low sun, but that’s a thin excuse for a NFL DB…

      1. everybody talks about losing the ball in the sun, but the receiver surely did not, and no one is mentioning that fact!!!!!!

    2. Overreaction on Ward…..you guys need to calm down it is preseason…..

      Go read Ward wiki page to better understand the talent we have….

      He definately is better than the two scrub backups we have

    3. Ward is best when the play is in front of him. When he has to play in man coverage and take his eyes off the QB he struggles. Last night he was in perfect position on the TD pass until he turned to look back and stopped running. He can’t look back for the ball and keep moving at full speed which is a major issue.

      1. No it’s not a major issue…..Ward is a 1st RD talent…..its the coaches job to put him in the best position to succeed……

        He is currently the 2nd if not the best CB on the team…..or am I wrong?

        1. I’d say he’s 3rd on the list at best after Sherman and Witherspoon, but you may feel differently. Ward is not a bad player, he’s just not a man corner, which means they need to play him in zone or at S if they want to get the most out of him. The fact he hasn’t been able to stay healthy just adds to the problem.

          1. Ha ha….sherman can’t even get on the field…..

            Ward has tools to play outside corner….they just need to come up with a better scheme…and he needs more reps..

            If he could play NB as good as he did …he can play man…

            We need to start holding these coaches accountable…..

            1. Ward can’t stay on the field. Doesn’t matter anyway. We are talking about the best CB’s on the team and Sherman is clearly the better Corner.

              As I mentioned, Ward plays better with the play in front of him so he is better in zone. He’s a S first imo, but he can have success as a corner if they don’t make him play in man too often. The scheme is fine, they just have to keep adding players to the roster who fit it.

              1. but he can have success as a corner if they don’t make him play in man too often

                Pretty much what I said…..

              2. Not really. You think the scheme is too blame more than the player which I don’t agree with. Ward is not a good option as a boundry corner. He is ok as a Nickel although he was beaten regularly by good receivers in that role too. His best position is S, but they have better options ahead of him. That’s why it was kind of head scratching that they picked up his option. He hasn’t been able to stay healthy and they have better players ahead of him. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  10. And some media thoughts on the Rams loss last night…

    “The Los Angeles Rams got the preseason underway with a loud and deafening thud in an uninspiring 33-7 loss against the Baltimore Ravens. Head coach Sean McVay decided to sit the vast majority of his top players, including quarterback Jared Goff and running back Todd Gurley, giving the depth chart an opportunity to open some eyes.

    They did. But if you’re second string quarterback Sean Mannion, McVay may have chosen to close his.

    Mannion, entering his fourth season with the Rams, looked every bit Ill-equipped to be a starting quarterback, and may give some pause as to his value as a backup.

    He simply was ineffective, going 3 of 13 for 16 yards, yes 16 YARDS, and an interception. For good measure and to round out his stat line, he was sacked two times.”

    1. The Rams sat pretty much every starter on both sides of the ball. I don’t think they are concerned.

      1. Kind of like week 17 last year. They sure looked good in their next game, didn’t they?

  11. Remember when the 0-16 Lions went 4-0 in the preseason?

    Remember when the 16-0 Patriots went 2-2 in the preseason?

    Or remember when the 2011 49ers went 2-2 in the preseason and got destroyed 24-3 against the Saints in the 1st preseason game and 30-7 in the 3rd (and most important) preseason game against Houston.

    Yeah, preseason results and performances aren’t indicative of what the team will look like in week 1, or better yet, weeks 4-17.

    1. Totally agree. It will be around week 4 before we see what type of team we have this year. Still, it is a bit concerning the 49ers starting o-line and starting d-line were totally dominated by Dallas. With Zeke back and that o-line this Cowboys offense could be really good.

    2. The preseason games don’t matter, but the individual performances do.

      Even though we won, I walked away from this game disappointed. Dallas controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball when the starters were in and San Francisco’s db’s still look bad. If we get down by a big margin, does anyone trust this oline to keep Jimmy healthy?
      On the upside multiple rookies looked good against Dallas’ second team… I hope we get to see them against opposing starters by seasons end. Reed, Pettis, and James and Taylor all had some good plays that they can build on.

