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  1. Kudos to Shanny and his staff. I didn’t think they’d be able to get it done. C.J. deserved it after the physical beating he’s endured, and the positive hangover should linger throughout the bye. I have to think that it’s Jimmy Goatrappolo time against Seattle, and McAdoo ends up like the McRib…for a limited time only….

  2. If Jimmy G is as good as some suggest I would have to think the QB position is looking good. Give CJ another start he deserves it.

  3. Well done all around, cheers to our players and coaching staff for putting together 4 good qtrs. They all deserve to enjoy this, as do we.

    1. Could have. But niners have just 6 games left to evaluate JimmyG. So put Garrapolo in, secure in the knowledge of what they have in Beathard.


    “New York went scoreless from the 2:08 marker in the second quarter, all the way to the 1:08 mark in the fourth quarter.”

    “Beathard wasn’t sacked on Sunday and was hit just twice.”

    “Here’s the stat of the game: The 49ers offense went 8-of-12 on third down. That’s a recipe for success and illustrates just how much of a rhythm Shanahan was in as a playcaller on Sunday. Shanahan dialed up the right plays and in the right moments while the players executed to near perfection.”

    1. Haven’t watched game yet. Will this evening. Have to say from looking at some of the information that things tightened up!

      Kudos to all who made that happen. No sacks, good 3rd down ratio, fewer penalties. Still have trouble in red zone and time of possession, but it’s a good step forward. The win can hopefully be a stepping stone.

      Also need to remember that it was against a Giants team that was supposed to have given up on its coach. In either case it looks like execution by almost all players was good and Shanahan made good decisions.

    2. Remember a couple days ago Grant said Kyle needed to have a offensive guy to call plays. Another boneheaded idea from boy genius.

  5. – I’m very happy. Never expected the 49ers to out tank the Browns. Might was well win.
    – What a difference pass protection makes
    – If not for the called screen passes, Beathard NFL offensive player of the week?
    – Good things happen when you can establish the run.
    – Bad teams O and D units take turns sucking. It was the defenses turn to suck, but they played good ball.
    – Nice to see the Blair Blitz Project
    – Looks like we have some depth at safety for 2019 (if Ward or Reid extended)
    – Giants got burned by blitzing, but I’m surprised they laid off the blitz so much.

    The more new players are established as competent, the clearer the draft and free agency gets. I’d start with the O-line.

  6. Grant your from Santa Rosa or the North Bay I’m guessing….please don’t tell me you like the Steelers or Cowboys….I can’t stand those guys obviously you’re not a Niner fan so is it the Raiders?That’s fine but you have two options don’t be that guy Grant

    1. Diesel, I want to make this clear. Grant is not a fan because he’s a professional journalist. He is detached because he’s professional. He grew up in my house and learned to be a journalist. I’m proud of him and wish I could write as well as he does. LC

      1. Lowell, with all due respect (as a reader of yours since the 70s) … I remember a column you wrote before game three of the 2010 World Series. You said that even though the Giants had a 2-0 lead, you were, and I quote , “terrified” that they might blow it.

        So, you were obviously rooting for them and you wrote about the 80s 49ers, SOUNDING like a fan … Well, maybe you were just a great admirer . I never saw anything wrong with your attitude as a journalist. Grant’s doing just fine, knows a lot about football. Not sure why people get so upset with a columnist’s opinions, Grant doesn’t PLAY a position and has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of a game.

        But he does sound a wee bit bitter when they lose or screw up … a closet fan? Probably, but I am NOT asking for him to admit it.

        1. Hi, KezarMike. Hope you are well. If I sounded like a fan in the past, I apologize. I did get excited about good play and sometimes winning. Fun to write about. But I don’t think I rooted. If I am misrepresenting myself, I apologize. I’m so proud of Grant for his professionalism and writing skills, for how well he thinks and for what a great guy and son he is.

          1. With all due respect this is a fan blog. Anybody can write for one. Grant is posting articles for 49er fans. You don’t need a degree in journalism to do that lol.

          2. LC – You deserve the respect you have earned as a journalist because, as you say, your stock in trade is your independence. But like you, I am also a father and any claim to independence – well let’s be honest….fagedddabout!

          3. No apologies necessary, Lowell. I’m a fan of the way you covered the teams. Grant IS doing a fine job, knows much more about football than I do and writes extremely well too … and gets the readers’ juices flowing which makes his columns fun as well.

            And by the way … this comment being written in Agra, India. I am leaving for the ten minute walk to the Taj Mahal as soon as I send this. My first time seeing it!

              1. No, Lowell, I live in Chiang Mai in the mountains of northwest Thailand and still occasionally on the road to find. out (Cat Stevens).

      2. Lowell, do not sell yourself short. I think Grant is a chip off the old bock. I see a lot of you in him, and he will need to write for years to eclipse your career. Too bad the age of the newspaper is dead, and blogs are a dime a dozen.

      3. “Professional journalist” and his pops chiming in on his behalf are two things at odds with each other. LC, GC is a big boy now, he doesn’t need you running interference.

  7. How good is Elway as a GM? He’s mis-managed the QB situation; argueably all,the way back to drafting Cutler. Yeah, achieved short term goal with PM barely wobbling a defensive team to the SB. Long term? Pfft. Presently? Pfft.

    1. Don’t know about you BT but this Veterans Day weekend I got a free haircut from Great Clips and the 49ers won. Can’t remember feeling this good for some time!

      1. Whine Country-
        Happy day to you too, and all the Vets. I ate and drank too much at a Catalan Fiesta on Saturday.
        Hey, are you superstitious? Better go to Clips each week before games now that you know “it works.”
        : -)

  8. Look, let’s not get too euphoric with the performance today by Beathard. He faced one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Granted he made the throws but the soft zone the Giants played you would have to be inept not to have performed well today.

