49ers GM and head-coaching search tracker

Here is everything you need to know about the 49ers’ search for their next general manager and head coach:

Grant’s analysis: The 49ers better pray Eliot Wolf isn’t getting the same advice.

Grant’s analysis: This means the 49ers won’t get the holy trinity of Caserio, Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo. So, the Niners should forget all three of them. Acquiring only part of the trinity would be a sin. Instead, the Niners should hire Eliot Wolf as their GM and savior, and let him rebuild the 49ers in his image. Amen.

Grant’s analysis: Beane comes from the front office that let the heart of its team, CB Josh Norman, leave during free agency even though the Panthers had more than enough cap space to re-sign him, and then tried to replace Norman with some no-name second-round draft pick. This extremely arrogant move didn’t work, and the Panthers went 6-10 this season. Beane would be Trent Baalke 2.0.

Grant’s analysis: If the holy trinity of Nick Caserio, Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo is Option A, and Eliot Wolf is Option B, then these guys from Seattle would be Option O or P, as in “Pass.” No thank you. The Seahawks can keep them, especially Tom Cable. He would be a terrible hire.

Grant’s analysis: Either of these guys would be terrific. Both come from the Ron Wolf tree of personnel people, and Wolf is the Bill Walsh of personnel executives.

Grant’s analysis: McDermott is the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, and his defense ranked 21st last season. Not good, considering McDermott had some of the best players in the league, including Kawann Short, Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly. If the 49ers want a defensive coordinator as their next head coach, they should hire the best DC in the NFL — Vic Fangio.

Grant’s analysis: Again, why is Jed York interviewing potential head coaches before hiring a general manager? No good GM will come to Santa Clara if he can’t pick his own head coach. Hello! Hello! Anybody home?! Hey, think, McFly! Think!

Grant’s analysis: Why are the Vikings a team to emulate? They’re a mediocre franchise. And whom would Paton bring with him as his head coach, anyway? Norv freaking Turner? And why haven’t the 49ers scheduled an interview yet with Falcons assistant GM Scott Pioli? He’s the only candidate who has actually been a GM before. Experience matters. He should be near the top of the 49ers’ short list.

Grant’s analysis: This is a joke, right? This guy shouldn’t even be on Jed York’s radar. The 49ers are the only team with an opening at GM — they should be able to hire the best candidate available. If they hire someone like Raye III, that just shows that quality front office people don’t want to work for York.

Grant’s analysis: Why is Jed York interviewing potential head coaches and general managers at the same time? York has no clue what he’s doing.

Grant’s analysis: The 49ers hiring Joseph would be like the Raiders hiring Dennis Allen in 2012. Not a great move, but maybe a necessary one for a team that has to start over from scratch and create a brand new culture.

Grant’s analysis: Riddick is a television personality who has been out of the league since 2013. If the Niners want a T.V. guy, why not just sign Mel Kiper Jr.? He’s about as qualified as Riddick. A better GM candidate would be Phil Savage, the executive director of the Senior Bowl. Savage works yearly with the league office in New York to select the best college players to play in the Senior Bowl, and has as much credibility as the front office people in Seattle and Green Bay. The Niners should interview that guy.

Grant’s analysis: I would rank the 49ers last on this list. The Bills have much better wide receivers and running backs than the 49ers.

Grant’s analysis: Why would Kyle Shanahan choose the 49ers over those teams? The 49ers have no quarterback. Quarterbacks are kind of important.

Grant’s analysis: This shows you what respected NFL personnel people think of the 49ers. The organization is toxic.

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  1. Ya Phil Savage who ran the Browns further into the ground. Drafted Trent Richardson third overall and then proceeded to draft Branden Weeden. You have no clue what your talking about when it comes to Louis Riddick… Do some research instead of talking out of your you know what. One of the most respected GM candidates across the NFL!

    1. I completely concur RAW.

      Riddick said on TV that the 49ers are the most intriguing position because of the fact that this is a wipeout and clean slate. I disagree, because a clean slate would be to fire Guido and maybe Maraathe, but I’m picking up what he’s putting down.

      Look, this is not an optimal situation for 6 of the 7 teams, because probably the most qualified coach is going to take the Denver job and that leaves the other 6 teams to pick up the leftovers.

      There are only 32 of these jobs- GM and head coach. All this talk about the 49ers GM and head coaching gig being undesirable is hogwash. I can’t tell you that there are probably hundreds of coaches and coordinators from college and the NFL that would die to coach an NFL team.

      As much as I hate Jed York for firing Harbaugh and leaving this franchise in shambles, I have to admit that his stupid heart is in the right place here. This is the last chance I am giving him thought.

      It seems that the consensus from supposed 49ers fans on this blog is that we are going to be the Browns forever. The Raiders turned things around in 3 years from what was once a dumpster fire and less talent than the 49ers, so I believe that if the right GM/HC tandem is hired, we’ll be back soon enough. That’s a big “if” though.

      Bills, Texans, Browns, Miami, Indy, Rams are all teams that have it worse than the 49ers.

      1. Bling-

        There is every reason to believe York’s heart is NOT in the right spot. He runs the 9ers like a dollar store, with the same incentives-his comfort.
        And as more info comes out, Baalke wasn’t just an ego-maniacal boob, he was also something of a villian……..point being, York turned his eye to this because it was the path of least resistance-it was expedient–for him.

        1. I understand that completely but the breaking point for me would have been if York kept Baalke or Kelly or both. That would have TO ME that he for sure doesn’t care.

          At least now I have a little hope.

          What’s the point of being a fan is you don’t have faith that things will turn around? I can only speak for myself, but there’s no way I would be keeping my season tickets and dumping my SBL’s if I didn’t have faith.

          1. You have me there-I have no faith in York. He’s still a petulant, soft little owner who surrounds himself with cool-aid drinkers.

  2. What is so bad about Joseph? I thought he did a great job despite the injuries and brash personalities on the Dolphins defense.

      1. Maybe you should crib from all the tweets, not just the ones that allow you work on your Skip Bayless impression:

        Ian Rapoport ✔ @RapSheet
        From my understanding, Chris Ballard would not have interviewed anywhere this year. Loves KC & his situation


        Cue Grant: “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

    1. I’d forgotten that Vance Joseph was with the 49ers from 2005 through 2010. When you live in the Bay Area and then leave, people often long to return if for no other reason than the climate. Most don’t because of the very high cost of living, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem for a guy on an NFL HC’s salary. Besides if the state taxes are an issue, the 49ers can always increase the salary to cover it (reminds me of an old boss whose mantra was: “you gotta make me whole”). Not saying Joseph is the guy, but I hope the 49ers do increase compensation if state taxes are an issue – for the right guy that is. Much cheaper than having a 4th fired HC on the payroll and more importantly an even more p*ssed off fan base.

  3. The only reason I can think of as to why the 49ers are ranked ahead of the Bills is because they offer the opportunity for a complete reset. New GM, new HC, new QB. Bills are locked in at GM and the first big decision is what to do with their starting QB.

        1. That fifth place ranking is for the HC position.

          You know what the 49ers ranking is for GM candidates? Number 1, of course, it’s currently the only NFL GM job open…

          I would think when you consider that a new HC would be coming with a new GM, or vice Versa, would enhance the 49ers job.

          Naturally, this effect would definitely be negatively offset by Jed York being the owner.

          But there has to be an appeal to the 49ers being a blank slate, with a few good pieces, high draft picks, and lots of cap space. The 49ers will probably have to overpay. Too bad for Jed.

      1. This one comment shows how totally out of touch grant is. His comments are useless. McCoy is awesome but done in a year or two. Hyde the better long term back. Watkins is Mr glass and undependable. Draft Mike Williams and then who would u rather have Williams and Hyde or old man McCoy and Mr glass?

    1. CK7 is better than any 2017 draft QB. If Myles Garrett is taken by the Cleve. BNs then draft the best LB available Reuben Foster>>>LB or DT>>>WR, etc.

      1. While Riddick’s been out of the league for 3 years he held Director positions with Wash and Philly. Has Mel Kiper done that? Total cheap shot

              1. You have carte blanche at hiring a coach (obviously ones that are available). Who are you taking?

      2. At least try to be a journalist and do your homework, out of respect for readers.
        Riddick played 8 years, plus scouted and held front office positions for 12, working with a “who’s who” of the NFL’s best minds. Never seen such journalistic laziness. Ever.

        1. Riddick is scraping the bottom of the barrel, and you want to anoint him as the next Bill Walsh.

          Jed was surrounded by greatness, but that did not mean that any of it rubbed off on him.

          Journalistic laziness is just believing everything one reads and then cutting and pasting. Grant does not do that. Even though I disagree vehemently with him at times, I recognize Grant’s original and unique perspective.

          Sounds like you are another FO shill, doing their bidding.

        2. The issue is not Riddick’s background but his absence from the front office scene. If he’s pretty decent GM material AND is very motivated, why is wasting his time probably making under $500K/year at ESPN? Motivation, drive and dedication to the job should be very important along with eye for talent.

          Niners should have learned their lesson from the GM (handpicked by Bill Walsh) who gutted the franchise while running the show from his home in Newport Beach, probably just managing his financial portfolio all the while.

  4. Riddick has been a high ranking executive, Director of Pro Personnel to be exact, for both the Redskins & Eagles. As recently as 2013.

    As far as the desirability of the 49ers job is concerned, coming on board as GM, with the ability to chose, not only his HC, but also his choice of top QB prospects seems awfully inticing to me. The 49ers will roll over a boatload of Cap Space as well.

    The NFC West is no longer the toughest division in the NFL, and a strong argument can be made that the 49ers are already above the basement of the division, with 2 wins over the 4-12 Rams, who have far less draft Capitol at their disposal, thanks to the soon to be labeled BUST that is Jarred Goff.

    1. The Rams will likely have every pick except for their first in the 2017 draft. Part of the deal with Tennessee involved the Rams being able to give a compensatory 3rd round pick instead of their own if they were awarded one. They are expected to get one according to the sites that predict the compensatory picks so the Rams will have a full assortment of picks with the exception of their first. Not nearly as dire as some are making it out to be and certainly not a deterrent for HC candidates.

      The 49er job only becomes enticing if Jed agrees to give full autonomy in regards to football decisions to the potential GM/HC candidates. The fact Jed won’t even bring in someone to decide who the best candidates are, leads me to believe that likely won’t be the case.

      1. Why should Jed hire a guy just to hire a guy? Who did Eddie hire to chose Walsh…oh right, he chose him himself. The only way Jed choses someone to hire the coach is if he hires the GM first. Then the GM will be the guy finding the coach.

        if you owned a business and you were going to hire your top exec, would you ask someone else to do it for you?

        1. If you are looking for both a GM and HC, it makes the most sense to hire the GM first, and at the very least, have the new GM be part of the process of hiring a HC. I think Jed finally understands that these 2 positions need to work in tandem, with synergy, in order to achieve long term success.

          If Jed hires a HC first, he’s making a mistake. It’s OK to interview for the HC position in advance of hiring a GM, but, IMO, you’ve got to make the GM part of the process, or else you run the risk of power struggles, and a shaky sense of hierarchy within the organization.

          1. There are six headcoach job openings..
            You don’t want to miss out..Cause youre still looking at Gm’s
            Believe it or not…The Gm hire will be the easiest..
            Also we’re picking the brains of the Coaches and who they wanna work with.Getting ideas and pointers on how to turn things around..
            The Coach might hold out for us..If we are the better deal after
            speaking to other teams..Which you should always weigh offers anyway.
            But…Least we can say we talked to every candidate.
            First option,Second,Third Etc….The point is to have options
            I think Jed wants Mcdaniels or Kyle..as a hunch for headcoach
            Gm…Casserio,Riddick or Wolf

        2. eM……….

          When you dont understand the difference between your head and your arse–and I am talking specifically about Jed York–and are considered the worst CEO in all of pro sports, its always best to hire the best people you can hire and have them make the football decisions. Give them what they need, then step back and demand results. All smart owners do that.
          Jed has never done that.

          See Warriors e.g. Jerry West.

          1. I don’t think Jerry West hired Kerr or Jackson, he merely advised Lacob.

            You really don’t know Joe Lacob if you think he’d let someone else do that for him.

            1. eM..

              No no, I’m talking about West’s insight into players/coaches. Every decision West makes, it turns to gold. Wherever he goes, the team wins-because of his judgements.
              My point is, Jed sorely needs someone like that making decisions on the 9ers. He needs to sign paychecks and get far, far away-like Eddie.

              1. But West is merely an adviser for the Warriors. He isn’t the GM. He is a resource to which Meyers and Lacob can go but they are the ones making the decisions. Jed has said many a times he reaches out to guys like Eddie, Parcells, Montana and asks their advice/insight.

                You are crediting West way too much for the Warriors success. He reports to Lacob/Grueber/Meyers.

                Even in Memphis the best they ever did with him as GM was make the playoffs. Yeah he did some moves to help them with Gasoll, but the team has yet to ever make a western conference finals, not to mention win it, or win a champhionship.

  5. To me the 49ers could be the best opportunity if the culture has actually changed.

    The fact they have no real good players or big contracts is actually a plus.

    You can mold them into whatever you want to be with more than ample salary cap space and high draft picks.

    All that is if the culture has changed….

    1. Todd,

      Changing a culture is not as easy as it sounds. See the Browns, Rams, Jax…

      Over the past 12 years, how many times did the Niners make it to the playoffs? Only three, and those were under the man who changed the culture and was quickly ran off town….for changing the culture.

      Expect more of the same. Jed has gone through this before and is a master at raising expectations: keep the press busy, keep fans at the edge of their seats and busy on blogs, sell more tickets with a new coach, and give the fans the same awful coach/team.

      1. Chess GM–

        For what it’s worth, I think you are absolutely spot on. Jed likes to perform his version of the shell game.
        I think there’s every reason to believe the deck chairs on the Titanic are being arranged.
        Who was it, Robert Irsay……..???? who, upon taking the Colts out of Baltimore, said long ago to the people of that City…….”this is not your team, this is my team and I’ll do with it as I please”. The same generations of fans who supported Johnny Unitas etc., etc.
        Now we have Jed York telling us, in effect, the same thing-“I am the owner and you can’t touch me”.
        These people are dangerous and toxic in that their complete lack of humility keeps them from learning anything. And York’s gig is such that he doesn’t have to-he makes boatloads of money, their is no incentive to do your best, to win.
        Under the York’s, 9ers should probably be written off. Very dark, I know. I sincerely apologize for that.

      2. We had a lot of number one picks that coach won with(2005-2010)
        and a Good 2011 draft and Free agency…So cupboard wasn’t bare..
        He didn’t start from ground zero…

        That’s the beauty of our next Gm/Coach
        Pick your Qb,Revamp the whole roster…
        Picking high in each round..
        All That salary cap to fill holes with Veterans and Young Free agent Talents
        Putting your stamp on the team immediately is very intriguiging..to the candidates…..