      1. Agreed Shoup. What I want to see is how individuals perform when put on the big stage. I was impressed with the young receivers like James, Bourne and Bolden. Not very impressed with the Corners, Powell especially. I don’t put a lot of stock into how the starters perform in the first preseason game but I would have liked to see the Oline perform better than they did. JG stood in there like a champ on the throw to Goodwin, but those are the kind of shots that can put a QB on the shelf for a few weeks. The pass blocking has to be a lot better moving forward.

  12. I am hopeful. Niners showed grit and determination. The backups acquitted themselves nicely, and showed how the team has depth in talent. KS started off vanilla, with expected results. Hope he is more creative, next time.
    Luckily, while the injuries are a concern, no player will need surgery. I hope.
    John Lynch is building that winning culture, brick by brick.

    1. Of course it was vanilla, it was the preseason, he will not show his elaborate schemes in this game, I do agree with you that the oline and dline play was concerning, preseason or regular season those are two aspects of the game that you do not want to be seen being manhandled! If Kittle is gone for a large amount of time, this will be bad. Even if their are more struggles than anticipated this year, I want the emphasis on the oline so they can be a solid unit down the line.

      1. I wonder if Kittle hurt his shoulder, in the same spot as last season.
        Niners did not give up a sack, so that was a positive. I think Pace Murphy had a good game, so he may be competing for the RG position.

  13. The 49ers radio guys are the biggest schlubs in the business. Their suction is stronger than an industrial strength Hoover. Tim Ryan trying to use a timeout last night to take a shot at Harbaugh was pretty damn funny.

    Say what you want about the guy, but trying to rip him to prop up Shanny in a preseason game is laughable.

    1. Agreed, Tim drives me nuts. Which is sad, becuase when actually breaks down plays he seems knowledgeable.
      The problem is he always ruins it when he starts praising stiffs or starts talking about how much talent the teams at positions it clearly needs to upgrade.

      1. I like Tim’s personality, but he does not say much that is insightful.
        Concerning Ted, I miss Joe Starkey.

    2. “Tim Ryan trying to use a timeout last night to take a shot at Harbaugh was pretty damn funny. ”

      I thought he was dead accurate in his assessment. Harbaugh was a good coach, a little overrated in my opinion but he was terrible at the details of the game. So many time count violations, penalties, and overall disorganization.

      I know you are a Harbaugh plugger, cant wait to see what he does this year at the college level.

      1. Four years with Harbaugh: 49ers averaged 11 wins
        Three years after Harbaugh: 49ers have averaged 4.3 wins

        But please carry on.

        1. But could not bring it home in the NFL and hasn’t done much at the college level. Please proceed!

              1. Lots of very good HCs have never won a SB.
                No other coach has gone to 3 straight NFCC Games.
                JH made the Niners relevant, and was instrumental in getting that stadium built.

              2. Pay attention Seb, good versus great. You want to be great you win the money games. You want to be good, win a bunch of games. Always got to spell it out for you!

              3. Prime, reading is fundamental. I never claimed JH was great. You, yourself claims he was a good coach.
                Next, you will be claiming KS is not a good coach, because he lost a SB.

              4. Always got to be a pest without reading the true argument. All I said was to be a great coach, you most likely have to have won a championship. There is good coaches and great coaches and what distinguishes most from each other is winning it all.

                I also said you are an idiot, and still think that. So what!

              5. Prime, please learn English conjugation. ‘ There is good coaches and great coaches…’
                There are good coaches, and great coaches.
                When you start losing the argument, you tend to make mistakes.
                Then you become rattled, and hurl insults.
                Please up your game. Get smart, and start ignoring me again.

              6. To be fair then Prime what exactly are you saying then?
                Harbaugh is not a great coach- obviously… but what NFL coaches would you consider great then?
                Harbaugh is not a good coach? – Are you arguing this?

                Sorry I’m just trying to understand exactly what you’re arguing for against.

          1. All that is fine, but the guy has been gone for 3 years so it was pretty funny to hear Ryan go there.

            Yeah there were some issues, but those teams won. They haven’t won since. Maybe this year they’ll be able to finally match the record of his worst season.

            1. My point is everyone in the NFL and college is a good coach. But to be considered a great coach or talked about as one of the best, you have to win the big games.

              1. It sure is. To get one of those jobs, you certainly have to be good. Otherwise you are coaching high school football.

              2. Right, but not every good coach is a good head coach.

                Rod Marinelli, good D Line coach but terrible head coach.

                Jim Tomsula, good D Line coach but terrible head coach.

