49ers give agents permission to seek trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter of ESPN, the San Francisco 49ers have given the Jimmy Garoppolo’s agents permission to seek a trade for their client. 

San Francisco has made it known throughout the offseason that they intended to try and move on from Garoppolo. 

When asked about the 49ers quarterback situation in May, head coach Kyle Shanahan made it known the franchise was looking to trade Garoppolo.

“Yeah, nothing’s changed since the surgery, we knew where we were at before that, and then he got the surgery, so everything went on hold. I expect him at some time, most likely to be traded, but who knows. It’s not a guarantee and it’s been exactly on hold when that happened. And when he is healthy, we’ll see what happens.”

The larger piece of news to come from Schefter’s report was Garoppolo being cleared to start practicing. 

This comes one day after NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Garoppolo had been throwing but it was unlikely he would pass a physical until mid-August. 

Based on the differences in the reports, it seems Rapoport is getting his information from someone in Jimmy Garoppolo’s camp. The 49ers didn’t like the messaging and decided to put out their own through Schefter. 

One thing is certain, the questions on Jimmy Garoppolo will not go away until he is no longer a member of the 49ers.


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  1. At this point, some team is going to get an absolute steal of a trade for Jimmy G. With QB injuries such as they are, Jimmy will get playing time no matter where he lands. For his sake, I hope he ends up on a contender and gets another shot at a ring.

    1. Oh come on. There will likely be no trade. It’s pretty obvious that there are 2 separate camps leaking 2 separate messages, which means that Jimmy’s camp, and the 49ers camp, are not on the same page, and not working in concert to work out a viable trade. So unless there is a team like the Browns who are willing to buy out the remainder of Jimmy’s contract ($27 million), or the 49ers are willing to cover the difference, Jimmy will likely become a free agent before the final year of his contract becomes fully guaranteed on August 30th.

      And since we haven’t even see any video evidence that Jimmy’s even been throwing the football, I would be willing to bet he’s going to ask for his release, like Steve Young predicted, within the next couple weeks.

      Meanwhile, are Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa both expected to report to camp next week without new deals?

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