  6. Really, Grant? Phil Savage over Louis Riddick? You’re high! Riddick has experience as a personnel guy in the front office with a few teams in the NFL,and began his career as a scout. Just like the guy stated earlier, you should have done your homework before making a thoughtless remark.

    1. Seems to me Grant’s point was a personnel guy nobody wanted so he ended up in TV would be a stupid move as the 49ers GM. If your franchise is so dysfunctional and desperate they can’t attract top notch talent then you have to think outside the box with someone like Phil Savage. Don’t think Grant was promoting Savage as option #1.

      1. Phil savage was a failure. Louis Riddick is not.. Riddick is regarded as one of the best GM candidates in the NFL. Don’t believe me that’s fine. Read Tim Kawakami’s articles. John Middlekauf who was a scout.. People are very very high on Louis.

          1. Your articles make me laugh…. You can’t be taken seriously… Your pumping up Phil Savage lMAO

            1. Riddick is going to be the hire. Grant’s just trying to get on his bad side before he even interviews.
              ; >)

              I have no idea who will be hired, but I think Grant’s dead wrong on this one. These national commentators are constantly ringing up their league contacts just to do their tv jobs. And people take their calls. Who outside the Bay Area takes Grant’s or Lowell’s or TK’s calls?
              I also like Riddick’s resume. Player, scout, Personnel.
              To be determined, but as to prophecies, I notice Denise didn’t fire Jed and the national media is smirking at Bay Area media for the ‘going to fire yourself?’ hilarity.

            1. I have never said he was an expert.. Nor is Maiacco etc.. It’s not a secret that they all have heard what a quality candidate Louis Riddick is though.. They have sources unlike Grant who talks garbage.

              1. Well, Riddick may be desperate enough to come to the Niners. However, I will not use his name in a sentence with Caserio , Ballard or Pioli.

        1. Agreed RAW. Yes, he’s been out of the league for a few years, but he’s got years of experience and plenty of contacts.

          Bottom line:

          a) Does Riddick know how to identify good football players on both sides of the ball? Anyone can scout talent. The question is, do they understand what it is that makes a good football player. It’s not simply about how talented a player currently is. It’s about whether that player has the character, work ethic, and desire to be the best player he can be, and the ability to develop and become great.

          b) Does Riddick work well with others? Is he able to put his ego aside and view players from the head coach’s perspective as well? Does he know the difference between a guy who plays football, or a football player.

          The fact that he’s been an analyst for the last few years doesn’t make a difference to me. In fact, it could help give him a fresh perspective.

      2. I think your being generous – Grant mailed it in. No indication he even knew Riddick’s background. Comparable to Mel Kiper Jr.? Just pathetic. Lots of top coaches and execs have done media for a few years and come back.

    2. I have nothing against Louis Riddick, but I’m puzzled as to how he is a hot name on the list of candidates. He’s had two fairly short stints as a Pro Personnel Director and has been out of the league since 2013. How in any way does that equate to being a top option for a GM job in the NFL?

      1. Agree.

        I don’t really follow football execs so I am no expert as to who is good or not, but Riddick’s resume doesn’t scream top candidate.

        1. Grant,

          You should talk to your buddy Tim Kawakami, who actally suggested Louis Riddick in one of his articles a few weeks back. There is a reason Riddick is on T.V., with ESPN no less – Riddick knows what he is talking about. The man has been in and around the NFL since 2001 working in various positions that has given him the experience to be qualified as a GM. You should do your homework before you open your mouth, with stuff like Phil Savage, who was an utter failure at Cleveland.

          And by the way, do you really think Jed is going to listen to you, Grant? Are you one of his trusted voices that he is listening to about who to hire? Not!!!

          1. “There is a reason Riddick is on T.V., with ESPN no less – Riddick knows what he is talking about.”

            LOL…maybe York should go after Trent Dilfer too.

          2. You got with that “Not!!!” bit… At first I thought you were seriously asking if Grant was one of York’s advisors. But then: Not!!! And I knew you were just be sarcastic… Good one!! Not!!!

          1. David,
            I brought up Romo’ name about a couple of months ago as an intriguing idea.
            I don’t think he will stay with the ‘boy’s’ if he is asked to be a backup.

            If this guy can stay upright he is one of the most accurate QB’s in the league. He would make the perfect ‘bridge’ QB and mentor to our next young QB for a couple of years. Of course, staying healthy has been the biggest challenge for TR over the years. But if he’s available come April, I would make a pitch or him because he would be our starter in September.

        2. What I like about Riddick is that he would be a very good resource in selecting talent because of his work throughout the season preparing for the draft.
          I’m sure that he already has some valuable notes on players entering the draft in April and for a team desperately in need of talent, Riddick would be a goldmine of knowledge.

          Being in the media and working as a talent analysis actually makes him attractive as a GM imo.

          1. Add the fact he was a player and has previously worked in the league.
            Compared to these other candidates he is not as polished but I’m hearing he is very intelligent and a good evaluator of talent.
            What would make his hire a good one is to land a McDaniels or Kyle Shanahan.

      2. Rocket I have similar thoughts on nearly everyone on this list. None of these guys are a home run, they are all potentials and unproven. Riddick has had success in two different organizations but finds himself jobless. Savage is a scout and all the other guys are working at some lower level in another organization. Its very similar to hiring coordinators as HC’s. Its really hard to tell their talent apart from the success of the organization around them.

        When was the last time a coordinator or assistant personnel position came in and turned around an organization and won a SB? I am just wondering how well this NFL precedent of hiring the hot coordinator actually works out for teams?

        1. Most of the teams in the playoffs are led by HC’s who were formerly Coordinators, so that seems to be the best way to go in terms of hiring new HC’s. As with most things, there isn’t one cut and dried way to do it, but from my point of view, experience in running an offense or defense is a must for a potential HC, and being heavily involved in scouting and hiring people to scout, is a must for a potential GM.

          1. Most of the teams out of the playoffs were also run by head coaches that were coordinators previously. Sooo, that doesn’t seem to be a strong argument.

          2. But..Rocket when was the last former coordinator first time HC to win a SB. I agree experience is valuable in moving to HC. I am not saying its not valuable, just seems like most of the guys who’ve won had a previous HC job before they changed teams and won a SB. If that’s true McDaniel’s is our best option.

            I google it. You have to go back pretty far to find someone who moved to HC from a coordinator position and took a team to the SB over a few years. Look over the list and help me see what you think about who wins.


              1. And Tomlin didn’t install his D at the Steelers either. He let the coordinators install the O and D. He runs the team.

              2. I guess John Harbaugh, Payton and McCarthy are coordinators to first time HC’s as well. In that same stretch there were 9 coaches with previous HC positions. I am not going to work through the whole list. Looks like both coaches with previous HC positions and coordinators are good choices.

                I wonder how many failures there are in both these categories?

              3. Just glancing at it, what jumps out is that pretty near every guy on that list was a coordinator in the NFL before becoming a HC. Jimmy Johnson and Dick Vermeil were the outliers I saw, but overall we now know why teams hire coordinators for the most part. There definitely is a link with former HC’s winning with their second or third team as well. No definitive answer here, but the best bet is to hire a coordinator from a successful organization or a former NFL HC who has learned from their prior experience.

              4. John Harbaugh is kinda an outlier because he is the only one to go from a ST coach to HC, and win a SB. At least I think that is what I read.

              5. “Tomlin is a good HC.”

                Heck yeah. That’s the benefit of getting a real leader that is passionate and relates to his players, and smart enough to know he doesn’t have to run everything.

              6. I was on the top coordinator thing for a while but this has opened me up to former HC’s as well. I used to just ignore them.

                I’d love for us to find the next Tomlin. Do you guys notice in many of the other successful organizations you don’t hear much about the owners. Kraft we hear about a bit. In Denver we don’t hear much hear. Seems like when you start hearing from the owners things are a mess.

              7. “I’d love for us to find the next Tomlin.”

                Toub, Austin and Joseph would be the guys I see being discussed that may best fit the Tomlin mould.

              8. Ugh, Tomlin is a good coach, but he inherited a SB team. He’s not a great coach though.

                The common theme here are these teams have/had established, HOF quaterbacks.

                Harbaugh took Alex Smith, made him a winner and then built up Kaepernick to look like a winner.

              9. It’s a very different team these days to the one he inherited, yet he keeps that team winning. It helps that he has an excellent GM and patient owner, but not many coaches can boast that his worst year was 8-8 after 10 seasons as a HC. Credit where credit is due, he is more than just a good coach.

      3. Rocket,

        Nobody else wants the job. They have to hire someone at some point. Heck! These are the people who hired Tomsula and Chip back to back, and fired the best coach they’ve had in decades. Still think they will make a rational decision?! No.

        Who cares if Riddick can’t coach, he can’t, but he’ll take the job anyway, he’ll get fired next year when the Niners end their season with 2 wins (against the Rams), and he’ll walk away with Jed’s money.

      4. Because he has a reputation of being a very smart guy when it comes to evaluating football players, That’s why. Plus, he has 7 years experience as Director of Personnel at the NFL level as well as 5 years as a pro scout. Riddick knows his stuff.

  7. Also Grant, the remark you made about Chris Ballard from KC not wanting to interview with the 49ers – Ballard stated he is happy where he is, and he is not interviewing with anyone, so Ballard choosing not to interview has nothing to do with the 49ers. Another thoughtless remark on your part.

    1. “…and he is not interviewing with anyone, so Ballard choosing not to interview has nothing to do with the 49ers.”

      Nobody else is hiring a GM. Why would he interview with anybody else who aren’t hiring?

  8. Why wouldn’t Wade Phillips be in line to be the next Bronco’s head coach? His defense is the reason they won that Superbowl. Is he going to stay on as the DC under a new head coach, especially a kid the age of Kyle Shanahan? Seems like a potential power struggle that may make the Bronco’s job less appealing.

      1. Wade absolutely failed as a HC. Up to 2 years ago, he was saying he still wanted a shot at redemption though.

      2. Wade was as much as the HC in Dallas as every HC was in Oakland when Big Al was still handing out game plans every Sunday.

    1. Interesting read but I don’t put much stock in anything written by Kawakami. He writes rumor and innuendo as if they are cold hard facts. I don’t find him to be a responsible or trustworthy reporter. Though, it is Interesting how he throws Paraag Marathe under the bus. The way TK writes this, Dysfunction has a name and it’s called Paraag Marathe.

      1. From an organization like the current York 49ers, who is going to get “cold hard facts” that isn’t in their pocket?

        Kawakami makes it clear that his conclusions are his opinion. You do know that, like Lowell, Tim is an opinion feature writer, and not a beat writer. Opinion is his job.

        1. I know TK is an opinion writer. But he writes things like,

          “Last January, Hue Jackson was Jed’s top choice all the way, and they did a cursory interview with Kelly (and didn’t love him, obviously, because they didn’t hire him) before getting to Jackson, but it was always directed at Jackson.”

          This is not framed as TK’s opinion. This is framed as a statement of fact. Mike Silver reported at the time that Jackson wanted the 49ers but Jed et al weren’t interested. I’m not sure how TK could have possibly known who Jed wanted. In my opinion TK is full of crap.

      2. It’s funny how Marathe has been scapegoated as the source of all Niners’ ills based on rumors, innuendos, exaggeration, misinformation, and some fabrication.

        This guy is a competent business guy who has been asked by a range of bosses (from Donahue, Nolan and of course Jed) to do some football analytics which rubbed some people the wrong way. Nolan asked him to consult the NFL rulebook during game day from the booth on potential challenges, and the rumor arose that Marathe is trying to become the coach. The guy has his faults but what’s the proof that he is the source of all leaks and not “Joan in payroll” (who learns of any impending firing pretty early)!

        If anyone wants to hear Ian Rappaport (this morning on KNBR) talk about what the front offices of the rest of the league thinks about Marathe, here’s the link:

        1. Paraag is the leaker, and nothing you say will change that fact. The fact that Baalke is gone, and the leaks continue, just point again to Paraag through the process of elimination.

          Potential candidates are not stupid. The only need to call Tomsula, to get the truth.

        2. Some claim Paraag is well respected, but that is only for his business acumen and his contracts, not his football knowledge.

          They do not respect his football knowledge, because from the first day Paraag was hired, he has been responsible for many poor decisions. When Dr York chose Paraag’s advice over Bill Walsh’s, the team was doomed. JH gave them a sliver of hope, but he was no fan of Paraag.

          1. Smearing Paraag because of rumors that he is spreading rumors is out of line IMO. Personally I think that the problem lies with the fact that the Yorks are seen as putting their own financial interests ahead of running a first class NFL franchise. When Paraag attends meetings and presents the image that he is an important part of the decision process what is one supposed to think? He’s a cover two expert and wants to discuss man vs. zone coverage? Of course not. The first thing that people think is WTF is this business person doing here talking serious football? I don’t know the man and will not judge him based on limited knowledge. But I suspect that Paraag’s presence merely reinforces the fact that no matter what the York’s say, it is all about money at the end of the day. In business it’s called “bad optics”. Talk football with the football people and let their respective reps work out the business details. That’s good optics and has a better chance at success.

  9. “Grant’s analysis: Why would Kyle Shanahan choose the 49ers over those teams? The 49ers have no quarterback. Quarterbacks are kind of important.” + 10 million

    On the other hand, it would be a feather in the cap of an offensive guru to have a top 5 passing offense with no quarterback on the roster.

    1. Kyle Shanahan as HC probably means that Mike Shanahan would be the GM. For Kyle Shanahan, that might be a reason he would choose the 49ers over other teams.

    2. B2W,
      One thing that might be attractive to a potential 49er HC is that if they get fired they will still get paid.
      I heard (believe KNBR) that the 49ers are paying out nearly 30 mil for HC no longer with the team – maybe it’s not such a bad gig after all.

      1. Hahaha, AES. Yeah. It’s like fighting Tyson.
        Get in the ring. Get knocked stupid. Heal up. Spend the money

  10. A 49er bias on a 49er message board, who would have guessed?

    The Niner job is among the least attractive for a myriad of reasons:

    Terrible ownership
    Lack of security due to that terrible ownership
    One of the least talented rosters in the league
    No impact players at the most important positions

    Every other job that is available comes with a better roster. The one thing the Niners can offer is a ton of cap space, but many teams have cap space so just how much impact the new Coach and GM can make with it is to be determined.

    I would rank the jobs like this:

    Denver: Forgot about them earlier but this is a ready made SB contender and the best situation any HC candidate could hope for.

