49ers GM tips hand: drafting Reuben Foster a mistake

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch speaks during a press conference at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Thursday, March 1, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan spoke publicly at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis on Wednesday and Thursday, spoke publicly for the first time in almost three weeks. They won’t speak to the media again until free agency starts mid-March. Their words are limited.

I didn’t attend their interviews at the combine — I’m not there. I watched on TV and read quotes online just like you. And I drew conclusions.

These are my top five.

1. The 49ers regret drafting Reuben Foster.

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  1. Agreed with all five, Grant. Well done. It’ll be interesting to see if Lynch can lure Johnson in before Gruden.

  2. I don’t agree that Beathard is a bust. He is not at the same level as Jimmy G right now, but Jimmy G was already in the league for 4 years.
    I also don’t think there will be many splashy Free agent moves, simply because not much talent available.

    Agree with the rest…..Well, let’s wait and see.

  3. 1. Agreed.
    2. Agreed.
    3. Agreed until this sentence. “Shanahan may see Breida as the starter next season.” Crowell or Dion Lewis will start, possibly a draft pick or even Joe Williams.
    4. Agreed.
    5. So no Matt Barkley again?

    1. No kidding. How the hell do you turn “He needs structure” into “We regret we took Reuben Foster.”

      I mean, this is seriously stupid.

        1. Lynch is obviously talking about supporting a young player who may require a structured environment. No where in his quote does he come close to saying he regrets drafting Foster. You took pure and total conjecture and turned it into your headline. I know your brand of journalism is to take quotes and try to interpret them in the most salacious way possible but this is way off base. Perhaps Lynch will eventually come to regret drafting Foster but I don’t see it in this quote. I just find this totally irresponsible. Not one single reporter in the entire country other than you is reporting this in the same way.

          1. This is an opinion piece, not a report. And editors write the headlines, not the writers. You know nothing about journalism.

            1. You’re right. It is an opinion piece. And I havent studied journalism. I just don’t like the opinion. It smacks of Skip Bayless type journalism. Let’s make up the most outlandish interpretation possible of that quote so I can get Page hits. If that’s your schtick then fine. I’m sure you will make loads of money. I just don’t like it.

            2. Your right Grant. It is an opinion piece. He could of drafted another piece. But Foster is a second round pick. Even if he turns out to be Aldon Smiith we really lost nothing.

              He missed allot of time with injuries and can be replaced. Not a mainstay at this point.

              A luxury piece.

              1. Shanahan and Lynch are good communicators and are very specific when they want to be. He was not being specific enough to warrent saying that he believes he made a mistake. More like an unforeseen complication arose. That is far from stating it was a mistake. Now getting a player of his abilities as far down as they did was a gift. This complication sort of takes the bloom off the rose so to speak. Still it will be some time before it becomes obvious or not weather it was an actual mistake.

                Now if you want to interpret it as him saying he made a mistake, there would be enough wiggle room to stretch it into a justification if it were another GM. The thing is that this Gm says exactly what he means. He is not Tomsula where people have to figure out what the ell he is saying. Al he is saying is that there was a complication that came up that he was not expecting. Now he may have still deemed Foster a worthy risk any way.

                There is nothing that can not be distorted or misinterpreted. Some day I might just show you how easy it is to misinterpret what someone says or writes. That is especially true when someone is talking off the top of their head. It is the responsibility of the listener to not take liberties in distorting even though we can. That should be especially true to people in your profession.

                Now you might be a columnist, but when you use someones statements in the venue that you were in, then you are also a reporter with the obligation to report and less to interpret. You have often taken that license in the past when you reported on training camp. You mixed up the a columnist with the reporter with out differentiating between the two roles. That is the problem with the news today. They either can not tell the difference or chose not to when it suites their personal agenda’s..

                You could have done that very clearly by stating what he said and then saying it was ” YOUR OPINION” that his statement MIGHT imply that he was having second thought about drafting Forster. However, he did not say he made a mistake. Big difference! Detail is really important when you want accuracy, but less important when you want to promote an agenda.

                Just read that you were not actually there so that changes things a bit.

        2. “Foster needs structure NFL teams can’t give him.”

          Couldn’t the 49ers do something with Foster like the Cowboys did for Dez Bryant?

              1. Lynch sounds more likely to cut cord with Foster and do the Dez thing. It seems to me that he does not want to set a precedent.

          1. Sure, but even with extra babysitting there were some hiccups with Dez in the beginning years. JJ tried an escort for PacMan too, but still couldn’t keep him out of trouble.
            It’s in Lynch’s lap. He made the trade&pick and he’ll have to manage the leash.

  4. Niners made a mistake with Foster, okay so be it, I once made a mistake myself. Its not the mistake that is important its what you do with the mistake. Cut losses isn’t a bad thing.

    Naw, CJ isn’t a bust. I doubt they waste a draft pick on a QB, they have so many more positions to fill, either as starters or depth.

    1. Yep. If they start overly worrying about making a mistake, they’ll become paralyzed and overly sensitive to any rumor about a guy they plan to pickup.

      Foster’s on the team and I would proceed as though he was going to play (while making contingency plans). If he screws up again, so be it, and let the chips fall where they may. At that point, no special treatment because it begins to send a bad message to the locker room. It won’t be the end of the world if Foster leaves.

      Virtually everyone on this blog knew or said that selecting Foster last year was high reward/high risk. I know I focused on and wanted to believe more in the high reward aspect. But that’s why it’s called high reward/high risk. Just try to learn from it and move on when and if necessary.

  5. Two things I think are for certain:

    1) Calling it a mistake to draft Foster now, is easy peasy, and that’s for sheazy. Hitting on draft picks is easier said than done. Always has been, always will be. The 49ers aren’t the first team to make a mistake with a draft pick, and won’t be the last. That said … the book isn’t closed on Reuben Foster.

    2) Saquon Barkley is a SUPERSTAR in the making. A lot of quality RB’s in this years class, but one of them stood head and shoulders above the rest today, simply confirming the consensus than runs through the scouting community – Saquon Barkley is simply in a league of his own.

    1. I know you love you some Barkley, but all he did today was confirm what everybody knew already – he is a great athlete.

      1. Actually, he did more Scooter. He looked more natural, polished, and fluid as a pass catcher, than any of the other outstanding RB’s in this class, confirming he’s more than a great athlete, and frankly more than a guy who can carry the football. Saquon Barkley is a 3 down RB, and dynamic duel threat, something Barry Sanders never really was. That he stood out in all of the field drills said more about him than simply athletic ability. These drills also test qualities essential for top notch RB’s. The 40 times, verticals, bench press, those are all athletic tests. Are they relevant though? …. yes. Is there more to being a great RB than 40 times and verts?…. also yes. You get these kids on the field doing some of these drills though, it shines the light on more than simple athleticism. To top it all off, he may have been the most impressive kid of all of them during the interview process as well. Barkley came into today as the consensus top RB with whispers of potential greatness, and all he did was confirm what many, many people already believe. He’s the real deal. Soon, you will come to understand it.

        1. Why are we comparing him to Barry Sanders? Their running styles are not the same at all.
          Barry was more of an elusive runningback, constantly changing directions, spinning by would be defenders. Barkley relies more on his burst, and while he cuts, he normally does so once then goes upfield. He runs more like LT than Barry.
          Besides do you really see him getting to us?

          1. LT is a better comparison.

            Sad to think that as good as both Sanders and LT were, neither guy had much playoff success.

          2. Simply comparing Saquon to Barry based on who may be the greatest RB’s I’ve seen in my lifetime. That’s where the conversation started.

            I agree, Saquon may have more in common with LT in terms of running style, but I do see some Sanders in him as well. And putting athleticism and running style aside, Barkley’s ability as a receiver coming out of college clearly separates him from both of these guys. And the way the NFL is trending, all-purpose RB’s are held in higher esteem, they just are. LT developed into a pretty good pass catching RB as a pro, but Barkley’s already better, IMO.

            I’m done hyping Barkley at this point. I’ll let the scouts and pundits handle the rest.

      2. Add .1 second to his hand timed 4.33 at Penn St. His 4.40 is better than a projected 4.43. I imagine the workout warrior trained hard to get that 40 time down and it worked. He’s always looking to get better, his work ethic is off the charts. But we already knew that too. My takeaway is that he is a tad faster than he was in 2017.

        1. I agree #80.

          I thought this was one of his highlights from the combine:

          If he had to pick anyone he’d like to be like, it’d be the Lions’ Hall of Famer, Barry Sanders.

          Barkley: “That was a great guy that I looked up to growing up not only on the field — off the field. The way he carried himself, he was humble,” Barkley said. “When he scored a touchdown, he’d give the ball to the ref. If you look at his football life, he’s carrying cups to his offensive linemen, and I think that’s what a running back should be about. That’s what our position should be about and I try to model myself after that.”

          And believe it or not, Barkley outproduced Sanders at the college level. The former had 5,038 yards from scrimmage and 51 offensive touchdowns, while the latter tallied 3,720 yards and 49 scores. How? Because Barkley is as complete of a RB as you will find. 1,200 yards receiving …. twelve hundreds yards, from a 230 lbs RB!

          1. Yeah, he outproduced Sanders in total. That’s because Sanders didn’t take the full load of carries as a freshman or sophomore, and the only reason he didn’t is there was an older guy by the name of Thurman Thomas ahead of him. Sanders junior year was simply a statistical marvel. He doubled Barkley’s rushing yards and was 2.1 ypc better.