                Chip Kelly, good college coach but terrible NFL head coach

                Hue Jackson, good coordinator but terrible head coach

                Jeff Fisher, good at something but was a bad head coach

                Dennis Erickson, good college coach but terrible NFL head coach.

                Speaking of Erickson. That was another laughable moment in the broadcast last night when Robinson said that Shanahan reach out to him regarding Williams and said, “another name from 49ers lore”. Dude won 9 games in 2 seasons and is a perfect example of the Yorks failings. Replace a successful coach with that guy? Only to do it again years later? That’s great 49ers lore right there.

              3. Again, good versus great. All those coaches were good enough to get to the pro level. There is a lot of bad coaches every where and in every league and level. The point is, to be a considered a great coach versus a good coach, you most likely have to have won a championship game.

              4. “The point is, to be a considered a great coach versus a good coach, you most likely have to have won a championship game.”

                Harbaugh did lead the 49ers to a Championship game win in Atlanta.

                And this wasn’t meant to be a good/great conversation. The fact that Ryan felt like he needed to take a shot at the last winning 49ers head coach to prop up the current coach is what myself and some others take issue with. He very easily could have made his point without sucking on York.

              5. But what Ryan said was true. Shanahan is all about the details whereas when Harbaugh was here, he was not. How did he say anything that wasn’t true?

                I simply made the point that there are good coaches and great coaches because you said Harbaugh won all those games in the NFL, but to be considered a great coach in the NFL, you separate yourself from being good to great by winning championships. In the NFL that means Super bowls.

              6. To me it’s stupid to take a shot at a guy who has accomplished far more than Shanahan as a head coach.

                The only reason for Ryan to bring him up last night was to be a shill for York.

                And yes, Harbaugh’s worst season was better than anything the organization has managed since pushing him out. They did the same thing to Mariucci. It’s the York legacy.

                In stating Harbaugh’s record I didn’t say that he was great. I was pointing to his success here which right now is where Shanny is trying to get. Yeah there were some issues with Harbaugh’s game management but regardless they were far more successful so to reference him like that was nothing more than pettiness and sucking up.

                I’d venture to guess that part of why they pushed Davis out of the booth in favor of Ryan is that they wanted someone who would toe the company line more than anything else. Sounds that way on the radio at least. Brother. Get your nuts hot.

              7. “My point is everyone in the NFL and college is a good coach.”

                Seriously? I imagine Jack just spit out his coffee reading that.

            2. Yeah trashing a guy who’s long gone doesn’t do much for me. Looking back at it, I wonder if Harbaugh felt the Indians manager from major league.

              1. Yeah but he was lucky enough to have hollywood writing the script, and his pitcher found a way to hit the strike zone with glasses.

            3. Well, according to your parameters, JH is a great coach because he did win a championship game. He won the 2012 NFCC Game.
              Prime, quit while you are behind.

              1. I said win it all, big difference. You never could understand too much about football, always over your head.

              2. Prime- ‘ The point is, to be considered a great coach versus a good coach, you most likely have to have won a championship game.’
                NFCC Game is a championship game.
                You should just admit your mistake and rue the idea that you ever wanted to engage with me again.

              3. Seb I think its funny how your wife told you to stop blogging because you were stupid enough to use your personal information and then said you had to leave the blog. And now you are back? Who needs to up their game?

              4. -You should just admit your mistake and rue the idea that you ever wanted to engage with me again.

                Looks like you are in big trouble Prime time

              5. Prime, would you please keep my family out of this?
                I thought there were protocols and guidelines to follow on this blog.
                Attacking me through my wife is- insensitive.
                She has far bigger things to worry about.
                I wish I did not have to mention that, I try to use this site as an escape.

            4. And that Harbaugh team lost its biggest game. Arguably due to the very issue Ryan was talking about.

        2. I’m still a big Harbaugh fan and I have honored him with my Michigan avatar since leaving.

          But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that he was “turrable” at clock management.
          Heck, his horrific clock management may have cost us a SB win.

      2. Say what you will about Harbaugh not winning a SB, but he got them there with a QB many on here think was garbage, and with a defense that was playing poorly due to injuries. He took a good not great roster to 3 straight NFCCG’s and improved Michigan by 5 games in his first year there with the previous Coaching staffs recruits. He is one of the best HC’s in football right now and the 9ers were terrible before and after he left so these continuing attempts to criticize him are ridiculous. If the only thing people can come up with to criticize him are misuse of TO’s and not winning a SB, then I’d say he’s doing something right.