    LA: Good young talent especially on defense, a strong say in personnel most likely, attractive to FA’s, and not many changes that need to be made in order to become a playoff contender.

    Jax: A ton of young talent across the board and I’d put them ahead of LA if they weren’t in one of the worst markets in the league.

    SD: Would be higher if it wasn’t for the fact they are in limbo as to where they will play next year and in the future. HOF caliber QB and good roster needing better luck on the injury front. Ownership is a negative here as well.

    Buffalo: It’s a toss up between the Bills and 49ers as to which is the worse job, but I give the Bills the edge because of a better roster. They have issues with the FO and ownership, a market that players don’t like very much and have gone through a number of HC’s which gives the impression of a lack of patience and security.

    SF: Jed York has created one of the least appealing Coaching jobs in professional sports because of his mismanagement and quick trigger for firing. Stuck with a GM who put together the worst roster in the league and couldn’t get along with anybody but Jed. Little talent to work with, a poor reputation around the league, but hey at least it’s one of only 32.

    1. +1 Unfortunately this disaster was and is the Yorks to own. LA has a stadium deal and an attractive market too. The only thing going for the 49ers right now is weather.

      Sadly the franchise stinks. And it stinks because the Yorks are inept owners who mismanage this golden egg and actually managed to kill the goose.

    2. Rocket,

      You’re completely ignoring a very important point: the 49ers are currently the only team looking for both an HC and GM.

      Coming in with a new GM who is in the same page has got to be something of a positive.

      All the negatives you mentioned are true, but there has got to some appeal to a team that needs to be rebuilt and has resources to do it (i.e., picks and cap space).

      1. Not ignoring it ex, just looking at the jobs from a prospective new HC’s point of view. If Jed hires a competent and respected GM, that will be a big plus, but the negatives still remain as far as the roster. No matter who the Niners hire, they have a big job in front of them to fix years of mistakes made by Baalke.

        1. Rocket,

          Well, you didn’t mention that the GM and HC would be coming in together being an advantage the 49ers have that no other team looking for a HC has, so I hope you can see why I assumed you’re ignoring that fact.

          As for the negatives, I’m aware they remain, as evidenced by me mentioning them in my post, above. Nonetheless, the 49ers being a clean slate will be attractive to some candidates. I’ve heard a number of NFL analysts saying this very thing.

          Admittedly, there are a those who feel the 49ers remain one of the worst open HCing jobs, new GM or not. Fortunately, the 49ers only need one good candidate each for GM and HC. Unfortunately, Jed York is making the call.

          Let’s face it, the 49ers need to get lucky.

      1. Good point Scooter. Seattle has landed some mid and late round gems, but they have missed on quite a few day one and two picks and made some questionable decisions overall in personnel. I’m not necessarily against the idea of bringing in somebody from Seattle, but there are some big question marks involved.

        1. They choose guys where winning is all that matters. Sure they have missed on some guys but overall as far as having a culture and building on it each year, no one does it better than NE and SEA.
          Of course you need your HC to be on that same page and any new GM will have his own choice. That’s why this is the attractive job out there!

        1. Genius? Scott put that team together. Genius?? Oh boy. The Hawks are on their way down and will be bottom dwellers within two years.

  11. RT analysis

    1. York is still the problem. I question his football and business acumen.
    2. I get the feeling he can be easily manipulated (baalke last 3 years) . He is not an independent thinker or a strong person. In other words, Jedi mind tricks would easily work on him. Or other words, he would have been one of the suckers who got defrauded by Trump at Trump U.

    3. He and baalke tried to nickel and dime Adam Gase. Gase said no and is now in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Jed is paying out salaries to 3 HC. Can’t make this up.

    4. Mike Smith D coordinator Tampa is my pick for HC. He is a smart successful coach and had several playoff seasons with Atlanta.

    Jed must recuse himself. He is a liability.

  12. If they want to consider former GMs or guys who’ve been sitting in front of tv cameras lately then I would bring in Ted Sundquist. Interviewed once before with us for GM in 2010. Very active GM that had some success in the post Elway days in Denver. Was a top scout during their SuperBowl run. Likes to make moves. “During his tenure, Sundquist helped Denver land players such as John Lynch, Daniel Graham, Al Wilson, John Mobley, Brandon Marshall, Mike Anderson, Olandis Gary, Clinton Portis (WAS), Reggie Hayward (JAX), Trevor Pryce (BAL), Brian Griese (TB), Deltha O’Neal (NE), and Nick Harris (DET). Sundquist was known[by whom?] for being one of the more active GMs in player acquisition through drafting, signing free agents and trades.
    Under Sundquist, the Broncos became one of the league’s most active traders. His most notable move came just before the 2004 season, when he dealt star running back Clinton Portis to the Washington Redskins in exchange for cornerback Champ Bailey, another to obtain Dre Bly from the Detroit Lions, and a No. 2 draft pick that turned out to be Tatum Bell. He also engineered a 2006 draft-day deal with St. Louis allowing Denver to move from the No. 29 overall pick to No. 11, where they selected Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. As a result, Sundquist’s GM term was the start of a franchise-record five consecutive winning seasons”

    Better choice then Pioli.

  13. Reason why SF should be the best opportunity if you look at it rationally (something greatly lacking in this region amongst not just fans).

    Cap room. 49ers have an enormous amount of cap space and are given the green light to spend it as seen fit. Argue all you want but look at this ownerships history and see they are not against spending and getting the top free agents at the time (Justin Smith, Jonas Jennings, Clements to name a few) or paying their top players position highs (believe Vernon and Willis were at one point highest paid). This idea the team is cheap is false.

    Draft picks/position: #2 pick. Not sure on the compensatory picks but believe there are a few coming as well that #2 pick could and should be traded to acquire as many 1st to 3rd round picks as possible.

    Clean slate: Theres no set qb, no set player, no sacred cows on the team. This gives whomever comes in as GM and Coach to get who they want, release who they want, and mold this team to fit their vision.

    Time: With Baalke gone and Chip gone, the GM and Coach will have a fresh start and the time needed to turn it around. Jimmy T and Chip were expected to win now, Baalke was expected to turn it around. That mindest is gone.

    I would say fanbase but listening to KNBR and the callers and reading a lot of those on this board truly makes me wonder just how knowledgeable this fanbase truly is. Heard that someone said they should bring in the coach from De La Salle, seriously? People wanting Jed to work with Steve, Brent, etc…what do these guys know about hiring a coach?? None of the niner greats have been in a front office setting ever (outside of Keena Turner who is with the team) and most of them haven’t been in an NFL locker room in ages. Nice sentiment but lets get real, not everyone is Larry Bird.

    1. eMJay,

      Your position has nothing to do with rationality. It is the opinion of a 49er fan who is convinced everything will work out and the team is in great shape. You are one of about 4-5 on this board who can’t see things realistically and get bent out of shape when the counter argument is presented.

      Your points have a number of flaws:

      If you click on the link you will see that most of the league is in good to excellent cap shape which means the Niners will face a lot of competition in FA.


      The high draft pick is attractive, but every other team that has a Coaching vacancy features a better roster than the 49ers, and every one of them with the exception of the Rams, has a full allotment of draft picks. The Niners are predicted to have one compensatory pick at the end of the 4th round.

      Your Clean Slate argument is ridiculous. There is nothing positive about not having players to build around already in place. Every job out there offers most of the same responsibilities and power to any prospective HC. The difference is how much talent is already on the roster and the Niners are at the bottom of the list in that regard.

      Your time argument also isn’t supported by what has actually transpired here. In the 8 years Jed has been the President of the 49ers, he has gone through 4 HC’s and will be hiring his 5th in year 9. There is zero stability guaranteed for potential HC’s looking at this job based on Jed’s history.

      Forget about questioning the knowledge of those who don’t agree with you. You are the one lacking knowledge and objectivity when it comes to commenting on this team.

      1. I’m going to add one additional point to your list.

        The cap requires that all teams spend at least 89% of the cap over a four year period. 2016 was the fourth year of that cycle. Given all the cap space the 49ers had this year, they just made the minimum spending level for the cycle 2013 through 2016.

        Who’s to say that Jed won’t play “minimum spending (89%)” ball over the next four year cycle? His closest friend manages contracts and the cap after all.

        Maybe he won’t, but he did this year. It’s also very consistent with his parents views on spending. A big portion of the 49er four year decline is related to who the 49ers chose to not pay with a new contract.

      2. Well Brent Jones…someone so many fans want in the room with Jed when he is interviewing, basically confirmed what I just said.

    1. If he was considered such a hot commodity inside the league he would have been employed by it the past 3 years.

      The glaring omission from the article is the result of his time spent with those two NFL teams. The Redskins only pro bowl players during Riddicks time there were free agents or drafted before he arrived.

      After accomplishing almost nothing with the Redskins he spent all of 5 seasons with the Eagles. His last 3 seasons were during Kelly’s 3 seasons there as well. What has the team been doing with the players acquired during that time? Bouncing them right out the door.

      Yea, sounds like a great candidate to run an entire team. With all that success I can’t believe teams aren’t knocking down his door…at ESPN.

      1. If he was considered such a hot commodity inside the league he would have been employed by it the past 3 years.

        That may not be completely true. His time with the Eagles may have soured him on being in an NFL front office, so he decided to step away. The more I read about the Eagles owner, the more it seems like he is the reason why that team struggles.

            1. Riddick was named Pro Personnel director in 2010. His first two years with that title the Eagles went 12-20, Reid was fired, and then Riddick was fired after one year with Chip Kelly. Sounds like the perfect fit for the 49ers.

          1. The Eagles were a SB contender under Lurie until Heckert left and Roseman became GM. It’s been downhill ever since.

            1. It went downhill for Heckert too until he landed in Denver. Philly should have found a way to keep the band together.

    2. I don’t see anything in there that makes much of an argument for him as the best option for a GM job in the NFL. There are a lot of people currently working in the league who have a much better resume. I still can’t figure out how working at ESPN for the past 3 years makes him a hot name for a GM job. That’s traditionally where you go when you have no other options in the league.

  14. This is my favorite line of the day Grant’s analysis: Why is Jed York interviewing potential head coaches and general managers at the same time?

    “York has no clue what he’s doing.”

    1. Why doesn’t Jed bring in someone to take charge of all football operations? Easy, he wants to one up Eddie for his Dad and he want’s the glory that would go along with that role. Eddie got lucky with Walsh, and so far John and Jed haven’t gotten lucky.

      Eddie was also lucky that he had people who could talk him out of some of his worst impulses. Who tells Jed no?

      1. He thinks Marathe is his football genius because he views him as a business genius (?) and because Paraag befuddles him with analytics he can’t understand.
        ‘Wow that’s complicated, must be impressive!’

        1. I remember thinking, at some point in the early days, that Eddie had a hunger for glory, but he also accepted people who could talk him down. Jed has that same hunger but he can’t deal with someone else, like a Walsh, getting credit.

          Eddie’s hunger was so great the NFL had to fight him with a cap.

  15. No on Riddick please because you can’t have a guy pining for the job on national tv. Further little true executive exp

          1. I think it is one of the best openings and here is why. First the York factor.
            York cannot get in the way here whatsoever. Almost like if he cannot get it right, its almost certain his parents will relinquish his power. The whole entire football and business world is watching. He has to toe the line.

            The GM position. Whoever this guy is will have a long leash to get it right. 40 million in cap space, tons of high draft picks and whoever the coach is, they will start this thing together and on the same page as one of them will hire the other and have complete control.

            The coaching position. Yes the roster is bare but like any NFL team, there are some pieces. The coach/GM combo will be able to build it from the ground up and chose the integral pieces to getting it right. Lets be honest, anything over 5 wins next year will be considered a success if the team shows heart and competitiveness and resolve.

            The schedule. Compared to this year, next year will be a cake walk.

            Location. Who wants to live in Buffalo? San Diego is in flux with their stadium and ownership. The Rams look promising and might be the best landing spot, but history shows its still the Rams. JKV, not too bad but Bortles at another 2 years? Yikes. A lot to overcome there.
            Denver will or should hire within as losing Phillips could be catastrophic if not promoted. Why would he stay and look like he was passed over.
            So why not SF? Sunny, expensive, and a clean slate to start.

            1. Next years schedule will most certainly be harder. While last year looked daunting, last I checked we had the 24th toughest schedule in terms of opponents w/l record.

            1. Ok. On YouTube there are videos with cut throat questions, answers and actions of people recorded.
              When the action or question or answer is done, they que a gangsta rap song and throw some locs (sunglasses) with a joint in the persons mouth. I saw one made up of the question asked from you I thought about how Jed should basically fire himself. It’s called thug life, and they’re pretty funny. I saw this particular one on Facebook but I can’t find it on YouTube. Hopefully whoever made it will
              Post to YouTube.

  16. Riddick has spent 11 years working for two NFL teams as a scout and then he decided to sit in a television studio for 3 years.

    He’s clearly one of the least qualified candidates which should make him a front runner.

          1. But this year was the first time he was an OC, so technically he is more green than McVay.

              1. Mike Singletary was an assistant HC on the 49ers for three years.

              2. Once MS was fired by the Niners, he has never sniffed another HC position. He has never been a coordinator since, either.

                Lynn is interviewing with several teams for the HC position.

                I know you are playing devil’s advocate, but Lynn and MS are like night and day.

              3. There is a vast difference between just an assistant coach and an assistant head coach.

              4. Yep. I like Lynn and think he would be a great coach for the 49ers if they are not able to get Austin, but basing their worth on a title is ridiculous. It is important to look at their background in terms of experience as well. Lynn has been primarily a RB coach while McVay has coached other positions before he became an OC.

              5. I actually believe that the Bills will not be brain dead, and remove the interim designation, so he will stay with the Bills.

                Lynn would have been a good fit with the Niners, but Lynn is in the better situation at Buffalo.

  17. Good read Grant. I would like to hire a GM first but we have to talk to little Shanny and McDaniels this week because they could agree to sign elsewhere without even talking to us.

    Little Shanny will have a hard time turning down Denver. Jed needs to kiss his feet and give big Shanny a job.

    McDaniels is a verrrrry long shot. This will be his last shot at HC. SF could end his career.

    It’s full Shanny or Wolf/Holmgren.

        1. He did but Levy was a HC in the CFL for years and didn’t have much success in the NFL until Bill Polian put that team together that dominated the early 90’s. In other words he had a long run as a HC before finally winning consistently in the NFL. Coaches don’t get that kind of time anymore if they don’t win.

          1. His first year with the Bills he only coached 7 games and was 2-5. Next season he was 7-8 and the one after that 12-4. Only took him 1.5 seasons to turn the team into a playoff team. Polian started the same year as Levy which means he only had two drafts in before Levy has the team to 12 wins.