            1. Is it Barkley’s fault Barry wasn’t able to win Oklahoma State’s 1st string as a freshman?

              Look, I’m really not trying to take anything away from Barry. Outside of Montana, Young, and Rice, Barry was my favorite NFL player to watch, even though I’m a die hard 49ers faithfull! Frank Gore is my all time favorite RB, and the Niners have had some great RB’s during my time – Gore, Craig, Tyler, Hearst, Watters, even Rathman & Ring, to name a few. I played RB in high school (though I was woefully undersized, and didn’t get a lot of carries) so I have an affinity for the position.

              But my gosh, Saquon Barkley is simply a different animal. His lateral agility is second only to Barry Sanders. And Barkley is much bigger, and much better suited for today’s NFL, IMO. He has fantastic hands and thanks to his unparalleled burst and quickness, he’s able to quickly separate as a receiver. His duel threat ability, along with his lateral agility and ability to bounce and get around the edge, matched by his ability to hit the crease and get to the 2nd level at the blink of an eye, juke, wiggle, hurdle or run through defenders if he needs to, makes him a great fit in Kyle’s system. So, when you add his natural pass catching ability, along with his ability to separate running his routes, even out of the slot, not to mention his obvious strength and willingness in pass protection, along with his game breaking speed …. oh my!

              I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t want Barkley lining up in the same backfield as Jimmy G, who has the ability to hit receivers in stride every single time, with his soft touch to loft the ball over linebackers and safeties, and pinpoint accuracy inside 20 yards. I think those two would simply be unstoppable playing in Kyle’s system. How can you defend it with the skill sets those 2 posses, along with Kyle’s ability to call plays in real time? I don’t think you can.

              1. Why would you think I am blaming Barkley for Thurman being ahead of Sanders? I am just pointing out your comparison requires context. Sanders one season as the starter was light years ahead of Barkley.

                What I will say is if the 49ers get Barkley I assure you I will be as excited as anyone. :-) His athletic talent is undeniable.

              2. Fair enough Scooter. It pains me to argue against Barry Sanders anyways. It’s time for me to stop hyping Saquon and let the chips fall where they may, and watch Barkley do his thing wherever he lands. I hope it’s SF, but I have a hard time seeing that happen anyways. Barkley just cemented top 3, IMO.

                If he’s there at #9 though, and SanaLynch pass on Barkley, I’m signing off for a while, because it will take a while to come to terms with. I barely missed an opportunity to watch him play in college. If he’s there for the taking, and then he’s not ….. dreams will be dashed, and sorrows will ensue! If you don’t see me blog for a while, you will know why.

          2. And BTW, that’s the way the NFL is trending. Duel purpose RB’s who can do it all. For all of Barry Sanders greatness, and he was the best I’d ever seen until Barkley, he wouldn’t be as special in today’s NFL. Although he had tree trunks for legs, Sanders weighed 200 lbs, and wasn’t much of a receiver. And we do know, Kyle prefers duel threat RB’s these days. I can honestly make an argument that, outside of perhaps Bradley Chubb, Saquon Barkley would have more of an impact for this team in terms of W’s, than any other player in the draft. And isn’t that really what it’s all about? Sure, Kyle has done wonders with 3rd-4th round RB’s and a stable of running backs by committee. But the idea that he prefers a running back by committee system is entirely overblown, IMO. During his time in Washington, Kyle DID did have a bell cow RB who carried the vast majority of the load in Alfred Morris. And all Morris did was lead the league in rushing during his 2 seasons under Kyle, running for 2,888 yards, with 20 TD’s. But Alfred Morris is no Saquon Barkley, and Morris only managed 155 yards receiving and 0 TD’s over those 2 seasons. Just imagine what Kyle could do with Barkley, with the way the NFL and Kyle’s system has evolved over the years. Goosebumps!

            1. But the idea that he prefers a running back by committee system is entirely overblown, IMO.

              I haven’t read anyone saying that, but sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t. It depends what he has on the roster. In Houston he had Arian Foster, in Washington he had Morris as you mentioned. In Atlanta he had two backs capable of providing what he wanted so he used them both. Last year he used two RB’s because there wasn’t a clear leader. He’s proven he can operate in any situation with what he has and that has always been with RB’s taken later in the draft.

              Would he be tempted by Barkley if he were to fall? Absolutely, but there is also the knowledge that he can get great production out of later round picks and the first round pick is more of a luxury. I can’t say he wouldn’t take Barkley in that situation – it also comes down to what Lynch wants to do – but I’d be surprised if they took him over a top player at another position of greater need.

              1. If Barkley falls to 9, there will be no other player comparable or higher in value then him. That kid is the next Barry Sanders/Bo Jackson.

      3. He also stands a good chance to prove he can be an elite RB at the next level.
        If Barkley drops down to our pick, drafting him is a no-brainer.
        Just like Jimmy G made our O-line better, Barkley would make the offense even much more dangerous.

        Question, if you were an O-cordinator how would you stop an offense with JG and SB?

    2. I understand the love for Barkley. He is a very good prospect although I think he’s being overhyped. He’s not going to be there at #9, but if by some chance he was I wouldn’t take him. The reason is pretty simple: he’s not a good value for this team at that spot. Shanahan runs a QB centric offense. The run game is there to not only create balance, but to set up the passing game later on. In Shanny’s history as an OC and now HC, he has never had a first round RB from what I remember and yet the running game has usually performed at a very high level. Same with his Father’s teams. They usually featured RB’s taken later in the draft and were extremely effective. What it comes down to is how much better you expect Barkley to perform over a RB taken after the first round, and history tells us in this system, the gap would not be that significant. I’d rather get a player who would improve a position of greater need and look for a RB later on. That is not me saying Barkley sucks or will be a bust, he is likely to be a very good player. I just don’t see a first round running back as the best option for this team.

      1. I somewhat agree. I would prefer to trade back but if a deal can’t be made, I would take him. Shanahan has made running backs look good in most of the places he’s been. But imagine an explosive running back that is a home run threat being added to his system?
        In theory the home run threat would suck up the db’s and make the passing game even more efficient.
        As to his history he’s only been a shot called for 1 year. Let’s not go spouting his history based on choices made by others.

        1. He’s only been HC for one year but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had input in the places he’s been the OC. I look at his Father’s history along with his and it emphatically shows they don’t value RB’s in the first round. As I said, Barkley would be good, but how much better would he be than another good RB taken later on? This is an offense that is geared toward the QB and the passing game which is why most RB’s tend to have a lot of success in it. I don’t see there being a gap big enough to warrant taking a RB in the first round.

          Also don’t this as an indication that I would be upset if they took Barkley. I wouldn’t, I’d be surprised obviously, but adding a talented player is fine with me.

          1. Rocket.
            That’s my big issue with the history argument. It’s largely based on what his father did anď his history in Washington.
            The problem is Washington was a dysfunctional mess and apparently didn’t listen to Mike when he was there. So why would they listen to Kyle? Cleveland apparently didn’t want to listen to Kyle either that’s why he left.
            So are we basing this on his time in Atlanta? If so that is a tiny sample size.

            1. Good points on how much roster control the Shanahan’s had.

              Back in the day it could have be argued that a Shanny wouldn’t spend a high pick on a WR because they got production out of players taken later in the draft.
              Ed McCaffrey 3rd Rd.
              Rod Smith undrafted.
              Pierre Garcon 6th Rd.

              And like the HB position, they had never spent a high pick on a WR (it should be noted that the Shanahan’s usually don’t have high picks).
              Marcus Nash 1st Rd, pick 30 (barely a 1st rounder and HB Tatum Bell was taken at pick 41.
              Ashley Lelie pick 19, still not a high 1st Rd pick.

              Of course the Falcons ended up drafting Julio Jones with a high pick because it was Julio freaking Jones. If Shanny thinks that Saquon Barkley is Saquon ‘freaking’ Barkley, he might take him if he’s available.

            2. Shoup,

              The only tangible evidence we have is what the Shanahan’s have done in the past. That means who has been drafted and what they have had at their disposal. Kyle Shanahan has never had a first round RB. We can go around and around on why that is with no definitive answer because we don’t know, but that is the bottom line. He has had a great deal of success in the running game with later round picks. Given that knowledge along with the fact he’s never been a part of a team that has selected a running back in the first round, it leads me to believe that RB would not be his focus with a first round pick. I don’t know that for a fact, but the odds are likely given his history and his Father’s whom he respects a great deal and leans on for advice and analysis on players.

              1. If people listened to both lynch and Shanahan they will tell you what they would do under different circumstances. The would take Barkley if he was available. The have their system but when it comes to a special player they are more than willing to move away from their pattern. They have stated that often enough.

          2. Rocket

            “As I said, Barkley would be good, but how much better would he be than another good RB taken later on?”

            Exactly, there are lots of good running backs in this class that would fit nicely into the offense. Barkley is really good maybe the best football player coming out this year but do we really need him, I say no but like you I would be just fine if somehow he ended up a Niner.

            1. UC,

              It is a very deep class of RB’s which is why the value really isn’t there to take one in the first. Honestly if for some reason Barkley does drop, I think they’d try to find a taker to trade up for him.

