49ers go for offense, grab OT McGlinchey with 9th pick

Notre Dame offensive lineman Mike McGlinchey (68) warms up before an NCAA college football game against Stanford Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017, in Stanford, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers filled a need that wasn’t a need, or didn’t seem like one before the draft.

With the ninth pick in Round 1, the 49ers took Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey. They took him to help their 12th-rated offense from last season instead of someone to help their 24th-rated defense.

Coming into the draft, the 49ers already had two starting offensive tackles — Joe Staley and Trent Brown. Brown is the best right tackle in the NFL, according to Denver Broncos All Pro outside linebacker Von Miller. And Staley is a six-time Pro-Bowl left tackle whom the 49ers gave a $6.4-million raise on April 17.

Drafting McGlinchey seemed excessive.

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  1. This feels like the sort of pick you make when you want to make sure you don’t draft a complete bust. High character guy with no known injury concerns that is well coached in a pro style system at a high value position. A bit of a reach, but a high floor player. My guess is if they didn’t take McGlinchey then the pick would have been Fitzpatrick, who is the defensive equivalent (though I believe better at his position than McGlinchey is at OT).

    1. Scooter,
      Very well said. McGlinchey, Is not a sexy or high upside pick IMO, but he will be a solid starter for years to come. Couple that with Brown’s fit, health/weight issues and the need to protect their investment in Jimmy and its a solid, safe pick. Not a great pick, but one with very little bust potential.

    2. Another thing to consider, Scooter is continuity. The sooner they get the pieces in place upfront, the sooner they can gel together and become a machine….

    1. I also understand that Trent Brown just inked lucrative endorsement deals with both Dunkin Donuts and Haagen Dazs.

    2. The way Grant went after A. Lynch last season concerning physical conditioning, one would think Grant would have similar concerns with Brown. Instead, Grant chooses to quote Von Miller.

    3. Yeah, I believe that McGlinchey spells the end for TB as a 49er.
      I don’t put much weight on Von Miller’ assessment because Brown didn’t live up to it imo.

      McGlinchey will be our day one starter and has a chance to be a pro-bowl player this year along with Buckner.

  2. So it appears that Lynch had Mike M,’s name written on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope and they got the guy they wanted all along. lol.

    Seems like a solid pick. Still after watching the video of when Mike found out he was being taken by the Niners, I came to the conclusion that it is too bad that he didn’t show the gratitude, humility, excitement and enthusiasm that Josh Rosen displayed when he was picked. It was obvious, just by attitude alone, that the Niners made a mistake in passing on Rosen.

  3. On a serious note- I understand that Mike has a history as a TE. Does this mean more tackle eligible plays in the Niners future? Just consider a 6’8″ receiver in the end zone.

  4. Grant demanded a Pro Bowl player….and got one. And interestingly, Grant had UCLA’s Miller ranked over McGlinchey.

    From Grant’s post earlier yesterday:

    12. Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama.

    13. Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA.

    14. James Daniels, C/G, Iowa.

    15. Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa.

    16. Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame.

    17. Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia.

  5. Will be interesting to see what happens with Harold ‘Rag Doll’ Landry. I felt last week he’d go in the second round.

    Only kidding about the rag doll aspect. He should have a strong career.

  6. Landry, Jackson and Key, among others, are sitting there to be lassoed in round 2. It ought to be a rich haul tonight.

  7. If Trent Brown gets his act together and proves he’s the best fit at RT for the upcoming season, could McGlinchey play guard?

  8. Interested on what people would rather have… McGlinchey (Niners 1st round) or Kolton Miller + 3rd + 5th (Raiders 1st round)?

    I know what Grant’s answer is given his earlier take, but interested people’s thoughts… would love to hear from Scooter, Razor, C4C, Rocket, MidWest, 80, Houston, Cassie, ninermd, Jack Hammer, Ribico, AES, and a few others that post regularly

    1. McGlinchey. Miller may end up being the better prospect, but McGlinchey is easily the better fit Shanahan’s offense because the backbone of the offense is the run game, and McGlinchey is the best run blocker in this draft.

    2. I’d take McGlinchey by a nose. Among other things, I like the fact that he was a team captain in consecutive years. Good, consistent coaching at the pro level will help him achieve the Pro Bowler status coveted by Grant.

      More info in a post a ways below…

    3. Hi, Alex. Miller is athletic but he’s got a major false step that will need to be coached out of him. In this draft, I’m not sure there’s another OT that has a better shot of being an All Pro LT than McGlinchey. With that in mind, and our situation moving forward at the position(s), it would seem to me to be a bad idea to have taken that trade. Besides, giving Jimmy the best OT in the draft means we wanted to upgrade our insurance policy from PLPD to Full coverage, since we have a brand new franchise leader Undercenter….