              1. Without cheating name one player from the ’78-’82 Chiefs. Don’t feel bad that you can’t, there’s a good reason.

              2. In 1980, Coach Marv Levy cut future Hall of Fame Kicker Jan Stenerud for little known Nick Lowery, who would become the most accurate kicker in NFL History over the next 14 years. In 1981, running back Joe Delaney rushed for 1,121 yards and was named the AFC Rookie of the Year.[23] The Chiefs finished the season with a 9–7 record and entered the 1982 season with optimism.[23] However, the NFL Players Association strike curbed the Chiefs’ chances of returning to the postseason for the first time in over a decade.[23] The Chiefs tallied a 3–6 record[11] and in the off-season, Joe Delaney died while trying to save several children from drowning in a pond near his home in Louisiana.[24]

                The Chiefs made a mistake in drafting quarterback Todd Blackledge over future greats such as Jim Kelly and Dan Marino in the 1983 NFL Draft.[25][26] Blackledge never started a full season for Kansas City
                Marv never had a chance. Just when he was getting nobodies to play well the league goes on strike and then the GM whiffs on a HoF QB.

              3. No I couldn’t have named more than a couple for sure. Delaney’s death is still one of those stories that haunts every time it’s mentioned.

            1. I’m certainly not trying to diminish Marv Levy here either. Just pointing out that there aren’t many examples of ST coordinators becoming successful HC’s. Maybe Toub would be another Harbaugh story who knows, but I personally wouldn’t go that route.

    1. I’m sure he’s an excellent Coach and his ST’s units have been among the best in the league. I just have a hard time getting on board with a candidate who doesn’t specialize in offense or defense. I think this team has to have a solid foundation through the HC on one side or the other. With a Defense or Offense oriented HC, you know one side of the ball at the very least will not be affected no matter who you lose as a coordinator.

      1. Good HCs plan on losing their coordinators and typically replace them with in house candidates to minimise the disruption. Its all about the quality of staff you bring in.

        1. No argument with that. Just pointing out it’s easier to keep the status quo if your HC specializes on one side.

  18. What do you guys think of Jimmy Raye III? The Colts as a team have some issues. He’s not the GM but how to do tell again if its the organization or the person?

  19. Dateline January 10, 2017 – Jimmy Raye has hire Mike Singletary as the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. His first order of business will be installing the explosive “Dad Gum Yahoo” offense.

    Says Mike Singletary “I learned alot from my first stint with the 49ers. Next time I drop my pants, I’ll get a wax job down there first. After all, this is a “class” organization.

    1. Q – Is this the same Jimmy Raye that was our offensive coordinator under Singletary? His picture seems a little perkier than I remember how Dad Gum looked.

  20. 1. What evidence is there that Jed will make the right decision this time?
    2. The jobs can be attractive if:
    a. The GM and HC are on the same page;
    b. Jed promises to spend 95% of the salary cap over the next two years so top tier Free agents can be signed and good players can be retained;
    c. Jed and the other finance people will stay out of running the football operations and
    d. the GM and HC can hire the staff they want, without interference.
    3. Top candidates will demand the above authority and 5 year top paying contracts.

    Odds of the above happening: low.

  21. During Mike Tomlin’s one season as a DC, his defense ranked 8th.

    During Vance Joseph’s one season as a DC, his defense ranked 29th.

    1. In total yards. That is a bit misleading as the number of times they are on the field impacts on total yards. They were 17th in yards per drive.

            1. Don’t know. I’m not the one cheerleading for Joseph to be HC. But I do think great success as a coordinator is not a prerequisite for being a good HC. It just gets you noticed.

        1. The stats from the Lions defense are not much better, yet Austin is also considered a hot commodity.

          1. Austin’s first year was excellent but since then the D has been just ok.

            But, he’s well regarded in NFL circles. Same as Joseph. Seems to be a coach that gets his guys playing hard.

            1. That was my indirect point, that there is a reason for them being considered as rising stars.

    2. The job Tomlin did with the Vikings was pretty incredible though. Little support from the offense. But they did an excellent job taking away the run, and taking away the football. No wonder he was a hot candidate for HC that year.

  22. This is going to suck big time. Quality people will not come to incompetency regardless of the money offered. Getting a bad resume is death in the NFL and coming to the Niners will be death for a few years. 0-16 is almost assured for next year. The only saving grace is finding a DC to mold the somewhat talent on the defense might win a couple of games. There is very little talent on the offensive side of the ball. Huddling will not fix this team, nor knowing the lay of the stadium, nor knowing all the adjectives that define gap integrity will fix this team. Ah, don’t forget how much money California steals from its citizens is another drawback.

  23. Why do any of us think Jed will make the right decision this time? The hiring of Tomsula over Gase was simply the highlight of a series of bad decisions.
    Except for hiring JH what good FOOTBALL decisions have the York’s made since they took over the team?

    1. Matt Maiocco insists the Tomsula over Gase decision was Baalke all the way, not York.
      Apparently York was opposed but talked into it. Makes sense considering Baalke’s need to control and micromanage. Easier to control Tomsula than probably anybody.

  24. Grant, if you were making the hire based on your keen and knowledgeable insight, who would the choice be? And what was the dinner discussion like with Dad in regards to a question about firing yourself as owner? That was Jed’s only good answer of the day

  25. Can’t help but notice that the Warriors are about to start construction on their new stadium in down town San Francisco. Which apparently is also going to be right next to another professional ball park.

    Guess it isn’t so hard to build stadiums in San Francisco.

  26. George Patton is an interesting option. I like his experience although I’m not the biggest fan of Rick Spielman. Darn difficult to find any information on the guy, searching his name is problematic.

  27. Seriously, people. You are arguing with Grant over Louis Riddick as a GM candidate and acting like his opinion means anything. It doesn’t. As if he understands what it takes to be a GM just because he covers the 49ers. He has no clue what it would take (or no more than the people he berates repeatedly). Riddick is spoken highly of by many actual people who are in the game, although I would agree that hiring him would be a clear showing that the 49ers can’t attract a more qualified candidate, because, while he has promise, he’s a 2nd tier candidate.

    BTW – A couple examples of GM’s who have been ‘out’ for a couple years or had little association with day-to-day operations and been ok in the field:
    – Scott McCloughan (out from 2013 to 2015, but now the GM of Washington)
    – John Elway (no prior experience in NFL management up until 2010, became GM in 2011)
    – Bobby Beathard had an extended absence from the NFL between his Washington days and his return in San Diego.

    Riddick being “out” of the NFL, per se, is a potential strike against him, but to say he’s totally unqualified because he has not been in a front office is ludicrous.

    1. McCloughan was/is an alcoholic and that’s why he spent two years out of work. Would possibly still be the 49ers GM if he wasn’t a lush.

      Elway although lacking in NFL experience was a very successful business owner before taking over the executive job with Denver.

      Beathard was only in a studio job for one season before returning.

    2. – Scott McCloughan (out from 2013 to 2015, but now the GM of Washington)

      Scott McCloughan left the 49ers in March 2010 for personal reasons. A short time after that he was hired by Seattle to work in their personnel department, and continued working for them until he took the Washington job.

      1. No, he took a leave of absence in 2013, and was officially out as of April 2014. He continued to scout independently for about 18 months before being hired by Washington.

  28. With Ballard off the table, of the names mentioned so far Wolf is by far the most attractive choice.

    1. “by far”, now that’s pretty strong. But I believe caserii would have something to say about that! I also like Scott Pioli.

  29. Also worth noting is that Riddick (and Raye III) could have been added to the list to satisfy the Rooney Rule, which has been expanded to cover GM interviews. The point being, jumping to conclusions about how ‘awful’ these options are hints more at Grant’s bias than any type of objective analysis of their pros and cons as candidates.

  30. Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez 20m20 minutes ago
    #Dolphins DC Vance Joseph hasn’t interviewed 4 @Broncos HC job yet but I’m told his to lose. CU Buffs connection w/Broncos exec Matt Russell

    1. One does have to wonder if that means Phillips could be forced out in Denver.

  31. Your analysis on Paton sounds more like a baseless gripe Grant. First, the Vikings probably would be in the playoffs if they were not lambasted with injuires before and during the season. Second, you really have no idea who Paton might want as HC; he could be a Saban fan for all you know.

    1. Everyone is a Saban fan. But is Saban a Paton fan? That’s the question. And the answer probably is no.

      1. But again, you can only guess. No one really has an idea of whom Paton or most of the GM candidates would want as the HC.

          1. My point is that he could want Shanahan, Lynn, or a college coach. Neither you or I have an idea on what the man wants in a head coach.

    2. I think the bigger question is why would Paton agree to interview with the 49ers? He’s turned down a lot of opportunities in the past few years.

      I don’t mind the idea of Paton. They’ve drafted well the past few years and steadily been improving until injury to Bridgewater this year.

      As for who he might bring in as HC, Mid mentioned Saban. They worked together at the Dolphins in 2005 and 2006, so maybe not such a crazy idea. Having worked at the Bears, Dolphins and Vikings, I am sure he has plenty of contacts.

      1. This just in: Grant has reversed course and is now indicating he is all in on Paton.

  32. Adam Schefter Retweeted
    Josina Anderson ‏@JosinaAnderson 1h1 hour ago

    Source texts me that #Bills interim head coach Anthony Lynn is scheduled to “meet with San Francisco tomorrow.”

  33. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 2h2 hours ago

    Ian Rapoport Retweeted Tom Pelissero

    Interesting. He often turns these down

    Ian Rapoport added,
    Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero
    After visit to Green Bay on Thursday, the #49ers will interview #Vikings assistant GM George Paton on Friday, source said.
    17 replies 58 retweets 83 likes

    1. Wow, thanks Cubus. That Glazer article yesterday was Lock Solid Truth and now it’s ………rumors I heard…..but from more than one person……
      Journalism is dead

  34. Interviewing head coaches and GMs at the same time is not a problem. Hiring a head coach first better get you a Bill Walsh who can build an amazing staff and scouting department from the GM on down.

  35. My money is on Riddick considering he openly kissed York’s azz and said he would accept the job if offered… However, I hope York can land Kirchner or Wolf. Won’t hold my breath though – Jed likes people who make him feel comfortable and tell him what he and Paraag want to hear above all else.

    1. All GM candidates kind of have to kiss azz to owners of NFL teams since there are only 32 jobs in the world available. Riddick just stated that for a GM it’s a perfect situation cause it can be built from the ground up. I agree with that.

      1. Riddick is the last person in the world to hire as the GM. Jed does not need another boot licker.. Jed needs some one that is strong enough to tell him to get out of the way.

        Oh, peachy, one can build from the ground up? No, one should want building blocks already in place, so the team will not be constantly rebuilding. Full rebuild just means more losing, and Jed will fire the next coach before the last game, again.

        Riddick is in full brown nose mode, and is trying to kiss his way into a sweet gig. Niners need shrewd, intelligent people, who will tell the truth, not more toadies and shills.

  36. http://www.ninersnation.com/2017/1/3/14161578/49ers-general-manager-head-coach-interview-schedule-2017

    Here is what the schedule looks like starting with Lynn on Wednesday.

    Wednesday: Bills interim HC Anthony Lynn (Link)
    Thursday: Packers execs Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst (Link)
    Friday: Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan (Link), Vikings assistant GM George Paton (Link)
    Saturday: Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, exec Nick Caserio (Link)
    This weekend: Colts VP of football ops Jimmy Raye III (Link)
    Monday: Washington OC Sean McVay (Link)
    Next week: ESPN analyst Louis Riddick (Link), Dolphins DC Vance Joseph (Link)

    1. Looks like a promising list. Id like to see someone interviewed from Seattle. My only concern is that all these top names that are being interviewed, will any of them be actually hired? Reminds of the year we hired Tomsula with a lot of good candidates but ended up with the tobacco chewer.

    1. It’s just the Rooney rule… Same with Lynn. Hence why Lynn is first. Raye is Friday before Casserio… Nothing to see here.

      1. Disagree. If that were truly the case, then the 49ers could have just requested an interview from one candidate that allowed them to not risk violating the Rooney Rule, but they have at least two African Americans lined up for the GM and HC interviews. I believe there is a legitimate interest in them as well.
        Personally, I would like to see Wolf at GM and Lynn or Joseph as the new HC. Austin is the one I really would like to see join the 49ers, but I have yet to see anything linking him to the 49ers.

        1. Heard John Middlekauff on KNBR & he’s in love with Riddick

          He worked with him in Philadelphia

          Maybe he wants another scouting gig

        2. Yea,but putting wolf with those guys are like forcing 2 different personalities again. None of those guys are linked to wolf. So pairing him with any of them wouldn’t make sense.

    2. Jimmy Raye (GM candidate) is Jimmy Raye’s son (former Niners OC). If hired maybe he’ll hire his dad back as HC. What a reunion that would be….

  37. “49ers will interview Colts VP of football operations Jimmy Raye III for their GM opening. He’s the son of former 49ers OC.”

    Made my day. Whoever said Jed is a spineless little brat devoid of humor?

    1. Great … maybe little Raye will hire big Raye to be the HC.

      Apparently (and I’m just kinda making an educated guess here based on the “interviewing everyone” approach) the 49ers did not have anyone targeted and even “set up” for these jobs (as they did with Harbaugh) which pretty much means they are going to have to “settle.” Typical that once again they will probably have some very uninspiring choices, you know, eventually decide to promote Gamble, take some DC who’s had a good year or two ….

      Here’s the thing folks: ALL of the people in the NFL know football. That’s why they’re making their living in professional football. You wanna win? Then you need the BEST of these people, just like with the players. They’re ALL good football players, but the ones who are the BEST make up the best teams who compete for the championship. Colin Kaep has tons of skills …. but not as many as Rodgers or Brady, etc … capisce?

    2. Yup, the Colts are just dripping in talent that JR brought on board. With Luck as QB, I see the Super Bowl next year for them…..NOT.

  38. Looks like Jed turned loose the leakmeister. Some day, I hope Jed grows up and realizes that living in the gutter is just bringing the whole Niner organization into the gutter.

    Win with class? No, lose with crass. This culture is turning into a slime mold, with Jed and his leaker leading the way.

    1. The good news Sebnnoying is that you can choose whatever team that gets CK. That way you will never have to worry about York ever again!

      1. Back at it? Prime, I wonder what will happen when Kaep comes back. Better start rooting for your new team, the Raiders, or is it the CFL Eskimos?

        1. Keep wondering about Kap. He won’t be a Niner.
          What will you do when Connor Cook wins a playoff game? Will you annoint him as great?

          1. Naw, I will let 49 do that.

            Niners should have a litmus test. Ask each candidate what they would do with Kaep. Bet most fail, but the smart ones will tell Jed that one does not get rid of their best chance to succeed, and establish a winning culture.