            2. What needs to also be considered is how much more impact Barkley would make on the team than a player taken in his place. Also is the player that would be taken in his place ( even if it were a position of need ) not attainable through some other means. Could they get a comparable via free agency or a trade.? You would also have to use the same standard on them as with Barkely. How much of a drop off would there be. The main thing would be- how often is a player such as Barkely available either through the draft, free agency or a trade? Is the player that they would get instead of Barkley, that much better than those drafted behind him? Would they be getting an elite player. Is that player special.? It that were so he probably would not be available at the 9th pick either. Or if they are comparing to a trade down are two lesser players worth a player of Barkelys stature?

          3. “As I said, Barkley would be good, but how much better would he be than another good RB taken later on?”

            I believe that you are low-balling Barkley.
            Barkley will be head and shoulders better then any RB in this class. While I agree that the Shanahan’ have not had a penchant for drafting a RB in the first rd, if Barkley somehow drops to us I believe that Lynch and Shanahan would be very hard pressed to pass up on him.
            I look at other successful RB’ in this class like Michel, Chubb and J.Adams (Notre Dame) and see great O-lineman that helped pave the way. I don’t see a Penn St., O-lineman (Brenden Mahon) being drafted until the late 2nd and more likely the 3rd rd.

            This is validation that Barkley produced largely by virtue of his tremendous talent. Josh Adams had a tick over 1400 yrds at Notre Dame this year. It boggles my mind to think what Barkley would have done running behind Nelson and McGlinchey. Michel and Chubb ran behind I.Wynn, who may be a 1st rd pick.
            Imo, Barkley presents the best player in this draft class.
            He can run around, over and past NFL defenses. He can catch short, intermediate and the long pass. He seems to have a personal drive to push himself to be the best. And those who know him will attest that he has a great character – which is something this young team needs.

            Like many here have said, I don’t see him dropping to us if we hold at 9. But if he does, he would make our offense much better and do something that hasn’t happened here for a while; give O-Cords sleepless nights when they play against us.
            Sorry my brother, but I don’t see any other RB bringing this to the table.

        1. The 49ers are expected to take the same FA approach this year, as they did last season. The plan last year was to fill as many needs as possible during free agency so the 49ers can use the draft to select who they felt were the best players available, or BPA. It’s a basic philosophy they both believe in, especially in the early rounds.

          Barkley is the best player in this draft, PERIOD. If Barkley falls to #9, he will be, BY FAR, the best player available, and you can bet your top dollar the 49ers will take him.

          1. When I say both, I mean GM John Lynch, and HC Kyle Shanahan. They both subscribe to the basic draft philosophy of BPA in the early rounds. And if Barkley falls to #9, which he almost certainly won’t, he will be the highest rated prospect on their board, by a wide margin.

            So let’s put the idea that the 49ers would pass on Barkley to rest. They won’t pass on him if he’s there at #9. Unfortunately for me, he won’t be.

            And, like I said, the idea that Kyle prefers a running-backs-by-committee approach is overblown. He leaned heavily on Morris in Washington, and Morris led the league in rushing during his 2 seasons under Kyle. And he leaned heavily on Hyde, who ended up with more than two-thirds of the carries this year, (240 carries in 2017), even at times when Hyde was struggling this season. Breida ended up with only 105 carries, and that’s about it. Jus had the third most carries, and that number was 7!

  6. The 49ers regret drafting Reuben Foster – Agree. They’d have to be nuts to think they made the best choice at this point.

    I usually avoid “they could have drafted so-and-so” because its statistical cherry picking. But its probable Ryan Ramczyk would have fell to 34 because the Saints picked Foster.

    Peter King’s MMQB draft prep footage had Shanahan saying good things about Kevin King. King’s rookie season was cut short from shoulder injury, but the Packers liked what he was developing into.

    The 49ers plan to make big moves during free agency. – Agree. Guard and corner would add wins, and also give the 49ers much more draft flexibility.

    The 49ers are prepared to lose Carlos Hyde. – Agree. The draft and free agency are deep in running back. Shanahan recently praised Breida, Williams and Mostert, sending a clear msg to Hyde that he can go test the market. (Hyde might be smart to sign a one year prove-it deal with a team he’s a good fit for).

    4. The 49ers are pumping up Trent Brown’s trade value. – Agree. It’s the 2nd annual 49er Pump-N-Dump.
    They could be shopping him for extra picks, or to move existing picks like 9, 59 or 70 higher.

    Also be on the lookout for unprompted Arik Armstead praise. Something like “He’s un-blockable in OTAs. We’re very excited…”

    5. The 49ers may keep three quarterbacks instead of two next season. – Agree
    The better Garoppolo, the more trade value second string quarterback’s have down the road, especially if they are showcased in a games due to injury, junk time or preseason. Buy low, sell high.

    1. I think the 49ers will let Hyde, Ward and Reid test the market. I would too.

      But they could come at a cheap price for the very reasons the 49ers might let them test the market.

      Reid – I liked his play last year. But injury concerns and anthem kneeling could suppress the market.
      Why sign? Knows the system. Plugs right in. Plays multiple positions. A smart locker room grown-up on a young team.

      Ward – Injury concerns could suppress the market if 49ers don’t option year. But how much?
      Why sign or use option year? He can play multiple spots. Not ideal for CB, but at upgrade over Dontae Johnson. Well suited to the key single-high safety role. Position Importance+Draft Flexibility.

      Hyde – Injury concerns and abundance of running backs in the draft will suppress the market
      Why sign? Improving player. Had a good 2017. Knows the system.

      To be clear, I’m only for retaining if…
      – They come at a below market contract
      – Structured so the 49ers can cut them with minimal dead cap

      Of the three, I’d lean most towards retaining Jimmy Ward in the option year, or re-work his contract for a short 2-3 year deal low on dead cap risk.

    2. B2W,
      Is “pump n dump” similar to “prop n drop?”
      Signing Gilliam was Trent’ “writing on the wall” moment.

      1. $8 million over 3 years is not a ‘writing on the wall’ contract for anyone. It’s a ‘career back-up’ contract on a team with more holes than a block of Swiss Cheese.

  7. Agree on all points with the exception of Foster.
    I did not get a sense that Lynch’ comments were an indirect reference to making a mistake in drafting Reuben.

    I took Lynch’ comments leaning more on the fact that Foster is still immature and could have used a surrounding cast of people to provide stability – which is not provided by the NFL.
    That said, Foster has no one but himself to blame.
    My old high school football used to say, “if you can’t get right, you’ll get left!”

  8. Connor Williams and James Daniels are both really good athletes based on their combine results. I could definitely see either Williams or Wynn being the 49ers 1st round pick – either at 9 or after a trade back. If not one of them in the 1st, Daniels in the 2nd.

    1. Just for Giggles

      Are we ever going to hear anything more about Aaron Burbridge….the big WR from Michigan State..? What is his status…is he working out with the team ?

    1. There’s a lack of edge rush footage in Mata’afa’s highlights. Love his quicks, power and attitude though.

  9. I disagree completely. I took his comments to mean he wish he had a better structure around Foster. Not that they regret taking him. It’s sad though that u said that now every commentor on here is riding your jock like you were right! You changed the mind of about 20 grown azz men. Wow. Kudos to you. But your wrong. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Y our assumptions are ridiculous, until lynch or shannahan come out and say them.

    1. “You changed the mind of about 20 grown azz men.”

      As one of the 20 grown azz men that is supposedly riding Grant’s jock (I doubt Grant has ever wore a jock), I’ll tell you that we feel the same way right now as we did the night he was arrested. Hours before Grant posted the first Foster thread.

      1. You mean the typical mass-over-reaction? Yeah. And, of course, now that you’ve all been virtue signaling peacocks, you’re not going to back down. This is reality:

        According to the Center for Disease control (CDC), almost 24% of all relationship experience some level of violence. 50% of domestic violence cases involve mutual violence. In the other 50% of domestic violence cases, the violence was non-mutual.

        In relationships where violence was non-mutual almost 70% of the violence was perpetrated by the woman. In other words, in almost 7 out 10 cases of mutual violence, the batterer was a female.

        And the stuff that puts people in the hospital:

        Women also lead the men in cases of severe aggression with male-initiated aggression in 8.4% of the cases and female-initiated aggression in 11.5% of the cases.

        Which is why more men end up in the ER for Domestic Violence wounds than women.

        What ever happened, happened. AND NONE OF US ACTUALLY KNOWS. But what I know is that it’s very much unlikely what you’ve been programmed to believe or the conclusions to which you have jumped.

        But, by God, you’ll defend your position (based on pure ignorance and supposition) till the end. All while sucking down Cohn’s ignorant BS.

        1. Sometimes I think I’m being trolled to get a response.

          The “reality” is that Foster dragged his girlfriend, which caused injuries. This means a 6 game suspension is likely and he will be one domestic violence incident away from a lifetime ban. All this this after getting arrested the month before. He’s in the drug protocol now. He’s in Aldon territory now where any infraction could lead to a season long ban or worse. The Niners have to act as if Foster won’t be available to the team, that affects roster building.


          We know he dragged her, which led to injuries and is considered domestic violence. You seem to be jumping to the conclusion that it was probably the woman’s fault. So your view is based on pure supposition, and ignorance to the fact of dragging which caused an injury.

          “All while sucking down Cohn’s ignorant BS.”

          Grant has had his share of ignorant BS, but not on this. If you think I”m some kind of lackey for Grant, you need to lurk more.

  10. Grant, I don’t know, that’s kind of a hard statement there! They regret taking Foster? The only way I believe they feel that way is if they release him. Otherwise I don’t think it’s a regret, more like be more careful of his judgements. His whole draft process was on weed sample and shoulder. But nowhere near the background check they did on Joe Williams. John had to be convinced to draft him. Only a doctor about his shoulder had to convince him about Foster. Dont fall in love with just football film, do more homework.