      1. Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback. Haven’t gotten a chance to do much research this year but trying to get a feel on how we did last night. Do feel good about the fact that we got compensation for Trent Brown and hopefully we can trade up in round 2… let the fun begin!

        1. Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback. Haven’t gotten a chance to do much research this year but trying to get a feel on how we did last night. Do feel good about the fact that we got compensation for Trent Brown and hopefully we can trade up in round 2… let the fun begin!

      2. Alex,
        When I would go to see video on Q.Nelson, McGlinchey kept showing up. He will be fill a spot on the O-line with pro-bowl play for years to come.
        I kind of look at MnM as Jiimy G’ personal bodyguard – and that alone makes him a priority pick.

    4. Hi Alex, thanks including me in that list of esteemed posters. I’m not familiar with or follow college ball enough to offer a opinion on Miller v. McG. Additional picks are always good thing and I’m sure the Niners brain trust weighed the possibility. But it would be presumptuous in the extreme for me to second guess this outcome. So yeah, I’m happy with the pick as is.

  9. If true that Brown reported to 4949 waaaaaaaay out of shape and that the Niners are working on a trade to Denver then I’m sure glad they made the pick that they did… Great, dependable tackle who fills a big need.

    1. Yes, and if true shows a glaring need for MM, besides which they’ll improve their outside running attack and passing game. Solid tackles and center. The oline is much closer to a full rebuild. Will their next pick be a guard?

      1. Maybe.. they inherited these guards, so they traded for laken and Gilliam. I believe they will take a guard in this draft.

    2. It would be an interesting development if their interest involved trading Gronkowski or the pick the Patriots acquired in the Garoppolo trade.

      1. This is interesting news. New England has a need at OT. But, please no Gronkowski . The cost will be too high and he’s often injured.

      2. Midwest,
        With Brown coming off an injury and unable to practice until camp any trade will be for a conditional pick in the 19 draft.

  10. I was wrong, I didn’t think there was any way Josh Jackson would fall to the 2nd. He should be top 10 tonight. I hope he breaks a butt muscle and lasts until 9ers pick, but I know better.

  11. “…..excessive…”
    Anybody think that a nominally positive review would come from Grant no matter who was chosen?
    This is a foundational pick with short term and long term value.

    1. Brotha, I’m with you.. Even though I wanted Minkah, I love this pick. These guys are still implementing their stamp on this team. They still don’t have an offensive line to their liking, so they continue to build it. They inherited this mess of a line, now it’s way better than what they had. No defense can sustain the loss of a QB if he gets hurt from poor line play. The last time this team was significant, we had a great oline. Now with Weston and Glinch, they can really start to build their outside zone scheme. And without the fear that our old RT will show up and eat himself into a bench role.

      1. Read the whole article, and it was a waste of time.

        You gave no counter argument to why you thought it was a bad draft pick

          1. You got it wrong Grant. Like you, they can only offer their opinions. It comes down to McGlinchy to justify the pick.

          2. Kool…it was your opinion they picked wrong but you didn’t say why or provided a different option.

            I cant argue against the pick and was actually looking forward to you giving me a reason to doubt the pick……but all you did was confirm why the pick makes sense…

      1. Umm no. They got their guy before the raiders did. Now if the raiders were 9th, would have been interesting to see who we chose, since the raiders would have taken glinch. Panic is what the saints did. Clearly a difference.

    2. Why start a “what’s your deal” back and forth, when an analysis of options was provided? Grant was saying the Niners went with offense, when defense was obviously a great need.

      So what? It’s just a fact. He didn’t say the dude can’t block, or there are too many good OL on the roster.

      Now, still looking for corner, edge, and linebacker for replace Foster. A receiver to compete in camp would be nice too.

  12. You call the pick excessive, but then show reasons why McGlinchey is a good pick, such as durability and being a two time captain.