              1. Now that Baalke is gone, Kaep may decide to stay.

                Jed should ask first what the prospective candidate’s assessment is of Kaep, and what he would do.

                If he says that he is smart enough to properly utilize Kaep, the interview should continue. If he says that he wants to ditch Kaep, Jed should ask who he has in mind instead of Kaep. If he says that he will just draft a new QB, Jed should politely thank him for his time, and terminate the interview. If he brings up a marginal FA, Jed should look at his watch and tell him that he has another interview. If the candidate outlines ways to accentuate Kaep’s strengths and disguise his weaknesses, Jed should ask him to elaborate.

                After that, Jed should ask how the candidate will fix the defense. If the candidate has no clue about gap integrity, Jed should move on.

              2. Thank the Lord almighty Jed does not consult you on any of your madness!
                Did you make an appointment to see your doctor?

    1. True. That went pretty quickly too, from memory.

      Given there is only one GM job available this offseason it does make some sense to focus on HC at the same time so as to not get behind in that search and miss out. Will be interesting to see if the HC is hired first and if so how much input they have in the GM hire. That could actually be attractive to prospective HCs – the capacity to help choose the GM they work with.

      1. I was hopping Jed would have a person already set up t be GM by the time he had his press conference. But the next best thing is to be thorough in the search.

        One issue could be timing with several candidates only able to interview during the bye. Also don’t want to get beat to the punch by the other teams.

  39. TO a hall of fame finalist and not Roger Craig–what crap! One guy helped win 3 Super Bowls and one guy helped break up 3 teams. Sad that the HOF is all about top line stats that get inflated every year due to rule changes.
    Craig was 1/3 of one of the most important Offenses in an Era. Sorry HOF but in reality even John Taylor was more important than the Selfish TO. Not that JT is a hall of famer, but stats alone in a team sport like football should not be so heavily weighted. Wrong!

    1. TO was a true cancer. Roger Craig is a champion, and a class act.

      TO gathered stats, Roger Craig helped his team win rings.

      1. T.O. must ultimately be judged by his stats. Owens may have been a loudmouthed dysfunctional locker room prick, but he performed on the field and unlike some HOF inductees he never had off field issues.
        Also, I dare anyone to show me which WR the 49ers have had since T.O. that has had the same impact he had.
        I’m far from a T.O. fan, but if a player like Lawrence Taylor can be voted into the HOF after confessing that he played in some games under the influence – based on stats alone, T.O. should go in as well.

  40. Yep & the Niners do a bad job of supporting & pushing their guys in to the HOF. If Craig , Michael Carter & Jessie Sopolo were Steelers they’d be in the HOF

    They need to push as hard for Craig & others every year as they did Debartolo

    1. I once met Roger .. (at an autograph signing) ..
      and while I shook his hand …
      I told him what an honor it was (for me) .. to
      meet a future HOFer …

      The light that suddenly came from his eyes..
      could have been indispensable during a black-out ..

      I’ve been hoping’ (all these years later) .. that
      he doesn’t think I lied to him

    2. I would also like Keena Turner to get recognition. He was one of the first hybrid linebackers who could stuff the run and defend the pass.

      He also has 4 rings, so he helped them achieve greatness.

    1. Sounds like the sort of personality that could win over Jed. Especially with his connections to the 49ers. Wouldn’t rule him out despite his young age.

      1. Agreed. It also appears his offense might also be suitable to the current setup of the 49ers offense.

  41. “Why is Jed York interviewing potential head coaches and general managers at the same time? ”
    Actually, I think it is the smartest thing he’s done so far! It’s called due diligence. Say when he’s leaning towards a certain GM and the GM says; I want this HC, Yorkie can say: I did (not) like him because……… same the other way around.
    Grant the guy is taking an education on the fast track, I think he’s learning from his mistakes.
    I hope.

  42. Grant,
    Wouldn’t you give them a pass for interviewing coaches on Playoff teams? Most NFL analysts seem to think this is par for the course. The interview of Lynn and McVay however are questionable, unless your thinking of creating a GM/HC. Do you think they might actually be looking into going in this direction?

  43. There is a clamor for Jed to hire a team president in charge of football ops, who in turn, would select the GM and HC.

    I’m in the group who would prefer this, but it occurs to me that this “Football Savior” wouldn’t materialize out of thin air. No, Jed York, if he was willing, which, at this point in time, he isn’t, would have to hire the guy.

    Let’s face it, it’s inescapable, we have to hope Jed York will make one good decision. In this particular scenario, he has to guess correctly on a GM, or HC.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t Bababooie this one (or Tomsula, if you prefer). I’d go so far as to say, I hope Jed Hits ’em with the Hein.

      1. Solomon Thomas or Reuben Foster are 2 of my other choices, and like Barnett, could be selected later than Garrett.

  44. Is Jed searching for applicants who have integrity and will be accountable? Will Jed be able to identify those characteristics? Will the parents help Jed with this process? Maybe not a good idea the fruit does not fall from the tree in this organization.

  45. If you’re going to emulate a culture, the Packers are a pretty good choice given their ability to build via the draft, something we will need to do and will have the picks to do, over the next few years. I know nothing about the individuals being considered, but that pedigree alone should carry weight imo.

  46. The definition of a “marginal” FA candidate in fact is Kaep. Look up marginal in the dictionary, there is Kaep’s pic. No candidate in their right mind would postion themselves as leading a Kaep reclamation project. THAT would end the interview.

    1. Yet, he might be the player on the team.

      Marginal FA candidates would not have a clue and would just let him leave.

    2. As Razor pointed out before, while having 14 opportunities to run on third down, Kaep converted 12. Those are not marginal numbers.

      1. They are marginal when viewed along side all of his deficits. Getting an occasional first down running doesn’t make up for all his bad decisions that result in punts and losses. The fact is, the league has now fully figured Kaepernick out. I wish he had done better as he comes from my community. Time to move on.

  47. Thoughts on Eliot Wolf, Grant? You kind of lumped him in with Chris Ballard (although Wolf will be interviewing for GM).

    Also, are you still pushing giving the keys to the kingdom to Nick Saban or has your preferred strategy changed? If so, what is it now?

  48. I’d rather an offensive minded coach, but if they do go D minded coach I’d rather they interview Sean McDermott out of Carolina than Vance Joseph in Miami. McDermott has a more stable tenure and high level success with his D.

  49. We still have our history so most guys want to work here because of the Walsh-Montana-Rice-Young dynasty,who doesnt want to step in there footsteps and repeat the same succes.

    Best case for me would be GM: Caserio, HC: McDaniels and DC: Patricia.
    or GM: Wolf, HC: Shanahan , DC: Trgovac

  50. Yes, Kaep the marginal FA could be the *best player on the team. Which shows how bad this roster is. Being the best of a crap group, this is what can happen to perspective on this blog. The bar starts to drop so far that assessments of talent are made against a norm that is intra-team, not inter league. Then we play other teams and see that the best 9er talent is avg (dare I say Marginal) for competitive teams. And this is why everyone to tne Parking Lot, except for the 2 that most need to be in the Parking Lot….”I’m tne Owner”…no, you are a Son of an Owner….

      1. Well he sure didn’t help Harbaugh, Tomsula or Kelly win many games the past 3 years. Sure blame the talent level but when the most important position in football regresses, its pretty hard for any coach to win many games!

        1. Go ahead and blame CK for everything Prime. Its stupid right? He’s responsible for the bottom ranked defense 2 years in a row, hiring inept coaches under Tomsula, the culture surround the release of a winning coach. Again who are you going to blame when we’re awful again next year and he’s gone? How much did your hero Gabbert help those coaches? Yes CK contributed when he’s gone we’ll still suck unless Jed can get this GM/Coach hire correct.

          1. Not sure why you keep addressing Gabbert as my hero? He beat out Kap, that’s a fact. In fact, Id take Ponder over Kap, scratch that, Id take anyone over Kap because he sucks!

            I also anknowledged the lack of talent but when the most important position on the team is limited in what he can, what is a coach suppose to do? The past 3 years the 49ers coaches have had to construct a vanilla offense for Kap because he wants to run and he cannot get past his first read.

            All of that is over now because for a new coach/GM coming in wanting to give the Kaepernick experiment another go, will soon realize its like hanging yourself. Kelly and Tomsula made that mistake. I don’t think any of these candidates will want to tie their wagon to a one read running QB!

            1. This “Not sure why you keep addressing Gabbert as my hero? He beat out Kap, that’s a fact. In fact, Id take Ponder over Kap, scratch that, Id take anyone over Kap because he sucks!” Is exactly why I keep addressing your love of Gabbert. Because neither Ponder or Gabbert are better.

              Gabbert beat an injured player, big deal. You’re so fixated hating CK you can’t see these other two suck worse.

        2. The Raiders won how many games this season? That must mean they have a pretty talented team. Yet take away their QB and how does all that talent look? Yeah, I’d say the QB is a pretty important position.

          1. Ribico, QB is the quintessential position on the field. I totally believe its that important. But to ignore the rest of the flaws or blame the firings of three coaches on the QB is non-sense.

            Look at the good to great QB’s who have defenses that give up as many points as our defense does and see how many have a winning record. Complementary football is a very real thing. Our offensive unit was better than our defensive unit. The offense kept he defense on the field too much. The defense got scored on all the time having us play from behind a lot. Adding a QB alone won’t fix this team.

            Brees, Rivers and Newton are good QB’s that can’t overcome their awful defenses. Cousin’s is 8-7-1. He’s good and couldn’t overcome his deficient D. Luck is a good QB and he’s 8-8.

            Rodgers and Ryan are the only QB’s who are overcoming their poor defenses with winning records.

            QB is a priority, but when your talent, coaching and FO are weak there’s a lot more to fix than just the QB.

    1. Baalke killed 3 coaches, and Jed finally had the guts to make him accountable.

      Kaep did not kill any coaches while Gabbert went 4-9.

        1. Baalke is the culprit. He has his fingerprints all over the crime scene. Jed tried to stay out of the way, but I guess there is some guilt by association.

          Ultimately, Jed is responsible for Baalke, but he was not the one cutting players on the team bus, micromanaging the roster to decide who plays and meddling with the coaching. The leak that Tomsula was going to be fired before he coached his last game was done by Paraag, at Baalke’s behest. The last leak on Friday amazingly coincided with Baalke being told he would be let go. It was just his parting shot.

    2. bandit,
      There is a modicum of truth in Kap hurting the team but to be fair the lack of overall talent is what got the butcher and the chipster fired.

      Players that started in the SB no longer on the team:
      I’m sure I’ll miss some names but here are the players I remember.
      1. Michael Crabtree
      2. Delanie Walker
      3. Vernon Davis
      4. Frank Gore
      5. Mike Iupati
      6. Goodwin
      7. Ted Ginn Jr.
      8. LaMichael James
      9. Patrick Willis
      10. N.Bowman
      11. Aldon Smith
      12. Justin Smith
      13. Terrell Brown
      14. Culliver
      15. D. Whitner
      16. Goldston
      17. McDonald

      These were starters on the SB team no longer here. An argument could be made that these players were on the decline, but except for Hyde no player currently starting has been able to come anywhere close to producing like their predecessor.
      Kap has not helped his cause, but he definitely has not been the sole culprit for the teams or coaches demise.

  51. Tom cable on coaching list? Jed might get punched.
    I love all these people on this board who think nobody will come here….why does anyone even interview with the team, especially when they have multiple interviews. Because they love interviews?? Money and opportunity talk….there are 6 open head coaching jobs, Denver is obviously the most attractive option but the rest are up for debate. You think guys are dying to go to Jacksonville and Buffalo?

  52. If I could get 4 years and $24M, and only need to show up for 1, this makes North Korea look attractive

  53. Although none of us agree on who should be hired (for both positions), can we agree that we will all hate whoever *is* hired?

    1. That’s not true Rib. Some will like the hire even though they’ve barely even heard of the guy in the past, or they’ll love it because it’s a “name” like Pioli or Riddick.

      And either way, none of us will know because outside of Pioli none have ever run a draft before so there is no way to know what their plan is.

      1. Jack, the premise is that since Jed will be doing the hiring, and since it’s universally agreed that Jed is a clueless dolt, the decision made by a clueless dolt will obviously be the wrong one.

        1. What makes it worse is the fact that the leaker will be sitting next to Jed. 2 non football people making football decisions.

          1. Which is living proof that Jed is not up to being the boss. He doesn’t understand that no amount of words can get the stink out of the room. I do disagree however that it is because of leaking. I say it’s because Paraag is s Wall Street biz school type whose only purpose of being in the room is to outsmart those who are doers instead of thinkers. That’s where the stink comes from. Doers make deals and then let both of their respective financial types iron out the details with each other. Invariably they are deal killers and not deal makers.

        2. That’s true for the media and a few Rib, but there’s always those few who like it no matter what. Just like there’s always a few who think the team will win 10 games every year…..

          1. Jack, then let’s make it easier and just hate the hires. There’s too much discord on this board as it is.

            Obviously tongue in cheek, but not by much.

          2. Rib,

            None of us truly knows who will be a good hire and who won’t be. We don’t sit in on interviews and know nothing about the ideas prospective GM’s have and how they plan to implement them. What we do know and can comment on is the backgrounds and experience each candidate has. Speaking for myself, I like what I’ve read about most of the candidates rumored to be on the list to be interviewed, but reading that Riddick is on the list concerns me. That is the kind of hire that would disappoint me and that I’d probably be on here complaining about, because it would be continuing a pattern of the 49ers hiring people on no one else’s radar. They made Tomsula the HC when no one else would have even considered him for a coordinator position. They hired Kelly when no one else was even giving him an interview. They hired Baalke because he was in house and was convenient.

            If Jed is truly serious about changing the culture, as he mentioned about 50 times during the PC, then he needs to hire someone that has spent time in a winning organization and can bring that culture with them to SF.

    2. After all the good candidates respectfully flee from Jed, and he is further humiliated, Jed will get a brainstorm and promote Gamble who will bring back Chip.

      I swear I saw Jed declare that Chip would be given more than one year regardless of the record, but Jed seems to never honor his pledges.

      The other one I would like to see honored is holding Jed accountable, just like he said we should do.

        1. Of course, Jed will do some brain dead thing like throwing away the last Niner QB that led them to a SB.

          I am just excoriating Jed beforehand.

          1. Getting rid of Kaep would indicate there still are still some synapses firing in old Jed’s brain. But it’s not Jed’s call, is it? Who would take a job with a clueless dolt meddling in your decisions?

            1. Compared to the alternatives, Kaep is the only logical choice to lead the team.

              Who, pray tell, do you want the Niners to select as their QB? If you mention some unproven rookie, I will question your football knowledge. Goff and Wentz went one and two, and have not lit up the league.