  11. Tremaine Edmunds
    Height: 6’4-4/8″
    Weight: 253
    Arm: 34.5″
    Wing Span: 83″

    Half inch shorter than listed. Love arm length and wing span. Bodes well for covering TEs and potential edge rush.

  12. http://walterfootball.com/ProspectMeetings/ByTeam

    San Francisco 49ers
    Saquon Barkley, RB
    Bradley Bozeman, C
    Christian Campbell, CB
    Regis Cibasu, WR
    Zachary Crabtree, OT
    James Daniels, C
    Tre Flowers, S
    Michael Gallup, WR
    Da’Shawn Hand, DE
    Davontae Harris, CB
    Trayvon Henderson, S
    Will Hernandez, G
    D’Ernest Johnson, RB
    Mark Korte, C
    Kyle Lauletta, QB
    Jamar McGloster, OT
    Kolton Miller, OT
    Siran Neal, S
    Bilal Nichols, DT/3-4DE
    Harrison Phillips, DT/3-4DE/NT
    Skyler Phillips, G,
    Byron Pringle, WR
    Jacob Pugh, 3-4OLB/OLB
    Nathan Shepherd, DT
    Chad Thomas, DE/3-4OLB
    Matthew Thomas, ILB
    Fred Warner, OLB
    Jake Wieneke, WR

    1. Do you think he would he have been a good LEO for the 49ers? Phillips uses a 3-4, IIRC, and I’m not sure how easily a DE in that scheme can translate to LEO (of course it’s player dependent, but….).

      1. Oooooh yeah. For sure. Quinn is a RDE in a 4-3 all the way, he would have been a perfect fit for the Leo.

        1. Yes he would have cubus and Scooter, for sure. I think he would have been a fantastic fit at the LEO, and I’m thinking the Rams knew this, and there was no way in the world the Rams were going to trade him to the Niners. Glad he ended up out of the conference though.

      2. I am hoping this may mean the Dolphins are thinking of letting Wake go. Wake is old, but he is still highly productive. He would be a nice 1-2 years stop gap Leo.

  13. Specs watch.

    Austin Corbett G
    6-4, 306 pouds, 5.15 dash, 1.76 split.

    Connor Williams G/T
    6-5, 296 pounds, 5.05 dash, 1.72 split.

    There’s a late round option (Corbett) and a 1st round option (Williams).

    1. I thought Williams did enough to make me comfortable with the 49ers taking him. Very good athlete. He may end up needing to play inside in the NFL, but given that is what the 49ers need that is fine by me.

      1. Yeah, I remember you and I were open to taking him when the news of the Niners possibly questioning Brown’s commitment broke, with Williams starting out as a G. I think Williams has the frame to eventually be able to handle the T position, but he could be a phenomenal G for us right away.

    2. I am a fan of Connor Williams, and think he is the top tackle in the draft (I think he is better than McGlinchey, though I am sure Razoreater, being the Notre Dame guy, will have something to say about that… ;P).

      I just don’t see the Niners taking a tackle early; I have not looked to see how he would do as a guard.

            1. Based on that logic, how soon before James gets injured again?

              Injuries happen. It wasn’t a long term injury though, and based on his combine performance he looks like he is pretty much back to normal.

              1. Trading back and getting him or Wynn (or Michel, if they want a high impact RB) works for me.

              2. Only thing is, Williams I believe said he’s never played guard, and that he prefers OT. What are you thinking? They see what they have in him at camp, and if they like what they see, trade Brown? Gilligan starts, and Williams is the new swing?

  14. I’m always a little surprised at how little mention Joe Williams seems to get when the future of the team’s running back position is discussed. I was/am really excited about him as a player and don’t think there’s any reason to assume they aren’t counting on him being their starter next season.

    1. I mentioned Williams in the last thread. They must really like his potential since they kept him after being in Turner’s doghouse.

      1. I agree 1000% coffee and 80. Williams has a LOT of talent and was able to red shirt? Watch out for him this year. There are a few guys that were Injured or stashed that people aren’t talking about that could really improve the team. Garnett really comes to mind also. Seems like he’s determined to be an impact player.

    2. Wasn’t he pretty much lost in camp last year plus weren’t there some rumblings about how committed he is to work hard at football (I’m not referring to the issues during his college days but to what was observed in training camp last year)?

    3. Have you heard anything about any developments on that front? Has his fumbling problems been reduced? What problems did he face with the NFL game last off-season?

    4. C4C

      I’m also watching for any info on Joe Williams …I do suspect that he is sort of under the radar….perhaps not the starter, but certainly a contributing piece….pretty magical abilities

    5. I am too! Little surprised about the suposedminterst of the niners in taking a rb fairly high, either they want a two prong attack like Coleman and freeman in Atlanta or they believe they can do better than Williams.

    1. Thanks #80, I say with a grin and a chuckle. lol. That dude is something different altogether. If Frankenstein built a RB …….

        1. From your link.

          “According to Pro Football Focus, Johnson was one of six cornerbacks who didn’t allow a single score in at least 300 coverage snaps in 2017.”

          He’s a physical press CB that didn’t give up any TDs, and only gave up 43 YDs in press coverage last year. That’s what we need.

          “His strengths are his physicality, strong hands, efficient tackling (77.5 PFF run defense, tied for 40th among cornerbacks), mental and physical toughness and a high football I.Q.”

          Nice. He can tackle, that fits.

      1. Cherry-picking does not make an average CB worthy of a top 10 contract. Besides, that article dealt more with the free agents at various positions that should be avoided rather than a single free agent.

          1. Not when you are talking about paying him an amount which will make him one of the highest (if not the highest) paid CB in the league. That is just plain idiocy.

            1. If the Niners think Johnson can play at a very high level, considering their style and the fit, then pay the man. Corners are expensive for a reason. If the Rams were OK tagging him twice, that’s gotta tell you something. You don’t put back to back tags on an average or slightly above average player, especially as expensive as CB is. Do we really want to go with an entire group of inexperience players at CB?

              1. Yea, I like the thought of Johnson, Witherspoon, St. James, and Tartt in the secondary.

        1. “Besides, that article dealt more with the free agents at various positions that should be avoided rather than a single free agent.”

          Would you have posted it if didn’t include Johnson, who you don’t like? Did you really think nobody would comment on Johnson even though the Niners are rumored to be interested and he’s a hot topic here? Should I have to give an opinion on every player on that list or not give an opinion on any of them?

          You knew you would get a Johnson response. It just wasn’t the one you wanted. Just like your kneeling post a while back. You brought up a hot button issue and got butt hurt when you didn’t get an echo chamber.

          1. Would you have posted it if didn’t include Johnson, who you don’t like?

            Yes. Believe me, there are at least 5 articles that I saw in February stating why Johnson should be avoided, but I chose not to post them because they lacked substance and came across as nitpicking. You should also know that in the past I have posted positive and negative articles on here that have even dealt with players on the 49ers and/or free agents I liked or wanted to be signed by the 49ers.
            And again, stop zeroing in on one free agent. I posted the article because it listed several free agents that need to be avoided. For instance, Dee Ford is someone the 49ers should avoid even though they desperately need an edge rusher. Carlos Hyde is another one that the article says to avoid because of how bad he is in the passing game.

            1. Great. Why do you have a problem with me talking about Johnson? You brought him up by posting the link.

              “And again, stop zeroing in on one free agent.”

              What kind of censorship are you trying to pull? You post a comment, I have the option to reply to it however I want. I don’t have to talk about Dee Ford to give my opinion on Johnson.

              1. #80, Mid is dead set against signing Johnson, so why would he not post articles that support his position? He is entitled to his (wrong) opinion on this ;-)

                I am with you on this. He looks a good fit for this D. Best option available. Sign him. And sounds like the 49ers are indeed very interested in him.

              2. I’m fine with Mid posting links that support his position. I do that all the time. The difference is that when I do it, I fully expect those who disagree with my position to push back.

                I’ll give an example. I could post this link.


                First player mentioned is Barkley, a guy I like. You might be one to reply with something like, we already knew he was a great athlete. That’s a valid point and it adds to the discussion. I expect that kind of back and forth.

                But unlike Mid, I wouldn’t say something like, besides, that article dealt more with the combine participants at various positions. Or, and again, stop zeroing in on one combine participant.

                I wouldn’t expect you to have to comment on O’Niell, Miller, Hernandez, Brown, Price, and Jones in order to comment on Barkley.

              3. You’re the one that is trying to give orders.

                “And again, stop zeroing in on one free agent.”

                You don’t get to dictate how conversations go around here and neither do I. So quit trying to tell me what to do. Get over yourself.

  15. John Lynch Interview post coin flip

    “When your drafting high… you got to go with the most dynamic… explosive…game changing type player…
    ” when the other teams looks at the film they think ‘we better account for that guy or we’re in trouble’… ”
    ” I know some people say get the solid player, but if think your looking for a game changing type player…”

    At 3 minutes in

    Tea leaves read Lynch is thinking about Edmunds, Derwin James or trade up. Or smoke screen. Either way, all fun on a rainy afternoon.