  13. A weakness snapshot (nfl.com info):

    Kolton Miller:

    Segmented mover and lacking desired level of fluidity from a left tackle
    Not a natural bender and plays with perpetually high pad level
    Height may be a hindrance in handling traffic around the edge
    Stiff hips in kick-slides rob him of lateral quickness to mirror and punch edge racers
    Invites defenders into his frame when playing with slow, wide hands
    Gets pogo-sticked into the pocket by speed-to-power charges (pogo-sticked….like the visual)
    Average body control and contact balance as run blocker
    Powerful opponents can yank him off balance with pulls and sheds
    Needs more consistent latch and finish with his hands

    Mike McGlinchey:

    Below average core strength
    Needs more mass on his frame
    May not have leg drive to move anchored space eaters
    Inconsistent at containing opponents as base blocker
    Needs to sustain and finish at a better rate
    Power ends can stack and discard him
    Allows pad level to rise as move blocker
    Pass slide is a little restricted in terms of gaining ground
    Tends to deaden feet at punch allowing speed rushers access to his edge if his punch falls flat or misses entirely
    Will lean into some blocks as mechanism to boost power
    Will uncork his punch a shade too early at times for fear of losing the “hands first” battle
    Can be bounced back into pocket by stiff stab moves

    Like that Mike was a team captian in consecutive years.

  14. The 49ers should trade their 2nd rd pick and the first of their 3rd round picks to Cleve for the first pick of the 2nd round and draft Landry . Then with their other 3rd round pick they can choose a CB.

  15. Well, JL pulled a Baalke. Drafted a player they did not personally work out or interview since the Combine.
    All the other 30 players brought in for interviews were just a smokescreen.
    Guess they wanted to play it close to their vest, and they stuck it to the Raiders who were poised to draft him at 10.
    I am wondering if they plan to trade Brown, and move Staley to RT.

    1. Well Sebbie, looks like Lynch failed to remember your brilliant, multi-point plan for draft success. He botched the pick because you’re a slacker. Thanks Sebbie…

      1. No, Cassie, he followed it to a Tee. JL did not make an unforced error. He did not panic, but just picked the best player available, that also is building for the future. Luckily, JL filled all the defensive needs in Free Agency, because now, decent players did not avoid Baalke and the Niners like the plague. JL did not botch this pick at all.
        He fielded calls to trade back, but once Buffalo traded up with Tampa Bay, the trade back option would not be feasible, or at least productive. Sure, the Raiders traded back with the Cards the next pick, but Arizona was not going to give the Niners any extra picks.
        JL , in his interview after the pick, mentioned the scouts, so he followed my advice to make it a consensus pick. He even mentioned the coaches reaction to the tape on MM.
        My mock had a trade back with Belichick, but BB was smart to wait, be patient, and land 2 blue chip prospects. Obviously, after the run of QBs early, there was not a QB he liked enough to move up to.
        All in all, this was a solid pick. Niners did not reach. They got the highest ranked OT in the draft. They are planning for the future. Looking back at last season, JG did get the ball off quickly, but many times, he had a pass rusher in his face, and was hit often. Drafting more protection for their franchise QB is shrewd and astute.
        Baalke would have botched this up by picking a RB like Penny.

    2. McGlinchey is a right tackle. Doesn’t have the quickest feet in pass protection. Miller and Brown are much quicker in pass pro.

      1. Grant….

        Does Brown’s (alleged) poor physical conditioning irk you as much as Aaron Lynch’s conditioning last year?

      2. McGlinchey will be an All Pro LT after Staley retires. Miller has a very apparent false step that will be exposed if not rectified this summer….

          1. Fair, but he wins more than he loses. I think his intelligence, and work ethic gives him a chance to overcome what shortcomings he arrivers into the league with. The plan will be to insert him on the right side, and decide in the next two years if he can replace Staley when he retires….

      3. However, McGlinchey is a much better run blocker than Brown or Miller, so establishing the run game will help with the play action.
        McGlinchey and Nelson opened up huge holes for the Notre Dame RBs.
        I think they crushed Harold Landry and made him a non factor last season.

      4. Grant,
        I’ll trust Randy Cross’s assessment over yours. He was on the radio this morning and heaped high praise on McGlinchey. He rated him higher than Kolton Miller.

  16. OTs like these are literally available through the fourth round of every draft. This seems like a case of musical chairs and grabbing whatever seat was available when the music stopped. I think the 49ers were a bit unprepared for all the scenarios presenting themselves at this year’s draft, including scenarios where teams were reluctant to trade into their spot.

    1. “I think the 49ers were unprepared”!!! Lol. Says the guy who has no idea how to evaluate talent and build a football team.

    2. Yup. Lynch and staff failed at musical chairs. Looks like we whiffed on the draft for two years running (2017 per Grant). Lucky if we have a 2 and 14 season coming up. Get the banners flying above Santa Clara!!

      What do we want?
      When do we want it?

        1. I’ll add that he nailed it on later rounds last year. But going 0 for 3 with two early first round picks is a franchise killer.

