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  1. The Giants won’t be playing for McAdoo today. They’ll be playing to honor the memory of Mrs. Tisch, with a sticker on each helmet recognizing her. That’s a powerful emotion that seems ready made to galvanize a team that has been playing uninspired. Go Niners!

  2. I was thinking about John Lynch and Matt Millen today. They both took the same path to front office positions. Both were NFL players on the defensive side of the ball, both became broadcasters, and both made the jump from broadcaster to the front office: JL as SF GM and MM as the Lions CEO and according to Wikipedia “de facto general manager”. Under Millen’s tenure, the Lions are the only NFL team to finish 0-16. I don’t think for a moment that John Lynch isn’t aware of this ignominious fact.

    1. Further, according to Wikipedia:

      “When first approached by owner William Clay Ford, Sr. about the job, Millen told him “Mr. Ford, I really appreciate this, but I’m not qualified.” Ford responded “You’re smart. You’ll figure it out.” JL has also acknowledged his inexperience, but has brought in smart executives to help him and has a strong commitment to work hand-in-hand with his head coach (unlike the former GM who shall not be named).

      Let’s hope the similarities stop at the point where they both took over the FO jobs.

    2. The smartest thing Lynch did was hire Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew.
      This upcoming draft they have to hit on at least 8 of their 11 picks.

    3. I doubt JL will make draft F’ups like Joey Harrington, etc.
      it is scary though considering the head coach similarities- Mooch and KS…

      1. tjf

        You doubt that JL will make draft F’ups like Joey Harrington”…Harrington WASN’T the F’up, not having an Oline to protect him WAS….1st round WR for 4 straight drafts WAS…You were doing O.K. until then….

  3. Was mentioned in the periscope Lynch/Shanahan didn’t recruit top assistants. I give a pass because they were hired well after many of the good assistants were snapped up. Given the time frame, I’m happy with the staff. Its the injury rates that are killing this season (and the previous 3 seasons too)

    1. Any candidate worth his salt has a list of potential hires they may have already tapped and are ready to go once hired. How long will the pass go on? It may eventually cost Shanahan his job.

        1. I think he has 2 more years if production is poor. Jed may allow another down year next year (2 wins) but a third season with 4 wins or less and Shanahan will be gone.

      1. I certainly hope so Brodie but I think he has this air that he is the wise man on the mountain and he hasn’t done anything yet. I hope he can grow into a great coach. Right now, I’m less optimistic about Shanahan growing though.

  4. Ok … it’s ..BOLD PREDICTION time :

    Here’s mine … =>

    We get a Pick 6 … from the 14 …
    (and I’m hopin’ … it’ll be Foster)

  5. And Myles Garrett jumps offsides again on a 3rd and 11 to make it 3rd and six which the Lions turn into a 40 yard TD. 38-14 LIons with 4:28 left. It ain’t gonna happen.

  6. Setting up my livestream. Browns-Lions highlight comes up. Who do I see not putting out full effort as the Lions take in a long TD — Myles Garrett. It was a major loaf, too. He was just jogging to try to catch the Lion back.

    1. Don’t you know it was a “business decision” [ala Deion Sanders] :)

      Saw the same thing when he was in college and that’s why I wasn’t that enamored with thim.

  7. What about Jack Mewhort and Justin Pugh as free agent guards and bring in the old veteran Nick Mangold to compete with Kilgore at center. That would solidify the interior. Thoughts??

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