    1. Brooks said Derwin James is a combination of Jamal Adams and Reuben Foster. “He plays with a nasty streak and temperament, but he is an outstanding leader. He is one of my favorites.” I feel he’d be a culture changer. Brooks goes on, “He’s a grown man. One of the best specimens you’ll see,” Brooks said. “A guy that is 6-3, and an old-school safety. He’s athletic, he can come down in the slot, he can blitz off the edge, and he can play the deep middle. He’s a natural leader and an alpha dog.”

      1. Adams has thump too. I don’t see why Brooks would need to throw Foster in there.

        Like James, Adams can play box, centerfield, CB, slot CB, and LB. Both of them bring a lot to the table.

        Two differences.

        1. We didn’t know if Reid, Tartt, and Ward could handle the S positions at this time last year and now we have Colbert.
        2. Adams was clean health wise.

        Drafting a versatile S made since last year, not so much this year.

        1. Delima for 49ers is great BPA, but not at need positions, or cornerstone positions like OT and Edge. Free agency and if Reid or Ward is retained will likely guide draft choice at 9.

    2. Don’t spend time listening to The Herd, but this seems to be the more revealing
      Lynch combine interview.

    3. +1 Mr. Lynch, but Solomon didn’t and still doesn’t check any of those boxes. I’m sure they thought Thomas would be that kind of player though.

      1. Garrett, Thomas, Foster was their BPA in in that order. This year could be, Nelson, Barkley, Chubb, Fitzpatrick, James.

        1. Yeah, they thought they were getting a game changer. They were wrong, I saw Thomas as a safe pick but nothing special. Do you still think Thomas has game changer potential?

          1. Sure do. I think the regime does too. I’m excited to see his sophomore season, and how much growth takes place.

          2. If we follow the logic of judging a player on his rookie season, then there are several above average, elite, and HOF players that failed to meet expectations.

            1. It’s too soon for a verdict, but it’s never too soon to project. That’s what fans do. Razor saying Thomas will eventually be a game changer is just a projection too. We’ll see. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

              1. They sure didn’t draft him not to be a game changer, and so they are projecting him to be as well. I trust Shanny and Lynch’s assessment over mine until proven otherwise….

          1. Yea, James is the superior athlete to Jackson. To me, St. James is the love child of Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor. Brooks says he’s a combination of Adams and Foster, while Zierlein compares him to Eric Berry….

            1. Yes sir, in your eyes yes.. but I see Jackson as the Superior athlete. Two different positions, but I think Jackson would be a bigger difference maker.

              1. Those experienced eyes see that man as an elite athlete yes, but they never said he was better than Jackson!! 😀

              2. Yea, Brinson, Dublin, Wright all have James ahead of Jackson. I think Jackson slides past pick 15.

              3. Razor, I’ll take that bet. He’s the 1st cb off the board and he’s 15 or before. Depending on who jumps up for qb’s

              4. Looks like Zierlein has James with a grade of 6.4, rated 11th, and Jackson 6.1, rated 19th.

              5. What Forty time do you think Jackson needs to run to avoid slipping down draft boards?

              6. I think a 4.6 would sink him. I’ve seen his time projected from 4.51 to 4.59. I’m thinking 4.55 at worst. His length allows allows him to be a tad slower.

              7. Interesting enough, my preferred choice at CB (Trumaine) ran a 4.61 forty. He went in the 3rd. Jackson and Johnson are similar players and Jackson may be faster.

              8. I think after the combine, Derwin James will not be outside the top 15 on any of the top mock drafts, and Lynch will fall in love with him….

              9. Longer legs? St. James is listed at 6′ 3″ tall, 215 lbs. and Jackson is listed at 6′ 1″ 192 pounds. What are you talking about, Steelematic?

              10. That was basically by me looking at their YouTube film. The stride on Jackson helps him get to balls faster. Hence the 8 interceptions. James no doubt is faster but Jackson also has the stats

    4. Lynch doesn’t sound like someone regretting the Foster pick. Maybe he needs Therapist Grant to peel away his ego so that he may reconnect with his true feelings of regret…..

  16. Panthers will be a good spot for Frank Gore now that they have cut Jonathan Stewart. Good contrast in style with CMac

  17. Norwell is inked in already. So no OL in th draft.
    Fuller or Butler will be the other big name signing.
    Which leaves Treamaine Edmunds as the first pick in the 2018 draft for the San Francisco 49ers. And that would be an awesome offseason for a team ready to break through.
    No other picks matter to me, and no other free agency signings would matter either!

  18. I’m wondering if this increase in Staley’s compensation might be connected to the team’s intent to sign a high-priced FA guard.

  19. Leonard, Darius, South Carolina St., LB, 6’2, 234 lbs, 34 3/8 arms, 10 1/4 hands is someone to keep an eye on. He reminds me of Zach Cunningham.

    1. I think the argument makes more sense if they provided more data. ie where would he go with that selection?

      If he argues for choosing a LT, WR, or RB in this class and a guard in the second I would disagree. If he argued for dropping back and getting an additional pick and someone like Wynn or Hernandez I could get behind that. If he argued for Vita Vea for the 3-4 and a guard I could also understand that as well.

  20. Hernandez has proved to be far more athletic than I thought.
    I am not saying he is a better player than Nelson because that is just stupid. However when looking at their performances, Hernandez appears to be the more agile athlete while Nelson has the more explosive lower body. This somewhat coincides with what I have seen on tape as Nelson is a more powerful drive blocker.

    With all that said I’m still not sure how Hernandez would fair in this offense, he appears a bit top heavy. But I’m curious to see his shuttle time as this should give another indicator as to how he carries his size balance wise.

  21. Grant , grant, grant .
    Regret drafting RF? .
    CJB , not good enough ? .
    Williams weight problem?

    Regret is a big word , have to agree with one of the other guys ,only if they cut him .( Don’t think that’s happening. Your wrong !)

    So to be clear ,you think CJB not good enough to grow . And when did you come to this conclusion .
    While he was playing behind the offensive line ,that was on a turntable ,in his rookie year .
    With everyone still learning the system .
    Dam Grant ,that’s a pretty narrow assessment.( You have no fair play in your mind , if that’s what your thinking) ( you didn’t play did you.

    The weight issues of a young man .
    And or eating habits . Now there are ways to make better decisions of course, my question is ?
    Is he coming in shape ,or needing to get back to football shape ?
    I’ve heard he in Florida working out ,and staying under his weight.

    Now the investment part , probably won’t happen till the new regime , gets over the case of show me’s . So to speak.
    But imo he improved last year .

    Stop killing them grant , asking if it was a mistake,or error in judgement is one thing .
    Asking if you ( shanny lynch) regret drafting , either guy .
    I would not even give you the time of day , at the next press conference ( coaches or players you name )all you do is hurt your fan base by showing your arse so to speak , by not knowing how to be nonchalant in your questions.

    You get more bees with honey than you do vinegar .

  22. 1. (Foster) Yes, I sort of agree. The niners should have incorporated into Foster’s contract that he must adopt and raise a dog from a shelter. This probably would have solved many of Foster’s off field issues. Raising a troubled dog is as therapeutic for the human as it is for the dog.

    2. Yes, I sort of agree. Free agents will be drawn to JG but they will also still want to play for Shanahan /Lynch/Niners. Shanahan /Lynch demonstrated that they will not be a flash in the pan. Niners have the feel of a winning organization once again. They are building towards a playoff run and SuperBowl.

    3. Totally agree. Hyde was mediocre at best before Shanahan arrived and he performed at about the same level last year. Adios amigo.

    4. (Shopping Brown) Perhaps agree, but now I am worried. Our O line has several holes to fill and I guess this might be one more. Yikes. Needs: Guard , maybe 2nd guard, possible LT , heir apparent to Kilgore , Staley is no spring chicken.

    5. No way. No way are we keeping 3 QB on roster.

    On a side note, Saquon Barkley was very impressive in his interview and also his combine results. Same goes for Nelson. Both will be superstars .

    1. Barrows: “Shanahan said there were just two positions the 49ers wouldn’t address this offseason: quarterback and fullback. Kyle Juszczyk is the league’s highest-paid fullback and he made the Pro Bowl last season. ”

      Looks like I was correct about #5. No more QBs.

  23. 1. Disagree. JL never came close to saying “regret”. He implied it’s much harder to create great structure in the NFL than in college. That’s all. They are obviously not giving up on him. He’ll be suspended, probably for 6 games. They’ll have to address that in the draft. Move on.

    2. Totally agree. I’d include a FA quarterback in your list of potential FA’s. They are not going to draft another QB and back up JG with two rookies. Not going to happen.

    3. Agreed. Hyde is gone. Too bad, I liked him as a player and think he could be coached to excel in KS’s offense. Agreed Breida will compete for the starting RB position. It will be his to lose.

    4. Disagree. Brown is too valuable as a pass protector and will be the starter come September. As could be the case with Hyde, he can be coached into excelling in the run game. He’s that good.

    5. Totally agree. They are not going to go with just 2 QB’s. They will also not go with two rookie backups. That would be foolish in an upcoming season with hopes of playoff contention. They need to sign a veteran QB to backup JG that will come in and give the team a valid chance to win in the event that JG gets hurt. That’s not to disparage Beathard. I like him and think he can be a solid backup in the NFL. Having a proven veteran on the roster is just good business and good insurance.

  24. I’d love a shut down corner and pass rusher and an all world back. To me that’s Minkah Fitzpatrick, Bradley Chubb and Saquon Barkley.
    The bad news is all those guys will probably be gone at #9.