        2. Okay then, let’s Make The 9ers Great Again (MT9GA) by sacking Lynch and his clueless cronies. As soon as possible. Drain the Santa Clara swamp.

          Guess in the days of instant gratification, football drafts are considered complete failures if selected players aren’t in the Pro Bowl their first year.

          Question… Do you limit whiffing to the first round, or does it apply to the full draft?

            1. Well, if we don’t drain the Santa Clara swamp, as Long as Lynch is GM, he’ll continue to whiff. Do you see him changing?

              Would you agree that it’s a bit early to pass judgement on the Lynch era drafts?

              I’m not saying 9er selections of late have been stunningly brilliant, but I’ve been around long enough to know that tossing around assertions of (franchise killing) failure early is kinda short-sighted. Let’s look back as the 2020 season ramps up.

            2. You think you might be reaching a bit? I literally did not state nor imply any of those things. Wow.

              Nope, you just accused Lynch of being a franchise killer. Yes, you literally did state that. Funny how the written evidence sticks around like that.

    3. Magma, OT’s like McGlinchey are rare anymore. The OT’s coming out of college today are woefully under developed. Your assertion is literally wrong. There’s only 3 position groups that Shanny has shown value in the first round. QB, LT, and pass rusher. This pick had Shanny’s fingerprints all over it….

  17. the funny thing about drafting OL is that it doesnt give the fan a change to muse about future highlights – no chance to have images of 30 yard laser passes from the arm of a stud QB, no broken field running by a RB or WR, no tackles near the line, no passes defenced, no QB sacks. OL is the one area where the highlights for the positions themselves represent nothingness: no one broke thru the line, no one tackled the RB at the line, no one sacked the QB and forced a fumble. but obviously you need a good OL.

    now, just how good an OL you need is a question – remember, this is the franchise that won titles with Dan Audick and Bruce Collie as starters. But then again, Walsh isnt coaching any more, so maybe a #1 for OL means we have to postpone our fantasies for round 2.

    1. I was thrilled when the 49ers traded with New England and got Staley over Jerod Mayo, although both teams got who they wanted.

      This year’s pick is a right tackle at best, not a Joe Staley.

    2. McKittrick could make bouillabaisse out of dishwater and minnows. The only OL coach that compares in today’s game is Scarnecchia….

  18. Not sure why T. Edmunds fell so far. He was touted as a top 10 pick and possible top 5 in none QB drafts. I just felt like he could sit in as the Mike until Foster came back then be the SAM for the next 10 years. Offering a pass rush component in the future.

    I only assume mgnt knows what they are doing here and feel like this tackle will slide into RT and eventually LT. Interesting they are not counting on Brown. Trade him for something I hope.

      1. 59+Brown for the Pats 43 would value Brown as a mid-late 3rd. 160 chart points.

        Maybe 59+128+Brown for Pats 43.

          1. Good point, OldCoach but he is expected to be ready at the start of training camp. That injury and surgery is pretty much straight forward….

            1. Razor,
              He is supposed to be ready at the start of camp but any trade would have a condition that he be ready and you can only attach conditions to future picks.

              1. Didn’t realize that about conditions only apply to future picks. Thanks, OldCoach. Maybe they make the condition on if he passes his physical only. Maybe they can determine that he’s right on schedule, and won’t need to attach a long term condition to the trade….

    1. Shawnrod,
      He fell because he plays soft. He is very fast and gets to the ball but he arm tackles once he gets there. Some question whether you can get away with that in the NFL.

  19. I wanted an OT just didn’t think it would come at nine. Its a good pick and OT is the third most difficult position to fill after QB and edge. Wouldn’t bother me a bit if the Niners picked up another tackle in the third round.

      1. Hopefully the running game will pick up with him playing on the right side. I don’t see Brown on the team next season.

        1. For sure I didn’t see Brown on the team long, because of the run blocking trouble he has, and his questionable work ethic. I thought he sealed his fate with the injury, and his lack of desire to play through it.

  20. Razor:
    While I can see BB and NE trading for Brown, I can’t see BB / NE giving the 9ers a 2nd Rd pick for him! Not after being forced to trade Jimmy G and then giving up a 2nd Rd. pick for Brown? That would mean, as Grant would say, NE must be “DESPERATE!”

    1. Look at it this way, Geep. They value pass pro more than run blocking on the outside, and Brown is one of the best, if not the best at pass pro. Plus, they do have a 40 year old QB, and Scarnecchia, who in my opinion is the best OL coach in the league. I think at worst it’ll be a 3rd round pick, but I won’t be surprised if it is indeed that 2nd….