        1. Agreed Rocket,
          Oddly enough I would say the best team we had was the one that lost to Seattle in the championship game. I can’t help but think that had we not lost to the saints from a freak penalty and played that game at home, we would have gone back to the superbowl. Although I think Denver matched up much better against SF than they did with Seattle and it would have been a much closer game.
          Sigh… I guess we will never know.

          1. I agree with you. The defense was much better during that playoff run, at least until Boman tore his knee up and the Seahawks and Niners were the two best teams in football at that point imo.

      3. Prime Time

        Wait until next year and see what Harbaugh does at the High School level…

    3. The 49ers radio guys are the biggest schlubs in the business. Their suction is stronger than an industrial strength Hoover.

      They’re employed by the team, correct? If so what would you expect…….

      1. Professionalism

        Guys like Joe Starkey, Wayne Walker and Gary Plummer didn’t suck up like this current crew.

        1. I like JH…even though he picked his who over the team….I also don’t see anything wrong in pointing out his negatives……its part of the job

          1. He’s been gone for 3 years, going on 4, and the team hasn’t come close to matching what they were able to accomplish when he was here.

            Don’t forget he also did the same thing to pump up Tomsula and Kelly. It was a very Trumpian comment.

            1. C’mon Jack…..are you saying radio analyst can’t critize or point out flaws of coaches….

              Aligning this with Trumpisn is an Insult…..thats low

              He’s been gone for 3 years, going on 4, and the team hasn’t come close to matching what they were able to accomplish when he was here.

              He is partially to blame for that……

              1. “are you saying radio analyst can’t critize or point out flaws of coaches”

                No. What I’m saying is that it wasn’t necessary to make that statement last night. The fact that he took a shot at Harbaugh, who was more successful than anyone since he was removed, shows the level of Hoovering those two go to. And it spreads throughout KNBR.

                The comment of working on details would have been sufficient for the viewer without bringing up anyone else.

              2. I don’t get this….

                wasn’t necessary to make that statement last night

                When did timing or where or when a message was delivered ever relevant …..why do we continue to use that as excuse not to receive and debate the message

                Sounds more like a cop out to your feelings being hurt…..

                You hurt bro?

              3. details would have been sufficient for the viewer without bringing up anyone else.

                Sufficient based on who or what?

                Maybe there is a crowd out there that feels the same about JH…..

                Why the censorship on what can be discussed?…..

                U hurt bro?

              4. Harbaugh, who was more successful than anyone

                Before we prop up any coach as great….please let’s not degrade the 49er expectations………we only care about championships…..multiple championships………at best at 49er standard JH is a bit above mediocre….

                No one is falling for a tease or incompetent collaboration of both GM and Coach who couldn’t leave behind a legacy we could be proud of…..

              5. “Before we prop up any coach as great”

                Please show me where I’ve said that Harbaugh is great in any of the comments I’ve made today.

                It wasn’t necessary to bring up Harbaugh or any other coach to make that point. For whatever reason the organization is trying to act like that was a bad period in 49ers history. Don’t understand that.

                “let’s not degrade the 49er expectations………we only care about championships…..”

                This is beyond silly. It’s been almost a quarter century since this organization won a Super Bowl. Over the last 15 years they’ve been to the playoffs only 3 times. Those 3 were led by the coach they just want to rip.

                Very weird.

              6. Jack, Harbaugh wasn’t a very detail orientated coach as referenced in last nights broadcast by all the time count violations that occurred while JH was coach of the 49ers. All Ryan meant was that Shanahan when he coaches and teaches, goes through every last detail. He was a former player and all he was doing was contrasting the 2 styles of coaching.
                You need to temper your hard on for Harbaugh.

              7. Yet Shanahans team led the league in pre-snap penalties last year.

                I get what Ryan is doing. I’m not a fan of homers when it comes to broadcasts and I find what he said last night funny. At least let Shanahan match Harbaugh’s worst record before trying to compare them.

    4. I agree on Ryan. He is the company man through and through. Ted Robinson is awful too. That’s how most of the home team radio guys are.

  14. On the bright side, Zeke didn’t play at all last night. Things could have gotten ugly real fast.
    How much more evidence is needed that Ward is not capable of playing at the NFL level.
    Isn’t he our highest paid defensive player.
    I really like Bourne.
    I like Kittle also.
    Also Breida and Sol Thomas.
    Wish you guys speedy recovery.