          1. The 49ers need someone who can tilt the field, line up against the others teams best WR and shadow him all day.
            Someone who can can eliminate the opponents best receiving threat.
            I don’t know how else to describe it but that’s the kinda corner back the 49ers need.

            1. Like I said, cornerbacks that can completely eliminate the other teams best reciever basicly dont exist.
              Sorry, I just hate the term shutdown corner. Everyone uses the term far to lightly in my oppinion. In my lifetime I’ve seen 2. Deon Sanders and Revis for a few years. All the others were good but could be had by good receivers.
              With that said, I’ll be thrilled if we can find a good corner.

              1. I totally disagree. There are very good shut down corners in the league.
                Now the rules have favored the offensive player resulting in a clear advantage for the WR. However there are guys in this league who can still tilt the field. Some examples include:
                1.Jalen Ramsay
                2.Patrick Peterson
                3.Xavier Rhodes
                4.Josh Norman
                5.Marshon Lattimore

                My point is these guys can change the game by taking away your first option on offense.
                Now if you want me to not use shutdown that’s one thing, but there are corners who can completely change the fans.

  25. Can’t teams insist on players hiring drivers or close protection officers? Have it be a mutually approved selection between player, agent, and team.

    Isn’t there an agency that’s approved by the Players Association that accredits bodyguards? I know there are for financial advisors.

    1. If Foster ‘ agent sincerely wants his client to have a chance at a long illustrious career he/she should hire someone as a personal monitor for Foster.
      This should not fall solely in the hands of Lynch. The org pays him to play football not to babysit him 24/7.

  26. Denzel Ward – Height: 5-10 7/8, Weight: 183, Arm: 31 2/8, Wingspan: 74 6/8

    Josh Jackson – Height: 6-0 3/8, Weight: 196, Hand: 9 3/8, Arm: 31 1/8, Wingspan: 74 2/8

    Ward’s not tall, but he’s not exactly a Lilliputian either at almost 5’11”

    Will be fun to see how the workouts go for both guys.

  27. “If only” A to the F!! You’d think just out of common sense that these guys would all have on hand “protectors”, “advisers”, “babysitters”, or whatever you want to call them. The problem is they are very young, very wealthy individuals that in some cases think they are invincible and make immature, irresponsible decisions, with nodody around them responsible enough to advise them otherwise. Most professional athletes conduct themselves in a responsible manner. It’s just that small minority, such is the case in every profession and walk of life, that can’t consistently make good decisions and do really stupid stuff! Unfortunately for these guys, they are under the microscope and everything they do is magnified, and should be. After all, their salary directly affects how much we pay for a ticket, food and drink, which is already out of hand!

  28. Combine day one: The two players that were the biggest surprise (IMO), UTEP OG Hernandez and San Diego St. RB Rashaad Penny. I could see Lynch taking Hernandez at #59 and Penny at #70

      1. Geep

        Big drop off between Chubb and Davenport. Me personally I would move up and grab Chubb. I am from the school that the best pass defense is a pass rush. I am also of the belief that the Niners are going to put lots of points on the board, hence the opposition will have to pass to stay in the game.

    1. Related?


      This promted Fann to ask Lynch about the possibility of moving up instead of down. Lynch’s response:

      “We’re not afraid to do that as well,” Lynch said. “That’s a neat thing. That’s the way we’ve approached things is to not be closed-minded to any opportunity.”

      There aren’t any good Edge options in free agency, Chubb is the best option and it would fill a huge need. There are some good options for CB and G in free agency.

      1. “There aren’t any good Edge options in free agency, Chubb is the best option and it would fill a huge need.”


      2. They have to be open to anything and trading up for Chubb has to be an option because he is far and away the best edge in the draft. Not only that but he is very good against the run as well. I was listening to some discussion on NFL radio yesterday and one of the guys said he thought Chubb was a better player than Myles Garrett.

        1. He is not even close to the player Garrett is. Soild player but nothing close to the talent Garrett is.

        2. The trade up for Chubb would mean that we would probably try to move Armstead, so we would get a 2nd or 3rd Rd pick to boot.

        3. Sigh. Another post didn’t go through for some reason. I’ll leave out the link. Search Chubb v. Myles Garrett if you want to find the entire discussion.

          “For all the top DL picked over the last few years (plus super freak Aaron Donald).”

          Jadeveon Clowney–34 TFL—–16 sacks—–5 PD—-4 FF (#1 pick 2014)
          Aaron Donald —— 47 TFL—–16.5 sacks—5 PD—-5 FF (#13 pick 2014)
          Dante Fowler —— 25 TFL—–12 sacks—–2 PD—-5 FF (#3 pick 2015)
          Leonard Williams — 22 TFL—–12 sacks—–3 PD—-4 FF (#6 pick 2015)
          Joey Bosa ——— 37.5 TFL—18.5 sacks—5 PD—-5 FF (#3 pick 2016)
          Myles Garrett —— 34.5 TFL—20 sacks—-4 PD—-7 FF (#1 pick 2017)
          Solomon Thomas — 24.5 TFL—12 sacks—–0 PD—-1 FF (#3 pick 2017)
          Bradley Chubb —— 44 TFL—-20 sacks—-3 PD—-4 FF

          “the stats 1 post above were for the final 2 years of each player”

          1. Chubb and Garrett are not the same at all. Garrett has a far more explosive burst and is bendier. Chubb wins with his hands, power and relentlessness.
            I loved him before I started watching his tape and thinking of his fit on this team.
            He’s the best every down DE for a traditional 4-3, but he’s not the best pass rusher in this class, and that’s what the 49ers need. An edge rusher for their nickle and dime packages.

            1. I think he’s quick enough to play LEO for us. He’s got good bend and flexible hips.


              “Like, this dude showed the kind of quickness, bend, and athleticism normally reserved for much smaller guys. He looked so smooth turning the corner, so fast coming off the ball. At times he looked more like a basketball player on the field crossing fools up, rather than the hulking defensive end his height and weight would suggest.”

              “His combination of athleticism and power is just about unfair!”

              “As a pass rusher, his bend around the corner reminded me a little bit of Derek Barnett from last year”

              “On the other hand he dominated playing defensive in a 4-3 in college, so he should fit right in with any defense that runs that scheme.”

              “I mean if I had a wish list of things I wanted to see out of an edge rusher prospect on his tape, Chubb would check all of my boxes.”

              1. I read that article, but from the tape I saw he is not the freak athlete Garrett was. Additionally I flatly disagree with his bend comment. From all the tape I saw where he beat someone around the edge, he did so by swiping away the outside arm getting into the OT and converting speed to power. But he seems to stay high through this process which hurts his ability turn the corner. Better tackles should ride him out of the play until he learns to get lower.

                He does have a devastating inside move, which I wish he would go to more often especially since his speed to power seems to cause OT’s to want to overstep outside. He may well develop into a more polished pass rusher.
                I expect he will constantly get around 10 sacks per year, but I dont ever see him leading the league in sacks. Garrett I expect will.

                All that said he may be a better fit than I think. But also I could care less about the Leo role. I care mostly about how he fits as a pass rushing edge rusher in our nickle package.

              2. Good breakdown, although I slightly disagree on his bend and athleticism.

                I think he could get more than 10 sacks a year, probably not in his first couple of seasons though, as he needs to add more moves.

                Chubb being a 3 down End is huge. It’s a passing league, so teams will be throwing against us in what looks like running situations. We would never lose the Chubb/Buckner dynamic. Without a 3 down End, we would have to rely on someone like Armstead in base and he brings nothing to the table WRT pass rush, thereby lessening Buckner’s impact throughout the game.

          2. Joey Bosa ——— 37.5 TFL—18.5 sacks—5 PD—-5 FF (#3 pick 2016)
            Myles Garrett —— 34.5 TFL—20 sacks—-4 PD—-7 FF (#1 pick 2017)
            Solomon Thomas — 24.5 TFL—12 sacks—–0 PD—-1 FF (#3 pick 2017)
            Bradley Chubb —— 44 TFL—-20 sacks—-3 PD—-4 FF

            Thought I would add Landry’s stats as he could be had much later in a possible trade back.

            Harold Landry – 30.5 TFL – 21.5 sacks — 6 PD — 7FF

            *I also thought about adding Key and Davenport but their stats are just not impressive enough. Davenport’s stats were particularly disappointing given the level of competition*

      3. I like Cubb, but at what price to move up? Most mocks have Chubb at pick three. And we’d possibility be competing with teams trying to trade up for a QB. It would cost at least 9+59+70+74.

        Unless I’m over estimating the demand for Chubb, it will take a QB frenzy to drop Chubb to within striking distance for a trade up. When I jump into game breakdowns and it turns out I love Chubb, I’d happily offer 9+74 to move up.

    2. If the 49ers can trade up and grab Chubb without needing to give up much to do so I will be ecstatic. If it takes sending Armstead the other way I am fine with that. Chubb is easily the best DE in the draft.

      However, I doubt it happens. I think the cost will be too high.

  29. Niners are interested in edge rushers, but they need to throw away the Key. I’m Ardently against taking another guy with off the field and injury concerns.

  30. Chris Mac says:
    March 2, 2018 at 9:42 am
    Just another slap in the face to a certain someone that has been predicting the Niners would lose the coin toss… 😂

    I think this Seb-Raider fan connection has been turned over the coals enough.

    Niners at # 9 with free agent cash to burn brings lots opportunity……The Reuben Foster as a “mistake” is only the 1st misdirection salvo fired this season. More to come but one thing is sure. Grant doesn’t know if the 49ers tipped their hand or chose misdirection as their draft day play
    call ?