              1. There’s a whole big difference between winning one single lousy game and “lighting up the league”. Even so, Goff and Wentz were rookies – I’d take either of them over Kaep in a second. Do you remember Kaep’s rookie season, his play in that pre-season? Horrendously bad, even against 3rd stringers. I haven’t the slightest idea why Harbaugh thought he had something with him.

              2. You are getting like Prime. Deficient memory lapses.

                Let me remind you that Kaep took over for Alex, and led the Niners to the SB after only 10 games. He won 2 road playoff games while setting a record for QB rushing, and overcame a 17 point deficit in the NFCC Game.

                Goff’s first pass was a pick. Wentz started off well by beating the Browns, and had some good games, but faded badly towards the end.

                Preseason play is not a solid indication of regular season play. Yes, he was playing against third stringers, but he was also playing with third stringers.

                JH made a gutsy call, because he hungered for a SB win. Kaep threw for over 300 yards and ran for over 50 yards, so Kaep did his part. Too bad they could not overcome the defense’s and ST’s play, along with the horrendous officiating.

              3. So Rib, who would you want to see be the Niner QB?

                If you cannot come up with a name, Kaep wins by default.

              4. No, Kaep doesn’t win by default, a team doesn’t make plans around a free-agent and they are *not* going to sign him to any kind of extension. Kaep is on his way out.

                The Niners are obviously in de-build mode. As they rebuild, wins are going to be hard to come by the next 1-3 years and I’m not expecting to get us any from steller QB play. If a future franchise player is not likely in this draft (even if one is) the best bet is stopgap journeyman, ala a Fitzpatrick or a Schaub. Hell, if the criteria is previous success, as you keep pounding these boards with, there’s always Sanchez.

              5. Rib,

                Regarding Harbaugh and Kaepernick, there’s a reason Harbaugh wasn’t in favor of letting Smith go after that ’12 season.

              6. >>LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                I’d bet you a signed Joe Montana football any of those could produce more than 3 wins in 20 starts. Even on this team.

                Remember, we are talking placeholders while this team claws itself back to mediocrity.

            2. >> there’s a reason Harbaugh wasn’t in favor of letting Smith go after that ’12 season.

              But I can see why they did. If Kaep was going to be “the guy” it never works out having the “other guy” in the shadows. It always happens. Tittle was traded because Brodie was ready. Montana was traded because Young was.

        2. Have to agree. He sometimes makes reasonable comments about other issues but when it comes to Kaepernick, one begins to suspect delusion. And recreational drugs.

      1. Seb,
        I completely agree. Jed will be forced to promote tom gamble and hire back chip Kelly. Chip being smart will demand a new contract, stating he was fired in the old on the old and would be making that without coaching. Jed will agree and just like that Chip Kelly will be the highest paid coach in the NFL as he collects 2 salaries for the price of one. :/

  54. Jed looks like he’s slowly becoming George Costanza with that hairline. His hair recession parallels his run as CEO of this team.

    1. Did his hair grow in more during the Harbaugh years? LOL.

      Good to see you around Big. Was wondering how long it would take before you’d weigh in on this.

        1. BigP wrote, “I had to take a break from the futility.”

          BP, does the ‘futility’ you referenced pertain to commenting on the current iteration of the 49ers (team and management alike) or to participating in this forum given its far too frequent regression into playground style rhetoric and posturing?

          In either case, +1

      1. The Harbaugh years, although extremely successful, didn’t help Jed’s hairline. I’m pretty sure it was quite the opposite, lol. “This room is for men only”. Poor Jed’s scalp probably looked like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree after that epic diss. Happy new year Jack, it’s good to hear from you.

      1. That has to apply to Marathe as well. But who does that leave within the organization to conduct the search. I only see Gamble and Guido and perhaps some carefully chosen consultants.

        1. You’d want Marathe to defy his boss’s orders :) See my earlier posting here in this blog Marathe. Incidentally, Brent Jones seems to think highly of Al Guido — as a business person.

  55. I need my memory refreshed on hiring a coach or GM from a team that is currently in the playoffs. I know there are only certain windows available for interviewing while the team is still active in the playoffs. However, can a coach or potential GM accept a position after the interview but before his team has exited the playoffs?

    1. A potential candidate can be promised the job, but given Jed’s track record, it will be written on toilet paper and used to clean up the diarrhea.

  56. Interesting listening to Brent Jones yesterday on KNBR. He had clear opinions on who should be the next GM (Wolf or Kirchner, in that order). It seems that Jed has consulted him on the current GM/coach search and he did not deny it when asked point blank (he acknowledged he had been consulted on the Harbaugh hire).

    1. On a local level, I haven’t seen a lot of disagreement that Marathe is good at managing the salary cap and negotiating contracts. He usually gets high praise.

      The problem occurs when moving into areas that he knows little about and has little experience – specifically football operations and football strategy.

      1. Bringing Paraag, basically a bean counter, to negotiations with football people is for what purpose? IMHO it is an unqualified stupid move. Jed needs to talk football and nothing else. He needs to get over the image he has of being a business first person who is more focused on net income his cash cow generates. If he can’t talk the talk then he needs to get a football person to be in the room, not a bean counter contract man. Make the deal and then say I’ll have my people contact your people to fill in the details. Jed is like someone walking around with a kick me sign on his back and all of his lap dogs are too polite to tell him.

  57. Some info on the guys we interview , i hope Jed hires a coach who wants to pass.

    Anthony Lynn:Lynn is known for advocating the infamous “Ground and Pound” technique.[11] He likes to run the ball on offense, and keep the defense rested so they can “pound” the opposing team.[12] He provides a strong running game and has exceptional run reads.[13] Offensively, his approach spirals off the idea that the running game should open up opportunities for the passing game.
    Probably he can get Todd Haley as OC but he wouldnt be my first choice as HC.

    Kyle Shanahan: From the dynamic “quick game,” which features a host of bubble screens and slants, to the exotic play-action passing game, which comprises an assortment of run-action fakes from stationary and moving pockets, the cleverly designed passing game.

    But the bread and butter of Shanahan’s passing game is the play-action package. The crafty play designer will throw off the reads of second-level defenders by incorporating full-flow play-action movement (the offensive line shows run blocking, with the tight end on the play-side staying in to sell the run) at the point of attack. These plays lure linebackers and safeties to the line of scrimmage, leaving voids over the middle of the field for deep crossers and “sit-down” routes. With the QB adept at selling the run fake and quickly getting his eyes back on the defense to decipher the coverage, the play-action passing game is problematic for aggressive defenses intent on flowing quickly to the ball.
    Runs a ZBS.
    It’s a WCO but not identical to his father.
    He is high on my list and knows his X’s and O’s

    Josh Mcdaniels: He runs a Erhard Perkins offense The E-P system is a simple one. Take what the defense will give you. You can be a power running team one week, a spread out air raid offense the next, a balanced attack that keeps teams guessing the week after that. You can put up points in a hurry, or slow the pace down to a crawl. It doesn’t need specific personnel. Since specific types of players aren’t required, it opens up more possibilities when drafting players or signing free agents. For a team that drafts best player available and not necessarily positional need, like the Ravens, this is a great fit. In fact, in the modern NFL where players are changing teams all the time, and some guys are fits at multiple positions, it’s anyone’s best guess why teams would still chose to run offenses with little wiggle room for personnel changes.
    He’s also high on my list cuz he know how to adjust if you see how he did with Jimmy G and Brisset.

    1. My predictions- Lynn stays in Buffalo. McDaniels goes to LA with Caserio and Garropolo, and Shanny goes to San Diego.

        1. Prime, I am glad you admit you are, but maybe your invective was hurled at the Rams.

          Maybe they would trade Goff to NE as part of the whole deal.

          Bellichick might rejuvenate him.

          LA is not going to stay with Goff if everyone thinks he is a bust. Kroenke needs a big name QB for his brand new stadium. Goff will not fill those seats.

          1. Like I said, call your doctor, take some time off from making football remarks and take a vacation. Soon Kap and you can ride off to Cleveland together!

  58. Bad predictions Seb if they would come true! Personally i think we either need Shanahan, Mcdaniels or McVay in this order as HC and Wolf or Caserio as GM than we would be back on the map with this grand slam if we dont get them we still suck than imho.

    1. Sorry, but Mcdaniels and Shanahan will take a look at Jed and Paraag, and see that they will be the ones firing them before that last game.

      They are too smart to destroy their careers for a Mommy’s boy and suit.

    1. If he says that about the coaching, imagine what he is saying about the ownership. He will kiss Jed’s ass, then stab him in the back.

      1. We get it Seb. You are in full Niners hate mode because they are about to jettison your one true love. But, you could at least feign some hope for a positive outcome of this situation.

        1. Bah, the hate around here is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

          Go ahead, kiss Jed’s heiny, I will not.

          1. >>Go ahead, kiss Jed’s heiny, I will not.

            So what’s your alternative? Burn it all down while the Yorks are owners? They are not going anywhere, this is the card we fans are dealt with. Jed had a moment of lucidity in hiring Harbaugh, he’s capable of doing it again.

            1. Rib, Jed should have an intervention. Mommy should take pity on her son and save him by being the adult in the room. She has all the power to spank Jed, tell him to go to his cabana, promote Gamble and bring back Chip.

              Believe me, it will spare Jed lots more pain and humiliation.

            2. Another plan of action would be for Jed to admit his deficiencies, and then ask his uncle to lead the search.

              Jed could retire to his cabana, and let a real man take over.

  59. “If the 49ers want a defensive coordinator as their next head coach, they should hire the best DC in the NFL — Vic Fangio.”

    Just because he is a good DC doesn’t mean he is a good HC candidate. I think the fact he has been a good DC for a while now and continues to get very few interviews for HC roles is an indicator of what teams think of him as a HC candidate. Some guys should stick to being coordinators.

              1. You’d know better than me, but sure seemed like he was a pretty reserved character. Dry humour, blunt, to the point.

              2. Reserved means slow to reveal emotions or opinions. Blunt means uncompromisingly forthright.

              3. Well, I’m not going to argue language with you, I’ll get a beat down like Rousey!

              4. What happened to her?? She’s through!

                To the point, though — head coaches don’t have to be rah-rah guys to be effective. Seifert wasn’t rah rah.

              5. She sure is. She should give it up, go do something else. She’s been great for the sport, generated interest, but now she is in danger of becoming a joke.

                You are correct they don’t need to be rah-rah, but I do think that (rightly or wrongly) many prospective employers look for guys that bring that energy thinking it will equate to motivating the players. Which I think is part of the issue Fangio may have. That, and he’s not a kiss a$$.

              6. Rousey has always been overrated.


                Think of Dana White as Vince McMahon. White had an Olympic medal winner. So he gave her opponents she could easily beat to make her a star. In wrestling it’s called a strong booking.

                Rousey fought weak fighters and grapples like herself but they were often smaller, advantage Rousey. Holly Holm had a boxing and kickboxing background. She also was taller and had a slight reach advantage. Ronda couldn’t get in close enough to apply her holds. Holm exposed her. This is why McGregor would get destroyed by Mayweather in a boxing match. MMA is crap compared to boxing.

                Rousey was all Dana White hype. To his credit, he did a hell of a job. Rousey should retire and go to WWE.

  60. Option A would include either Caserio or Wolf. Both are top options for this organization, no way to put one above the other at this point.

    I prefer Wolf but wouldn’t be upset if it was Caserio instead.

  61. I don’t know much about Louis Riddick and have no strong opinion about him but to completely dismiss him for one reason that he has worked in the media the last 3 years is ridiculous. I imagine sports journalist (not sports opinion writers) have to develop close relationships with front office and on the field personnel. Creating strong working relationships with GM’s HC’s and others working in the front office. His position at ESPN has certainly allowed him to closely monitor both current NFL and college players. If Riddick was good at his job 3 years ago I believe he would still be capable today. My favorite candidate is Wolf but I believe it would be ridiculous to eliminate him as a candidate for the sole reason that he has recently worked in the media

    “I think @Connor_Cook03 has the confidence and trust in his guys to make plays.”

    Read: http://bit.ly/2hVxMDF

    CONNOR COOK: “I’m just going to go out there and make plays for my teammates,” Cook said. “I’ve never been the kind of rah-rah kind of guy. I’m going to be vocal inside the huddle. I’m going to communicate to my guys on the sideline and stuff like that, but I would always just go out there and try to make plays and let the play speak for itself.”

    Any predictions Grant?

  63. Steve Young on KNBR:
    “Please don’t bring in a defensive guy into San Francisco. Don’t bring in an offensive guy to Pittsburgh. Don’t bring in an offensive guy to Chicago. It’s just, there’s places that have a heritage and it just doesn’t resonate. And so please don’t tell me we have this tremendous defensive mind that we’re going to bring into San Francisco.”

      1. Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren, Gary Kubiak, Bobb McKittrick, Mike Solari, Bill McPherson, Ray Rhodes and Tom Holmoe may have something to say to Seifert about their respective roles if Seifert took much credit for the Niners success during his years (but Seifert wouldn’t do that).

        Seifert was a pretty good coach but the only reason he had the level of success he had was because he followed right after Walsh and inherited the loaded team and coaching staff.

        I agree with Young that Niners should not settle for just a competent DC (e.g., Fangio) for rebuilding the team. It’d be better to roll the dice with a rising offensive coach like McVay or an established coach like McDaniels than a Vance Joseph.

        1. I agree Mood. Young’s point resonates with me. This is a team that redefined offense at one time. They have been under the control of Parcell’s philosophy for far too long. It’s time to make offense the focus and identity of this organization again.

        2. “Seifert was a pretty good coach but the only reason he had the level of success he had was because he followed right after Walsh and inherited the loaded team and coaching staff.”

          No argument from me on this. I was simply making a tongue in cheek comment given that two of his 3 Super Bowl wins were coached by a defensive minded head coach.

          1. Are we doing playoffs in the pick em CFC? The games aren’t showing up for me at the moment, just week 17.

            1. Was pretty sure I had enabled them at the start but apparently not. I’ve fixed that. Like usual, the league will continue through the SB.

    1. I have to disagree with Young. If the 49ers someone from the defensive side of the ball, it does not mean they are denying their heritage; that guy simply needs to hire a capable OC to run the offense.

      1. With a few exceptions, DCs-turned-HCs are routinely unwilling or unable to attract good offensive minds as OCs. When they do, they leave for HC position very soon after tasting some success. The reason is simple: this is a offense-driven league with high-turnover of HCs, and good offensive minds will always get a HC offer. Conversely, there are always competent DCs looking for a job.

        1. HCs with a defensive background are more likely to attract good OCs. They don’t interfere with the OC. Many HCs with an offensive background want to run their own system.