  15. Like most pre season games sloppy at times and decent at times. Seems like we have more then our share of injuries, maybe its the water…….

  16. Lots of concerns but now they can tune their direction moving forward, and…..

    They’re still undefeated!!!

  17. Too bad we didn’t get to see Warner play last night but the rest of the rookies shined for the most part – especially Ritchie James and Julian Taylor obviously. Those types deserve roster spots over guys like Ward and Smith…. Yeah, injuries suck but that’s football. Hopefully Breida and Kittle are back by week 1. Tackling should get better as the season nears since I don’t believe they tackle in TC these days but regardless, I like the direction the team is headed.

  18. I wish to express my sincere condolences to Joe Williams, whose brother in law was murdered.
    I am glad he scored that touchdown. That gave him a little joy during these difficult times.

  19. Somewhat entertaining game. The team made a nice comeback in the 4th Qtr, for the win, but it’s hard to give compliments to 3 tier players who likely won’t make the roster.

    I was interested in watching Jullian Taylor and he did not disappoint.
    Pettis looks very good.
    Richie James could join Taylor as this year’s surprise players.
    I like to see RJ in the Return game where he can use his darting moves and speed.

    I thought Joe Williams showed some good explosion at the line LOS.
    It’s a tough call between Mostert and Williams right now. Mostert’ versatility may give him the edge.

    Garoppolo fell back to earth last night. If our running game is stagnant this season, I’d be a little concerned on counting Jimmy G, to throw us out of a funk.
    But as I keep reminding myself, it’s only preseason.

  20. I thought McNichols was the surprise of the night.. Of all the 5’9″ 200 lbs +/- backs he was the quickest, showed great instinct and was powerful at point of contact.. Can’t understand how these guys get buried on the depth chart with their skill set superior to others..

    1. Don,
      He will need to look exceptionally good against the big boys (1st team D) in order to beat out Williams and Mostert.
      But he showed power and tackle breaking ability last night.

    2. Niners were fortunate. Tampa Bay coaches ripped him up and down. I guess, to motivate and set an example to other players, then cut him, hoping to sneak him on the PS. McNichols decided to start fresh, so he moved on to the Niners.
      McNichols also has a rep for being able to catch the ball, so I think he will be a good fit for the KS scheme.

  21. The injuries are unfortunate but it’s football. Players have to play and get ready for the season and not playing for fear of injury won’t solve anything because they could get injured at any point in practice, once the regular season starts etc. It’s a tough game and injuries happen. Nothing you can do about it.

  22. For those dreaming of a trade for Mack consider this: Mike Lombardi said he’s heard from sources that Mack wants 22 million per. It’s Lombardi so you can criticize the source, but it makes sense considering what has transpired so far. There was no statement regarding the amount guaranteed he wants, but considering Von Miller got 70 mill guaranteed there is a very good possibility Mack wants more than that. So if the Niners were to somehow convince the Raiders to trade Mack, the Niners are looking at having to give up multiple high picks and then give Mack a record setting contract that is more in line with QB money than DE money. Mack is a great great player, but there is no way I’m doing that if I’m any team contemplating a trade for him. The only position worth that much is the QB position at least until the cap goes over 200 mill in the next 2-3 years.

    If I’m the Raiders, I force Mack to play under the 5th year option, Franchise him next year and if somebody offers a trade I can’t resist I pull the trigger. If not, I keep him under the Franchise tag for the next 3 seasons or until a find a trade partner and then walk away. You don’t win games signing defensive players to QB money.

    1. Here we slightly disagreee… I wouldn’t care about the contract. He is worth it, but the issue would be the compensation they would want. This team has to many holes to be giving away much draft capital and I Imagine that’s what it would take.

      1. My point is based on what the market value is for his position right now. The FT number for DE this season was 17.1 mill. If you have his rights for the next 4 years. paying him 22 or more is a bad business decision. The 49ers can obviously afford the contract, but when you keep overpaying it is going to come back and burn you at some point.

        Your point on draft capital is why I can’t see it happening. Premium Draft picks are too valuable to a rebuilding team to give up for one player no matter how good he is.

  23. Yup, I agree.
    We put out a ton of money this off season and we need to see how our investments play out before taking on any big contracts.

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