  31. Brian Peacock
    Can’t take too much away from team meetings, but 49ers doing work on edge rushers. Reported meetings with Bradley Chubb, Marcus Davenport and Arden Key so far.

    12:42 PM – Mar 3, 2018

    1. # 80 +1

      Interesting point about trading Armstead and gaining an extra 3rd rounder. A good GM talks up his players and in 2017 Lynch couldn’t stress enough about Armstead just coming into his own before the injury….You certainly don’t downgrade someone you plan to move.

  32. Per Spotrac.com’s market-value tool, Norwell is worth an annual average salary of $11.7 million this upcoming season. That’s a lot of cash for an interior blocker. But it’s important to remember San Francisco can afford it at this point. The 49ers have the money to sign one, perhaps two big-name free agents this offseason without creating much issue.

    So, is it a fit?

    According to NFL.com’s Gil Brandt, it is:

    If he reaches the market, Norwell is likely to become the richest guard in the league. The All-Pro is a solid player and probably better than Kevin Zeitler, who landed a lucrative deal from the Browns last offseason. The Niners should have tons of money to spend and would surely love to add additional protection for Jimmy Garoppolo.


    1. TomD
      * The 9ers can afford to sign both OG’s Norwell and Pugh, plus a F/A CB, which would allow them to use the draft
      to fill needs on D, RB and WR and add more depth.
      * If Lynch/Shanahan feel they need to trade players like Armstead for extra picks, to improve the team, then they
      should do it.

  33. Latest Mock Draft:

    NFL mock draft 2018: First-round projections, top players
    Land of 10 predictions
    Cleveland Browns — Sam Darnold, QB, USC

    1 Cleveland Browns — Sam Darnold, QB, USC
    2 New York Giants — Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
    3 Indianapolis Colts — Bradley Chubb, DL, N.C. State
    4 Cleveland Browns — Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
    5 Denver Broncos — Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
    6 New York Jets — Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
    7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Derwin James, DB, Florida State
    8 Chicago Bears — Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
    9 San Francisco 49ers — Denzel Ward, DB, Ohio State

  34. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-combine-results-josh-allen-d-j-chark-christian-kirk-shine-on-workout-day/

    “D.J. Chark, LSU. The nearly 6-foot-3 wideout blazed in the 40, running the fastest time (4.34) on the day. He had a 40-inch vertical too. And Chark weighed in at 199 pounds, so you’re looking at a rather large, explosive speedster.”

    Looking good.

    “Allen Lazard, Iowa State. Lazard, who shined at the Senior Bowl, ran 4.55 at nearly 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds. He also had a 38-inch vertical. Talk about a size and speed specimen.”

    Could be an excellent TE.

    “Marquez Valdes-Scantling, USF. A deep sleeper prospect at the receiver position, Valdes-Scantling is a super-twitchy athlete for his size — 6-4, 206 pounds — and undoubtedly has room to grow into his frame. He ran a scintillating 40 of 4.37 seconds.”

    Interesting, he’s on my radar now.

    1. I think Lazard did enough to cement himself as the best big bodied WR in the draft after Sutton. Ateman on the other hand was very disappointing.

      1. Scooter
        TE, Mike Gesicki, Penn State helped himself also. At 6’6″ X 247-pound , he clocked a 4.54 40, a 41.5-inch vertical leap and a 10-foot-9 broad jump and likely moving himself into the mid 2nd Round

    2. I had watched a couple of Cyclones games back in September=October time frame and Lazzard leapt of the screen in the way he went for the ball in at the highest point. Made tough catches, including in the end zone. I liked his prospects in the NFL right away.

    3. #80

      I agree with all of the three WR’s in your recent post….DJ Chark amazed me with his 40 times…Alan Lazard is a QR who COULD become a great TE…Big , fast, and tough w/good hands…I haven’t seen enough of Valdes-Scantling to be sure about…but those numbers say that he’s a big, fast WR…USF had a great Offensive pass–oriented team this year….Good calls…grab one, two, or all three…LOL

  35. Gesicki killed it, with a 4.5 Forty, 6.76 Three Cone, 20 yard shuttle 4.1, 60 yard shuttle 11.33. Three cone is 3rd best since 2006 among TE’s….

  36. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2018/03/03/six-49ers-takeaways-from-day-2-workouts-at-nfl-combine/

    “Ward (5-11, 183) has 31 1/4-inch arms. Jackson (6-0, 196), has 31 1/8-inch arms. Neither is particularly close to the threshold.”

    “Does that rule Ward or Jackson out from pick No. 9? Not necessarily. Either player could still be the top player on San Francisco’s board when they pick. Their measurements could make it more likely the 49ers go after a player like Trumaine Johnson (33 1/4-inch arms) in free agency.”

    “James is physical safety and linebacker hybrid, similar to pending free agent Eric Reid, who appears unlikely to return to the 49ers. James measured in at nearly 6-foot-2, 215 pounds with 33-inch arms.”

    1. As I noted above, Ward measured a little taller than expected. His wingspan pretty good at 74 3/4″ (Jackson’s 74 1/4″). Curios to see how the workouts go. How fluid Jackson is in transition. I like both.

  37. Combine winds up. Lynch’s team compares notes on takeaways on college boys and feelers with other teams about players and draft pick positions. Hand over same to college scouts, get with Pro scouts and focus on FA.

  38. Funny thing about the combine. Sometimes a guy catches my eye out of left field and finds his way onto my radar. This WR out of LSU, DJ Chark (funny name) looked amazing. Not just because he blazed a 4.34 40, and a 40″ vert and 129″ broad. Dude looked terrific on the field, really stood out for me. Anyone else for an blazing fast, athletic freak WR who goes 6’4″ in the mid rounds? Kyle loves speed.

    1. The WRs were disappointing as a whole. Which isn’t a surprise.

      Gallup is still my pick, he was solid at the combine. For a lower round pick I prefer Fountain over Chark. Chark has the speed to be a decent deep threat, but watching him on film he struggles if he isn’t given a clean release and he doesn’t run sharp routes.

  39. With the 49ers meeting with top DEs at the combine I think it is safe to assume they see the position as a pretty important addition, and one they probably won’t be able to adequately address in FA.

    As much as I like Chubb, he won’t be there at #9. And the more I think about the 49ers D, the more I think he isn’t the edge guy they need anyway. They need a Leo. A Vic Beasley type. A guy that really threatens the edge. And I only see one guy that fits that bill that doesn’t come with off field issues. I will be watching Harold Landry closely tomorrow.

    1. Excluding Chubb, you have players like Landry, Davenport, and Key. They all have question marks. I don’t like any of them at #9. I’d rather take Edmunds there since he could play all the LB positions if he can’t handle the LEO at first.

      If we don’t get Chubb or Edmunds, I would rather wait until the 2nd round to draft an edge rusher like Armstrong Jr. or even Mata’afa because every edge rusher other than Chubb is a gamble IMO.

      1. Having gone over Landry’s film a bit more I don’t think he is that big a gamble, though ideally the 49ers would trade back before taking him. At least not a huge gamble in a pure pass rushing role that will let him play a lot of wide 9. His stats were down this past season, but he still generated lots of pressures. He has really good upfield burst, excellent bend around the corner. He needs to be taught hand usage, so I understand why you could see him as a gamble, but for mine he is a bit like Vic Beasley and Beasley is fine in this system.

        I’m not a fan of the pass rushers in this draft as a whole. I don’t think there are many that will really be more than just role players. I do like Mata’afa as a 2nd round option, though he definitely is a risk, but other than him, Chubb and Landry I am pretty underwhelmed.

        1. “I don’t think there are many that will really be more than just role players.”

          I mentioned the advantage of Chubb being a 3 down End up above in the thread. We wouldn’t lose our Edge rusher when teams passed during running situations. Buck would benefit greatly by having Chubb next to him for the entire game.

          But like Barkley, we probably won’t get him anyway.

        2. Landry is a highly interesting prospect to me. Looking at his tape from 2016 he would appear to be the best pass rusher in the draft. This year he was playing injured and his numbers dropped but the were still decent with 5.5 sacks in 8 games.
          He relies to much on his burst and insane bend but if he could add an inside spin I think he would project as 12 sack guy.

          1. Yep, dude needs to develop more moves, and then implement them as part of a plan. He gets to the top of his arc, and once he’s stopped, no plan B. A guy I had high hopes for, but I’d be hesitant to use a #9 on….

              1. Problem is, with so few decent options available in FA or the draft, the 49ers will likely be forced to reach a bit for a guy if they want to get a decent one.

              1. Landry is at the top of pretty much every athletic drill. He isn’t the uber athlete some previous drafts have had, but he is a plenty good athlete for the position. I can definitely see him as being of interest to the 49ers.

    1. “Before anybody rails on me for posting the following link,..”

      Boo hoo Mid. I didn’t “rail” on you for posting a link. I took issue with you saying that I shouldn’t have commented on Johnson without also commenting on Dee Ford and Hyde.

      Go ahead and try to play the victim. The world’s smallest violin is playing for you.

      1. Still haven’t gotten over yourself, huh? I never once said you shouldn’t comment on Johnson. I was merely trying avoid being accused of posting the article because it contained a negative take on Johnson (which is something you essentially admitted to later in the thread thinking as the reason I posted the article). You also acted like I shouldn’t have been allowed to have my own opinion in regards to the article.