          Top HC candidates this year are Shanahan and McDaniels. Both with defensive HCs. Gase was the hot candidate last year. Defensive HC. Basically, if you want to get noticed as an OC, working for a defensive HC is the best way to do it, as everyone knows it is your offense, not your HCs.

          1. > They don’t interfere with the OC.
            Many of them actually do, including Jeff Fisher. With a few exceptions, and unless they inherit a high-powered offense, they invariably want a limited, low-risk, ball control offense that wins by a few points, often settling for field goals. They neglect or mismanage QB development. For every Bellichick or Del Rio there are more Paganos, Bowles, Fishers, Ryans, etc. I think all but one of the coaches fired the past few weeks were from a defensive background. I think defensive-minded coaches are having more of a tough time in the past 5-10 years as NFL pushes to be a more offense-oriented league.

            > HCs with a defensive background are more likely to attract good OCs.
            So the chances of a revolving door of OCs is higher with a DC as a HC as these successful OCs leave?

            1. Many of them don’t interfere, either. Like the guys I outlined above.

              Basically, it doesn’t matter if they have an offensive or defensive background. What matters is their personality. Need to get a guy who isn’t a control freak. And if they at core believe in keeping things tight and low risk, they will probably favour a stodgy offense and defense (Jim Harbaugh, btw, falls into this mould despite being an offensive guy). If they believe in risk vs reward, they will likely favour a high powered offense and a defense that focuses on splash plays but can give up big plays. For example, Mike Tomlin.

              1. IMO, Mike Tomlin has succeeded as a “leader of men” because he has been brought into a very successful, functional organization and systematically set-up for success with the help of a patient ownership, a competent GM, experienced scouts with an eye for talent at skill positions.

                If Tomlin had been hired by one of the bottom feeder franchises (and our beloved Niners are now one of them), he’d been back as a DC before too long.

                Niners need much more than a leader of men and an assertive personality. They need a coach and GM with a shared vision on offense.

              2. Sure, without the organisational structure Tomlin may have been a washout as a HC. But the same goes with any HC. Need the right structure to succeed. Doesn’t diminish Tomlin in any way. And he is more than just a leader of men. He’s smart, and knows what he should control and when he should let others have autonomy.

                Its probably little known, but he has equal say on draft picks with the GM. If either Tomlin or Colbert don’t like a player, they are removed from their draft board. If their is a dispute about a player, it is resolved collaboratively, or as a last resort by Rooney. But you never hear about any issues. He’s not just a leader, he’s also able to set aside his ego and listen and work with others.

                The 49ers need a HC and a GM with a shared vision, period. Not just on offense.

      2. We need miracles and capable won’t hack it. Jed doesn’t have the patience to allow the time for capable to work. Look at how capable has worked (good) because Davis has had patience.

    2. I get why fans want an offensive minded coach – heck, its more fun watching an offensive minded team – but this is a dumb way to conduct a HC search. Don’t cut your list of candidates in half just because you want an offensive guy. Take the best guy for the job, no matter the background. Every team has to play both offense and defense. Having a HC with a specialty in offense is no guarantee of success. Having a coach with a defensive background does not mean your offense will be boring or rubbish. Belichick, Tomlin, Carroll, Quinn, Rivera, Del Rio – these guys have all had explosive offenses the past few years.

      Hire the guy that will do the most to help you win!

      1. You have to interview everybody, but my preference would be an offensive minded Coach. If they hire a Defensive guy and he’s able to bring in a great OC, that works too, but as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t want to see a young QB lose the OC and have to go through the learning curve multiple times. It’s also easier to change a defense than an offense so losing a DC isn’t nearly as chaotic.

        1. Why is it easier to change a D than an O? I guess if you have a young QB it is, but with a veteran QB changing offense isn’t that big an issue – or at least no bigger an issue than changing D.

          I agree you don’t want your OC leaving every year. But getting 3 years out of an OC is sufficient, especially if you have a good assistant learning the offense under that OC ready to take over.

          1. Defense is positioning and reaction Scooter. Much easier to change that than having to learn new plays and go through the repetitions needed to master them. Even if it’s somebody on the staff already, he has to know how to call a play sequence and develop a rhythm.

            1. If it is so easy to learn, why do players so often complain about the D being too complex, and commenting about how they like it when the DC dumbs it down so they can play fast? Surely if it is easy to pick up there should be no such issues?

              1. We are talking in comparison between offense and defense Scooter. Some defenses are more complex than others, but don’t compare to what players have to learn and practice offensively. Defense at it’s very core is read and react. Offense is working as a unit with everything blowing up if even one guy doesn’t do his job. I’ve played both sides and it’s much easier to learn a defense and go out and play fairly quickly than it is on the offensive side.

              2. Having said that, I will also add that physically it’s harder to play defense because of the read and react factor. You really need athletes on defense to play effectively.

              3. Regardless, give the HC that will win games. I don’t give two hoots what their background is.

              4. That’s what we all want. Problem is you don’t know who that guy is before hand so you have to look at every detail and figure out who gives you the best chance to win short and long term. I hope Jed gets lucky and finds that tandem that gets this team back on track.

              5. No we don’t. Which is why I find it baffling when people say they need to hire an offensive guy. Seems silly. Take the guy that is the best leader, has a strong plan/ vision, can hire good assistants, and can work with the GM to get the right players. If that is an offensive guy then great. If it isn’t, who gives a darn, hire that guy.

              6. Rocket,

                > You really need athletes on defense to play effectively.
                Baalke drafted a bunch of big athletic picks and hoping they would turn out to be good football players. Not surprisingly, the ones that worked out in this draft crapshoot were mostly players on defense.


                To quote the hapless Jedster: “Nothing I’m going to say is going to be a satisfactory answer”. Anyway, IMO, the Niners have the talent of an expansion franchise (like they were back in 2005) and this is the opportunity to set a vision and direction for the team by talent acquisition via draft and free agency. I’d prefer an offense-minded coach and GM setting the direction.

                Not saying that a DC can’t be a successful HC, but the chances are better with a successful OC with decent people skills. How does one even evaluate “leadership capabilities” of coordinators? Ability and willingness to communicate, OTOH, is something one can learn by talking to their colleagues (Baalke was awful at it). I’ve also heard that McDaniel has communication problems with the Broncos and that’s the reason I’d prefer Shanahan over McDaniel.

              7. Having said all that, since the coaches under consideration are quite young, I definitely think that Jed needs to hire a GM first who hires the coach, not the other way round.

              8. I agree with Scooter about the offensive HC paradigm.

                The HC needs to be balanced. If the HC is more offensive oriented, the important thing is to have a good DC.

                Walsh had Sieffert. Bellichick has Patricia. JH had Fangio. Kubiak has Phillips.

                Shula had Marino, but could not win with no defense. Payton has Breeze, but is out of the playoffs with no defense.

              9. Scooter I couldn’t disagree more.
                Offenses are much harder to change.
                Even a complex D isn’t half as complicated as simple NFL offense.
                If an offense changes, for qb’s not only the plays change but so do the routes, progressions and terminology. Linemen will also have learn the new blocking concepts, leverage points, audibles, blitz pickups.
                There is very good reason that intelligence is more of a requirement on the offensive side of the ball. While athleticism is more of a requirement for defensive players.

              10. And yet we see a number of offenses that routinely put up big numbers regardless of the OC. And see good OCs come into teams and have the offense purring in one offseason. The idea of long term continuity is nice, but not necessary. The main thing is to avoid constant upheaval.

              11. “And yet we see a number of offenses that routinely put up big numbers regardless of the OC”
                A new OC doesn’t necessarily dictate a new offensive system, a case in point would be KC, or any Offense run by Peyton Manning or the 49ers under Walsh. This is often the case in the NFL, as most coaches come from an offensive background.
                *Note* I have no issue with taking a defensive coach, in fact I think most of the best candidates that will be available to us are on the defensive side of the ball. My argument is that it is harder to change your offensive system than it is to change your defense. And that offenses are far more complex than defenses.

  64. To me, the Jed/Paraag pony show is as embarrassing as the Jim Tomsula introductory press conference. I don’t think anyone with any options is going to want to work for them, unless they get paid exorbitantly, which might be out there. I do not believe they have fired Tom Gamble yet, someone please correct me if I am wrong. If he is still with them, I think he has a good chance of being the next GM. Apologies if this has already been discussed. I’ve stayed away from the blog because this is just history repeating itself and it’s sad to watch.

    1. York strongly implied in his press conference that Gamble is not currently a candidate for the GM position. I believe that their thinking is that they want to bring in “talent” from outside the organization. While York has been bad, I think we’ll find that it was Baalke who really screwed up this organization.

      I’ve long held the belief that it was York who put the kabosh on hiring Gase – but it now appears that it might have been Baalke. At the time, I was a huge Gase supporter and it made sense to me that a football mind (presumably Baalke) would not pass up Gase whereas a “pedestrian” mind (presumably York) would give the job to one of his favorites (Tomsula). Now it appears that might not have been the case.

      If that is true, it might also provide some explanation as to why York has been able to justify to himself that he is qualified to be directly involved in the HC (outside of his own ego). If he wanted Gase and allowed Baalke to trump him then York believes that he has the qualifications to conduct the search (because Gase has been successful as the Miami HC). He just made the mistake of relying to heavily on his GM, Baalke.

      1. “York strongly implied in his press conference that Gamble is not currently a candidate for the GM position.”

        This is true, cubus. I’m just thinking we are dealing with fools.

  65. While I am not thrilled by the idea of a fourth new head coach in four years, I was mostly disappointed by Kelly’s performance as the HC. A few low moments:

    1. In the NY Jets game, 4th and 1 in overtime from the Jets 35. Goes for it (right move) and comes up with a run by Hyde into the teeth of the defense (wrong call). Hyde was stuffed for a loss, the Jets got the ball and marched to the winning score. Kelly was billed as an offensive genius and that was his play call in that situation? I pretty much dropped off the Kelly bandwagon after that play call.

    2. In the week 17 Seattle game, the offense had finally showed a sign of life in the fourth quarter after the usual offensive swoon in the third (a season long trend!). Kaepernick completed a nice pass for about 20 yards only to have the play called back for an illegal formation penalty. The left tackle was uncovered at the line of scrimmage. Every fan, every high school player, heck every 11 year old Pop Warner player knows that the tackles need to be covered. It is football 101. Yet, in week 17, Kelly’s team makes this dumb mistake in a crucial situation. The blame has to be on the coaches, and the buck stops with Kelly.

    I also realized after watching a Kelly coached team for a year that his offensive style does place an undue burden on the defense. Supposedly he dialed back his usual fast paced offense this year, but still the defense was almost always gassed by the third quarter. Case in point: The final 5 minutes of the week 17 Seattle game. After closing to within two points with Seattle’s backup quarterback in the game, the defense was not able to get off the field.

    I believe Kelly’s style will never be successful in the NFL. Jed made the right call in getting rid of Kelly along with Baalke.

    1. Rick, I will respectfully disagree. Chip was handicapped by Baalke and his micromismanagement of the roster. While I concede that Chip could have prepared the team better, he just did not have enough talent to make his system work. Niners had 2 cut FAs and an ACL pick in that last game. With better receivers, they would be more productive.

      Yes, I will concede that Chip needed to spend more time fixing the defense, but he was also hampered by losing his NT before the season started, with no FA NTs signed, and none drafted.

      Losing Ray Ray and Bow really hurt, and Tank disappeared. The defense set records in futility, which doomed the offense. Baalke ignored the ILB position in the draft, so Chip was set up to fail.

      1. I do agree that Baalke did not do Kelly any favors with his personnel moves. I hold Baalke about 75% responsible for the fiasco which was the 2016 season.

        However Kelly has to take responsibility for the way the offense stalled at the start of the second half in almost every game. Once or twice you can say they were just having a bad day. When the same thing happened over and over again for 16 games, you have to look at the coaching staff.

        BTW: I do give Kelly credit for fixing the run defense midway through the season. Starting with the Dolphin game, they actually looked like an NFL quality defense against the run. Unfortunately, the secondary was lousy against the pass for all 16 weeks, and the pass rush was pretty much non existent the whole year. You can get away with a weak secondary if you have a great pass rush or you can live with a weak pass rush if you have a great secondary. However there is no way you can win games if both areas are lousy as we found out this year.

        1. Rick, the second half regression was alarming, Maybe they practiced too hard before the game and ran out of steam.

          You could also say the lack of adjustments were on the coaching staff.

          No matter how bad the offense is, fixing the defense should be the number one priority. O’Neil needs to go.

          They should sign FAs to fill every hole, and draft for depth.

  66. I understand with Steve Young is saying by wanting an offense of minded guy. However I am happy that the Niners are interviewing Sean McDermott because he has a long track record of Defensive success at a very high-level with Carolina.
    I believe there was a long time defensive assistant with the New York Giants that has his offense doing pretty well in New England right now & for the past 15 years.

  67. Mention of George Seifert evoked the memory from The Stick of The Faithful chanting:
    “No more sweeps! No more sweeps! No more sweeps!”
    We were kinda pist at the time, pretty funny now.

    1. IICRC, Young and Rice went to Eddie and asked him to tell George to leave the offense alone and stick to the defense.

      1. Pete Carroll runs a D that is similar to Seifert’s Elephant Defense. I’ve always preferred the 4-3. Here is a blast from the past.


        Instead of having a 4-3 and WCO we have 3-4 and power ball, and whatever Kelly called his offense. I don’t get this. The 4-3 and WCO aren’t antiquated systems that no longer work. The Parcells style offense is the system that has run its course.

        1. Lol. They had John Harty and Dwaine Board at ends and Michael Carter at NT, then they brought in Charles Haley!

          Wow, that was one impressive line.

    2. The internet is wonderful. I was watching the 88 SuperBowl on YouTube and I remembered when I got frustrated at a game when they kept running Roger Craig on sweeps and it just was not working that day. Could not recall if it was Walsh or Sieffert, it’s been a long time. Do not start chants, do not do the wave, but in my Sec 4 seat 7 (had 1981-2005) stood on my seat and told the people around me, “We got to stop these sweeps, are you with me?” They said yes, so I started chanting “No More Sweeps!” So I just googled it and darn found this.

      It caught on and the whole stadium joined the chant. They did not sweep again. When I got home in the press conf the coach when asked said if it affected his calls he said he thought about it, and sure enough the sweeps were not working, the fans were right so I stopped calling them.

      It was Sept 30 1990 against Jets found this: Fans of the San Francisco 49ers didn’t like the play selections of coach George Seifert and loudly let him know it.

      The 49ers were so bad running outside that Roger Craig had 26 yards on 13 attempts. In total, the Niners ran outside 18 times and either lost yardage or didn’t gain any on 11 of those plays.

      With 8:47 left to play their fans in Candlestick Park started a “No more sweeps” chant.