  21. Razor,
    What do you think of this trade. The 49ers trade #59 and #70 to the Browns for #33 and choose Landry. Then use #74 on a CB?

    1. I’d do that trade for Landry in a heartbeat. I think they can wait on a corner until round 4, unless by some miracle a player like Davis is sitting there to be stolen….

  22. Razor:
    * Yea, I get it. But he’s also overweight and coming off IR. It would also mean we got Jimm G for nothing?
    I’ll have to hang another stocking on my fireplace mantel…..and hope for a BB / NE Draftmas present…lol

  23. “Brown is the best right tackle in the NFL, according to Denver Broncos All Pro outside linebacker Von Miller. ”

    Yea but what does his mother say about him?


      1. With McGlinchey being selected 9th, we all surmised about a trade of Trent Brown.
        TB plus a 5th for the Pat’s third is a good deal.

  24. Guess the league didn’t agree with the people that felt Landry was a first round talent let alone a top 10 one.

    1. Yea, I really blew it this year. I’m mad at myself because it was all laid out just like last year, but I allowed myself to be wooed by the sexier position. The Saints move really surprised me, and it’s my contention that it has more bust potential than boom. Worst pick imho, followed by the Penny selection….

      1. Derwin James’s went much later then I expected.

        The Saints move was insane. Spending two first rounders on Davenport was reckless.

      2. Razor:
        * You were not alone on “dirty Landry.” BC’s PR department did a good job of selling him, but I could never get over the sight of him being roadkill in the ND game!

  25. Looks like I was way wrong about the Brown trade being for picks next year, as Emily Latella used to say “never mind”

    1. Old Coach:
      I like it, considering TB is overweight and coming off IR. It’s better to trade him, than getting nothing by letting him walk.

  26. After Trent Brown trade we now have 4 picks in the top 100!

    Round 2: 59th (from New Orleans)
    Round 3: 70th (from Chicago)
    Round 3: 74th Overall
    Round 3: 95th (from New England)

    I’ve heard some so-called experts say the top 100 players in this year’s draft are all capable of being starters in the NFL.

    I like the trade!

  27. The top scout from Bleacher Report this morning on 95.7 The Game perfectly encapsulated my thoughts on McGlinchey. Now with the trade for Brown, we have taken a step back in pass protection at Right Tackle, but taken a step forward on run blocking. However, there is still issues with McGlinchey that definitely need work, including his lack of accuracy on movement blocks, and his stance on pass protection.

    Given the fact he gets pushed back by bull rushes, I would in no way put McGlinchey at guard. Can you imagine a rush up the middle putting him right into Jimmy G?

    I think next year’s offensive tackle class is better, and there are a couple tackles I would think are higher in grade than McGlinchey or Miller.

    1. I think we initially take a step back in pass pro, but ultimately with the finished product; I don’t expect that to be the case.

      1. Pot….Kettle:
        * Do you see anything with McGlinchey that a good NFL O-line coach can’t fix?
        * Who (name) of next years OT that you’d rather the 9er draft than McGlinchey, assuming the
        9ers are in a position to take him? (low enough draft pick)

        1. I think Trent Brown was out of shape because of his surgery, which has hampered his ability to workout.

          I think there are things that can be fixed, given his athletic ability, but it’s a fix that will take more than this year. The problem is he is going to start this year at Right Tackle. Understand, I agree that McGlinchey was the best tackle in the draft; the problem is that the tackles aren’t the best.

          I see him as a 10 year starter at Right Tackle. Good for the Niners. But we also have holes at Edge Rusher, Cornerback, and Linebacker depth. I can understand passing on Edge Rusher given the lack of talent, but Cornerback? Linebacker? I’m not sold on Eli Harold or Malcolm Smith as starters, not counting Reuben Foster’s situation.

          If you want a left tackle to replace Staley, next year the top prospects are probably Trey Adams of Washington and Jonah Williams of Alabama, but the Niners will not likely be in position to draft them. But for left tackle purposes, there is still Michael Dieter of Wisconsin. Name to watch given Shanahan’s scheme: Andre Dillard of Washington State, 6’5″ and 300 pounds. Athletic, like McGlinchey, but with better left tackle potential.

      2. Razor:
        And that “ASSUMES” Brown didn’t have any medical complication from surgery, got back into shape and did not eat himself out of a job! Which would also mean no other NFL team would be willing to trade for him. Old adage, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

  28. Is Lynch’s pick indicative that a top quality left tackle is harder to come by than an edge rusher?

    If you can’t get a QB, and “they” do; get a corner.
    If you can’t get an edge, and they have one; get a tackle?

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