        1. “I was merely trying avoid being accused of posting the article because it contained a negative take on Johnson.”

          Oh really? There’s a timeline.

          3:50 You post the link.
          5:01 I reply with a counterpoint to the author’s take on Johnson. It was strictly a football reply, no accusations on your motives.
          7:33 You say quote, “Besides, that article dealt more with the free agents at various positions that should be avoided rather than a single free agent.” Nobody had questioned your motives at that point, it’s in this thread for all to see.
          7:50 This is when I questioned your motives. You either got defensive about your motives being in question for no reason at all (never questioned your motives at the time of your 7:33 post) or you were trying to say I should have commented on other players, not just Johnson.

          Either way, your 7:33 comment made no sense and started all of this.

  40. 1 , no regrets yet . A lot of , I hope he grows up .
    2 big moves in fa , yes I think 3 .
    CB ,LB, OG .
    3 Hyde , all but gone , really . Replacement through draft .
    Plus a FA .
    4 ,pumping up? Or putting a player on notice .
    5 ,they might carry a veteran .
    But not a rookie .

    That’s what I’m thinking .

    And just a thought !
    Why do you guys think we hired kiffen , a teacher of the pass rush .
    Do you think we hired a coach like that , and not give him a toy to play with , so to speak?
    My thinking is that they going to give him some little projects to build up .

    Any thoughts?????

  41. After first 2days of combine, I am thinking if Chubb, Nelson or Barkley fall into the 6-8 range we should seriously consider trading up. All three are special talents. If not, we have have to seriously think about trading back. I dont want to burn a top 10 pick on CB. Bills will want to move up for a QB , but so will Cardinals and Skins. Saints and chargers may also want to trade up to draft their QB of the future like Chiefs did.

    1. 2 quarterbacks, plus Chubb, Nelson, and Barkley should be top 5 off the board. It stands to reason that a 3rd quarterback will go between 6-10, perhaps a team trading up with us.

      1. It’s going to primarily depend on what the Browns and Giants do. Word is the Broncos are trying to trade up to the top pick. Of course, that was before Barkley put on a show at the Combine.

            1. With so many QB needy teams, Cousins essentially will dictate the draft.
              This can only help the 49ers where good players will fall to #9 if there is a run of maybe 5 QB’s in the top part of the draft.

            2. They make the most sense, but the Vikings may not be able to meet the rumored contract demands from Cousins, which is a three-year deal with $90 million guaranteed.

          1. If the Browns bypass the draft and sign a veteran QB, and the Giants ignore finding Manning’s eventual replacement, it will change everything.

        1. MidWest Agree. If the Browns and Giants go quarterback it sets the stage for a faller. One of Fitzpatrick, Cubb, Nelson, Barkley.

        1. Yeah… I don’t see it. He seems very average to me. Admittedly in this weak edge class that makes him one of the better ones, but that’s not saying much.

          In the film of his I have watched he rarely wins the edge, gets stalled pretty easily, doesn’t generate a lot of pressure. He does seem to be ok at keeping OL off his frame and has a pretty good motor, but really he just looks like a guy.

  42. Top of the 1st round will shake out around QBs, as usual. The QB Carousel in FA will set the stage.
    Six teams are looking for starters:
    Bills I think keep Taylor into TC at least to see what they’ve got with whoever they acquire.
    Vikes are said to be strong contenders for Cousins.
    Jets will try to outbid Vikes, Cards, Browns and Broncos for Cousins. Bridgewater, McCarron and Keenum might be Plan B, C, & D for them all.
    Bradford might be too frail to count on as a starter. Glennon…..back-up.
    Dolphins worried about their QB’s health/availability.
    I’m expecting Eagles to hang on to Foles, but that’s not set in stone. A high priced draft day trade can happen, particularly as the top prospects come off the board and later drafting teams assess the remaining talent.
    In the draft, Browns, Giants, Broncos, Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Steelers, Chargers, Saints and Cardinals all looking for QBotF; some with urgency. Then there are the Browns who could shock the world and take Barkley #1 and wait until #4 for QB. Being the Browns, they could also draft Alfred E. Newman first overall.
    Ten teams with likely interest in drafting eventual starters should make for a number of offers in the top 10picks.

    1. Edmunds looked good in drills. I tuned in late for some of the linebacker drills. Did Roquan Smith do any and field drills besides the 40?

        1. Shame. I think he would have been great. Would have been nice to see a head to head comparison.

          There are two sets of players that I was hoping to get clarity on.

          Speed/Agility of Smith vs the Size/ Upside of Edmunds
          Speed/Agility of Ward vs the Size/ Upside of Jackson

          If they tested close in speed and agility I would have preferred Edmunds or Jackson respectively.

  43. Hercules Mata’afa has done nothing in the combine to make GMs feel confident drafting him as an edge player. He lacks explosion and agility, which I thought he would test much better on. I wouldn’t touch him until day 3 now.

    1. I’m not one of those arm length obsessed guys, but my concern is Mata’afa’s lack of ideal arm length will allow OTs to put the clamps on him.

    2. I think he looks explosive on film, and he’s go ta zombie-like motor that just doesn’t stop. But yah, he looks like a classic tweener to me guys. He hasn’t shown me much lined up on the edge, and he’s simply way too small to play on the interior, where he was actually effective in college. Watching him at the combine, alongside his game film, I’m not sure where he plays at the next level. Strong, ferocious defender without a defined position in the NFL, IMO. And those stubby 31.5″ arms are indeed a real problem. Maybe the arms aren’t an absolute deal breaker on their own, but combined with everything else, it’s a problem.

      1. I have been a big proponent of Mata’afa and love his film, but this combine performance could actually make him undraftable. There were already serious question marks about where he would play in the NFL. He needed to demonstrate the athleticism to play on the edge, but he has failed to do so. So what is his role?

        Atm all I can see him being is a nickel DT in obvious passing situations. Do you carry a guy just for that? Its hard to find space for a DT that can’t play anything but as a pass rusher on 3rd and long. Maybe a team thinks he can play LDE in base as well, but with his arms and lack of athleticism that is a hard sell.

      2. Not writing him off as a player. He could be a force inside. Just not sure about edge, which is what the 49ers desperately need.

  44. Juan’s Mock 1.0 NO TRADES

    RD. 1 #9: Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame (Alt. Roquan Smith ILB Georgia)
    RD. 2 #27 (59): Carlton Davis CB Auburn
    RD. 3 #6 (70): Jeff Holland EDGE Auburn
    RD.3 #10 (74) Kalen Ballage RB Arizona State
    RD.4 #28 (128): Allen Lazard WRF Iowa State
    RD.5 #6 (143): Scott Quessenberry OG,C UCLA
    RD.6 #10 (184) Mike McCray ILB Michigan
    RD.7 #9 (227) Andre Dillard OT Washington State
    RD.7 #22 (240) Rashaan Gaulden CB Tennessee


  45. Grant, thanks for all the continuing, near-daily updates. Here are my responses:
    1. Good points, but please try to be consistent. As you should remember, everyone did not “pass” on Foster during the 1st round due to any fears of his getting arrested repeatedly. In college, he didn’t get arrested and for the most part was well-behaved, except for his actions at the combine. Those incidents at the combine along with the diluted steroid results were less important than the collective belief that his shoulder surgery did not work. During Foster’s first season with us, you yourself kept us all wondering about his injured shoulder. Never a mention of problems with the law until his arrest for marijuana possession. In any case, had he to do so again I agree that Lynch would have passed on Rubin and kept the Bears’ 4th round pick. I think he might even have passed on Solomon as well.

    1. Grant, good insights all around. Here are my responses:
      1. Please try to be consistent. I read all of your 49ers articles and as you should remember: the league did not “pass” on Foster due to any fears of Reuben getting in trouble with the law. In college, he didn’t get arrested and For the most part, he was well-behaved student athlete. The GMs passed on Reuben due to his behavior at the combine, traces of steroids in his blood work, and the near consensus that his shoulder surgery was not successful. You yourself kept us all wondering about Foster’s shoulder. In any case, I agree with you: had Lynch to do it all over again, he would have kept the Bears’ 4th round pick and drafted a different RB. Heck, he might have also changed his 3rd overall pick as well, given that Solomon seems now to be only an average player.
      2. Agreed. I am always reminded of when Michael Crabtree bolted for the Raiders for cheap, even after the 49ers offered him significantly more money to resign. He didn’t trash Kaepernick by name, simply said he wanted a quarterback (Carr) who could get him the ball. Probably the smartest move Crabtree ever made.
      3. Very good points. I like Hyde, like his grit, and his dedication to the game. But, I have to agree that there are other teams whose run games are far more suited for Carlos. Forking out in separate ways would be a mutually rewarding situation. Perhaps Lynch will want to draft Alabama’s smash-mouth Scarbrough or someone who can do a little of everything. I myself am hoping he considers bringing back Frank Gore, who can still run as well many other RBs in the league, plus catch passes and pass protect. He is also an outstanding teammate on and off the field. More importantly, he was not drafted by Trent Baalke. About a million of us 49ers fans would love to see Frank finish up his career as a 49er.
      4. Would be sad to see Brown go, as he is still a work in progress. If he heals well from his recent surgery and performs better than ever before in the run game, I think a weight-gain clause in a new contract would keep everybody happy.
      5. Yes, though that gets difficult. Selecting a good QB and then stashing him on the practice squad is always a difficult process. The league knows how brilliant young Shanahan is at grooming QBs. I fully expect poaching will happen.

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