      My only NFL coaching experience ;-)

      Amused to no end it is still remembered by others.

      1. Whoops that article talked about Jets too, but the “No More Sweeps Game” was against Atlanta Falcons. Correct info:
        09/23/1990 Atlanta Falcons 13 @ San Francisco 49ers 19
        Roger Craig 18 carries 26 yards Average 1.44yds
        Montana saves the day 398 yards.

  68. The more I read on McVay the more I’m intrigued, even though he’s my age, which seems to be the only knock on him.

    How do u feel about McVay Grant? I wonder what GM would be willing to work with him.

  69. Allow me to clarify. Cable is not the next wave of talent. And he is not the CURRENT wave of talent. He was not in any previous wave of talent.

  70. I can see it now. Gamble is promoted and at the same time announces his choice for head coach — Cable. Gamble will intimate that the only reason Cable’s OL work was so poor it that his GM didn’t provide OL talent.

  71. I think the Patriots still remember that the 49ers gave them unfettered access to all aspects of the team when Mr. Kraft bought the team. I noticed Steve Young said this week that whenever he goes to New England it is like going back to Mr. D’s ownership, where everything is done to perfection.

    I think they miss the Niners. If the “Holy Trinity” makes it’s way West don’t be surprised if Chip Kelley takes Coach McDaniels spot in New England. Just a bit of salt in the wound, New England doesn’t use a Fullback either, and they don’t always huddle, pretty easy fit…

  72. Grant,

    I agree with you on the Josh Norman decision. Whether it is more Beane or McDermott, they think CBs are easily replaced because of their pass rush.

    It would be an interesting choice if Beane/McDermott could fix our front seven but Beane is very low on my list. Just above Riddick.

    1. Good read Mid. Interesting that a Pioli meeting hasn’t been scheduled. The Shanahan meeting wasn’t scheduled right away either.

      I think Jed’s first choice is the Pats marriage because they would get Garoppolo. Wolf is his second choice as GM.

      If Jed believes that the Shanahan’s floated the story about his parents removing him from football operations Kyle has no chance here.

      If it comes down to ass kissing Riddick will be hired. This is Jed’s most likely decision.

      I was excited about Baalke and Kelly being fired but it was handled poorly, as usual. Then came Jed’s depress conference. He isn’t going anywhere and neither is Marathe. I expect more failure.

      1. Riddick did not kiss ass. He stated the truth which is that the Niners situation is one of the best out there for a GM. Start from scratch with Picks and a ton of cap space. Niners would be lucky to get Riddick. Hence why most good up incoming GMs are interviewing.

        1. Riddick- ‘ He(Jed) will give, whoever is given that position, the support and the time to get that done.’

          Too bad Chip was promised 3 years and was fired after one.

          Riddick- ‘ There is not a whole lot of impediments to the success there, provided that he makes good on everything he says, and why wouldn’t you take him at his word?’

          Jed- ‘Hold me accountable..’ ‘ You do not fire the owner’.

          That whole interview was one big suck up.

    1. Ha! Funny, but sad at the same time. KC could surprise in the playoffs. I wouldn’t put any money on it though.

  73. Like Ann Killion said in her latest article: “Jed likes boot lickers.”

    So, any coach with a backbone or opinion apply elsewhere.

    The 49ers only hire mollycoddlers.

    Mollycoddler Definition:


    Definition of mollycoddle

    a pampered or effeminate man or boy

  74. What does Jed want in a HC? He does not want a HC to say that he cant work with Kaep and it would be better to just let him go.

    Niners need a HC who will say that he can take anyone, even Kaep, and be able to win with him. Of course, Kaep, with his good performances, would be intriguing to any savvy coach. Jed definitely does not need some coach who does not know how to maximize a player’s potential, or gives up without even trying.

              1. Jed’s fine. I blame his whole “nothing I’ll say will satisfy” on Brian Murphy from his post-Harbaugh firing interview. What a classic.

              2. That Murph interview was fantastic. One of the few times I’ve ever heard a sports interview done with true anger and scorn toward the subject of the interview.

            1. I have a party shoppe nearby and their Baalke pinatas have long sold out. They’re not expecting anymore in stock….

  75. NFL’s Well documented no nothing York Family:

    The Yorks have struggled to hire well. When the 49ers were still considered a desirable coaching destination, the Yorks failed miserably by hiring Dennis Erickson. Even worse, the coaching search lasted so long that Erickson had little time to hire assistant coaches, resulting in an overmatched coaching staff and a muddled offensive scheme. When hiring Erickson’s (and GM Terry Donahue’s) replacement, the Yorks made the odd decision to grant Mike Nolan full control over football operations, even though he was a first-time head coach with no experience on the personnel side.

    No GM candidate with multiple options would accept a job that won’t grant them enough time, control, and stability to have a fair opportunity to succeed, and the Yorks are currently viewed as meddlesome, directionless, and impatient…

    They are just as likely to fail at identifying the right candidate as they are to fail in attracting any qualified candidates they may seek.


    1. TomD,
      The problem with the 49er organization all began with Terry Donahue who was recommended strongly by Bill Walsh so I guess there is enough blame to go around.

  76. San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York looking in right places for a ‘winning team’

    Tom Pelissero , USA TODAY Sports 6:31 p.m. ET Jan. 5, 2017

    The pattern was obvious as soon as candidates began to emerge for the San Francisco 49ers’ head coach and general manager vacancies.

    Josh McDaniels and Nick Caserio … from the New England Patriots. Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst … from the Green Bay Packers. Tom Cable, Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer … from the Seattle Seahawks.

    49ers CEO Jed York repeatedly mentioned his desire to “re-establish a championship culture” …

    Culture is a real thing in professional sports, and particularly the NFL. It starts with the coach and GM, who need to share a vision and accountability, and flows from there.

    So if you’re rooting for York to hire his new brain trust and then get out of the way, which you can bet is his preference, you should at least take it as a good sign the 49ers’ search is focused on people who have been around cultures that work and know what it’s all supposed to look like.


  77. Regarding Kaep and a new coach. I don’t think a new coach will get behind Kaep. 3 coaches in a row have bitten the dust riding Kaep. Even if Kaep could somehow change the game, I just don’t see a new coach signing up to be Kaep’s 4th casualty. The definition of insanity…..

  78. It does not matter which GM or HC they hire as long Jed and Parag are in charge.

    Need new ownership!!!!
    Denise please sell the team!!!!

  79. All the old hens here clucked and clucked to get rid of the latest coaching hire. History has shown that this organization cannot competently hire a coach, but that didn’t matter. Now you all got what you wished for and you’re praying for a NE coaching tandem.
    What you hens forget is that Chip Kelly is good friends with Bellichick. Kelly will be interviewed about how SF FO operates. After that interview, the options out of NE will dissolve. Any viable options will dissolve.

    1. I would suppose any other candidates would pick up the phone and call both JH and Tomsula, too. I wonder what they would say.

      You shall reap what you sow.

  80. Why do I get the feeling York and Paraag have already settled on a blah GM and are simply continuing the dog and pony show for us fans to show how “hard” they worked on this? It’s not like the Yorks have given us any reason to doubt them and all :/

    1. My guess is Riddick. He is licking their boots.

      I gotta laugh. Jed and Paraag are traveling all over. The candidates are making those clowns come to them, so they are already at a disadvantageous position.

      If they were doing their due diligence, they would interview Holmgren. Since I have not heard a word about him, both Jed and Paraag are just going to be rejected and humiliated more. Jed, bringing Wormtongue with him, already failed the interview.

  81. Hi Grant. Question? What if Jed was being told by his “people that he respects” like his Uncle Eddie, that he needed to be interviewing these GM’s and coaches at tthe same time? Do you think it’s possible that he’s being instructed to do so by his higher ups?

    1. Absolutely not. Competent people would tell Jed to hire a director of football operations to lead this search. No sane person would tell Jed to lead it himself.

        1. The team should not take Barnett that high, they need to address WR sooner, and Mixon is currently a toxic pick due to his hot-headed history.

          1. I disagree with the Music City Madman not being worthy of that high a pick. He’s the first in SEC History to record at least 10 sacks 3 years straight! He owns Reggie White’s record. He’s an elite pass rusher, relentless, a great clubhouse leader and he won’t turn 21 years old until mini camp….

            Mixon will be drafted and I’d take a flyer on him in the 6th with the agreement that if he screws the pooch just one time, he’ll be released.

              1. I don’t think you can trade out of the top ten and assume you’ll be able to get Barnett….

              2. Seb, I don’t go by rankings. I go by film study along with production and background. Those rankings are too preliminary to be given too much credence….

              3. True, everything will change after the Combine.

                I did watch some Tennessee games, and Barnett seemed to live in their backfield, so I like him, too.

                Still, that Stanford Bowl game showed that Solomon Thomas was unstoppable.

            1. Two is way to high for someone that was moved all around on the defense in order to create favorable match ups during a game. He handled his self well against Cam Robinson, but that is not saying much. Thomas or Willis make more sense because they could be drafted in another round.

              1. Barnett has better production than Garrett in the SEC, which I don’t have to tell you is viewed as the best conference in college football….

              2. Garrett was also playing through an injury this season. Garrett will also probably bEdith taken by the Browns.

              3. You don’t get through a season of football without getting some type of injury. The ones that can avoid the severe injury, and play through the nagging ones while still being productive are the type of players I want….

              4. Razor,
                Not anymore, Bama may still be the best team but the SEC isn’t even close to being the best conference.
                #1 Big10 (PJ Flecks hiring makes them even stronger(
                #2 ACC
                #3 SEC……maybe

              5. OldCoach, get back to me after the first round in the 2017 NFL draft and we’ll compare the conferences….

              6. Razor,
                I believe you will be correct using 1st RD picks as the only measure of conference strength but remove Bama from the mix and I think you will find the SEC is not the best conference “top to bottom”

              7. Virtually every opponent slid its protection toward Barnett’s side and assigned two (and occasionally three) blockers to him, and defensive coordinator Bob Shoop made some opponents pay for that by dropping Barnett in coverage while blitzing from the other side of the field….

            2. I agree Mixon will be drafted, but I would rather see him go to a team without such a ladasxial leadership that the 49ers currently have.

              1. I fully expect the leadership factor to be addressed by the new regime, not only from on high, but among the ranks. You still have Staley on the offensive side that can chaperone Mixon, although I think you raise a legitimate concern….

        2. Razor, I see you going for Mahomes.

          What happened to your championing Kizer? He might be available in the second round.

          1. I believe Kizer is the best prospect at the position in this draft. CFC banged the table for Mahomes, and I’m on board. By bringing in Cousins, we get a gamer who is familiar with the system and can train a raw prospect for a year or two. We can then move on from Cousins or trade Mahomes like the Patriots….

            1. I think Trubisky is better than Mahomes, but Kayaa may be equal to them, too, and also be available later on.

              1. Well, of course I want Kaep back, so Trubisky would be perfect to sit and study for a year or two.

                I agree that he would fail if he was thrown to the wolves and forced to start right away.

        3. I’ve watched all the QB’s likely to be available in this draft at one point or another, and I’m still catching up on some games I’ve recorded, but the more I watch, the more I’m convinced that taking a QB in the first round in 17 would be a mistake. Day two will be the time to take one and get the best value imo.

          You could take Mahomes, Kaaya or Kelly on day two and have just as much of a chance to find a starter as you would taking Kizer, Watson or Trubisky in round one imo. There really isn’t much of a gap here if at all.

        4. Joe mixon is a way higher talent than that. I could only hope the Niners select him.
          His off the field antics scare me though

          1. I think KC took a flyer on Hill in the 5th without a video tape of incident, that’s why I have Mixon still on the board in the 6th….

        5. Razor,
          Nice list. My only concerns are Floyd and Mixon. IMO, their talent is overshadowed by their suspect character.

      1. Hmmm, competent, sane? Gee Grant, didn’t you ask him that exact thing in the PC?

        Pat yourself on the back. ;p

      2. Except in your theory he would also be incapable of hiring a director of football operations. So if he’s capable of that, he’s capable of hiring a coach & GM. Something you certainly agreed with when it came to the hiring of Baalke (continuity) & Harbaugh (hot coaching prospect)…

        Which just goes to show how stupid and fickle your theory is. Especially in light of NFL history which has shown anyone whose ever paid attention to it that the ‘right hire’ is mostly a matter of luck, not skill.

        The Steelers went through DECADES of losing until they hired Noll. Not for lack of trying, but just bad luck. They hired good prospects. But they just didn’t work out.

        Or look at Eddie. Fired Monte Clark then the three idiots he hired before Walsh. That was four coaches in two years. Plus the idiot GM he’d hired.

        According to your theory he couldn’t ever possibly have hired Walsh (especially as Walsh turned him down in 1977) because he was too stupid. Yet he did. Even though Walsh, his #1 target, had turned him down in 1977. (It’s a tad more complex, but that’s the essence.)

        1. Your whole argument is fallacious considering you are comparing Jed to Eddie.

          Jed is an incompetent arrogant berk, who has no clue.

          Eddie surrounded himself with smart football minds, and let them do their job. Jed is so stupid, he thinks he is smart enough to do it himself.

          Eddie is in the Hall of Fame

          Jed is in the Hall of Shame.

  82. In 1980 the San Diego Padres hired Jerry Coleman, their radio play by play guy to be the team’s Manager. I remember thinking how funny that was that ownership liked the running critiques of a radio guy who’s paid to keep his lips flapping over what his then current Manager was doing in the dugout. At least Jerry had a Big Leagues resume as a former player.
    Can we imagine if the Niners were turned over to one of our NorCal media experts?
    TK? Killion? Grant?
    Laughable. Like most of us posters on this blog, Grant would have lead this team far, far astray. Tyler Wilson anyone?
    Or one of us? Smh
    And me too! Taylor Mays! Stephen Hill! I was all in for Kwame Harris! Dang.
    Oh yeah, and on Kwame….(wait for it!)…..the front office was actually reading my comments and were so,impressed that they took my specific advice, and no one else’s, to draft Kwame in Round #1. I apologize.
    See? So Seb and TomD and Grant are probably right that the team has been mining this blog and taking their advice on game planning and personnel management issues. Yup, pretty sure on that.
    Of course, given a 2-14 record…..I guess we’ve been doing a poor job, LOL!
    We’re all a bunch of know-it-alls. Amusing to see the odd blogger who scolds and scorns the rest of the commenters, since that random blogger knows soooooo much more than anybody else.

    1. BT, now that you mention it, since they hired a DJ to coach the QBs, and now want to hire a talking head, maybe they should look to the blogs for a candidate.

      My resume? Look at my mock drafts. Before last year’s draft. I nailed 3 of the players they selected- Buckner, Garnett and Cooper.