    Let’s see how he comes out of the game. His thumb was injured. Let’s find out how bad. I think the bottom line is if Shanny feels Jimmy G has enough grasp of the Offense he should start him. If not, start CJ, if the thumb is ok.

    We need to find out what kind of a QB Jimmy G is. Seattle even with the injuries is an excellent defense. Again, IMO the bottom line, does Jimmy G have a good enough grasp of the Offense to start?

  9. Always appreciate your take man.

    One thing I didnt like about this video. You said that you were supposed to be the “negative guy”.

    Ive never viewed you like that. You are just the only beat writer that gives an most honest objective view from someone who doesnt truly consider themselves a 49ers fan. But yet you watch the games/transactions/deceisions of the organization just as closely if not closer than %90 of 49ers fans.

    If I wanted sugar coated news I could go to any other beat writer.

    Keep fighting the good fight. Hold people accountable.

    Also your training camp reports are always the best.

        1. Thinking Hyde is not a good fit, Bowman needs to be cut…….
          Ripping the coaching (even though they deserved it).
          However, I like you just the way you are. Do not change.
          I also like that you are honest in your assessments, and provide good insights.

          1. He also said AJ jenkins was total trash and didnt belong in the NFL after one practice.

            He also ripped into Chip Kelly and Fart Tomsula.

            Hyde has been hit or miss this season. But he has seemingly caught fire recently as a lot of players do IN THEIR CONTRACT YEAR. Crazy how a contract year will make you willing to run through a few people.

            I don’t agree and never have agreed with his opinion on Bowman. I think Bowman is still a respectable LB in the league and could play 3 downs next to Foster just fine. Part of me thinks Grant believes that too. He just needs stuff to write about.

            But like you i appreciate his honest opinion. Even if I don’t always agree with it.

      1. Grant one of the best things about reading your articles is that you have demonstrated over the years your willingness to learn about the nuances of football.

        There are not many 49ers writers out there ( football journalists/bloggers/ radio hosts/ tv analysts) in general who have shown the football knowledge you demonstrate.

        Six years ago I may have been able to argue that I knew as much about football as Grant. But its clear that he has read up on books and actively done what is needed to learn more about football.

        No matter what team grant is covering he could give an opinion that makes sense.

  10. I finally saw them playing Niner football. Kudos for KS out coaching Mcadoo.
    CJB was poised and efficient. I think I saw a read option, so that is 3 in the last 2 years. I am glad they ran those screens, because even though they were generally ineffective, they were a good counter to the blitzes.
    They even ran the play I wanted them to do. The TE will chip the DE so CJB could roll out, then the TE would provide a short pass option downfield. CJB rolled out a lot, and his mobility gained yards and extended drives.
    Someday, they will learn to conserve their time outs for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes, but thankfully, they did not need them. It was a good decision to burn a time out rather than incur a delay of game penalty, but i would rather they get the play off in time so they can save that TO.
    That first challenge I did not mind, because I thought it would be overturned, I even thought they might have challenged Juice’s fumble because I thought his elbow hit the ground before the fumble.
    Right now, I am jumping for joy, and hope this will be the catalyst for developing that winning culture.

  11. When was the last time Brady had a bad O-line? Can we just pay whatever amount it is necessary to get their O-line coach, or whoever is responsible for building that stout O-line.

      1. The Pats, fans called Devey the weak link, and after he was benched, they went on to the SB with Devey on the bench. Until they benched Devey, they were thinking Brady was washed up.

  12. Its PFF (and against the Giants), so take it with a grain of salt, but Foster and Beathard both graded very well today.

    Foster graded very well last week too. He’s been playing pretty well since returning. Who knows, with Buckner and Foster the 49ers may actually have two budding stars on D.

  13. I agree with the play calling on that 4th down play. They should not have run into the teeth of the defense. I am glad they attacked the edges and flooded zones so CJB just had to find the open receiver. I also wanted them to do misdirections and counters, and Hyde did very well.
    Glad to see the team play focused, focused and disciplined. The coaches really prepared them well. KS deserves praise for being innovative and unpredictable. This really took the monkey off their back, and it was heartwarming to see the celebrations on the side lines.
    I also want to give Kudos to Eric Reid. He pulled Colbert away from a WR he was going to taunt. Reid saved the Niners from an Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. His leadership is needed on this team and hope they extend him. Maybe the Niners should move Ward to CB, Colbert at FS, Reid at SS, and Tartt at LB.
    CJB may give the Niners more options at QB. He displayed good leadership, and was very accurate. JG may not be able to supplant CJB. Maybe it would not be such a good idea to start JG for the Seahawk game, because their defense is ferocious. Still want JG to play, but maybe they should work him in slowly. CJB deserves another start after his stellar play.

  14. Really didn’t want to finish the season win less but I really want the #1 pick. If for no other reason then the potential haul it might command in a trade.

    1. Developing the winning culture is more important because then, they can attract elite FAs.
      I hope they pick last every year.

      1. To do that you have to win at least ten games a season for at least two to three consecutive seasons. Right now they only have one win out of ten games. Eight total wins out of 34 over the past 42 games. The winning culture may take a while if Jed doesn’t screw it up again. Good luck with that

  15. Kudos for Staley who easily could of sat out this game and no one would of given it a second thought. Kudos for Goodwin, if anyone had a reason not to suit, you did. Quite evident that this team has not quit on their HC.

    1. Yeah, this game more than any other showed that this team hasn’t stopped fighting, and that guys are playing through things. Pretty impressive for a 1-9 team tbh.

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